Anti-M - No Waves In Hell $10.00
Surfer goes to hell, a concept album by these surf buds. Unique style of electro mixed with harder edges and spoken interludes by the Devil himself. Very experimental and Zappa-ish. See the movie "You Only Die Once" in the Miscellaneous section!
Anti-M - Positively Negative $10.00
Their 2nd release with a more goth-elektro accessible sound. With Ronnie Montrose on guitar for lots of tracks, bringing a new diversity to their wacky style!
Any Questions? - Death $10.00
8 tracks of electro aggression and sampled insanity. This band is doing it on their own and promoting their work effectively, definitely cannot be put into one category of industrial. Their stuff is quite different and has some very memorable songs as well. They will have a track on the upcoming Futronik 2 comp! A band to watch for! Bastards!!
Autovoice - A Living Death $10.00
Killer industrial styles from this new band on Canada's Flaming Fish music label. This band is one to watch, as they really have a unique blend of old school clanking industrial stuff, new wave styled melodic hooks, and good electro industrial in harder forms. A fully electronic band, yet they utilize it in a diverse manner that you cannot forget. 13 tracks, all original mixes, a full and quality product.
Carbonhaze - Full Code - $12.00
Debut album from new label Negative 9 Productions from Illinois, this band has a very catchy and accessible approach to their elektro industrial with great emotional vocals, not relying on harsh effects, but on ability. The music is mid-paced dance, purely synthetic, and good hard percussive work. The sound is original and for sure a band that will get more known soon. 8 tracks, all clocking in over 5 minutes, check this out!
CON - Lucky 13 $10.00
13 tracks of very unique hard electronic and sometimes goth-influenced industro future music. The vocal style differs on each song from aggressive to melodic and overall a very fresh-sounding debut.
Cybershadow - The Birth of Future $12.00
A very intense and fresh debut from this one man project from California. Very unique in delivery, combining electronics, orchaestral elements, and very expressive and meaningful lyrics and vocals. This album gets better with each listen, and has really taken us by surprise as one of the best new and original sounding artists on the ever growing electro cyber scene!
The Dicks - We Are Dicks $10.00
The latest phat release from Van Priktor Records, chock full of guitars, high screeching voice, a mixture of noise, ambient, drum n bass and electronica, all into an unforgettable package like only the Dicks can give it to you, right in your face! They are waiting for you so come now!
Dystopia One - The Buscemi Tapes $10.00
This is somewhat of a greatest hits package from this whacked out circus industrial band. These long island boys play some very unique music, fun, and crazy and stuff! Mixing influences of punk, industrial, rock, and comedy. The bass is used in place of guitar, and a live drummer as well as tweaky keyboards. With tracks like Steve Buscemi, I Hate People, Go To Hell, and Dating is Prostitution as well as covers of Pinhead, Sesame Street, and Who Can It Be Now, you know you're in for a fun time.
Halomaker - Suffer This Wish $10.00
his cool new band on Outburn combines melodic, spacy, and harsh groovy rhythms into a whirlwind of emotion. The vocals are melodic, trippy, and dark. The music is full of weird noises, cool beats, and strange guitars. Very noncliche, a band with a new style of cyber!
Halomaker - Self Infected Creep $10.00
The second release from this hardworking artist. This one is even more intense and takes Mr. Rodent to a higher level. Diverse cyberindustrial noise. The vocals are harsher, the guitar patches are btter, and overall a very definitive sound.
Idiot Stare - The Hate Cage $10.00
An extremely intense mix of techno industrial metal into a very catchy and memorable mixture of great songs. Fun stomping and catchy anthems of realistic adventures in a modern fucked up world. You can dance to it, you can thrash to it, but no matter what you gotta pay attention to this band.
Jagd Wild - Come Join The Hunt $10.00
band from Wisconsin with a unique style of wintery, cold, nordic influences combine to put Jagd Wild in their own league. Very euro-style vox with interesting subjects, ranging from harsh to mellow. Same goes for the music yet it stays 100% elektro. Cool album, buy now!
Lateral Tension - Pressure Device - $10.00
Some hard new elektro terror from these boys out of WA. A very nice surprise, mixing harsh vocals with dance EBM beats, occasional guitars, and subjects we can all relate to. Features fourteen songs in all, a couple remixes, and the band mixing american and euro electro into their own sound, check this out!
Negative Format - Pathological Syndrome $12.00
Debut self release from this Florida man, very good songwriting, an excellent balance between EBM / industrial, nice string arrangements, and cool vocals. This album varies quite well with good balance of guitars and electronics on a few of the songs, and some really moving instrumentals as well. Now signed on the Gashed label, with a new album due this fall, this one will appeal to all fans of real industrial.
Nothing Inside - Host $10.00
Brand new self release from this hardworking diverse band. A mixture of dark whispered evil electro with danceable elements and also changes into goth industrial as well, and a couple of ambient pieces for good measure. This band from Georgia is on the rise with their catchy songwriting and crossover elements. A full 14 song CD.
Nothing Inside - Stranger $10.00
The second album from this electro / goth outfit, on this CD the songs are darker, rawer, and more varied. 17 tracks on this full CD, best listening when in your darkest of moods! Eery and brooding music.
Noxious Emotion - Count Zero $10.00
12 great new tracks linking the past and future to the present, electro-ebm at its finest, masterful lyrics of dark reality and dance beats of harsh and wet synth magic, excellent layout & all lyrics!
SMP - Ultimatum $12.00
A great new sound, an innovative electro / cyberpunk / hiphop / industrial. This is their second full CD, their first on Catastrophe Records, becoming a major force in the underground live industrial circuit, as they bring their excellent live sound to this album as well. 17 tracks, great lyrics, with plenty of purpose, and an infectious sound for dancefloors of the 21st century! One of the best new releases of the summer!

Testube - Post Apocalypse $12
Brand new solo album from Jeff Danos from the UEF label and Wrack Process. This is his most intense quality work yet. 13 tracks, mostly elektro industrial instrumental pieces, geared both towards the dance floor and soundtrack style as well. Very nice melodies throughout, and great analog sounds! Features three vocal tracks, which are very original sounding, and "Vertigo Grim" is a definite pick hit. Get this album now from one of the leaders of the new elektro movement!

Triana - Color of Sound $9.00
new wave/ elektro trance with a mixture of melodic dry vocals, with both male and female. Catchy songs, and dancy instrumentals as well. Diverse!