Pendragon Records

Velvet Acid Christ
Calling Ov The Dead - $12.00
Brand new release from this great Colorado splatter electro band. The songs are more textured, thicker, more melodic and more heavy than anything you've heard before. Each song is geared for the dance floor, and the vocals are done perfectly. Very dark, very catchy, memorable album that will show the world that American elektro is at its best with VAC!
Church of Acid - $12.00
Finally the domestic release of this excellent band from Colorado. One of the best USA elektro albums to come out in a long time. A mixture of dark, evil elektro, very danceable, and hard, harsh industrial. Also some melodic tracks, also some guitar appears but only in the right spots. This new USA release contains two new tracks and a must have for any fan of the genre!

Individual Totem
Mind Sculptures Flesh $12.00
Already being hailed as one of the leadres of intelligent industrial elektronic music, this album is a sledgehammer confirmation. Infectious, complex, and flawless to the last beat. Their music is memorable and will influence a whole new generation of music writers and pack the dance floor. No longer in the shadows of haujobb, this band has ascended to the same level / status of those masters.
S.E.T.I. $12.00
This German duo serves up some catchy elektro and dancefloor tempos with melodic & aggro distorted vocals, great debut from upcoming force. Rythmic complexity and dark sequencing at its best!

Homes & Gardens $12.00 One of the best known European elektro/industrial bands give their hardest & most versatile release yet from Off Beat & DSBP.
Freeze Frame Reality $12.00 11 Tracks from the hard elektro industrial masters! Including a Mentallo & The Fixer remix, a necessity!
Frames (The Remix Album) $12.00 Remixes from 'Homes & Gardens' & more remixes by Cevin Key, Clock DVA, Mentallo & The Fixer , ambience to Hard Dance Industro!

V/A - Quadrophobia $12.00
Brand new Pendragon compilation, a first for the label. Great new EPs and remixes from some of the most innovative electro industrila bands out now: Gridlock, Neutronic, Velvet Acid Christ, and Individual Totem. A must have for any fan, fo this is what Pendragon is all about!
Neutronic - Last Year's Product $12.00
O brotha you wanna get down? This is some of the most funky electro industro we've heard yet. All instrumental, this new unique release from one man CA band. The tracks stay interesting as they are shorter and combine lots of good and new influences and funky sounds. Comparable to Noise Unit, FLA, Download. Great new signing from Pendragon!
THD - Watz Your Program? $12.00
An excellent new progression of sound from these sonic masters out of PA. This album contains new tracks which feature intricate programming, excellent grooves, and better vocal melodies than most. Also includes incredible remixes from Brain Leisure, Assemblage23, Society Burning, and DJ Twitch. This album is a must have for any fan of elektro music, as it melds os much great stylings together, the sound of the future most definitely!!
Fektion Fekler
From Here To Heaven $12.00 14 Tracks of brilliant new elektro from this Texas quality underground band, unique vocal textures & haunting instrumentals, to dance floor hard trance! 1996 Industrial Rookie of the Year! Infectious and harmonious!
Kalte Farben
Trust In Opium $12.00 Brand new release! This is truly torture tech, insane and beautiful as well. Very influenced by Skinny Puppy but with truly a hard sound & vox of their own, redefining the mental boundaries to which music can take you! Prepare to be an addict! 12 trax of excellence!
Killernet $12.00 New Canada signing with excellent range from harsh cyber to melodic catchy elektro and ambience experiments in there as well. Accessible and intense range, comparable to NIN and Cubanate blended together, but better!
The Synthetic Form $12.00 Brand new debut CD from this San Fran man. Intense dark electronics with lots of emotion. Whispered evil vox, hard beats, and strange tempos combine for a sound similar to Skinny Puppy and earlier haujobb. Listen to his when your mind is altered and be prepared to fly!