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Spring 98

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DSBP Releases

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DSBP releases only
Java Form - Aeon5
V/A - Futronik Structures vol.2 - DSBP#1015 - $12.00
The latest unbelievable assemblage of industrial madness! This compilation focuses mostly on EBM and catchy grooving intense electro cyber music. Including USA debut tracks from Implant, Ionic Vision, Kremaster, Fear V. Loathinc, Violet Black Orchid, and X On Mind. Bands from all over the world! Exclusive new tracks from Biopsy, Idiot Stare, SMP, Diverje, Noxious Emotion, Produkt13, Bytet, Any Questions?, Side3, I Parasite, The Man, and Con. There are only a couple of previously released tracks here, but this is mainly an exclusive new and unreleased compilation that is a must have for any fan of EBM industrial and cyber music, paving the way for the 21st century!!
V/A - Digital:6::Focus:A - DSBP#1014 - $12.00
The latest compilation from DSBP brings the best in elektro industrial from the lands of Brazil and New Mexico! From hard aggro to trippy percussives to synthy cyber, 6 EPs in one CD! Front Runner gives 3 tracks of EBM dance reminiscent of 242 and FLA, diverje brings forth the intro to the new sound with awesome dancefloor remixes from Biopsy + Razed in Black and new original stuff as well taking a more elektro sound. Clone DT shows much more development in a brilliantly sequenced collage that actually becomes catchy and cohesive. 3 songs not to be missed. Inquest Proxy changes the pace of the album with a different style hybrid of what we have heard. Elektro wave / new age rock combined in these three completely different tracks from each other, a versatile musician. Dead Jump from Brazil is up next with some hard aggro crossover reminiscient of labelmates Biopsy but with melodic vocals. Two very catchy dancefloor tracks from this man, and finally in-FUSED wraps it up with a complete crashing of 80s and 90s new wave sounds. A more refined sound and staying in its own category. Together these 6 EPs combine for a full 73 minute album that is diverse enough to please any elektro industrial crossover cyber fan! Support the new revolution!
Biopsy - Cervix State Sequences - DSBP#1013 - $12.00
The USA debut of the intense Brazil duo. The complete industrial/cyber album. From hard crossover cyber of "Indifference", "Hypoxia", and "Shade of Sickness", to electro dance floor pulse on "Cervix", "CX State", and "Aesthetic Crime", to entrancing percussive instrumentals "Alter Idem" and "Lumen Obscura" with very cool female vox sampled. Includes 3 remixes. Excellent reviews in Culture Shock, Outburn, Grinding Into Emptiness, Base Asylum, and Sonic Boom magazines. The band has also placed #10 on the CMJ RPM college airplay charts, and is still receiving steady airplay at stations all over the world! A most energetic, exciting, diverse album! A must have for any true futuristic beings that appreciate good music!!
V/A - Futronik Structures - DSBP#1012 - $11.00
The new digital structure from DSBP with full color cover and 17 bands from around the globe. Including top import bands Blind Passengers (Germany), Mimic Mind (Netherlands), Biopsy (Brazil), and Epidemic Cause (Japan), available for the first time in the USA on CD. Also USA top notch elektro industro from diverje, Audio Paradox, 162, Con, Tubulcain (pre-Spahn Ranch), A New January, Pivot Clowj, Aurifex, The Man, Crying Room, in-FUSED, Bytet, and Provizion. Our coolest comp so far!
diverje - electrodiums / the passage - On Sale! $8.00 DSBP#1004
18 songs & 2 albums of material ranging from cybermetal to industro to elektro angst and unique guitar work and vocals which vary in intensity. New CD coming soon, which of course will be different and freshly innovative. Also on Industro Synthesis, Cyberpuncture, and a new track on Futronik Structures. Support the cyber-underground!
Special Deal! Get both Industro Synthesis and diverje for $15! Hurry while they last!
V/A - Industro Synthesis - DSBP#1010 - On Sale! $8.00
New elektro indstrial crossover bands, many from the Southwest, and all are very unique sounding. Many of these bands will be signed on up and coming labels, as this taste of the future will satisfy all. 72 minutes of Wrack Process, Danos, Aghast View, Manhole Vortex, Black Dahlia, 162, [inquest proxy], in-FUSED, diverje, Dij, Dave Scott, Crying Room, and many more!
Detestation - Massacre of Hate - DSBP#1001 - $10.00
60 minutes / 17 tracks of unqiuely done death-grind-hardcore which started it all for Tommy T & DSBP. Hints of industro-elektro as well. It will appeal to all who have been wronged and suppressed and want to shout out loud! Harsh brutal yet groovy!