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MP3's: Control - Decay - Sentence To Rot

Detestation is the name of one of the best death metal bands in the underground. Drawing from influences such as Cannibal Corpse and Broken Hope, these guys innovate their own styles into a fusion of death, speed, grinding gore with a dash of industrialized cybermetal. Filling concert halls and selling records, Detestation is doing both with a style unbecoming of such a small underground band.

The band got started in 1994, after the release of Tommy T's (from Diverje, in-FUSED, No Escape) Detest - "Of Society" album, which was a big project album with all Tommy T and help from a lot of friends. Some hardcore songs were on side 2, with bass by Steve-O and drums by his brother Todd-O (of Abaddon). Dave from the Grave (of Malignant Horde) started hanging out and adding some crunching guitarwork, and soon they were all writing songs and jamming together. After a few months of writing, re-writing, recording, and mixing, they had put together the album "Massacre Of Hate".

"Massacre" was charted in HITS Magazine briefly after its release, due to the airplay Detestation suddenly received. Stations all over the world still include Detestation in their playlists from time to time. Distribution is still helped by Stage 3 Promotions and Wild Rags. Of course, it is still one of the best sellers at DSBP.

The live Detestation experience is phenomenal. Ever since their first show, long before the album was released, they have been stealing the show from locals and big-time players alike. They have played the New Mexico MetalFest 3 years running now, they played two of the very last shows at DropOut Records (order the video to see why these were the last shows!), they have played numerous bars in Albuquerque, but their biggest acheivement was winning the best crowd response at the recent Cannibal Corpse show. The old-timers played well, but the crowd seemed more amazed by Detestation's grinding grooves.

Currently the Detestation project is on hold, as members Tommy T and Todd-O work on other projects. Tommy T has since released a Diverje doubleCD, an in-FUSED tape, and another in-FUSED CD out any day now. Todd-O has drummed on Abaddon's album "FunkinMurderers" and toured around with them for a while. Be on the lookout, hopefully next year the songs that are in limbo now will be formed into the second Detestation CD! Check with DSBP for more information, or see the contact link above, get in touch and support this underground tidal wave of success! catalog with many industrial,crossover titles  -the cyberage radio show,always on!

hi there,
we are down to the last bunch of DETESTATION cd's and T-Shirts,and wanted
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metal-grind-industro-core band!

DETESTATION -"massacre of hate"  cd (17 tracks 65 minutes)$10.00
T-SHIRT $10 (double sided 3 color violent bloody shirt!)
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this repulsive,unique death-grind band combines a bunch of metal-hardcore
and grind into a killer package!
featuring fast bludgeoning tracks like"feast of flesh' with inhuman
drumming and vomit-vocal-spewing,"massacre of Hate" with piano and synth
parts weaved beneath the fast music,and a sick ass shredding guitar solo
from Mike Ostrander."spewing bowels' takes on some intense time changes
and chugs along like a locomotive!deep-vocals which will scare off your
neighbors,but you can understand some of them!!:-)

tracks like "decay","sentenced to rot",and "decomposed entrails" have
made it onto many compilations worldwide,(including WILD
RAGS,CURSED,BEOWULF,and DARKENED PROD,releases)  these are crowd
favorites and have always turned the crowds into riots when moshing to
this intense sickness!did i mention these guys have had some of the best
live shows in the southwest?great crowd pleasers,with bodies always
flying around...bloody and naked. 

hardcore death tracks like "control" mix vocal styles from growling to
shouting,and some of the funkiest drumbeats known to mankind!
 some pro-pot tracks like "smoked",and"e.m.f" is the epic improvisation
death-grind track that the fans have been tripping on for years now!
this album also includes some of the hardest,fastest ,darkest mix of
industrial noise,and death metal into a cohesive mix on a few tracks
like.."dysfunction" (with Mike Ostrander co-writing)
"silenced","mutilated death","killing time" and the outro,ambient
track.."dissolved"...this album captures many dark,evil,and insane

a complete album that has been making waves in the underground since its
inception in 1996....still very new and very NOW sounding...death
metal-grind-industro-core for the 21st century!
will appeal to fans of......AVULSED,CANNIBAL CORPSE,SUFFOCATION,
yet very unique in its own.

**see the reviews and hear the samples at......*

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the band is writing new material for a long awaited second album.
should be even more over the top!

thanks alot,stay brutal,keep in touch!
-------TOMMY T-------DSBP-------