Digital Age Underground Compilations

V/A - Autonomous Parts of Severed Insects $10.00
Released by John Prassas (162) and Arts Industria, 15 tracks of ambient / trippy and a few punkish tracks from Italy. Featuring 162, Fragmented, Diode, Sworn64, and from Italy: Pulsar, DJ Batman, Urlaut, and some cool female vox tracks also! Innovative and diverse!
Biotech 02 - Elektroniks Compilation $10.00 (Sds 103.2)
14 Elektronik-Industrial wavelengths from in-FUSED, Fiction 8, Noxious Emotion, Gaping Chasm, Stromkern, Fektion Fekler, Monastery, & many more!
V/A - Blackout (Electronic Bands Long Island's Power Resources) $10.00
15 bands all from the Long Island, NY area. Many are crossover / hard cyber such as: The Aggression, Blind, Polymorph 3.1, Psycho Horror, Side 3, and Nefarious, groovy dance elektro from Neo Cyber Christ, VD, and Mindframe, power electronic noise from Controlled Bleeding and Deep Fried Clams, and other hardcore goodies from Dystopia 1, Journey in Darkness, FIL, and Vaginal Cleansing Ritual. A sure pleaser to get any party raging!!
V/A - Circuit Noir $10.00
The second compilation by our brothers at the UEF, a killer dark electronics collection featuring many new and unsigned bands, as well as industrial stalwarts Society Burning, Noxious Emotion, and Oneroid Psychosis. Two new bands from Australia, Crimson Boy and Eye, female fronted electronics from Azoic, Fockewolf, Numantre, and also includes Marble Orchard, Redonjon, Separate Faith, Cesium137, Anti Music Foundation, Nefarium, and Wage Class Slave.
V/A - Construction 009 $10.00
One of the freshest elektro compilations coming out. Arts Industria brings us 15 tracks of mainly Midwest & Eastern USA bands. All unique and very geared toward the future. Includes: Struktur, Signal to Noise, Klothos, Skeleton Key, 162, Audio Paradox, Cult of Jester, Terminal, & more!
V/A - Cyberpuncture $8.00
1st CD from our brother label UEF, doing it with their own style. Great comp with mostly Southwest USA bands, including Wrack Process, Separate Faith, Filmstrip, Danos, in-FUSED, Noxious Emotion, diverje, White Trash Compactor, Wryteous Pybake Jamborie and more!
V/A - An Ear to an Atmosphere $10.00
A new compilation of all unsigned and diverse sounding bands from the east coast. You'll find bands from Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland on here. Black Chamber, Eco, Dead Letter Office, Communion, She Silenced Seraphim, Flesh Pulse Flesh, Rhino Virus, Bacchus, Biofeedback, and others combine for a trippy atmospheric industrial and crossover collage.
V/A - Electro-cution $10.00
Arts Industria 2nd edition of the most vital elektro in the USA today! Featuring Assemblage 23, Manhole Vortex, Terminal, Crying Room, Killing Floor, Black Dahlia, Sphere Lazza, Pounce Intšl, 162, and more!
V/A - Elektrauma $12.00
This is a great older comp released in conjunction with Sideline / Discordia. Features rare and unreleased tracks by Wumpscut, Dive, Sleepwalk, Ionic Vision, Suicide Commando, Zero Defects, Fiction 8 and more! We only have a couple of these left, first come first serve! Ha!
V/A - Exoskeleton $10.00
A much anticipated and needed new compilation from the PBR label. Many new and quality electro bands appear, mainly dark/electro dance tracks from Imperative Reaction, Jugend Staat, I Parasite, Gridlock, Dive, Pain Konsept, and cool crossover sounds of Patchworks and Ichor which mix in gothic overtones as well. Then there are some mutated noisy electro/instrumental tracks from Holocaust Theory, PAL, Blink Twice, and Morgue. From the Ant-Zen label the harsh electronics of Synapscape, Salt, Noisex, and Imminent Starvation. Quite a great mix of bands and a commendable first compilation from PBR. Buy it now!!
V/A - Glory of Destruction $10.00
The first release by a new label Catastrophe from Washington. Features a vast selection of electronic artists, ambience, industrial, and even a little noise. Great unreleased tracks from SMP, HexDump, SexWithSarah, Noxious Emotion, Rosary Wall, Tyrophex 14, Osofaux, Alkaline, PX5, and other moody trippy and dancey electronic alchemy!
V/A - Hazardous Moving Parts $10.00
Industrial compilation of mainly Vancouver artists, features Unit187, The Forth Man, Discipline of Anarchy, Bytet, Tensor, SPM, Daed21, Bolt, Children of Adam, and Voice Industry. A hard hitting and dancefloor maniacal compilation.
V/A - Interdimensional Industries / A Consortium of Sonic Emanations vol.1 - $15.00 (2 CD Set)
This is the first release by the newly launched Interdimensional Industries label, a division of Mimicry Canada. Some real interesting new talent is represented from Calgary, Edmonton, and Florida. This is a sample of what's to come from this great new label! Featuring Negative Format, Cryptomesia, releveleR, Ruins, In Correct Mechanical Alignment, Distraub, and more! Each band has a couple of tracks and there are some ambient laidback mindpieces and some unique crossover and EBM pieces. Sure to please any fan of electronic music!
V/A - Machines In The Garden $10.00
New label Blacklight Records releases their first comp with mainly dark ambience, some electro dance, and strange crossover. Many of the tracks are instrumentals yet they stay very interesting, and killer conceptual artwork by our very own cyber_BURNT! Features bands like Autovoice, Caul, Torn Skin, Blackhouse, Cradle -> Grave, Global Wave System, Azure Skies, Aphorism, Powerlab, and more. Many brand new artists, and a surprisingly good comp!
V/A - Resurgence $15.00 (2 CD Set)
29 bands combine on this very diverse and exciting Oregon / Washington compilation. There is a combination of many styles within the electro industrial crossover and ambient genres. Includes exclusive tracks from SMP, Area88, Noxious Emotion, Thine Eyes, Sexwithsarah, Fockewolf, Spinefolder, Attenuated Euphoria, Volition, Rkik, Tinty Music, Static, Pet of the Future, and many more new and upcoming bands who are really finding their own styles. Great assorted listenings!
V/A - Sonologie 1 $12.00
Great first compilation from OraMusic, features a good assortment of different elektro styles. Featuring imported French elektro from the Boredom label, Binar Code, Thee Hyphen, and Digital Blood. New Aghast View, Biopsy, Regenerator, Pulse Legion, Die Form, Blink Twice, and Von Magnet. Also includes debuts from Burning Matrix, Internal, Fatal Blast Whip, Memetic Field, and Injury. Very dark and danceable EBM, a must have comp!
V/A - Undercurrent - $10.00
14 trax of Oregon electro. Excellent diversity with instrumental ambience & cool industro. Bands included: Area88, Mind Virus, Spinefolder, Nobody, Attentuated Euphoria, Rkik, Thine Eyes, Nocturne, Violent Arcana, Pet of the Future, Ruins of Desire, Triple Point, Mesmer, LXL, lots of new bands, and a first of its kind, all oregon electro. Support the underground!