--------------Cassettes: all $4.00!!

Biotech 01 (SdS 102.1) 12 bands, each unique in style, all electro, all from Southwest USA. Horror samples, driving beats, excellent ambience! From SDS Productions, including Hard Drive, Society Burning, Aurifex, Separate Faith, White Trash Compactor, Fiction 8, I-tek and others!

Corpus Delecti 6 tracks of old death/black metal mix. This band is now defunct so get this unique demo before itıs gone!

Deceiver - Lost For Blood (DSBP#1008) 8 songs, 40 minutes, Speed Death with different influences, melody & brutality combined. Now re-released with 3 bonus tracks including 'Lost Fer Blood' remixed!

Depressor 5 tracks of mechanized industro-death-core. Very cool & faster tempo, reminiscient of old Godflesh. Cool lyrics make a good buy.

Detest - Of Society (SBP#001) Industrialized metal, hardcore splashes of death, diverse, 12 songs / 40 minutes, each song is unique in style.

Detestation - Massacre of Hate (DSBP#1001) 17 songs / 60 minutes of diverse death - grind and industrial - hardcore madness. This is the future of death!

Diverje V in-FUSED - Foundations <-> Remnants (DSBP#1011) The first cassette release from diverje, including some remixes not on the CD. Side 2 contains all new songs and remixes from the upcoming in-FUSED ³Digitize 1.0² CD.

DSBP Compilation 1.1 - Death/Grind/Core, Cyber/Elektro/Industro (DSBP#1006) 10 songs, 50 minutes of our greatest hits from all genres! Death/Grind/Core from New Mexico, and Cyber/Elekrto/Industro samples from Colorado as well as locals! Includes in-FUSED, Detestation, Danos, Wrack Process, and more!

Enforcer - The GodPlayer (DSBP#1002) 8 songs / 50 minutes of diverse Industrialized strength metal, great leads by Mike O., different styles of metal-thrash-speed-industrial, limited edition.

Fatality - Senseless Deaths 5 tracks of thrash/death from Las Vegas, NM. Killer band and a good sound mixing old & new styles. Total moshing stuff, definitely different than the rest.

Gomez's Childhood - A Country on the Brink 10 songs of true hardcore eastcoast style. This NH band kicks out political anthems in the revolutionary style, if you are hardcore you will love this!

Gorbage - Gorbage 7 tracks of very unique & heavy death/grind/core. They take a little different approach and this Canadian band totally satisfies! Excellent buy!

in-FUSED - intro 1.1 (DSBP#1007) Tommy T (Detestation, Diverje, No Escape) finally puts out a completely solo album! This one is all elektronik, with an aggro edge and various vox. This will be the future of radio, tune in now!

The Man - The Man New Wave-elektro with elements of the old and new, also includes a Depeche Mode cover, catchy and melodic.

No Escape - The Skunk Collection: NY Hardcore Years 89-90 (DSBP#1005) 14 songs, 60 minutes of original hardcore thrash from New York. With Tommy T of Detestation/Diverje, they sing of the problems of the world, from slackers to pancake batter. Includes 2 previously unreleased tracks!

Nunslaughter - Nunslaughter The new one from this old school death metal band who have been active with releases since 1987. This one is their most brutal to date. True oldschool death!

Repudilation - Purging of Impurity New death-grind-vomit band from Long Island, 4 tracks, sickening vocals & unique music.

Regurgitation - Conceived Through Vomit 5 songs of brutal grindcore and death. Very guttural and cool styles within the music. Best newemerge in a long while!

V/A - Elektro Discharge (DSBP#1009) The pre-cursor to DSBP#1010 Industro Synthesis, this comp has some of the same bands doing new tunez. Contains material unavailable anywhere else! Including diverje, in-FUSED, Danos, Wrack Process, Separate Faith, Dij, Disband, , and 162.

Witchhunt - Darkened Salvation 4 songs of brutal / melodic moshing Death. Very catchy songs & riffs. Signature sound and style.