Adjusting Distorted Individuals - Train of Thought $10.00 NJ hardcore with metal/pschydelic twists. Unique band with some catchy, moshing, moving songs.

Blood of Christ - "A Dream to Remember" $11.00 Excellent epic debut from a fresh sounding mix of death-grind-black-melodic metal. 9 diverse tracks of dark, cold, rain, light and dark gardens of doom. An excellent album for all. Pulverizer Rec. #006

Dead World - Thanatos Descends $10.00 Industrial-death-noise-ambient is a close description for this killer band formerly on Relapse, but now on his Malsonus label, Johnathan Canady grinds the machine!

Detestation - Massacre of Hate $10.00 (DSBP#1001) 17 songs / 60 minutes of unique death - grind core and Industro - Hardcore madness. Our biggest seller so far!

diverje - Electrodiums / The Passage $10.00 (DSBP#1004) 18 songs, over 60 minutes of electro industrial cyber metal. Electronics/guitars combine for a unique trip. Some songs are very hard edged, some blend melodically.

Dying Fetus - Purification Through Violence $11.00 One of the most brutal bands of our time from MD. Their 2nd CD is so sick & crazy it will pound you for life and you will be an addict to their tormented death grind style which has more mosh riffs & slam beats than anyone in the genre, and straight up lyrics we can all relate to. Brutal, essential Pulverizer Rec. #004

Epidemic Cause - Far East $8.00 3 tracks from this Japanese industrial-metal unit. Very cultural, yet heavy grinding as dwell, an import so buy it here now!

Landfill - Extinction is Mandatory $10.00 10 songs of unique industrial-death, each song being its own flavor, even an electro song. This is a band on therise in the crossover underground.

Sickness - Ornaments of Mutilation $10.00 Total sick, perverted, brutal death-core. Straight to the point, makes you want to kill. A band on the rise!

Travail - Translation $8.00 Cool thrash/core with death laced in as well. Determined band doing it their way! 9 tracks to mosh to!