Mere Mortal Productions

You Shriek - Burn Something Dear $11.00
Excellent debut from a truly unique sounding band. They mix memorable vocal melodies and styles with an electro/dance and goth musical sensibility. Each song is different from the next and a very solid album in every aspect. This will appeal to listeners of electro industrial goth and new wave as it reminds us of some of the great 80s new wave with higher technology of the 90s.

Wreckage - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Dead $11.00
19 tracks collected with lead man Tony Lestat and as many lineups and stylings of this classic cult band. The songs combine a goth/punk/electro and live raw feel at times. All of these being a fine collection of rare and unreleased recordings from 1988-1993. Catchy songs to get on the floor to.

V/A - Ceremonial : A Tribute to Joy Division $11.00
Featuring great new goth elektro bands of the 90s paying homage to one of the most prolific bands of the early industrial goth days. Includes Ikon, Trance to the Sun, Sub Version, Lycia, You Shriek, Corpus Delecti, The Last Dance, Wreckage, and more. Excellent new versions!

Sub Version - The Winds of War $11.00
A powerful gothic / industrial voyage through introspection, agony, fantasy, reality, love, and pain... A haunting new electro goth sound creating music of epic proportions. Half of the tracks have emotional vocals and the other half are very moving and intense instrumentals.