Dead Jump - Virtual Masturbation of a Bastard Leader $12
The debut CD from this awesome EBM industrial act from Brazil. Featured on Digital:6::Focus:A, this album contains 14 tracks of dark harsh and original EBM. A few of the tracks include sampled guitars, and the influence of Biopsy breaks thru a little bit. Dead Jump has his own style, and the vocals are quite unique. Includes remixes by: Aghast View and Front Runner. From the newly formed 4D records, this one comes highly recommended!
Front Runner - Freedoms Forms $12
Elektro industrial from this Brazil man, very catchy and mixes in a little bit of a new wave old school style, with harsh dark elektro of the future. Split up into 3 parts, this album contains 12 tracks, some very groovy remixes by Biopsy and Dead Jump. Also featured on Digital:6::Focus:A, this album has been in demand over here in the states, so get it now as an import for more of the great industrial Brazilian sounds in the forefront of the electro revolution!
FearVLoathinc - Bombay Girl $12
From New Zealand comes a new force in the industrial electro scene. This is a 22 track album, with lots of catchy grooves. nontreated vocals, and great sounding guitars in a few tracks. this band covers some ground, including some really fun and tripping instrumentals. It can be heard on Futronik Structures 2 as well. This album reminds us of some of the better bands of the Wax Trax glory days.
Midnight Configuration - Funeral Nation $12.00
A definite original sounding band, mixing gothic electro rock and a mixture of deep as can get male vocals with an aggro edge and sex driven female vocals dispersed in each song as well. Sometimes sounding like Die Form, Sisters of Mercy, and new wave all mixed in a blender. Very impresive stuff imported from the UK and the Nightbreed label, this is a great buy here at DSBP, some of the best goth we've heard yet!
Mimic Mind - Plunder for Profit $12.00
An import from the Broken Seal label in Germany. Darkwave, elektro, melodic, hard, and danceable. 10 tracks, 51 minutes.
V/A - Oracle Pool Compilation - Vol. 2 $12.00
From KSM Records, great elektro/industrial compilation with a lot of Canadašs new crop as well as Idiot Stare, Dripping Rictus, 162, Jagd Wild, and from the US Fourthman, Structure, Daed21, Colour Clique and more! Electronic intensity thatšs well worth it!
Suspiria - Drama $12.00
Really good sounding new band from the Nightbreed label, this band mixes electronic programming with orchestration, lightly distorted guitar, and emotional and distinct vocals. Becoming very catchy each listen, comparable to Bowie meets Bauhaus! A very enjoyable album!
V/A - New Alternatives $15.00 (2CD Set)
An electro goth darkwave compilation from Nightbreed Recordings in UK, including some of the best newer acts from Europe: Two Witches, Atrition, Second Skin, Suspiria, Control, House of Usher, Star Industry, Gothic Sex, God's Bow, Midnight Configuration, Baretta's Doll, Love Lies Bleeding, This Veil of Tears, Squid, Faithful Dawn, and many more! A full 3 hour listening experience! Import CDs at a domestic price, you can't beat that!!
V/A - Tomorrow Never Came vol.1 - $12.00
Import from the Soundbuster label in Germany, featuring some awesome EBM / wave from Germany, Norway, Austria, and Switzerland. Featuring the bands Remyl, Anstalt, Trylok, Wry Yelp, Everything and Sincerity, and more. Most bands have two tracks, some great gems uncovered here!
V/A - Tomorrow Never Came vol.2 - $12.00
Featuring great elektro / EBM / wave / industrial from the lands of Germany, England, Denmark, and France. Something for everyone on this CD, with elektro masters such as In Absentia, Nomenclatura, E-Craft, An Unknown Command, Dynamic Masters, The Evasion On Stake, also includes strange tracks from Simorgh, Venus Flytrap, Nova Galaxie, Robotnik, Atropine, and more. Brought to you by the Soundbuster label!