Possessive Blindfold Recordings

Holocaust Theory - Proclaimed Visions - $10.00
Dark experimental and haunting electro industrial. Featuring Scott Beebe of Possessive Blindfold. Each track features minimal keys, dark soundscapes, and tribal percussion. Very european sounding, and very good to listen to with all the lights out. Some great instrumental soundtrack stuff as well. This is a band to watch for, as we've heard the new demos, the new album is excellent!!
V/A - Exoskeleton $10.00
A much anticipated and needed new compilation from the PBR label. Many new and quality electro bands appear, mainly dark/electro dance tracks from Imperative Reaction, Jugend Staat, I Parasite, Gridlock, Dive, Pain Konsept, and cool crossover sounds of Patchworks and Ichor which mix in gothic overtones as well. Then there are some mutated noisy electro/instrumental tracks from Holocaust Theory, PAL, Blink Twice, and Morgue. From the Ant-Zen label the harsh electronics of Synapscape, Salt, Noisex, and Imminent Starvation. Quite a great mix of bands and a commendable first compilation from PBR. Buy it now!!