Cri Du Chat Records
the now defunct excellent Brazilian records exclusively at DSBP!!!
Biopsy - Nervate $12.00
The great debut from this Brazilian duo now famous for their "Cx State Sequences" CD. This album is a faster paced crossover industrial hybrid, brutal guitars crash with heavy thick electronics which will kick ass on the dancefloor and for the metal kids as well. Contains 16 tracks, half of them are mutated and intense remixes of the original one. There are some pure electro tracks which will appeal to fans of Wumpscut and Leaether Strip. This CD is a soon to be classic and very hard to find at the moment. but we at DSBP have connections so it's here! Get it now while you can!
Aghast View - Vapor Eyes $12.00
This one finally in, an excellent remix and rare versions CD from the Brazil Aghast Terrorists. Features 3 different versions of the hit Torrent Haze, as well as three of the dancefloor favorite Vapor Eyes, including the Wumpscut remix!! Includes new and rare tracks, this one will be gone soon as well as their new debut on EDT is due out anytime. An EBM band on the rise, ready to conquer!!
Morgue - Sweet Apology of Death $12.00
Excellent debut of 16 tracks of harsh elektro crossover and noise collaged seques. This band covers a lot of ground, they balance the heavy guitar sounds with excellent elektro sequences and very cool instrumental tracks in between. Now signed to Offbeat, so get this now before it's all gone!
V/A - Essence: A Tribute to New Order $10.00
Features 15 Brazil bands doing the best tracks from New Order's great history. Bands features include Aghast View, Morgue, Biopsy, Individual Industry, Clone DT, Nude, Toward the Cathedral, Simbolo, Harry, and more. The latest release on CDC!
Vanishing Point - The Shaman Calls $10.00
100% electro, lush and wet keys mix with sinister beats and deep vox infuenced by FLA and 242, and very Brazil sounding as well. A very cool mix of 80s and 90s styles.
Clone DT Digitall $10.00
16 trax of total diversity, ranging from cyber metallic crossover to elektro new wave hypno rock, Brazil samples, jazzy, it's all in there. The vocals are also very diverse. A very original album to say the least. Recommended.
Individual Industry Ice Water $10.00
Their second album, a Brazil duo with female vox, very reminiscient of Battery but more ethereal/darkwave instead. A very soothing CD with very nice ice conceptual artowrk.
Simbolo Music From The Masses $10.00
A very personal and versatile electro release from this Brazil combo. EBM/industrial, deep vox, and lots of orchestrated elements, a very cool concept album. includes a killer cover of Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again".
Habitants Habitants $10.00
Techno/Trance in the vein of Orb. Very oldschool techno sounding, cool samples, and some vox. Sounds more like the innovators instead of the followers of this genre. Recommended.
Silverblood Imperfection $10.00
Amazing darkwave/industrial crossover into many different styles featuring female vox and very influenced by Neubaten, Cranes, and Sandman.
Opera Multi Steel Histories De France $10.00
17 trax from this French combo, a very intriguing mix of medieval/goth/wave. All of it is sung in French, makes this a very different listening experience. Quite enjoyable!
Pink Industry New Naked Technology $10.00
One of the first electronic female fronted bands, but not famous because they're not from the USA. This 24 song best of from 1982-85 was out way before the current diva electro trend. Electro/pop/coldwave style, excellent!
V/A Musica Celestia Sampler 2 $10.00
This international comp focuses more on the ethereal and goth elektro with lots of classical elements and melodic listening. Features female vocalists from great artists such as La Floa Maldita, In The Nursery, Autumn, Individual Industry, and much more.