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ARCHITECT/ SONIC AREA / HOLOGRAM_   - "we are the alchemists" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) 
'listen, listen again, separate, join and then, beyond silence, beyond sight, 
beyond shadows, beyond nights, open the matter and also, break the egg of the 
ego, more than gold, more than pride, still amazed like a child, in every 
noise, in every beat, we all are the alchemists'

alchemy is an influential tradition whose practitioners have, from antiquity, 
claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers. these powers can transform 
physical energies, but besides that, a true alchemist also has the ability to 
perceive the world's essence behind its superficial appearance, and it is his 
challenge to use this ability for showing untaught and open-minded persons what 
is beyond the daily grind. three prominent and significant projects decided to 
discharge these powers by bundling their distinct creativity into the 
fascinating collaboration 'we are the alchemists'. the title is well-considered 
and it conveys a certain meaning: we all could be the alchemists if we really 
want to. gold is all around us and it's inside everything - let's release our 
hidden capacity to stay amazed.

each band's characteristics and strengths realize their full potential in this 
amalgam: architect (daniel myer), sonic area (arnaud coëffic aka arco trauma) 
and hologram_ (martin delisle) splice a propellant multitude of powerful 
grooves, impulsive sequencer lines, atmospheric soundscapes, experimental synth 
layers and abstract bits and pieces while adding uncommon melodies and detached 
piano dots. an amplitude of styles between technoid breakbeats, idm, downtempo, 
modern classical and ambient merge into an ambitious work of contemporary 
electronica suitable for both listening and dancing - truly an alchemistic 
hybrid fusing three individuals into one.

CONTROL    - "in harms way"                (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
'we have burned it from the start. this need to be weak. to remain in harm's 

after a successful european tour in 2013 which was played in connection with 
the 'transgression' album and which was documented on a cassette release, 
thomas garrison a.k.a. control continued working on new sound material which is 
now available and which will be also introduced live in several appearances all 
over europe.

with 'in harm's way', control and ant-zen present a set of consistently 
forceful tracks by one of the most recognized representatives of the death 
industrial / power electronics genre. this album represents a perfect 
equilibration of organic heat and machined iciness, executed with skin deep 
emotion and surgical precision. well-structured profound pulsation take turns 
with menacing dark ambient parts and severe noisescapes strengthened by 
frenzied vocal interactions.

'in harm's way' is a strong, demanding release and an enrichment for an oftenly 
static genre. highly recommended.

VROMB  -   "choregraphie"           (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)            ($15.00)
for more than twenty years the canadian project vromb a.k.a. hugo girard has 
masterly transformed a
plethora of different inspirations into sound, resulting in a multitude of 
releases based on many topics. for
the realization of his recent opus, girard drastically changed his approach: 
instead of choosing an exterior
subject he wanted to transcribe the tones and voices generated in his own mind, 
keep hold of them and etch
them onto record, and thus he is the choreographer of imaginary sounds which 
become physical musical entities.
'chorégraphie' demonstrates vromb's incredible skills at handling his' analog 
electronic equipment, which
means in large part the sound manipulations are created by directly using the 
machines with only a little part
of computer assisted sequencing, audio montages and overdubs. subliminal 
trance-inducing beats, mighty
pulsating sub basses and repetitive sequencer textures enriched with 
surrealistic ambient dronescapes and hugo
girard's recognizable voice generate a steady but everchanging semi-ritualistic 
flow which was, is, and will
be associated uniquely with the sonic world of vromb. a wonderfully composed 
album which allegorizes the
disposal of the sounds created by an artist's inner self, and at the same time 
an essential listening for
those with a different view. highly recommended.
available: 06november2k15

EMPUSAE & MARC T.- "deugden van angst en het kwaad" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)($15.00)
this album is the brainchild of a liaison between two exceptional artists: 
sal-ocin who made a name for himself as a collaborator and band member as well 
as with his solo project empusae, and marc titolo aka marc t. who is partially 
known for his earlier breakbeat / electronica / idm project dither, but mostly 
as a composer, guitarist and vocalist of the sludge post-rock band dirge.

after their first collaboration on empusae's 'sphere from the woods' release in 
2013, marc and sal-ocin decided to work on a whole album based on marc's guitar 
compositions and completed with sal-ocin's electronic and electro-acoustic 
rhythms, melodies and soundscapes. the result of this decision is 'deugden van 
angst en het kwaad', a perfect balance between two different musical viewpoints 
fusing into one. slow repetitive beats and atmospheric electronics build a 
solid foundation for massive guitar soundwalls passing the edge of hypnotic 
post-psychedelia and grieving doom metal. a deep and dark and dangerous 
maelstrom for the listener get roped into without resistance - be invited, you 
won't regret taking this auditory journey!

SIAMGDA     -     "oppression"      (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)            ($15.00)
  on his second album for ant-zen, 'oppression', marc fischer a.k.a. siamgda 
continues to tread the path
that began with 'tremors': a unique and captivating mixture of acoustic ethnic 
sounds and electronic
soundscapes ranging from ambient to noise, with the emphasis on looped tribal 
percussion. on ‘oppression’ this
german artist generates a wide scale of moods between trance, unease and 
wariness. dense, repetitive textures
and even borrowed elements from the characteristic krautrock rhythm 'motorik' 
carry the catchy musical motifs
based on native sounds recorded in india and nepal, and all this is then 
enriched with subtle changes which
become clear after repeated, intensive listening. this release connects 
industrial roughness with
beat-structured hypnosis, riveting drumming with tailor-made samples and lo-fi 
production elements with an
intoxicating live feel. highly recommended.

  GJöll - "the background static of perpetual discontent"  (CD) 
  the fourth full-length release of the icelandic duo gjöll is inspired by 'the 
power of now', a book by
the spiritual author eckhard tolle which is intended to be a self-help guide 
for day-to-day living and
stresses, the importance of living in the present moment and avoiding thoughts 
of the past or future. tolle
calls the misery of our daily mindgrind 'the background static of perpetual 
discontent' which is what we need
to refurbish out of our minds to be able experiencing joy instead of constantly 
seeking distraction. both the
music and the lyrics on this album reflect this topic from different points of 
view between anger and inner
peace. this wide range of tempers and feelings are musically processed with 
most various styles between gloomy
ambient soundscapes, rhythm based industrial and piercing power electronics 
whereat strumming rhythm guitar
blows by luca brembilla on track 3 add a heavily distorted post-rock element. 
2kilos &more and black sifichi
have a guest appearance on track 4, melting their unique downbeat electronica 
and sinister voice with gjöll's
sound spectrum: slow, grinding beats, elaborated synth / sampling treatments 
and intense vocals ranging from
susurration to furious screaming. this diversified range of instrumentation and 
sounds generates augmentative
atmospheres between coldness, wamth and burning heat. haunting, hypnotic, 
soothing and disquieting, 'the
background static of perpetual discontent' presents an enthralling impulse for 
mind and body.

DISTEL    -  "zand"                  (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)           ($15.00)
the second full length album by the remarkable dutch project is a striking 
feat: the followup album to
'puur' displays once again distel's outstanding skills, fusing sound 
treatments, songwriting and emotional
intensity with the ability to generate a coherent, monolithic opus reaped from 
a wide range of sources. 'zand'
is a collection of songs expressing autumnal, funereal moods through subdued 
atmospheres carried by subliminal
beats, phantasmal electronics, processed guitars and gloomy, sometimes mildly 
distorted vocals. particular
levels of discomfort are never exceeded, never the less they are audible and 
linked with layers of tension and
intensity. four exclusively recorded tracks, a cover version of a song by the 
legendary n.y. based project
suicide and six remixes made for keluar, acclimate v.1, ghost actor, black egg, 
veil of light and michael
idehall add up to a harmonious and perfectly coordinated set executed in 
distel's very own style oscillating
between ritualistic soundscapes, vintage industrial music and cold-/darkwave. 
an album that leaves space for
adventure, fun and some strange moments.

LINGOUF  -    "œuvre au noir"          (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)           ($15.00)
  with 'œuvre au noir' which is already lingouf's eighth full length release on 
ant-zen in seven years,
the  multitalented frenchman vincent ingouf presents his' aggressive and 
danceable side. mid-tempo hardcore
techno and industrial interlock into one mercilessly pounding barrage while the 
typical playful melody lines
that this project is well-known for are still clearly audible. instead of the 
excessive use of sampling which
appeared on previous releases, this opus' emphasis is set squarely on on sung 
vocals, the lyrics of which are
displayed in a beautifully designed 12-page booklet. 'œuvre au noir' - a 
brutal, intense, pulsing vortex of
straightforward digital beats, harsh sequenced distortion and processed voices, 
intended to make you move, and
to make you listen.

KOMMANDO       -     "skull snake"       (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)         ($15.00)
the serpent, a symbol of powerful evil and chaos from the underworld as well as 
a symbol of fertility,
life and healing - a creature mankind has known from the beginning. dan 
courtman a.k.a. kommando chose to get
into the detail, the aspects of the snake as the subject for his' sixth 
release, 'snake skull': its biblical
meaning, its skin, its venom, and also the places of horror, torture and even 
death that european legends and
fairy tales labeled snake pits. kommando's musical trademark right from the 
start has been to find footholds
that belie the confrontational nature of the power electronics genre by pairing 
subtlety and diversification
with aggression and rabidness. death industrial, power electronics and dark 
ambient are symbiotically combined
in a mesmeric and ritualistic way and produce dark, gloomy atmospheres 
delivered with intent and dedication.
brick walls of slow-pace kick drums and immersive loops build a solid 
foundation for heavy synth lines,
noxious waves of distortion and well-thought-out vocal processing. these unholy 
spoken meditations are
performed by dan courtman himself, except for the 'serpent seed' track where 
kommando presents swedish artist
th. tot aka trepaneringsritualen as a guest vocalist. claiming and accessible, 
rhythmic and seething at the
same time, 'snake skull' is an oftenly static genre's enrichment, advisable to 
broad-minded listeners an
increased awareness of past, present, and future.

NIMON      - "fear of change"            (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)         ($15.00)
in 2014, sweeping changes took place in keef baker's life: he decided to move 
from his hometown for not just a new job but a new way of working which meant 
new challenges and far-reaching adaptations to his private life. besides the 
adventurous aspects of such a sharp break there were many other things to cope 
with, as nearly anyone knows by experience: there is hope, there is 
curiousness, but there is also uncertainness and fear.

on this fourth album of his project nimon keef took a stab turning these mixed 
emotions into music with excellent results. 'fear of change' delivers a 
multitude of moods to accompany drastic personal breaks: scepticism, 
expectation, apprehension, grief, and anticipation. meditative ambient sound 
tapestries generated with a processed electric guitar create a continuous flow 
of melancholia and bliss. an entracing, intriguing and deeply personal album 
which is part of an exceptional artist's aural diary as well as a possible 
reverberation of the listener's very own experiences. highly recommended.

SYNAPSCAPE      - "rhythm age"             (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)   ($15.00)
this important project which has continually displayed a will for development 
and innovation has turned 20, along with this landmark anniversary tim kniep 
and philipp münch a.k.a. synapscape present their tenth full length album 
'rhythm age'. this release is the result of a four year process which has 
included a huge assemblage of selection, refusal and revision concerning 
musical influences, instrumentation and stylistic shape. this detailed and 
time-consuming method of production is audible on every note of this milestone 
in synapscape's evolution.

as the album title suggests, 'rhythm age' is focused on most different beat 
variations, ranging from straight and distorted to technoid, complex and even 
broken. these manifold rhythmic textures build a solid foundation for both 
atmospheric and powerful electronic landscapes, solid bass lines, nuanced lead 
synths, and tim kniep's distinctive processed voice. stylistically, synapscape 
ventured from the often used formulaic norm of the industrial genre from the 
very beginning into different territories - 'rhythm age' provides an even more 
detailed insight into this project's musically varied sound-design. the 
thirteen tracks introduce an inimitable combination of rhythmic industrial, 
idm, electroclash and experimental tunes with the hard-to-define, special 
character of synapscape's work approach.

this album is an outstanding arc of suspense whose many facets will show up 
after repeated listening - a merging of modern versus ancient, as digital and 
analogue as music can get. welcome to the rhythm age!

FRANK RIGGIO    -   "psychexcess II - futurism"    (CD)  (HYMEN)   ($15.00)
with 'futurism' frank riggio presents the second part of the ‘psychexcess’ 
trilogy which is designed to
be similar to a three movie series in an aural format. this long-term project 
is about birth, life & death,
related to space & films, and also inspired by the concepts of the time & the 
psyche. all of these influences
are connected to each other and driven by sound experimentations. for this 
second installment of the trilogy,
the artist's intention was to create something that manages to be different and 
yet cohesive with the previous
episode, 'presentism' - a logical continuance both musically & artistically. as 
the artwork suggest,
'futurism' represents a lifetime of a human being, a cycle from start to end, 
from childhood (‘echap’) to old
age (‘deathobsess’), and includes plenty of personal and imaginative moments in 
between - an interpretation of
the dynamics of life, possibly an aural adventure similar to life experience. 
to emulate this, using top-notch
technology & methodology, frank riggio's main focus was to create as many 
dynamic ranges as possible within
every aspect of this album, from its general structure to the moods, style and 
length of the tracks to the
mixing and mastering. what you are about to hear is a gracefully built 
retrofuturistic, naturally
sophisticated and also agreeable texture of entangled styles ranging from 
melodic ambient and pulsating dub to
experimental soundscapes and beat driven idm patterns. sonically rich, vivid 
and also conclusive, this
particular release introduces a wide selection of exciting, demanding and also 
pleasant music. may the trilogy
continue... . lp includes download code & mini poster.

MORTHOUND - "off the beaten track the light don't shine"   (CD) (RABBAU) 
it might have been in the air after raubbau’s extensive box set and the 
subsequent live performances, it
sure has been hoped for by more than a few, and here it is confirmed, the first 
morthound album in over 20
years: the title somehow gives it away, this is an absorbing exploration of the 
dark ambient realms, a
sometimes outright frightening dip into the pit, yet composed with the expert 
knowledge of a now seasoned
producer. way off the beaten track, morthound returns triumphantly to the fold. 
so the question is naturally,
which of his own traditions as morthound would bj nilsen explore on this 
comeback - the
industrial/noise-heavy, the brute, the cold ambient, the psychedelic, the 
ritual, or even the
academic/experimental attitude of his post-morthound career? the answer is: all 
of the above, but enveloped in
a totally coherent, updated approach, subtly taking up the threads and weaving 
them into a good 45 minutes of
flawless dark atmosphere. the path off the beaten track starts in a tense, 
minimal and unexpectedly bass-heavy
fashion with 'the device', before the epic 'between midnight and dawn' brings 
in the somber layers of
synthetic darkness that are classic morthound; in 'the munich manual' we are 
confronted with weird off-key
elements, and 'disquieted' turns out a malicious death industrial tune seething 
with distortion; 'disembodied
voices' portrays emptiness as sound and 'the black forest' finishes the album 
with almost harmonious, calming
beauty. the challenge of a comeback album after that many years is obviously to 
handle the balancing act
between picking up and respecting your own legacy on the one hand side, and 
creating something meaningful for
the present on the other. with 'off the beaten track the light don't shine' bj 
nilsen has succeeded in both,
created an album that will find avid followers in different generations of 
listeners, and has all the
potential to become a genre classic.

JUNE 2015
Riotmiloo & Friends - "la pierre soudée"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)($14.00)
la pierre soudée', riotmiloo's first personal album, is a careful selection of 
past and present real life stories compiled in eleven tracks documenting 
women's suffering in the world. the title is borrowed from french sociologist 
pierre bourdieu's book 'masculine domination' in which he describes how 
language defines and perpetrates symbolic violence against women; the album 
expands on this idea through story telling.

in this release, riotmiloo has collaborated with ten artists from diverse 
musical backgrounds, e.g. dirk ivens (dive, sonar...) and till brüggemann 
(gerechtigkeits liga), exploring different sounds, textures and rhythms. the 
music creates an emotional journey ranging from dark ambient soundscapes to 
powerful rhythm and noise supporting a vocal delivery that is in turn 
melancholic or intense. from the slow hypnotic opening title track which 
features eva|3, the mournful trip-hop influenced 'child bride' with new 
zealand's scalper and anthemic 'freedom from fear' with babylone chaos to the 
uncompromising collaboration with chrysalide 'i was once' and distorted power 
electronics 'monster' feat. philipp münch, each song displays the strong 
personality of the artist involved while contributing to the cleverly crafted 
narrative. 'the welded stone' concludes the album by conveying the concept of a 
cold entity forcefully shut or fused to its surroundings while reminding us 
that it affects us all, we are all welded stones...

'la pierre soudée' distinguishes drastically from usual debut releases. besides 
covering all facets of contemporary industrial music, attentive listeners will 
also be captivated by the exceptional and emotional lyrics. a remarkable 
collaborative work and a disturbing statement at the same time - highly 

BLACK LUNG    - "muzak from the hive mind"(CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)($14.00)
black lung, in conjunction with partners the muzak corporation, darpa and 
ant-zen, present a scientifically formulated listening aid conducive to mood 
and thought re-alignment and re-education. a movement in fifteen parts 
utilising the science of binary trans-inductive therapy.

it was a project that couldn't be refused. just over a year ago, renowned 
electronic music and soundscape artist d. thrussell was approached about 
becoming involved in a unique and boldly challenging artistic enterprise. the 
backers came from a conglomerate of think tanks and public interest institutes 
and forums. the brief - to create a daring sonic sculpture that embodied a 
brave new frontier of civic responsibility, engagement and inclusion. the 
resulting album is a masterpiece of audio innovation.

abstract, avant-garde or 'musique-concrete' are some of the terms that might 
begin to describe this astounding recording, a towering ambient masterwork of 
shuddering drones, pacific synthesis and dynamic alien tonality - a symphony in 
pure sound. some will see it as a return to thrussell's roots - an analogue to 
the still cherished very first black lung album 'silent weapons for quiet 
wars'. others will understand that 'muzak from the hive mind' has no equivalent 
and no equal. laboriously crafted from bespoke and hand-made electronic tone 
generators, military grade ultrasonic apparatus and an extensive series of 
field recordings - 'muzak from the hive mind' is quite simply the brave new 
sound of the 21st century, or maybe even the logical continuation of a path 
treaded by innovators like gyšrgy ligeti and karlheinz stockhausen way back.

this record will help millions of people, internationally, to be happier, 
healthier, more efficient: children in educational applications, handicapped 
and retarded people, patients and medical staff in hospitals, personnel in 
offices, banks and insurance companies and workers in a great variety of 
industrial situations, to name a few. muzak for the hive mind serves man.

Michael Idehall - "deep code sol" (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)($14.00)
michael idehall (b. 1982) is a composer, sound artist, painter, and author 
living and working in gothenburg, sweden whose artistic output has always 
striven to create an opening into a world beyond the mundane. the creative 
process involves honing in on the nexuses between the flows of mind, matter and 
spirit. nexuses which exist inside the human being, but also in the outer 
world, as conglomerations of energy and matter. in michael's creations, this 
convergence is revealed through the clash of the ancient and the modern, 
natural and artificial, and first and foremost the instilling of spirit into 

listening to idehall's sound, one could be forgiven for thinking of psychic tv, 
coil and similar, esoterically inclined artists. not that his seancetronica (as 
he names his music) really sound like any of those, but he - or what ever 
unseen force is imprinted into his machines - conjures up the same emotional 
states. this album which contains two of his works previously released on tape 
appears as a journey of sorts, a search for what lies beyond the conscious 
mind. it is naked and physical music, sweaty, sexual, and sublime but at the 
same time obscure and ethereal, forcing the listener into a state of ecstatic 
trance and captivated paralysis. a ritualistic maelstrom of dark, unsettling 
tunes where syncopated death industrial and disturbing ambience walk hand in 
hand, overlaid with desperate vocal declamations.

idehall warns us that 'this music should be engaged with caution and it should 
be regarded as a series of conditioned technomantical experiments' but should 
you choose to follow him, you will be greatly rewarded.

FLINT GLASS & COLLAPSAR   - "deus irae" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00
flint glass is the paris-based one man project of gwenn trémorin, formed in 
1999, which has been described by critics as one of the most innovative artists 
within electronica, industrial and dark ambient. inspired by fantastic and 
dystopian literature and influenced by 90's ambient as well as various forms of 
idm, tribal, industrial rhythmic noise and experimental, his music tends to 
crawl under your skin, shapes the most fantastic images, and keeps challenging 
you by means of an intelligent use of samples, rhythms and beats. all through 
his artistic history gwenn set a high value on collaborations with befriended 
artists, including this album which was conjointly developed together with 
collapsar, a dark space ambient solo project from strasbourg, formed by thibaud 
thaunay who gained great attention with his debut release on malignant records.

'deus irae' ('god of wrath') characterizes a mystical sensory journey into the 
depths of a post apocalyptic world, inspired by philip k. dick & roger 
zelazny's science fiction novel of the same title. across an imaginary 
nightmarish landscape as described in this novel, flint glass and collapsar 
join their force to create evocative, cinematic music which is suitable for 
discrete listening at home, and which might be also perfectly fit as a score to 
a yet unwritten video game. dark synth tones are deployed with an innate sense 
of dramatic, leading the listener through widescreen narratives of terrifying 
scope. dystopian futuristic soundscapes and elaborated rhythmic textures meet 
cataclysmic drones, epic melodic themes and arcane voice samples.

this ficticious journey, separated in two parts, lasts for more than fourty 
minutes and is perfected by alternative aural 'script variations' by spherical 
disrupted, hologram_, sylvgheist maëlström, ah cama-sotz and iszoloscope. be 
invited to join a parallel world of suspense, mystery, and faith.

KARSTEN PFLUM   -    "dode"      (CD)  (HYMEN)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
since his debut in 2003, karsten pflum has been a profilic producer and live 
performer. With his well crafted work that’s full of soul, his tunes are a 
fresh and curious take on the electronic dance music genre. the sound of heavy 
bass driven electro, frantic jungle, and crystal clear ambient, always with the 
haunting and charming pflum sound - poignant and sophisticated. the output is 
often full of references to genres, gear or techniques - and the underlying 
storyline displays a love for classic elements from 80's sci-fi, motown funk 
music, and bbc wildlife documentaries. as a live performer karsten pflum offers 
an engaging insight to his playful and musical approach, with his highly 
dopamine filled and riveting tunes - aimed for the feet and chest.

the title and concept for his third full length release on hymen records was 
inspired from 1980's swedish roleplaying game 'draker och demoner expert' 
(dragons and demons expert), abbreviated dode. the album tells a kind of cyclic 
tale of a nomadic outcast who encounters different places and beings on his 
desperate search for glory. besides the dode game many classic fantasy images 
and clichés poured into the music while karsten dove back into the old books, 
looked at the illustrations and absorbed the atmospheres to create imaginary 
landscapes based on these topics with electronics and manipulated voices.

musically motivated by a various array of artists such as chris carter, e.r.p., 
arpanet, and even depeche mode, the eleven tracks abduct the listener into an 
aural parallel universe. terms like drum and bass, electro and ambient can be 
correctly used while describing this album, yet the unusual way these styles 
are executed, combined with an emotional roller coaster of moods generated by 
karsten pflum's tremendous skills make this album a uniqe masterpiece of 
contemporary electronica.

'it is my hope that some of the creators behind the game will stumble upon the 
album, and hopefully, like me, for a short while, relive the thrills and joys 
of the 1980's roleplaying craze.' (karsten pflum)

Syl Kougaï   -"ΙΧΘΥΣ" (CD)     (HYMEN)   (IMPORT)           ($14.00)
if we use software that models a piano, controlled with a sequencer instead of 
playing it with a keyboard, we get a sort of prepared piano. but since we are 
able to modulate the physical proprieties of the instrument, we will get 
something entirely new.' (Syl Kougaï)

ΙΧΘΥΣ is the third full studio album from the french electronic music composer 
Syl Kougaï, on which he uses his unique brand of synthetic sounds interacting 
with acoustic recordings. he expands the borders of these two universes and 
develops imaginary instruments, driving classical playing techniques towards 
unexpected mechano-acoustic reactions. his artistic approach consists of 
combining most different methods of construction, from note by note writing on 
a software sequencer and editing audio recordings to development of modular 
patches and using a hardware step by step sequencer.

Syl Kougaï conducts his instrumentarium with ingenuity and passion to create 
his very own sound spectrum. each track on this album, by its meticulously 
built classical structure, may become a closed universe, a story in its own 
right with a beginning and an end. however, in its entirety, these stories 
build the chapters of a broader narrative set, a sort of mystical epic - a 
journey guided by reminiscent passages leading the listener on the path to 
transcendence. in a constant process of modification and permutation, abstract 
avantgarde electronics are presented independently as well as in combination 
with manifold sequenced beats, crossing the borders between the apollonian and 
the dionysian.

ΙΧΘΥΣ is intense, with crystal clear production, rich and varied compositions 
where several types of sounds and styles are put together to create a 
particularly unique mood. the deeper you fall into Syl Kougaïs aural universe, 
the more will be found to be discovered.

'i like to make my sounds speak, sing, cry, scream. i like them to transform, 
so the bird becomes violin and the violin becomes sword.' (Syl Kougaï)

DIVERJE - "GREATEST BONG HITS"   (CD)    (DSBP)    ($12.00)

Drawing influences from Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Leæther Strip, and 
:Wumpscut:, Tommy T. Rapisardi forme
d Diverje  in Fall of 1995, in Albuquerque, NM.  He formed DSBP Records as a 
means to release his own material as
well as help other bands get signed, without the constraints of corporations. 
In 1996, Diverje released the debut
album; Electrodiums/The Passage,  Existence / Program Remix in 1998, On Skin in 
2000, Stimulate EP in 2001, and 2:
40AM in 2002.
In 2003, Vince Pujol, submitted his project under the moniker of Electro 
Synthetic Rebellion to DSBP, in hopes of
getting signed.  Tommy liked what he heard, signed the band, and the two of 
them being fans of each other’s music
formed a musical alliance, and Vince became part of Diverje. In 2003, Tommy and 
Vince released the double album, A
mphibian, a departure from previous releases and a step in a completely 
different direction.  In 2005, Diverje rel
eased The Distortion Chamber vol.1, and landed the first successful gig opening 
for DISMANTLED at Pulse and Sunshi
ne.  In 2007, Diverje released Stitched, one of the highest grossing DSBP 
albums to date, followed by the maxi sin
gle Unleashed EP, and the horror movie inspired Evil Never Dies EP, drawing 
influences from films such as Hellrais
er, and Halloween.  In 2009, Diverje opened for Skinny Puppy, one of the best 
gigs of memory. In 2010, Diverje rel
eased Burn Away, another best seller, this time using live guitars, and 
vocoders.  Burn Away contains the live fav
orite; “Bunker Soul” which features vocoder melodies, crunchy guitars, and 
drill instructor chants. It also featur
ed a really well received cover of Depeche Mode’s “Leave In Silence”, one of 
the best Depeche Mode covers of all t
ime. Later that year, Diverje released the Burnt EP, followed by War Within Me 
Failed relationships, the irony of humanity, and politics are a common subject 
of Diverje material.  In 2013, Dive
rje took those subjects to the next level with Hate Stimulation, drawing heavy 
influences from current events, dec
eption, George Orwell, and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.  The album mixes 
diversity of musical styles including
noise, cold wave, EBM, Synth Pop, and Aggrotech.  The album art depicts modern 
drones with nods to classic films s
uch as Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. The follow up EP Stomp Down All 
The Fakes which emulates the classic
  90’s “remix wars” CDs features several remixes from peer bands such as 
Stahnebel & Black Selket, [de:ad:cibel], D
ie Braut, and PreEmptive Strike.
In 2015, Diverje released The Grand Betrayal , The heaviest Diverje release to 
date. Subjects include the failure
of government, to the betrayal of humans in regards to music, and the attack on 
the rich.  Diverje live shows ofte
n incorporate dancing girls and audience participation which often includes 
lending the microphone to spectators a
nd fans alike. Diverje has opened for bands such as God Module, Skinny Puppy, 
Hocico, Combichrist, Imparitive Reac
tion, as well as a core of others.
Tommy has spent his Saturday nights religiously hosting one of the last 
industrial radio shows on the planet.  Cyb
erage Radio runs every Saturday from 1am-6am EST, for the last 20 years. The 
show using facebook notes involves se
veral bands chiming in and chatting while the show goes on.  For those of us 
who have known him, his legacy remain
s; “To guide people through the apocalypse with aggressive industrial/EBM 
sounds”. And for those of us who know hi
m, the songs on this CD were chosen by us!

DIVERJE - "THE GRAND BETRAYAL"   (CD)    (DSBP)    ($12.00)
    DIVERJE has created another post apocalyptic, aggressive,
diverse INDUSTRIAL/ EBM album with plenty of punch and dance floor
    The 9th official album of DIVERJE shows no signs of mellowing
out, or monotony! each album explores the next realm and
Tommy T. and company have outdone themselves once again!
    J. Wicked once again joins Tommy T. for some of the heaviest
DIVERJE trax to date!! "Human Condition", "The American Candidate",
"Another Douchebag" and "Eliminate the Waste" all deal with the
current state of affairs in this society and rebel against the
government and rich, greedy bastards who have destroyed so much
of our friends and families.The REVOLUTION IS ON with this
album, and no holds barred on the extremely awakening "Capital Punishment"!
      Vince Pujol( ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION) also contributes
some awesome collab work with TommyT. as he has done since
2003! These 2 focus tracks - "Society Creates The Monsters"
and "Erased" show the PURE EBM, dark electro side of
DIVERJE and are among the catchiest trax to date!!
      Some really AMAZING SPECIAL GUESTS on this album
include INLINE SEX TERROR - "Closed Minds" collab. is one of
the most fierce HARSH INDUSTRIAL trax in a long time with some
powerful vocals, and stomping beats!!
     Another great one from Germany [de:ad:cibel] collab with TommY T. on
the title track " The Grand Betrayal" for a full on CLASSIC EBM
      The album also features some groovy, noisey, dancey instrumentals
"Bud Burn Bud" and "Sulfuric" a melodic d'n'b track "Seasons"!!
DIVERJE gives you 2 SICK BONUS REMIX Trax of "Society Creates The Monsters"
from  PROYECTO CRISIS (Chile) and CUTOFF:SKY (Russia) to Pound the
dancefloors harder!!
     20 years of DIVERJE and the sound is as fresh, diverse
and powerful as ever and ready for another 20 years!!

MINDLESS FAITH - "eden to abyss"            (CD) (ALTERCULTURE) ($12.00)
"Eden to Abyss" marks Mindless Faith's sixth full length CD. Their 
triple-distilled, aggressive sound produces
anthems that go from chants to wails, whispers to growls, with some stunning 
guest female vocalists. The lyrics
are crafted to provoke some critical thought, while an infectious mix of synths 
and grinding guitars converge
with a core of rocking beats and throbbing bass. Pushing far beyond any 
stereotypical industrial sound,
Mindless Faith infuses their songs with occasional elements of hip-hop, acoustic 
guitar, reggae-dub, trip-hop,
and a rare glimpse of 1940's big band and 1970's funk. While strange on paper, 
these ingredients come together
to great effect and enhance the themes of each song.

Hitting hard and never letting go, track one: “Devil May Care” takes aim at 
anyone who might try and deceive us
from the truth, including ourselves and our stories of origination and destiny. 
Faith is full of holes and
existence is a harrowing journey. And that’s just track one. Every day is a 
fight in “Shit Show” and the
anti-war barrage of “Red Halos” reminds us that you can’t even trust the guy 
singing your Christmas carols. The
propaganda machine grinds us down until we’re all cheerleaders for their team. 
And, whatever you think you’ve
won, it’s just a ticking red clock with a few seconds on in “Hollow Victory.” 
After a metaphysical ride up to
the “13th Floor,” we are collected from the curb during “Leachate” to take a 
deep breath down at the landfill,
where all of our waste lingers on long after the last pillars fall. In “The 
Fluffer,” love is for sale but out
of stock down in the valley of Hollywood. “Dead Inside” does what it says on the 
tin. “Deaf to Defeat” is a
dream-like feedback loop, where you realize your irrelevance but still imagine 
otherwise. And completing the
long arc from where we started in ‘the garden’, our environmental degradation 
invites the reckoning in
“Minerals” as we dissolve into the immeasurable depths of oblivion. How’s that 
for a happy ending? “Eden to
Abyss” lets no one off the hook. In the end, you’ll be there dancing with us, or 
trampled beneath our feet.


KLANGSTABIL  - "one step back, two steps forward" (DCD) (ANT-ZEN)  ($18.00)
two decades of klangstabil - twenty years of music and friendship.

klangstabil was formed in 1994 by maurizio blanco and boris may. soon after 
they met they realized they were transmitting on the same wavelength and as a 
logical consequence their determination and vision combined to create a new 
perception of music. this manifested in the name klangstabil. the following 
theory was and is the basis for their existence as artists: in order to 
understand the surrounding environment as we perceive it, we must consider it 
from the perspective of its origin. within this process, myriads of questions 
emerge, the more we attempt to grasp the essential. asked differently, how is a 
particular sound generated? what does it result in and what does it mean? in 
order to recognize this, we must mentally traverse and experience a number of 
decades of music production in a broad range of styles. motto: 'one step back, 
two steps forward'.

while it was of great importance for boris and maurizio to walk their own 
individual path as musicians, klangstabil's music was subject to significant 
changes. the musical findings of their first decade were successfully turned 
from experimental sound collages into more accessible compositions which were 
nevertheless unmistakably a constructive extrapolation of the project's 
concept. then and now, klangstabil attempt to provide an audible answer to the 
question: what's next? the effort and challenge of a lifetime, which this 
project will continue to meet.

this compilation outlines boris' and maurizio's personal and artistic 
development during the last 20 years. klangstabil's entire œuvre was inspected 
closely for a diligent selection of the thirty tracks at hand, each one of them 
was elaborately remastered to achieve a more clear, transparent sound quality. 
'one step back, two steps forward' provides a comprehensive overview of this 
project's legislating. besides well-established tracks from the releases 
'taking nothing seriously', 'math & emotion' and 'shadowboy', there are many 
hidden treasures like long deleted compilation appearances and even unreleased 
works to be discovered. more than two and a half hours of music are compiled as 
an archive of two decades, presented in a deluxe 2 panel digipak.

'klangstabil has constituted us, defined our artistic and personal way, brought 
us together with people we feel connected with. klangstabil turned us into the 
individuals we are today.' (boris may & maurizio blanco)

M.O.A.T.A - OMEN & THE RORSCHACH GARDEN -  "frantic sessions" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) 
m.o.a.t.a. - omen: voices, noises, electronics, tapes, treatments
philipp münch (t.r.g.): noises, electronics, treatments

twenty years after their conception, the frantic sessions are finally made 
available to the public in a collaborative effort by raubbau and ant-zen. an 
old school lesson for a whole new generation of disciples: oscillating between 
noise and rhythm, drones and ambience, these 14 tracks are drenched in minimal 
monotony and repetition, seething with feedback, topped off with the occasional 
distorted croon of m.o.a.t.a. - omen. 'frantic sessions' preserves the original 
raw and unpolished sound of its age, which is now all red-and-hot again, 
stirring it with the underground clubs and via the likes of the berghain into a 
larger crossover crowd. history has swung full circle, and the full fascination 
and youthful energy of this material feels just right - now!

biographic background:
sven pügge and philipp münch met in a self-governing underground club in 1989, 
and with the addition of a guitar player and the occasional help of philipp's 
younger brother started the rather productive underground band ars moriendi - 
which now enjoys cult status posthumously. they were young lads with lots of 
time and creative energy, so music was happening all the time, also apart from 
ars moriendi: sven explored the noise avant-garde as m.o.a.t.a. - omen, and 
philipp pursued the rorschach garden as an outlet for all things odd (before it 
metamorphosed into the trademark analogue electro pop unit it is today). scarce 
equipment made it necessary to help out each other all the time, and mom/trg 
became a regular collaborative outfit, not shying away from styles as diverse 
as ambient, pop, techno, noise and all things obscure and experimental. via the 
underground, a few cassette tapes were released (on fich-art and cat killer), 
and the later caught ant-zen's attention. the fantasy-themed rhythm noise track 
'ash nazg' was licensed for a vinyl compilation and became a club hit (which in 
some areas is still going strong today); followed by three more well-received 
recordings for another ant-zen compilation. it was during the production of the 
due debut album that philipp and sven lost track of each other (except for the 
two ars moriendi revival shows at the 2002 and 2008 maschinenfests), and only 
recently the collaboration was revived - and the album finally finished two 
decades after it was originally meant to be.

frantic sessions - the album:
14 tracks, ten of which are yet unreleased, successfully revive all the energy 
and creative enthusiasm of the actual recording. 'frantic sessions' covers a 
range of different styles, held together by a dynamic pulsation, a captivating 
flow of sounds. if you expect more 'hit' material like 'ash nazg', you won't be 
disappointed: 'every nude gets in action', 'oversterilization' and 'alles ist 
nichts!' are just as on-spot hard, with aggressive vocals, a landslide of dirty 
bass and actual beats. then there are more leftfield tracks, like the uneasy 
ambience of 'inside' or 'pashas delight (dub)' or the outright noise blast of 
'nerves'. '(y)our nightmares' is best filed under angst pop (a term widely 
unknown in the 1990s), and 'drop it!' is a surprising excursion into metal 
dance ebm. all the music is executed with a very authentic and genuine 
approach, bearing the inimitable charm of a gifted production with limited 
equipment. 'the frantic sessions' will warm the industrial lover's heart - and 
find a new contemporary audience as well!

EMPUSAE & MARC T. -  "deugden van angst en het kwaad" (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
his album is the brainchild of a liaison between two exceptional artists: 
sal-ocin who made a name for himself as a collaborator and band member as well 
as with his solo project empusae, and marc titolo aka marc t. who is partially 
known for his earlier breakbeat / electronica / idm project dither, but mostly 
as a composer, guitarist and vocalist of the sludge post-rock band dirge.

after their first collaboration on empusae's 'sphere from the woods' release in 
2013, marc and sal-ocin decided to work on a whole album based on marc's guitar 
compositions and completed with sal-ocin's electronic and electro-acoustic 
rhythms, melodies and soundscapes. the result of this decision is 'deugden van 
angst en het kwaad', a perfect balance between two different musical viewpoints 
fusing into one. slow repetitive beats and atmospheric electronics build a 
solid foundation for massive guitar soundwalls passing the edge of hypnotic 
post-psychedelia and grieving doom metal. a deep and dark and dangerous 
maelstrom for the listener get roped into without resistance - be invited, you 
won't regret taking this auditory journey!

PHIL VON  - "blind ballet"        (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)       ($14.00)
a blind man feels his way, guided only by the sensations of sounds around him, 
walking through composite landscapes, sometimes concrete or musical, sometimes 
unreal, fictitious or synthetic, mutating constantly but layering like 
brushstrokes of sonic paint along his hesitant steps. from dusk to dawn, he 
wanders on a path sprinkled with touches of natural elements; water, air, 
earth, fire, glass, with the perceptions of humans; murmurs, breaths, crackles, 
snatches of voices, with manifestations of sudden granular waves or aural 
perfumes from unknown distant lands. here he perceives presences, there he 
guesses mysteries. maybe a bigger story is somehow slowly unfolding before his 
stimulated ears.

with this solo album, sprawling somewhere in between melodious electronica, 
lush ambient, musique concrète, and abstract experimental sounds, phil von took 
a break off von magnet's shores. now he confides within us these intimate 
imaginary ballets, inviting us to contemplate his invisible trances, some of 
which he composed for dance, street theatre and performance. twelve individual 
parts created for different occasions have been carefully concerted for this 
exceptional artist's first solo release since years. a captivating acoustic 
puzzle suitable to open up the listener's imaginary eyes. you are asked for a 
dance - please accept the invitation.

DISTEL -  "puur"            (CD)        (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00)
distel is a dutch electronic project comprised of two members: æter 
(synthesizers / vocals) and scramasax (percussion). they started to release 
their special blend of sounds on compilations in 2009. four years later their 
debut album 'puur' was published on the enfant terrible label in two versions: 
a regular vinyl lp and a special edition with a bonus 7 inch. ant-zen is proud 
to present this album on cd format including the full lp as well as the bonus 

distel's sound requires it's very own definition: some might call this witch 
house while others would go for death disco or ritual elektro - the project's 
own description is 'ultra / angst pop'. no matter which label might fit, 
distel's music is purely electronic with an industrial and minimal background 
which expresses a magical and maybe even occult mood.

'puur' is a petrifying album suffused with experimental electronics, acherontic 
industrial soundscapes and profound eerie vocals backed by reluctant beats - a 
very unique combination of styles which denies to comply with established genre 
clichés. references are not easy to give, but connoisseurs of gazelle twin, 
november növelet, early the klinik and even autechre will enjoy diving into 
distel's aural self-conception. this album is beautiful, complex and grotesque 
on all levels - highly recommended.

official video:

2kilo's &More   - "lieux-dits"       (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)  ($14.00)
photographs by vladimir wegener. artwork by salt.
special cruciform cardboard packaging

the unique parisian duo 2kilos &More (hugues villette and séverine krouch) have 
garnered 10 years of experience with a couple of cd releases and more than 70 
live concerts. often supported by new york based artist black sifichi whose 
sinister spoken word performance adds considerably to the band's signature 
sound, and with the cutting edge videos created by lisa may.

2kilos &More's recent full-length album 'lieux-dits' takes us on a road movie 
where you're left mesmerized by repetitive landscapes; neon halos along 
suburban roads, columns of electric pylons, or the effect of strobes through a 
train's window. and when sonic layers and guitar notes sharpen the frame, we 
drift toward a more inner journey, a lysergic dream, a memory of intoxication, 
an intimate trance that takes us dangerously elsewhere. somewhat lost, emptied, 
we take a bypass onto one of these nocturnal avenues where black sifichi, 
sensual or enraged, recites a narrative that fits between 'beat generation' and 
contemporary fables... their evocative power is conveyed on this album which is 
vigorous, dense and filmic.

with parisian producer norscq at the studio controls, this album spans and 
joins different genres, shifting from downbeat electronica and industrial to 
post-rock and complex experimental soundscapes, like an aural self-conception 
somewhere between autechre and sonic youth. within the eight compositions the 
group combines trippy drum machine grooves with hypnotic noise guitars, fusing 
arcane drums with the dismantling amplification texture of post rock. the 
charismatic voice of black sifichi appears 3 times and enriches the 
compositions with its poetic and powerful lyrics.

'lieux-dits' injects the senses, to visions, through nostalgia - a 
manifestation of diversity, parity and anti-conventionalism. to be 

official video trailer by roger hoffmann:

ORPHX    - "the sonic groove releases pt. 2"     (CD)  (HYMEN)  ($14.00) 
richard oddie and christina sealey a.k.a. orphx have been in operation since 
1993, creating a catalogue of varied productions incorporating musique 
concrete, industrial, techno and dub. throughout the 90s and early 00s, they 
built a strong following within the european rhythmic noise scene through their 
live performances and releases on hands productions and hymen. in 2009 orphx 
made their label debut on adam x's sonic groove imprint which exposed them to a 
new audience and quickly established their name as one of the leading acts in a 
new wave of industrialized techno.

until today six 12 inch vinyls were published via sonic groove. the first three 
of them were published on 'the sonic groove releases pt. 1' in 2014, now the 
remaining three are available for the first time on compact disc format, 
supplemented with a previously unreleased track. orphx' ability to blur the 
lines between genres is given proof on this compilation with stellar results. 
pulsating hypnotic techno grooves meandering their way over sharp, stripped 
backbeats, enriched with eerie sound effects while the tightly focused use of 
distortion and feedback-filled sub bass adds the aggression of orphx' earlier 
industrial and noise oriented releases. this is mind music and body music, 
deeply hypnotic and infused with roughness and erotic tension.

THE_EMPATH  -   "trackology"          (CD)      (HYMEN)      ($14.00)
he basic conceptual approach of the_empath's third hymen records release was a 
semi-scientifical exploration about the musical capability of more than three 
thousand units of software synthesizers, effects and plugins he collected in 
years - a process of testing, utilization and selection. during this drawn-out 
process, first aural drafts for album tracks occured besides single 
soundscapes, loops and effects which were furthermore processed and embedded 
into mike erkau's regular workflow environment. while elaborating the final 
tracks he incorporated topics which appeared in his perception to form a 
perfect symbiosis of sound and subject.

'trackology' represents the most varied album of the_empath so far, where the 
music serves as a carrier of artistic points of view - a wide spectrum that 
ranges from negative to positive topics. an individual's powerlessness, vague 
discomfort caused by heteronomy, political disillusion, but also personal 
advancement following the aspect of gaining experience - just to name few 
points - are transferred by a vast number of styles and sounds. ruminant synth 
veils, pounding alternated beats and gyrating bass lines weave an intriguing 
net of ambient, drum'n'bass, idm and industrial, delivering motions of 
fragility and strength at the same time. another step of an exceptional 
artist's evolution - highly recommended.

HECQ  - "mare nostrum"        (CD)         (HYMEN)                 ($14.00)
a large glass box and a loud hum fill the nave of the deconsecrated chapel. 
inside the box is marenostrum, the largest computer in spain. from the outside, 
the only sign that it is alive are the blinking lights and the noise from its 
ventilators. but marenostrum can say much more - it just needs someone who can 
hear it.

when i met benjamin boysen, i was looking for a musician for a documentary 
created using marenostrum, and i wanted the music to be done with it too. i had 
just found out that ben specialises in composing using electronic noise 
captured from circuits, so it felt like a perfect fit. i desperately wanted to 
convince him to work with us, although i only had to say supercomputer once 
before he said yes.

ben spent the few hours inside the glass box, recording marenostrum like a 
child in a toy store, deafened and frozen but with a huge smile on his face. 
when he came out, he already had the idea for what to do with the material 
after our project - an album made solely of marenostrum sounds. it was a 
special moment: the supercomputer would sing.

i have great admiration for ben, but still i was surprised at how well this 
album evokes what i imagine is the state of mind of marenostrum. from up close, 
the songs are a symphony of the strange and colourful sounds that happen as it 
computes problems in science and engineering. however, from a larger 
perspective, this is the music that algorithms make, this is how number 
crunching sounds like. this is the song of the computer.

fernando cucchietti, www.bsc.es
in august 2013 ben lukas boysen spent some time in barcelona, making audio 
recordings of the 9th biggest supercomputer in the world, mare nostrum. 
installed in a former chapel with acres of glass and steel, europe's most 
powerful computer is not only impressive in its performance but also in its 
appearance. with this album you will get a living proof of mare nostrum's 
audible skills, captured and processed by hecq.

this release is a fascinating symbiosis of electronic soundscapes and 
systematic recording where samples of mare nostrum's sound are masterly 
integrated into four lengthy compositions. abstract pulses of a machine with 
sometimes even creatural sounds and atmospheric synthesized ambience result in 
a deep, organic opus, creating a yet unheard sonic landscape in the listeners' 
minds. a dense, impressive auditory adventure and one more epic milestone of 
hecq's ambient-oriented side. highly recommended.

COPH NIA  -  "lashtal lace"              (CD)     (RAUBBAU)  ($14.00)
a good seven years after his last regular album for cold meat industry, mikael 
aldén aka aldenon aka coph nia finds a new home at raubbau, and releases his 
most vocal-heavy, song-based album to date. ten songs (not tracks!) dominated 
by his sonorous voice revealing more facets than ever before, with the music 
ranging from acoustic instruments and electric guitar over ambient soundscapes 
to sparingly used industrial noises, all amalgamate to an exciting whole of 
occult - and adult - pop. 'lashtal lace' sports elements deriving from coph 
nia's past releases: ritual drones, dismal noises, recitatives, crowleyan 
references, kettle drums - but rather as ephemera, as an underwood to something 
different: a versatile, thought-provoking collection of lyrically intriguing 
songs. from the vaudeville charme of 'i shall be no more' and 'a sonnet' to the 
title track which is bound to become a dark folk hit, from the (classically 
coph nia) tongue-in-cheek cover version of pete shelley's coming out as a 'homo 
sapien' to the misanthropy of 'all my filth' and 'glass house', from the 
guitar-fuelled dirge of 'little death' and 'alone and godless' and the 
widescreen cinematic atmosphere of 'in colour' and the only instrumental 'the 
dreamer', the emotional range is vast.


SLEETGROUT - "try to die"        (CD) (IMPORT) (PRE-ORDER =$15.00)
The album is called "Try To Die" and combines dance and midtempo Dark Electro tracks. The leaders of Suicide Commando and Cenobita have taken part in few of the tracks.
"Try To Die" also includes remixes by the well-known Dark Electro bands from all over the world. Here is the list:9. Amduscia, Cygnosic, Die Braut, Alien Vampires, C-Lekktor,, AktiveHate Remix, Nano Infect, D.T.F.N., Product, Terrorkode, Mordacious, Vescera, Obsidian.
The album released in two variants  CD and digital, each one goes with unique remixes.

ENCONO - "Existential Embryos' Playground (CD) (IMPORT)(PRE-ORDER=$15.00)
This work is an aperitif before the release of their debut full-length album and the line between the past and the future sound of the project. Such groups attended the work on this disc as Sleetgrout, Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Larva, A7ie, Aktivehate, Vigilante, CygnosiC, Sin.thentic Squad, Freaky Mind, Hyperhate, Oswenzim and more!

DISTORTED WORLD- "Shadow Empire"(CD)    (IMPORT)(PRE-ORDER=$15.00)
Ominous and mystical Harsh-EBM/Darkwave band DISTORTED WORLD releases its second full-length album SHADOW EMPIRE on 31.10.2014 . The album is filled with analog synth pulsations, mid-tempo beats, harsh male and clean female vocals, chorals and orchestrations!

BLACK LUNG  -    "innovation.participation.reward"(CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
'innovation. participation. reward' is the perfect supplement for black lung's 
recent product 'the great golden goal'. be sure you won't buy a pig in a poke - 
you have a free trial opportunity with the digital single 'the business of 
selling'. as we are sure you will satisfy yourself of this product's excellent 
quality while testing it, here's your choice to obtain the full package of 
david thrussell's recent compositions, re-designed and re-interpreted by the 
world's finest contemporary electronic artists. a broad stylistic spectrum 
ranging from dubstep, electro and manifold variations of industrial to abstract 
cinematic dance beats, pounding idm and mighty pulsing dub, presented by 
hologram_, monster zoku onsomb!, monolith, sonic area, iszoloscope, dan 
courtman, imminent, detritus, druc drac, displacer, lustmord, philipp mnch, and 
jhann eiriksson. while getting this release you will become an usufructuary of 
innovation and participation - don't hesitate!

EMPUSAE  "rutsu no hoyo"    (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)             ($14.00)

this truly fine collection of live recordings made in 2012 and 2013 delivers 
the intoxicating concert experience of an empusae performance right into your 
home environment. besides the project's mastermind nicolas van meirhaeghe the 
notable musicians tom de doncker, peter bjrg (arcana, sophia) and benjamin 
sperling (jnnerwein) joined the empusae lineup for these concerts in moscow and 

the seven tracks on this album include all aspects of the sound concept empusae 
has developed over the last three years, transformed into unique live versions. 
a vibrant inebriation of emotive ambient, ominous electronic soundspheres, 
melancholic melody lines, ritualistic beats, breathy, haunting vocals and 
skillful guitar and piano accompaniment.

if you didn't have the opportunity to watch an outstanding empusae performance, 
this release is ideal to work up your appetite - and if you already have, have 
a listen, and spend an hour of prosperous remembrance.

LOSS  - "sick"                  (CD)       (ANT-ZEN)  ($14.00)
with his third album 'sick' the american artist dan fox a.k.a. loss presents a 
fresh aural facsimile of his feelings, imagination and passion, transmuting 
pain, sorrow, love and hate into a powerful sonic ride. once again loss proves 
his ability of working with an impressive selection of sounds and of arranging 
them with great skill into an authentic image of sonic mastery.

throughout these eight lengthy tracks the listener will be captivated by loss' 
distinguishable manner of composition dispatching a pure, cathartic energy. a 
broad range of different sound elements like distorted beats, selectively 
applied samples, a digitalized voice, and even doom metal guitar riffs have 
been used to generate a striking work of art. dark, poignant ambient 
electronics, sublime samples and ingredients of primordial industrial music as 
equitable components produce a very emotive unity, combined and juxtaposed with 
great care. highly recommended.

AXIOME  -    "the smell of lava in the morning" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
axiome is olivier moreau and c-drk fermont. mastered at syrphe by c-drk. layout 
by salt

with their seventh release 'the smell of lava in the morning', axiome are back 
in full swing and present an album that integrates a wide span of styles and 
moods melted into an expansive and coherent flow of energy, just like lava 
after a volcanic erruption.

well-structured and tightly produced, the ten tracks carry an energizing idm / 
braindance and acid hybrid featuring accentuated sequencer lines and synth pads 
underlaid with complex hypnotic rhythm textures keeping the pulse flickering 

a good and catchy yet challenging album, distracting and dissecting the senses 
with its forced density and organized deconstruction. not exactly destined for 
the dancefloor, but still making you move, 'the smell of lava in the morning' 
is highly recommendable to lovers of contemporary beat-driven electronic music.

ZERO DEGREE - "stasis"             (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)      ($14.00)
zero degree's seventh release 'stasis' presents this project's lineup as one 
person, just as it started ten years ago, and delivers a slight and consistent 
directional change when compared to its predecessors 'probe' and 'transit'. to 
generate the relaxing and sensual feel zero degree is well-known for, 
krautrock-influenced ambiance has made room for elements of downtempo and 
psybient, offering new facets of matthias erhard's aural cosmos. also an 
appreciable factor of this album is the significant amping up of production 
skills and an intensified focus on analogue synth equipment.

throughout the seven tracks the listener is carried by mighty basslines, 
drifting percussion, precisely sequenced patterns and veiled atmospheres. a 
slow beat accented base and atmospheric ambient pads, filtered and reworked 
with effects and carefully inserted samples achieve a hypnotic and particular 
post-psychedelic pulse.

'stasis' is a perfect combination of percussive ambient and subtle electronics 
- an album of a spacey, deep quality which combines tranquility with motion and 
purpose. turn it on, and motivate your brainwaves.

TONIKOM   - "seeking the lost mind"     (CD)  (HYMEN)     ($14.00)
'seeking that lost mind, to be inside what i do, and out of my head.'

with 'seeking the lost mind' rachel maloney a.k.a. tonikom emerges again, 
presenting a delightful, personal collection of aural explorations of her inner 
self and covering a wide range of electronic music of its very own.

this album is a perfect, self-contained blend of idm, breakbeat and ambient dub 
including occasional sidesteps into conterminal territories like 
trance-influenced techno, complementing the core structure of tonikom. soulful, 
breathing abstract pads interwoven with lovely harmonies carried by constant 
beats with interlaced syncopated percussion programming add up to melancholic, 
but also hopeful, dreamy vibes.

'seeking the lost mind' is an outstanding release, pleasantly melodic and 
enthralling at the same time, whereat a subliminal variety of hidden treasures 
and shallows unfold after repeated and intense listening.

RASPUTEEN  - "zuruck aus der kyrokammer"(CD)   (BAZOOKA JOE) ($14.00)
after spending 4 years ina cryogenic chamber, the mysterious
performer and composer RASPUTEEN came back to the outside world
turning his very own points of view into sound and lyrics.it took
bazooka joe six months to publish these recordings and as with
each of this artists releases, it was well worth the wait!

"zuruck aus der kyrokammer" presents their most diverse body
of work to date, which stylistically ranges from eighties-influenced
minimal electro pop, easy listening and technoid electro to
harsh rhythmic industrial and abrasive noise. even within the tracks
then normal musical boundaries do not exist.fe. you can hear funky
horn riffs, embeded in an industrial tune. the german lyrics on
all 14 tracks mix up topics like consumption, relationships,
and social criticism with a vexing lot of surrealism, which has
been RASPUTEEN's trademark from the beginning.

FREAKY MIND        - "surrogate"       (CD)   (SKYQODE)     ($14.00)
We are proud to present the log-awaited second album, Surrogate, from the mind 
melting TBM / aggrotech act, Freaky Mind, with ten new tracks filled with 
stomping beats, sick melodies and aggressive vocals! A must have release for 
all aggrotech / TBM lovers and fans of bands such as Combichrist, Grendel, 
Suicide Commando and the like!

LINGOUF - "frequencies sensibles"      (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00) 
artwork / painting by lingouf

the album 'frequences sensibles' offers a strong progression in the fields of 
harshness and rectilinearity, in which artistic playfulness is replaced with 
frantic power. varied elements of musique concrte and heavily distorted noise 
have been constricted and pulled using high pressure into eight straightforward 
hardcore techno based beat corsets which do not make room for any intake of 
breath. this album demonstrates another facet of vincent ingouf's harsh 
rhythm-oriented side, eligible for public and home environments. une leon de 
danse motionnelle - couter  fort volume!

SIAMGDA - "tremors"                   (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)           ($14.00)
marc fischer founded siamgda in spring 2001 at the foothills of the himalayas 
near kathmandu, nepal. the story of how siamgda came into being started with a 
fairly ordinary trip to nepal in 2000. at that time, marc had already been 
engaged in his project strfrequenz, combining western classical music with 
industrial and noise, but had increasingly become dissatisfied with creating 
rhythms by electronic means only. in nepal, he came to hear about a music 
university in an ancient newar settlement of the kathmandu valley where he 
first heard the amazing sound of the indian tabla drums. he knew immediately 
and beyond doubt that he wanted to learn to play this instrument and eventually 
cross new musical boundaries. after several years of dedicated training in 
indian classical music with different teachers he created first tracks as 
siamgda, with the tabla as a rhythmic indicator. in 2010 he founded his own 
label mind plug records where the first two siamgda albums and a collaboration 
album with morty, a senior composer of mystical music, flute player and 
vocalist were released in digital format.

siamgda's album 'tremors' is an amalgamation of eastern and western musical 
ingredients, presented in this outstanding artist's very own experimental and 
unique style. a hypnotic blend of tribal drumming, ethnic sounds, indian 
classical elements and electronic noises combined into an aural oneness without 
borders. ambient soundscapes and processed voices are carried by precisely set 
rhythmic loops keeping the listener's mind and body in a state of intense 
trance. 'tremors' represents a one-of-a-kind work of art where references to 
like-minded artists as muslimgauze and esplendor geomtrico might be entirely 

'like the earth, we are cracking under pressure, our consciousness is giving 
birth to unpleasant and potentially harmful emotions like anxiety, fear, and 
self-destruction. however, such moments of being totally out of control also 
serve as a reminder that we are alive, vulnerable and in need of care and 
attention. 'tremors' has been inspired by the inner turmoils that shake all of 
us. when powerful forces come haunting and try to uproot us, it is up to us to 
keep calm, bearing in mind that the only sure things in life are impermanence 
and death.' (siamgda)

PAUL KENDALL - "family value pack"     (CD)       (ANT-ZEN)        ($14.00)
paul kendall is an engineer, mixer and sonic producer who has contributed to a 
number of iconic releases by artists such as barry adamson, renegade soundwave, 
nitzer ebb, recoil, wire, loop and as a footnote with nin and dm. he worked for 
many years for daniel miller's mute records and during this period curated an 
experimental electronic label, parallel series. four cds were released, 
featuring bruce gilbert, robert hampson, simon fisher turner and andrei 
samsonov. in 2002 he relocated to paris and spectacularly metamorphosed his art 
into an electro-acoustic expression, managing to miss arsenal's double winning 
glory as a result. this enforced sojourn saw him developing his compositional 
skills writing sound for the ballet and theatre. the album 'capture' was 
released in 2003 through french label 0101 (ici d'ailleurs), to date, the only 
digital intervention object available. after returning to the uk in 2007 
kendall helped alan wilder develop a live incarnation of recoil. and from 2010 
they toured across half the continents of the world with 'a strange hour' 
allowing kendall to experience the thrill of 'live performance' and refine his 
shapes and dance moves. on 01.10.11 saw the release of 'angleterror' a digital 
only release of 7 compositions loosely built around various guitar sounds. 
september 2014 sees the new long-playing record available on cd from ant-zen, 
'family value pack'. this solo artistic exposure is a precursor to the coming 
solo exhibition via 'live' performance.

the seven compositions on this album transport the artistic spirit of the 
british avant-garde heard in projects like dome / wire and very early clock dva 
towards the end of the seventies when a specific splinter group of the punk 
movement was exploring the length, width and depth of musical freedom / 
expression. in his previous work paul kendall put the emphasis on the guitar, 
on 'family value pack' it is more focused on the human voice, his own voice as 
well as samples of family members and a secret celebrity. except for track one, 
'scuba dis dat' with its pushing technoid beats and horn-supplied art punk 
approach, this release offers collagistic, structurally unorthodox and abstract 
atmospheric sound spheres chimed with dark ambience - contemporary musique 
concrte orbiting between warmth and chill.

this album may not set the charts on fire, but it contains an amazing aural 
experience. the full background story: the intrigue, the denouements, the highs 
and lows, the cruel and the tender, will be diffused / published on paul 
kendall's official webpage. for now, enjoy the headphone paint!

KEEF BAKER - "dry"                      (CD)     (HYMEN)           ($14.00)
'dry', and the accompanying digital album 'barren', may well be the last ever 
keef baker releases - a compilation of rarities, remixes and outtakes 
stretching as far back as before his first album 'the widnes years' and as 
recent as 2013.

'dry' showcases keef bakers ability to fuse a range of apparently disparate 
musical genres in his own unique fashion to create something new and original. 
drumnbass, industrial, breakcore, trip hop, shoegaze, idm, dubstep, ambient, 
downtempo, techno and various styles of rock form an innovative amalgam of 
massive compositional constructions with precise routes and solidity. his skill 
to touch and to surprise the listener is just tremendous, also as a remixer 
which is undoubtedly proven by the remixes included here for tonikom, esa and 
subtractivelad. from melancholic songs, deep electronica tunes and forcing beat 
tracks up to the catchy industrial/post punk uproar 'jason cheng and his 
football game', each track displays the level of musical talent keef has in his 

this release will undoubtedly have the genuine baker fans enjoying every 
minute. there will be a lot more music from the artist keith baker in the 
future, just with new projects. stay tuned!

"its been a great ride." (keef baker)


Taking some top tracks from the well respected "HATE STIMULATION"
and getting the CLUB REMIX treatment from some of todays
flavors from AUTOCLAV 1.1, and CLEANSING THE DAMNED!

  The bands/ artists included are all good friends and they put in
alot of great work and originality into these amazing tracks!!

  17 tracks in all and over 76 minutes of QUALITY REMIXES, NEW
SONGS and each PRE-ORDER comes with a 8 SONG ZIP FILE
of 4 "non-album exclusive tracks" as well as 4 FULL
TRACKS from the CD! + a FREE COMPILATION CD from the
DSBP RECORDS archives!


YOUR BUNNY ROT -  "FOR THE FALLEN ONES"     CD  (DSBP#1118)  ($12.00)
  The sophomore release from YOUR BUNNY ROT (Israeli duo)
is an amazing step forward in maturation of sound and writing!
11 brand new tracks, 2 awesome cover versions of R.E.M.,
APOPTYGMA BERZERK, and 3 bonus remixes from CUTOFF-SKY,
WHORE VS. DIVERJE,and NAMELESS CITY! the pre-order zip file
also offers more bonus remixes as well!
  COSTA and YARON have created some memorable songs on this
new album and this is definitely club dance music as well!!
16 tracks and over 76 minutes on the CD version with more
on the download.
   The new tracks show more of a MELODIC EBM/ INDUSTRIAL
mix with deep beautiful vocals, catchy and addictive.
Thick dance beats with phat synths full of old school
and new school sounds.A couple of cool surprises
and guest vocal appearances from TOMMY T/DIVERJE,
  A very good follow up to their successful debut

TARO  - "the terrace edge chronicles"  (CD) (SILENCEOFCODE) ($10.00)
  This is the debut synth pop solo effort from Taro, vocalist of
the aggrotech band VENT. Dark,mysterious and beautiful, The Terrace Edge
Chronicles is a concept album that chronicles the
various facets of mortality and the human emotion.
Terrace pays homage to Gary Numan, David Bowie and
various early 80's synth bands.10 tracks and
quality production make this a must have for ALL

MONO-AMINE  -  "human farming"        (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00)
composed, arranged, produced & mastered by joost gransjean in between 2011 and 

'this album is about freedom and perseverance. but also about awareness of the 
situation which we have managed to evolve our own species into. i encounter on 
a daily basis that the average person in this timeframe sleepwalks through 
life, never questioning anything and swallowing everything that governments, 
mainstream media, religion and next of kin monopolise as the truth. it pisses 
me off and because creating music is my way of staying sane and being able to 
cope with this reality, i present to you: human farming, an, adventurous, 
energetic and intense musical mindfuck without compromise.'

right after finishing his last full length release 'do not bend' joost 
gransjean started to work on his next album which is now ready to blow your 
minds and speakers. 'human farming' features ten curtain fires of uplifted and 
multilayered beats overlaid with deep distortion, heavy droning pads and 
striking voice samples. the roughness of rhythmic noise combined with the speed 
of hardcore techno add up to a steady driving force of tightness and 
contortion. with this work mono-amine introduces forcing surges of concrete 
blows recommended for serious differently minded devotees of pace and 
aggression. wake up - and shutdown the farm!

BLACK LUNG   - "the great golden goal" (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00)
motivational pieces specifically designed for workspace, gym, competition 
cycling, internal value conditioning and reflexive behavior modification 

the great golden goal.
the sale.
the highest expression and most pure distillation of kinetic energy and evolved 
physical relationships.
the logical end-point of all human endeavor.
commerce. exchange. intercourse. innovation. participation. reward.

our every interaction as a species is a sale. someone 'brings something to the 
table', and someone else leaves with it. we are forever selling ourselves as 
attractive mates, functional members of society, valuable employees or stellar 
executives. to paraphrase one of the great salesmen (aleister crowley): 'every 
man and woman is a salesperson'.
as a ranking member of the executive committee of the pan-national ayn rand 
institute (an incorporated 501 [c][3] non-profit), i was already aware of the 
sophisticated and sometimes cutting-edge work produced by internationally 
renowned composer/sound artist d. thrussell. thrussell's storied career of 
innovations in post-psychological audio sculpture and the expression of latent 
kinetic philosophies in sound, made our choice when considering artisans to 
communicate and manifest PNARI principles an easy one.

never ideologically content nor creatively static, thrussell exists as a 
stubbornly (and notoriously) difficult individual to summarize. a profoundly 
radical conservative with unpredictable and extremist viewpoints, the artiste 
exudes rugged self-motivation yet delicate market sympathies - the perfect 
voice to preach our cosmic capitalist evangel. and so we came a knocking, 
offering research funding and institutional backing for a project to construct 
musics that not only celebrated our joy in the pure radiant beauty of 
unrestricted commerce but also acted to motivate our peers, colleagues and 
ideological kinsmen to sell better, further, longer.

as a physical product of sound, you'll no doubt acknowledge that these pieces 
provide inspiration and enjoyment, but they truly exist to transmit a deeper 
purpose. ideas. the battle of ideas is raging. and we at PNARI are engaged on 
many fronts - education, research, public outreach, business outreach and art 
among them. the future begins in ideas - today. we take the arts very seriously 
indeed, because the seeds of today's art germinate tomorrow. and now, thanks in 
no small part to the many generous contributions of our patrons, we are active 
in an exciting new sphere: sonic philosophy - communications on a perceptible 
and non-perceptible audio-environmental level.
but enough from me. put the record on, drink in its splendid moral grandeur and 
rest easy in the knowledge that this powerful weapon is moving civilization 
toward the freedom in which greatness can thrive and prosper.

(xavier brookes, the pan-national ayn rand institute, may 2014)

from the musical viewpoint, 'the great golden goal' delivers a highly 
functional palette of technoid electro tunes with slight hints to classic 
electronic body music. driving analogue drum patterns build the foundation for 
pulsing bass riffs and warm, moody synth pads, offering fast forward tracks 
designed to make you move. there is not much space left for contemplation, take 
a deep breath and be prepared for the two concluding remixes by munter s. 
thomson and monster zoku onsomb! making their very own interpretation of black 
lung's motivational intention.

JEROME CHASSAGNARD   - "inner dialog"   (CD)   (HYMEN)      ($14.00)
with his third solo album 'inner dialog' french composer jrme chassagnard 
presents a very personal work of art based on his childhood experiences, 
solitude and the 'urban soul' which is hidden in civic environments. supported 
by his wife pei yun yu and french sound artist jrmie mathes, chassagnard has 
created an album which is simultaneously dense and introspective.

the music of 'inner dialog' displays a balanced bridging between idm, 
electronica, chilling ambient and krautrock creating impressive tempers of both 
brilliance and deepness. a feast for the aural senses featuring lush 
atmospheric key pads, melodic piano lines, precisely set voice samples and 
field recordings alternately carried by a plethora of drum patterns and 
beatless hypnotic sequences.

an intense release which transmits a wide range of moods between tranquility, 
melancholia and tightness, brought into being by an outstanding artistic mind 
inviting listeners to experience his own inner dialog.

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN- "tales of a fragile mind" (CD) (BAZOOKA JOE)($14.00)
2014 brings forth the new harvest from the rorschach garden!think the
trademark lovingly assembled analogue beats and melodies, think
the marginal popappealoscillating between joy and melancholy, think
the lyrics about lost and found loves and social oppression.and this
time: think munich machine style computer disco sounds as a leitmotif
on this album. 13 tales of a fragile mind, plus a remix by like minded
canadian artist DISPLACER.The 13 tracks are the offspring of Philipp
MUNCH 's creativity alone.This is an album in the classic sense,
it tells a story that you can relate to, but it also has strong
tracks which stand on their own, a challenge of the mind, rush
to the feet, defying expectations and catagories.an hour of quality
audio entertainment.

KRAKEN           - "untitled"          (CD)    (RAUBBAU)        ($14.00)
Kraken is back and pulls us down into the abyss- a dark cold and
desolate place that is filled with the droning of oscillators,
authentic filed recordings mingle with evolving rhythms, and the underlying 
tension created by the poignant confessions of human beings
adds to the unique flavor of kraken: equally fascinating, enchanting,
and disturbing,the sounds cut right through our souls, for fifty
minutes.Kraken keeps us in its tight grip and we cannot resist
but realize our own fugacity.

fifteen years past the first KRAKEN release, its epitaph is more
actual than ever before: when gazing into the abyss for too long,
one tardy realizes he is part of it.

STONEBURNER- "songs in the key of arrakis"(CD) (DISTORTION PROD) ($12.00)
Stoneburner is the solo project from Steven Archer that combines tribal fusion 
electronic dance
music with experimental sounds.Steven Archer is a multifaceted musician, 
artist, and writer. He
is best known in the music scene for Ego Likeness, a dark electronic rock band 
that he started
with his wife in 1999. Stoneburner is his vision of the music and philosophy of 
Frank Herbert's
"Dune" book series. It fuses traditional organic instruments and vocals from 
all over the world
with modern electronic dance music in an attempt to tap into the books 
aesthetic. His hope is that the project will do justice to the novel's vision 
of Arrakis and it's warrior

VISCERA DRIP - "abattoir"          (CD) (IMPORT)   (ADVOXYA)     ($14.00)
Viscera Drip is the American dark-electro solo project from the desolate desert 
of New Mexico.  Viscera Drip's official debut album, "Abattoir", is a 
blistering masterpiece with sharp melodies and  violent percussions. Infused 
with Industrial, EBM, and trance, "Abattoir" sends listeners into it's hellish 
world of horror and depravity with shocking ease. With a clear sense of the 
darkness and oppression of life, Viscera Drip offers you something worth 
dancing to. Includes remixes from Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Nano Infect, Die 
Braut, A7IE and Venal Flesh.

HOLOGRAM - "geometrical keys"   (CD)  (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
'the specter of terror is near when a labyrinthine building no longer indicates 
any directions except for dead ends. to adjust the loss of signs, a sound 
architecture can be built in which the perception surrenders. hologram_ takes 
the seeking listener on a solid baseplate and into a puissant research 
laboratory of sound dissection. the invention of the existing material 
originates from an eclectic musical culture, but also from an attentive world 
view. this very contemporary approach allows to imagine all the levels of this 
protean artist, as it should be the case that the world does not observe 
anything unilaterally.' (hologram_)

hologram_ is the moniker of martin delisle from france who has worked with the 
electronic projects dexy corp., cheerleader69 and republik of screens and is 
also a part of the audiotrauma crew. influenced by musicians like amon tobin, 
hecq, richard devine, hans zimmer and danny elfman as well as film directors 
like david lynch, his intention is to generate mental plots with their very own 
imaginative sound. his debut album 'geometrical keys' is based on the concept 
of being forsaken inside a complex and distorted virtual environment, 
allegorized in form of three distinct chapters. an alchemistic hybrid of 
industrial music, dubstep, idm, modern classical and disturbing soundscapes 
with granular electronics, tinted broken organic rhythms, melancholic piano 
lines, abstract glitch breaks and furious walls of noise. this album states a 
perfect amalgam of powerful beats and orchestral cinematic atmospheres.

'listening to a concept album like reading a book may be worrying when you are 
likely to get lost in a distant unconscious... some geometric vision of a well 
present illusion... a story where you have to let yourself fall into the maze. 
the sound experience can now begin... are you able to find the way?' 

NIMON - "the king is dead"   (CD) (IMPORT)   (ANT-ZEN     ) ($14.00)
keef baker founded his side project nimon to cope the high amount of intense 
feelings caused by the loss of his mother, resulting in the album 'drowning in 
good intentions', a compelling work of deep emotional ambiance. nimon's second 
release 'the king is dead' also became a very personal one, a musical 
dedication to keef's father who passed away in 2013. this album illustrates 
this outstanding artist's self-expression getting along with this tragic strike 
of fate. more than three hours of music were spontaneously made as a basis for 
the twelve final tracks which were mastered by the legendary electronic / 
ambient musician robert rich.

nimon's musical concept is based on the only usage of a digitally manipulated 
electric guitar to create epic cinematic soundscapes influenced by brian eno, 
fennesz and tim hecker. a mlange of blissful panoramic drones, distorted 
textures and deep, reverberated chordplay that will leave the listener in a 
state of heaviness and weightlessness at the same time. the ability of 
emotional translation into sound combined with the mastery of six strings 
generate a continuous flow of ideas that details a unique storyline for each 
pair of ears to decipher, transporting a different array of emotions that are 
as uplifting as they are tragic. a compelling inner mind's soundtrack with 
feelings of distress, melancholy and, once again, with hope.

MILLIPEDE - "a mist and a vapor"          (CD)    (HYMEN)   ($14.00)
"over the last few years millipede has been subtly stretching boundaries within 
the myriad soundscapes its music has come to include. while so many electronic 
artists spend the lion's share of their time amping up the listener's heartbeat 
using effects and tricks akin to modern horror film shock tactics, millipede's 
sound is considerably more graceful by comparison. it's patient in its fluidity 
and timing, able to take the
listener on a journey where actual beginnings, climaxes, and endings are 
clearly defined. all the while, millipede keeps things exciting by weaving ear 
candy that sounds at once harsh, but fascinating." (kriss stress / notes and 

millipede's recent release 'a mist and a vapor' demonstrates his mastery of 
styles, mixing the electronic with the organic in a perfect coexistence of idm, 
glitch and dark ambient with a slight world music influence. this album's 
auditory terrain consists of forceful, slow beat-driven tracks alternating with 
mesmerizing ambient landscapes including tightly orchestrated synthesizers and 
dark industrial pads as well as strong guitar and piano lines. the twelve 
tracks carry a striking fusion of emotions between curiosity anticipating a 
virtual expedition, melancholy and an articulately cinematic experience.

DEFRAG  - "drown"          (CD)      (IMPORT)   (HYMEN)    ($14.00)
everyone is able to appreciate the feeling of being in water or even a cold 
grip of panic from a lungful of liquid, but it is also possible to drown in a 
never-ending 'ocean' of duties and responsibilities. working hard in vfx 
business and as a sound designer caused a feeling of mental near-drowning for 
jeff dodson which was his main reason for a creative release by doing a new 
defrag release. the theme behind the album 'drown' is following the emotional 
ride that drowning provides, symbolized by exciting, fast-paced structures, and 
patterning the release after it, resolving with a calm, peaceful transition.

many of defrag's influences and taste in music like idm, dubstep and 
experimental abstract glitch filter into this release, in addition he let his 
classical background come in to give it a more cinematic progression.
orchestrated strings, piano, classic analogue synths and software processing 
add up to a headstrong fusion of analogue warmth, modern classical seriousness 
and raw digital abstraction. instead of exceeding complexity jeff dodson chose 
this album's structure to be deliberate, intelligent and tight - a complete and 
awesome journey from start to finish, and a sign of artistic progress.

NAHTAIVEL   - "pon farr"         (CD)     (IMPORT) (WAVE)  ($13.00)
Nahtaivel is a Brazilian Dark-Electro band, formed by Fernando Nahtaivel 
(former keyboardist of the black metal bands Insane Devotion, Evilwar and 
Doomsday Ceremony, among other works for extreme metal bands).

Nahtaivel has launched some works in the EBM/Industrial scene, among them the 
virtual album Opus 93? in 2006, Killer Speaks in 2008, Midnight Sessions in 
2011, and he has just released the new album PON FARR in the end of 2013.

Influenced by bands of the Black Metal, dark-electro and EBM/Industrial scene 
you can expect a mix of these styles with distorted vocals, profane feelings, 
and ferocious synths. The band has played live in several Brazilian states 
since 2007, and played as an open act for Project Pitchfork in its first 
concert in So Paulo.

The new CD contains 13 tracks, very unique in sound and style,
diversity and darkness in many forms converge here...
  + features collaborations with

N.U.T.E.    - "do you want to play with me now" (CD) (IMPORT) ($12.00)
An ever evolving career spanning the last decade has established Auckland based 
industrial metal band N.U.T.E as New Zealands most successful. Performing live 
on both the local and international stage
and with multiple album and e.p releases, plus numerous compilation
appearances under their belt, N.U.T.E's bone-crushing and gritty
sound has firmly cemented their place in the underground music scene.
   The new disc contains 7 kick ass tracks which all hold their own
identity and show maturity in the sound of N.U.T.E.
DSBP RECORDS is the lone distributor in NORTH AMERICA!

"N.U.T.E's amalgamation of dark electronics and powerfull guitars is very well 
done and Drew's
slighty rough vocals are totally suited. N.U.T.E have a flair not unlike Front 
Line Assembly, at
times I'd even bring Fear Factory into the picture"
-Virus Magazine, Germany.

"Fans of darkwave and EBM will be craving more"
-Rock Sound magazine, United Kingdom.

GINGER SNAP5 - "snapped by you"    (CD) (SKYQODE) (IMP) ($15.00)
Ginger Snap5 is the alias of Romeo Soroka, the very tallented musician who 
hails from Odessa,Ukraine. Through a combination of incredible remix works for 
bands like Wynardtage, TraKKtor, Empty, Mental Discipline, Diversant:13 and 
many others, and tracks on international compilations, he has gained 
recognition and a solid ever growing worldwide fanbase. And he achieved this 
without even releasing an album until now!

Snapped By You crowns a long period of meticulous work by the artist and 
rewards the listener with a fascinating, instantly recognizable blend of 
industrial, trance and pop music along with very deep and personal lyrics. 
Hard-hitting floor fillers Polaris and Feel The Rhythm, catchy pop tunes Ginger 
Girl and Wrong, and epic atmospheric tones in Sail Away! and My Ocean; this 
album will leave no one indifferent!

The digital version of album includes 11 tracks, featuring a collaboration with 
Ars Nikonov, the unforgettable voice of Belarusian synth-rockers Cold In May. 
The CD version of the album comes as a limited edition 4-panel digipak with a 
16-page booklet and includes two exclusive bonus tracks.

COLD IN MAY  - "dark season"        (CD)   (SKYQODE) (IMP) ($15.00)
Formed in 2006 by the talented and versatile musician Arsenio Archer 
(Diversant:13, Martian Love, Monoclast among others), the band surged in 
popularity and recognition after the release of their highly acclaimed debut 
album, Gone Away With The Memories. Now Cold In May is back with their 
follow-up CD, Dark Season, which will elevate the band to a new level.

Dark Season opens a new chapter for the band both musically and conceptually. 
The 11-track album presents the listener with a perfect balance between 
synth-driven melodies and rocking guitars reminiscent of Mesh and Apoptygma 
Berzerk. It sounds more mature and diverse than anything done before, yet 
retains their trademark feel and style that was so amazing on the debut.

The limited CD version of the album comes in a 4-panel digipack with 16-page 
booklet and features an exclusive bonus track.

UCNX -  "replicator"                    (CD)   (DSBP)   ($12.00)
$15 Standard CD
$25 Deluxe Package
Remix albums and cover songs are well known in the electronic/industrial music
scene, but east coast based act UCNX return with a brand new release that fuses
both concepts together the same way they fuse electro-industrial, coldwave,
IDM, and other styles of electronic music together in their music. Much like
their hit 2009 single "Run Your Body" which fused Iron Maiden and Nitzer Ebb
together into a tongue-in-cheek dancefloor monster, 'Replicator' is a new beast
that brings together remixes from the band's last album, the 2011 blast of
aggression 'Generation Damaged', along with a selection of brand new cover
tunes that range from such industrial legends as Ministry and Leaether Strip to
other influences like metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and 80's pop masters Tears For

'Replicator' comes in both a standard CD version, as well as a deluxe edition
package that comes with not only 5 exclusive bonus tracks including a cover of
Killing Joke's haunting new wave classic "Adorations" and the ultra rare b-side
"Eyedentify (Nuclear)" among others, but also a glossy 18" x 24" poster signed
by the band.

IN-FUSED   - "rebuildestruct"           (CD)   (DSBP)      ($12.00)
Tommy T. Rapisardi/ in-FUSED returns with a long awaited 2nd album! During the 
last 10 years DIVERJE/ DSBP RECORDS/ CYBERAGE RADIO took most of Tommy's time, 
but the passion for making experimental music in many of its forms has 
remained...the compositions continued and ready to be heard and unleashed to 
all! These 17 tracks are creations of new and some older and mixing into a 
cohesive, yet diverse album which pushes this project forward!

Partnering up with CHRIS COZOT(iammynewt) on 2 tracks "calico", 
"rebuildestruct" gives this album an extra incentive and attraction of these 2 
creative forces!!

POWER NOISE/ IDM sounds are dominant on "shank", "decreption", "donut 
snatcher", "apalone", and an amazing remix from REGULATOR!! Mostly an 
instrumental album with full on DANCE TRANCE on "so confused", CHILL 
ELECTRONICA on "transit", "behind you"... + "down-FUSED" brings some ACID JAZZ 
ELECTRONICA to the mix :-)

The vocal tracks on the album display the more melodic, dark and relaxed side 
of TOMMY T. RAPISARDI's distinct vocal sound..."as you climb", "penetrate", 
"rebuild(v2)", "no trust", and "obey" display a new wave/ 
electronica/industrial mix reminiscent of the 80's-90's! "whore' is an early 
track, heavily sampled and harsh as hell!!

This album is about diversity and of course a full album of non-predictable 
experimental industrial/ idm/ noise/ electronic sounds! TOMMY T. thanks you for 
listening to his solo(mostly) project and spread the word to all!!

REGULATOR   - "regulator"         (CD)  (DSBP)               ($12.00)
DSBP Records is thrilled to announce the release of the debut album from, 
Regulator available everywhere on 02-28-2014. Regulator is an exploration of 
idm and industrial soundscapes. Crushing drum patterns, rolling base lines and 
cloud-like smooth pads that all work together to create a balance between 
chilled bliss and the cold industrialized world of today.

Regulator is Paul Casper, an electronic musician from the East coast of The 
United States. Paul previously released the EBM project Scar Limit on DSBP 
Records. He has also released his ambient project: Frore on a number of labels 
and has recently been featured on the nationally syndicated ambient radio show: 
Hearts of Space; the longest running and most successful show of it's kind. In 
his newest release, these two worlds are bridged and become one.

PHILIPP MUNCH & LOSS-"transcontinental desperation" (CD)(ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
the album you are about to listen manages to consolidate the essence of two 
outstanding individuals: philipp mnch who has made himself a name both as a 
solo artist and as a member of countless projects, and dan fox a.k.a. loss, a 
highly regarded veteran of the noise music scene. when philipp and dan met in 
person a mutual artistic respect was the spark for a collaborative effort and 
resulted in a transcontinental interchange of inspiration and sound files. 
after processing each other's basic tracks, the final release clearly showcases 
both participants' distinctive style as well as the uniqueness of this creative 

as the album title indicates, 'transcontinental desperation' is an aural 
statement of distress, anger and doubt, where topics like injustice and 
overthrowing the media have been integrated into the voice samples and lyrics. 
the suspense buried in the sound textures transmits an emotional spectrum of 
dejection and subliminal aggression, executed with a variety of electronic and 
acoustic equipment. dark ambient soundscapes are combined with clear and 
distorted beats, impulsive sequencer lines, abstract effects, manipulated 
vocals - all these components build a perfect bridge between minimal electro 
and contemporary industrial music.

'transcontinental desparation' deeply connects two exceptional performers for a 
haunting listening experience - an enthralling liaison which might well be 
continued some day..

NAO        - "III"             (CD)     (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
after 'picture this if you will' and 'no', this exceptional french project's 
odyssey continues with their third release 'III'. what started as an electronic 
one-man project has become a full guitar and drum equipped band which is likely 
to astound listeners both on record and on stage. After the intensive gelling 
and skill development of the last few years, no have declared this album to be 
the logical consequence of the three individual characters becoming an 
inseparable unit.

'III' represents the logical evolution of no's sound as a densely interwoven 
mixture of placid, harmonious electronics and powerful industrial / post / prog 
rock resulting in a genre of its own. besides being musically influenced by 
projects like nine inch nails and 65daysofstatic, film directors like darren 
aronofsky have been an important inspiration for the general mood of this 
album. just like an unexpected turn in a fierce movie, apparent normality 
becomes menace due to startling productional details. clear, airy synth tones 
are abruptly overlaid with massive walls of electrified guitars carried by 
forcible drum set blows - a perfect bridging between the organic and the 
digital cosmos. it was worth waiting for 'III' - now release the machine!

Displacer & Nimon- " house of the dying sun"(CD)(HYMEN)(IMP) ($14.00) 
michael morton a.k.a. displacer has made a name for himself over the last ten 
years as a quality electronic composer and visual artist. his last album 
'foundation' on hymen records featured a number of guest artists, of which keef 
baker was one. both musicians expanded upon the success of this to
create a full collaboration between both displacer and keef's project nimon 
which is based on the use of digitally manipulated electric guitars and has
received enthusiastic reactions for his debut release 'drowning in good 
intentions'. the fusion of both projects and the respective dna of these two
highly skilled performers is what you are about to listen to on 'house of the 
dying sun'.

on this album a range of ingredients melt together to form a fascinating sonic 
pallette: solid, interlaced patches of percussion and elaborate basslines build 
the foundation for epic layers of deep ambience, swimming with deep walls of 
elegiac electrified strings warped from guitars and perfected with the addition 
of live double bass, electric organ and even disturbing bits of noise. the 
sound spectrum ranges from ruminant kraut rock influences to spherical 
downtempo patterns and contemporary intelligent dance music forming an aural 
landscape of different emotions.

with this release displacer and nimon are crossing boundaries while observing 
their very own standard, presenting a warm, relaxing opus with embedded waves 
of mild turbulence. highly recommended.

ORPHX  - "the sonic groove releases pt.1" (CD)  (HYMEN)(IMP) ($14.00)
richard oddie and christina sealey a.k.a. orphx have been in operation since 
1993, creating a catalogue of varied productions incorporating musique 
concrete, industrial, techno and dub. throughout the 90s and early 00s, they 
built a strong following within the european rhythmic noise scene through their 
live performances and releases on hands productions and hymen. in 2009 orphx 
made their label debut on adam x's sonic groove imprint which exposed them to a 
new audience and quickly established their name as one of the leading acts in a 
new wave of industrialized techno.

until today five 12 inch vinyls were published - three of them are now 
available for the first time on compact disc format, supplemented with a 
previously unreleased remix. 'the sonic groove releases pt. 1' presents nine 
tracks that foreground inexorable rhythms, wellsequenced analogue synth pads, 
and gloomy, deep atmospheres. droning grooves build the foundation for organic, 
elastic basslines, subliminal noises and sinister soundscapes spliced together 
to form a block of solid rhythmic monoliths. amazingly well constructed, 
atmospheric semi-ambient pieces turn into forcing kick driven dance tracks 
suitable for darker oriented dancefloors. this is mind music and body music, 
deeply hypnotic and infused with erotic tension. to be continued.

FILAMENT 38 - "isolate...decay...disentegrate"  (CD)(AREA 38) ($12.00)
the return of FILAMENT 38 is like a sledgehammer hitting your face!
they come back hard and mighty! this new album has the sound that
F38 are known for and with a heavier guitar sound and full
sonic assault surrounding it! 10 new tracks and a club remix,
which will please both INDUSTRIAL/ EBM and COLDWAVE fans alike!

SHUTTERDOWN -  "dreamwalker"          (CD) (DISTORTION PROD.) ($12.00)
Founded in 2009 by Max and Ant'isa, Shutterdown isn't your typical indie band. 
While enveloping the listener in a broad and unique sound palette, their pop 
songwriting appeals across genres. Ant'isa's dynamic, haunting vocals 
complement Max's synthpop compositions as their
lyrics lightly pause on the vignettes of a dreaming mind. Debut offering 
Dreamwalker is influenced by electronic dance, punk, ambient, industrial, and 
experimental trip hop, with songs ranging from
up-tempo dance to slow and atmospheric.

DIVERJE  - "hate stimulation"      (CD)    (DSBP)         ($12.00)
  DIVERJE returns with a vengeance for their 8th album!
Always evolving, and diversifying, yet staying true!
As the title suggests, this album is full of angry, stomping,
harsh INDUSTRIAL/ EBM/ COLDWAVE with spashings of power noise,
techno, trance, metal sounds! each song has its own flavor,
as the vocals vary in style and stay original.

  THE HATE STIMULATION is the result of the shit talkers,
backstabbers,liars,cheaters,fakes,posers and a backwards
society full of greed and deception.The hate they created,
the effects they have on the artists, real musicians and hard
workers who are seeing this de-evolution clearer than the sheep
of the "idiocracy society" are, so we write it out.

  17 songs/ 76 minutes contained on the NEW CD, which all
have their own flavored sound! tracks which will pound the
dancefloors as well as keep the mind racing and voices shouting
along with the anthemic lyrics of one of the most angry, brutal,
and real, "no holds barred" bands of the current dark times.

New member J.WICKED(WHORE) joins the team on this album for
7 songs that totally kick your ass inside out and shows
you how he can write so well on many different styles!
the chemistry is amazing here with new and older member
VINCE PUJOL(E.S.R) as always, providing some awesome

  We also have GREAT guest appearances/collaborations with :

  There are no comparisons to "popular bands" needed here...
DIVERJE IS AN ORIGINAL MONSTER of diversity, stomping EBM anger,
and unstoppable INDUSTRIAL RAGE!

NEBULO  -     "castles"            (CD)      (HYMEN)        ($14.00)
the new album from NEBULO goes beyond and into some new territory,
with a lot more electro influence as well as IDM/ GLITCH and
the songs are more cohesive than ever before.Taking their sound
to the next level with much experience this comes and they
are now rising to the top of the idm game!

EMPUSAE  - "sphere from the woods"   (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00)
since the very beginning, the addition of acoustic instruments and tribal, 
ritualistic influences have been an integral part of the omnipresent electronic 
soundscapes of empusae. these significant aspects have also been reflected in 
many of this project's album titles, like f.e. 'the hatred of trees' and 
'organic.aural.ornaments'. for his present work, nicolas van meirhaeghe's 
influences were mainly centred around nature - woods, forests and trees, as 
well as paintings by his artist friend christel morvan (nesisart), who created 
the main theme for the album's artwork. empusae has the talent and the gift to 
turn all these disparate artifacts into a mature piece of sound.

'sphere from the woods' is the perfect fusion of natural, organic elements and 
advanced electronics. it blends a huge variety of acoustic sources, ranging 
from synthesizers, processed field recordings, ethnical percussions and guitars 
to quite unusual acoustic instruments like psaltery, chains, plates and several 
kinds of wood. orchestral arrangements combined with touching melody lines and 
precisely set rhythmic syncopation generate an enthralling amalgam of 
atmospheric ambiance and cinematic elements with a deep ceremonious flow.

if a more focused description of empusae's musical self-image is needed, then 
you need nothing more that the word 'organic'. and 'sphere from the woods' is 
the release where this concept locks in in the most perfect way. wood has long 
been used as an artistic medium - this album develops a very new and exciting 
aspect for manipulating and moulding this structural tissue.

KLANGSTABIL   - "shadowboy"        (CD)      (ANT-ZEN)      ($14.00)
the production of klangstabil's current release took 4 years to realize, and 
like its predecessors 'shadowboy' constitutes an intimate personal statement. 
the artificial character 'shadowboy' was conceived by boris may as a result of 
hyper-sensitive environmental stress which he could only find ease from in a 
deserted forestal ambiance. shadowboys are beings who often stand alone with 
their thoughts and emotions. although they have some social intelligence, it is 
difficult for them to get on with an environment which irritates them, like a 
city. if the environment does not agree with their well-being, their reaction 
is over-sensitive. hardly ever perceived by other people, they move along 
social borders or avoid the public in general. they cannot adjust to rules and 
laws which make no sense for them. actually, everybody could be a shadowboy. or 
a shadowboy could be hidden in everybody. a kind of backup, a being in the 
person, a figure that reminds, alarms, awakes and causes double-vision 
thinking. the boy in oneself.

to assimilate his impressions boris drafted a story which finally became the 
'shadowboy' book written by german author christian von aster. because of an 
accident, a 9 year-old boy lives for two years in the woods without parents and 
any contact with humans, until a group of children from the neighbouring town 
finds him. the story shows how children manage to come together independently, 
overcome fear and prejudice, build up trust and become friends. the boy learns 
again how to speak from the children and they learn everything about life in 
the woods from him. they all realize that they need each other and that the 
secret of the boy in the woods has to be protected, because the boy belongs 
there. the book was intended to be written for children from 9 to 12, but also 
comfortable to be read on an adult level - an allegory about life and death, 
growing-up, liberty, and the value of true friendship.

the thematic construction of 'shadowboy' opened a wide range of creative 
possibilities for klangstabil to make their very own musical interpretation of 
the topic. As the first part of the concept a music video was developed where 
200 people would give shadowboy a face. the filming took place at maschinenfest 
2010 and at this time none of these people knew what to expect or how the film 
footage would be used. the video was first screened 2011 live at planet myer 
day festival together with a first musical concept of the track 'shadowboy - 
the awakening', released as a free digital single in september 2013.

the 'shadowboy' album was put into effect after the closure of the book and 
video concept and can be seen independently from the story, describing the 
thoughts and emotions of a shadowboy, and how to survive being one. the album's 
main topic was an initial starting point for klangstabil to explore a multitude 
of related inspirations and thoughts concerning their lyrics which are 
expressed in the cd booklet at full length. friendship and social cohesion, the 
loss of one's individual personality on the internet, a longing for entity 
within a relationship, and a shadowboy's state are just a few facets of this 
spell binding conceptual work. forging these lyrics into sound and supported by 
ben lukas boysen (hecq), daniel myer (architect), manuel g. richter (xabec), 
storm, and fage, boris and maurizio fuse a distinctive aural spectrum of music 
styles including electro, freestyle, and technoid electronica to a meaningful 
whole. a captivating song cycle from the distorted, unsettling opener 
'shadowboy - the awakening', the hip-hop based 'pay with friendship' and 
'arbeitstitel', and the epic techno track 'schattentanz' to the puissant 
conclusion 'end of us'.

'shadowboy has changed maurizio and me, made us think anew about our lives and 
formed us into what is called on for our present existence. because of him, we 
know now more about ourselves and how to understand the world around us. we are 
happy to have found him. he is our friend.' (boris may)

HECQ      -       "horror vacui"      (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT)($15.00)
when his debut, 'a dried youth', was released in 2003, a few enthusiasts paid 
attention - the young ben lukas boysen, yet totally unknown, used his enormous 
creativity to implant an aural impression of his personal experiences onto a 
cd. although echoes of other artists' influences seemed to be present, this 
album showed that boysen was able to walk his own path which he was able to 
advance with each follow-up release.

'horror vacui' is presented by hymen records due to hecq's ten years' 
anniversary as a recording artist. nine as yet unreleased tracks plus six 
exclusive remixes by other performers showcase this exceptional musician's wide 
creative spectrum. between the very first hecq recording in 2001 and an 
experimental piece in 2011, the stylistic range of this album varies from 
melodic ambience to abstract electronica with a precise usage of multiple 
beats. the remixes by dean rodell (underhill), frank riggio, roel funcken 
(funckarma), si begg and christoph berg (field rotation) bring the release to a 
ripping close with processed dubstep in the style of the 'avenger' album and 
the orchestral melancholy of 'night falls' which manages to complete this 
excellent collection with a remix by ben lukas boysen himself.

ARCHITECT -   "mine"        (CD)     (HYMEN)(IMPORT)    ($15.00)
architect is a unique hybrid of idm, electronica and smooth ambient soundscapes 
inexhaustibly explored by german mastermind daniel myer. in a career spanning 
over fifteen years daniel has been connected to but never belonged to a host of 
scenes and styles. architect was created in 1998 and has since proven his 
mettle on a multitude of releases and on countless acclaimed concerts 
world-wide. in 2010 alan wilder (recoil) discovered architect's brilliance, 
which led to daniel performing as a support act for recoil on several acclaimed 
shows in europe and the united states. architects most pronounced quality is 
the accomplished combination of powerful grooves and atmospheric soundscapes 
resulting in music that is suitable for both listening and dancing.

architect's sixth full length album 'mine' constitutes an appreciable shift in 
direction compared to his previous works by adding compositional and 
instrumental innovations brand new to this project. supported by well-respected 
artists like ben lukas boysen a.k.a. hecq, guitarist and cellist felix gerlach, 
dejan samardzic (dsx), legendary producer, engineer and remixer paul kendall, 
canadian musician and sound designer comaduster and hungarian vocalist emese 
arvai-illes (black nail cabaret), architect marches to no ones beat but his 
own, expanding ambitious electronica with comprehensive down-tempo song 
structures. moderate yet decisive beats and precise keyboard and strings 
arrangements build the foundation for emese's exceptional voice transmitting 
suspense, depth and sinister beauty with perfectly fitting lyrics.

depending on how and when you listen, this atmospheric release can fill you 
with menace and sadness, or send you into a deep reverie. uncompromising, 
muscular and powerful, the music of 'mine' is also full of subtle touches and a 
supple sense of rhythm. highly recommended for devotees of moderat, recoil or 
house of black lanterns - this album will be 'yours' for sure.

CONTROL  -  "transgression"        (CD) (IMPORT)  (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
'transgression' represents control's second appearance on ant-zen after the 
highly regarded 'the resistance' release in 2012. on this album thomas garrison 
remains loyal to his significant, unique approach of power electronics and 
death industrial, ready and willing to penetrate the open listener's mind and 

the eight album tracks convey drastic, mesmeric atmospheres carried by the 
perfect balance between harsh sonic outbursts and accentuated subbass pulses. 
sharp noise layers are accompanied by seething dark ambiance, subliminal 
rhythms and the distinctive, arcane vocals control is well-known for.

while listening to 'transgression' you will find yourself captured inside an 
inescapable web of varied moods and feelings which can only be intensified by 
the experience of a control live performance. do not miss!

LINGOUF      -  "illumina TV "     (CD)  (IMPORT)   (ANT-ZEN)  ($15.00)
those who follow vincent ingouf's output can be sure that no release is the 
same as any other, and 'illumina-tv' is no exception to this fact. on this 
album, the playful mlange of field recordings and experimental electronics on 
'terre de pierres' (2012) are complemented with thunderous straight bass drum 
hits, wobbling basses and accentuated noise. the ten long compositions offer 
superbly designed arcs of suspense where apparently slow, melodic tunes with 
carefully selected voice samples lead into the furious technoid outbursts 
lingouf is known for at his live performances. influences of modern classical 
music, dubstep, hardcore and industrial were all perfectly integrated to form a 
unique sound impression which satisfies both the attentive listener and the 
dancefloor addict. turn on the inner mind's tv set and be illuminated!

DIAPHANE      -  "lifeforms"       (CD) (IMPORT)  (ANT-ZEN)  ($15.00)
three years after the release of 'samdhya', ab ovo band member rgis baillet 
presents the second album of his solo project diaphane which is both a 
continuation and an advancement on his previous work. on 'lifeforms' 
diaphanous's unique combination of atmospheric melancholy and haunting 
intensity is still present, but the focus on rhythmic power has been 
significantly increased. deep, spherical soundscapes with a cinematic feel are 
pushed forward on to of complex beat structures with influences ranging from 
drum'n'bass and dubstep to idm.

like an experienced film director, rgis is permanently building and collapsing 
arcs of suspense. beautiful piano-based melodies supplemented with electronic 
sequences which result in either highly energetic, pounding rhythmic rage or 
relaxing sound layers - a perfect balance of movement and downtime.

a very passionate and emotional album which will trigger the listener's 
emotions in many different ways.

ESA   -"themes of carnal empowerment pt.2:deceit"   CD  (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
ESA returns with part two of his conceptual album series Themes of Carnal 
Empowerment. Continuing where Pt. 1: Lust left off, ESA once again offers a 
powerful rhythmic noise assault spanning 11 hard-hitting new industrial tracks. 
The album sparks off with the slow-burn intro Let The Sinful Sparrow Sing as a 
harmony between piano, soulful female vocals, marching beats, and distant 
synthlines build a gradual tension, ultimately detonating into the energetic 
beat-driven stomper I Know Your Wounds. From there the album charges forward 
with one breathless sonic cavalcade after another from the throbbing basslines 
and guttural vocals of The Heart Is Marked to the feverish pounding beats and 
glitch accented powerhouse of The Shape Of Hate To Come.
  ESA allows a little breathing room with the funk laden breakbeat track Devious 
Words before kicking the album back into high gear with the epic and rigid 
title track Deceit, pursued by the savory classic industrial with a modern 
twist contrast of No-one Will Ever Touch You. Euphony meets adrenalizing 
discord in the beautifully wicked If I Could Hurt You All Over Again, I Would 
before closing the album with the tribal descending of While You Sleep I 
Converse With The Dark Birds and the appropriately trampling disquiet of 

Always engaging and never disappointing, ESA skillfully executes another 
vigorous collection that aligns his focus not just on mere rhythmic structures 
and harsh beats, but masterfully injects a rare creative depth and 
serendipitous atmospheric climate into his works that ultimately sets him apart 
from the crowd.

This is ESAs finest hour. Mastered by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope) with layout 
by Robert Lioy (Access To Arasaka)

COMADUSTER   - "hollow worlds"       CD  (TYMPANIK)       ($12.00)
Tympanik Audio is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album Hollow 
Worlds from Canadian sound designer Comaduster. After a promising self-released 
EP Slip Through in 2009, video game sound design work for Bioware, a memorable 
live performance at MUTEK festival in 2011, remixes for iVardensphere, 
Aesthetic Perfection, and Architect, and most recently the buzz-generating 
single Winter Eyes, Comaduster finally reveals his remarkable first full length 
album Hollow Worlds
Drawing from a deep well of influences, Hollow Worlds encompasses a distinctive 
range of musical styles skillfully incorporating elements of industrial, 
dubstep, EDM, post-rock, glitch, IDM, ambient, and pop music into a wholly 
polished and cohesive assembly of work that garners cerebral as well as 
dancefloor allure. From start to finish, Hollow Worlds executes a potent 
strike, sustaining a proficient balance of bass-heavy beats, gushing synth 
melodies, taut rhythmic structures, and absorbing lyrics with humanistic vocals 
to match.

Unlike many artists who attempt such audacious genre hybrids, Comaduster 
dispatches it masterfully, resulting in an accomplished collection of tangible 
songs that authenticate an intriguing and seductive contrast between complexity 
and accessibility. Reasonable parallels can be likened to the sounds of such 
influential acts as Haujobb and Hecq, however Comaduster has commanded these 
influences as mere inspirational ingredients to create a transcendent style and 
distinguished sound to claim as his own.

Energetic, heartfelt, and captivating, Hollow Worlds is a truly engaging and 
memorable experience with the potential to change the game. Highly recommended 
and not to be missed. Explore Comadusters Hollow Worlds available now in a 
6-panel digipak CD featuring striking artwork by shift.

AUTOCLAV 1.1    - "portents call"      CD   (TYMPANIK)   ($12.00)
With Autoclav1.1s 7th album Portents Call, proliferant Tony Young offers his 
listeners a cross-pollination of genres that pushes the envelope of his 
signature sound by stepping confidently forward with another engaging new 
collection of songs.

Airy atmospheres, evocative vocals, subtle orchestral movements, and 
symmetrical synthlines blend together over gritty and addictive broken beatwork 
to create a dense and engaging listening experience. Portents Call deploys a 
contrasting blend of organic and mechanical overtures along with a seamless 
integration of punchy polyrhythms, inter-spliced with roomy atmospheres and 
strong piano melodies.

Watery kaleidoscopic undertones meet bassy synthlines as refreshing and 
uplifting atmospheres hover just above the dense and distorted movements 
beneath. Well-placed sonic artefacts lend a strong element of depth as 
atmospheric interludes break apart and reform into tight, melodious tunes.

Portents Call bravely travels to the edge of consciousness and evokes feelings 
both feverish and profoundly calming. A portentous journey of conjugated sounds 
and emotions.

Available now on 6-panel digipak CD featuring artwork by Salt and mastered by 
Alexander Dietz.

ZINOVIA  - "the gift of affliction"      CD   (TYMPANIK)    ($12.00)
Place yourself in a futuristic lounge hidden away in the depth of some distant 
unnamed city. The atmosphere inside swirls with a smokey, yet airy charm, as 
random glasses clink in the darkness and a smattering of enigmatic characters 
sit and absorb the sounds emerging from within. On the unpretentious stage, a 
sultry woman stands behind a control panel of various machines, their 
indicators and displays splashing colors of light across her face, illuminating 
a gentle sadness in her eyes as she controls and manipulates her sounds. Her 
name is Zinovia. She is from Athens. Her work is titled The Gift Of Affliction 
and it seems to have the entire audience entranced. No doubt, there is a deeply 
personal connection here.

This is Zinovias own brand of sadness, as if hidden somewhere for ages and is 
now finally emerging. Hidden forms of inclusive beauty marked by elegant 
soundscapes, classical underpinnings, and deep, moving ambiance. Is this a love 
story, or an allegory of loss? Naked. Humble. Threadbare loneliness with an air 
of hope just on the horizon. Never insistent, yet tempts its audience with an 
intoxicating aura of haunting allurement. Elegant piano arrangements and brief 
snatches of exotic symphonies ring out over warm, intoxicating atmospheres and 
choric vocals to create a worldly feel; experienced and wise, but not without 
its price. Time to make amends.

Zinovias compositions stand poignant and intellectual, fusing stylistic 
classical elements with deep, moving ambient sounds and subtle, uplifting 
beatwork. Smooth, intelligible, and truly elegant songs that allow the audience 
to drift away in a wash of tranquil tones that ebb and flow with a rare 
maturity and grace. Zinovia gives us The Gift Of Affliction, a memorable and 
exquisite work that demonstrates the profound capacity and undeniable charm of 
this gifted and talented artist.

YOUR BUNNY ROT -  "ERROR INJECTION"        CD  (DSBP#1112)     ($12.00)
   YOUR BUNNY ROT  is an Industrial/EBM band from Israel.
The band was formed in the end of 2010 by Osinsky Yaron
and Ivanzov Constantine, bringing to the production industrial
elements combined with 80's synth leads and dancefloor kik and
The band reflects the machinery age and war threats in the area
of their lifes.

   The debut CD from DSBP Records is now released! 16 tracks total,
73 and a half minutes of amazing new music from one of the
freshest sounding bands of the last few years.
   Mixing in a classic electro/industrial edge with a new energy,
using modern sounds and clean and powerful vocals with thick'
and rich textures all around.Intelligent lyrics which relate
to todays desperate & crazy society, delivered with
melody and power!

This album has amazing dance floor appeal, diverse track
stylings and catchy choruses that will stick in your head
almost addictively...


remember! YOUR BUNNY ROT!

MISS FD -     "comfort for the desolate" (CD) (QUANTUM RELEASE) ($12.00)
On June 18th, 2013, dark synthpop artist Miss FD returns with her third studio
album Comfort for the Desolate. Through seven new compositions of dark
melodies, chilling beats, and intense lyrics, FD's latest "audio diary" is the
next chapter in her exploration of the nature of existence, consciousness, our
concepts of self, and presence through living in the here and now.
Genres: darkwave, synthpop, dark electronic, electro-industrial, gothic

LOSS  - "i am but the sum of my conditions"(CD)(ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($15.00)
loss was created by american artist dan fox out of the need for an outlet. all
of loss' work is forged from life experiences built around the concepts of
love, hate, sorrow, failure and a strong stance against racism. starting with
his own musical experiments in the early 1990s it took years of trial and error
until the first release 'a letter that will never be sent' saw the light of day
in 2004, followed by the highly acclaimed album 'i kill everything' and the
vinyl single 'you are what eats you'. since the beginning loss stood out among
other artists of the genre by adding a brutally emotional edge to his music, as
his main influence besides industrial projects like numb, synapscape, gridlock
and mental destruction continues to be the person dan fox itself using his
music as a safe and productive way to deal with the demons inside of him.

the first loss release for seven years is thematically based on the artist's
personal experience with his compromised mental state, covering relationships,
love, waiting for answers to some of his medical questions, and his quality of
life. hardware and software synthesizers, effects, live drums and percussion,
live guitar, various methods of sound manipulation and processed vocals have
been used to achieve the unique combination of power electronics, dark ambient,
and rhythmic noise loss is known for. besides that, mr. fox has the musical
chops and emotional nuance the be able to stretch beyond these genres and add
in a large amount of catchy melodic lines, splicing together heavily distorted
aggression and perfectly orchestrated melancholy.

'i am but the sum of my conditions' is an emotionally intense personal
statement by an exceptional artist where sheer force is combined with
captivating atmospheres: entrancing, hypnotic and monumental in scope and power
- an unforgettable listening experience.

TZOLK'IN    -  "the sixth sun"   (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)        ($15.00)
"the mayan calendar is divided into seven ages of man. the fourth epoch ended
in august 1987. the mayan calendar comes to an end on sunday, december 23,
2012. only a few people will survive the catastrophe that ensues. in the fifth
age, humanity will realize its spiritual destiny. in the sixth age, we will
realize god within ourselves, and in the seventh age we will become so
spiritual that we will be telepathic." (the sacred wisdom archives: the aztec
calendar, the sixth sun and 2012)

as we have all realized by now, the aztec calendar's prophecy concerning the
end of 2012 was not fulfilled, so mankind now resides in the era of the 'sixth
sun', one which brings past to present in order to construct a brighter future
and this era was chosen as a central theme for tzolk'in's fourth album. seven
unyielding tracks named after mesoamerican deities symbolize humanity's new
dawn after averting the catastrophe of 2012.

on 'the sixth sun' nicolas van meirhaeghe and gwenn trmorin create a powerful,
opulently orchestrated analeptic for mind and body. heavily organic, rich in
melodic themes and perfectly mastered, this release represents a plethora of
excellently executed ambient soundscapes and predominant tribally infested
rhythms. this is contemporary post-industrial combined with ritualistic sounds
carrying an almost tantric like feel which was, which is and which always will
be this project's trademark.

buried deep inside the chaos of fluctuation lies a truly remarkable opus that
requires attentive and full listening to appreciate its depth and range. an
illustration of tribal sensibilities from the collective mind of two
exceptional artists, executed in a contemporary, cutting-edge electronic

VNDL    - "gahrena:structures"      (CD)   (HYMEN)           ($15.00)
with 'structures', vndl a.k.a. philippe vandal continues along the path he
started one year ago on the 'paysages lectriques' release. with this new work,
this outstanding canadian artist continues with his aural concept of abstract
electronic soundscapes, intensely manipulated guitars and warped beat

vndl's skills of splicing an auditory collage of elements into a coherent
arrangement make this release a sensual experience without any logical
refraction. the one-of-a-kind blend of idm / glitch, electro-acoustic
techniques and processed guitar fragments result in dense, organic sound
environments of suspense and beauty. a well balanced equilibration between
unsettling experimental sounds and soothing ambience. 'structures' is completed
with three remixes by valance drakes a.k.a. mussck, kero (sohail azad) and
hexogramme, on which the rhythmic aspects of vndl's original tracks are put
forward without annihilating the album's artistic concept.

the 'gahrena' cycle continues - attentive listening required.

back in stock from ANT-ZEN/ SYNAPSCAPE(limited copies)
SYNAPSCAPE  - "so what?" (DOUBLE CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($19.00)
SYNAPSCAPE  - "positive pop"    (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE  -" raw"             (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE  - "act!"            (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE  -  "now"            (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE  - "again"           (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) ($15.00)

PURPLE FOG SIDE -"reality awaits"  (CD)  (SKYQODE) (IMP) ($15.00)
Straight from the heart of snow-covered Russia, after three long years of
silence, one of the countrys most well-renowned dark scene acts, Purple Fog
Side, returns at last with Reality Awaits.

Founded in 1996 and led by Pavel Zolin, a talented musician and sound producer,
the band has evolved with various line-up and stylistic changes, yet has always
maintained its signature feel and sound. This new album marks the bands seventh
record and showcases yet another impressive progression in its evolution,
highlighted by remarkable musicianship and composition throughout.

Reality Awaits delivers an elegant blend of synthpop, dreampop and gothic rock,
with deep melancholic lyrics performed with a captivating combination of male
and female vocals. Reminiscent of artists such as Cocteau Twins, Bel Canto,
Escape with Romeo and The Eden House, the album has already received many
positive reviews from well-known musicians in the European scene, with many
claiming it to be one of the best albums in the bands 16-year history.

The album is to be released on March 26, 2013 in collaboration with two Russian
labels  SkyQode (digital version) and Shadowplay (CD version). The CD version
will be available in a 4-panel digipak with a solid 24-page booklet that
includes a collection of unique photographs by the talented artist Sofia

NIGHTMARE NOISE MACHINE   - "among the dead"      (CD) (NNM)  ($10.00)
brand new one from New Mexico/Cali's NIGHTMARE NOISE MACHINE!
15 new tracks filled with ANGER AND BRUTALITY!
mixing in industrial/ ebm, metal, hardcore lyrics, real
heavy and technical sequences and keeping shit real in
a world of sellout sheep!!

DISHARMONY     - "room 78"        (CD)       (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00) 
Nearly 4 years since Disharmonys Evolution LP, the Slovakian duo of Ryby and 
Lord Sauron returns to Tympanik Audio to present their engaging new album Room 
78. A cultivated blend of dark electro-industrial tinged with electronica and 
ambient elements, Room 78 effectively displays Disharmonys signature mix of 
poignant, gripping, and dynamic track arrangements. Tight, crushing beatwork is 
laced with brooding synth pads, heavy basslines, hints of processed guitars, 
and echoing vocal samples, all punctuated by Rybys razor-sharp vocals. 
Infectious beats anchor each intricately-layered song structure as alluring 
piano movements and lofty synths weave amongst dirty basslines and bright 

Underestimated and duly accomplished, Room 78 shines with mindfulness and 
depth, aptly incorporating a multitude of electronic music styles with 
proficient cohesiveness and maturity rarely heard in this age of myopic genre 

Featuring collaborations by ISH and Fractured and artwork by Salt.

theres a great deal to get here, tucked away between the folds of the fluid and 
changeable.  IDie: YouDie

Disharmony have once again made a fine release that bridges two genres together 
with an innocence and clarity of vision as to what they represent, that should 
sit well with many a listener.  Blackaudio

we can tip our hat to Disharmony for keeping the flame of this dark, 
dancefloor-oriented kind of industrial beat alive.  Ad Noiseam

TOTAKEKE    -"digital exorcist"       (CD)     (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
Totakeke marks 10 years of noise-making with his fifth LP Digital Exorcist. 
Remaining true to form, Totakeke unleashes a gripping barrage of complex 
rhythmic noise punctuated by head-nodding, hard-nosed beats, stabbing glitch, 
and taut synthlines. An intricate torrent of richly-layered sounds that swell 
and retract, guiding the listener through an elaborate universe of twisted and 
unyielding futuristic clamor. Heavy atmospheres and anguished melodies wrap a 
tight mosaic of sound as massive beats and cultivated noise punctuate the 
contrasting depths of entreating adrenaline and cerebral exploration.

An elaborate and cohesive work that is meant to be consumed as a whole; one 
moment writhing in the throes of the dancefloor and the next plunging into the 
realm of subconsciousness. Acute rhythmic noise for discerning aural palates.

Mastered by Alexander Dietz (Erode, Heaven Shall Burn) and featuring artwork by 

ATIQ & ENK - "fear of the unknown"  (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00) 
Led by heavy wobbly basslines and pulsing synth pads, Atiq & EnKs debut album 
Fear of the Unknown exhibits a dark yet airy approach to beat-driven electronic 
music, injecting each song with an unmistakable groove and flow. Striking 
atmospheric breakdowns facilitate transitions among the infectious beat 
movements, while subtle glitches and echoing snares accentuate the overall flow 
of each song. Sometimes brooding, sometimes wondrous, Fear of the Unknown 
manages to hold the listeners attention throughout with a steady and cohesive 
tapestry of expansive beatwork, contorted melodies, and enveloping atmospheres 
that all seem effortless and natural to these talented new Dutch sound 
designers. A remarkable and impressive debut, Fear of the Unknown burrows deep 
into the subconscious and ascends into an unknown inner universe. Do you fear 
the unknown, or will you embrace it?

The new one from NNM is brutal, intense harsh industrial/ coldwave,
harsh EBM mixing styles in a seamless way and keeping the sound
angry, loud and aggressive!!14 new tracks to fuel your industrial
stomp party! 14 NEW BRUTAL TRACKS here! originally from New Mexico,
Raef has been writing kick ass industrial/ ebm/ metal for over
10 years now! this is his best release to date!

V/A - out of phase: the hEADaCHE REMIXES  (CD)  (UNCOILED LOOPS) ($10.00) 
The 2nd edition of hEADaCHE remixes is here! once again the talents
of hEADaCHE have revamped some killer tracks from: DIVERJE, SMP,
STEVEN BALMER, and STORM KING.15 tracks in all, lots of drum-n-bass
electronic dance flavors, and some sexy down tempo trio hop as well!

HYPNOSKULL - "electronic music means war to us 2" (ANT-ZEN)  ($15.00)
electronic music means war to us 2:
more than a decade after 'electronic music means war to us' patrick stevens 
showcases his updated aural statement, ready to burglarize listeners' minds and 
bodies with a heavy load of uncompromising sound barrages. this album has its 
focus on classic rhythmic industrial: repetitive hard-hitting power rhythms 
layered with violent noisy clashes, corroded synth textures and incidental 
voice samples. six collaborations with artists from all over the world like 
needle sharing, dissecting table and cyboresis add to the stylistic variety 
from heavy overdrive hardcore, grind/death metal vocals, power noise and 
ambient to the beat driven hypnoskull tracks. an aggressive, confrontational 
album with a high amount of club playability that perfectly brings out the 
essence of rhythm based electronics.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM & DIRK GEIGER - "fallen empires" (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
since 1987, japan's contagious orgasm has been active in many intersecting and 
diverse areas of experimental electronic music, including noise, industrial, 
rhythmic noise, and ambient. an important and prominent aspect of this 
project's work are the numerous collaborations with artists from all over the 
world like bad sector, atrax morgue, kotodama and brume. for this recent 
release, c.o. is working together with the german based electronic musician 
dirk geiger. dirk was born in 1975, and has been involved with music since his 
youth. in 2002, he formed the music label raumklang music, releasing works from 
artists like hotaru bay, klangstabil, tapage, pandoras black book and his own 
debut album 'dondukov 15'. for the past few years he has been working on a self 
titled solo project in which he mainly produces music that could fall into the 
genres of idm, glitch, and ambient.

on 'fallen empires', the two collaborators generate a cinematic masterpiece of 
ritualistic ambience. captivating atmospheric synth pads, well-placed field 
recordings and samples, melodic sequences and dub-like use of echo effects 
carried on a diverse collection of beats, adding up to make impressive 
soundscapes of beauty and menace. this album is finished with a dark electro 
industrial remix by philipp mnch, strongly reminiscent of cabaret voltaire and 
a melancholic orchestrated version of the track 'resistance' by pal. 'fallen 
empires' describes the downfall of man-made empires. the end of the beginning. 
the hopelessness of contemporary civilization. their fear and their anger. 
captivity in a society whose values are no longer your own. the fight against 
it, to preserve freedom. and the focus on what nobody can ever take away.... 
your inner freedom.

MIMETIC - "where we will never go"       (CD)    (HYMEN)         ($15.00)
with 'where we will never go', mimetic presents his latest full length album, 
which is, apart from a 3-track vinyl lp released in 2011, his first major work 
since 'one more than nine'. supported by many guests like vorph, singer of the 
metal band samael, contra-alto singer agnes martin-sollien and scalper, former 
vocalist of fun da mental, the 15 tracks are focusing on a large scale of 
electronic music styles, from crystal clear electronica, bass music, 
experimental with complex rhythms to techno. this album showcases a multitude 
of tempers where jerome soudan finds the perfect balance between soothing, 
spectral and impulsive moods, embedded in a breathtaking wide range of 
dynamics. also featured are three remixes by mira calix (warp records), mika 
vainio (pan sonic, mute) and niveau zero, where mimetic's original tracks are 
transformed into unorthodox abstraction, pulsing ultrasonic minimalism and 
distorted six-string dubstep rage. on this release mimetic will take you to 
places where you will never go - here is the invitation to follow.

BEN LUKAS BOYSEN - "mother nature"movie soundtrack (CD)   (HYMEN)  ($15.00)
directors statement:
'weak men. controlling women.' this has always been the underlying theme for my 
films. inspired by morbid curiosity to probe the affluent modern man and his 
polished but weak substitutes for gender roles, sexuality and relationships but 
unlike previous projects, mother nature strips the narrative of the usual 
luxury staging and privileged complexities, both in setting and cast. here 
instead, the chamber drama set in the raw wilderness of the pacific northwest 
offers little protection from a much more primal reality. i wanted to push the 
main character beyond social stakes, have it escalate to a matter of pure 
survival. and in doing that, offer room for a darker and more surreal 

mother nature - in part akin to sam peckinpahs 'straw dogs' - features a lead 
character whos strong aversion to conflict, creates a situation that inevitably 
offers no other choice. a very simple narrative based on a script only 40 pages 
long. but because story for me is always about the underlying forces at play, 
the simplicity of survival is infused with the beautiful, surreal, scary, 
erotic and darkly comic - a relentless echo of modern mans
not so modern nature.'

(johan liedgren, seattle oct 10 2012)
ben lukas boysen has been writing, producing and performing music since 2003, 
specializing in sound design and composition. with a series of highly regarded 
albums as hecq on hymen records, plus a busy schedule producing music for a 
number of high-profile advertising, film and gaming clients, he has firmly 
established himself as a forward-thinking electronic musician and sophisticated 
sound designer. the focus of his every project is to find an efficient and 
direct way to leave a strong emotional impact, whether it is the production of 
an album or the conception and completion of a commercial project. he invests a 
lot of thought and time into every single piece of work and therefore makes 
every production special rather than settling with something fast and 
convenient. he is determined that every score, commission, track, or remix 
should get the same amount of attention and detail. in short: moving away from 
music and sound as a product and perceive every project as a customizable and 
individual challenge. a number of companies like cartier, bmw, leica, 
greenpeace, lacoste or mtv have made use of this approach for their 
commercials, websites and general sound concepts. furthermore ben also designed 
a 'live pack' for the widely recognised music software ableton live 

for the score of 'mother nature' ben boysen utilized his wide ranging skills in 
electronic music combined with perfectly placed acoustic instrumentation to 
illustrate the inner and the extrinsic dispute between the film's characters in 
a natural environment. after a quiet, expectant start charged with subliminal 
menace, the eleven compositions add up to a perpetual riveting climax keeping 
the listener in a continuous state of concern. the music never strikes with 
brute force, in fact the sound brings the movie's intangible extremes to light, 
starting with fading soundscapes, sustained piano lines and artificial choirs 
which are added with semi-ritualistic beats and lashing sub bass hits. the 
audible message implied on this soundtrack is anger, fear, sadness, but also 
hope - as nature shows us, even destruction implies a new beginning.

NIMON    - "drowning in good intentions" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($15.00)
keith 'keef' baker has been a musician for over 20 years and has worked in a 
very wide range of styles. his output of side projects since the last 'keef 
baker' release shows just some of the stylistic range. 'sharps injury': 
powernoise, 'ocdc': complextro, 'crackpuncher': grindcore, even comedic ebm: 
'mandro1d'. not to mention various micro-projects and collaborations.

but nimon is something different, something much more personal. written at a 
time just before and not long after the death of a close family member when 
nothing was soothing his soul except the intensely pure sounds of brian eno, 
sunn o)), stars of the lid, christian fennesz and their likes.

the intention behind nimon was to create ambient music by deploying the 
limitless potential of the electric guitar as the only instrumentation, pouring 
the pain he was feeling into his playing and then tearing those recordings into 
pieces using sound design, reversing, pitch manipulation, time stretching and a 
whole world of both standard effects and maxforlive modulations resulting in 
deep, majestic ambient compositions, developing dense worlds of ethereal, 
dreamy atmospheres.

with 'drowning in good intentions' nimon manages the remarkable feat of 
channeling deep emotion into a sound that's uncompromisingly advanced and 
cerebral. a constant flow of superior, shimmering drones, melodic and cinematic 
with a dark, but sweetly sorrowful elegiac quality. 'drowning in good 
intentions' is a simultaneously a trip into despair, grief and hope.

KARSTEN PFLUM   - "sleepwald"       (CD)   (HYMEN)(IMPORT)  ($15.00)
karsten pflum has a very eclectic discography spanning over ten years, with 
music that varies wildly in approach and execution, exploring and stretching 
the boundaries and possibilities of electronica. after his last release, the 
complex and rhythmic 'no noia my love', karsten has shifted his musical 
direction towards dark and minimalistic ambient but without forgetting his 
idm-based past. 'sleepwald' features 14 beat deficient tracks - a fascinating 
look into a rare side of this artist's output.

'sleepwald' is an ambitious and creative exercise in surrealist soundscaping. 
gently ebbing, flowing synth lines and majestic strings yearn over echoing, 
rhythmic dripping sounds, enriched with subliminally edited
samples. the evocation of certain environments with a remarkable range of moods 
between darkness and comfort is one of karsten pflum's crowning achievements on 
this album. this is dreamy, tranquil music of sheer minimalistic beauty which 
allows you to enter the sleepwald - wherever and whenever it might be.

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -   "perverse liturgy"(CD) (RAUBBAU) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
"perverse liturgy" continues the bad trip across raw and dark soundscapes
tha nobody makes more enjoyable than Padre p.c.this record runs like a freight 
train through your ears.loaded with dark drones, maniac vocals,
and all the rough industrial patterns we were longing for since the
last release.never too fast, never too slow, thr tracks vary between
soothing dark ambient spiced with noisy sampling and distortion
to straight forward industrial beats.the echoing vocals, distant
or more pronounced, perfectly match this madness.looking back on
almost 10 years of continuing success in this genre, the master of
acid death industrial truly knows his trade: he serves us with
8 tracks making up an hour of us walking on the edge of insanity.

NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT  -    "tautologia" (CD) (RAUBBAU) (IMPORT)   ($15.00)
Fredrik Bergstorm has been around for a long time in projects such as N.F.O.L., 
SATOR ABSENTIA, SECOND SKIN and TARMVRED!! this broad variation of
music activities are part of the origin of Fredrik's seach for truth
and the sound and complexity of "tautologia" is logical as well as
a truthful reflection of this quest.
  two longer soundscapes entitled "tauto" and "logia" define the
framework for what can only be defined as the truth.
Preconditions include, but are not limited to field-recordings,
analog sequences, voices, minimal rhythms, recorded atmospheres
and imagineable emotions.
  RAUBBAU is very proud to present the first full release by
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT since 2001, and we can say in all sincerity
that waiting 12 years was worth it, every second...

DIVERJE      - "war within me"   (EP/CD)    (DSBP)    ($10.00)
  DIVERJE bursts forth with a brand new EP/CD with some diverse
new tracks, club remixes, b-sides, and lots of sonic thunder within.
  A solid intro to the new album "HATE STIMULATION" which comes out
this summer on DSBP RECORDS, there are 2 tracks from the album
included here. "WAR WITHIN ME" is a collaborative track with
Jordi De_TOT_COR and the result is dancey EBM with clean, strong
vocals with a melodic, yet aggressive form!
This is a catchy track and we included some amazing remixes
of this one from = SCAR LIMIT, UCNX, SWITCHFACE, hEADaCHE,
  "THIS DISEASE" is the other album track here which has a
power noise/ hard industrial/ electro flavor to it and
some deep rumbling bass extremes!
  This track goes through the remixer as well with some
diverse and powerful versions from = PARTICLE SON,
RESIST CONCEPT, (O)thers feat.Ech(o), and
more new tracks including a collaboration with
SKIN CONTACT, CANNON PROJECT with a rocking version of
"ON SKIN"and WHORE remix of "Done"!

in-FUSED -    "misplaced"        (CD)     (DSBP)       ($12.00)
The first official solo album of TOMMY T.(DIVERJE).Very ecleptic and daring mix 
of sounds and styles, and should get some intresting
feedback from the purists of each genre, and maybe attract the more diversified 
electronic music lovers as well.ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL,

"This album contains a wide variety of the electronic-industrial-experimental
sounds i am intrested in.I hope that this music can connect with others, and 
the tracks can be enjoyed on many different levels.
To give you a preview of the music on this album, i figured i would break it 
down by track, and my own "description" of each." ---TOMMY T.

We are also HONORED to present to you the great ARTWAR of S.Alt of

MENTAL DISCIPLINE     - "constellation"  (CD) (SKYQODE) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
SkyQode is happy to announce their first official release, the eagerly awaited 
"Constellation" by
Mental Discipline.

One of Russia's best synthpop/futurepop projects, Mental Discipline is led by 
Alex Mental, who
writes and performs all of the music as well as contributes on most of the 
lyrics for the project.
Mental Discipline's first official release in April 2011, was the critically 
acclaimed maxi-single
"Fallen Stars" which featured the guest vocalists Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma, 
Diorama) and Peter
Rainman (People Theatre) each doing a version of the track. An extremely 
danceable blend of
synthpop and futurepop with meaningful lyrics, the single has quickly become a 
favorite of DJs and
club-goers around the world. "Constellation" takes this idea a step further 
presenting listeners
with a real galaxy of guest vocalists. Among them are Felix Marc, Alex Brown 
(!Distain), Salva
Maine (Culture Kultr), Rouven Walterowicz (Endanger), Roberto Conforti (Pulcher 
Femina), Richard
Bjrklund (Spektralized) and other wonderful singers. This brings different 
energy and feel to each
track and makes for a dynamic and exciting album. Each track stands as an 
individual constellation,
but comes together to form a seamless tapestry through the recognizable style 
and production that
make a Mental Discipline release stand out.

"Constellation" is produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Alexander 'Rush' 
Gladky (Alpha Point)
who brought a powerful and modern sound and excellent production to the album. 
The CD version of
this release comes as a limited 4-panel digipak with a 16-page booklet and 
includes a bonus track
performed by Alex Mental.

boxed warning - "magnifier"    (CD)  (DISTORTION PRODUCTIONS) ($12.00)
Boxed Warning is the solo project of electronic musician, Chase Dudley.
Chase helped co produce the Electronic Saviors compilations and is set to 
release his debut album, Magnifier on Jim Semonik's Distortion Productions 
label. Boxed Warning has gathered a cult following with his unique blend of 
experimental dance music and has often been compared to acts like
Download or Autechre. The project started in 2008 as an outlet for making a 
link between an audio and visual art while Chase was going to school at 
Pittsburgh's Art Institute. Chase's live shows are an intense visual 
presentation and should definitely be experienced. Magnifier was
mastered by Da5id Din (Informatik/Corrosive Audio) and takes you on a sonic 
journey through the mind.

V/A  - ROTATION - a dark ambient/ experimental compilation (CD) ($10.00)
features 10 (mostly) PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks from
dark ambient/ soundscape/ experimental artists such as : ATEIS,

IDIOT STARE - "unknown to millions"   (CD) (IDIOT STARE) ($12.00)
Hey! Were Idiot Stare. If youve never heard of us, its cuz we suck. So begins 
the latest album from the Los Angeles industrial rock collective in the bands 
typically self-deprecating and ironically humorous fashion. Since the mid 90s, 
Idiot Stare has trudged on a difficult but determined path to become one of the 
underground music scenes best kept secrets, blending virtually all elements of 
techno and electro with an aggressive rock attitude. With the last album, 2006s 
Welcome to Babylon, the band had its sights clearly set on the shallow and 
hypocritical nature of the music industry with a specific focus on their 
hometown of L.A. After seven years, Idiot Stare clearly observes that little 
has changed, taking an even more introspective and personal outlook on Unknown 
to Millions, making for an abrasive and sardonic album.

Ever skating the fine line between a classic industrial rock sound and 
scorching dance floor electro, Idiot Stare pulls all the musical stops. 
Grinding guitars permeate throughout, adding appropriately to the caustic 
cadence of STFU, while also allowing pumping tracks like Should Have Been, 
NuFeel, and Future Popped to bellow with a harsher edge more akin to the 
coldwave of a bygone era without sacrificing the bouncy yet incendiary flair 
that could conceivably place the band alongside such acts as System Syn or God 
Module; all the while, the lyrics of such songs  especially the latter Future 
Popped  deride and poke fun at such associations. Its not without an element of 
humor as Reunion recalls the melodic severity of 16volt with a delightfully 
poppy melody conveying words of scornful sarcasm at the monotony and rehashing 
of the current trends, while the title track offers an atmospheric mix of 
breaking rhythms and throbbing electronics befitting the despair of the 
refrain, What the hell does the world want from me anyway?

Few bands are able to accomplish an effective marriage of more traditional 
ideals with a contemporary sensibility, but Idiot Stare does so effortlessly as 
Unknown to Millions sounds as familiar as any album from 15 years ago and as 
fresh as anything else coming out now. With the well of inspiration forever 
being refilled by the regurgitations of current trends, Idiot Stare is never 
short on ideas, at once admonishing and celebrating the flavor of the week and 
donning no illusions about their embrace of the things they mock. To those 
familiar with the band, the continued pursuit of such themes even after a 
seven-year-long silence may seem old hat, but in this writers opinion, there is 
a comfort in the knowledge that it serves a purpose and exemplifies a 
heightened state of self awareness. For this alone, Unknown to Millions is as 
much a wakeup call to a scene in stagnation as it is the butt of its own joke.
  -Ilker Ycel (Ilker81x)   (REGEN.ZINE)

V/A - FUTRONIK STRUCTURES VOL.6     (CD)    (DSBP)         ($10.00)
   DSBP RECORDS has finally released VOLUME 6 of the very popular
Since 1997 we been doing this and although a few years since
the last one, we been real busy here!

This NEW compilation features many of the DSBP BANDS
from the past and present...-  UCNX,  ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION,
most of the tracks are BRAND NEW or from newly released albums
and a couple of "Out Of Print" tracks as well..

we also included some NEW bands we are really enjoying here and
wanted to give more exposure to -  SLEEPLESS, PILL BRIGADE,
CYNERGY 67, and PARTICLE SON are all on here with AWESOME TRACKS!
76 minutes plus of KICK ASS INDUSTRIAL/ EBM/ COLDWAVE/ NOISE here!!
we hope you enjoy it, we feel this compilation has a nice flow to it!
for the low price of $10.00!!!

TraKKtor - "Halo of Lies" (Double CD Digipack) (Import) (DSBP) ($18.00)
Its been a year and a half since we released our album Force Majeure and now we 
are BACK.
The HOL album is a direct evolution of what Force Majeure started.
Many critics used terms like "EBM Evolved" in the reviews our last album FM...
we just tried to make some EBM.  Just wait until you get your hands on our new 
baby. (Can't wait? Click the previews on the right side of the page... a full 
album preview track on top and a full song for download named The End of Days.)
Our aim has been to make an awesome EBM album. And we are extremely proud to 
give you another album that we ourselves think is awesome.  Un-cut and
un-edited, it is precisely as we wanted it. That, to us, is what's important.

This total package contains all the TNT, Rage, Plutonium, Gunpowder and
whatever the hell you can think of that goes BOOM! Distilled, bottled and left 
to mature until it's ready to blow your brains out.

We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we did writing, recording, and 
producing it.




Luxury double-digipack containing 2 CDs(cleverly named HALO and LIES :) )
A total of 130 Minutes of high-quality, kick-ass EBM
16 page color booklet.
Awesome artwork and photos by Alex Torvenius, Anna Lindberg , Tobias Jansson
and Susanne Baldefors.


DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER  - "ragdoll blues"      (CD) (ARTOFFACT)  ($12.00)
The second CD from popular Portland-based industrial act Dead When I Found Her 
comes after two years of hard work, stage appearances, and remix commissions. 
Rag Doll Blues contains 12 tracks of industrial and synthpop comparable to 
Skinny Puppy meets Seabound, and the notable artist breaks new ground on tracks 
like New Age of Reason and the crazy-catchy Rain Machine. Definitely a 
candidate for album of the year!

AAIMON -   "flatliner"            (CD)       (ARTOFFACT)     ($12.00)
Artoffact Records offers up a CD version of AAIMON's Flatliner that contains 
the six tracks that appeared on the Tundra Dubs 12" version, but also 10 more 
tracks. The CD includes remixes from both the industrial and witch-house 
scenes: UNISON, The Ceremonial Dagger, TEXTBEAK and other witch-house artists 
sit alongside industrial acts haujobb, Encephalon, Dead When I Found Her, and 
Chrysalide to create the perfect mesh of dark music cultures. Slow, occult, 
claustrophobic aesthetics match superb song writing, making Flatliner one of 
the best CDs you will own this year!

CHRYSALIDE -"don't be scared, its about life" (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
An avalanche of noisy digicore, industrial hip hop, & twisted breaks for fans 
of Skinny Puppy, Atari Teenage Riot, & MSI.

Don't Be Scared, It's About Life is the break-out album by French industrial 
artist Chrysalide which had more underground buzz in 2011 when it was 
originally released than most albums on big labels. The album was put out on 
the artist's own imprint, Audiotrauma, after which Chrysalide played tons of 
shows, and enjoyed the status of 2011's best CD that no one wrote about. The 
album now gets a deluxe re-release on Artoffact, complete with a 12 page 
booklet and 5 bonus tracks, remastered and with new cover art. 22 tracks of 
some of the most intense industrial music you've ever heard.

LEGEND    - "fearless"              (CD)      (ARTOFFACT)    ($12.00)
Icelandic electronic-industrial project that draws comparisons to Depeche Mode, 
NIN, and Project Pitchfork.

Legend is an Icelandic duo that experiments with electronic music. The band's 
frontman, Krummi, is no stranger to the music world, having catapulted 
punk-rock act Minus to deals with Sony, Victory Records, Smekkleysa, and One 
Little Indian. Legend's debut album Fearless was self-released in Iceland to 
astonishing reviews, including comparisons to what reads as a who's who of 
modern music. An essential record that will keep giving back.

"If someone releases a better album this year than ' Fearless ' we will be 

      The Ghost of Leif Ericson blog

"Dark, depressing music thats still fun and danceable, in the same vein as 
Dorsetshire or The Tear Garden."

      Rebecca Louder, Reykjavik Grapevine

Zer0 Klash Audio
SOLEMN ASSEMBLY       - "aftershock"     (CD) (Zer0 Klash Audio)  ($10.00)
Dallas based industrial cyberpunks SOLEMN ASSEMBLY have released
their first official CD "AFTERSHOCK" on their own label, Zer0 klash Audio.
Headed up by legendary Dallas DJ, Joe Virus, SOLEMN ASSEMBLY have
carved out their own corner of the Dallas Goth/Industrial scene and have now
set their sights globally.
"AFTERSHOCK" is a 13 song epic journey through a world on the verge of
an extinction level event. The throbbing industrial strength rhythms and
arpeggiated synthesized basslines reflect the intensity and, at times,
paranoia of a civilization running out of time. From the CD's intro
"PROLOGUE" to the self titled track, the samples and lyrics tell a story of a
young man's journey to find his lost love during a battle over the Earth
between angels, demons, aliens and the Earth itself.
Several tracks from the CD have been in rotation on CYBERAGE Radio,
and included in COMA Music Magazine's Oontzcast podcast shows.
"AFTERSHOCK" was also the album of the month on COMA's website.
DSPB Records is distributing the CD. SOLEMN ASSEMBLY are planning on
a tour to support the new album, and in January 2013 will be supporting
GOD MODULE on the Texas leg of the Empath 2.0 Tour.

MIKA GOEDRIJK      - "naked"     (CD) (IMPORT)  (ANT-ZEN)  ($14.00)
"nothing in the real world is as beautiful as the illusions of a person about 
to lose consciousness."
(haruki murakami)

"for those who missed the first two 'diaries' as i like to call these releases, 
i can only say listen to it as a real 'diary'. maybe not so easy at first as it 
is my personal musical diary and i may have different thoughts going through my 
head. but try and let the track names and music lead you to images of the 
mundane. the daily stuff. the stuff that makes you laugh, annoys you, makes you 
want to holler and cry at the same time, ... because really, the mundane can be 
very interesting to observe and put under closer 'inspection'.

i finally got rid of some demons who had been haunting me for many years on 
this album. hence I am very relieved to see its release. and the above is also 
the reason why the shift in a more harsh direction on some tracks (casting out 
demons isn't always a fun, pleasant and relaxing thing to do), dabbling with 
different styles and trying to blend the sometimes 'not so obvious'.

i hope you enjoy this release and the new musical ways i have tried to explore. 
oh, and don't forget: everything is factual."

(mika goedrijk)

when he was able to denominate the demons he is writing about, it only took a 
short period of recording time for mika goedrijk to dispossess them. 'naked' is 
a beautiful combination of electronic and acoustic sources in a creative and 
esthetic sound scaping where most different moods melt into forcible, 
repetitive arrangements. this album diverges from its predecessors by placing 
greater emphasis on the usage of polystylism (the use of multiple styles or 
techniques in music). electro and idm motifs, punching tribal patterns and 
twisted abstract textures will still be found here, recharged with melodic 
chord pads and a multitude of precise upbeat rhythms from fast dubstep to 
techno house.

as his previous albums, this release presents a personal journey and an inner 
representation of an exceptional artists' emotional world - an amalgam of 
precision, lunacy, impulsiveness and relaxation.

100BLUMEN      -  "distrust authority" (CD)(IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
at beginning of 2012 this notorious project from dsseldorf developed and grew 
from the duo of marcel and chris van blumen into a mighty trio, completed by 
drummer malte who has many years of performing and recording under his belt in 
several punk bands. it may have taken a year of persuasion for marcel and chris 
to convince malte to join - but in short it was worth the effort. in fact, all 
three members were born in the same city (actually at the same hospital) so it 
was only going to be a matter of time before they completed this crackingly 
good consolidation.

on 'distrust authority' 100blumen assimilate a wide range of influences from 
oldschool hardcore and noise rock to electro breaks and even dubstep. the 
result is a dense, highly explosive barrage of acoustic and electronic sound 
attacks - dirty, mean, massive and emotional. if you compare the original 
versions of 'klimavernderung' and 'unbreakable' from the 'down with the 
system...' album with the reworked tracks on this album, the difference the 
lineup change has made is clearly audible. deep subbasses and atmospheric synth 
sequences backed by tight beats are topped with slicing guitar chords and 
furious vocal assaults - the aggression of (post) punk is paired with the 
complexity of breakbeat and electro.

open up your mind - listen hard - distrust authority!

VON MAGNET        -"archipielagos"    (CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
in 1987, von magnet proclaimed the genesis of their own unique style which they 
like to call 'electroflamenco'. a genre which they have continuously shaped in 
this long term project, forging their own peculiar and unique style. within the 
music of von magnet we can even hear traces of a dozen of other genres, like a 
vibrant harbor of sound where pavilions could be called: electro, rock, 
flamenco, oriental, contemporary, industrial, ambient... the project seems to 
imbue an intrinsic sense of theatre which makes it feel so expressively 
special. each song is within itself a kind of mini drama where the performers 
are free to storm the recording studio, to invade the audio medium like any 
other kind of scenic space. von magnet bears its own mark; its own heritage in 
movement. always re-invented, but always in touch with whichever time period it 
crosses. von magnet always privileges live ventures and performances, and this 
means the period of time between their releases has been quite long. often, we 
have had to wait 4 years before a new page of their discography is unveiled. 
and with this new album 'archipielagos', a defining moment in von magnets work 
has appeared. It seems that suddenly, after a path of 25 long years, the 
so-called 'iconoclast' has drawn his own iconography.

archipielagos, the spanish word for 'archipelagos' (a chain or cluster of 
islands), bears the flavour of the word 'piel' (skin) and is used as a metaphor 
for a group of immersed territories... all isolated and yet belonging to a 
common soil, body or ocean. these submerging entities are carnal, sonorous, 
individual and existential. atolls of emotions, chunks of skin, topographic 
songs, snatches of partially revealed stories. when grouped together these 
seemingly individual entities create a multifaceted self-portrait through the 
medium of music, a rich 'magnetorama' through time. in one glance looking back 
into the past and another forward towards the future, von magnet revisits its 
own mirror. the heart of its self-invented world, intimate, tumultuous, 
mutable, loving and even universal. the dense and maximalist music of von 
magnet entangles itself around sample collages and heterogeneous electronic 
sounds, underlayed by the implacable rhythmical cement of flamenco, which the 
performers lean on.

more electric, a real band (which has performed von magnet's spectacle act 
'polarized' live since 2009) enriches the compositions of these pieces. 
featuring def (machines, ms20, drums), tit'o (guitarist of picore, uzul prod. & 
oddateee), hugues villette (drummer, co-leader of the electronica project 
2kilos&more), sverine krouch (the other half of 2kilos&more) and lisa may 
(actress/performer for jan fabre). almost absent from the concept of the 
previous album 'neither predator nor prey', the voices of flore magnet and phil 
von take back at last their leading roles as figureheads of the magnetic ship. 
both singers inhabit and magnetize all the islands of this archipelago with 
intensity and passion, including a magnificent cover version of deutsch 
amerikanische freundschaft's track 'als wr's das letzte mal'. the master mixer, 
norscq, signs this new flawless production. the quality trademark of a 
collaboration gleaming with luster.

ROGER ROTOR     - "sightseeing bizarre"     (CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
with his new full length release 'sightseeing bizarre' swiss-born roger rotor 
continues to bridge the gap between pounding industrial and infectious electro 
with a punkified rock'n'roll attitude. tracks like 'bomb the bomb', 'maniac 
monger' and 'flabbergast' present a highly concentrated block of compact 
melodies and harsh atonal synth layers, kept brief and to-the-point with 
rotor's very own killer club grooves. a continuous flow of heavily rhythmic 
dance tunes between highly amplified minimal techno and raging rhythmic noise, 
enhanced by the slow, dark minimal industrial anthem 'antidote' and the 
powerful organ-based cover version of goblin's 'l'alba dei morti viventi'.

once again roger rotor has delivered a long-awaited electrock'n'roll mass 
soundtrack for true believers. easily accessible but still deep and complex, 
this record will get both industrial and techno addicts downright nasty on 
their asses. take the tour!

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE   -"field of view" (CD)(IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
by now it should be common knowledge that no two albums by our dutch friends of 
the [law-rah] collective are alike - their output is a constant journey of 
discovery. 'field of view', the eighth full-length cd in their discography, is 
no exception. for the first time the collective wrote and produced the music as 
a trio: bauke van der wal - the original initiator of the project - is joined 
by hiekelien van den herik (member of the collective on the albums '1953' and 
'...as it is...') as well as martijn pieck (a.o. 'solitaire', 'inspiration', 
'[ans]werk' and the soundtrack of the documentary 'verzet in indi').

this collaboration resulted in an album which has the typical [law-rah] 
signature: massive deep drones and minimalistic sound collages are accompanied 
by minimal sequences and (un)steady beats that blend into the alienating 
soundscapes or set the pace for memorably haunting, atmospheric melodies. in 
the vocal department hiekelien proves herself to be an amazing singer, 
alternating between spoken word recitations as known from earlier [law-rah] 
albums and one-of-a-kind songs.

'field of view' delivers a new chapter in the history of this prolific 
project's output - a fascinating insight into different perspectives, exhibited 
in a surprising and captivating album. the whole view we have of things, how we 
observe, what we see ... what is reality?... is reality really what we see?

NEBULO      - "cardiac"         (CD)    (IMPORT) (HYMEN)    ($14.00)
after completing his last album 'artefact' thomas pujols felt the need to 
change nebulo's aural focus towards immediacy and beat-underlaid directness. in 
the summer of 2011 he recorded one draft track every day to substantiate his 
ideas and inspirations, and he used these drafts as resources for this release. 
to prevent the feeling of electronic coldness and to achieve an more organic 
texture unusual production devices like a 4-track recorder were used. each drum 
sample was chosen with extraordinary diligence, e.g. the clap sounds were 
entirely self-recorded on various locations.

'cardiac' is a diligently produced aural state of mind lying in the realm of 
experimental electronica - a delicate balance between fragility and gravity, 
ambience and rhythms. the ten tracks are built around abstract melodies, 
complex textures and warm synth tones, driven by expertly crafted and varied 
beat patterns, layered with sweeping modulated waves, glitches and noises.

DISPLACER       -  "foundation"    (CD)  (IMPORT)  (HYMEN)     ($14.00)
displacer is the solo electronic project of toronto-based electronic musician 
and visual artist michael morton who began his career on the 'pre-set - new 
electronic music' compilation (mute records) in 2003. his
appearance on this compilation garnished the attention of the m-tronic label, 
on which he released 3 cds. and in 2008 he signed to tympanik audio where he 
released 3 more albums and established himself as a driving force in the world 
of modern dark electronic music. in addition, displacer struck a relentless 
performance path, playing live alongside artists such as xingu hill, s:cage and 
haujobb, and remixed the likes of claire voyant, architect, converter, beefcake 
& monstrum sepsis amongst many others.

utilizing an impressive backdrop of sounds, moods, and composition techniques 
since his first album, 'foundation' brings the melodic ambient-oriented side of 
displacers broad reservoir of styles into focus.
analog electronic equipment, samples, field recordings and acoustic 
instrumentation have been used to generate highly emotive atmospheres. friends 
in the music industry like sekou lumumba, mark spybey and keef baker have 
contributed to the sonic mixture. each composition melds elaborated beatwork, 
dark basslines and haunting ambient spheres with a warm organic flood of 
emotive layers, tones and tempers. click-hop, idm and saturnine ambient are 
interwoven with strong doses of experimental ingredients - a unique 
interpretation of meaningful post-industrialized beauty and melancholia.

proceed with the patience of repeated listening, it is definitely worth the 
emotional investment.


IT-CLINGS  - "i'm the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world" (DCD) 
double CD in digipak dvd case with bonus 10" x 14" poster!

no one had any idea what was unleashed upon the world with the creation of 
it-clings. the very idea seemed insane, and to be perfectly honest, people 
couldn't understand it all at first, but now there is no denying that rock n' 
roll supergod it-clings, king of the jews, saviour of all mankind -- as he has 
become known to a million screaming teenage girl fans -- is the ultimate 
phenomenon. and despite all the lies that the mainstream media have not been 
spreading about him, it-clings has become the driving force behind the world, 
and at the same time its biggest critic.

it-clings is like the hottest new blockbuster, the latest internet trend, a new 
fad diet, and half a dozen apocalyptic cult leaders all wrapped in some big 
stars vagina, shoved into a gold tipped silver bullet and shot down the large 
hadron collider toward destiny.

all of this is plainly displayed in his latest monstrosity of a double ep, 'i'm 
the biggest fucking thing in the world fucking world'. an album he never wanted 
to write, but felt compelled to confess. yes, it's all true!

but can even the legendary it-clings do it all alone? you may think yes, but 
you'd be totally wrong. to take on this world he has gathered around him, like 
a pile of lecherous parasites, a smattering of musical artists of different 
styles, who have been blessed with the mission of turning it-clings words into 
song. features guest appearances by greg kowalczyk (compUterus), dan barrett 
(worms of the earth), bart piette (dead man's hill), jorge oliveira 
(thermidor), justin brink (pneumatic detach), en & arc (dym), autovoice, adam 
edge (razor edge), yann faussurier (iszoloscope, memmaker), nick gorman 
(fractured), jonny darko (receiver), fred s. (katastroslavia) james church 
(lucidstatic), ethan moseley (promonium jesters), & jonbob!

mastered by johnny s.

TYLER MILCHMANN    - "strange days"    (CD) (B.C.P.)    ($13.00)
All children are going to the funeral, but Hagen doesnt  he will be brought.
All children are looking at the burning house, except Klaus  hes looking out of 
- Tyler Milchmann - Alle Kinder (All children)

Welcome to the dark adult fairy tale world of Tyler Milchmann, where the 
electric chair is the ticket to a mysterious journey and the voices, springing 
forth from speakers all across the planet, spread fear and panic.

Strange Days is the debut CD release of Kievs Tyler Milchmann. It is an album 
that blends awful themes with black humour, orchestral arrangements with 
aggressive rhythms, dance beats with thoughtful instrumental compositions; all 
sung with a combination of German and English vocals.

Strange Days is a collection of many stories, both twisted and surreal. There 
is the psychological thriller of a man who attempts to understand a serial 
killer, until their two consciousnesses blend with each other, and it is no 
longer clear which of them (or maybe both of them?) is frying in the electric 
chair. The girl who tries to reach the distant stars of outer space, rather 
than facing another cold ordinary morning. Luxury whores, killing either from 
hunger or boredom. And beautiful angelic creations, that do not bring any 
absolution, but rather sweep down on semitransparent wings and unleash the 
final demise of humanity.

The days, when the most unthinkable becomes possible, are very, very strange 

TERMINAL 11 -   "self exorcism"         (CD)    (HYMEN)     ($14.00)
"self exorcism has ended up being an adjustment to my thought processes so the 
act of producing music remains a cathartic release without becoming a mentally 
taxing obligation. though it was not the initial intention, the three years 
it's taken to produce this music has shown me a way to truly enjoy making music 
and how to finally create from a place that's not fueled by anger and pain 
without sacrificing intensity, passion, or complexity. this album marks the end 
of destructive patterns and self imposed limitations." (mike castaneda / 

terminal11's recent release walks a fine line between a sedentary, static 
obsession and a trip to clubland, managing to pull off both conditions 
simultaneously with no compromise on either side. the three years of work on 
this album adds up to a well-balanced combination of topical breakcore and 
vexing electro influenced tracks, compelling in any environment.

straightforward dancefloor oriented grooves, oscillating deep basses, granular 
textures and abstract melodies are strewn throughout the album, appended with 
precisely sampled sound fragments. after a peculiar change of speed, all these 
elements are layered over deep electro loops and subtly glitched 4/4 beats that 
glue everything together.

a propulsive record that will completely mess with your mind and force you to 
get on your feet - constructive and frantic at the same time. play loud!!

LINGOUF      -  "terre de pierres"      (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)    ($14.00)
artwork / painting by lingouf

after the classical music and breakcore hybrid release 'dome' and the highly 
energetic album 'go quantum!', 'terre de pierres' marks a directional shift for 
lingouf showing yet another facet of his constant variation of styles and 
tempers. a challenging mixture of analog electronics, acoustic instruments and 
field recordings intended to be listened to as a whole.

vincent ingouf's concept behind most of this album was the usage of 
self-recorded acoustic sources as keyboard instruments, like a long case clock, 
an accordion, water filled crystal glasses, a bontempi organ, metallic objects 
and his own voice. the result is music that can not be composed on these 
sources, but the spirit of the sounds are actually there - it just needs 
electronic aid to bring them to light. furthermore, field recordings such as a 
chinese new year's celebration in paris and contributions by his friends - even 
by his dog nausicaa - back up the cumulative beats, vibrating sub basses and 
melodic synth sequences. finally the compositions are charged with a multitude 
of sound manipulations enriched with a dub-like analog delay to result in 
unique works of art.

'terre de pierres' offers a permanent change of dense atmospheres from dark and 
slightly melancholic to warm and affirmative. an organic, intriguing and 
contemporary electronica release that will keep its audience framed in intense 

SONIC AREA   -    "music for ghosts"    (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)     ($14.00)
"do i believe in ghosts? it depends what you mean by ghosts. but if the 
question is: am i haunted? i would definitely say yes. whatever you might call 
it. the more one sees the world dying, the more one feels alive. do not fear 
what it takes to get you there. manifest yourself." arco trauma

sonic area is a quest to enlarge the doors of a living and therefore 
unpredictable sound universe. this project, which has been alive itself since 
1997, is the alter ego of arnaud coffic aka arco trauma (chrysalide, f.y.d.), 
co-founder of the french audiotrauma collective where he has published most of 
his releases. he has more than 100 live performances all over europe under his 
belt, and has collaborated with artists like punish yourself, hint, morbid 
angel, twinkle, ambassador 21 and muckrackers. disturbing, unexpectable and 
sometimes hard to describe, he admixes electro hybrid experimental, cinematic 
orchestral atmospheres, tribal industrial, hard-glitch breaks and lush ambient 
soundscapes carved with sampler, groove box and computer modifications.

what if you could travel in a musical h.g. wells-esque time machine driven by 
steam? what if danny elfman made a 'blade runner' soundtrack directed by david 
lynch? inspired by classical and experimental american sci-fi / horror / 
phantastic movie themes, by german epic composers and by the aesthetic of 
french romantic melancholia, the incantations of 'music for ghosts' invite us 
into an imaginary ballroom / seance / circus / cabaret / theater / motel full 
of dancing shadows. performed with orchestral string samples, haunted organs, 
deep granular basses, suggestive vintage sounds, triple time harsh broken 
beats, melancholic piano lines and even post rock electric guitars, this album 
creates an elegant alchemy between modern classical and industrial 'avant 
garde'. mixing waltz, ballade, parade, ritualistic beats, progressive, heavy 
and conceptual atmospheres, it proposes an original and complex vision of our 
20th century lost illusions. ghosts might even dance better than us, but they 
need the music for it. this is your invitation to join them, and to decide 
whether this is a danse macabre or a dance of resurrection.

"so now for the living let the dead come alive and shake your bed..."

TONIKOM      -   "found and lost"       (CD)   (HYMEN)       ($14.00)
  tonikom's third release on hymen records could be described as a concept 
album, because it manages to tell a hidden and very personal story, one that 
can only be found between the lines. after successfully completing her european 
tour in 2009, rachel maloney felt she lost the bridge between herself and her 
music which resulted in a spell of creative inactivity which lasted for two 
years. fortunately, she was able to break this vicious circle by breaking 
through the emotional blocks and rediscovering everything she identified with 
in the emotional makeup of this project.

on 'found and lost', tonikom continues to defy genres and explore various 
styles of contemporary electronic music, pulling inspiration from a variety of 
sources. idm, techno, electro, trance, ambient and breakbeat all find a 
well-paced balance to perpetuate and build further on this one-of-a-kind 
project's evolution, complemented with a dark, atmospheric drum'n'bass remix by 
angina p and haujobb's impulsive and powerfully orchestrated version of 

this is music with atmosphere and depth, mixing the beautiful with the raw. a 
wonderful album that merges rhythms with emotions between the disturbing and 
the melancholy, pointing tonikom's serious artistic need to express, to 
compete, to be.

SCAR LIMIT   -    "threshold"           (CD)     (DSBP)       ($12.00)
The debut release from SCAR LIMIT, an American electro-industrial project from 
Paul Casper.Hailing from Virginia, USA, Paul captures a wide range of 
ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL/EBM sounds and brings together the old school, and new 
school sound as well.

Each track has its own personality and there are faster tracks and mid paced to 
slower as well..tracks that will work for the dance floors and some that are 
more introspective.A good mix in the vocal process as well and vocoding and 
distortion as well as cleaner styles that you can hear are very audible.

Throughout the whole release you can hear the very well produced matured 
programming skills, and synthesis here.This is not your typical DEBUT 
RELEASE...it contains 15 original tracks and all of them do have a catchiness 
to them that will make you keep it on repeat.


PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1     - "T.A.L.O.S."   (CD) (IMPORT) (INFACTED) ($15.00)
TALOS - ?????
The giant man of bronze, forged by Hephaestus and gifted to Minos to serve as 
protector of the island of Crete.

Infacted Recordings and Metropolis Records present the new album by PreEmptive 
Strike 0.1.

Diverse, complex, harsh electro featuring traditional Greek instruments 
(bouzouki - lyra) and unique guest appearances from Shiv-r, Phosgore, Raven 
Wings, Project Rotten and Niklas Kvarforth of legendary, Swedish black 
metallers Shining/Skitliv.a cover of "seasons in the abyss" (SLAYER)
and remixes from E-CRAFT, IC 434!
This is easily one of the best new releases to hit the scene in a long time!!
13 tracks in all!

GUILT TRIP -  "feed the fire"   (CD) (IMPORT) (C.C.P.)    ($14.00)
"We are Guilt Trip. We exist in the in between as existence is relative. We 
destroy to create, oppose to liberate and sodomize to not be victimized. We are 
the splinter in our brother's and sister's eye. We spit in the face of truth, 
reality and authority. Deconstruct, revaluate, resist, react and expand. Guilt 
Trip. Banging on the walls of reality. Eternal warfare is the price of that 
existence. Eternally returning. To be sane we have to go out of our minds. We 
can be our minds own midwife. The normal is perverse so well slit throats to 
help with the breathing. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses. Guilt 
Trip. Sometimes personal but always political as the personal is political. 
Everything is ideology. A false universe. Rules + submission = culture. 
Disobey. Tear it all down and start again. Guilt Trip are one of a number, part 
of a whole, individuals in a collective. Subjects trapped in construed 
positions, smashing our heads against that cage. A cure for history. New 
hammers, new rhythms, new chants. Guilt Trip is beyond good and evil. 
Pretentious? Yes, but for a reason, so open the blood gates and pack your bags. 
Were going on a Guilt Trip."

back in stock...
ARZT + PFUSCH  - "lictor evaporated"   (CD) (IMPORT) (C.C.P.) ($14.00)

ANKLEBITER   - "raintree"            (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)    ($12.00)
Anklebiter returns with his second full length album Raintree. A melancholy 
montage of beauty and soul, incorporating haunting atmospheres with intricate 
beatwork to create a massive aural experience that weaves emotion into every 
sound and pattern, allowing the listeners mind to flow effortlessly with the 
music. Features collaborations with Sheldahl (ML), The OO-Ray, Erode, and 

DIRK GEIGER   - "elf morgen"          (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
Germanys Dirk Geiger is back with his second album for Tympanik titled Elf 
Morgen. Where Autumn Fields exhibited the more experimental side of Geigers 
vision, Elf Morgen proves to be a more accessible outing, offering the listener 
nine gorgeous new songs that flow effortlessly with subtle grace and 
intelligent design. This is Dirk Geigers finest hour recommended. Features a 
collaboration with Erode and remixes by Tapage and Anklebiter.

SONAR     - "cut us up"       (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)       ($14.00)
it has been six years since sonar's last album, a time spent working on 
different projects and world wide touring for dirk ivens and eric van 
wonterghem. since 1996 they have thoroughly explored the dark corners of 
rhythmic industrial whilst bringing their own unique ingredients to the mix - 
with 'cut us up' the belgian project secure its position among the sovereigns 
of this genre.

the classic propulsive beats are still the driving force on most tracks, while 
sonar fill the space in and around the drum hits with scraping noise chords, 
disturbing sampled voices and throbbing sub-basses. combative, violent bursts 
of industrial uproar and rhythmic scalpels refined with intelligent sequencing 
result in massive blocks of monolithic sound, each one with noise as a basic 
ingredient, each one performed in a different way.

this album marks a raw, overpowering tour de force - an overwhelming, visceral, 
and relentless rhythmic onslaught created in the dark wastes of the concrete 

PHILIPP MUNCH -   "mondo obscura"    (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
on this, his second solo album, the exceptional artist that is philipp mnch has 
assimilated musical influences spanning the last four decades, bringing a 
brilliant and contemporary release into being, just as he did on last year's 
'into the absurd'. supported by a number of musician friends he puts an 
emphasis on vintage electronics and creations ranging from classic rhythmic 
noise and minimal electro to cinematic ambient whilst retaining a modern edge 
which sets him apart amongst those who work only for sheer nostalgia.

a clearly noticeable component on 'mondo obscura' is the expanded range of 
vocals performed by philipp himself and guest artists such as kyoung-hi roho, 
riotmiloo (eva|3), tim kniep (synapscape) and dan gatto (continues, babyland). 
this multitude of vocalists creates a vast subset of accents and moods ranging 
between melancholy and aggression. musically, moody minimal pop tunes alternate 
with harsh power electronics and space-age ambience performed with a high 
amount of flexibility on rhythms, effects and sounds.

a very strong, personal and complete release that deserves close attention, 
highly recommended to those who are eager to look beyond the limits of musical 

VNDL  -  "gahrena: paysages electriques" (CD) (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
vndl is philippe vandal from montreal, canada who started producing electronic 
music in 2009 inspired by artists like access to arasaka, mormo, fennesz, 
richard devine and dsormais. his first release 'something for someone' on 
abstrakt reflections and his remixes for architect, exosphere and synthetic 
violence have already demonstrated the various facets of his unique and organic 
style, combining the elements of glitch and idm in a very improvised manner and 
originating his own, unique method of creating contemporary electronica.

'gahrena' envisages a deeper exploration of virtual reality by using highly 
processed electric guitars as well as manipulated field recordings and a wide 
range of electronic devices. the sound on this album can be described as 
abstract electronica with a deep organic feel, where vndl's inspiration and 
sonic research fuse with the amendatory work of nebulo, offthesky, pleq and 

vndl constructs a changing, mysterious sonic world recreated from aural 
landscapes already in existence. a gripping release taking you away to as-yet 
unknown environments - attentive listening required.

  (HYMEN) (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
www.restivefilm.com  www.enemyhouse.com

original motion picture soundtrack
all tracks written and produced by ben lukas boysen
track 14 performed and recorded by nils frahm mastered by nils frahm at durton 
studio - www.durtonstudio.com
layout by stefan alt

synopsis: restive - an intensely bizarre tale of a mother who inhabits her 
husbands suffocating behavior before falling into her own flawed maternal 
instincts. centering around a disturbing performance by christopher denham 
(sound of my voice), the film provides a dark and hopeless exploration of 
domestic violence. when the mother (marianna palka, neds, good dick) challenges 
her husband (denham), she commits her family to a most unsettling journey - a 
dreamlike chase through the nearby woods. the husband's pals (michael mosley, 
pan am, scrubs, and ivan sandomire) push the brutality of the film in their 
hunt to capture the mother. the film culminates in an absurd final scene, one 
that can only end in violence.

directors statement: 'restive, for me, is a love story. all of the characters 
are in love with each other. they either want to be or want to have one 
another. the characters are constantly leaning on each other's choices, 
challenging each other's space. every character is searching for approval from 
another character, showing his or her love in the oddest of ways.' (jeremiah 

ben lukas boysen has been writing, producing and performing music since 2003, 
specializing in sound design and composition. with a series of highly regarded 
albums as hecq on hymen records, plus a busy schedule producing music for a 
number of high-profile advertising, film and gaming clients, he has firmly 
established himself as a forward-thinking electronic musician and sophisticated 
sound designer. The focus of his every project is to find an efficient and 
direct way to leave a strong emotional impact, whether it is the production of 
an album or the conception and completion of a commercial project. he invests a 
lot of thought and time into every single piece of work and therefore makes 
every production special rather than settling with something fast and 
convenient. He is determined that every score, commission, track, or remix 
should get the same amount of attention and detail. in short: moving away from 
music and sound as a product and perceive every project as a customizable and 
individual challenge. a number of companies like cartier, bmw, leica, 
greenpeace, lacoste or mtv have made use of this approach for their 
commercials, websites and general sound concepts.
furthermore ben also designed a 'live pack' for the widely recognised music 
software ableton live (www.ableton.com/articles/hecq-precision-and-power).

restive is not the first film ben boysen made the music for, but it is his 
first soundtrack to be independently released as an album. as on his previous 
works as hecq where he has already demonstrated his ability for cinematic sound 
design, this soundtrack works perfectly as a stand-alone release for those who 
are not familiar with the movie. with its beautifully elaborate compositions 
carrying dense moods from light sadness to subliminal tension and disturbance, 
restive's music is strong enough to speak for itself and to create a motion 
picture in the listeners mind. with a basis of mighty sub basses and partial 
beats, dramatic orchestral ambience interweave with atmospheric synthesized 
pads and deep reverberation carrying a continuous imaginative suspense of 
something hiding right beneath the shadow of a thinly layered sonic veil.

listening to this perfect symbiosis of electronic soundscapes and acoustic 
sounds, you can draw a parallel between this release and hecq's 'night falls' 
album from 2008. restive defines a journey through varied aural spaces 
interspersed with sounds and tempers beyond the listener's imagination.

this first Raubbau release is finally released on CD! featuring 5 original 
tracks and then amazing remixes of those tracks from- MIKAEL STAVOSTRAND,

GOD DESTRUCTION   - "illuminatus"     (CD) (ENGRAVED RITUAL) ($12.00)
God Destructions uncompromising, angry, blasphemous masterpiece
Illuminatus is now upon us.

Hailing from Mexico, God Destruction plays a particularly brutal form
of dark electro, as first displayed on their 2010 demo release Before
Satan to Destroy the World- mastered by Mario Carrasco (Sin D.N.A.),
their latest record Illuminatus contains 11 original tracks plus
remixes from Mas-Si-Osare and Reaxion Guerrilla. This is the true
soundtrack to the end of the world!

LSD PROJECT  - "dangerous sounds"   (CD-DIGIPACK) (IMPORT) (DSBP)($12.00)
The 2nd CD release from Harsh EBM/ INDUSTRIAL band - LSD PROJECT! Hailing from 
ITALY, this album features a stomping hard EBM assault on the dance floors, and 
also contains non-typical arrangements and a definite nod to HARDSTYLE/ TEKKNO 
styles as well. 10 new tracks + 2 more remixes and a beautiful design, booklet, 
digipack casing.
This new CD shows more maturity and attempting to do their own thing with a 
newer updated sound.Previous fans will be happy as well.
The vocals are deeper, darker, and you will be shouting along right away!
DSBP RECORDS is happy to work with LSD PROJECT and bring this album in a 

DEATH OF SELF -"embracing the things we hate about 
death of Self's debut full length cd release "embracing the things we hate 
about ourselves" is livid industrial that combines compulsive beats with a 
gritty self-polluted style, as distorted and disdainful in sound as it is in 

this album explores the sociopathic tendencies within, the absurd struggle to 
find some sense of happiness or at least acceptance of one's self; that 
digging, destructive turmoil of inner evaluation. in essence the desire to have 
a realization that reveals the truth for what it is, in all its horror. the 
dark corners and twisted workings of the mind are exposed within the tortured 
synth lines, destroyed drums, thick atmospheres, flowing strings, and 
aggressive and intelligent lyrics.

conceived in 2006, the goal of chicago's death of self was to create an 
unaltered, clear perspective of the world through its sound, exposing the 
darkness within and unmasking the blinders. after two limited release 
experiments, an ep and an extended ep with remixes by assemblage 23 and 
noisuf-X, death of self caught the attention of canadian industrial label bugs 
crawling out of people, who signed them and slotted them for their first 
release of 2012.

OBJECT  -"machanisms of faith"    (2CD DIGIPACK) (IMPORT) (E.A.R.) ($22.00)
Nearly four years after the release of the critically acclaimed album "The 
Ethane Asylum," Object returns with a mind-boggling multi-layered dark elektro 
masterpiece titled "Mechanisms of Faith." The new album takes you on a sonic 
stroll down memory lane to relive the glorious days of electro-industrial 
music. Andreas Malik's complex sound arrangements are skillfully executed and 
eloquently put together. Expect nothing less than pristine performance from 
this gifted musician.

"Mechanisms of Faith" is proudly accompanied by a meticulously-assembled remix 
disc fittingly called "Old School Conspiracy." It features a mouth-watering 
line up of veteran artists, namely Robotiko Rejekto, amGod, Second Disease, 
Sleepwalk, Abscess, Controlled Fusion, Brain Leisure, Jihad along with the 
mega-talented neo-old school acts Red+Test, Pyrroline and One Eye Wanders. 
Immerse yourself in 155 minutes of VINTAGE dark elektro pleasure!

DIVERJE     -"burnt"      (EP/CD)      (DSBP)         ($8.00)
DIVERJE returns with a "post BURN AWAY EP"...we had many great remixes from the 
last album and wanted to get them on CD and heard by all of our friends, fans, 
supporters..theres some amazing mixes of music here, diversity in its most 
extreme form! Awesome remixes of "burn away" from - C-LEKKTOR, WHORE, 
remixes for "bunker soul" and "suffer this world" from DIGITAL DEMENTIA, 
DETUNED DESTRUCTION, COLD DRIVE and theres new tracks on here, unreleased mixes 
and a killer collaboration with LUCIDSTATIC! 16 tracks, 74 minutes, and a nice 
price @ $8.00!!!

CYNICAL EXISTENCE - "a familiar kind of pain" (CD) (ENGRAVED RITUAL) ($10.00)
Cynical Existence is the new solo project of Fredrik Croona (Project
Rotten, and formerly of Menschdefekt). Started in 2011, Cynical
Existence melds old school harsh ebm and industrial with more
emotional elements. According to Croona, Cynical Existence doesn't
intend to create something new and unique, just something personal.
Cynical Existence's debut EP A Familiar Kind of Pain is due out April
1st on the dark electro label Engraved Ritual- mastered by Stahlblack
Productions, the EP contains 8 tracks that span the gamut of
electro-industrial: from the stompy Always and Forever and Dead
Eyes (see no future) to the introspective Release Me. The album is
limited to 100 copies worldwide (50 in Europe, 50 in the USA).

AXIOME - "ten hymns for sorbetire or how i learned to stop worrying and love 
the freezer " (CD)   (IMPORT) )(ANT-ZEN)      ($14.00)
seven years have passed since we saw the last signs of life from this 
headstrong project - with 'ten hymns for sorbetire...' axiome return 
triumphantly and unmistakably. c-drk fermont and olivier moreau (imminent) 
present an aural landslide of amazingly dense sounds, heavy beats and menacing, 
freezing atmospheres, choosing coldness and ice as a central theme for the 

splicing genres like idm, acid, rhythm&noise, dark, brooding electro infusions 
and techstep to an insane hybrid, these 'hymns' mark a perfect syncrisis of 
simplicity and complexity. accelerated technoid rhythms are perfectly 
interfused with powerful percussion laced with hard, deftly sequenced melodic 
structures and combined with a retreat to insistent, repetitive analogue 
bubblebath-esque electronic textures. a mlange of force and beauty that is 
rarely matched by anyone else.

axiome have always been uncompromising, surprising and incalculable throughout 
their existence - this album is no exception. ten unique, intelligent and 
atmospheric soundtracks to the sentiments of a biting winter, but suitable for 
all seasons. so stop worrying and love the freezer!

CDATAKILL - "battleworn"           (CD)   (IMPORT)  (HYMEN)  ($14.00)
cdatakill is zak roberts, a musician based in denver, colorado who has been 
recording and producing extreme electronic music since the mid-1990s. under 
monikers such as ak-47 and dj rabies, roberts produced a driving and abrasive 
hi-fi speedcore sound, pushing the envelope for diy hardcore producers. after 
growing tired of his previous sound, roberts felt the need to push his work 
into new directions and changed the name under which he records to cdatakill. 
the first output on cd, 'paradise', moved from the very hard beats and broken 
structures and displayed more warmth and complexity. 'the cursed species', 
cdatakills second cd, took the whole 'rave is back' anthic and twisted it in 
roberts' own and unique way. two years were necessary to give birth to the 
calmer, warmer 'valentine', seeing cdatakill moving away from the avalanche of 
hard breakbeats which had been associated with his name, and bring a very 
original mixture of dub sounds, heavy bass and hi-fi production. with 
'battleworn', hymen records is proud to present cdatakill's fourth full length 

the nine tracks plus two remixes by nest and sense display a slowly-paced blast 
of atmospheres and kick drums, fusing drum'n'bass, intricate broken beats and 
components of dubstep accumulated with startling speed changes and sound 
manipulations. cinematic synth spheres merge with well positioned vocal 
samples, deliberate usage of delay / reverb and even heavy electric bass and 
guitar feedbacks.

the goal of the project is to pin opposites together, to bring sounds that 
normally oppose and conflict with each other into a seamless aural nightmare 
and daydream, to expose and glorify the beautiful alongside the violent.
cdatakill's intention for this album's aural impression is to carry the every 
day frustrations weighing down on someone who is near the end of their rope, 
but on the other side of the coin to paint a picture of some kind of soul-less 
warrior wandering the world, impervious to all the damage that could possibly 
be caused, some kind of battleworn machine that just doesn't care anymore. 
while listening you will endorse that 'battleworn' is the perfect realization 
of cdatakill's thoughts.

EMPUSAE  - "symbiosis"         (CD)   (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)    ($14.00)
empusae is a project created by nicolas van meirhaeghe, aka sal-ocin who, 
amongst other things is a member of this morn' omina, tzolk'in, project arctic 
and also works as a live member of ah cama-sotz and in slaughter natives. when 
listening to empusae's music, you're lost in dark, melancholy, tribal 
electronic atmospheres and frightening, ritualistic ambient - a soundtrack for 
the listeners personal dark fantasies. sal-ocin is always open-minded about 
working together with other artists, as can be heard on his previous works with 
oil 10, nick grey and shinkiro. 'symbiosis' is a perfect allegory of his 
intentions for this album where he merges his creations with the additives of 
other artists' music and artwork.

'one and the same' features tomas pettersson and rose-marie larsen from 
stockholm's well-acquainted neofolk and martial industrial group ordo rosarius 
equilibrio. mighty drum patterns, a hypnotic piano line and mind ensnaring 
vocals result in a perfect album opener. 'deceivious water' combines 
melancholy, dark ambience and menacing atmospheres, including vocals by the 
swedish medieval-ambient project arcana. in slaughter natives, a pioneer of 
symphonic industrial contributed vocals and lyrics on 'dissection of purity', a 
fiery rhythmic track with gloomy death industrial influences. christel morvan 
aka nesisart who made the artwork for this album contributed vocals and lyrics 
to the haunting and ritualistic, 'la rivire noire' where dark shallows hide 
beneath the apparent ease - beware... . the calm and relieving 'seven types of 
ambiguity' is a recent collaboration between empusae and nicolai riccardo 
(nick) grey after the 'simple black lines in a diagram' release five years ago 
- beautiful moody ambient for relaxational purpose. the purely instrumental 
'kralizec' releases the mindful listener with sable sentiments on pulsating 
beat structures showing sal-ocin's impressive musical skills once again.

dedicated to the graphic novel artist daniel hulet whose three-volume edition 
'extra muros' became inspirational to an earlier empusae release, 'symbiosis' 
represents sal-ocins distinguished unique class as a musician and intermediator 
between different artistic worlds. listen carefully and let your mind go while 
the mantis joins the ants!

CONTROL - "the resistance"        (CD)    (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
control is thomas garrison from santa cruz who works as a branding / body 
modification artist and as a mastering engineer at his own misanthrope studio 
and has also initiated the industrial / ambient project exsanguinate. he made a 
name as one of the finest american power electronics acts since the end of the 
nineties with a multitude of releases and highly regarded live performances in 
europe and the u.s..

what emerges control in the power noise category is his obviously strong 
ability to construct tracks that are extremely aggressive, but with shifts that 
create contrast and texture rather than just constant attack: the produced 
tracks are memorable and deeply loaded. he transcends the pure rage associated 
with power electronics and reveals the darker, more infectious and sinister 
emotions that build that fury. control's work is so conscious of creating mood 
and atmosphere that it almost defies the genre that it caters to.

'the resistance' offers a good balance of densely layered forceful electronics 
with dark ambient undercurrents, occasionally rhythmic pulses and offensive 
vocals filtered through diverging effects. the voice is never used as an 
overbearance or focal point, but as one of the many aural textures. control 
never sacrifices the music or the emotional weight on the altar of rhetoric - 
it is his intention to arouse the listener with almost cinematic moods, 
creating a sonic environment where nothing good seems possible for people who 
might inhabit it.

control has moved to the top of the power electronics pantheon for good reason. 
he is talented enough to accumulate power noise with death / ambient industrial 
and to create fascinating arcs of suspense, making you pay attention until the 
last second. his passion for detail means full focus is required - a must for 
maximum appreciation.

ESA -  "Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust" (CD) (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
Over 3 years after The Sea & The Silence, ESA returns with part 1 of a 
dual-part concept release for 2012 titled Themes Of Carnal Empowerment. Taking 
inspiration from the very meaning of lust and concentrating on the energy and 
instability that often results, this new collection of rhythmic Industrial 
stompers promises to be all that ESA fans have been waiting for and more.

11 infectious new tracks display the groovier, more energetic side of ESA. 
Combining hard addictive rhythms with dark and seductive hooks, each piece 
creates a truly enveloping experience which rarely takes the foot off the 
pedal. From the solid rolling rhythm of Red Passage Overture to the groove 
laden viciousness of Wretch and the distressing noisescapes of Loss, part 1 of 
Themes of Carnal Empowerment finds ESA at its most mature and damaging yet.

With jaw dropping artwork centered around the concept of lustThemes Of Carnal 
Empowerment Pt. 1 is a no-brainer for heavy industrial fans who like their 
rhythmic noise with a little more substance and depth.

Artwork by inVALIS/. Mastered by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope).

AUTOCLAV1.1 - "Embark On Departure"     (CD)   (TYMPANIK)  ($12.00)
The prolific Autoclav1.1 returns with his 6th studio album and 4th for Tympanik 
Audio. With Embark On Departure, Autoclav1.1 gives us another solid collection 
of songs ranging from smooth, beat-laden Electronica, guitar-driven Industrial, 
and embracing IDM. Working from his proven formula of tight-knit beatwork 
accented by emotional piano movements, Autoclav1.1 continues to push his sound 
further as he once again challenges the boundaries of genre and style. Embark 
On Departure is a polished, cohesive, and absorbing hybrid of sounds that 
engages the mind and pulls at the heart.

Featuring collaborations with Michael Morton (Displacer), Claus Larsen 
(Leaether Strip), and Jacob Rouse (Alter Der Ruine). Mastered by Angelos Liaros 
(Mobthrow) at 4be Sound. Layout and design by Stefan Alt (Ant-Zen/Hymen). 
6-panel digipak compact disc available now.

ANDRO-DIOXIN - "suicidal"        (EP-CD)   (ENGRAVED RITUAL) ($7.00)
ANDRO-DIOXIN return with a new single and 4 killer remixes from
track collaboration with MORDACIOUS!

PROYECTO CRISIS -   "made in remix"     (CD) (ADVOXYA) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
The awesome Chilean HARSH EBM group return with an excellent remix disc 
featuring different electronic styles and stomping club floor remixes as well.
16 tracks on the CD featuring 3 new mixes, tracks, and then the REMIXES by- 
PROGNOSIS, C-LEKKTOR!!! 75 + minutes of sick, harsh, and diverse ELECTRO!

TRAKKTOR   - "force majeure"       (CD)(KATYUSHA/DSBP)(IMPORT) ($15.00)
DE_TOT_COR -  "gothic light"       (CD) (DE_TOT_COR) (IMPORT)  ($15.00)

SABES        -  "diesel charm"       (CD)   (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
sabes a.k.a. sebastian mich started at young age as an acid / hard techno dj 
and decided to follow this path into the study of music technology, which 
prompted him to move from his native poland to the uk. he was both fascinated 
and alienated by the unfamiliar culture he found and he wanted to channel this 
disorientation and anger in an artistic fashion - and thus, sabes was born. the 
project's name is both an acronym of s. mich's first name spelled backwards and 
'knowing' in spanish - the key word emphasising the focus of awareness , being 
aware of the whole world around you - being aware that you are alive.

right from the beginning sebastian's ambition was to merge the distortion of 
rhythmic, noise-oriented industrial music with technoid beat and bass 
structures. influenced by classic industrial projects of the 90s like asche, 
imminent, synapscape and iszoloscope, sabes accomplished a high energetic blend 
of blasting beats, complex sequencer patterns, unsettling samples and crushing 
power noise textures. a thrilling combination of ramming beats, organic bass 
lines, harsh industrial surfaces and interspersed dark ambient sound spheres.

an album that combines excellent contemporary industrial, raging techno 
dancefloor attacks and horrifying dark atmospheres into black mastery.

FRANK RIGGIO -  "psychexcess I - presentism" (CD)(HYMEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
music with turntables at the age of sixteen. at 18, he bought his first 
hardware and later on he formed his own label, sagaloops, on which he produced 
fifteen vinyl ep's and also collaborated with other projects on various labels. 
after closing down sagaloops in 2005, he took a new direction into more 
intellectual, jazzy and experimental electronic sound collages, forming the 
project that takes his own name. in 2007 he produced his incredible debut album 
'visible in darkness', while he was also producing music for the french tv 
channel canal+. since then he has released a couple more full-length albums and 
ep's, showcasing the same high standard he has set throughout the years. 
currently, frank works on multiple art projects, in a great variety of fields 
such as sound manipulation, music, and mastering engineering.

with 'psychexcess I - presentism' frank riggio introduces the first part of the 
psychexcess trilogy which is designed to be similar to a three movie series in 
an aural format, including a constant spoken narrative, arcs of suspense, and 
even 'cliffhangers'. the fusion of 'psyche' and 'excess' was created from the 
idea that there is something astral we can not control, which we are not even 
aware of in our psyche or mind - something out of our physical entity but 
basically connected with our 'soul' at the same time.
the human individual is captured in an entanglement of fears and theoretical 
dualities in his judgements and deeds, which can be entirely changed by 
accepting the choices to avoid the pretended 'pre-programming' of the mind.
frank riggio's intention is wanting the listener to explore something else in 
their 'person', something that is beyond words or even basic mechanical 
thoughts - possibly even some kind of astral trip?

to create the cinematic atmosphere of the trilogy's music, frank riggio used 
his skills as a passionate sound designer, collecting a multitude of field 
recordings, percussive noises and more. he also bestowed great care on the 
instrumentation using acoustic and custom built equipment, self made synth 
presets, and by adding experimental sound manipulation such as morphing, 
vocoding, filtering and layering techniques. to prevent the music from getting 
unnatural and inorganic, he also enlisted compositional help from fellow 
musicians on some of the melodic work.

focusing deeper on frank riggio's music, it proves hard to classify his unique 
blend of inspirations into certain genres like idm, downtempo, glitch and 
experimental. rich textures utilized in a masterful way, together with deep 
ambience and a solid yet very human drumming as well as the excellent use of 
acoustic instruments, make his work stand out in many ways. he shapes up his 
own musical path through a magnificent mix between darkness, mystery and ethnic 
soundscapes. this album carries its very own mixture of beautiful, oneiric, 
psychedelic moods and sounds that touch you somewhere in your spirit or your 
heart and which will undoubtedly stay in your mind for a long time.

'stop a moment with dualities and fears, enjoy the gorgeousness of the unknown, 
the psychexcess.'

THE PROTAGONIST -   "songs of experience "  (CD) (RAUBBAU)(IMPORT)  ($14.00)
after magnus sundstrm aka the protagonist had released his debut  rebours in 
1998, the sky seemed the only limit for this musical entity. but, to much 
disappointment within the industrial scene, for the next seven years only a 
couple of compilation appearances would be heard from the protagonist. then, in 
2005 two cds came out via cold meat industry: the aptly titled interim ep and 
the album songs of experience (which was actually not entirely a new album, but 
in parts consisted of reworked versions of the aforementioned compilation 
tracks and a couple of tracks from the previous ep).

the music on songs of experience resolved all doubts: the protagonist is a 
devoted artist, putting quality over quantity, and the result had been well 
worth waiting! as if no period of inactivity had ever discontinued the creative 
flow, the protagonist reassumed the path of the debut: orchestral splendour, 
rigid drumming, dramatic string works and an increased presence of haunting, 
eerie atmospheres, pushing the album towards the darker edges of the 
neo-classical spectrum. vocal deliveries are rather sparse and restricted to 
short spoken parts this time around, but feature prolific guests again: tomas 
petterson of ordo rosarius equlibrio lent his unmistakeable voice to the 
protagonists most well-known track, strife, a truly bombastic marching tune. 
jonathan grieve of contrastate can also be heard on one track, the 
heart-shattering sick rose. among all the opulence, romantic leanings all over, 
though the whole composition takes a decidedly bleak direction. the adapted 
literature features not only blake, but also baudelaire (heres the symbolist 
theme again) and no other than the master himself, mr. william shakespeare. all 
in all, music and content combine into one impressive libertines manifesto, 
proclaiming the power of free thought and the mistrust of authorities!

for this well-timed re-release, raubbau gathers together not only the original 
album, but also the exclusive tracks from the interim ep, thus presenting the 
entire bundle of cmi-released protagonist tracks. until today, the protagonist 
stands out unique among neo-classical artists for the sheer brilliance of 
composition and the authenticity of his preoccupations - he is really serious 
about seriousness. history has been revealed, let beauty unfold!

Finally every old school fan's dream come true: classic electro acts and 
mega-talented neo-old school bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours 
of STELLAR old school pleasure! After the success of Grandchaos "In Sedens" EP 
DCD, Electro Aggression Records (EAR)/Cop International proudly presents "Old 
School Electrology Volume I", a relentless "shock & awe" electro assault 
featuring 67 all exclusive tracks, 4 revamped demo tunes never before released 
on CD, and 10 exclusive remixes by la creme de le creme of the old school 

CD1 Old School EBM
1) Agrezzior "Statue of Liberty" 3:54
2) Astma "Honor and Glory" 3:00
3) Darkmen "Take It Back" 3:35
4) DRP "Electro Pussy" 4:35
5) EkoBrottsMyndigheten "Get Your Fists Up" * 3:40
6) Ionic Vision "Hate" 3:58
7) K-bereit "Blackened" 3:59
8) Lescure 13 "Destruktor" (Pouppee Fabrikk cover) ** 3:51
9) MachineSoldier "Body Anonymous" 4:26
10) Oldschool Union "Perkele" 3:17
11) Ondska "Storm" 4:02
12) Orange Sector "Noise (Head Mix)" * 4:15
13) Pact of Warsaw "Domination" 4:08
14) PP? "Repression (Dental Exilanation Remix)" * 5:47
15) Presto Fervant "Bullseye" 3:25
16) Serpents "Komm Naeher" * 4:30
17) Spark! "Modern Slaves" 3:34
18) Synaptic Defect "Electrofreak" 3:49
19) T.A.N.K. "Game of Men" 4:20
20) UGH...! "Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore" 3:38
  Total Playing Time: 79:55

CD2 Authentic Dark Elektro
1) Terminal State "Black Salt" 5:02
2) IC 434 "Skullwatch (Primal Beats)" 4:36
3) Brain Leisure "Self Reality" 4:25
4) Amnistia "Pretended" 5:35
5) Morgue Mechanism "Simulation" 4:31
6) Second Disease "Ecstatic" 4:19
7) Necrotek "Revenant" 3:54
8) Severe Illusion "My Car Is Burning In Hell" 3:43
9) Nordschlacht "The Collective" 5:07
10) Pro Patria "H2S04" 3:13
11) Red+Test "Holy War" 5:28
12) Object "Humiliating Procedures" 4:38
13) tEaR!doWn "Tempting Harlots" 4:43
14) Seven Trees "Present Decay" **  3:19
15) Putrefy Factor 7 "Confrontation" 4:27
16) God Experiment "Shiver" 5:46
17) Trial "Brothers In Arms- Old School Mission" *  3:30
18) Morticians "Art of Pain" *  3:34
Total Playing Time: 79:59

CD3 Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM
1) To Avoid "Payback" 4:20
2) Breathe "Im Raum Der Zeit" 4:15
3) Disharmony "Access Points" 4:07
4) deltaE (Mortal Constraint) "Acceleration" 6:20
5) MC1R "Neuropathy" 5:54
6) kAlte fArben "Retrospective" 4:11
7) The Holocaust Humanity "Alive" 3:46
8) Jihad "Seven Skies" 7:03
9) yelworC "Teufels Dreizack Part 1" 5:02
10) Splatter Squall "The Summoning" 6:00
11) One Eye Wanders "Misdiagnosis" 4:34
12) Instans "Robot" 4:32
13) Collapsed System "Stay Tough" 4:55
14) Autodafeh "Dog Tag" 3:24
15) A.D.A.C. 8286 "Stortebecker" 2:10
16) Neukampf "Duell Duet" 2:20
17) NTRSN "The Coming Ends" 3:38
18) Tech Nomader "Nomad" * 2:48
Total Playing Time: 79:28

CD4 Amalgamation: Old School EBM & Authentic Dark Elektro
1) Armageddon Dildos "Out of Control" 3:56
2) Digital Factor "Electric Body" 4:33
3) Guerrilla "Walk Away" 4:02
4) Sleepwalk "Final Curtain" 4:14
5) The Blister Exists "For The Squad" 4:33
6) Injector "Scream" 4:33
7) Haujobb "Letting The Demons Sleep" 4:40
8) Venetian Blind "Instead of Tears" 5:33
9) Total Harmonic Distortion "Reversions/Mutations" 4:19
10) Elite! "So Wie Wir" 3:39
11) Kraft "Meine Liebe" 3:00
12) Stin Scatzor "Noise in My Stomach" ** 2:54
13) Frontal "Zeig Mir" * 3:38
14) tri-state "avatar (king klang KHAOS)" 5:02
15) amGod "Deathrider" 4:47
16) U.M.M."Cocktail Molotov" 3:19
17) Kraftakt "Ich Bin Nicht Da" 3:00
18) Defecto Nagrobek "Ich War Ein Knabe" 3:17
19) BodyFarm "EBM Macht Stark" 3:00
20) Page 12 "Season's End" 3:51
Total Playing Time: 79:59

+ Virtual Diamonds
    Parade Ground & P. Codenys "Marble Mind" * 3:50
    Container 90 "Bla Bla Bla" ** 3:55
    Kalteidiotie "Old School Addicts" 3:08
    Mekanik Disorder "Am I Falling?" 4:38
    Void Kampf  "Karmeliet (Uno Mix By Collapsed System) * 4:45

All exclusive tracks except
* exclusive remix
** revamped demo tune never released on cd

NAHTAIVEL - "midnights sessions"    (CD)    (WAVE RECORDS) (IMP) ($13.00)
New album 2011 from the Brazilian master of Electro-Horror-Industrial 

Taking advantage of the proximity to the end of the world Nahtaivel is 
releasing its new album, Midnight Sessions, an industrial/EBM album that brings 
new features to its heavy and aggressive electronic music.

This time besides the great mix of dark-electro, industrial and black metal, 
Midnight Sessions presents a strong big beat influence on its rhythm session, 
from the bands such as Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, making this album the 
most diverse ever released by the band, and even more aggressive and macabre 
than the previous work.

Each lyric is inspired by a different movie and each song has its own mood, 
which makes a interesting listening from the beginning to the end of the album.

Among the highlights are: "The Storm is Coming," which brings a strong and 
groovy drums, low-pitched vocals, distorted synthesizers, and a morbid and 
psychedelic end. "He Was a Quiet Man", a study on how far the dark-electro can 
be sick. "The Wheel of Vengeance", slow, heavy, hopeless! "Midnight Session" 
the perfect blend of metal and industrial. And "Audition", fast, aggressive, 
and dancefloor-oriented.

Midnight Sessions is original, melodic, aggressive, and the perfect soundtrack 
for the last year of our existence.

SALTILLO -  "monocyte"          (CD)   (ARTOFFACT)          ($12.00)
Monocyte is the second CD from Saltillo, the trip-hop electronic meets violin 
and cello project from Chicago-based artist menton3. The CD is the follow up to 
the critically aclaimed and super successful Ganglion, which was released in 
2006 and re-issued by Artoffact Records in 2011. Monocyte is a concept album, a 
soundtrack to the comic book of the same name, published by IDW Publishing. The 
CD is raw, dark, and difficult, presenting a vision of the Monocyte brand that 
builds on the comic's energy. RIYL Portishead, DJ Shadow, and Massive Attack.

ENCEPHALON  - "the transhuman condition" (CD)  (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00)
Formed in 2005, the Canadian trio Encephalon have kept the electro-industrial 
underground waiting with bated breath for five long years. But 2011 brings the 
band's first album, The Transhuman Condition, an album that incorporates all 
the band's wide influences, from Ministry to The Cure to NIN and more. Focusing 
on themes of isolation, futurism and human evolution, The Transhuman Condition 
is sure to bring Encephalon's fantastically dark sound to a wider audience 
beyond electro insiders, independent filmmakers and scene DJs.
  12 tracks which are all catchy, memorable and stand on their own.
This is easily one of the highlights from the last half of 2011!

Synthetic Rage volume 1 is intended to be the first in a series of
compilations spotlighting the best and rawest talents in the
industrial underground. Featuring 16 tracks- that span several scenes
and sounds-   with photography by Ray the Sinner
(http://www.projectsyn.com), cover model Sandra (Odio84), and inside
model Lilut Mortem (of Tijuana's darkwave act AnteMortem), and art by
Everth Dioxin (http://www.androdioxin.webs.com), and mastered by
TommyT. ( Diverje, DSBP Records)- we hope this will serve not only as
a "sampling" of Engraved Ritual bands (Say Just Words, Andro-Dioxin,
Angels of Suicide, and God Destruction, but also introduce these
talented and promising projects to fans craving the newest and most
cutting-edge dark scene music compilation from Engraved Ritual!


SUBLIMINAL CODE - "soldiers of hell"(CD-EP)  (ENGRAVED RITUAL)  ($10.00)
Debut EP on Engraved Ritual from Venezualan harsh EBM act Subliminal
Code. Contains 10 tracks of pure electro terror- mastered by Sander
Kapper of Stahlblack Productions.

Subliminal code "Soldier Of Hell EP" features 6 tracks , and 4 remixes
from highly regarded bands : Sonik Foundry ,CoexPro ,Traumatize
and Andro-Dioxin!
Mastered by Sander Kapper (Stahlnebel & Black Selket), this album is
sure to please fans of harsh ebm!

MINDLESS FAITH -  "just defy"      (CD)      (ALTER CULTURE)    ($12.00)
On their 5th album, "Just Defy", Mindless Faith continue to deliver a lethal 
dose of aggressive industrial anthems, ferocious, commanding vocals over 
crushing beats, awash with distorted synths and laced with overwhelming guitar 
riffs. Revolting against the all-too-common generic electronic sound, the band 
breaks new ground by including nightmarish psychedelics, outlandish ambient 
passages and brooding acoustic elements that showcase their diverse musical 
ability and adds to their genre-defying style. 11 TRACKS , 53 MINUTES.

SAY JUST WORDS - "the perfect killer"  (CD-EP) (DSBP/ ENGRAVED RITUAL) ($10.00)
SAY JUST WORDS is a project of Harsh/EBM mixed with dark sounds, born in 
Santiago of Chile;  South America, in order to express the cruelty and human 
In 2010 Say Just Words released an album called "The Shadow Of the Chaos" which 
gripped very well accepted in the global underground scene.

2011: SAY JUST WORDS currently preparing an EP titled The Perfect Killer and 
his second studio album....

Engraved Ritual + DSBP Records are proud to announce the forthcoming Say Just 
Words EP The Perfect Killer. Featuring 5 BRAND NEW tracks, a remake of 
"Victimas", guest appearances from ReaxioN Guerrilla and Fredrik Croona of 
PROJECT ROTTEN, and 7 remixes from highly regarded bands like C-LEKKTOR, DIE 
BRAUT, AMNESIA, ANDRO-DIOXIN, and NASEA, this album is sure to please fans of 
harsh electronics! Mastered by Tommy T Rapisardi (in-Fused, Diverje, 
Biomechanical DegeneratioN, DSBP Records), "The Perfect Killer" is due in early 
December on Engraved Ritual and DSBP Records.

CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR -  "deicide"   (CD)   (DSBP)      ($12.00)
Critical System Error formed in late 2007. In their short time together, Xero 
and Residue, have proven to be a vital force in the Chicago industrial scene. 
Angry distorted beats matched with soul reaping vocals always get their crowd 
ready for a post nuclear sonic assault. Their debut album, "Ctrl/Alt/Deceive" 
was digitally released in december 2008 and has been released in print february 

CSE has finished their sophomore album "Deicide" which will prove to be 
Chicago's most blasphemous industrial album to date.

DSBP Records has released this album on cd and digital, on NOVEMBER 25TH and it 
features a great variety of dark, harsh, industrial,noize, ebm, and without 
resorting to the same old tricks and sound the current crop of harsh clones are 
overdoing in the scene.

This album has a more original approach to the harsh sound with a bit more of a 
harcore/ metal influence in there (without guitars) and the power noise tracks 
are totally annihilating as well.THESE SONGS ARE MEANT TO STOMP THE DANCE 

CSE show they can take on more than one sub-genre and kill with it! NEW CD IS 

HAUJOBB - "new world march"   (DOUBLE CD)(TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($16.00)
The brand new album by Haujobb featuring 12 new songs + a bonus CD of remixes 
by Xabec, Dryft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Somatic Respones, This Morn Omina, Binary Park, 
Acretongue, Anklebiter, Incite, and more.

Available now on a special edition 6-panel 2-CD digipak release. Now shipping..

HAUJOBB - "dead market"   (EP-CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($9.00)
After an lengthy hiatus, Haujobb triumphantly returns in 2011 with a brand new 
single EP titled Dead Market to kick off their forthcoming new album New World 

Brimming of deep basslines, addictive vocals, and stunning reworks, Dead Market 
introduces a new chapter in the Haujobb saga with stark ferocity and undeniable 
depth. Hard, unstoppable beats meet caressing deep basslines and dirty electro 
rhythms, married with a fierce undertow of complex synthlines and surging 
atmospheres, perfectly matched with Myers forceful and provocative vocals.

With 8 outstanding tracks in all, Dead Market interjects a new volume in the 
Haujobb legacy, resiliently cohesive to their signature sound, yet gazing well 
beyond the future of their dark, beat-driven and complex brand of electronic 

Tympanik Audio is pleased to announce the release of Haujobbs new single EP 
Dead Market available now. Dead Market features 2 new tracks by Haujobb plus 
outstanding remixes by The Horrorist, Exes, Nomenklatr, Paul Kendall (Nitzer 
Ebb, Depeche Mode producer), and Absolute Body Control.

TAPAGE - "overgrown"    (CD)     (TYMPANIK AUDIO)         ($12.00)
Tapage presents fourteen playful new songs full of intertwining pops, clicks, 
and glitchy rhythms surrounded by warm bass tones and winding melodies. A 
serendipitous and unique journey perfect for headphone excursions.

NORMOTONE - "inward structures"   (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)

Normotone is the solo project of Bruno Laborde who has been fascinated by the 
unlimited potential of computers and synthesizers since 1994. Over the past 
decade, Bruno has significantly honed his programming and sound design skills 
originally acquired through his former projects Axonal Warfare (1994-1997) and 
Neon Cage Experiment (2003-2006), as well as producing remixes for such artists 
as HIV+, Ex_Tension, Necrotek, Babylone Chaos, and most recently Architect. A 
deeply personal project of Bruno, Normotones sound is virtually unconfined by 
genre restrictions and instead embraces a spirit of infinite creative 

Normotone: Inward StructuresNormotone now joins the Tympanik Audio family to 
present his debut album Inward Structures. Each track featured on Inward 
Structures has its own story, while remaining an integral part of a cohesive 
album. Under the predominantly raw layers of cold electronica, heavy basslines, 
and glitchy rhythms, listeners can identify classic industrial influences 
ranging from, but not limited to cold wave, folk, rhythmic noise, and 
contemporary dark ambient music with a sonic edge. A collaborative effort among 
well-renowned artists including KL (Stigma, Neon Cage Experiment, KL), Neon 
Rain, One Droid And Its Man, Punish Yourself, Polygon, and more, results in a 
polymorphic effect of sorts.

Normotones Inward Structures is available on compact disc and digital formats 
now from Tympanik Audio.

ERODE - "horizon"           (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)        ($12.00)
Originating as guitarist for the popular German metal band Heaven Shall Burn, 
Alexander Dietz now protrudes from the opposite side of the music continuum to 
bring Tympanik Audio listeners his debut electronic album Horizon under his 
pseudonym Erode. As his band Heaven Shall Burns conquers the German music 
charts with their hit album Invictus in 2010, as well as the formation of his 
new studio company Chemical Burn, Alexander turns inward and forward to reflect 
on his life experiences and influences to arrive at his own personal electronic 
music entity aptly named Erode.

Contrasting from one end of the music spectrum to the other, Alexander creates 
a vast and truly massive collection of electronic works with respectful nods to 
such artists as Beefcake, Access To Arasaka, and Gridlock. Here is the 
epicenter of Dietzs vast inspirations, morphing into many forms, with a frayed 
tether of influences whipping and pulsing with stark realization.

Erode: Horizon With massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects 
immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of 
Horizon. Fluid throughout, each piece of Horizon virtually sings with 
substance, seducing every delicate layer of sound into a natural state of 
bliss. A dark, dreamy, yet beat-driven collection of music that ebbs and flows 
naturally as a heavy tide, crashing against a stone wall on a deserted beach at 

Erode: HorizonRecorded and produced by Alexander Dietz with addition production 
by Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush, Dryft, Gridlock, n5MD) and stunning artwork by Colin 
Marks (Rain Song Design).

Erode CD album Horizon is available on a special edition compact disc package 
now, only from Tympanik Audio.

Erode is the world behind the mirror. It exists.

EX_TENSION - "desert"             (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
Ex_Tension is the French duo composed of Vincent Gendrot alias Vxt 
(composition, programming) and Pierre-Yves Hohmann alias PY (Composition, 
samples, noises). Since 1997 from their laboratory in Strasburg, the band has 
honed their craft, their works falling in a determined Industrial aesthetic 
with a dense and hypnotic style, tinted by technod sounds and dark atmospheres.

With early compilation appearances such as Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando)s 
DeC0der and M-tronics Table of Elements 2.0, the successful EP releases Needles 
and Desert, the CDr release of their first full length album Freedom, plus many 
live appearances alongside such artists as Haujobb, Dive, The Legendary Pink 
Dots, Punish Yourself, This Morn Omina, and Clan of Xymox, Ex_Tension soon 
emerged from obscurity to fully pursue their vision. In 2009, their first 
full-length CD album Legacy was released by the revered French label M-tronic 
and planted Ex_Tension firmly into the worldwide rhythmic Industrial music 

With a nostalgic grip on early rhythmic Industrial styles, Ex_Tension injects a 
modern and mesmerizing complexity into their sound that seems to perfectly 
harness the adrenaline and cerebral contrast that continues to captivate their 

Ex_tension: DesertTympanik Audio and Ex_Tension invite you to revisit the 
Desert EP, fully remastered including 2 unreleased bonus tracks and a stunning 
remix collaboration of the original Desert track by Access To Arasaka, 
Totakeke, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Geomatic, and Sonic Area.

STENDECK   -"scintilla"         (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)    ($12.00)
Two years after the release of the widely-acclaimed Sonnambula album, Stendeck 
returns with his highly-anticipated new full-length titled Scintilla. Once 
again, Stendeck presents another outstanding mix of generous beats and 
emotional electronica, accentuated by deep, flowing atmospheres, heart-seizing 
melodies, expertly-placed noise elements, and lush synthlines.

Scintilla is an energetic spark of creativity full of passion, life, and hope. 
The creation of a fantastic blaze of emotion, alluring and serendipitous; a 
spark that creates an everlasting fire that wont soon fade away.

17 stunning new tracks on compact disc packaged in a beautifully-designed 
6-panel digipak by Kostas K. of Subheim.

At long last, volume 4 of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is here 
feat. new and exclusive tracks by: Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, 
Northcape, Access To Arasaka, c.db.sn, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, 
Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, 
Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, Kilowatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical 
Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim, and Erode.

back in stock.....
FLINT GLASS -  "circumsounds"    (CD)  (TYMPANIK AUDIO)  ($12.00)
AUTOCLAV 1.1 - "all standing room in the goodnight saloon" (CD) ($12.00)
AUTOCLAV 1.1 - "love no longer lives here" (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
ANKLEBITER - "i will wait"            (CD)      (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
DISPLACER  - "night gallery"          (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
CH DISTRICT - "conclusion"            (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
ZELLER  - "turbulences"               (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
TOTAKEKE  - "on the first of November" (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ -  "....no"      (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
ESA   - "the sea and the silence"      (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)
ESA   - "the immaculate manipulation"  (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)   ($12.00)

This new release from MORDACIOUS/ I LOVE CLUB SLUTS features 29 total tracks on 
2 CD!! HARSH EBM, STOMPY ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL, and great production, club sounds 
from MORDACIOUS MORTEM and company!
  NEW MORDACIOUS follows in his evolution with stronger tracks, more samples, 
and a kick ass , relentless sound!!

  I LOVE CLUB SLUTS is a new collaboration between MORDACIOUS and Vektor 
Valkrie.This project has a fun, sarcastic, debaucherous approach with some
old school influences as well.A real strong debut with lots of vulgarity to 
keep you shouting and dancing along!
Limited supply of these...so, get it now!

ARZT + PFUSCH   - "lictor evaporated"  (CD)(IMPORT)(COMPLETE CONTROL PROD.) 
The Danish ARTZ + PFUSCH were once known (among other things) for their 
juvenile sense of humour; with song titles such as Anal Toothbrush and The 
Wheelchair Commando Ate My Sheep Loving Baby, even if as a band they had good 
intentions their music was undermined. Now they have returned being more 
serious, limiting themselves on that front and thus allowing their audience to 
concentrate more on what is going on. Lictor Evaporated reads as a pulp fiction 
novel where the sci-fi is pushed into its caricaturesque boundaries. By doing 
that the band has also shown their sarcasm not only to the populist culture but 
mainly to the linearity of progress. Their version of future is as ridicule as 
the present can only be where ludicrous desires are melted in the same pot with 
more serious aspirations in order to produce the contemporary man. Their sense 
of humour is polished by a sense of tragedy only a trauma can carry.

Fall of an Empire has something grand in its Industrial dance aspect, least so 
in terms of Warhammer 40,000 on which is based. Their approach of the 
theocratic Imperium of Man is interesting as they strip down all the nonsense 
sci-fi fantasies in order to concentrate on its fascistic, xenophobic aspects. 
Lictor Evaporated consists of futuristic drones dressed with SKINNY PUPPY 
tones. Sometimes the more melodic elements are obvious like in Servo Skull but 
overall the dirtiness of ARTZ + PFUSCHs sound is taking control of the CD. And 
it is only in the last track, Landspeeder (Interrupted by a Plasma Blast) where 
the band succumbs to a sense of easiness and sterility in their music. In 
Lictor Evaporated, their fourth work, the band is at the point where they have 
absolute control of their material, more mature than ever before. You might 
miss their older work but in this release ARTZ + PFUSCH have overcome 
themselves. So much the better.

SEVERE ILLUSION -"no more alive than you deserve"(CD)(IMP) (COMPLETE CONTROL 
after signing of The Pain Machinery and before the comeback and new release of 
Arzt+Pfusch, the young, but promising CCProductions has now signed Severe 
  Severe Illusion have been active label shoppers. Every single album and maxi 
has been released on a different label so Im really curious to see if they now 
will find a real home on CCP. But at the other hand weve to admit that were 
more concerned about the music even if I fully respect and support the work of 
this new Swedish label.

Over now to the album which delivers eleven new songs. This is the first album 
in five years for Severe Illusion, but their EBM style hasnt changed that much. 
This is a band that has always composed a rather simplistic and dark EBM style. 
Ive been always fascinated by the way their song writing remained rather 
repetitive and monotonous, but efficient and fascinating. Severe Illusion never 
has sound as new Nitzer Ebb and co clones. Theyve always mixed EBM elements 
together with darker atmospheres. The first tracks (cf. Mocking Bird, Try 
Harder and Clear Head  Album Version) are cool and harsh body cuts. Notice by 
the way that the song "Clear Head" has been previously released as a digital 

I also noticed the excellent "Inside Your Narrow Little World" on which the 
band shows an EBM basis reinforced by industrial elements. These industrial 
elements are injecting a brutal sound, which can be also heard on the 
scratching sounds in the beginning of "Them Unwitting". The second part of the 
album sounds more brute. It even leads to a more experimental try-out entitled 
"Rotating Knives, Yes," which has less to do with traditional EBM standards. A 
similar style appears on Cultural Identity, but Severe Illusion gets back to 
EBM on "And Them We Kill". This is a remarkable song for its minimalist EBM 
It took several years for the band to achieve this fourth full length, but it 
was a worth to wait. No More Alive Than You Deserve is an atypical EBM album, 
which makes the strength of the band.

ANGELS OF SUICIDE - "Angels of suicide"      (CD) (ENGRAVED RITUAL) ($10.00)
On October 25, 2011, Engraved Ritual released the debut retrospective CD of 
McAllen, TXs dark electro act Angels of Suicide. The culmination of various 
incarnations and 3 years of hard work, the self-titled debut is a snapshot of 
where the band has been and where they are going with their music. Mastered by 
TommY T. Rapisardi (Diverje, DSBP Records), this is dark, gritty, powerful 
music that shows the Rio Grande Valley is a force to be reckoned with in harsh 
EBM. There is already a digital EP in the works coming in the next month or so.

INLINE.SEX.TERROR - "the architecture of madness" (CD)(IMPORT)(DSBP/MINUSBEAT)
After 2 years, Inline Sex Terror return with the long waiting second full 
length album entitled "The Architecture of Madness".

Inlinesexterror in this album balance perfectly between INDUSTRIAL NOISE, PURE 
EBM, HARSH INDUSTRIAL and dashes of melodic EBM.
  "The Architecture of Madness" featuring 11 powerful tracks inspired by insane 
asylums , madness and mental illnesses...


take a trip into the dark electronic madness of 2011!!
The mastering has been done by the well known Kolja aka SOMAN!!

also in stock...

INLINE.SEX.TERROR - "11:11"  (CD)  (IMPORT)   (DANSE MACABRE) ($15.00)
the debut I.S.T. album is in, limited quantities,get it while you can!
11 tracks of HARSH POWER NOISE, INDUSTRIAL, EBM and features a nice balance of 
instrumental tracks and vocalized sickness! also a special appearance from 
MARKO of XP8!! + NORTRON-X remix!

INLINE.SEX.TERROR - "distorted life"(EP)(CD) (IMPORT)(DANSE MACABRE)($12.00)
The "in between album" EP featuring 3 new tracks and killer HARD DANCE FLOOR 
limited quantities here..get it while you can!!

Advoxya records is proud to present the new releases from the legendary french 
act ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION! E.S.R is back with a special compilation of 
unreleased songs and remixes taken from the band's archives. Pounding beats, 
synthetic melodies and complex soundscapes will keep you moving from the 
beginning till the end!
Following the first volume released in 2006, "A Passage In Time Vol.2" is more 
than a standard compilation, most of the songs have been re-recorded in order 
to bring you the best quality and match today's standards.
"A Passage In Time Vol.2" will take you on a trip through E.S.R history, 
exploring all the facets of the band's dark electro atmospheres including 
unreleased remixes by the band from the acclaimed songs "Final rebellion", 
"Regression", "It hurts" and "Tinnitus".

XPERIMENT -"visions of destruction" (2-CD)  (IMPORT)(MUTANT-E)  ($18.00)
Xperiment's new album is finally out. Without any doubt they are the new RAGE 
of the SPANISH dark electro/industrial scene.

The band has prepared a 2-CD LIMITED EDITION here with 11 tracks of all new 
harsh sickness!!!More growth in each song, and lots of new influences
and sounds coming out..they have progressed and are in full evolution!!

also included is a REMIX CD with some of the HARSH ELECTRO SCENE's
and NANO INFECT!!! 22 tracks in the full double CD and great detailed

If you like hardstyle, ebm, harsh industrial,..... Xperiment is all of that and 
much more.
We are sure you'll love this album.so get it asap as it is going to be sold out 

RED-LINE - "out of business"  (CD) (IMPORT) (MUTANT-E RECORDS) ($14.00)
  Are your bored of listening to the same old songs at the dance floor? Red-Line 
is what you were waiting for. Amazing First album of this succesful greek due 
that is beating the world with songs
like Cross the Line, Lefta yparxoun,...
  They have a nice sound with fresh tracks and much mixing of influences and 
style...Check out something new and diverse!
17 tracks total with BONUS REMIXES from - EISENFUNK, T3RR0R 3RR0R,

back in stock....


EXOCET - "consequence"       (CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)       ($15.00)
two years after 'grotesque consumer', r. klimaczewski a.k.a. exocet starts his 
artistic vision exactly where he left off with 'consequence'. a high quality 
detailed mesh of harsh sonic strikes, intricate rhythmic patterns, massive 
synth layers and cinematic samples which reflect his own perspective on idm, 
ambient and industrial music.

exocet's work defines itself by emphasizing the juxtaposition between huge 
atmospherics and a blasting force of noise and beats. as displayed throughout 
the album where assertive and imaginative ambient pads float along-side 
hammering rhythmic patterns, inducing an almost trance-like effect. tribal 
elements sometimes beat their way through the mix and add yet another 
perspective on the already heady mix of different sonic characteristics, and 
perfectly positioned samples just manage to emphasize the film score feel and 
quality of the tracks.

both a strongly abrasive and microscopically detailed world of sound, 
'consequence' brings out a unique blend of influences that takes its own path, 
changing direction at will, capturing the listeners interest with an iron grip.

SOMATIC RESPONSES - "concrete glider" (CD)  (IMPORT) (HYMEN)    ($15.00)
the brothers john and paul healy, collectively known throughout the world as 
somatic responses, are still the native residents of a small industrial mining 
community located in the southwest region of wales.
constantly working on new tracks and fresh ideas, their immense creative output 
has been released on a myriad of labels, carving out a unique sound that is 
distinctly their own, far beyond any narrow

still pushing the envelopes of genre with their unique, rigorous approach to 
electronic dance music, the duo deliver a truly fine assortment of gloomy 
ambient, breakcore, drum'n'bass, idm, hardcore techno and industrial, all 
thrown through the somatic responses blender and spread throughout the album's 
13 tracks. expressing a wide range of emotions and atmospheres ranging from the 
icy melancholic 'replicant
loss' and the academic crystal clarity of 'science and emotion' to furious 
distorted monsters like 'fryday'.

although the idea of building a concrete glider sounds like an oxymoron, the 
album title cuts to the core of the matter: a collection of skillfully designed 
sonic explorations where force and facility are utterly inseperable.

NAO   - "nao"           (CD)     (IMPORT)    (ANT-ZEN)     ($15.00)
a computer at his fingertips and a mind full of ideas, pierre-andr pernin 
started no in 2002 as a one-man project, joined later by the drummer thibault 
fellmann, the guitarist jordan daverio and the video designer matthieu 
tercieux. so in it's current form no comprises 4 members. the band's musical 
influences range from amon tobin and nine inch nails to krush or 65daysofstatic 
- over the years no have gone beyond these influences to amaze audiences at 
already a hundred concerts and festival appearances in france and germany with 
their unique, previously unheard sound.

at the studio as well as on stage, no develop and shape melancholic and aerial 
music, exploring moods from contained rage to lyrical digital outbursts. like a 
surgeon, pierre-andr meticulously crafts mesmerizing melodies and downtempo 
beats. his penchant for synthetic layers and for skillfully chiseled keyboard 
compositions gives his' music a unique and strange atmosphere, progressively 
immersing the listener into no's world. to this already enriched enchantment 
thibaud and jordan add their rhythmic impulses and abrupt riffs, creating a 
mixed beast of electro-noise, melded with brute, highly energetic guitars and 
spliced with elements of post rock, metal and idm into something very unique 
and powerful.

with nAo the album, no the band presents a mesmerizing combination of playful 
electronica and anthemic, impulsive rock elements. join in, and be warned - 
their electronic odyssey has only just begun...

THOROFON -  "exkarnation"   (CD)   (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)    ($15.00)
thorofon was founded in 1995, and soon developed an own easy-to-recognize style 
of the industrial music genre. their prolific career in the international 
post-industrial scene began with their first album 'maximum punishment 
solutions' back in 1997, followed by three full length and several ep releases 
on cd, vinyl and cassette format until the project ended up nine years later. 
in 2010 thorofon announced to return and performed highly regarded live actions 
in germany, austria and switzerland. the most recent concert took place at 
maschinenfest 2011 in oberhausen where they presented 'exkarnation' for the 
first time in front of an audience.

with this album thorofon strike a new musical path oriented to renovate the 
artistic and musical tradition of legendary artists like cabaret voltaire, 
throbbing gristle, portion control and spk whose 'flesh and steel' is 
brilliantly covered. 'exkarnation' holds recent compositions with significant 
references to classic industrial, minimal electro and angst pop realized with 
today's production skills. economical, repetitive sequences encounter analogue 
beatbox grooves, enthralling electronic surfaces and well-considered voice and 
sampling treatments generate hypnotic, intoxicating atmospheres on a superior 

based on the subjects of defleshing and the separation of soul and body, 
'exkarnation', aurally permutes the project's recent artistic state. after 
their flesh figuratively has been removed half a decade ago, they return to 
apply new substance showing the upgraded status reached by thorofon.

OUREBOROS -  "dreaming in earth, dissolving in light"(CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) 
oureboros is a collaboration founded in 2006 by canadian artists rich oddie and 
aron west a.k.a. tnon. oddie, west and christina sealey formed orphx in 1993 to 
create psychedelic noisescapes inspired by early industrial music and the 
emerging japanese noise scene. in 1995, oddie and sealey began to incorporate 
more rhythmic elements into orphx and the two have gone on to establish 
themselves as innovators in the fusion of techno and industrial music. west 
left to co-found tropism - a diverse project encompassing harsh noise to 
discordant soundscapes to unclassifiable software based mutations. the tropism 
catalogue now numbers in excess of 300 entries, and the project continues as 
tropizm whose focus is all forms of experimental ambient electronics.

on their first album, oureboros deliver dark audio environments suitable as 
carriers to nether regions and beyond. the dense atmospheres vary from brooding 
to melancholic. electro-acoustic soundscapes are supplemented by intermittent 
guitar, percussion, and violin, creating a captivating hybrid of synthetic and 
organic elements. oddie and west present a unique fusion of deep ambient 
electronics, apocalyptic industrial, and ritualistic six-string walls of sound 
that evoke elements of black metal and shoegaze.

the project's name is derived from the ouroboros, an ancient symbol of 
self-reflexivity, cyclicality, continuous re-creation and renewal. referring to 
oureboros, a suspenseful further development can be expected after this 
magnificent debut.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM -  "escape"       (CD)     (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)  ($15.00)
with 'escape' contagious orgasm continue to plough their uniquely peculiar 
furrow of audio experiments and self improvement, exploring the strange 
landscapes of numerous musical styles. dealing with influences ranging from 
ambient, dub, idm/electronica and electro to dark ambient and noise, it is an 
impossible task to completely comprehend this albums scope within just a few 

this aural voyage atmospherically varies from hypnotic echo-based beat pulses 
and moony synthesized melodies up to disturbing industrial soundscapes. mighty 
bass strokes, a multitude of different rhythms, manipulated voices and 
skillfully applied samples result in an adventurous and enthralling work of 
sonic art captivating with its deep, transparent production.

turn off the light and let yourself fall into this album's very own flow. a 
quite accessible, multifarious, and yet typical element of contagious orgasm's 
wide cosmos in its charm, enjoyment and surprise.

DE_TOT_COR -   "gothic light"   (CD)  (IMPORT)  (DE_TOT_COR)   ($14.00)
The first full album CD from DE_TOT_COR is out now!! In "Gothic Light" you'll 
find industrial alternative music mixed with dark rock and trance. Drum'n'bass 
and techno remixes. A future-pop album? Just get yours and tag it yourself.

"Gothic light" has 12 DE_TOT_COR tracks + 4 remixes. "I'm more than happy I can 
have the four remixers I wanted, cause I love the music they make, and it's a 
total privilege to have their remixes on this album. First thanks go for them. 
Not less important are the collaborations of Kari Berg, Fredrik Croona, Jenny 
P., Sister_ and DJ Zynthexia on the vocals. Thanks, thanks and thanks! This is 
not an instrumental album at all!"

mastered by X-Fusion Music Production, distributed in USA by DSBP!

COMPUTERUS           - "computerus"     (CD) (BCP)          ($12.00) 
Monsters are invariably two-dimensional, focused on one simple pursuit. A more 
comprehensive attitude toward the compUterus may help it grow. The compUterus 
may turn away from possible destructive pursuits, and instead create a unique 
sound! How can a monster be creatively intoxicating with enough powerful beats 
to storm the dance floors and yet deep enough emotionally to offer cultivated 
arrays of smooth IDM waves and synth textures? This variety will at times 
restrain the brutal beats, the heavy electronic percussion and its all 
destructive possibilities! The result, it is hoped, will be a fully realized 
and rational creature, willing at last to live cooperatively within this world 
of humans and machines!

WORMS OF THE EARTH - "the angels of prostitution"  (CD) (BCP) ($12.00)
entering the 8th year of the new millennium, the horrors of the coming century 
have begun to reveal themselves. the alignment of unseen black stars, twisted 
and hideous techno-religious rites, and the dystopia corruption of nature have 
resulted in the unleashing of worms of the earth, who, with trans-mundane 
elegance, manifests itself as crushing blasphemous beats, shambling broken 
machine noise, and dark arcane ambience.

worms of the earth, the latest discovery of degenerate industrial label bugs 
crawling out of people, plants itself firmly in the sparse forest of the new 
generation of industrial-noise music; merging the organic with the 
technological, and the orthodox with the profane to create epic and mysterious 
compositions that stimulate the listener both in body as well as in mind.

after self-releasing several albums, worms of the earth is posed to reveal the 
groundbreaking album that will showcase its continuous evolution, breaking away 
from anything even remotely hinted at in previous material. unrestrained by 
contrived dogma or the hackneyed boundaries of any sub genre within industrial 
music, worms of the earth reveals a broad spectrum of music that blends 
together the brutal sounds of power noise and aggrotech with arcane atmospheres 
and occult theology.

the angels of prostitution, a term derived from ancient jewish mysticism 
describing a group of succubi, traces the lineage of the female as a demonic 
figure from its origins in the darker corners of the christian's garden of 
eden, up through the fanatical witch hunts of 17th and 18th century europe, and 
into the veiled corners of modern american society.

the angels of prostitution is an ancient hulking mechanical apparatus gone 
haywire with demonic fervor.. sounds buried deep within the earth in time 
immemorial.. forbidden sounds of latent human evil that had been erased from 
our collective memory.. until now. inscribed with the language of the ancients, 
it demolishes any in its cursed path, leaving only sorrow in its wake.

it features condemning text vocalized by wordcore artist it-clings along with 
five interpretations by prominent up-and-coming industrial acts who were cursed 
with the task of remixing these forbidden works: dead man's hill, dym, embodi, 
to mega therion, and vicious alliance.

FAMINE  - "every mirror turns black"    (CD)  (BCP)        ($12.00)
this release is simply an answer (at last) to the question, 'where can i get 
anything released by famine?' originally from winnipeg, famine now has made a 
mark for himself in the toronto, canada breakcore scene. a producer for 14 
years, with involvement in various projects of different genres, this will be 
his first official release... at fucking last!

'every mirror turns black' is a concept album of sorts, where famine, with 
precise precision unleashes the brutality and demons within him, smashing 
together black metal with breakcore cuts, psychedelia with an obstinate 
rejection of religion. 'every mirror turns black' is a deep look into the abyss 
where ritualistic contempt for the dogmatic forces inspires nothing but verdant 
loathing, and intense drug use creates a sudden clarity of mind that 
understands and embraces the negativity. famine's unique touch and intensely 
powerful programming have created an album with black metal as a theme rather 
than merely a black metal album.
bugs crawling out of people now present to you famine at his most intense and 
depraved, with enough pounding beats to slap you the fuck down.

it-clings vs PNEUMATIC DETACH- "the all too logical descent into madness"(CD) 
(BCP)          ($12.00)
if words are a weapon then canada's it-clings is a one man arsenal of mass 
destruction. never before has the truth been laid bare with such complex and 
honest emotions. when this spoken wordcore artist reaches into the depths of 
his soul he dishes out the harsh reality that lies within.

juxtaposing a very personal perspective with one that is fictionally extreme, 
"the all too logical descent into madness" is a reinvention of the archetypal 
industrial album. with a cynicism that borders on paranoia and psychopathy, 
this concept album drives the nail of truth home into the surface of all that 
we deem trivial and mundane, and all that we casually choose to ignore. 
searching past the banality of existence it is a stark look at the world where 
the only correct conclusions, the only logical conclusions are those of utter 
madness. and where does the blame for this insanity lie? it lies within 
everything and everyone. this is perhaps the angriest album you will ever hear.

then whom do you need to help deliver such gospel? at this point in steps 
boston's own underground industrial legend pneumatic detach. with crushing 
brutality the relentless barrage assaults the listener, but this is an assault 
of technical awe-inspiring rhythm and electronic structure. these are percision 
beats that act as the proverbial hammer to drive forward the vocal offensive.

expectations of what makes an industrial album must be put aside. what remains 
is a perfect blend of cruelty and humour that will surely go over the heads of 
most people. a perfect blend of pretentiousness and self mockery. a perfect 
blend of nihilism and common sense. a perfect blend of all that is wrong with 
industrial with all that is right.

in this, their first full length collaboration, it-clings and pneumatic detach 
compliment each other perfectly and deliver mercilessly on target. you have 
been warned.... listen at your own risk.

UNWOMAN - "uncovered"       (CD)        (UNMEDIATED)    ($12.00)
Uncovered Volume 1 is a fan-funded covers album. This volume includes songs 
written between 1980 and 1995, most of which I made a special attachment to in 
my childhood or adolescence. Styles vary widely. I intend all songs to be 
tributes to the original performances without attempting to emulate them.
Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a San Francisco-based 
cellist-singer-composer-producer. She performs with her solo voice-cello act in 
the Bay Area, is frequently featured at major steampunk, science fiction, and 
goth events, plays cello with Stripmall Architecture, Abney Park, Eliza 
Rickman, Vernian Process and other acts, and has also toured the US with 
Voltaire in 2009 and Rasputina in 2006. In September 2011 she released 
Uncovered, a covers collection featuring songs by Joy Division, Madonna, Front 
242, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, and Tori Amos.

SYNAPSCAPE - "traits"      (CD)   (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
since their debut album, tim kniep and philipp mnch have consistently impressed 
world wide audiences both on stage and with a wide number of high-octane 
releases combining distinctive vocal treatments, experimental electronics and 
rhythmic industrial with a touch of the unexpected - executing their own blend 
of both pounding beats and complexity. synapscape's layers of sound reveal 
themselves in a number of different ways on repeated listens, often with 
unforeseen results and this mixture of the basic and the detailed has been a 
constant characteristic on this project's work from day one. on previous albums 
they mixed in complex idm flavors and technoid beat structures in order to 
create new points of interest - 'traits' continues this fusion of harshness and 
subtlety in a most brilliant way.

the album takes the listener into a varied world of rhythmic textures ranging 
from the complex to straight energetic beat blasts accompanied by a multitude 
of synth treatments. the moods range from claustrophobic and ice-cold up to a 
peak of fiery fierce aggression, intensified by tim's versatile use of vocals. 
influenced by straight upbeat rhythm-based industrial, electro-clash, 
intelligent dance music and dark ambient, synapscape always maintain their own 
authentic style - from the cold ambience of 'conditio sine qua non' and 
'hiller' to the pounding bass sequences and disturbing high frequencies of 
'slowdive' and 'deerstalker', from the crystal clear sequences confronted with 
distorted beats on 'host' to the fevered singing and sulphurous body sequences 
on 'authority's my son'.

the journey that started 16 years before now, once again finds a remarkable and 
unique way of continuing on. listen well, and forgive us for worshipping the 
intellectual mind!

LINGOUF - "doeme"                (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)   (IMPORT)  ($15.00)
inspired by venetian snares' breakcore/classical crossover 'rossz csillag alatt 
szletett' and french hardcore & dark ambient artist ybrid's project 'requiem ex 
machina', lingouf's ambition for this release was to combine electronics with 
the sound of orchestral instruments. the violin of jacinto munoz, pierre 
mainier's trumpet assignment, the voice of marion vayssire, radio samples and 
citations from stphane mallarm's erotic writings were the catalyst used to make 
the combination of natural and synthetic elements blend together perfectly.

the album demonstrates a perfect juxtaposition of contemporary electronics and 
chamber orchestral sounds. multilayered strings fittingly strike the air, 
underlaid with a multiplicity of straight and broken beats, meticulously shaped 
together so the roughness of the rhythmic work never sacrifices the visceral 
impact of the intoxicating melodies. the more genre-typical chase-sequence feel 
of breakcore is given its own shape and form with touches here and there to 
give it a distinctively european feel - just like the quintette du hot club de 
france turned u.s. swing into something unmistakably continental.

carlos castaneda's book 'the art of dreaming' which describes the steps needed 
to master control and consciousness of dreams inspired lingouf to write the 
title track of this breathtakingly unique album. dome's visceral complexity 
possesses the nerves that cast shadows into the mind, never dissipating 
throughout the hours both sleeping and waking - be invited to tread aural 
virgin soil.

HECQ  -"avengers"           (CD)     (HYMEN)    (IMPORT)    ($15.00)
avengers assemble!

the avengers are earth's mightiest heroes, formed to fight the dastardly foes 
that no single hero could withstand. and just like they are the most 
prestigious and powerful super-hero team in the world, hecq became one of the 
most highly regarded artists and sound designers in the electronic music scene 
during the last years.

with avenger, enthusiastic listeners knowing his past work will discover the 
facet of ben lukas boysen that he displays at his high-energetic live shows. 
this is his most powerful and pushing release - you could tell a hecq dropkick 
from a mile away. against mediocrity, tedium and stagnancy hecq fights a high 
octane battle based on the pitch-black of dubstep and ecstatic breakbeats. ten 
tracks of luminance and tension executed with the aid of sharp-cut sound 
splinters, enchanting chord themes and potent sub bass pulses expedited by 
ramming mind-bending drum beat blows and additionally charged with five remixes 
by septic insurgent, trifonic, architect, anxst and deadfader.

avenger will be released as a regular cd version and as a limited edition 
including a heavy duty wrestling mask with embroidered patch, sticker, button 
and separate patch. cd-packaging: 6panel dvd-sized digipak.


THIS MORN'OMINA - "7 years of famine"(CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($17.00)
THIS MORN'ONINA - "le serpent blanc-le sepent rouge" (DOUBLE CD)(ANT-ZEN)
  (IMPORT) ($19.00)
THIS MORN'OMINA - "les passages jumeaux- le 25ieme degre- le 33ieme degre"
  (DOUBLE CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($19.00)
THIS MORN'OMINA -"momentum of singular clarity" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMP)($17.00)
THIS MORN'OMINA - l'unification des forces opposantes"(DOUBLE CD) (ANT-ZEN)
  (IMPORT) ($19.00)

TRAKKTOR - "force majeure"       (CD) (KATYUSHA/ DSBP)(IMPORT) ($15.00)
After 3 years of waiting its finally completed. 3 years of hard work, 3 years 
of anticipation from our fans.

Absolutely relentless EBM with a deep orchestral influence delivered by cold 
hard machines, fueled by the most intensified rage imaginable. We aim to take 
you to the very darkest of places of the human soul and back so strap 
yourselves in for one hell of a ride.

The name speaks for itself. Force Majeure!

(from SIDE-LINE.COM) Trakktor is a Swedish duo set up in 2001 by Pierre Maier 
and Tobias Jansson. Later on the duo got joined by Jens Lagnekvist aka DJ 
Conan. Right now Trakktor is again a duo as Tobias Jansson left the band to 
concentrate on his own project (ACC:Xess). Trakktor previously released an EP 
entitled "Veil Of Thorns", but you probably heard the band on a few great 
compilations like Electronic Body Matrix and Extreme Snderfall Vol. 11 or 
remixes for bands like Kant Kino, Cryo, Red Cell, Menticide ao.

"Force Majeure" is a good way to know a bit more about this band and the least 
I can say is that this album is an excellent EBM composition. Right after a 
short intro with the cool title Pandoras Box, we get a dark-body song entitled 
"Soothsayer". It sounds promising and is an excellent teaser for whats coming 
up. Trakktor deals with a very efficient and well-crafted EBM style. The songs 
are powerful and driven by harsh vocal parts. "Final Fusion" and "Veil Of 
Thorns" are quite efficient pieces. Those who know their EP Veil Of Thorns 
might have noticed the carrying lead running through the song.

Trakktor is not just composing EBM, but still takes care to elaborate the 
writing with alluring synth leads. Thats what they do a remarkable way on "The 
Surge" (released on the great sampler Electronic Body Matrix). Even if the song 
sounds quieter than the rest and is featuring female backings, its a damned 
good track as well. One more essential song is Spitfire. I like the lyrics of 
the track, which are dealing about a pilot from the famous airplanes of the RAF 
during WWII. I like the power, the sound, even the clich siren-sampling and the 
captivating string during the break.

Force Majeure has fully seduced me for its fresh EBM temperament. I totally 
agree what the band affirms in the booklet: And fuck all old farts who do not 
appreciate anything made after 87. It made me smile, but theyre damn right, 
illustrating that EBM is not only music of the 80s. This album gets my full 
support even being an old fart myself... Well-done guys! (DP:8)DP.

For an act who have existed for ten years it is rather unusual to not have 
released a single album during that time. But now it is here. Force Majeure is 
the name of the debut album.

TraKKtor is the duo of Pierre Maier and Jens Lagnekvist. Formed in 2001 more on 
hobby basis, the band took the shot and decided in 2006 to take the project to 
another level. Five years later, Force Majeure is the result.

Influences from Suicide Commando, Hocico or even Front Line Assembly and Skinny 
Puppy are not difficult to notice. At high pace, after the opening intro track 
Pandoras Box, they kick off with the powerful Soothsayer and continue to keep 
it up. Its harsh, dark and with fast beats it is like ment for the clubs.

Songs like Veil of Thorns bring forward a brighter structure though. Still at 
high tempo with fast beats but with influences from Trance. The contrast of the 
bright sound structure, the heavy beats and the dark vocals makes a really 
great mix. Do not forget the beautiful melodic atmosphere. And that is 
something I think the band does really good. They create these really dark 
songs with heavily distorted voice and heavy beats, but at the same time it 
feels very melodic. Almost every song has a strong melody and a great 

UCNX - "generation damaged"               (CD)   (DSBP)    ($12.00)
Philly/NJ Electro-industrial/EBM/Coldwave/IDM/You-Name-It-It's-In-There fusion 
band UCNX return with their sophomore LP release 'Generation Damaged', their 
first release since 2009's 'Run Your Body' single, on DSBP Records. The 9 track 
LP features a louder, angrier, more aggressive sound for the group, though not 
losing the hallmarks of their sound: rock-styled vocals, strong song-writing, 
an 90's style influence filtered through a modern sound, & a willingness to 
experiment and forge a more cohesive album that can both set the dancefloor on 
fire as well as command the full attention of your headphones.

Not counting the fun experiment of mashing up Nitzer Ebb with Iron Maiden from 
the 2009 single, 'Generation Damaged' represents the culmination of 2 difficult 
years for band members Doug "dOGulas" Sudia, John "nVIR" Monette, with 
assistance by new studio hand and guitarist Kurt "Zir0" Samuels. Life hardships 
for those involved have bred a snarling beast of an album, featuring a strong 
use of guitars to accent their hard industrial sound. Tracks like "Overgrowth" 
and the title track "Generation Damaged" feature propulsive dance beats mixed 
with thick synths and swirling noise loops, while tracks like the speed tempo 
classic NIN-styled "Still", heavy crusher "The Innocent" (with it's harsh noise 
outro being an exercise in endurance), and the equal parts destructive yet 
somber "Consequence Brings" vary the tempo and eliminate the possibility of 
redundancy throughout the album. Throw in rock-styled sung vocals, a 
collaboration with Blayne from fellow electro-rockers Idiot Stare and a cover 
of post-punk legends Killing Joke's "Our Last Goodbye", and you have an album 
that demands full attention beginning to end in the days of pick-and-choose 
digital music sampling. Uncompromising sound, variety, and a care and quality 
to their work that few bands can match. For fans of FLA, NIN, Cyanotic, newer 
Skinny Puppy...bands that blend heavy industrial with seamless production, 
crushing beats, melody & noise, veering back and forth between ripping guitars 
and thick, propulsive electronics with rock-styled vocals and intelligent 

AUXILIARY CONTROL -  "memories of you"        (CD)   (DSBP) ($10.00)
Rising from the ashes of L'Cry, Long Island, New York-based Auxiliary Control 
is the newest addition to the DSBP family. Consisting of vocalist David Swaine 
and producer Mike Hoffman (of Level 2.0), Auxiliary Control is intense, dark 
dance music with a razor sharp edge. Combining catchy melodies with fast-paced 
dance beats, and smooth and clear production, 'Memories of You' is sure to fill 
both dance floors as well as appeal to more introspective listening. While 
Auxiliary Control is futurepop in the same mold as classic Apoptygma Berzerk, 
VNV Nation, and Level 2.0, it definitely has its own distinct, original sound 
due to vocalist David Swaine's unique delivery and the musical depth of Mike 
Hoffman's compositions.

'Memories of You' is a stunning 10 tracks of uncompromising passion. Songs like 
'Rage' pulsate with dance-laden adrenaline; 'Liquid State' mixes edgy 
electronica with a soaring, melodic chorus, while other tracks such as 
'Symbiotic' and 'Lust' have an almost early new wave feel. There is something 
for everyone on this release. DSBP Records is proud to present what is sure to 
be a classic in the futurepop cannon.

VIGILANTE - "the new resistance"          (CD)     (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00)
One of the best coldwave/ industrial metal albums we have heard in years!!
Third album from VIGILANTE, featuring vocal and music collaborations with:
Atari Teenage Riot, LEATHER STRIP, TYSKE LUDDER, Strapping Young Lad,FEINDFLUG
Clawfinger, E-CRAFT, BIRMINGHAM 6, FUNKER VOGT, Public Enemy, Die Krupps DOPSE 
17 tracks in all! politically aware, pure rebellion, and no compromise!

NECRO FACILITY - "wintermute"             (CD)    (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00)
The third album from Swedens Necro Facility, following their worldwide club hit 
collaboration with Covenant. Wintermute is simply put an evolution in 
industrial music, one of the best crafted albums to be recorded in the genres 
history. Thats a tall statement but for a band that has taken four years to 
deliver their fourth CD, its a believable one. Recorded at Lionheart Studios in 
Stockholm, Wintermute delivers exactly what the industrial genre has been 
needing. A strong dose of intelligent pop injected into a difficult production 
that would make Skinny Puppy and Cyberactive swoon.

VTG       - "dance floor game"            (CD)     (VTG)         ($10.00)
VTG takes his dirty, sexy, electro rock sound to the dance floor and brings the 
listener right down into the packed crowd, the darkest corner and the sweatiest 
back room. In an animalistic journey through the mind of the user and abuser, 
you'll throb, shake, and grind your way through the "Dance Floor Game".

"Where Mr. Reznor has gradually lost much of his allure over the course of the 
last ten or so years, VTG captures all of the intensity, fury, and anger that 
was present in a Pretty Hate Machine and updates it..."

"Lying underneath the tortured moan of his vocals is some screaming electro 
rock, dark techno, and a hint of grunge, all twisted up in his own sadistic, 
pornographic world of demented sex."

"Over that throbbing bass-- just made for pelvic grinding-- we get a bodily 
fluid-filled, juice-fest of metallic riffs, hypnotic beats, and 
condom-destroying synth washes."

"It is as if industrial rock borrowed from Moby and kidnapped INXS. What this 
listener found is that Stone's voice is equally enthralling as it is 
disturbing. It is sexy without being hedonistic. It is dance music without 
frill, but rather blood traveling through the body."

"Each note is perfected and calculated to a insightful purpose. That is what is 
most enjoyable about VTG."

THE PAIN MACHINERY  - "Surveillance culture"  (CD)(C.C.P.)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
Surveillance Culture is the sixth studio album by Swedish electro punk 
powerhouse The Pain Machinery. Its also their most daring and confident
LP yet, combining retrofuturistic electronics, crisp danceable beats and 
assertive vocals that are more upfront than ever before. Asked about the 
impetus for the departure from their earlier heavily distorted
industrial sound, the band is adamant that less is more:
We simply felt it was time to strip away some layers,
to try and create maximum impact from a minimum
of audio tracks. This is probably the catchiest and
most listenable TPM has ever been, but its entirely
on our own terms. Weve also returned to some of
our older influences, everything from stuff like early
Human League and Killing Joke to Acid House and
New Beat. In general, were really into the whole
post-punk aesthetic and we tried to reflect that in
the packaging. In terms of production, we wanted
to keep the jagged edges and some of the human
imperfections  there are already enough people out
there doing meticulously polished electronic music.
Someone described us as a garage band with
synths instead of guitars, which is about as good
as it gets in our book!
The title indicates a concept album dealing with
CCTV surveillance:
Its mostly on a personal, internalised level. One of
the concepts we found interesting is the kind of selfsurveillance
you see on Facebook and elsewhere.
The combination of narcissism and naivete which
makes you realise that personal integrity is to be
taken for granted less than ever before. Also the way
people use social media to create an ideal image
of themselves, a sort of virtual plastic surgery that
removes all the skeletons in the closet. Another
recurring theme is money and its effects on people,
whether its rampant consumerism or deforestation.
Theres a lot of sarcasm and dark humour in
there though, and the lyrics are pretty open to
Surveillance Culture is the first TPM album on the
new Complete Control Productions label:
Its fantastic to finally be able to work with like-minded
people and we have a lot of promising things up our
sleeves. Were heavily involved with the label and its
definitely a long term commitment on our part. Watch
out for lots more mayhem later in 2011!
Having experimented with samplers, synths and
drum machines since the late 1980s, Anders
Karlsson released his first work as The Pain
Machinery in 1992. The initial idea was to mix
the raw energy of UK street punk and the sound
exploring possibilities of electro/industrial music.
Later joined by vocalist Jonas Hedberg, The Pain
Machinery has continued to expand on their original
formula through the years. The band, frequently
described as the missing link between punk, house
and Electronic Body Music, has gained a lasting
reputation for their intense and physical live shows
around Europe.

INFILTRATOR  -  "black light therapy" (CD) (C.C.P.) (IMPORT)     ($12.00)
Not every album takes over 20 years to finish, but this is indeed the case with 
the first proper release from Infiltrator. An enigmatic collective from the 
most backward parts of rural northern Sweden who refuse to reveal their 
individual identities.
Painstakingly compiled and reconstructed from cassettes originally released in 
extremely limited numbers in the eighties and nineties, Black Light Therapy is 
a harrowing document of addiction and accelerating mental illness. As key 
members of the Infiltrator sect have been in and out of psychiatric wards for 
the  better part of
the last decade, work has progressed very slowly and it is only recently that 
CCPhas persuaded them to finalise this collection of tracks.
Coma-inducing distorted drones, frenzied percussion and dislocated howls from 
the asylum all combine to drag the listener deep into the horrifying abyss of 
extreme Nordic winter depression. It is with great pleasure that we present 
these virtually unknown old school industrial gems which, like fine wine, have 
been allowed to mature for a quarter of a lifetime. Listen at your own peril 
and remember that it could well be another 20 years before you hear from 
Infiltrator again  if ever.

SCREAM MACHINE -  " devil bitch"    (CD)     ($8.00)   (SCREAM MACHINE)
  Scream Machine is female-fronted industrial machine rock, also known as "audio 
porn." Monster music. Scary-Sexy-Satisfying. It is your soundtrack for the 
impending zombie apocalypse.

  Mixing dance beats and electro bass with more traditional percussion, 
industrial sounds, ominous guitars and Scream Machine frontwoman SinDelle 
Mortes alternately sexy and ripping vocals, Scream Machine is not your 
...everyday mainstream industrial sound. According to SinDelle Morte, A lot of 
the industrial and electronic music today sounds really over-processed and 
over-produced to us. Its industrial. Its not pop. Its supposed to be hard and 
heavy and gritty and nasty-sounding. We want to kind of get away from that 
over-processed sound.

  The new CD "devil bitch" is their strongest effort to date with plenty of
industrial rock anthems, music to dance to, and powerful vocals and
lyrics.12 new tracks with a no compromise attitude and fresh approach!

THIS MORN' OMINA -"l'unification des forces opposantes" 
dear listener,
this is the end of an era for some and the start of a new one for others. this 
is nyan III. a concept coming full circle after approximately a decade, 
necessary musical side-steps included.

everything this morn' omina ever was meant to be, is here now, with a clear 
view towards the future.
it all came together when kindred spirits met.

so now we have arrived in this space. with a new musical approach. a new 
line-up. New concepts and hence a new existence.

'nigunnums' were introduced next to introduce a further exploration of the 
vocal aspect. new spiritual sources were tapped into and given the time to grow 
and flourish musically.

so welcome to an energetic auditory sensation with no spiritual limitations 
whatsoever. saccadic movements to skew your perception are here as feature, or 
perhaps as mandatory additions in order to let the kundaline flow.

so we remain, on the chosen path, welcoming all travellers, new or old.

mika goedrijk & karolus lerocq

'from the ashes i arise / from the fire i re-alight /enuma elish!
as you are - aiwass / as i am - you will be
reason is raving / anguish - insane
when i hear you say / long were those days

so let the garments vanish / and your body replenish
with a strengthened voice - filled with joy
let us scream the words: rejoice!

what we attain is of no avail / whirlwinds night and day
let no man decree your fate!'

(enuma elish)

with l'unification des forces opposantes (the unification of the opposing 
forces) this morn' omina present the third and final part of the nyan trilogy 
which now comes to a stunning conclusion after an intense period of 8 years.. 
on this 2cd-set t.m.o. broach the issue of renascence and infinity where the 
lyrics printed in the booklet are of serious significance for both for the 
artists themselves and the listener. the reincarnation focus of this release 
also showcases the recent state of the project with the addition of the new 
cast member karolus lerocq.

musically, this album expresses a multitude of moods from anger and struggle to 
catharsis and redemption. hypnotizing tribal ambience exist in parallel with 
razor sharp syncopated rhythms - a haunting intermixture of industrial, body 
techno, ritual ambient and ethnic downbeats, successfully forged into one 
pounding, rushing, euphoric dance explosion. what commenced as pure 
instrumental tracks at the beginning of this trilogy transmuted into vocalized 
statements of faith and emotion. a chimerical completion of a great epic, 
supplemented with five shortened [ccf] versions on a digital-only release.

PROYECTO MIRAGE -  "slaves of capital" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)($15.00)
with 6 full-length albums, one lp, remixes for various artists and countless 
appearances on numerous compilations proyecto mirage have made a name for 
themselves and take their firm position in the present industrial music scene. 
after a break of three years, they return with 'slaves of capital' - a truly 
fine example of experimental drum 'n noise core.

the spanish duo deliver an excellent album with extremely explosive 
techno-industrial, complemented with classic ebm, hardcore techno, 80's 
electropop and contemporary electronica components. right after track one all 
bets are off and you are stuck in a realm of solid beats and sounds to kick 
your butt - either you survive or get the hell out of their way. proyecto 
mirage's musical concept definitely has more variation and inventive usage of 
elements than the most in the genre: repetitive hammering kick drums, rubbery 
bass power, blasting beat structures, buzzsaw synths and noisy sound layers 
unite with disturbing electronic experimentation and strong analogue textures.

when the phrase harsh rhythmic electronics is mentioned this project should be 
at the frontal lobe. always keep in mind: proyecto mirage is not just an 
illusion but a concrete reality!

ARCHITECT - "upload select remix"  (CD)  (HYMEN) (IMPORT)   ($15.00)
many significant things have taken place in daniel myer's career since consume 
adapt create was released: architect was one of the headliners of maschinenfest 
2010 in oberhausen/germany besides lingouf, abs6, iszoloscope, niveau zero and 
many others. he enthused audiences in the u.s. and europe while touring with 
recoil, and also played in russia on a solo tour. he made a highly regarded 
remix of behind the wheel by depeche mode and also three remixes for recoil... 
this year was for sure the busiest one in daniel's life.

during the last thirteen years architect has become a well-acknowledged and 
acclaimed project by world wide audiences and artists alike. this collection 
contains remixes by 14 international projects, well known and yet undetected, 
adding their interpretations of his previous works. daniel's music was used as 
a trigger for a multiplicity of styles and sounds, ranging from melodic 
electronica (subheim), straight techhouse beats (andr winter, for a space, 
re-drum, repair, david partido, dsx), up to complex broken rhythms (brazda lui 
novac) and mighty dubstep / drum'n'bass blasts appended by stendeck, hecq, keef 
baker, vndl, end.user and comaduster. upload selected remix is waiting - listen 
up and see for yourself!

As the 100th release on DSBP records, Andro-Dioxin's stunning debut 'Dioxin
City', is a record that embodies the entire philosophy of the label: harsh,
dark, diverse, uncompromising, cyberage -music of the highest quality.

Hailing from Tijuana, MX, Andro-Dioxin is a promising new dark electro act
combining harsh, caustic song structures with melody and dance-floor friendly
crossover appeal. Having already shared the stage with such international acts
as Amduscia, Mordacious, and Larva, Andro-Dioxin now stands poised to make
their own mark in the industrial landscape. Upon first listen, Dioxin City
echoes the angry electronics of classic releases by Hocico and Amduscia, but
has a sound all its own, seamlessly mixing musical styles such as harsh EBM,
futurepop, hardstyle, rock & metal with lyrics drawing upon everyday human
experiences, or as Evergoth Dioxin would put it "aspects of my reality turned
towards the future".

Dioxin City also marks the beginning of a new partnership with Engraved Ritual,
a young label dedicated to bringing the very best in underground Latin American
dark electro to the spotlight. This continues the DSBP tradition of being at
the forefront of the industrial underground.

WHORE - "WHORE"               (CD)        (DSBP)       ($12.00)
DSBP is proud to present the first album of recorded material from the
industrial-metal band WHORE. A stark landscape of harsh rhythms, heavy guitars,
and synthetic textures, this self-titled album comprises an aural journey
through the very horrors of existence coupled with the terrifying visions of
Quartier Macabre (Velvet Acid Christ), the artistic talents of Christophe
Szpajdel (Emperor), and the mastering work of Tommy T (Diverje).

Taking influences from such acts as BILE, GODFLESH, FEAR FACTORY, FRONT LINE
ASSEMBLY, and PSYCLON NINE, Whore weaves a diverse tapestry that functions as
dancefloor fodder as well as a soundtrack for a moshpit.

WHORE is the creation of a certain Jim Wicked and Dez Wicked both of whom
previously did work for musical projects such as The Divine Chemical (voted
number one industrial band in Nevada by MusicMates.com) as well as stints with
Sleep Now Yes and Another Liquid Ramble. After many years of introspection,
misdirection, and self-destruction, Mr. and Mrs. Wicked have returned with a
new project of music that attempts to tackle head-on the demons which haunt the
very nature of existence in a combative environment of layered industrial
rhythms, heavily distorted guitars, synthetic soundscapes, and pleas to a God
which has long ago turned it's back on the human species.

As always we want to bring you NEW, ORIGINAL and DIVERSE sounds @ DSBP RECORDS
and this one really reminds us of the days of INDUSTRIAL/METAL co-existing in
chaotic harmony. Fans of 90's COLDWAVE and GRIND/METAL fans can appreciate the
power of this release!

DJ 3RR0R - "TEKKNOLOGY"     (CD) (MUTANT-E)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
  After the success pf T3rr0r 3rr0r, its leader Joel has his own solo project. A 
more dancable act for discos and DJs that
will hit the world soon! This release goes a bit further in his
TBM exploration and fans of T3 will LOVE it, as well as old school
TEKKNO fans and Industrial clubbers alike.
12 tracks of dancefloor madness!Released on Mutant-E RECORDS!!

The first album of this newcomer success! After being out of print for some 
time, GAS has finally been released again.
This Spanish Duo mix OLD SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL/ NEW EBM,and a diverse
and aggressive electronic assault!
11 tracks of blistering EBM! Released on Mutant-E!!

  The first CD of FIRST AID 4 SOULS is released on ELECTRO-ARC!! A real
gemm in the scene right now, mixing the electronic sounds and interesting, 
various styles of vocals, and cool guests as well..
Madalina Kertesz- Linda Daemon from Drugzone- Mark from I Am One- Aaron Russell 
from Impurfekt & Tor Marrock! Eszter Agoston- lyrics, vocal, guitar, David 
Konsitzky- Jacky Ohtaka-

Musically, FA4S also relies on several kinds of tradition, deliberately mixing 
the fine brutality of noise music with the psychedelic pulsation of trance and 
blending the rich melodies of new wave with the strict grinding of industrial 
metal. Obviously, we dont care for being labeled to suit any one category of 
music and the current musical trends have no effect on us at all. Ive 
established the Sound & Chord record label to promote like minded individuals 
and groups (on not-for-profit basis) enabling these talented and deserving 
artists to record in a professional environment.. Thank you for your interest 
in First Aid 4 Souls. Regards, Istvn Gazdag

15 tracks fill this CD with much variety and great styles!!

back in stock ....


AHNST ANDERS - "HOME"    (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)    (IMPORT) ($14.00)
ahnst anders' latest album reflects the personal changes and experiences in 
his' life since the release of 'many ways'. for a certain period he lived in 
berlin and the time he spent in germany's agitating metropolis was the desired 
and necessary main inspiration for this release. the result might be an 
artistic rediscovery to those who are familiar with his previous works.

being known as a mainly ambient-oriented artist, anders processed the many 
suggestions he received by applying a rigid intensity, making this album way 
more solid than anything he has done before. vibes ranging from iciness, 
disorientation and hatred to euphoria, security and love - the development 
between being emotively homeless and finding the way home.

as the nine tracks were intended to be connected as a whole, it is highly 
recommended to play the entire album from start to finish as one. from the dark 
ambient monolith 'intro' to the sanguine, hypnotic title track and the quiet 
shores of 'hope & homeless' as an epicenter, 'home' might be interpreted as an 
aural wave starting and ending on a high peak and having a low one at the 
centre expressing true dynamics. most tracks on this album are built around 
varied grooves from dubstep to mesmerizing tribal textures to create 
astonishing ambiences and cinematic soundscapes with a deeply human feel. 
'home' proves to be a very enduring record, on which ahnst anders shows some 
clear signs of his visionary talent.

100BLUMEN -"SURVEILLANCE"   (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)  (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
'the surveillance continues to multiply. the accountability continues to 
diminish.' (brian trent: 'freedom under surveillance, part I')

since the beginning 100blumen have constituted a firm combination of powerful 
electronics and political acuteness. started as a one man project by marcel van 
blumen, the project amplified to a duo after chris van blumen's guitar 
supported marcel during live performances and on a few past tracks - now chris 
is a permanent band member and together they're stronger than ever. on the 
fourth album on ant-zen their versatility is audible on each track, way beyond 
any 'industrial' or 'electropunk' clichs.

supported by l. delogne (le moderniste) who is responsible for the spoken word 
on 'la fin absolue du monde' and 16pad noise terrorist collaborating on 'dig 
that shizzel', 100blumen have created a deep expression of 'feelings while 
living in a surveillance society'. this album contains a multilateral spectrum 
of vibes ranging from melancholic violence to belligerence. a multitude of 
rhythmic variations - broken and straight - appended with stirring basses lay 
the groundwork for subtle melodic excursions, synthesized fury and razor-sharp 
six-string attacks, all kept together with epic artificial string entries. 
stylistic boundaries are non-existent: ambient, technoid industrial, punk and 
breakbeat add up to an explosive bouquet - play loud!

'the most precious good is freedom, and we have to defend it with courage and 
faith' (valeriano orobn fernandz: 'a las barricadas')

SLEW 52 - "CATALOG"        (2-CD)      (HYMEN)       ($17.00)
slew52, who has also appeared as slam52 and .slam: is the aarhus / denmark 
based project of daniel kosenko, here presenting his first full length album 
after the cknirk digital ep release. starting as an electric bass player in 
2001 and attending lessons at music schools daniel discovered the sound of 
squarepusher and autechre by chance and started assimilating these new 
inspirational sounds with open source music software. the manipulation of pure 
data into sound (or 'klang', as daniel designates) became his main focus, 
inspired by post-industrial, drone and avantgarde artists like coil, thomas 
kner, the hafler trio and nurse with wound. in 2007 he discovered a hardware 
rhythm producing / sampling tool named machinedrum which changed his approach 
to sound production from non-rhythmic works towards the examination of 
cadences. beat-oriented or not, slew52's musical aim has always been of an 
explorative and experimental embouchure.

catalog demonstrates the many facets of daniel's artistic and emotional 
spectrum and the separate cd's should be seen as two different sides of one 
medal. cd1 displays what he calls 'adrenaline tracks': twisted beats and 
alienated styles from dubstep to futuristic breakcore result in eleven 
abstract, challenging works drilling inside the unprepared listeners' brain 
like sonic mindbombs. besides his own creations, he also used tracks by dj 
donna summer, dustdive and even a youtube video soundtrack as his basis. this 
is densely produced, detialed contemporary experimental music you have to be 
focused upon, but it is definitely worth the struggle. the ten tracks on cd2 
are entirely different: based on electroacoustics and ambient / drone-oriented, 
these works showcase the other side of slew52 - an entirely different starting 
point and direction regarding his thoughts on sound. vivid, dark and cinematic 
sound sculptures enriched with expertly placed field recordings generate a 
collection of varied atmospheres, both relaxative and menacing.

this album is maybe the most antithetic release hymen records ever made, 
showing two apparently different sides of an artist - nevertheless the 
difference lies in the eyes of the beholder, and slew52 demonstrates to you in 
his own way, that the way he sees it, there is actually no difference at all - 
it's only two perspectives, yielding in one catalog.

KARSTEN PFLUM - "no noia my love"  (CD)    (HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
inspired equally by 80's synth pop, detroit techno and nordic folk-music, 
karsten pflum started experimenting with old synths and sequencers in the 
middle of the 90's using the name of slaphead faun.
after discarding that name he released his first album 'tracks' on the 
legendary label worm interface in 2003, soon followed by ep's and full length 
releases on labels like jenka music, tender productions, suburban trash 
industries and mindwaves (where slaphead faun rose again as an album title). 
his music has been broadcasted across the airwaves by such luminaries as 
legendary british dj legend john peel and mary anne hobbs to name a few, and he 
has toured in scandinavia, germany, uk, spain & turkey, both solo and as a 
member of groups. over the years he became part of the intriguing and very 
talented young danish school of electronica and a driving force of the north 
european electronic music stage. currently he lives in berlin and studied 
electronic music at the academy of his former home town of aarhus.

karsten pflum pays tribute to the glory days of idm without losing focus on the 
future of the genre. he explores the boundaries of heavy bass driven dubstep, 
frantic d'n'b and breakcore, combining soulful soundscapes with hard complex 
rhythm programming and treatments. 'i make music as a kind of therapy' he 
explains, 'i try to live in a parallel world of music, where the things that 
happen reflect 'reality' but at the same time live their own life, and kind of 
grow on their own. i guess i am a pretty typical electronic musician, who tries 
to develop my music all the time, and find the identity that suits me at the 

the curious playfulness that has characterized pflum's work since his debut has 
evolved and become less nave and more sophisticated. 'no noia my love' offers a 
multitude of twisted yet melodic tracks with an epic quality, exploring the 
borderlands between repetition and rhythmic intricacy. through his incredibly 
distinct programming, alluring ambience and low frequency treatment he brings 
the minimal compositions to higher grounds, balancing between machine-generated 
tightness and organic plasticity.

in karsten's own words, the album title is meant as a genuine wish for the 
recipient not to worry, everything will be alright. so take a deep listen to 
this crystal clear production and welcome the new hymen records' family member. 
no noia, my love!

TWENTY KNIVES - "the royal we"     (CD) (HYMEN)   (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
you have received a royal invitation: leaving your spaceship you are stranded 
on a strange, colourful island. a tiny robot takes you by the hand and is your 
host for the next 45 minutes (you will even have the chance to speak to him!). 
everything is a bit odd here, but who could resist the urge to explore this 
foreign kingdom? the royal we by twenty knives is the perfect soundtrack for 
our trip. it will stimulate your imagination with sounds mixed together from 
electronica, idm and dubstep, sometimes with traditional influences or 
orchestrated by string quartet. all this pleases our ears and is the result of 
a curious and talented artist from the noble lands of nyc: the man behind 
twenty knives serves us 13 songs full of self-made instruments and effects. 
together with him singing instead of common sampling, the whole album bears an 
irresistible personal spirit.

all of the compositions consist of powerful harmonics, being carried over the 
edge, overdriven, and still sophisticated in a way only electronic emperors 
know to do. we feel reminded of 1990s computer games, a very alien version of 
alice in wonderland and a crazy mechanical hatter. and while you struggle to 
understand what your ears are encountering, you realize your feet have already 
started tapping to the rhythms. not only for lovers of the experience of 
mind-expanding drugs, this release makes you the protagonist in your own 
the royal vomitorium from the miwak twelve compilation (hymen records 777) has 
been a hors doeuvre of what will finally expand here to a full-blown 
psychedelic trip. and yet, we are already looking forward to what will be 
chapter two after this aristocratic prelude. twenty knives is the electronic 
glamrock of the century, absorbing the madness of aphex twin on lsd with ziggy 
stardust singing the royal theme of a velvet goldmine.

STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET - "blood and passion"(CD)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKETs songs haunt for over three years
consistently over the dark dance floors, but only a few people knew about
whos behind this great electro-industrial club music.
Now with the 15 track CD "Memories", + "Blood and passion", all this club 
attacks get a face ... the face is the german/nederland alliance STAHLNEBEL & 

The 15 track debut album contains a very cool balance between old school and 
new school/technology, and the guest appearances by JOHAN VAN ROY /SUICIDE 

The trio choose ADVOXYA Records as partner to reach more people with
their label debut "Memories" and "Blood and passion" ...
STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET - Club Electro-Industrial to move,
listen and dance, lyrics with emotions and sense !

CYANIDE REGIME  - "global compromise"      (CD)   (GORESTONE) ($12.00)
Four years after the release of the raw debut "Visions of Order", Cyanide 
Regime returns as the joint
effort of Colombian Fernando S. and Americans Brian Blitzkrieg and KC Killjoy 
out of Miami, Florida.
Their current mission is the creation of dance-oriented tracks with a heavy 
Electronic Industrial
influence. Their music, lyrics and concept illustrate the project's obsession 
with geopolitics,
religion, and contempt. Their melodic musical hostility is back to compel dance 
floors for a second
invasion with the sophomore release: "Global Compromise". This new vigorous 
effort exerts bringing
together the eclectic input of each Cyanide Regime member. The release includes 
remixes by Icon of
Coil and Spektralized, and the skilled mastering of Sebastian Komor.

Besides actively performing in the state of Florida stages, Cyanide Regime has 
brougth their music
live to venues in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Austin, and the band has 
been able to support on
stage several famous Industrial acts like Combichrist, Funker Vogt, God Module, 
FGFC820, Assemblage
23, Icon of Coil, Accessory, Informatik, and Terrorfakt among others.

Cyanide Regime is back, and It's back to stay. For more info visit
and Join The Regime.

THE PAIN MACHINERY - "auto surveillance"  (CD) (C.C.P.) (IMPORT) ($13.00)
The first release on new label Complete Control Productions, "Auto 
Surveillance" also features two tracks ("Twilight" and "Exit Strategy") which 
will not be included on the album.

For all intents and purposes, this is three singles in one with a total playing 
time of almost 70 minutes. An extended burst of punishing beats and basslines, 
ready to rip the darkest of dancefloors to shreds.

A diverse selection of artists (Necro Facility, The Weathermen, Severe Illusion 
and Jouni Ollilla to name a few) have been given free rein to reshape three 
album tracks into everything from dark electro house to twisted rockabilly with 
amazing results.

This change of approach is already reflected in "Auto Surveillance", a 
collection of remixes from the forthcoming album "Surveillance Culture" due 
later in 2011.

Surge & Subside is a fundraiser compilation album, which showcases over 40 
Electronic and Industrial tracks, spanning a double-CD and digital download 
pack. All proceeds from this album will be sent to the flood victims in 
Queensland, Australia.

All songs have been generously contributed by Australian and international 
artists including Angelspit, Assemblage 23, Psyche, Dismantled, Diverje,
Bound In Oblivion, Streak, Lucidstatic, Managdrive, NVEiN, Skrew, ANGELTHEORY, 
Empty, I, Parasite, Android Lust, Autoclav 1.1, Anhedonia,
iammynewt, Collide and many more.
Everyone involved has been  eager to put their music towards helping the people 
whose lives have been  devastated by the overwhelming disaster of the 
Queensland floods.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected, including our 
friend Ken Evans of the band Tycho Brahe, whose home was severely damaged.

We hope you enjoy listening and we thank you for supporting the cause!
Please read our Charity Details for more information.

17 bands from the worldwide underground with PFF PRODUCTIONS AND DSBP
RECORDS promoting these mostly "unsigned" bands to the masses!!
bands with diversity and originality as well!!
  Now on volume 4 of this compilation series here with many of
the bands from previous volumes, with new and unreleased tracks!


Overall this compilation brings more variety and quality than most others
in the scene these days! real good selections, and new tracks here!

PHILLIP MUNCH -  "into the absurd"        (CD)    (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
philipp mUnch has worked as an active musician since the beginning of the 90s 
and has formed countless projects covering all facets of electronic music like 
ars moriendi, the incredible three, monokrom and synapscape. during the last 
two years he has recorded the first album to be released under his full name: 
into the absurd.

the sound design shown here certainly contains repetition, but intelligent and 
well thought out repetition. a masterful demonstration of minimalism and 
animalism initially designed to rethink the boundaries of popular music and 
influenced by pioneering groups of the british industrial music scene in the 
mid 70's, such as throbbing gristle, cabaret voltaire and clock dva. these 
artists were the genesis of the sound that legions of followers would mutate in 
a myriad of directions into genres that you know and love. pulsing drones, dark 
ambient soundscapes, analog style drum machines, hard dark synth lines and 
monotonous bass loops distorted to the point where it borders on harsh noise. 
these sounds merge together with treated voices and samples. occasional 
distortion gives the music a rough edge, but elements of beauty are also 
expressed within the landscape philipp paints.

this album will take you to amazing places. play it in the dark, or set your 
analog television between channels and watch the static while listening.

EMPUSAE & SHINKIRO - "organic aural ornaments"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
empusae is a project created by sal-ocin who is also a member of various other 
projects such as this morn' omina, tzolk'in, project arctic and also works as a 
live member of ah cama-sotz and in slaughter natives. sal-ocin is always 
open-minded about working together with other artists, as can be heard on this 
album: a liaison with manabu hiramoto a.k.a. shinkiro from osaka, japan who 
collaborated with artists like contagious orgasm, hybryds and jack or jive, and 
who has also made releases under the name kotodama.

organic.aural.ornaments is based mostly on track-sources from manabu 
supplemented by sal-ocin. both artists' aural characteristics merge perfectly: 
shinkiro's cinematic dark soundscapes with a meditative touch blend with 
empusae's haunting ritualistic ambience and enthralling melodies. varied 
rhythmic structures ranging from tribal to minimalistic sequences loom out of 
the vast, lamenting synth sounds - a kaleidoscope of ethereal atmospheres, both 
enthralling and enchanting.

in sal-ocin's words, the term 'organic' fits perfectly concerning the result of 
this collaborative work. two artistic minds fused into one, creating a movie 
without visuals or dialogue. organic.aural.ornaments is waiting for you to step 
through the frame and into an imagined world, and we highly recommend taking 
the chance.

MILLIPEDE - "powerless"               (CD)    (HYMEN)           ($14.00)
a year and a half after 'all my best intentions', don hill presents his new 
work 'powerless' on hymen records. this album became deeply personal because it 
was written during a difficult time for don and his
family. 'powerless' is a musical document of this period, the feelings of 
powerlessness and continual surrendering to find a strength beyond ones self. 
this is a story of love, death and resurrection.

for the realization of this opus don received creative support on each track. 
brett smith (caul), brian grover (khadag blue), candle nine, access to arasaka, 
james church (lucidstatic), steve hall (veil of
secrecy), tony young (autoclav1.1), jan carleklev (parca pace / sanctum), and 
tapage loaned their considerable talents to help tell the story of the vigil 
don kept as his family and sons struggled to find
meaning in the midst of sadness and uncertainty.

melancholy and introspection are audible on this album, yet there is no 
despair, but rather hope. deep idm textures alternate with ambient soundscapes 
and magnificent synth chords. complex beats highlight the
well-placed electronic structures enriched with piano and guitars. once again 
millipede effortlessly moves between the boundaries of dark ambient and 
intelligent dance music

JEROME CHASSAGNARD       - "the time from underneath" (CD) (HYMEN)($14.00)
when Jerome Chassagnard began creation of his second solo album, his intentions 
were to create the expression of a science-fiction scenario set in the 
not-too-distant future through the medium of sound, beyond any 'space opera' 
like ambitions. the time from underneath is influenced by movies like 
'gattaca', imaginary futuristic urban environments and time travel - all of 
which are favorite topics often used by such luminaries as ray bradbury and 
stanley kubrick who are some of jrme's main influences.

this album showcases jerome's ability to transform these creative inputs into 
music. focusing on electronica, darker ambient and intelligent dance music, he 
uses these styles without losing his own musical fingerprint and blends them 
into one seamless and effortlessly soaring whole.

the time from underneath is an amalgam of quiet, dreamy atmospheres, at times 
supported by an energetic play of rectilinear downtempo grooves and laid-back 
emotional textures with melancholic keyboard chords taking the listener to 
places which do not yet exist. from time to time a glimpse of darkness and 
slight melancholic sadness hides behind the mirror of technology, accentuated 
by sporadic voice samples and field recordings.

a deep, atmospheric album recommended to all of those that seek a pleasant 
listening experience by stepping into the possible world of tomorrow.

CULTURE KULTUR - "spirit"        (CD)    (IMPORT) (CAUSTIC REC)  ($14.00)
Spirit" is the long expected return of Culture Kultur five years after their 
last work, "Reborn". This new album represent the perfect mix between hard 
worked melodies, club oriented rhythms, dark cadences and reality inspired 
lyrics. But there is more in this work beyond the classic danceable tracks that 
have made the band style popular. We can find a musical aperture to the 
mid-tempos whose result is both surprising and touching. Its heavy beats, 
catchy choruses, real life topics, and vital attitude make this album a work 
that represents the present of underground electropop. The universe is full of 
spirit and you are part of it... the cover version of JOY DIVISION - "LOVE WILL 
This band will appeal to ASSEMBLAGE 23, COVENANT, VNV NATION fans too!

MEKANIK DISORDER -"cold and strong"  (CD) (IMPORT) (CAUSTIC REC) ($14.00)
A trip to the purest and coldest essence of Electronic Body Music. A sunset 
over a desolated land in which frontiers move from Front 242 to Calva y Nada, 
from ;GRUMH to Nitzer Ebb, from DAF to Absolute Body Control. The awaited 
Mekanik Disorders first release shows, in 12 awesome tracks, its strong 
personality inside the current old school EBM scene. Cold and visceral 
electronics as a last way to escape of feelings, expressed in four languages 
English, German, Spanish and Dutch-, in an extraordinary variety of tempoes, 
melodies and vocal records.

AKTIVE.HATE - "in terrorem"     (CD)   (IMPORT)     (ADVOXYA)  ($14.00)
Another great newcomer on our label and also one more great debut. This time 
from Portugal. Near two years after releasing his debut web-free release and one
year after putting off his second  demo record, Alex mr. ISK (electrobrain
behind the project Aktive.Hate) is on the air again with 15 fresh  unreleased
songs. His first physical debut outfit "In Terrorem" demonstrates the deep
potential and talent in all  synthpop and dark-electro genres. Aktive.Hate is
one of the most interesting acts among the young breeds of  electro-scene.
Created in 2007 to explore a slightly different vein of sound, Aktive.Hate
evolved into a presence of it's  own, slowly defining itself as more than just a
secondary offshoot. Dealing with both hate and love, pain and  pleasure, this
music strives to touch all the spektrum of human feelings. Dirty, dark, and
vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful  and hateful. 

SADIZTIK INJEKTION - "global genocide"  (CD)  (IMPORT) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
Turkey's Terror EBM (Aggrotech) Pioneer SADIZTIK:INJEKTION was formed in the
year of 2006 by Samet zgr. He first released "Infekted and Injekted" song via
Internet. which got some nice reviews. Arsenique (Utku) from Turkish Gothic /
Darkwave band Dabbet-l-arz was produced on this song. Then Samet released
"Endless 8" via Internet. When the song was produced at that time it got some
very good reviews even though it had bad quality sound. Thus these songs was the
end of amateur recording for SADIZTIK:INJEKTION. SADIZTIK:INJEKTION started his
debut promotional demo "Beta Version World" . He later on released a few songs
from this album via Internet. These songs had some excelent reviews from
listeners and some bands, especially, leader of Terror EBM genre Suicide
Commando ! Finally SADIZTIK:INJEKTION released his first aldum "Beta Version
World". Later, SADIZTIK:INJEKTION has started for recordings of second full
lenght album called "Global Genocidesynthlines, atmospheric dark pad, rhythmic
basslines. This is new album of SADIZTIK:INJEKTION! SADIZTIK:INJEKTION gave a
new song from "Global Genocide" to Johan Van Roy's second Compilation CD "Noise
Terror Vol.2 - World Wide Electronics"! In the summer of 2009,
SADIZTIK:INJEKTION signs with Hungarian EBM/Industrial label Advoxya Records! -
Violence will never ends!!!

This music project is pure passion and our target is to create music that enjoy
ourselfes and let the people move on the dark dance floors. The lyrics went
between bad world reality and fictional themes. With Sander of Black Selket we
have a great fellow, with the same passion in music. Stahlnebel & Black Selket
is trying to bring you more songs and live-performances int he future. YOUR CLUB
HITS GET A FACE  ADVOXYA presents the debut releases from the secret weapon of
the dark dance floors: STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET  - The german & nederland
alliance ! Club Electro-Industrial to move and dance, lyrics with emotions and

DEADJUMP - "animus necandi"   (CD)   (IMPORT) (ADVOXYA)  ($14.00)
Deadjump arrised from a Dark-Elektro band called Brutal Divergenz known in the
90s musical scene. Alexandre Ramos, deadjump leader, began his work in 1996,
release the first demo Holy Mind. In this demo are evidents influences from
Project Pitchfork and Front Line Assembly, mixing this influences and creanting
a personality sound. Many melodies, but keeping agressivity permeate nine tracks
in this demotape. After acquisition new equipments, Alexandre Ramos, rebuild his
concepts trying new sounds and compose VIRTUAL MASTURBATION OS A BASTARD LEADER,
in 1997 by 4D Records. For a time, Deadjump sttoped its Works. In 2006,
Alexandre Ramos returns in 2006 preparing a new release called immortal. This
album contains remixes from good bands like Alien Produkt, Polygon and others
and the result was a success: good reviews, new interviews and hits in all
world. Musics like save from all my sins, resist, heartbreak and life are
playing in all  EBM/Industrial radio. The new album "animus necandi" shows new
growth and maturity into the sound but with the sound that has made DEADJUMP a
staple act in this scene.

LARVA - "entre agujas"    (CD) (IMPORT)     (ADVOXYA)    ($14.00)
The project was born on the 1998, by the hand of InqUesT and Blackend with the
name Morbid Mind. With zeal experimenter and focused towards electro-industrial
sounds; they self-produce some tapes that are distributed by his circle of
friendship, without major impact. On the year 2003 already in solitary and with
renewed forces, InqUesT, he gives a new course to the project it changing name
(now 'Larva'). Due to the technical, social and ideological change of the
formation. Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful sound;
more noises and hardness, without losing an alone apex of his darkness. In the
beginning of the 2006 the formation had enriched by the contribution of two more
members (M.L. and Anoxia); what provides to his compositions of major diversity,
and the live shows of more energy. The first record contract arrives with
Diogenes Syndrome at Komblok Records (www.komblok.com); who distributes the
album in digipack format towards USA and Europe. The year 2007 starts with the
new Albums band Autosectarismo; self-produced. At year 2008 Larva signs with
Advoxya Records (www.advoxya-records.com) for the
release of Voces del laberinto; that will be out on 2008 and has been mastered
by Jan (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X) The cd will include two videos as a bonus tracks. In
2010 the remix album has been released featuring LARVA killer tracks remixed by

NEXUS VI - "apocalypse"  (CD) (IMPORT)  (ADVOXYA)   ($14.00)
The debut 15 track CD from this solid RUSSIAN act featuring male and female 
vocals which take their turns and sound different to each other but in harmony
with the music.A frantic mix of harsh  EBM, industrial, and melodies and
darkness, harshness combine..trancey synthlines and occasional guitars really 
give this band a nice range and diverse touch to the madness!!

THE PAIN MACHINERY - "urban survival"(CD) (IMPORT) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
After 3 albums on legendary american label BLC Productions (2003 "The Venom Is 
Going Global", 2005 "Hostlife", 2007 "Chaos: Transmissions" - all available at
advoxya-shop) and period of relative  silence, The Pain Machinery is gearing up
for the release of their long-anticipated "Urban Survival" album  featuring
among others Chemlab's Jared Louche. To prepare the ground for what will will
surely be one of the year's  electro/industrial highlights, an EP filled to the
brim with exclusive mixes and non-album tracks will be out in  November 2nd.
Having recently joined forces with Advoxya Records, the new material sees TPM
going in a more  electronic direction while keeping the edge and aggression of
their earlier work. The lead track, "Total Recall", is  presented in a variety
of mixes showcasing the band's ability to forge classic heavy-duty basslines,
disciplined beats and  commanding vocals into a sound that brings early EBM
straight into the future. URBAN SURVIVAL features 14 varied tracks with hard
ebm/ industrial/ power noise  and technoid synths and 3 tracks with special
guest, the legendary JARED LOUCHE OF CHEMLAB!!! highly recommended! For more
information please visit: http://www.myspace.com/thepainmachinery

FIRST BLACK POPE - "spiritual/ spiral"  (CD) (IMPORT) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
FIRST BLACK POPE: brand new harsh electro-goth outfit from Italy combining hard 
powerful beats in malevolent and grevious atmos-fears with cutting edge painful
screaming vocals which tell the  difficult marriage between the sense of sin and
permeating feeling of imminent catastrophe. In 2004: selected by  London
Cryonica Records , featured in vol.3 of their celebrated sampler Cryonica Tanz
with the track Evil One  (fucking bastard remix) together with bands such as
track has also been added to the playlist of several noted goth djs worlwide.
Following: The band opens for  bands like ULTRAVIOLENCE, PANKOW, DAS ICH,
KIRLIAN CAMERA, ROSA CRUX and INERTIA, gaining a strong reputation for  their
extremely violent and blasphemous live shows with notorious bleeding
penance-performance. Of c(o)urse(d) hailing  from Italy the FIRST BLACK POPE is
the ultimate Evil Body Music sensation into electro Industrial scene. After 
gaining a strong reputation for their extremely violent and blasphemous live
shows with notorious bleeding penance  -performance and (sac)religious rituals
the First Black Pope is now ready to spread his malevolent blessings amongst 
the new sick electro breed. Get into their "Spiritual Spiral" album for harsh
powerful beats in malevolent and  grievous atmosfears with cutting edge painful
screaming voices for the most incredible industrial mystical  experience.

DRAINED SCORN - "release the hate"     (CD) (IMPORT)  (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
This project started in the year 2004. After some experiences with trance, 
hardcore Mr. Lagash (master-mind beside the Drained Scorn) started to focus more
in the creation of intense Industrial  sound, presenting weird mix of styles,
giving shape an brutal electronic, industrial and violent sound. In  June 2006,
the project received the name of Drained Scorn. The band worked on its very
intense sound to make it better and better.Then on 2007 May, the band stoped his
progress and production because of different o?cupations. The  production starts
running again in later 2007 with fresh ideas and a very brutal sentiment
prepared to be screamed along  the songs. Several remixes were developed along
the same year, including Suicide Solution, Alien Produkt and  Deadjump among
other very skillful and powerfull projects. Label Advoxya Records released the
song Reptile Brain in  the Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome II. Many changes were
into the album elaboration, and the initial track-list was  modified adding
songs and removing anothers. One of those songs were "Stick It To Your Brain"
which was made with  the colaboration of Porno Grindcore singer: KBZA who
participated with the vocal track giving live to one of the  most violent songs
ever. But now, on 2009 finally everything is aligned to make the first strike of
pure hate at  hands of label Advoxya Records with "Release The Hate" on october,
13th this year. Also, work does not stopped,  there's a lot of remixes and
collaborations to be done with talented bands such C-lekktor and Sublagrimal.

MASSIV IN MENSCH - "niemand weiss. was die zukunft bringt"  (CD) (ARTOFFACT)
After 2008's zany "Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle", Massiv in Mensch pull no
punches on their sixth studio album, the aptly titled "Niemand weiss, was die
Zukunft bringt" (Nobody Knows What the Future Will Bring). The album opens with
an intro featuring the unmistakable voice of German actor Reiner Schoene
(notable as the German voice-over voice of Darth Vader, as well as roles in Star
Trek: The Next Generation, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Babylon 5, and more).
Schoene went into the recording studio especially for this release, so its a
real treat for cult movie buffs. Also making an appearance is mind.in.a.box,
adding a synthpop vibe and subtle harmonies to Massiv in Mensch's killer sound.
The album features a cover of the cult techno hit Die Kybernauten (recently back
in the spotlight on a re-issue on German label Infacted) as well as a guest
appearance from Kontrast vocalist Nebelgeist. Massiv in Mensch deliver 14 tracks
of techno-inspired dance music without ever missing a beat!

DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER - "harm's way"   (CD) (ARTOFFACT)  ($12.00)
Dead When I Found Her is the studio project of Portland, Oregon's Michael 
Arthur Holloway, a professional electronic musician and producer who sites
Skinny Puppy, Haujobb, Mentallo & the Fixer,  Forma Tadre, Doubting Thomas,
amongst other pioneering industrial aritsts as influences. Tracks from the debut
album  Harm's Way have been the talk of music forums since they started to
appear on Myspace and Soundcloud in 2009,  and the attention the project has
received is nothing short of impressive. The project soon found a home on 
Artoffact Records, and 12 tracks were selected for the debut release. Dead When
I Found Her re-creates classic  late-80's/early-90's industrial without sounding
cliched, adding a modernized sonic signature to a dark and brooding  foundation.
Harm's Way is the perfect album for dark music lovers.

back in stock...(1 copy of each)
V/A - TRITON FESTIVAL 2010      (CD)    (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00)
MONA MUR & EN ESCH - "120 tage-the fine art of beauty and violence" (CD)
(ARTOFFACT)  ($12.00)
ABSURD MINDS - "serve or suffer"     (CD) (ARTOFFACT)     ($12.00)

RAGGEDY ANGRY   - "how i learned to love our robot overlords" (CD) (SYNTHETIC 
Raggedy Angrys new album, How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords, is the 
bands first release on Vancouver-based industrial/alternative label Synthetic 
Sounds in North America and Danse Macabre Records in Europe. It finds the 
Toronto-based electro-rock quintet narrowing in on a sound that started 
developing on the previous album, Pestilence: synth-heavy, raw and aggressive, 
yet tight and hooky as Hell. Like Pestilence, How I Learned to Love Our Robot 
Overlords found Raggedy Angry working with industrial mastermind Dave Rave 
Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), who mixed both albums. 
Ogilvie was hooked by Raggedy Angrys mix of crunchy riffs and electronic hooks 
after hearing their 2007 debut Take Me, Break Me, Make Me Pretty. Ogilvie wasnt 
alone. After hearing just a couple of songs from Raggedy Angrys MySpace, 
Synthetic founder Mark Sommer insisted on working with Raggedy Angry. The 
records European release date on Danse Macabre Records on October 1st is timed 
to coincide with the bands second tour opening for Toronto-based heatseeking 
Goth electro rockers the Birthday Massacre. The electro 1-2 punch will be 
storming across the UK throughout October before tearing up North America 
opening up for industrial legends Front Line Assembly in November. Raggedy 
Angry has previously toured Europe with the Birthday Massacre and Canada with 
Die Mannequin. Wherever they go, however they are heard, Raggedy Angry are 
worming their way into fans hearts and minds and taking no prisoners.

IVARDENSPHERE - "bloodwater"   (CD)     (SYNTHETIC SOUNDS)       ($13.00)
iVardenspheres goals are simple: the creation of music that will make you move. 
Judging by fans rabid reactions, its working in spades. Based in Edmonton, 
Scott Fox splits his time between iVardensphere and DJing the notorious club 
nights SICK and Das OOntz. Fox knows how to fill a dance floor and he applied 
that knowledge to iVardenspheres fierce blend of dance floor punch, thick 
analogue sound and tribal influences. Soon after the completion of the debut 
album, Scatterface, in 2009, Fox enlisted the talents of Chris Lacroix to help 
bring the project to the next level: live performance. Ever since, 
iVardensphere has been constantly on stage, playing with acts ranging from 
Apoptygma Berzerk to 16Volt to VNV Nation to Front Line Assembly, including 
well-received sets at Das Bunker in LA and the Kinetik Festival 3 in Montreal. 
Word of their powerful live shows spread and they were asked to open the 
November 2010 Combichrist North American tour entitled Monsters on Tour. Upon 
being heard for the first time by Vancouver-based label Synthetic Sounds, 
iVardensphere was immediately signed. Scatterface was mastered by Sebastian 
Komor (Icon of Coil) and released across Canada in July 2009. In December 2009, 
Scatterface made its way Across the Atlantic on one of Europes leading darkrock 
and industrial labels, Danse Macabre Records. Remixes Vol. 1 was released on 
February 16th 2010 by Synthetic Sounds and featured remixes from Memmaker, 
Komor Kommando, Left Spine Down and more. Initially a digital release, fans 
demand CDs, and the release has since charted in several Canadian college radio 
stations. This new album, Bloodwater, is poised to take the band even further 
with its infectious grooves and hot tribal attitude.

FAMINE  - "natures twin tendencies"          (CD)      (TYMPANIK AUDIO) 
Nature's Twin Tendencies' opens a new volume in the Famine chronicles offering 
an aural cauldron of styles ranging from melody-laced Breakcore and glitchy 
Metal riffs to beat-rich Electronica and melancholy IDM.
Innovative sounds/fusing of styles not heard often in todays music!

TAPAGE AND MEANDER - "etched in salt"        (CD)      (TYMPANIK AUDIO) 
This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of 
beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms 
that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present our 50th compact disc release, bringing you 
musical detail on a molecular level, where beauty meets math and imprints are 
Etched In Salt.

C.H. DISTRICT   - "conclusion"             (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)  ($12.00)
5 years after the release of C.H. District's previous album 'Slides', the 
Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled 
'Conclusion' on Tympanik Audio. As playful as it is complex, 'Conclusion' hits 
the mark right from the start and doesn't falter in the slightest throughout, 
laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.

AUTOCLAV 1.1 -"all standing room in the goodnight saloon" (CD) (TYMPANIK) 
The prolific and charismatic Tony Young returns with his newest and most 
realized Autoclav1.1 album to date. Featuring contributions from Claus Larsen 
(Leaether Strip), Xotox, Attrition, Experiment Haywire, and Millipede, as well 
as beautiful 6-panel digipak artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen/Hymen).

SOCIETY BURNING - "internal combustion"       (CD)  (AUDIO-COMM) ($12.00)
Los Alamos, NM, Oct. 12th  The synthcore industrial band Society Burning 
releases their new album Internal Combustion on October 12th, 2010. Their first 
album in over 13 years is a limited edition 300 hand-numbered CD digipaks with a 
digital release to early next year. The album features 15 new industrial rock 
tracks and two remixes from the electropunk bands UCNX and PRODUKT. Society 
Burning has been an influential band in the industrial scene often used as a
reference point for what constitutes good synthcore industrial.

Years ago, health complications, competing interests, and economic pressures 
tore the band in separate directions. The idea of a sixth album certainly seemed 
impossible, but with the rise of technology over the past few years, Daveoramma, 
the bands leader, brought the band back together recording their album across 
three time zones. Turning to the internet as the primary collaborative platform, 
where each artist could express his ideas, regularly using video conferencing, 
online shared storage, and sychronized computer audio applications, many of 
which were customized by the band. This method served as an appropriate method 
for the electronic industrial dreamscape they produce, as each member recorded 
their own tracks, collaborated and
combined them online until it was completed.

Heavy delays in the mastering process caused a fantastic opportunity to arise. 
The band reached out to fellow industrialists Everything Goes Cold to get the 
recommendation to contact Uniform Media, and more appropriately, Seibold (of 
Hate Dept. fame). Already well familiar with the band's sound, Seibold's 
guidance and mastering helped the band reach the finish line with a hard hitting 
album that serves as a great connection between the past to the future of 
Society Burning.

DIVERJE - "BURN AWAY"                (CD)  (DSBP)  ($12.00)
  DIVERJE returns with their 7th full length album and the strongest new 
material yet! New member Adam Lane writes half of the album with Tommy T. and 
the results are stronger, and more diverse than ever! As with all DIVERJE albums 
this doesn't sound the same all the way through.Lots of variety in the styles, 
musically and vocally, and they still seem to all work and flow together as a 
full album and not a compilation of songs.Solid contributions from regular 
members JOSH WOOD, and VINCE PUJOL, and some amazing new friends join DIVERJE on 
this trip!!
   The album consists of 12 brand new songs and collaborations, plus 3 bonus 
  Collaborations with Adam Lane of OBSCURE DESCENSION bring a more detailed, 
complex arrangement structure with HARSH EBM/INDUSTRIAL and Guitars  mixed on 
half the tracks which add a metallic flavor and extra aggression  to the 
mix."BURN AWAY", "EVIL NEVER DIES",and "SUFFER THIS WORLD" are  amongst the most 
anthemic and powerful DIVERJE songs yet! "BEAUTIFUL  DISASTER" is a real catchy 
and melodic EBM club track, and "VIGILANT" is pure brutality!!
  Bee Forrest of MANGADRIVE provides some fast, slick and thick psytrance sounds 
mixed with more melodic vocals of Tommy T. on "YOU CAN HURT"and a song with some 
of the craziest fun samples you have heard yet on "ITS A BONG(NOT A BOMB)!!
  Vince Pujol of ESR works with Tommy on "LEAVE IN SILENCE" the classic DEPECHE 
MODE track from 1981.They do this song justice and will surprise many of the 
DIVERJE fans in this clean and sincere cover version. The duo also work on 
another old school styled  Electro track "FEED THE RICH"which reminds us of the 
older DIVERJE sound.
  Josh Wood of THE MERCY CAGE collaborates on a rock/new wave track called 
"EVERYTHING IS WASTED" which is easily the most different song on the album, but 
it has a catchiness and emotion to it thats not to be denied.
  There is also a real unique track on here called "BUNKER SOUL" that is a 
collaboration of DIVERJE VS. COLD DRIVE VS. VIGILANTE and the result is nothing 
short of amazing!!! mixing in old school, new school, harsh electro, coldwave, 
classic vocoded electro...

  The album is relentless and keeps you going and moving till the end of the 76 
minute journey!!
  Dealing with the subjects of global warming, over population, pollution and 
disregard of other creatures lives as well as our own, this world is going 
through  what many would consider the end times...we are interested in this 
concept and heres what we think about it...Songs that you will be able to relate 
with and the diversity and intensity of this album is unmatched these days!! 
This album was funded by the fans through kickstarter.com and after 2 years of 
hard work, we unleash DIVERJE'S BEST EFFORT YET!!SPIN IT

SMP  - "coda"                  (CD)   (MUSIC RATION)  ($12.00)
Coda is eight tracks of non-apologetic industrial-rock drawing influences from 
old-school punk, hip-hop, and Wax Trax!-era industrial music.
This sound is still fresh and much needed in a genre that has too many
clones and unoriginal stuff going on, SMP is more NEEDED THAN EVER!!

Coda is produced by Wade Alin (Christ Analogue) and features appearances by Ned 
Kirby (Stromkern), Dee Madden (Penal Colony), Chris Demarcus (Stiff Valentine), 
The Crills, and others. Coda also features a remix by the band 64K.

UNIT 187 - "out for blood"        (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
The triumphant return of veteran heavy industrialists Unit:187 with their 
fourth studio album 'Out for Blood'! Combining the best elements of old-school 
industrial into a corrosive, visceral, and vitriolic mixture, 'Out for Blood' 
is a hard punch in the face that will reacquaint the industrial genre with the 
true meaning of abrasiveness and intensity! Destined to become one of the best 
industrial metal albums of all-time!
10 tracks in all and 50+ minutes!

DE_TOT_COR - "dead heart"     (EP-CD)   (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($10.00)
Spanish dark industrial with intelligent and disturbingly beautiful melodies 
and pounding beats. Contains six original compositions and five remixes from 
Soman, Static Sky, Revolution State, Engelmacher and Zuh. Includes the club hit 
"Strawberry Panic".
This is club music that cannot be denied! Power noise/tech/electro mix
and very memorable!

DEADHANDPROJEKT  -"deadhandprojekt"   (CD)(VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
Back again now with a new project, Taury Goforth, original singer-songwriter 
for HexRxs album X, is proving to be forever in our faces with violent 
aggression and an enraged, fuck you attitude. Having been classified as 
progressive old-school, this face-lift to industrial music will make you stop 
bickering about how bad the food is and make you want to get up and punch the 
cook in the face.

This self-titled album should please most audiences due to the diversity in 
style throughout. This is not the same song over and over again, folks! This is 
a triumph of industrial glory! With songs like Horror and Concrete youll be 
forced to your feet by stompy dance beats. With tracks like Desultory and 
Dejected; youll be possessed by violent rage and angst. Taste is becoming the 
new fuck song for all clubs with its raunchy and overly imaginative/suggestive 
lyrics and tones.

This is a great album to add to any DJs, or music enthusiasts, CD collection.

Disclaimer: Dead Hand Projekt is not responsible for any properties/persons 
destroyed while listening to this album...

ISZOLOSCOPE -  "the edge of certainty"    (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)  ($14.00)
"after countless ventures with other projects and almost five years without 
releasing any albums, iszoloscope is back in full force. the return is without 
compromise and in all of its haunting brutality. these releases are the result 
of a long experiment with multiple realities, turned inwards, stretched thin 
and fractalized until glimpses of infinity seeped through the walls of 
consciousness into a formless show. a show that somehow is reminiscent of a 
strange balancing act between everlasting bliss and absolute terror crawling 
outside of time.

well, something like that... i think. that is until i realize, yet again, how 
absurd it all is when i try to paint it outside a metaphor. no matter how 
golden the answers are on the other side of my psyche, they never truly matter 
outside my mind. all the gold that i find in this enchanted forest of 
subjectivity always turns into ashes the instant it touches the light of the 
outside world - all while i try to convey my findings into coherent, rational 
thoughts. i'm still not sure how far down the rabbit hole i am.

i have knowingly gone beyond to explore anything that resembles an answer that 
is beyond the human experience. i only have greater questions that no language 
can formulate - questions that are slowly slipping back into oblivion. it seems 
we are all both geniuses and idiots at once. some less then others, maybe - the 
absurdity of this particular truth has always amused part of me while 
iszolating another. meanwhile, these releases are the result of countless 
passionate hours in the studio. of trial and error. of sharing technical 
information and creative dialogue with friends and artists..." - yann 
faussurier / iszoloscope

iszoloscope's new full length album, recorded between 2007 and 2010, is proof 
that waiting is worthwhile. nine powerful tracks ranging between icy crystal 
clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to 
breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica - go find out what lies 
beyond the edge of certainty!

NIN KUJI -  "sayonara"  (CD)        (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)   ($14.00) 
released in collaboration with le petit machiniste - 

the one man project nin kuji was started at the end of 2001, founded to 
establish a striking and powerful instrument for emotional transfer via the 
medium of sound. after various demo cd-rs and tapes, the project gained the 
attention of djs in the u.s., japan and germany with the self-released album 
'no way out' in 2004. since 2005 nin kuji started co-operating with german 
d.i.y. label le petit machiniste where the ep 'medicine man' was released. and 
since then his' musical emphasis shifted from noise, power electronics and dark 
electro to rhythm'n'noise and experimental electronica. he considers his 
project as an act that prefers an approach of honest interpretation of feelings 
in place of technical skills. making music means keeping grounded and giving 
retreat, hence there is no segregation between the private person and the 

'sayonara' clearly demonstrates nin kuji's knowledge in how to control the 
buttons of heavy pounding machinery. a crossover between technoid aphex 
twin-based ambient-industrial, heavily distorted electro noise and the tribal 
approach displayed by the likes of muslimgauze and this morn' omina. the well 
thought out tracklist order is held together by gapless, more quiet sequences 
and was intended to generate a continuous flow between the rhythmic parts which 
operate in ultra-repetitive spheres based on mid-tempo rhythm textures and 
heavy subtle bass-drones. tracks like 'daichi no musuko', 'tamashii' and 
'theatre [stages]' should be considered as essential for topical industrial 
dancefloors. an ingenious combination of multiple layers, hypnotic patterns and 
sophisticated beats.

nearly eight years were needful for this release to mature. based on concepts 
going back to 2002 combined with notions from various live appearances, this 
album marks an essence of what nin kuji stands for from the beginning until now 
- a chapter's end, maybe even a conclusion before breaking new ground. an album 
of ageless, self supported personality - sayonara, medicine man!

FRL. LINIENTREU -  "lifelines"        (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
released in collaboration with le petit machiniste - 

frl. linientreu has been in the public eye for three years - but possibly it is 
an unknown fact that ina peters had already started to make music at the age of 
5. However, besides her own project, she is also a member of the german 
industrial / techno / comedy project schlauch 2 elf. and after various live 
appearances in germany (also at maschinenfest 2010) and one cd-r release on le 
petit machiniste, ant-zen and l.p.m. are proud to present this outstanding 
artists' second album.

in her own words, lifelines is intended as a kind of biography. lots of 
emotions have been changed and filtered into sound which was helpful to bring 
certain phases of her life to an end but also to turn over a new leaf. music as 
a medium for ideas and feelings - a reason to go further and not to remain in 
paralysis. as a result of this melting pot of expressed emotions, a large 
variety of musical styles is displayed here. ranging from heavy-handed fast 
technoid rhythmic attacks (von schrecken und schnheit des verhrens, empty), 
chilling ambient with idyllic synth melodies (ode an die stille, different in 
this life), and vexing collages (licht an!) to minimalistic electro pop with 
bass guitar and vocals (spiel mal minimal ey!), this album demonstrates frl. 
linientreu's amazing eclectic skills. the additional remixes append a tightrope 
walk between breakbeats and breakcore (saturmzlide) and distorted dance beats 
combined with an unexpected radio interference.

musically and personally, lifelines displays an accumulation of many 
directions. whether it is industrial (in its many forms), ambient, soundscapes, 
electronica, or idm - all this and more result in frl. linientreu's aural 
visualization. an album as manifold and complex as life.

ZERO DEGREE-   "probe"    (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)    (IMPORT) ($14.00)
"i've seen things you people wouldn't believe. attack ships on fire off the 
shoulder of orion. i watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the tannhauser 
gate. all those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... time to 
die." [blade runner 1982]

zero degree was founded in 2004 by matthias erhard who already had a long 
background in experimental music. during his 2 year stay in canada from 1999 to 
2001 he discovered minimal and idm, which opened him up to a whole new 
perspective of ways to express his creativity. in 2007 he met bernhard korth, 
whose main attention was on creating ambient soundscapes influenced by 
synthesizer pioneers like klaus schulze. while matthias' emphasis is focused on 
programming complex rhythmical structures, bernhard loves to create endless 
evolving pads and dreamy spheres to get lost in between time and space. 
together they create a very atmospheric mixture of minimalistic rhythmical 
structures and lush ambient sounds.

'probe' displays a perfect balance between elaboration and improvisation, as 
each track was recorded directly onto hard disc. zero degree have the talent to 
abduct the listener into a distinct sonic universe, as calm and dark as outer 
space at the same time. ethereal key sequences are combined with deliberate 
minimalistic grooves that expand and contract around the listener, while 
sometimes well-selected vocal samples add a mysterious, haunting touch. the 
organic, fluid construction of tracks provides a constant ebb and flow and a 
special subtlety that is worthy of some quality time in a darkened room at 

with 'probe' zero degree present a well rendered and mesmerizing release that 
should be able to bridge the gap between a number of electronic music styles 
and will draw in fans because of its excellence rather than its strict 
adherence to any narrow categorization. an album which will catch your 
attention right from the first time and grow with subsequent spins - ageless 
sounds composed with patience, knowledge and creativity.

THE_EMPATH - "meanwhile"  (CD)   (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)      ($14.00)
the_empath, aka mike erkau, has been part of electronic music since 1993 and he 
started releasing his own work on cdrs in 1999. shortly after he began to do 
remixes for other artists and won the 2004 congress of media award in the audio 
category. the award was for his remix of 'no protection' (originally by utr). 
four years later he turned the tables by releasing the 'second earth remix 
project' which included remixes of his work by ab ovo, def, fractional, 
heimstatt yipotash, sunao inami and others (more info: 
www.subroom.com/second%20earth.html) . at the same time as an media engineer 
and tutor, mike was able to acquire advanced technical skills in video 
technology. his live appearances are always combined with a video performance 
which is strictly balanced to the tracks (a good example is consider:noize and 
elektroanschlag). since 2005 he has been working as a video composer and vj for 
xabec (aka manuel g. richter; who also mastered the_empath's first album on 
hymen records: meanwhile).

this album was recorded over the last five years and demonstrates the_empath's 
current state. the music was not created to exist in an isolated artistic 
vacuum - each track was made as a result of specific thoughts, meanings and 
impressions. this is not art for art's sake. a sampling of items that made this 
album possible: technology turning from today's state-of-the-art to tomorrow's 
future space junk, arbitrary anxiety of imperfectness, burdens of the past 
which are only visible to adepts, an imaginary image of ultima thule (a place 
located beyond the borders of the known world), a score to fictitious thriller.
however this is just sampling of what meanwhile is about.

the_empath's music ranges between ambient and electronica with organic 
industrial audio components. a stimulating flow of imaginative soundscapes, 
complex rhythmic textures, mixtures of experimental electronics, field 
recordings and ground loops. crystal clear tones meet thrilling low frequencies 
that are mastered with an impressive amount of dynamics. the result of this 
electronic crucible is a powerful mind infiltrating compound - devotees of 
intelligent electronics will be reminded (in concept - this is not a derivative 
work) of early autechre, beefcake and gridlock. in short, fans of good music 
will take a shine to mike erkau's work. enjoy!

ABS6  - "automedikation"     (CD)    (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)     ($14.00)
hymen records' new member abs6 may be known to you from audioactivity, a 
collective of sound and visual artists founded in 2000 in geneva, whose label 
members are divided between switzerland, france and belgium. amongst the 
artists other projects are gerbem: abs6's drum'n'bass project, and piouk! which 
resembles high-profile electronica. however, abs6 goes one step further: the 
album audiomedikation manages to be both, and even more. the music melds and 
morphs like a kaleidoscope, endlessly turning and creating new perspectives for 
all lovers of electronic music.

describing the contents of this debut album is no mean feat: you will find a 
mixture of idm-like patterns, drum'n'bass and deep ambient structures 
accompanied by straight forward basslines and pounding electro beats. it is the 
composition and amalgamation of various elements to achieve a broad-ranged 
heterogeneity. either soothingly calm or playful, each song is a structural 
element on its own.

abs6 successfully connects and mixes different styles. his influences range 
from warp heroes autechre and aphex twin to venetian snares, including as well 
breakbeat giants like black sun empire and ltj bukem:
audiomedikation is the result of this melting pot of influences. it is an 
administration of drugs for long-term patients suffering from boredom. enjoy 
the ride!

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN - "42 times around the sun" (CD) (BAZOOKA JOE)(IMPORT)
42 times around the sun, not normally a time span associated with the 
completion of a lifecycle, but this album feels a lot like it.this is the 6th 
full length album in six years, and it really is a musical stroll through the 
styles and contents TRG have explored so far, with a strong
emphasis on progress and refinement.what once started as a very retro sound has 
now got a lot modern aspects sonically.also it seems no coincidence the sun is 
mentioned in the album title - not much
gloominess to be found here, positivity is the word.Phillip Munch
has invited some well known friends(DIRK IVENS, GENEVIEVE PASQUIER,
SYNAPSCAPE etc.) to join him on vocals for someof the tracks.
  42 times around the sun is nothing less than a classic electro pop
album, tightly produced nd with a coherent mood, yet enough diversity
in sound and content, and it displays thr enormous musical talent
of phillip at new heights.

SYNAPSCAPE - "again"     (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)      ($14.00)
THIS MORN OMINA - "momentum of singular clarity" (CD)(ANT-ZEN)


LUCIDSTATIC - "symbiont underground" (DOUBLE CD) (TYMPANIK) ($14.00)
ACCESS TO ARASAKA - "void()"         (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
CANDLE NINE - "the muse in the machine"  (CD) (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
ESA   - "the sea and the silence"      (CD)   (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
ESA   - "the immaculate manipulation" (CD)   (TYMPANIK) ($12,00)
UNDERMATHIC - "10:10 pm"              (CD)   (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
ZELLER - "turbulences"               (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
DIRK GEIGER - "autumn fields"        (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
FRACTIONAL - "blood"                 (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
TOTAKEKE -"on the first of november" (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
GEOMATIC -"64 light years away"      (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
LUCIDSTATIC - "grave digger"         (CD)    (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
DISHARMONY -"cloned:the otherside of evolution"(CD) (TYMPANIK)($12.00)
INTEGRAL - "rise"                    (CD)    (TYMPANIK)    ($10.00)
ENDIF - "carbon"                     (CD)    (TYMPANIK)   ($12.00)
SE    -"L36"                         (CD)    (TYMPANIK)   ($12.00)
BLACK LUNG - "full spectrum dominance" (CD)   (TYMPANIK)   ($12.00)
ANKLEBITER  -"i will wait"             (CD)   (TYMPANIK)   ($12.00)
AUTOCLAV 1.1 -"where once were exit wounds" (CD) (TYMPANIK)($12.00)
FLINT GLASS - "circumsounds"          (CD)    (TYMPANIK)    ($12.00)
TOTAKEKE  -"forgotten on the other side of the tracks"(CD)(TYMPANIK)($12.00)
BROKEN FABIOLA  -"severed"            (CD)    (TYMPANIK)        ($12.00)

MONO-AMINE - "do not bend"   (CD)(ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
mono-amines, as they appear in neurochemistry, are crucial in bringing the
brain to a state of adrenaline and euphoric rush. musically, mono-amine is
joost gransjean's intense and adventurous music project and live-act which
is based in the hague (nl). joost started performing live in 1997 and since
2004 has released 12 inch singles/eps and albums on various labels. as
mono-amine he has created his own style of music; dark, distorted, layered,
straight in your face and with a sick fresh groove. all inspired by his
critical view of society..

joost's keeps things suspenseful though his disparate musical experience.
experience that includes (but not limited to) acid techno, hardcore and
industrial. this is coupled with his prolific club experience that brings
out an even more varied sound. the end result is relentless rhythm and
escalating walls of sound. complex and fast paced drum work lead into
barrages of rhythmic noise - heavily textured synth waves and vicious
samples intertwine into the layers of a constantly evolving, shifting
percussive aural world.

this is a skillfully made album that is very suitable for fans of raw
technoid industrial or even drum 'n noise focussed sound. do not bend - do
not miss!

NEBULO -  "artefact"    (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT)      ($14.00)
nebulo's third release concerns transforming the pros and cons of our urban
society into aural moods in a very subtle way. field recordings taken in
bordeaux, paris and berlin, original and artificial voices, the integration
of samples from stock exchange reports, shopping centres and alienated
fireworks' recordings turned into imaginary bomb impacts were chosen by
thomas pujols as a basis for an acoustic visualization of western
civilization - both disturbing and beautiful.

nebulo proves his excellence and unparalleled skill to carry deep moods
within abstract sound structures - a beauty embedded within roughness.
intoxicating ambient soundscapes, intelligent polyrhythmic structures and
microscopic snippets result in an artists impression of an imaginary city,
complemented with environmental samples, radio signals, stunning sub basses
and crunching drones, performed on a wide dynamic range.

the noun 'artefact' has diverse meanings - concerning this release it stands
for things made or used by mankind, as urban environments are.
an artefact can also be an undesired alteration in data, introduced by a
technique and/or technology. while listening carefully to this outstanding
blend of idm and electronica, secreted cracks and disruptions will be
visible - artefacts within an artefact.

TZOLK'IN  -  "tonatiuh"     (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)          (14.00)
zolk'ins third album's concept is the aural implementation of aztec
mythology's deities. besides tonatiuh as the title, the gods chosen by the
flint glass / empusae collaboration are: quetzalcoatl (the god of arts,
crafts and knowledge, mictlantecuhtli (god of the dead and the king of the
lowest and northernmost section of the underworld), tezcatlipoca (a central
deity, associated with a wide range of concepts including the night sky,
hurricanes, obsidian, enmity, discord, governance, divination, temptation,
sorcery, beauty, war and strife), tlazolteotl (a goddess of filth, sin,
vice, and sexual misdeeds), xipe totec ('our lord the flayed one', a
life-death-rebirth deity), nanahuatzin ('the sun god', represented as a man
emerging from a fire, originally interpreted as an illustration of
cannibalism). the idea that people were servants of the gods was a theme
that ran through aztec mythology. humans had the responsibility of keeping
the gods fed - otherwise, disaster could strike at any time. the food of the
gods was a precious substance found in human blood. the need to satisfy the
gods, especially the sun god, gave rise to a related theme: human sacrifice.

from the onset, the listener is immersed into an inner vision of beauty,
atrocity. darkness, emotional soundscapes, ambient spheres and pounding
rhythmic patterns. overall the effect is that of fusing meditative tribal
atmospheres with dark voids. ceremonial deep tones merge with dark ambient
industrial music - which is all kept together by tribalistic electronic
grooves and acoustic percussion.

once again tzolk'in achieves musical, technical and spiritual success
without sacrificing critical artistic engagement with apocalyptic motifs.
tonatiuh is an idiosyncratic, ritualistic vision of post-industrial
divination. translating the atmosphere of an ancient mythic age for the
listener of today - while perfectly using today's technology.

KRAKEN - "strop"          (CD)(RAUBBAU) (IMPORT)           ($14.00)
the new album 'strop' by kraken will haunt you like an army of a thousand
ghosts through a modern nightmare from which there is no escape. two years
after the highly impressive 'nachtschade' kraken continue what they
initiated eleven years ago. this is the tenth chapter on the record for
raubbau and for this kraken not just created music, they built a new and
independent audible dimension

from the very first beginning, 'strop' is a breathtaking experience and it
tightens its stranglehold over the course of the next hour. ice cold
atmospheres are exchanged by frequencies erupting from the depths of the
krakens mind. they force you into a state of loneliness, scare the sh*t out
of you and at the same time make you curious and crave for more

the nine tracks on 'strop' range from soothingly calm to almost physically
intrusive. perfectly orchestrated sonic explorations with all kinds of
different elements: winds blowing and whistling, transmitters bleeping and
sirens howling in the dark. sounds accompanied by distant voices, very
possibly just the echo someone's famous last words and singers with whom you
have the choice to either sing along... or sink along

using all of its many arms and dirty tricks, the kraken will pull you into
the depths of its underwater imperium; a voyage through their own 'aural

close your eyes... hold your breath... and enjoy!

PROJECT ROTTEN - "the freakshow"       (CD) (IMPORT)  ($14.00)

Project Rotten was founded in July 2009 as a solo project of Fredrik Croona 
from the band Menschdefekt. He made two tracks himself but then realized he 
needed someone more to complete the band.

After a switch of members the demo "Maschine made flesh" saw the light of day 
in August 2009 and four months later in December the same year the hit EP 
"Bleed you dry  was released".

In 2010 Ani left the band and after discussing it the band agreed that they 
didn't need anymore members,
so X/209 and Fredrik remains annd will continue to spread the the musical chaos 
across the world on their own.

With the debut album "Freakshow"  unleashed onto the world , the band is more 
ready than ever to take the electro/industrial scene with storm.

The CD contains 13 massive tracks with some intense arrangements, amazing 
synthesis, club ready beats and harsh vocals from hell!!
55 minutes of sick new industrial/ harsh EBM mayhem!
This band is completely independent and deserving of your support!!

AD INFERNA -   "dsm"           (CD)          (NILAIHAH) ($12.00)
AD INFERNA continue their musical evolution with their new electronic album 
called DSM produced and mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper, VNV 
Nation). AD INFERNA has chosen to break down the barriers of musical genres to 
offer their own musical, virtual and thematic style: each production is 
different, unique and synthesizes their own personal evolution.
13 tracks /an hour of music with bonus remixes by SUICIDAL ROMANCE,

XMH   -"state of mind"          (CD)       (NILAIHAH)  ($12.00)
XMH has a take no prisoners, in-your-face attitude. Harsh, yet catchy 
electronics mixed with male and female vocals out of the Netherlands. Their 
latest release, 'State of Mind' was produced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, 
Anne Clark). This multimedia CD also has remixes by Soman, Implant and Jesus on 
Extasy. Also released on Danse Macabre Records (Das Ich's label). XMH are back 
with a bang and are ready to grab you by the throat!!
14 tracks in all and a video!!

LEVEL 2.0        -"armageddon"                  (CD)      ($12.00)
New Yorks LEVEL 2.0 merges depth, emotion, grit and club-ready beats into their 
aggressive dancefloor style of industrial music. Their latest full-length 
album, Armageddon, is their first release on Nilaihah Records and by far the 
strongest from this riveting up-and-coming band! Mastered by Ted Phelps of 
Imperative Reaction. 13 tracks, over an hour of new music!

SILENT AUCTION - "H on earth"               (CD)         ($12.00)
A band to watch as they emerge from the underground, playing a great 
combination of catchy tunes, edgy lyrical sarcasm, & quality electronic 
production. With both radio friendly lyrics & pop culture melodies, Silent 
Auction works to create a fusion between the underground & mainstream, building 
a bridge between both worlds through music. Mastered by Andreas Meyer (Yo Yo 
Ma, The Feelies).
14 tracks, featuring remixes by MIND.IN.A.BOX, and COSMICITY!!

FILAMENT 38 - "relics"                    (EP)            ($7.00)
This remix EP brings back some unearther versions of the older F38 
material..The remixes all take the songs into new and interesting

DIVERJE - "evil never dies"       (EP-CD)  (DSBP)    ($8.00)
DIVERJE returns after a couple years of Live shows, writing, and recording new 
sounds and new collaborations.
The new chapter starts off with this LIMITED EDITION EP, of 70 minutes of
various remixes, versions of "EVIL NEVER DIES", which is a heavier industrial, 
coldwave electro track with tons of samples, aggressive vocals, and a perfect 
balance of electronics and organics.
The addictive chorus has appealed to many of our allied bands/artists and
the remixes are amazingly done here showing much diversity and taking this song 
into new directions and forms.You will find HARSH EBM, HEAVY INDUSTRIAL, OLD 
INFLUENCES on these remixes by some well known as well as newer acts: 
FIELD OF BLACK ORCHIDS all make unique remixes of this title
  Also included on this EP 3 versions of the upcoming album single "SUFFER THIS 
a fresh new sound.The remixers for this track
really impressed us so we released em all...MORDACIOUS, CONTROL.ORG/C2, LPF12 
all do nice remixes which sound pretty different from each other..
  We added on 3 NEW UNRELEASED TRACKS that will NOT be on the new ALBUM
"BURN AWAY" which comes out in SEPTEMBER on DSBP RECORDS.
15 tracks in all, with a very diverse and well rounded sound as before,
but even more evolved and focused this time.

PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 - "the Kosmokrator"(CD) (INFACTED) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
The Kosmokrator' is the title of the third studio album by greek based 
Preemtive Strike 0.1. After their albums 'Extinction Reprogrammed' and 'Lethal 
Defense Systems' this album is by far the most varied and best produced stuff 
by the band.

The two man project construct a mixture of strong melodies and harsh beats to 
bring you a massive club album. For the first time the band cooperates with a 
real Buzuki (famous greek instrument) player and did manage to team up with 
famous Death Metal heroes V28!

The arrangements are more intense than ever before...the vocals are
strong, and powerful, and the tracks have great variation to them.

15 tracks in this European edition that DSBP RECORDS only has a small
amount of CD's of for distro..FEATURING BONUS REMIXES FROM...

PROMETHEUS BURNING - "displacement disorder"   (DOUBLE CD) (AUGMENTED)($15.00)
Nearly two years after their well received Crunch Pod release Plague called 
huMANity, the female fronted Electro- Industrial duo Prometheus Burning returns 
to the  spotlight with their latest double disk opus Displacement Disorder.

Displacement Disorder is a powerfully diverse and versatile album, blurring the 
line between electronic genres and pumping fresh blood into the Industrial 
scene. While sonically unique,
Displacement Disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of Dark Electronic 
and Industrial music. From distorted dancefloor killing beats to complex 
chaotic noise, blasting female vocals to
grinding synth leads, this album is Prometheus Burnings most ambitious work yet 
and sure to please the ears of intimate listeners and club stompers alike.

Limited (500 copies worldwide) 2CD box version which includes 2 stickers, 2 
postcards and a buttom all packages in a deluxe DVD style case.

T3RR0R 3RR0R  - "digital infection"  (CD)   (MUTANT-E) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
The DEBUT album from T3RR0R 3RR0R is here! A strong, complex mix of
Mutant-E Records is hosting the party and you are invited!
The new label from SPAIN has made a great find here, and this band
has a fresh and exciting sound!
12 Tracks full of energy and club spirit with a good mix of vocal
style as well.
The future is now! T3RR0R 3RR0R will take you to another dimension.

XPERIMENT - "first vision"     (CD)      (MUTANT-E) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
First Vision EP is a first original tracks collection of the Spanish band 
Xperiment. The CD includes their 6 first tracks, sung in English and Spanish 
and 5 remixes  by bands like: Agapesis, Inline.SeX.Terror,
Viral Infektion, Ashes and Blood!!
  If you like Xperiments Harsh Electro / EBM music, its
a great time to obtain their first demo sessions. Indispensable for collectors. 
Nowadays, the band is recording their new double CD called Visions Of 
Destruction that will be released in a few months.

BITCH BRIGADE -  "dendrite"         (CD)    (CRUNCHPOD)     ($12.00)
  Crunch Pod continues to expand it's eclectic roster of unique artists, 
presenting the debut "Dendrite" from Australia's young "Bubbergum Cyber" artist 
Bitch Brigade.

Combining vocals reminiscent of Ladytron and Battery, Bitch Brigade's Agrippa 
Cryoflesh varies light, bouncing EBM ("Licky the Carnivorous Pony") suited for 
the dancefloor with the percussive and more introspective (the Snog-ish "Tears 
Are What We Do Now") having the same success, but never covered with the trite, 
jaded residue left behind from so many other artists in the genre.

Jump on board with a true rising star in EBM, and leave all the prefabricated 
angst and anger of the less inspired behind...

PHENOTRACT -  "shifting"         (CD)  (PHENOTRACT)   ($12.00)
  "Its my great pleasure to release my 3rd official album this week. Its a 
hybrid of new wave, dreampop, synthpop, shoegaze
and electronica. I worked with some real talented vocalists as well Katharine 
Heller, Niabi Caldwell, and Anaben from the band By Night With Spear. I am 
truly excited for it and hope that people listen to and like it."  -Eric 

  10 tracks and about an hour of music here with a more loungey, new wave
electronica feel to it featuring some nice programming by Eric as well.

KLANGSTABIL - "vertraut"       (CD-EP)    (ANT-ZEN)    ($10.00)
this collection includes the original version of klangstabil's most well-known 
track, which captured the attention of listeners world-wide right from its 
first release on a compilation in 2002. besides that you will find eight 
interpretations of 'vertraut' demonstrating the versatility of work that can be 
extracted out of the catchy, familiar motif. some of the artists who have 
remixed the track have based their interpretation on intelligent dance music: 
the breakbeat-framed somatic responses version, a hybrid of breakcore and idm 
by u.s. project access to arasaka, keef baker's metric electro background, 
which turns into post-rock with dense guitars, and architect's daniel myer 
gives us dancefloor-capable pounding beats topped with a plausible new melody 
line to complement the original theme. torben wendt (diorama) turns 'vertraut' 
into beautiful melodic body music, while synapscape keep the original track 
structure but replace the instrumentation and beats, turning the theme into a 
heavy electronic floorburner. ksdj is maurizio blanco himself, adding some 
newly faceted rhythm patterns and melody lines, making his version a 
contemporary dj anthem. l'ombre from canada ends up the remix section with lush 
ambient electronica at its finest. the melancholic ambiance of 'zweiter 
schritt' and 'ein schritt weiter' not only close this release, but also mark 
the end of one of the most important chapters of klangstabil's existence.

in 2002, the album 'kopfmusik' would have been published on ant-zen but only 6 
tracks were produced to completion, one of which was 'vertraut'. The project 
was eventually renounced for personal reasons and 'vertraut' was the only track 
published in its original version. the artwork was already completed by aiga 
rasch, an old friend of klangstabil's, famous for her illustrations for the 
youth series 'die drei ???' in which, with her very distinct technique, she has 
achieved great success. after 'kopfmusik' klangstabil started straight away 
with 'taking nothing seriously' (2004) and incorporated some elements of 
'kopfmusik' into it. the track 'ein schritt weiter' is an early, incomplete 
version of 'away'. other elements of 'kopfmusik' can be heard in 'lauf, lauf!' 
and 'beziehungsohr' from the album 'math & emotion' (2008). this release is not 
an album, it is the end of the story for 'kopfmusik' and its history, which 
accompanied klangstabil for 10 years. finally, they close that book and put it 
on the shelf. detailed information on 'vertraut' and 'kopfmusik' will be found 
in the enclosed cd booklet.

SQUAREMETER (M2) - "heliogabal"         (CD)     (ANT-ZEN)    ($14.00)
from ancient history and forward into modern posterity, the name of heliogabal 
a.k.a. elagabal has become the symbol of the roman iron age's vice and 
decadence as well as for how oriental influences were fatal to this culture. a 
massive conflict between conservative romans and those who followed the syrian 
religious traditions (themselves personified by the juvenile but extremely vain 
emperor himself) overshadowed heliogabal's reign. his rule disastrously failed 
due to the absence of a give-and-take philosophy and a lack of an understanding 
of the duties involved with wielding the power or a roman emperor. after the 
greek mythology of his last album 'nyx', mathis mootz took heliogabal's life as 
an inspiration for this release which marks the tenth anniversary of 

mootz' skills of creating unbearable tension and covering all bases between 
absolute silence up to vibrating choirs and distant industrial outbursts are 
clear on this album. 'heliogabal' is an intermixture of hypnotic deep drones, 
haunting basses and disturbing soundscapes. cinematic field recordings, 
intermittent hypnotic sequencer loops and urgent eruptions of sound merge into 
an incredible collection of atmospheric dark ambient tracks. this album might 
be useful as an imaginary trip into a sable, a cruel past where man had the 
potential of being a god - before finally being disgraced.

adjust the headphones - references are legion, sunn O))), lustmord, clock dva..

MIKA GOEDRIJK   - "looking-glass world"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
i took a long look in the mirror and decided not to talk about the past or 
future, but about the present. they are all intertwined anyway, so making an 
artificial distinction between them is a useless act. the post-modernists' 
"tricks of the trade", if you will, of intertextuality and author's 
intervention (typical of doctorow's style of writing in the book of daniel) 
were used in this recording. but i let the mirror image do the "intruding" and 
be an "intertextual" factor. afterall i wasn't writing a book like doctorow 
did. i did not always agree, but i thought it was time that "it" had its voice, 
so i did not waste any time on pointless arguing with myself. instead i 
reasserted my disagreement with derrida's "end of the great stories". every 
story needs to be told and the listener decides for him/herself whether the 
story is great one or not. there are no guidelines or rules in this process - 
no matter how hard scholars try to convince you that there are. whether this 
recording is "understandable", "recognizable" or "transparent" to the listener 
is not my concern. it is what it is: me and my mirror-image - nothing more, 
nothing less. enjoy.
mika goedrijk. march 2010

one year after pellicules, mika goedrijk presents the next aural view of his 
inner self with looking-glass world. musically, the self conceptional shift 
into the world of ambient idm sounds is evident.

well placed patterns enriched with mellow guitar slides (dead air), melancholic 
piano lines (at the 11th hour), a distinctive (nearly) aphex-twin synth (white 
sand semantics), archaic trumpet calls (lost decade), pounding breakbeats with 
pulsing sub bass (rusty swiss army knife, le grand mal), make this release a 
fascinating blend of contemporary electronic tones.

looking-glass world is an album of otherworldly ambience entwined with a blend 
of acoustic sounds and sheets of sequenced patterns. a highly aesthetic sonic 
universe, where moods and mastery melt into warm, repetitive arrangements. have 
a look into the looking-glass world.

2010, the anniversary year of UMB, comes up with a little surprise for all our 
fans, supporters and future lovers: a free CD-compilation, to be given away at 
all UMB-related events. Even better: You can order it right at 
order@umbkollektif.com. Every purchaser of Anniversary-event tickets will get 
one, too!



PROYECTO CRISIS -  "made in chile" (CD)        (DSBP)  ($12.00) 
V1RTUAL D3SCENT -  "darkened skies" (CD)       (DSBP)  ($12.00)

MAY 2010

KIFOTH - "violence corporation"  (CD) (VENDETTA)     ($12.00)
Violence Corporation', the new album from K.I.F.O.T.H. on Vendetta Music, 
presents 10 tracks of complex, multi-layered dark electronics, reminiscent of 
the best electro-industrial of the 90s, such as Front Line Assembly, Noise 
Unit, X-Marks the Pedwalk, and T.H.D.memorable album and a band that has 
definately found their own sound.

DUST IS NOISE - "fractured forms"  (CD) (VENDETTA)      ($12.00)
It all started out with a few synth-lines and a few stories to tell. It wasnt 
supposed to be fancy but hang somewhere on a rawer level. That was the aim of 
the music when DUST IS NOISE was formed by Jacob, Mike J and Mike T. 
Collectively the three members work as the electronic outfit ALTER DER RUINE, 
an act known for dirty, funky electro. In their downtime they found themselves 
writing melodic synthpop and while they enjoyed it they knew it couldnt be 
worked into the ADR live sets without causing heads to implode.

Rather than leave the songs on the shelf they chose to add vocals and dress the 
tunes up as an entirely different package. With heavy emphasis on a big beat, 
grooving synths and incensed vocals DUST IS NOISE jammed along on a mission to 
complete a full length album. After playing a slew of live dates they caught 
the attention of Vendetta Music and shortly after signed on board to release 
their debut album titled Fractured Forms.

Artoffact Records presents a 3CD compilation showcasing the superb talent 
featured at the 2010 edition of the Kinetik Festival which is set to light the 
fuse over Montreal May 12th through 17th this year. Top name artists include 
Combichrist, Leaether Strip, Fixmer / McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), 16 Volt, 
Imperative Reaction, Covenant, Unter Null, Hocico, Decoded Feedback, 
Synapscape, Melotron, and Faderhead. Alien Vampires appears featuring vocal 
contributions from Suicide Commando. Artoffacts own roster is represented by 
cuts from Ascii.Disko, Memmaker, and Run Level Zero. Several artists (Caustic, 
The Gothsicles, Ivardensphere, Destroid) provide mixes done especially for the 
festival. VNV Nation, Combichrist, Soman, Feindflug, Fractured, Ravenous, and 
others appear as remixers. Over 50% of the tracks are compilation exclusives or 
rarities, and several tracks appear here on CD for the first time! The first 
volume of the Kinetik Festival compilation sold out within weeks, and Volume 2 
is nearly sold out. This special edition Volume 3 is a must-have for fans of 
industrial, goth, and techno music! Released on Artoffact and available May 
4th, 2010.

V01D - "this is not a false alarm anymore"  (DCD) (ARTOFFACT) ($22.00)
After debuting this Fall with a well-received single collaboration with Ayria, 
Torontos own v01d is set to launch his debut double-CD on Artoffact Records. 
Entitled This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore, v01ds debut is a sonic riddle 
without any easy-access key. The album is dense and cerebral, veering into 
strange territory for industrial, including off-time drumming, live guitars, 
and very well-written lyrics. Not your usual fodder. Of course, v01d shows his 
roots on every track, meshing elements of Haujobb, Boards of Canada, Pop Will 
Eat Itself, Faith No More, and Underworld into a slick and surprising release. 
This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore is yet another quality release to come out on 
the Artoffact label and firmly places v01d as a new and innovative artist to 

ABSURD MINDS - "serve or suffer"   (CD) (ARTOFFACT)    ($12.00)
Artoffact Records presents the first new Absurd Minds CD in five years 
featuring 13 addictive tracks of emotional diversity and memorable 
compositions. Having released five studio albums and several EPs to wide 
acclaim, Absurd Minds return this Spring with the new album Serve Or Suffer. 
For over a decade, Dresden, Germany-based trio Absurd Minds have been making 
EBM and synthpop music that has engaged listeners and impressed DJs. The band 
has collaborated with some of the scene's most important artists and has been 
tapped to do remixes for The Cruxshadows, SITD, Lights of Euphoria, and many 
others. Ten years after the first release, Absurd Minds has not lost any of 
their energy or independence. Serve or Suffer surprises and will go down as 
classic industrial for the 21st century.


LARVA - "the hated"               (CD) (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
Welcome to the elected. Welcome to the excluded. 'The hated' is the soundtrack 
of the outsiders, the screams of the disadvantaged. A mix of sounds and noises 
that will make you travel to the other faces of the society. Dense structures, 
hard beats and oppressive atmospheres with a rich lyrics. Discover the fears 
and multiple hells that lie on your side.

ASCHE - "the easter island phenomenon"  (CD)(IMPORT)(ANT-ZEN)  ($14.00)
the easter island phenomenon can be compared to the symptom of a disease that 
has existed since the beginning of mankind. as an artist that is not isolated 
from contemporary world history, ache has titled his third ant-zen full length 
album this phenomenon. anger, fear and anxiety are brilliantly converted into 
11 powerful compositions that range from pounding rhythm industrial anthems to 
menacing dark ambient soundscapes - a threatening journey between distorted 
disco and noise brutality. besides the album tracks, 7 like minded artists 
re-construct ashes' message via exciting remixes (which have been added onto 
the cd in mp3 format). all of the remix artists, except for dj intoner, have 
already been released on asche's own label (fich-art). this is a fantastic and 
long awaited album for open minded listeners.

"the easter island story is a story for our times. we too are on an island 
floating on an endless sea. there are differences, of course. it could be said 
that easter island is tiny and that it was only a matter of time before the 
resources in such a closed system were used up. but there are parallels between 
the islanders' attitude towards their environment and our own, and this is the 
most frightening part of the story. .."
(excerpt from 'the story of easter island')

GINORMOUS - "the sound of love impermanent" (CD)(IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
"a few years before the making of this album, lisa wahlander introduced me to 
the choreography of maria gillespie and her company, oni dance. i immediately 
connected with maria's work, and was especially drawn to her music selections. 
i asked lisa to give maria my first two albums as well as a deru album from my 
good friend ben wynn. some months later in the summer of 2006, maria 
incorporated my track "to reveal interiors" and deru's "only the circle" into 
her beautiful, haunting piece "la hora de salir." it was the first time that 
either ben or i had seen dance choreographed to our music. since i listen to 
and create my music largely in solitude, i never realized that the experience 
of having my work filtered through other artists' minds and bodies was 
something i so craved.

by the fall, the transition to a new studio coupled with a hectic professional 
life had slowed progress on my third album, "at night, under artificial light." 
around this time, maria invited lisa and me to a dance performance at the ford 
amphitheater in hollywood. before the show maria mentioned she was working on a 
new piece and asked if i would write the entire score. she was accustomed to 
creating choreography first and adding music late in the process, but with this 
new work she wanted to start with the music and use that as inspiration for the 
choreography. i said yes on the spot.

i started working on a sketch the next day, even before i had the benefit of 
maria's direction. just from seeing her work and hearing the music she selected 
in the past, i felt like i had enough to go on. i played the sketch to maria 
and she said, "that's it. that is the main theme of the piece." that sketch 
became the title track on this album. i put my "artificial light" project on 
the backburner and started churning out more sketches for maria, with her 
direction and input.

unlike the sluggish work of finishing my album, the dance score poured out 
rapidly. creating music for someone else's purposes seemed to be all i needed 
to gain momentum again. not only did it satisfy a longstanding desire of mine 
to make more spacious and patient music, but it was also a welcome occasion to 
incorporate the talents of friends, providing a home for some unfinished, 
collaborative sketches, and motivating us to make some new music together.

i produced more music than maria could fit in her dance, so we had to cut 
tracks and edit the remaining ones down to fit into a tight half hour. that 
process was painful, but i got through it with the knowledge that i would 
eventually craft a full-length album from the work produced for the score. the 
dance, titled "the splendor of gretel," premiered to a sold out audience at the 
ford amphitheater in july 2007. seeing maria's stunning work set to the music i 
created for her that night was a deeply moving experience."

- bryan konietzko, december 2009 -

even if you will never have the opportunity to watch the dance score, this 
album works perfectly as a mindscape soundtrack. electronic sounds, classical 
strings, guitars and gentle vocals are the components for this fascinating work 
of art. stylistically, 'the sound of love impermanent' can be described as an 
amalgam of ambient and contemporary orchestral music enriched with the addition 
of post rock structures. a remarkable release by a well-respected artist - give 
it a try!

LOWNESS - "undertow"       (CD) (IMPORT)   (ANT-ZEN)        ($14.00)
lowness is a one man project of seattle's scott sturgis, a musician active 
since the mid-nineties with projects like converter, dbs, notime and pain 
station. although lowness exists since the end of 2005, sturgis took the time 
needed to make the first lowness release 'undertow'.

inspired by artists as disparate as chrome, neu!, pink floyd, harmonia, black 
widow, subarachnoid space, psychic ills, amon dl II and indian jewelry, this 
album can be described as an ambient industrial psychedelic hybrid. driving 
r-box beats, swirling synth dots, mighty, pulsing subbasses and slicing guitar 
drones result in dark, hypnotic rhythmic soundscapes with a nightmarish and in 
places exotic feel. detailed post-rock instrumentation, subtle electronic 
textures and often tribalistic grooves melt into one-of-a-kind compositions 
created with strings and keys.

lowness' direction reflects an original take on familiar genre themes, but 
pushes way beyond specific genre trappings by tossing aside the cliches and 
commonality to focus on the raw emotion involved in creating music. devastating 
and chilling at the same time, 'undertow' is an album recommended for intense 
listening in the nighttime, just before dawn....

THE PRAYER TREE - "the prayer tree"    (CD) (IMPORT) (HYMEN) ($14.00)
the prayer tree is an asian tradition consisting of a tree with metal branches 
upon which people can put written prayers. it also refers to a small temple in 
downtown tokyo, a centenarian tree that has been saved
from destruction and where people regularly come to pray or make offerings. the 
idea behind it is the one of quietness in the midst of noise. its the kind of 
little spaces that offer you a place to rest, to think, to meditate while 
surrounded by the ever so growing agitation of our cities. yet the idea is not 
the one of a 'struggle' between noise and silence. it is not quietness versus 
noise, but quietness and noise co-existing.

guillaume eluerd and jrme chassagnard have been known in the electronic music 
scene for years. chassagnard as a member of ab ovo and as a solo artist. eluerd 
records under his own name and with his
musical project nimp. together they have formed the prayer tree, and their 
first self titled album is now seeing the light of day.with this project, the 
prayer tree typify the gift of silence and recovery in eight songs of sheer 
beauty and slight melancholy. redemption is a prevalent theme - through a 
journey/physical way (tokyo, silent stones), through technology (ubik), through 
experiencing a book (new york) or in a religious sense (all those who just 
couldnt make it, the golden hour). most of the songs refer to a moment, a 
fragment of time where your life has changed and/or you take the decision to 
change it for the better. these are pictures of thoughts, contemplation of 
yourself and of your surrounding. as a whole, the album is the musical 
equivalent of the enjoyment of these moments while having a taste of true 
happiness (at least for a little while).

with this release the prayer tree present an album of quiet, introspection but 
also an album of strong and inventive songs. eluerd's poetic lyrics are set to 
a brilliant variety of subtle, colourful arrangements while acoustic and 
electronic instruments interact perfectly with a mellow voice. one can simply 
bathe in the lush sensuality of the instruments and compositions. give it a 
listen, you will not regret it.

ATRABILIS SUNRISE -"pillgrimage"       (CD) (IMPORT) (RAUBBAU)      ($14.00)
hello? god? are you there? it's me... "
all things in life, whether good or bad, can be sold provided they're 
sugarcoated and smell like strawberries, pine trees or flowers; other goods can 
be sold provided they are applied on properly perforated blotting paper. the 
blue unicorn will scare you enough to miss out on the chance of a lifetime and 
bart simpson will turn out to be the savior who rescues the primitives. 
congratulations! you have just hit rock bottom.

"i have been taking quite a bit of these drugs lately and i feel different. i 
hear voices and they tell me to be humble..."
atrabilis sunrise's "pillgrimage" is a story about psychedelics, religion and 
unconditional surrender; a possible soundtrack to an unnamed road movie 
involving more drugs than "fear and loathing in las vegas", more bad trips as 
in 'easy rider' and more sportive activities than seen in 'the passion of 

"i see them becoming larger in numbers and i must follow the leader... maybe 
you know him, he says he's your son..."
this songbook counts eleven tracks of some of the best death industrial you 
will most likely encounter for some time. eleven 'psalms' written and 
orchestrated by the frenchman padre p.c. who created atrabilis sunrise after 
the demise of catharsis.
under this pseudonym he released several cdr's and one white vinyl 7" on 
formosan rec, the predecessor of raubbau.

"he tells me to find them all..."
"pillgrimage" is an untold tale of the noughties; made of sleepless nights in 
the country, weird meetings and brought to you by drugs and other kinds of 
banned cults. for better, for worse. "pillgrimage" is the journey towards the 
unknown through the combined eyes of the children of god and the children of 
the corn.

DRAINED SCORN - "release the hate"  (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
DENERGIZED - "VHS recall"           (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
MULPHIA    -"bleeding"              (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
CYCLONE B  - "evil"                 (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
LARVA     -"voces del laberinto"    (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
IMPACT PULSE - "optimal contrast"   (CD) (IMPORT)(ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
SYNAPTIC DEFECT - "world wide wasteland"(CD)(IMPORT)(ADVOXYA)($14.00)

FILAMENT 38 - "frail"       (EP-CD) (NEGATIVE GAIN) ($10.00)
Filament 38, from Ohio, USA return after a few years quiet with some
kick ass New Industrial/EBM sounds on a 10 song EP!
Combining mood with machine Filament 38 presents their long awaited third 
release "Frail" on -NGP+. Frail encompasses hard hitting beats with crunchy 
synths and powerfull vocals. This release seamlessly blends aggression with 
danceable EBM and features remixes from Interface, Caustic, Roger Jarvis of 
HexRx, and Encoder.

ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION - "distorted memories" (CD)(IMPORT) ($15.00)
A mix of new tracks and remixes, mostly from his previous album "Post 
Industrial" this actually boasts a running time of over an hour with plenty 
for EBM lovers to get their teeth into. The remixes, as a rule, stick to the 
tried and tested EBM formula with kudos going to the
Arabic mood that graces the 'dead or alive' mix of Cyberthief and
Psyclonicold's interpretation of "Low Life", the original of which opens 
proceedings in  typical ESR style with strong melodics making an instant 
impression.  Indeed, the new pieces are sure to please his fans, as is "Twisted 
Shadows"  which sees the first fruits of his collaboration with one Jerome 
Caulier  under the name Joint Vision. By staying faithful to the ESR sound it 
doesn't see anything radically new going on but its another strong piece  while 
the untitled ESR 2009 demo is indicative of many more good things  yet to come 
from Vince. Highlight of the disc, however, is the cover of  Public Relation's 
"Eighty Eight" which hits the spot right from the off with  a bagful of 
excellent interlinking melodics in a style that's got 'electro  classic' 
stamped all over it! Not so much an EP then, more of a mini-album  that 
provides a constantly enthralling listen, this is one not to be  missed but, as 
it's limited to only 100 copies!! Get it Now! we only have 20 here @ DSBP!

EMPTY - "surfacing"        (CD)       (APHOTIC AUDIO)(IMPORT)(13.00)
Surfacing is the long awaited debut album from Empty which represents a whole 
new realm of sound by integrating organic emotion with raw elements of 
desperation and melodic electronics.

Featuring fourteen immersive tracks moulded from a variety of genres including 
Electro-Industrial, Drum & Bass and Glitch, Surfacing offers the listener a 
unique auditory experience with a wide range
of vocal styles and varying structural paces.

The sound of Empty is comparable to that of Electro-Industrial bands such as 
Front Line Assembly, Dismantled, Mind.In.A.Box, Imperative Reaction or Skinny 
Puppy and draws inspiration from bands
outside of the genre such as Pendulum, Tweaker and Depeche Mode.

THE VIVID TWISTED - "terror violence technology" (CD)(SELF RELEASED)(12.00)
The Vivid Twisted is a musical revolution for the 21st century, mixing various 
genres including metal, industrial, dance, and punk to create a sound unlike 
any other. Known for their tight live shows and outrageous onstage presence, 
they amaze new fans and thrill old ones at every show. What separates TVT from 
other unsigned artists is their musical talent, professionalism, discipline, 
and ability to cross the line when it comes to writing innovative music. Always 
working on new material, they have made a commitment, to themselves and their 
fans, to create one of the most entertaining and interesting rock shows out 
there .
14 tracks kick your ass on this debut CD! the band tackles the REAL ISSUES
with todays society, plenty of lyrics for anyone who is NOT a conformist, 
submissive can relate to and will shout along with frantically!
A modern sound that will cross fanbases and genres..

ARCHITECT  -"consume adapt create"      (CD) (HYMEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
for years he has made a name for himself in the modern electronic
music scene but the most outstanding of daniel myer's (countless)
projects is Architect. three years after lower lip interface hymen
records presents the long awaited fifth album: consume adapt create.
the difference between the true creative artist and the impersonator is
the way they deal with influences. myer's inspirations range from drum
and bass wizards enduser and current value up to breakcore warlords
venetian snares and otto von schirach - but it is unmistakably
architect you hear in every note of each track. consume adapt create: a
unique blend of atmospheric idm, cinematic samples, powerfully
distorted sequences, ramming electro grooves, razor-sharp breakbeats,
and haunting ambiance. music to move the dancefloor while still
creating enough depth and texture for heavy listening through your
headphones. once again, d.myer demonstrates astounding compositions.
well-placed sounds and complex arrangements of synthetic noise. as
heard on this record: "i see things..." - listen up and see for

SOMATIC RESPONSES - "neon"         (CD) (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
john and paul healy a.k.a. somatic responses are aurally focussed
on complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent
constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness
enlaced. their early productions' main focus were on hardcore and
techno, later on they expanded the musical regions up to electro,
dubstep, and even breakcore territories. as a diligent confluence of
these styles, 'neon' is a dark, claiming caleidoscope of
state-of-the-art electronic sound mastery. dubstep beats are combined
with dark ambience and manipulated voice samples. fast, heavy
breakbeats are mixed with distorted synth lines creating an industrial
music flair. drum and bass meets electro sequences. pulsating subbasses
and acherontic synth lines induce a multitude of moods between
aggression, disarray and melancholy...  this album show how these icons
of the challenging electronic scene are still able to open their ears
and tap fresh ideas from today's music sensbilities.

BIPOL  - "fritter away"          (CD) (ANT-ZEN)   (IMPORT) ($14.00)
three years after his first album andreas brinkert (bipol) has
released his second album entitled 'fritter away'. brinkert has once
again demonstrated his skills of creating moods which range from
apprehension and aggression to disarray. musically bipol assimilates
classic dark industrial by creating a multitude of hypnotic repetitive
sequences, dark drones and mechanical noises that are highlighted with
a large variety of complex beats. the twelve tracks include subliminal
bits of sound that drift below the surface so that the listener is
deeply captivated. bipol is supported on three tracks by tim kniep
(synapscape) and andreas schramm (asche) and the album's mental
intensity is that much more enforced. a superior work of present day
industrial music - a sound that forces you to listen - definitely not
music to fritter away the time.

DIAPHANE - "samdhya"                (CD)    (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
in 2008, rgis baillet and jrme chassagnard decided to pause
their project ab ovo and to continue with solo projects. while
j.chassagnard's first solo album (f)light was released on hymen
records, r.baillet formed diaphane and began to work on samdhya (which
has now been released on ant-zen). samdhya (sanscritic for 'twilight')
emanates an atmosphere of reassurance and slight melancholy. soothing
soundscapes and complex rhythms form a mixture of ruminant and
impulsive tunes which hypnotize and stimulate at the same time. the
well balanced acoustic and electronic instrumentation, in places
enriched with voice samples, result in an enthralling, cinematic feel.
diaphane's aural cosmos has to be explored like an undiscovered
continent; those who are curious and open minded will certainly be
richly rewarded.

THIS MORN' OMINA - "7 years of famine"   (CD)(ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA -"le serpent blanc, le serpent rouge"(DOUBLE CD)($18.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA -"les passages jumeaux" (DOUBLE CD) (ANT-ZEN)   ($18.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA - "momentum of singular clarity" (EP) (ANT-ZEN) ($11.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA - "nagash"                 (3"EP/CD) (ANT-ZEN)  ($8.00)
POW(D)ER PUSSY - "one day"                  (3"EP/CD) (ANT-ZEN)  ($8.00)
NYMPHOMATRIARCH -"self titled"              (CD)      (ANT-ZEN)  ($12.00)
HECATE VS LUSTMORD - "law of the battle of conquest" (EP) (ANT-ZEN)($11.00)

IMPURFEKT - "human"                         (CD)    (IMPURFEKT)  ($13.00)
We are taught to view ourselves and our world in black and white. To observe 
instead of experience. To follow instead of feel. We no longer live. We simply 
exist. Shells of what we could be; our potential dormant beneath the status 

We must cast aside thoughts and beliefs which imprison. Abandon the religion of 
perfection; the politics of fear; and the culture of complacency. Remember what 
it means to be human. To love and hate. To discover and leave behind. To 
succeed and error.

With every effort impurfekt strives to stir the embers of the human heart. To 
awaken the fire grown cold within. To ever be a reflection of the human state.

Impurfekt is dark, electronic music.  Begun in the winter of 2008; it is a 
synthesis of gritty, infectious industrial and a softer, more instrumental 
approach.  The result is a progressive contrast of moving melodies, distorted 
rhythms, complex synth manipulation, and processed vocals.
The musical style of impurfekt is most influenced by industrial artists such as 
Velvet Acid Christ, Skinny Puppy and Wumpscut; as well as trip hop artists such 
as Massive Attack; and ambient artists such as The Future Sound of London. 
impurfekt is also influenced by a long list of film and video game composers.

The name itself stems from the drug-assisted aversion therapy found in the 
novel and film "A Clockwork Orange", in which the patient is forced to view 
violent imagery while injected with experimental medication in an attempt to 
condition the subjects behavior.

The Ludovico Technique as a band takes this concept and transforms it into 
music. The lyrical content draws from personal experience and observation - you 
will hear nothing which has not been translated from feeling to sound.

It is harsh industrial music highlighting the dark aspects of the human 
experience as well as the depths to which the human mind can deteriorate.

5 tracks here which push the boundaries of electro/industrial with a flavor of 
its own, and the vocals are amazing! sometimes you think
its 2 or more vocalists collaborating but its not, its MR. BEN V.!!

ESA - "the immaculate manipulation"    (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO)  ($12.00)
Brand new remix album from ESA featuring Manufactura, C-Drone-Defect, Marching 
Dynamics, Stendeck, Access To Arasaka, Lights Out Asia, and more + a CD-only 
bonus remix album featuring additional tracks by Lucidstatic, Ah Cama-Sotz, 
Keef Baker, Psytek, Autoclav1.1, and more.

Tympanik Audios highly-anticipated third compilation release celebrating the 
entry of our 3rd year of existence. Meticulously selected, compiled, and 
refined, Emerging Organisms 3 continues this critically-acclaimed compilation 
series featuring the very best in futuristic and forward-thinking electronic 
artists from around the world.

Now shipping!


Disc One:

01 - SE: Chrono
02 - Access To Arasaka: Kill Recorder
03 - Klangstabil: Beziehungsohr (Subheim remix)
04 - Lucidstatic: Coal Cage (Access To Arasaka remix)
05 - Aphorism: Arc Towards
06 - Candle Nine: Penumbra
07 - S:cage: Seven Endings (Departure)
08 - Ab Ovo: Bees
09 - Displacer: Sun_Phase (Nightfall mix)
10 - Empusae: Hard Boiled Wonderland (Detritus remix)
11 - Loss: 071123
12 - Terminal Sound System: We Eat The Sun
13 - Opposite Exhale: Clear Green
14 - If: I Only Miss You When Youre Here (remix)

Disc Two:

01 - IP Neva: Calm Before The Storm
02 - Millipede: Cell Division
03 - Liars Rosebush: You Are Here
04 - Famine: Sig/Int
05 - Fractional: Blood
06 - Michael Fakesch: Rand VA
07 - Metaform: OCD
08 - Autoclav1.1: Let Me Sleep
09 - Raoul Sinier: Untitled10
10 - Undermathic: Bodhi
11 - Keef Baker: Trion
12 - Tapage & Meander: Jelly Battleship
13 - Skytree: Stomata Spirit
14 - Poordream: Immense Present
15 - OTX: Anna

AUTOCLAV 1.1 - "where once were exit wounds"(CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO) (12.00)
Where Once Were Exit Wounds perpetuates the Autoclav1.1 legacy with a stunning 
presentation of electronic works that truly captures the heart and soul of this 
Tympanik artist favourite.

While still absorbing praise from his critically-acclaimed 2008 release Love No 
Longer Lives Here Autoclav1.1s Tony Young reaches even deeper into his 
seemingly endless bag of talent to unleash a collection of work that will 
surely be hailed as his most promising venture to date.

Where Once Were Exit Wounds is a visceral montage of complex beats, surging 
guitars, pulsating synthwork, and undying melodies, that will well exceed even 
the most ascertaining tastes, all the while exhibiting a flow of embracing 
atmospheres and lovely melodic breeziness that will encompass its listener with 
warmth and gentle adrenaline time and time again. Autoclav1.1 fearlessly 
interjects a powerful concoction of love, loss, and despair fueled by lathering 
electronic rhythms akin to a thoughtful drive accelerating almost 
uncontrollably along a distant country road on a warm summer night.

Get ready for the most engaging Autoclav1.1 album to date Where Once Were Exit 
Wounds is available on compact disc with stunning artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen / 
Hymen) and outstanding audio mastering from Metarc - out now!

ACCESS TO ARASAKA - "oppidan"  (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)       ($12.00)
The long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut CD from New Yorks amazing young 
new talent Access To Arasaka has finally arrived. With a steady momentum of 
buzz from fans and critics over the past year, remix collaborations with 
Zentriert ins Antlitz, Aphorism, and Totakeke, and more-than-well-received 
compilation appearances for the Hymen Records and Tympanik Audio labels, Access 
To Arasaka now offers the true scope of his capabilities with his innovative 
new album Oppidan.

A futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of 
expert beatwork and densely-layered atmospheric explorations, Oppidan 
transcends complexity and innovation in electronic music and seems to arrive at 
the very edge of its own inner space. Dark and cinematic and fascinating to no 
end, Oppidan is truly full of life and genuine mystic, opening the imagination 
of the listener into epic new dimensions at the hands of a true master of 
modern electronic composition.

TAPAGE - "fallen clouds"    (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)      ($12.00)
Brilliant or misunderstood? The Netherlands native Tapage caused quite a stir 
with his debut album The Institute Of Random Events last year for Tympanik 
Audio. Some have described his sound as utterly groundbreaking, while others 
carelessly dismissed his unique vision of futuristic dark IDM. No matter how 
you cut it, Tapage has charmed his way into the hearts of Tympanik Audio 
listeners and is undoubtably here to stay.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present the highly engaging new album by Tapage 
titled Fallen Clouds available now. A destination that never reveals, leaving 
the listener in a serendipitous dream state while continuously surrounded by 
sticky beats, addictive rhythms, and trip-tech electronic collages. A master 
craftsman of progressive Electronica, Tapage combines smart beats, perfect and 
stirring pattern timing with dense and alluring atmospheres.

AD.VER.SARY - "a bright cut across the velvet sky"(CD)(TYMPANIK AUDIO)($12.00)
Adversarys latest release on Tympanik Audio is a fantastic remix album titled A 
Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky featuring collaborations with Stendeck, 
Autoclav1.1, Cyanotic, ESA, Phylr, Iszoloscope, and more. A Bright Cut Across 
Velvet Sky is harnessed within a unique packaging, designed by the artist 
himself, hand-assembled and limited to 1000 numbered copies.

ANTYTHESYS - "point blank"   (CD)     (EVOLUTION NOIZE RECS/DSBP) ($12.00)
Nemesis is back with this new sonic assault sided by Virul3nt (Shiv-r). Drug 
Fueled Synthetik Noize shot at Point Blank into your system, where 
Industrial,Electro and Techno merge together in a new style called by the bans 
Industrial Evolution.

This 10 track violent attack will hit big with the club scene as the songs all 
kick ass unrelentlessly and show some dynamic programming skills as well.

DSBP RECORDS is proud to be the USA DISTRIBUTOR of this destructive unit! This 
is a front line assault, so get to your feet and prepare for action!!

A massive new compilation from Upscene/Indigo with tons of new and unreleased
33 tracks/bands including ....FADERHEAD, S.I.T.D, WYNARDTAGE, TECHNOLOGY,
**PLUS...as a BONUS for all CD buyers, witness the jet black haired gothic model
PHONIX VON THRONSTAHL strip from gothic club clothes, and transform into a red haired,
well dressed, business woman...very cool and fun to check out in this stunning 12 page
booklet!! great photography and music of course!!

26 exclusive tracks !
Kod.eX , an event organization based in Paris/France, will celebrate its 4 
years of existence in December 2009 with 11 parties to its credit.

27 international artists of the electronics/industrial scene have played live 
at Kod.eX, representing well-known labels like Ant-Zen, Hymen, Hands, Ad 
Brume Records, M-Tronic, Audiotrauma and have made of this Parisian 

This compilation will feature exclusive and unreleased tracks from Imminent, 
Asche, Mono No Aware, Roger Rotor, This Morn' Omina, Mlada Fronta, Oil 10, 
Flint Glass, Empusae, Twinkle, Ab Ovo, Lith, Detritus, Chrysalide,
Element Abuse,  Ex Tension, CDatakill, Dither, Sonic Area, Le Diktat,
Tzolkin, Ab Ovo, C.H District, Lith, Fractional, Sylugheist Maelstrom,
Sulphuric Saliva, and Cenotype...

Conscientiously  selected by DJ Kyronn, this compilation is a blend of ambient, 
electronica, breakbeats, dark-hop,digital hardcore, harsh industrial and much
more A must have for all fan of experimental electronics!

IMMINENT - "cask strength"   (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)       ($15.00)
cask strength is the term used in whisky making to describe the strength of 
whisky (in a cask) during maturation. this strong whisky is not the one that is 
usually bottled, as at cask strength the whisky isn't as drinkable. most 
bottled whisky is normally diluted with spring water to bring its strength 
(alcohol by volume) down to a level that makes it more palatable, usually about 
40%. while the majority of whisky bottled by distillers is watered down, some 
whiskies are bottled at cask strength, which is about 64% abv.

imminent starvation has been a leading light in the intersection of powerful 
industrial music and advanced electronics. incessant technoid rhythms, twisted 
electronic noise and cold, sinister atmospheric textures are the key 
ingredients in olivier moreau's musical spectrum. after finishing 'nord / 
north' in 1999, he destroyed his mixing desk, gave away the pieces as part of 
the limited 'nord' release and shortened his moniker to imminent. after the 
name change he produced remixes for sonar, iszoloscope, orphx and others, 
appeared on compilations, performed live and collaborated with synapscape as 
'the incredible three'. furthermore he constantly worked on this new full 
length album - which has now been completed.

like any good whisky that has to mature for at least 10 years in a cask, it 
took the same time for this release to maturate - and it was worth awaiting the 
ripening. indeed the music is comparable to a cask strength whisky's taste: 
raw, aggressive, powerful, without any concession or any additive to dilute 
it's true nature, but it also includes a lot of complexity that awaits to be 
discovered by a true connoisseur. straight beats interwoven with sophisticated 
breaks, brilliantly placed samples, intertwining powerful atmospheric synth 
textures and forceful distorted sequences (without inhibition) form into the 
sophisticated style of industrial music imminent is known and loved for. 64 
minutes of music - just like a 64% abv bottled cask strength whisky contains - 
taste it and full satisfaction is guaranteed!

100blumen -"down with the system, long live the system!"(CD)(IMPORT)($15.00)
100blumen's third album on ant-zen is a very comprehensive and elaborate one 
that displays a perfect merging of powerful rhythmic floral industrial and 
haunting technoid ambience.

throbbing dance sledge hammers like 'the unrest', 'the anger' and the electro 
anarchic power noise anthem 'unbreakable' prove that this artist is one of the 
leading present day industrial masters. another facet of 100blumen's mastery 
can be experienced on atmospheric tracks like 'tired green' where hypnotic 
repetitive patterns and puissant sub-bass create a continuous hypnotic flow. 
the album's conclusion, 'klimavernderung' combines m.nickels' punk roots with 
hammering e-beats and electroacoustic sound collages - an amazing collaboration 
with guitarist c.tiegelkamp and marching dynamics' shane talada.

this is another step of the one man army 100blumen's plan to destroy all flower 
haters with the burning beats of anarchy... and after that, he will have a 
drink. eat the rich or die trying!

DEFRAG -"lament element"         (CD)  (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)           ($14.00)
'lament element' presents a dynamic collision of power electronic styles. 
crushing distorted beats, lush melodic soundscapes, and massive sub-basses 
collide with idm edits and dubstep grooves. a perfect bridge
between the distorted aggressiveness of drum'n'bass and idm's complexity. 
imagine scorns minimalist grooves on speed overdosed with dubstep injections. 
riding eclectic curves between styles, jeff dodson
calls into battle an assortment of punishingly heavy tunes, boosting the 
tension and emotion to unimaginable dimensions. "the title itself literally 
means 'the reason to sing for the dead'. although not a
literal application to anything, i intended it as a question: 'what's the 
reason people write passionate music?' that and a name should just sounds 
great." (defrag). indeed it does, try it!

in 2000, jeff dodson and matt flego created an industrial/noise experiment 
called bitstorm. as the duo started playing out more and more, they eventually 
gained the attention of several record labels and decided to make invisible 
records their first home. as production on their first full-length album 'self 
construct' began, jeff and matt decided from that point forward to pen their 
work under the name defragmentation. 'self construct' received critical acclaim 
from all over the globe and soon the duo developed a hardcore cult following, 
and the fan given name of defrag. in winter of 2004, matt flego departed defrag 
to explore other paths, and soon after his departure, jeff found himself at a 
crossroad. he could either shut the project down and continue his budding 
career in motion graphics, or he could take a chance and keep defrag going. 
committed and very stubborn, he decided to do both. in 2004 jeff picked up the 
project and moved to los angeles where he continued doing motion graphics and 
simultaneously built his own home studio and library or personal audio work. he 
left invisible records in the hope of starting fresh.

soon after relocating, jeff decided to expand his motion graphic business 
(www.rainfallfilms.com) to also include sound design and music composition 
(www.runsilent.org). by using the same signature sound that made defrag unique 
and applying it to his commercial work, jeff soon had a line of 'a-list' 
companies and corporations begging for his music to be in their projects. 
before too long jeffs music was popping up in ad campaigns, video games, and 
theaters for such clients as nike, g4 tv, ferrari, jgermeister and philips, as 
well as projects like x-men 3 the official game, and the massively successful 
legend of zelda film trailer. he was invited to speak at one of the most 
successful motion graphics and music festivals in the world, the offf festival 
in 2009.
during this time jeff redefined his own music and the music of defrag. finally, 
in 2009 jeff decided it was time to get back in the music industry and was 
recruited by hymen records, where he releases the first defrag album in five 

GENEVIEVE PASQUIER-"le cabaret moi"     (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)  (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
three years after soap bubble factory and virgin pulses, ant-zen is proud to 
present genevive pasquier's new album. from the very first note the listener 
will be mesmerized by the elegant electronic pulses that are dominated by the 
persuasive/icy quality of her vulnerable and adorable voice.

le cabaret moi is genevive pasquier's very own cabaret. a cabaret which 
transforms her desires into fourteen songs of diverse styles (without regard to 
any arbitrariness). the music's scope ranges from subtle, slow-moving ambience 
(changing, nobody's darling), electro noise tunes (bouge!, fusion), beautiful 
atmospheric lounge cabaret (mon cabaret), insistent electroid beats (rubberpop) 
and finally into a furious rapid interpretation of the normal's warm 

at once beautiful and distant, genevive pasquier's delivery speaks to 
everyone's feelings of loneliness, anger and pleasure that crop up at some 
point in life. a revue of class and noblesse - enter and enjoy your stay!

GJOLL-   "sum of transformation"   (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)    (IMPORT)         ($14.00)
"all forms of direct action are practiced by nonhuman animals, albeit without 
communicative elements. nonhuman animals routinely and deliberately destroy 
walls and other structures erected by people; "steal" themselves and other 
animals away from human possession and refuse to accede to human authority, 
hegemony, or boundaries. birds, insects and other animals often do organize 
themselves to fulfill collective purposes by nonhierarchical and non-coercive 
means and thus offer models of alternatives to governments." (pattrice jones: 
natural anarchism in action)

on their third full length album this icelandic project continues its 
ideological struggle against men's arrogance and pretend predominance. wrathful 
but never nihilistic, gjlls lyrics appeal to those who still keep an open mind, 
a large amount of hope, and the ability to separate right from wrong.

musically, jhann eirksson and sigurur hararson have expanded their previous 
album's harsh eruptions into powerful ambient noise hymns that are combined 
with a kind of post-krautrock feel. sum of transformations contrasts analogue 
guitar strokes with the digital iciness of dark and disturbing soundscapes.

an outstanding release, both calming and intensely enraged at the same time. 
not to be taken lightly.

TONAL Y NAGUAL  -"la sierra mecanica"    (CD) (ANT-ZEN distro) (IMPORT)($13.00)
La Sierra Mecnica marks a turning point in the creative process of Tonal y 
Nagual.Their journey started in a barren,
long forgotten desert but after five years of wandering
they reached the premises of something called Intelligent Pop,
strangely captivating tunes saturated with rare emotional roughness
comparable to acts like Genevive Pasquier and the newer works of Portishead.
Their third album starts with bluesy electronics and the remarkable Anybody,
a wonderful hymn reminding of Interpol.
They keep this level quickly pulling you into their world of hypnotic rhythms
and singularly lamenting harmonies climaxing into desperate beauty in Grave,
especially when the guest vocals of Genevive Pasquier set in;
after that there is a subtle turning point and everything gets rougher,
dirtier, leading to pulsing beats shredding through the outskirts of the cities
banging on the walls of urban ignorance.
This culminates in the brilliant Cog in the machine a definite clubhit to come.
Two remixes from the Telektroponks Die Perlen
and Zero Degree complete this ingenious album.

THE LAW-RAH COLLECTIVE - "solitaire"     (CD) (RAUBBU)  (IMPORT)      ($13.00)
a picture of the house you once called home, the smell of white roses, lavender 
in the garden and a sound too distant to recognise. anything can and everything 
will trigger memories. fragments of sound have been manipulated by the 
[law-rah] collective to tell a new story, to create a new reality with 
everything you find on your way. this can be anything from mental images to 
hidden emotions, from unknown smells to forgotten dreams. everything transforms 
you into who you are now, in this reality, at this moment. though it's not 
likely that every part of who you are is the truth. your memories are your 
interpretation of the truth and don't have to be truthfull at all.

as a child you played the game where one person tells a sentence and it follows 
a chain of people. what comes out of it is a new sentence, which very probably 
has nothing to do with the beginning. on their new album 'solitaire' the 
[law-rah] collective is playing exactly that game, albeit differently.

like on the 2008 ant-zen album 'inspiration', the duo martijn pieck and bauke 
van der wal upped the ante with the collective's 7th full release. sound wise 
they return to the collective's origins: a combination of ambient structures 
and deep drones with sudden breaks in the sound spectrum. 'solitaire's 
threatening and oppressive mood will leave you in a state and in a place where 
you haven't been before. a new reality which is more then the sum of its parts.

INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - "mumia vera- a collection of rarities & remixes" (DCD) 
(ARTOFFACT) ($18.00)
A long time ago, Individual Totem emerged as one of Germanys most innovative 
industrial bands. But even their most hardcore fans are not aware of the first 
real Totem release: a cassette-only album called Mumia Vera. Now hopelessly out 
of print and all but forgotten, Mumia Vera represents the early stages of 
Individual Totem, a unique sound that is years ahead of its time, and the seeds 
of what would become one of the top industrial bands of the 90s. This Fall, 
Artoffact Records will re-issue a new version of Mumia Vera, completely 
remastered and re-tweaked from the original cassettes, and incorporating the 
original artwork. What is more, Mumia Vera will be released as a limited 
edition double CD, including the entire Flow EP (including the Fortress A 
remix, one of the best tracks ever recorded, period). The release will also 
feature previously unreleased live material, and the limited edition will come 
with two new Individual Totem pins. Released September 29th, 2009, exclusively 
from Artoffact Records.

URCEUS EXIT - "compensation for the sound of silence"(DCD) (ARTOFFACT)($18.00)
Call us ambitious. Of all the sophomore releases we have heard through the 
years, nothing comes close to what Urceus Exit has conjured on Compensation For 
the Sound of Silence. As a pop album, the release is unforgettable. For 
synthpop, it is miles ahead of what is on the market today. Lyrically and 
musically, frontman Richard Duggan has over-reached and extended the 
possibilities of electronic pop beyond anyones wildest expectations. 
Compensation for the Sound of Silence is an epic album that will turn heads 
with tracks like Drifting and The Worst that Weve Become. The listener is 
engaged and without a doubt every song is a sonic gem. In short, the album is 
brilliant and needs to be heard. Compensation for the Sound of Silence will be 
released as a 2CD limited edition, complete with alternate versions of every 
track on disc 2 that give the album a new freshness and a different spin. The 
limited edition comes in a beautifully designed ecopak double wallet and will 
include two limited edition pins. Released on Artoffact Records.

DISHARMONY - "evolution"     (CD)    (TYMPANIK AUDIO)      ($13.00)
Under-rated, yet revered with undying admiration by the already initiated, this 
Slovakian duo has (un)quietly scorched the underground Electro-Industrial scene 
for many years, releasing several continuously morphing collections of work 
amongst the awe of fans and music critics alike. With a plethora of remixing 
and album credits to their name, dISHARMONY manage to speak volumes once again 
with their signature brand of down-tempo, yet hard-hitting electronica-tinged 
dark electro works, paying never mind to any looming trends, but instead 
constantly evolving beyond the typical genre clones and earn their right to the 
throne amongst a horde of imitators. With graceful progression towards the 
beautiful and harsh, dISHARMONY utilizes their unique mesh of dark, technoid 
beats and classic Industrial rhythms, matched perfectly with harsh vocals and 
addictive melodies, to arrive at a dark and complex new cavern of sonic 
stimulation. You may know dISHARMONYs critically-hailed last album Malignant 
Shields. You may know their prolific remix collection Cloned: The Other Side Of 
Evolution. You may know their recent collaborations with the likes of Flint 
Glass, Totakeke, Mnemonic, Stendeck, Fractional, Anhedonia, Zentriert ins 
Antlitz, and countless others. But be sure of this: you do not know Evolution 
Yet. Released on Tympanik.

INTERFACE -"visions of a modern life"       (CD)   (NILAIHAH)  ($12.00)
New York's Interface combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial, 
all with a melodic, emotional edge. Interface's fourth full-length album 
reflects yet another positive turn in its career. 13 songs of mature and 
introspective lyrics, lush synth textures, and club-ready beats make for the 
next evolution in the band's sound. Already previewed on its own EP, 
"Destination" appears at full length here, alongside more standout tracks like 
the hard-hitting "Body Flow" and "Modern Life", and slower works like 
"Pavilion". Guest musicians on the album include Dawn Mitchell (Missile 
Command) on "Voices (Echo)" and Rachel Feder on "Destination". The CD version 
of the album is "enhanced", in that when you place it into a CD-ROM drive you 
can access the entire album in MP3 format (including two bonus tracks) as well 
as a photo gallery. Released on Nilaihah!!

back in stock.....limited quantities..

CYCLONE B -    "evil"                (CD)      (ADVOXYA)(IMPORT) ($15.00)

LINGOUF-  "ange et gruikk"   (CD) (IMPORT)(ANT-ZEN)      ($14.00)
lingouf's second album on ant-zen illustrates a further exploration into this 
artist's very special aural and visual thinking. to him, music and the 
corresponding artwork are allegories of a general emotion - moments of 
happiness brought by love, but importantly happiness overlaid with the 
knowledge of sadness, melancholy and loss. 'ange' (angel) and 'gruikk' 
(lingoufs onomatopoeia for distorted mind / thoughts) can be seen as ensigns 
for this symbiotic emotion. which is also represented on the front cover: a 
homage to the 1594 french painting, 'portrait of gabrielle d'estres and 
duchesse de villars'.

on this release's six tracks, lingouf allows each composition to blossom and 
transform. from the megrim of 'le carnaval des animaux' (influenced by the 
programme music cycle of the same name composed by camille saint sans in 1886), 
the drifty bass pulses/beat shuffles on 'ange et gruikk' and 'garage', the 
straight and partly distorted floor burners 'vifoogy' and 'st-geniez' and 
lastly the broken beats and rich melodic layers of 'dorpramepasu'. 'ange et 
gruikk' abducts the listener into a very unique cosmos of deep spheres, sounds, 
emotional atmospheres and hypnotizing sonic playfulness. an audiolicious mlange 
of ambient, technoid and industrial music.

AHNST ANDERS -  "many ways"    (CD)   (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)       ($14.00)
though he started as a dj that focused on electronic sounds, ahnst anders 
wanted to present his own creative output to the public. so in 2003 he replaced 
record players with musical instruments. he now works as a stage and studio 
performer who merges collages of noises, organic sounds and electronic music 
into a inimitable blend of dark ambient and experimental music. his debut album 
'dialog' was released in 2007 simultaneously with his first concert at 
maschinenfest. following this were various remixes, collateral sound work for 
art exhibitions/installations and a collaborative album with config.sys. now 
ant-zen presents ahnst anders' second full length album.

'many ways' is based on different field recordings of natural sources (fire, 
water, wind), found objects (chains, metal breakers) and different daily 
environments (street sounds, trains). using the inspirations received from 
these recordings anders transformed the raw sound into tracks that range from 
ambient to breaks. during the production process he kept his senses and spirit 
as receptive as possible, treading many paths to achieve this result. this 
open-mindedness to try 'many ways' named the album.

the music on this release combines ambient soundscapes with a huge variety of 
rhythmic patterns - from tribal breaks to slow dub-influenced cadences. 
ruminant keyboard layers with added field samples generate a mixture of 
soothing and unsettling atmospheres. (dark) ambient, musique concrte and 
repetitive beats offer a soundtrack for a large number of moods. as anders 
elaborates: "music is.. the elixir for impetus, joy, emotion.. every day we are 
exposed to disturbing strong sonic waves; why shouldn't we turn these into 
something interesting?"

MILLIPEDE- "all my best intentions"   (CD)   (IMPORT) (HYMEN)        ($14.00)
don hill has been creating dark ambient music under the moniker porteur de 
l'image since 1998. while he was exploring new music-software, yet unexpected 
options of his musical self-conception opened up and
resulted in millipede. this project has taken on a life of it's own - much more 
beat-oriented and complex than pdl'i, yet still dark and harsh - a soundtrack 
for contemplation, as hill explains. with the support of josh pyle (aphorism) 
and the usage of samples granted by pyle, jan carleklev (sanctum) and angel 
draganov (polygon ring), millipede's first full-length release sees the light 
of day: all my best intentions.

millipede lays down a caleidoscope of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an 
acute sense of memorable tunes which will persist long after each track fades. 
a panoramic of digital glitch, pounding rhythms and bass lines agglutinated by 
melodic ambience. add to this the occasional carefully placed application of 
acoustic guitars, fender rhodes piano and electric bass, a unique and 
captivating album that crosses
boundaries is the result; not isolated idm, glitch, or dark ambient but a 
combination of elements of them all and more.

all my best intentions: an intriguing aural journey into what innovative 
electronic music is truly meant to be - an album of hidden depth and 

END - "the dangerous class"       (CD) (IMPORT)  (HYMEN)        ($14.00)
I. the dangerous class is the new album by end. five years in the making, it is 
17 tracks of audio madness bound together by themes of sex, drugs, and 
rebellion. a wild mix of live instrumentation,
programmed electronics, and collaged sample fragments, the dangerous class is 
the soundtrack to a world of wayward youth given to deviance, chemical 
transcendence and violent transgression.

II. if there was ever a point that the communists and the capitalists could 
agree on, it was that the dangerous class - the lumpenproletariat - was of no 
use to the future. criminals, petty con-men, social parasites and hooligans, 
they deserved only dismissal or imprisonment. an unfortunate remnant of the 
past order to be swept away in the forward march of history. but of course, now 
- as those two great behemoths of the 20th century have become almost 
indistinguishable from each other - we are all, increasingly, become criminals. 
you are a criminal when you download music. you are a criminal when you ingest 
forbidden substances. you are a criminal when you try to do anything other than 
the expressly permitted. and you are a criminal when you protest this very 
order. in the new world, we are all lumpenproles.

III. the dangerous class is stitched together from the detritus of a century of 
recorded music, rampaging its way through countless sounds and styles - one 
moment it is double-time drums accompanying
glitched-out rockabilly, the next swinging jazz scat overtop dirty, blown-out 
synths. almost no musical genre is left unexplored - surf, garage rock, speed 
metal, big band horn numbers, speak-easy jazz,
techno thumpers, organ dirges, chamber music, bollywood sitar psychedelia, 
string ensembles, groovy lounge pieces and more. all of it woven into catchy 
pop-tunes where sunshine-voiced singers belt out
infectious melodies while craggy old voices weave a narrative of decadence and 
forbidden pleasures.

IV. end is a little band out of new york city. they're a noisy mix of 
electronics, garage rock, and old-time swing. they've worked on records with 
snog and messer fr frau mller, remixed foetus, kaada, and the
icarus line, and toured all over the globe with the likes of fantomas, melt 
banana, and jason forrest. the dangerous class is their newest album and is 
available now on hymen records."you are not born dangerous class. you become so 
the moment you cease to acknowledge the values and constraints of a world from 
which you have broken free: the necessity of wage-labour." --alice becker-ho

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN - "a place for the lost"  (CD) (IMPORT) (BAZOOKA 
Another fine audio journey into the world of Rorschach Garden.They are the
epitome of old school analog electro, and new wave with a new touch.
They have some noisey parts in the music as well as unusual analog synth sounds 
that really remind us of old and new at the same time.this band delivers
as always with some real memorable old school electro tracks.

MATAMACHETE - "tanin no kao"         (CD)    (D-TRASH RECORDS) ($12.00)
Punishing straight-up industrial metal with thick and heavy guitar riffs, with 
dual vocal yells over top of a squelching and slithering layer of noise and 
electronics. This will kick you and your mother's asses all over into next 
Tuesday! Catch the new wicked video for "Greed" on the D-Trash site.

THE M.E.M.O.R.Y. LAB - "self titled" (CD)   (D-TRASH RECORDS)  (12.00)
3-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer and producer Marc Urselli, takes on 
FUNERAL ORATION and ABORYM members in a blinding album of aggressive 
occulto-industrial trash metal.  For fans of SKINNY PUPPY, CURRENT 93, 
MINISTRY, and various post-black metal bands.   Established in Italy 10 years 
ago, their debut CD sees an official release in 2009 on D-TRASH Records as a 
cool looking digipack case.

REC) ($12.00)
D-TRASH Records pays tribute to digital hardcore masters ATARI TEENAGE RIOT on 
this 16 track compilation featuring all the classic ATR songs you know given 

CONTRA  - "enter the winter"        (CD)    (D-TRASH RECORDS) (CD) ($12.00)
Long time DTRASH member E. Coli gives us his next album of CONTRA material, 
this time we release it as a professionally pressed DTECH CD - 11 tracks of 
impeccible cold and other-worldly post breakcore sounds.  Digital hardcore 
power noise sci-fi dreams of the future's end, a lullaby of experimental 
ambience for electronic minds.

HANSEL - "lorentzian lineshaper"    (CD)    (D-TRASH RECORDS) (CD) ($12.00)
Boston, USA's HANSEL finally unleashes their awesome 2nd full length album 
"Lorentzian Lineshaper".  Sung/Screamed/MC'd vocals over top of deep and unique 
breakcore beats, with a full orchestra backing it all up, coming out something 
like TECHNO ANIMAL, BEASTIE BOYS, APHEX TWIN if they worked together.  Features 
bonus remixes from SCHIZOID, AZ ROTATOR.

SINSECT - "darker days ahead"      (CD)   (SINSECT)        ($10.00)
Sinsect is the industrial & experimental recording project of James Ashley. 
Sinsect began as a DJ in some of New York Citys industrial and noise venues in 
1997, and naturally evolved into creating his own material.

2003 saw Sinsect moving again to Dallas, TX. This time, he decided to 
concentrate on solo material and experimenting with digital recording. These 
experiments became [Contained]. Later that year, his work took a more serious 
turn and culminated in the dark ambient album Hidden Agenda that winter.

Since 2006, Sinsect has been working more in the powernoise realm. Combining 
all of his past experiences and styles, the new album 'Darker Days Ahead" is a 
dark, hard hitting blend of industrial, drum & bass, EBM and noise. Though 
serious in nature, it is not without a sense of humor.
12 bludgeoning tracks of his new SINSECT material which hangs with anyone in
the power noise worldwide scene.

EMPIRE STATE HUMAN - "audio gothic"   (CD)   (NINTHWAVE)       ($10.00)
It can't be easy fusing futuristic electro sounds with old school 80s pop 
hooks, but Dublin outfit Empire State Human do it with ease. It may be a bit of 
a tightrope walk at times ("No Wires", "Ghosts In America") but the trio make 
it look effortless for the most part. Production-wise, Audio Gothic is utterly 
flawless. The tracks are crisp, bright and vibrant and are everything you want 
from an electro act, but it's the songwriting and ability to flirt with 
different genres that makes this particular slab of wax shine.

Quite cannily, singer Aidan Casserly (whose voice is a mix of Boy George and 
Dusty Springfield) realises that while some studio trickery may gain nods of 
approval from the techy snobs of this world, it's the hooks that'll bring in 
the mainstream and Audio Gothic has plenty of them. "Camera" is a nu-pop 
masterpiece, aping the likes of Soft Cell but putting a modern spin on 
proceedings; "Melancholic Afro" (which features former Kraftwerk wizard 
Wolfgang Flur) is a fresh and funky take on cyber punk; and the secret track 
after album closer "Sitting Solitude" which features Aidan singing (more or 
less) a cappella is a reassuringly brave way to close what is an extremely 
classy album.

SMILE.DK - "party heard round the world" (CD) (NINTHWAVE)      ($10.00)
  Smile.dk is the Bubblegum Dance  group of Veronica and Hanna.
Smile.dk, the group that brought you such hits as "Butterfly" and
"Golden Sky" are back with a brand new sound!
SMiLE.dk's 4th album, features "Doki-Doki," "Japanese Boy" and more!
Produced by Viverus Studios.

  This is very synthpoppy with more emphasis on the pop, and may
appeal most to fans of the 80's female synthpop/new wave sound.
Be sure to check out the new web site for Smile.dk news updates,
discography, media, and more!


WE GOT THIS FAR - "bluntforcevolume"     (CD) (wegotthisfar) ($12.00)
WE GOT THIS FAR was founded in 2007 by Ollie Marsh and Jason Silva after 
meeting in 2006 while performing with the another San Francisco-based group 
STORMDRAIN. They eventually found out they vibed with each other musically and 
on a personal basis and started working on songs.
WE GOT THIS FAR has received acclaim with its debut 12? vinyl single, Bludgeon 
(2008), and live appearances with such acts as 16 VOLT, DISMANTLED, VTG, 
and others. This summer will see the release of the bands debut album, Blunt 
Force Volume. Recorded and produced by the band at Fang Studios in San Mateo, 
453 in San Jose and Littlegrey II in San Francisco and mastered by Tom Baker 
thrilling menu of powerfull riffs and crunchy synths, at times heavy hitting 
and merciless, at times melancholic and thoughful, accompanied by Ollies 
distinctive vocals.10 tracks with plenty of character and diversity.

AUTODAFEH - "re:lectro"     (EP-CD) (SIGSALY TRANSMISSIONS)  ($8.00) 
AUTODAFEH is from the South of Sweden and makes hard pumping
EBM/Electronic Music with glorious sing-along lyrics. AUTODAFEH
is clearly influenced by bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, but their
sound is unique and has got a special twist to it, and that makes
AUTODAFEH a very nice contribution to the world of EBM.
AUTODAFEH The story began in late 2007 when 2 old friends Jesper and Mika met 
again after several years they started to talk about forming a classical 
EBM-band with a new twist. Mika who was already working with Anders in another 
music project, asked him if he wanted to join,and he did. The three of them 
then formed AUTODAFEH (ADF).
  The new EP presents a new chapter in  this bands sound, and style
as they sound more original now, and the songs are more polished.
7 New killer Tracks to get your dance on too!

DEAD VOICES ON AIR - "Fast Falls The Eventide/Abrader" (DCD) (LENS RECORDS)
$15.00 (ORDER NOW, OUT ON 9/15/09)
Fast Falls the Eventide is aural provocateur Mark Spybey's 11th album as Dead 
Voices On Air, and across a multi-decade career stirring pots experimental, 
existential, and otherwise, his is a sound that summons any number of nocturnal 
beasties from the ether. Blink twice, listen carelessly and you'll fail to 
discern the minutiae Spybey meticulously works into every one of the 15 pieces 
sprawling across the first disc of this 2-CD set's eminent domain. Spybey works 
hard at his art so you don't have to: rather, as the listener, the participant, 
the absorber, it's more important to ignore categorical tags such as 
"industrial", "ambient", "soundscape", et al, and instead gorge deeply on a 
wriggling, sometimes confrontational puzzlebox of sounds erupting from a bevy 
of mysterious sources.

The title of this collection notwithstanding, Spybey's been having his way with 
rhythm and noise for so long that the motifs he's ascribed over the years are 
practically commonplace amongst the novice post-industrialist - or, hell, the 
post-whatever. Throughout the last 25-plus years, he's plied his trade and 
remarkable sonic mojo both solo and in the company of many a forward-thinking 
electronic engineer, from guitarists such as Michael Karoli and James Plotkin, 
to fellow artisans like Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key or Rapoon's Robin Storey (with 
whom he feints sounds as Reformed Faction). It's as Dead Voices On Air, 
however, that some of his most startling ideas emerge fully-realized and 
fully-armed; of course, to hear Spybey tell it, once art leaves the nest it's 
up to (once again) the recipient to assume the role of engager: "My work is 
created in isolation from external references. That is the ideal I strive for. 
Only in this way is it possible to allow the listener an opportunity to create 
their own understanding of the music, or, as the artist Joseph Beuys once said, 
'One should resort to interpretation only in an emergency.'"

Perhaps. Still, there's much expressive bounty to be gleaned from these dark, 
dusky, evening-soaked works, from the first disc's mix of ethnological drum 
cabals, windswept electronics and scraped edits, up through the immense 
near-quarter-hour title track, which finds Spybey revisiting the mortal 
atmospheric coils of former colleagues :Zoviet*France:. And pulling the whole 
enterprise together is the second disc's first-time digital unveiling of 
Spybey's opening salvo, the 1994 cassette Abrader, in conjunction with two 
unreleased tracks originating from the artist's early gestations featuring 
contributions from the aforementioned cEvin Key. New or old, Spybey's 
continuing vitality ensures these Dead Voices remain gloriously alive and 

OBSCURE DESCENSION - "Obscure Descension"   (CD) (ATROCITY) ($12.00)
Adam Lane aka OBSCURE DESCENSION, has been working hard on this debut CD
for several years and now it is released and distributed at DSBP RECORDS!
He is known for his killer remixes and work on DIVERJE as well, and now
this debut CD is a great mix of HARD EBM/ INDUSTRIAL/ TRANCE and features
some guitar on a couple tracks as well...The vocals range from harsh-
terror- ebm, to more melodic industrial...there are a few trance influenced
instrumentals as well as some crazy samples and a 11 song album with
variety and style which is not copying anyone else out there today.

MORDACIOUS -"Necrolust"        (CD)     (MORDACIOUS) ($8.00)
The newest album is definately the BEST in the MORDACIOUS discography!
16 new tracks, clocking in over 70 minutes and bringing some of
the hottest new harsh ebm, stomping industrial power, with original
vocals and very interesting arrangements and synth selections as well.
Each track translates well to the club dance floor and this is
his most developed work yet.The album will be on repeat once you
get your claws on it, the addiction will set in...

DSBP (back in stock)
ANDRACULOID - "imbalance"        (CD)       (DSBP)   ($10.00)


DEPRESSIVE DISORDER -"The Chronicle Of Fear"   (CD) (MONOPOL)    ($13.00)
CD - limited edition of 300 copies ( jewel case packaging )
After the seven years of existence and four years after the release of their
last studio album "In Depth" comes up the Czech electro-formation Depressive 
Disorder with a new album "The Chronicle Of Fear" which is released by 
Monopolrecords label. The album, composed of the raw electronics,
solid guitars, leads up to the dark, almost ambient atmosphere, accompanied by 
various styled vocals.A fine mix of new sounds and
definately brings this band to newer heights!
The Chronicle of Fear brings it all in the eleven album tracks.

V/A - MONOPOLRECORDS - The 5th Anniversary Compilation - (CD)   ($13.00)
E.B.M. - Electro - industrial - experimental,...
compilation featuring mostly exclusive and previously
unreleased track by :
01 bratri v tracku : photo 02 disharmony : evolution 03 depressive disorder : 
reality ( the rorschach garden rmx ) 04 mastermind : time is out 05 my asphyxia 
: poison
06 interface surgery : critical impact 07 oxyd : alcasonic 08 last influence of 
brain : revolution 09 anhedonia : evacuation guidelines 10 gregory : relax 11 
eclipsed : countenance 12 no name desire : caustic 13 depressive disorder : 
apology 14 frontier guards : insider 15 broom carwell : vltima ratio regvm

limited edition of 300 copies ( jewel case packaging )

STAHLSCHLAG - "anthropocene"            (CD) (HYPERVOXX) ($12.00)
The new album from this German Power Noise/ electronic band.Features
11 new tracks with both English and German samples/words.Mostly
it follows the hard, dance floor Power noise/EBM mix that the
dance floors seem to Love these days. The songs range from faster
paced dance tracks to more slower marching stomp tracks.
This is definately a step up for the band and a look ahead.

LSD PROJECT - "infection"   (EP) (IMPORT)(LSD PROJECT)($12.00)
A solo project of Lex Noxell from ITALY.Harsh terror EBM, with
industrial attitude and killer arrangements and vox.
8 tracks total including sick club remixes from TAMTRUM, X-FUSION,
The CD package includes a bunch of postcards, stickers, button,
and 12 panel booklet with hot bloody chicks and LSD!
we are the USA distributor, so get this now!

SKIN CONTACT - "antitrust" (CD)   (SKIN CONTACT)    ($10.00)
Colorado based Kevin B. brings a nice mix of dark electronics,
industrial beats, and occasional strings and guitars.
The album contains 17 tracks including remixes by CORELINE,
DEFROST, & DJ VRHOVNY.Instrumental dance tracks with
rock influences thrown in and occasional vocal samples.
The album also contains links to tons of older demos and
unreleased songs,..tons of music for your buck!!

back in stock...(Limited quantities available)
CHRIST ANALOGUE _"everyday is distortion"    (CD)   ($12.00)
CENOTYPE - "origins"    (CD)     (HIVE)             ($12.00) 
SMP - "crimes of the future"      (CD) (MUSIC RATION) ($8.00)
sMP - "the treatment"             (CD) (MUSIC RATION) ($8.00)

JUNE 2009
BACK IN STOCK (order now! limited quantities available!!)

THIS MORN' OMINA - "momentum of singular clarity" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA -"7 years of famine"             (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA - "le serpent blanc/ le serpent rouge" (Double CD) ($18.00)
THIS MORN' OMINA - "les passages jumeaux:25 ~ 33/nyan II(Double CD) ($18.00)
SYNAPSCAPE-  "again"               (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)                ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE-   "now"                (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)                ($15.00)

EXOCET - "grotesque consumer"      (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
for their second album exocet has transformed from two persons into one. Beyond 
realizing his own creativity, r. klimaczewski was also responsible for the 
translation of dave kean's ideas and inspirations into this project's music - 
the result was their first cd in 2008. unfortunately mr. kean passed away last 
year before any new tracks were implemented. now, in loving memory, klima is 
getting on with exocet as a solo project - a challenge he has masterly 
succeeded in.

exocet's sound can be described best as the missing link between present day 
noise industrial and intelligent dance music. repetitive industrial roughness 
is backed by complex beats, pulsing bass and crystal clear ambient spheres. 
samples sometimes serve as part of the cadenced foundation, f.e. in 'like hot 
and bad dreams' samples are perfectly embedded to yield the uniqueness of this 
project. on the other hand, tribal rhythms and harsh electronics clash during 
the true floor burner 'sensitive size'.

grotesque consumer's spirit is acherontic and menacing, taking the listener 
into a virtual arena where the enemy can be anywhere - there is no safety, keep 
wide awake, and no time to rest... move!

hymen records celebrates its 12th year of existence with this fine double cd 
set which includes 33 tracks by 33 projects. artists who (both well known and 
new to our followers) spotlight hymen records as
things are now. a blend of electronica, breakbeats, dubstep, electro, ambient 
and much more... enjoy the gush!

packaging: deluxe 6panel gatefold-sleeve
photography & design by salt

the german project THE_EMPATH has been active since 1993 and he has released 
several cd-rs and various compilation tracks. both calm and powerful, his track 
is a beautiful introduction to miwak twelve;
melodic electronica with a krautrock feel combined with a pumping, sub-bass 
beat. SLAM52 is a rising young star, presenting his blend of vicious dubstep, 
dark amen breaks and industrial mayhem with 'frosd'.
SOMATIC RESPONSES, from wales, do not require a grand announcement to hymen 
records - as they have been with us since the beginning; 'takayama' combines 
sharp electro beats with relaxed soundscapes and energetic sequential work. 
while don hill from chicago has been creating dark ambient music under the 
moniker porteur de l'image since 1998, he recently formed MILLIPEDE. 
'concevoir' is a great example for what this project is up to: beat-oriented, 
dark, harsh idm - a soundtrack for contemplation... watch out for his release 
on hymen records in autumn 2009! DEFRAG (an acronym of defragmentation) is
active both as a musician and sound designer. his music features elements of 
jungle, industrial and hard noise. 'the old growth' displays powerful 
breakbeats, mighty pulsing bass and threatening
soundtrackish synth layers - a mesmerizing mixage! TONIKOM's 'the source' 
features a d'n'b basis enriched with angelic choirs, an exotic theme and 
well-placed samples - hello! 'sunurb' is a captivating dark
ambient piece that only NEBULO can create - thomas p. leads the listener into a 
parallel world where everything is possible, nothing is real, and everything 
might happen... DERU is benjamin wynn from los
angeles who has released music with ghostly international, merck, neo ouija, 
and mille plateaux, amoungst others. his music is best described as an 
amalgamation of hip-hop, electronica and idm, perfectly
demonstrated on 'between you and me'. go dance on the volcano, as long as it is 
not too late! thus spoke david thrussell... 'the hostman of tyne' - a heavy 
distorted electro tune by BLACK LUNG. enjoy, while you
can! LOWFISH, a.k.a. toronto's gregory de rocher, has released six albums and 
many singles on some of independent dance music's most influential labels - he 
has also charted in north america and is noted
for his punishing sets of live electronics. his clinical production style is 
both very modern and built on the dna of early new wave/idm. sometimes dark, 
often melodic and multi-layered. 'wreckage' is pure
intelligent electro, fast and impulsive - let go! and keep moving with HPC's 
'phoenix', where hard beats are balanced with saturnine ambiance - another 
great strike from the norwegian project. ACCESS TO
ARASAKA from rochester, n.y. is a one man project who has released several 
albums in digital format (so far). 'xt10.20zp9' is excellent electronica, 
combining densely-layered atmospheres with complex,
intelligent beatwork and massive bass. since hymen records' early years daniel 
myer a.k.a. ARCHITECT has known how to trigger a lower lip response - 'awake' 
features complex, dense beats while keeping clicks, cuts, synths and voices 
together. there is no other! DRYFT is a solo project of former gridlock member 
mike cadoo, who is active since 1999 under that moniker. on 'vector step' 
melodious keyboard layers are pushed by varied rhythmic patterns that induce 
relief and tension. cd1 is concluded by ben HECQ's 'sleep through the day', a 
mellow and slightly melancholic combination of piano tunes, field recordings 
gentle background strings...

cd2 opens up with COMBUSTION (marcelo baldin), an art director and sound 
designer from brazil. 'building the house of vanity' is a soulful slow tune 
featuring gentle guitar work and caro roth's feeling vocals.
'arrive with eyes ablazed', a slow distorted electronica jewel shows GINORMOUS' 
ability to melt tension and relaxation into one emotion. david thrussell 
appears for the second time, now as SNOG, introducing a
melancholic view about 'the end of the world' as he sees it - backwards 
guitars, acoustic drums and thrussell's distinctive voice result in a pop song 
with a spike only he is able to create. dave tipper and mike
wallis are active as CRUNCH since 2000. for miwak twelve they chose a remix by 
vent (dan havers a.k.a. dj samurai / dc breaks and sam ashwell a.k.a. diagoro / 
abstrakt knights). the vent mix of 'karot' - a bassy
electro shuffle enriched with clicks, cuts and chopped voices. 'breakstuff' is 
a collaboration between MAD EP AND BRYCE BEVERLIN II, a multidisciplinary 
artist residing in minneapolis where he explores
various forms of art including free improvisational music, film and video, 
poetry, public/private installation, and conceptual composition. this alienated 
hip hop based track forces movement - in many different
directions... 'sacrifice' is a post-rock electronica anthem by KEEF BAKER, 
where symphonic keyboard layers and distorted guitars amalgamate into an 
enthralling wall of sound. his face and his real name are
hidden but even more interesting questions arise when somebody attempts to get 
into BLACKFILM's complicated music structures. starting off in a somewhat 
soundtrack perspective, blackfilm slowly builds up an
incredibly dark environment, in which fearsome ambiences co-exist with 
film-noir references. evolving from downtempo electronic music to orchestral 
paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched
nothingness to frozen urban landscapes - it becomes impossible to resist. let 
yourself sink in the abyss... together with slam52, KARSTEN PFLUM represent the 
cutting-edge of danish electronic music, paying
with his music a tribute to the glorious times of idm, without losing the focus 
on the future of the genre. recently he became addicted to the wobble sounds of 
dubstep, and with 'capstone switch' he even
includes a pinch of slight breakcore - fast and dark, you will love it! swiss 
project ABS6 uses his influences from d'n'b to hip hop to breakcore without 
limiting himself to one style. 'premiers traitements'
is a great mixage of euphonic synth textures and click'n'cut broken beats. with 
'the bard', reid dunn a.k.a. WISP presents a beautiful straight but complex 
track where well-placed drum and bass patterns
meet orchestral samples - the mood is atrabilious and sanguine at the same 
time. JEROME CHASSAGNARD features a soothing piece of electronica with a lovely 
melody line. 'timeless travelers' - a wonderful sound experience. a friendly 
visitor from ant-zen: MIKA GOEDRIJK. the belgian one man project known from his 
'pellicules' release explores the borders between tribalistic body music and 
electronic sound
explorations with impulsive and dark 'sore eyes'. a slow gloomy darkhop tune is 
showcased by s.talada a.k.a. MARCHING DYNAMICS - a moving, actuating, 
threatening almighty bomb! 'intercession' by ORPHX from canada, a 
techno-infused rhythmic dance track, displays the ability of c.sealey and 
r.oddie to give extensive structures a value. electronica pushed towards the 
dancefloor... did we say dancefloor? BIT SHIFTER explores high-energy, low-bit 
music composed and performed on a nintendo gameboy. the result is an 
unapologetically fun foray into an evocative and distinctive sound set, 
executed on a console generally misperceived as being technically limited. the 
lo-fi disco burner 'easy prey' is a perfect example of how to get this console 
to groove! 'back in town' by DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS leads the listener to a 
cotton field in the mississippi delta with shuffling drum beats and acoustic 
slide guitars - but it might be possible an u.f.o. has landed just as alan 
lomax has made this recording for the library of congress, because
there are irritating synthetic sounds here which definitely do not belong to 
the delta blues... 'jailbait rock' by END adds the big twang to this 
compilation - just exactly what was missing - fast, dirty electrock'n'roll! and 
our party has come to an end with TWENTY KNIVES - after entering the 'royal 
vomitorium' and being attacked by a phalanx of beats, superposed melodies and 
hysterical classic-influenced e-piano there is nothing left to say, except for: 
change to cd1 and start all over again!


New CD of Infra Black is finally available for ordering!
Based on our statistics and high attention of the scene, we are quite
sure about that, the limited CD will be close to sold-out BEFORE the
actualrelease date!
You can order from ANY countries! The price of the CD includes shipping!

 INFRA BLACK from HUNGARY blend a sick, twisted, gore electro sound with
Industrial percussions and fucked up synthetic frequencies.
They have a bit of the New sound, and a bit of the Old school sound...
making a truly memorable album with some of the craziest and obscure
horror movie samples and scaything/harsh screamed vocals furthering
their sadistic attack.

The album is not only a full length CD, but it has some amazing
bonus tracks/remixes from DAWN OF ASHES, ASSURINES, LOWTEK,
XPERIMENT, and JENSEN!!16 tracks / 73 minutes!!

The sound is right for both CLUB DANCE FLOORS and more intimate
human sacrificial events as well...Play it Loud! and Get Fucked UP!!
 Fans of all the sick electro/industrial sounding bands will be very
excited and satisfied when INFRA BLACK is done pulverizing them...

Portion Control, the Godfathers of electronic music have completed the
newest release to their arsenal. CROP, which is a sort of recap of some of
their great tracks from the past, some re-worked, as well as some glances
into the future of Portion Control.Also appearing on the release is our very
own, NTRSN with their remix of Defend.
Track list:
Hardman  Global  Pure Menace  Blood Rushes to Head  Blind Eyes  Too much
Damage Onion Jack02  Chew You to Bits (Rebuild)  Sick Man  Onion Jack IV
(Edit)  Brain Scraper Death Dive (Rebuild)  Defend (NTRSN Version)  Into
Amnesia09 (v.1)

The 2-disc digipak (and digital) will be released worldwide via Sigsaly
Transmissions and is expected to hit the shops June 24th 09.

K-BEREIT - "Unit Neural Distort"  (CD) (SIGSALY TRANSMISSIONS) ($13.00)
The 14 track album mixes some old school EBM with new technology and
and harder edged influences to separate them from the pack.
The Album includes guest appearances by Jacky of SA42, Mika Rossi of
Autodafeh, Miss Z of Punish Yourself, Oliver of Dolls of Pain, and with
bonus tracks by Psychosomatik & Under All.

DIGITAL FACTOR - "look back to go forward" (CD)   (LUKOTYK)   ($12.00)
Indeed, the music has to get louder. Music and its visuality is distributed
more and more broadly via the Internet. It is between Youtube and Musicload
where the ears of the listeners are not hit with the quiet tones. No, the
opposite is the case. This also goes for the gentlemen of the Electro-EBM
formation Digital Factor in the 15th year of their existence. After the
release of an album in 2006 with One More Piece(Wannsee/edel) on which the
Electro Formation showed rather calmer tunes, the band now dedicates
themselves back to the harder Electrogefilden. Thus Digital Factor are
raving on look back to go forward (Lukotyk/Prussia/Rough Trade) with
stretched analog sequences and harsh rhythms. They actually look back to go
forward, and attach themselves to their success albums such as relation chip
(Hyperium/Indigo) from 1994 or On Demand (Hyperium/SPV) from 1996.
Meanwhile, those CDs are completely sold out, and look back to go forward
can certainly close this gap. Before the production of the new album we have
listened a lot to our old stuff, and had a lot of fun with it, says Torsten
Heise, initial member and owner of the Digital Factor studio. And that you
can be certain about.

Y-LUK-O  - "Sin(n)"  (CD)   (LUKOTYK)       ($12.00)
Y-Luk-Os album Sin(n) deals on one hand with the dark and inevitable edges
of the human soul and inter-individual relationships as well as
philosophical considerations. On the other hand there are the secret and
forbidden yearnings of man as well as recent social conflicts. For the first
time in the band history the band covered songs from famous other bands -
namely INXS, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd! Harsh, merciless and critical,
like their lyrics, the edgy and memorable sound leaves deep tracks in the
memory of the listener. It will leave no doubt.

Y-LUK-O - "Resistance"   (CD)    (LUKOTYK)       ($10.00)
The fourth Y-LUK-O Release "Resistance" features 7 new tracks and 7 remixes
of the title track. clocking in at 75 minutes this EP is as expanded as it
 This is meant to be a big Thank You to all the fans for their continued
support. Beside some new tracks the CD is packed with remixes of various
artists that interpreted the title song in their own unique way to give a
huge variety of versions:

1. Resistance
2. The day after (she left)
3. Interlude no.35
4. Disintegrate
5. Translation Error
6. Herbstlaub
7. Ahead
8. Resistance (short-term surface)
9. Resistance (fearless-mix)
10. Resistance (endif.rmx)
11. Resistance (shup-up mix)
12. Resistance (deflektor mix)
13. Resistance (analytic mix)
14. Resistance (dark red star mix)
Total playing time: 74:59

eXcubitors - "Auferstehung aus Ruinen" (CD)   (LUKOTYK)        ($12.00)
After some solo projects the three brothers Sascha, Thomas and Stephan
Viereck finally decided in september 2006 to found the band eXcubitors. (one
of the earlier projects was HSST  Pain , which was released in 1996). The
name eXcubitor has its origin in latin and means the sentinel. eXcubitors
music stands for catchy, electronically synthesizer melodies carried by male
and female (feat.) vocals. The lyrics are partly based on personal
experiences, they are very emotional and thought of as thoughtful.
Everything began with the first two releases of the songs The Prophecy
(25.09.2006) and Mankind (13.10.2006). Songs that followed, like the
emotional song Neu geboren or the thoughtful song Rad des Lebens were
awarded by MOM (www.myownmusic.de) as HIT DES TAGES. The first pre-version
of the eXcubitors album with the title Auferstehung aus Ruinen was finished
end of 2006 / beginning of 2007. This beta version was already a big hit and
had many thrilled fans. The album was once again refurbished in 2007.
Besides some other things there were 3 more brand-new songs composed,
produced and added to the album. The mastering was done by Leo von Leibnitz
in the famous studio Phage Rabenau, which gives the soon to be released
album a very special note. Official release of the eXcubitors album
Auferstehung aus Ruinen is December 7th 2007!!! 1 Auferstehung aus Ruinen
(Intro) 2 The ProphecY 3 Neu Geboren 4 The Truth feat. Anne Wagner 5 Dignity
6 Rad des Lebens 7 Tanz der Toten 8 Mankind 9 Dunkle Sucht 10 Feeling the
Pressure feat. Aestetic Idiosyncrasy 11 Abschied

PHILOSOPHERS POINT  -  "Sucht!"            (CD)  (LUKOTYK)       ($12.00)
Four years after the release of their debut Nachtangst PHILOSOPHER'S POINT
are back with their long awaited second album SUCHT!. They present ten
tracks of finest Power-Electro, created of delightful buzzing electronical
sounds and powerful screaming industrial guitars, that form the framework
for catchy melodies with a massive hit potential. In an impressive manner
they start the marchmachinery and come over the listener like a dark
thunderstorm of melody and rhythm. Their sound seems to be affected a little
by bands like Die Krupps or Depeche Mode. Another influence can be seen by
the cover version of Erasures 80s classic When I Needed You, one of many
highlights on the new album Sucht! The album deals with dependence and
addiction as well as their multifaceted consequences for our life. In a very
explicit way the words find their way into the listeners mind, holding the
mirror directly on the abyss of the human soul. Frontman Chris is telling
the stories with a clear and memorable voice, supported again by the
fantastic voices of Ulrike Muller and guitarist Siegfried Grampe. The
artwork was made by fotographer Claudia Schoene, which caught the intensive
atmosphere in an impressive way in her pictures. Musical production was made
again by Leo von Leibnitz, who gave the album a very powerful and complex
but at the same time extremely danceable sound. PHILOSOPHER'S POINT are
back! The new album Sucht! consists of 47 minutes of pure energy and
emotion! That perfect mix of power and catchy melodies addicts you and makes
PHILOSOPHER'S POINT a must-have for the clubs and at home. Nobody should
miss this fantastic album! It makes you fly  so buy!!!

St.Grial - "Beautiful Cold Ice"       (CD)     (LUKOTYK0        ($12.00)
Beautiful Cold Ice" is the tile of the first album by St. Grial, produced
completely by Gabriel Mateos. The album has 11 tracks. 10 songs are
originals by the band and one cover To wish impossible things by The Cure.
"Beautiful Cold Ice" shows a sound with influences from Gothic Metal to the
fury of Industrial Metal, with vocals resembling Depeche Mode. Powerful
guitars, bright keyboards, dark ambience with samples and synthesizers, and
driving rhythms complete the package . Pick up Beautiful Cold Ice before you
freeze in the winter of your soul.

KIBUKA  - "dystopia"        (CD)    (IMPORT)  ($13.00)
"Dystopia" is the debut release of KIBUKA. A new project of Dean Dennis:
known for his work with Sector & most recently Nohno and as former Clock DVA
For this project Dean is also joined by his Nohno collaborator: Snook

Dennis offers a roller coaster ride of lush atmospheric electronica: fuelled
by complex rhythms, melodic ambiences, jazzy over tones, finely manipulated
vocal samples fused with the trademark sumptuous bass. KIBUKA presents the
perfect atmospheric audio for today's paranoid dystopia.

"Dystopia'" has been described as Dennis' finest work to date.  A must for
any fans of early IDM and electro-industrial and of course  "Man Amplified".

The release includes extraordinary extended deep & dubby remix by Lustmord.
Plus a beautifully deep & atmospheric ambient remix by Paul A. Browse &
collaborator Spiralized. The first new Browse/ Dennis work to be released in
20 years.

Presented in a high quality full colour 4 panel digipac featuring exclusive
artwork by Dennis' current music collaborator: Snook

CYCLONE B - "Evil"         (CD)     (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
After 4-years of silence and search for new sound the Estonian group took
part in the compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. 4 (alfa-matrix) this year
and now has returned with an absolutely new amazing album EVIL.
Its created for those, who likes balancing at the edge of pain and
aestheticism, who wants to feel the pulsatory heavy bass lines and the
contemporary uncompromising industrial sounds. Those will find all of this,
listening to the represented 12 tracks of high-quality dark- electro,
implemented in a unique individual key.

LARVA - "Voces Del Laberinto" (CD)  (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
Final release of Advoxya in 2008  the album Voces Del Laberinto" from
Spanish band LARVA. Band exists from 1998 and already has several albums,
released by its own force or within the short-live deals with other labels.
The cold adjusted sound directs associations with the visual row of the
classical horror movies, fast enough and supplied with slow, forcing the
gloomy atmosphere sonic sculptures, album should be listened due one
breathe. It carries along the listener into the world of fear and
endlessness, reflecting the common panic of the surrounding world.
Must-have category for all fans of traditional electronic body music.

TWZ - "Evolution"             (CD)  (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
T.W.Z. was founded in 2003, spreading religious and mythical words and
playing industrial/E.B.M. with ambient parts. The primary concept is
Timewave Zero. Most of the songs discuss this subject but in overall the
songs are not bound to a specific ideology, rather a category which can best
be described as anti-humanistic.
14 tracks make this one an involved release.
The album brings forth a traditional and old school EBM/ Industrial sound
with lots of new ideas and hope for the dark future to come!

Back in Stock.....
STANDEG  - "ultrahightechviolet" (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
------------------------------------------------------------ ESA -
"devotion, discipline and denial" (CD) (HIVE) ($12.00)

LEFT SPINE DOWN - "voltage 2.3:remixed & revisited" (CD)(IMPORT) ($13.00)
 VOLTAGE 2.3 REMIXED & REVISTED again on SYNTHETIC SOUNDS featuring one new
original song plus covers of Nirvanas Territorial Pissing and Joy Divisions
Shes Lost Control. The album features remixs from a literal whos who of the
Industrial music world today including Tim Skold, KMFDM, Revco, Combichrist,
XP8, Download, 16 Volt, The Birthday Massacre, Seb Komor and DJ? Accucrack.

The band has been very active in the Vancouver live music scene over the
last few years sharing the stage with ohGr, The Birthday Massacre,
Combichrist, DOA, Genitorturers, SNFU, 16Volt, Rabbit Junk and Chemlab to
name a few. Recently they have expanded their audience with several Canadian
tours which have taken them to Montreal and back. They were also asked to
perform at the 2008 New Music West (NMW) festival in Vancouver and at the
upcoming 2009 Canadian Music Week (CMW) in Toronto.

SLATTERPUNK  - "channel 83"        (CD) (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
The future is now, absolutely every single prediction of the cyberpunk
movement have been fulfilled turning the world we live in it's totality. If
you are not a zombie you have already realized this. Welcome to the
reflection of the disaster. Born under the bar codes oppression we keep
going with firm steps towards a world in which simulation is more important
than the truth. Big corporations have drowned us, and a rebellion in the
networks seem to be the last resource to get to the explicit freedom. UNIX
warriors get their weapons ready... Front Line Assembly hacked by Chicagos
acid-house, electro music touched by the hand of Belgiums new beat, Front
242 and Max Headroom copulating and Afrika Bambatta and Skinny Puppy kissing
each other under neo- Tokyos light. New age old school. Includes the remix
of Ascii.disko 'xxx terminator (total destruction and reconstruction by

 ........ BACK IN STOCK......
PLASMODIVM   -"paradise under fire"     (CD) (IMPORT) ($14.00_

THIS MORN OMINA -"momentum of singular clarity" (CD-EP)(IMPORT)($11.00)
Five years have passed since the self-contained 'drake equation'. this ep is
also a stand-alone release - a stop between the second and the third part of
the nyan trilogy. sal-ocin joined t.m.o. as a full member a few years ago
and now the project is a trio with the inclusion of the live concert drummer

this morn' omina created five tracks which combine rhythmic complexity with
impulsive power and tuneful depth to aurally express mass and velocity of an
object (=momentum). framed by the fast, pulsating floor burners momentum I
and II, you will discover the melodic beauty of nuraghi, the tribal,
symphonic darkness of ananda, and the slow, melancholic flow of tellurian.
synthetic beats, acoustic percussion, sub-basses, atmospheric electronics
and energetic vocals result in the uniqueness that this morn' omina stands

TONIKOM -  "the sniper's veil"              (CD)  (IMPORT)    ($14.00)
After attracting attention with two cd-r releases, tonikom was signed by
hymen records; epoch was the first result. two years later, the sniper's
veil displays this artist's evolution and improvement.'temporarius delerium'
invites the listener in with angelic voices, mighty bass pulses and a looped
chant, just before a pounding breakbeat takes over and calls the shots for
the album. pushing technoid textures carry beautiful electronica themes,
sampled field recordings add a cinematic ambiance to the diversified,
straight rhythmic foundation covering a range of downtempo, trip hop,
breakbeat and fast chthonian four-to-the-floor cadences. with the
atmospheric 'look but never touch' the album comes full circle - to start
all over again...

a varied and monolithic opus designed for a maximum amount of body activity,
letting you groove continuously in a higher state of blissful flow.

lift the sniper's veil - and watch tonikom live on her european tour in
april 2009!

HECQ -   "steeltongued"        (DOUBLE CD)   (IMPORT)        ($17.00)
packaging: deluxe 6-panel digipak. design by christopher hewitt

after finishing the well received 'night falls', ben lukas boysen's ambition
for the next album was to be a desideratum's compliance: the improvement of
hecq's sound, and moving forward into something boysen
defines as an 'emotional destillate'. the tracks 'typhon' and
'steeltongued', written in 2007 and 2008, provide the blueprint for this cd.
working as a sound designer for various companies, he presented earlier
versions of the tracks and was met with success. these tracks show a
non-confined structure but also including a sort of leitmotif and so these
titles are perfectly suited for this ambition. in addition they work as a
basis for collaborations and remixes.the hypnos trilogy (tracks 10 to 12) is
hecq's dedication to the state of stasis. in his own words, 'distant fires'
describes a gaze which travels into a distance uncertain; 'lost for words'
leads the listener into a state of cogitation - while 'hypnos' allegorizes a
slowly constitutive wall of suspense that trickles away in the end... a
masterpiece of dark symphonic ambiance, intended for continuous, repeated
intense listening.

in hecq's opinion the importance of the tracks on cd1 lies in the skilful
omission of the insignificant. although complex abstract rhythmic textures
predominate during tracks 2 to 9 no 'scrolls' blocks the essence. after the
majestic 'spires awake', the listener will be trapped in an extensive blend
of idm, breakbeats, and even breakcore, complemented with the infusion of
nebulo's mighty dark soundscapes and nongenetic's modified voice.it was well
proposed by boysen to choose the cd's title track to be remixed by a wide
variety of artists. he sees 'steeltongued' as representative of hecq's work,
so he was most curious about the
results - the more contrast, the better, as he explains. so he formally
prevented any suggestions or briefings, and thus cd2 can be virtually seen
as an album on its own. ranging from melodic sequenced beats
(xabec), clicks'n'cuts emerging into a noise outburst (spyweirdos),
syncopated intelligent breaks (skam label's team doyobi), to intricate
sub-bassed electronica (si begg, ex-funkstrung's michael fakesch) and
alienated dubstep (disscoxx), this addendum displays the versatile facets of
the possibilities hecq's work imply. once again b. boysen is setting the
pace. have a deep listen!

L'OMBRE - "letting go at the steering wheel"  (IMPORT)       ($14.00)
Stephen Sawyer took his time with his recent release - more than four years
have passed since simulations 2.0 was released and now the journey into
l'ombre's aural cosmos continues. join him and let go at the steering

the music is personified as driving rhythmic foundations which range from
slow melancholic trip hop and faster high-energetic breakbeats to syncopated
triplets that emerge from mighty over amplified ambient environments - all
created by acoustic and electronic sources. these cadences solidify the
abstract collages, heavy low-frequency electro bass lines, sinister minor
piano chords and harsh industrial sound sequences. apparently contradicting
styles collide and melt into something new, f.e. the darkhop noise hymn
'combustion chamber'.

truly it took a long time to move from l'ombre's ambient oriented first
works to what he represents now.
does fragile abrasiveness exist? join the ride, and be committed!

APHORISM -  "surge"              (CD)        (TYMPANIK)       ($12.00)
------------------------------------------------------------------------ The
long-awaited debut album by Chicago's own Technoid wizard - Aphorism. A very
divine mix of electronica, experimental, IDM and a very Live sounding
album as well.15 tracks fill the disc with amazing sounds...
Featuring remixes by Totakeke, Access To Arasaka, and Tapage. Artwork by
Salt on digipak CD.

SE -         "Epiphora"          (CD)        (TYMPANIK)       ($12.00)
In a spirit of experience driven efforts, Sebastian Ehmke has previously
created several full-length records, shared exclusively amongst the closest
of acquaintances. Dominating his lucid perspectives on life and the brutal
world that surrounds us all, SE now conjures up a spectacular aural journey
through his unique imprint of complex and melodic electronic and classical

Inevitably, SE emerges from his creative cocoon to unleash a fantastic debut
album for Tympanik Audio titled Epiphora. Lush atmospheres meet beautiful
classical melodies, carefully crafted around complex beatwork and potent
auras, to ultimately illuminate lasting emotional stimulation that is sure
to stay with you long after the last note passes.

Featuring remixes by Flaque, DNN & Huron, and Quench, SEs Epiphora is
available on digipak compact disc in late April 2009.

TOTAKEKE-"The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes"(DOUBLE CD)
After the critically-acclaimed album eLekatota - The Other Side Of The
Tracks in 2008, Totakeke returns with a brand new full length album titled
The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes. Building upon complex beats,
enveloping atmospheres, chilling samples, and an utter complexity in
Industrial rhythm, Totakeke once again delivers another extraordinary
collection of work.

In addition to the new album, The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
also includes a bonus CD of extra tracks + fantastic remixes by Flint Glass,
Pneumatic Detach, Disharmony, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Lucidstatic,
Autoclav1.1, Access To Arasaka, and more.

Totakekes finest work to date.

DELICATE NOISE - " Filmezza"      (CD)         (LENS RECORDS)    ($12.00)
Electronic artist from Chicago who blends layered, plodding backbeats and
textured synth washes for his own blend of electronica.
This is the second album and has a flowing chill electronica feel,
mainly instrumental and thematic samples and 17 tracks of soundtrack styled

RAPOON -  "dark rivers"         (CD)         (LENS RECORDS)      ($12.00)
Dark Rivers is the sonic exploration and reflection of a particular stretch
of landscape in the north of England. This is the home of Rapoons Robin
Storey and it is an essential part of who he is.

"Dark Rivers is about a particular area in the North of England which
stretches from the Solway Firth into the wastelands of the Northumbrian
borders. This area is steeped in history and mystery. In particular, I have
focused on the development of Britain's Cold War intercontinental ballistic
missile weaponry in the late forties and fifties and which later became the
center for Britain's space efforts. The idea that these top secret research
bases were sited here is one of interest in itself. The area is historically
renowned for its outlaws and geographical and political marginalism.
Geographically, this is where the Roman Empire stopped and long before that
this is an area that has the highest count of pre-historic rock glyphs
anywhere in the world. Many of the place names reflect the ancient cultural
beliefs and superstitions - Black Fell, Black Beck, etc. Even today the
place is wild and remote and old superstitions live on. The conflict of the
ancient superstitions and the cold war paranoia is essentially what this is
about. The older superstitions swallowing whole the newer age which came and
went on the same dark, brooding hills. I was lucky enough to be born and
grow up here and the darkness of the place is embedded deeply inside me."

Dark Rivers marks the debut of Rapoon on Lens Records and we are very
pleased to be working with him. With Dark Rivers, Robin Storey has created
another masterpiece in his collection of essential artistic achievements and
ever-evolving musical vocabulary.

HEX RX  - "D'                (CD)   (NEGATIVE GAIN)   ($12.00)
HEX RX is a project featuring Roger Jarvis of Kevorkian Death Cycle.
We are pleased to announce Nick Viola from FRACTURED TRANSMISSION and
former live drummer Daemon Noir of KUBIKZAHL coming on board for the
second album entitled "D".
 The new CD adds onto what they did on the debut album with catchier
songs, and compelling mix of HARSH EBM/INDUSTRIAL/GLITCH/NOISE and
Old School influence too.
The album also takes some diverse and unexpected turns making it
even more exciting. 15 Banging tracks with a true original sound

New Colorado based label Revolution Recordz gives us a cool compilation
featuring a mix of EBM/ Synthpop/ Darkwave and Industrial bands.
Most of these bands are undiscovered and solid Underground acts!
Features new and unreleased tracks from ANGELS ON ACID, ESPER MACHINE,

PROYECTO CRISIS - 'Made in Chile"    (CD)    (DSBP)  ($12.00)
Proyecto Crisis was made up in Santiago de Chile where the hatred, power
abuse and death are just round the corner; this made Felipe Alarcn to
create a musical project influenced by such reality.
 In 2004, with the technology and  digitalization of the world, Felipe
decided to break with his soloist project and joined a vocalist who would
represent the strength and attitude of the band, being such time when
Mariano Lopez gets on stage.
After this union, they begin to write and create together, experiencing
harder sounds of EBM and Dark Electro.
With influences such as , Das Ich, Nitzer Ebb and Suicide Commando,
they create a perfect fusion until obtaining an
acid voice and a shuddering sound making them unique within the
Chilean movement.

This debut CD presents ultra fast paced Harsh EBM with Spanish vocals,
frantic synths, thick sequences, club beats, and a modern sound.
18 tracks fill the disc to the brim with a bonus remix EP from
LA-X ,Die Braut, Say Just Words, Menschdefekt, Destruction Blitzkrieg...
 Bands such as HOCICO (when they were more fast paced), AMDUSCIA,
PUNTO OMEGA, and TAMTRUM come to mind when listening to this,
but PROYECTO CRISIS have captured their own distinct take on this
style after a short while.

Proyecto crisis intends to express the irregularities of the Chilean
society and the world, showing and expressing the constant crisis in
which we are living,blinded by the reigning capitalism of this country.

Not to be missed, this album will not let you sleep, thats for sure..
Unrelenting, busy, and speedy demon EBM!

UBERBYTE  - "DOS"                 (CD)      (CRUNCHPOD)       ($12.00)
Following up their surprise hit debut "SIC", the UK's confrontational
industrialists Uberbyte are now ready to unleash their follow-up, titled
"DOS," on Crunch Pod.

DOS maintains Uberbyte's penchant for hook driven songwriting, this time
with a darker, grittier edge. It also sees the band emerge from a whirpool
of influences into something altogether more realized and mature. On the new
disc, the band's central recording hub and main clubwrecker, also known as
Uberman, remarked:

"With SIC we announced ourselves, but DOS goes a quantum level beyond that.
We're still all about songs and hooks but this time we got down to showing
some more teeth, a bit more of the kind of aggression and groove we have
live. It was a blast to make too-- lots of fun and that's what really counts
to us."

Uberbyte remains, at their core, a mixture of the old and new school of
industrial, pumping out enough pile driving, slam dunking power for any
dancefloor while at the same time being capable of throwing out lean,
distinctive, melodic material with a dark, twisted sense of humor.

Get ready to be Uberbyte's industrial bitch.

UBERBYTE - "SIC"                       (CD) (CRUNCHPOD)    ($12.00)
UK sturm and drang stompers UBERBYTE rose from the ashes of the
controversial industrial rock outfit Killing Miranda in late 2006. Newly
rechristened with the enigmatic moniker "Uberman", KM's former vocalist
quickly took Uberbyte to the stage, providing support to such heavy hitters
as Hocico, The Cruxshadows, Panzer AG, KiEw, Die Krupps, XP8, and Faderhead,
becoming an almost overnight sensation in the flourishing, revitalized UK
industrial scene.

An appearance on the distinguished 2007 four-disc compilation ENDZEIT
BUNKERTRACKS III for the club hit "Total War" pushed Uberbyte even further
into the spotlight, with their fanbase dramatically increasing due to their
energetic live performances (which have already taken them as far as
Mexico), remixes for the likes of Leatherstrip, XP8, and Aesthetic
Perfection , and grassroots local and international support.

Wasting no time, UBERBYTE will be releasing their debut CD SIC on the U.S.
label CRUNCH POD, home of industrial upstarts such as CERVELLO ELETTRONICO,
MANUFACTURA, C/A/T, and CAUSTIC. SIC's lean programming and infectious hooks
keep one foot grounded in industrial's dance heyday of CUBANATE, LEATHER
STRIP, and early :WUMPSCUT: while maintaining a keen eye on the future with
influences such as GRENDEL and HOCICO. While comparisons can be made to
today's current ebm/industrial fusions, none sound exactly like Uberbyte,
and that demonstrates why they are on the rise. SIC is a head welding
relentless rhythmic assault that will get stuck in your head for days to

People of the world, STAND UP FOR UBERBYTE!

PROMETHEUS BURNING - "plague called huMANity"     (CD)   (CRUNCHPOD)
Prometheus Burning has straddled the industrial and experimental noise
scenes for years with their blend of jagged, compelling dark electronics,
digital banshee vocals, and their devastatingly powerful, visceral live
performances. 2009 marks ProBurn's return to the spotlight with their new
full length release and Crunch Pod debut; Plague called huMANity.

With the unleashing of this new concept album, vocalist Nikki Telladictorian
and electronics guru Greg VanEck set and follow their own standards with a
truly unique vision. Based loosely on the mythology of Pandora's Box, Plague
called huMANity is ProBurn's most ambitious and accessible work to date.
Combining remarkably varied elements of industrial, breakcore, and IDM,
Plague Called HuMANity has an artistic bloodlust that oozes from every
fractured note. Seeping with subtle nods and references to their earliest
electro-industrial influences of the 80's and 90's, Plague called huMANity
even features their own take on the classic Ministry floorcrusher "You Know
What You Are" as an album bonus.

Get ready world -- the Mother of Abominations is here!

CAUSTIC - "This is Jizzcore" (Ltd.Double CD)   (CRUNCHPOD)  ($18.00)
Hard electronics polygamist Matt Fanale, aka Caustic, has been churning out
his blend of industrial combined with everything from techno, punk, ebm,
breakcore, and beyond for going on 7 years now, releasing most of it on
California's Crunch Pod label, and January brings Caustic's new 2CD THIS IS
JIZZCORE to the ears of the world with nearly 2 hours of original material
and remixes.

While the title is a joke on artists self-titling their own genres to fit
their egos, it's arguably Caustic's most "serious" work yet, with tracks
careening from headbanging stompfests to glitched out clubtracks to
scream-along anthems. Caustic isn't concerned as much with sticking with one
style, but morphing the music like an mp3 player on shuffle to kick maximum
ass on every track. In a world where attention spans have turned to Jello,
Caustic accepts the challenge like a six year old souped up on pixie sticks
and drags musical cohorts from everywhere from XP8 to Null Device to
Everything Goes Cold and The Gothsicles. There's even a collaboration
between Caustic and the legendary Tom Shear of Assemblage 23, under his idm
project Nerve Filter.

ALTER DER RUINE - "the giants from far away"    (CD)  (CRUNCHPOD) ($12.00)
Alter Der Ruine sets the bar high for themselves with their new CD "Giants
From Far Away".

They've pulled a lot of different influences into the mix to create an album
unlike anything else they've done to date. It's crammed with enough
electronics to make the dancefloor happy, as well as generous genre forays
to keep a keen listener amused.

With elements of electro, industrial, IDM, hardcore and even black metal,
Giants From Far Away sets out to be something more than just another album.
And it could quite possibly be that something with enough personality to be
your new audio best friend.

C/A/T - "The second chance"           (CD)   (CRUNCHPOD)      ($12.00)
"Sometimes you have a second chance... to start over."

C/A/T presents a complete re-working of 2007's "Point Of No Return" album by
some of the hottest new and established acts in the industrial scene today!

Originally conceived to be a "digital only" release - C/A/T has decided to
release a limited number of this album on a professionally produced CDR
(just like all of the limited Caustic releases Crunch Pod has released).

The list of remixers includes fellow Crunch Pod artists Caustic,
Manufactura, Bitch Brigade, Alter Der Ruine, Uberbyte and [syndika:zero].
Also included are remixes from SAM, FabrikC, XP8 and Marching Dynamics.

If that's not enough, the album kicks off with fresh versions of "Parasite"
and "Shoot To Kill" remixed and re-recorded by C/A/T!

MARCH 2009
Back in Stock!!
V1RTUAL D3SCENT - "darkened skies"   (CD) (DSBP)  ($12.00)
DIVERJE - "unleashed"               (CD)  (DSBP)  ($10.00)

PUNTO OMEGA - "Noche Oscura Del Alma" (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC) (12.00)
The Argentinian electro-heroes PUNTO OMEGA celebrate the dark night of the
soul. In tormentingly fatalistic songs, delivered in aggressive Spanish,
they follow the path of those upon the eternal search for truth and freedom.
This path is lined with crises, conflict, humiliation and manipulation.
"Noche Oscura del Alma" (The Dark Night of the Soul) is the moment of the
absolute nadir, from which one emerges strengthened. Only afterwards is one
able to find one's own true identity.

The music of the exotic dark electro duo is stamped through with this
existentialism and deliberately confronts the gentle listener with a
merciless strength: lashing, razor-sharp beats raining down,
industrial-inspired noise, catchy keyboard passages and the demonic vocals
create an unforgettable mixture which no fan of the genre will be able to
resist. PUNTO OMEGA move between HOCICO and WUMPSCUT and the epic
atmospherics of VNV NATION but yet offer more: a whole range of
dancefloor-compatible hits and occasional hints of martial bombast and
sinister atmospherics. Even neo-classical elements and acoustic guitars can
be heard.

With their album "Noche Oscura del Alma" the new Latin American forerunners
of hard electronic anthems set forth their dark philosophy, in which each
true seeker may recognize themselves. Stirring electronics, every once in a
while stamped with a dreadful coldness, but at the same time passionately
and seductively monumental. A long yearned-for inferno, after which the
rebirth will unquestionably follow.

NACHTMAHR - "katharsis"         (CD)     (VENDETTA MUSIC)      ($12.00)
NACHTMAHR has become the undisputed dictator of the anarchistic, martial
Industrial-Dance underground. With harsh industrial sounds, striking vocals
and an assured sense of style Thomas Rainer has managed to win a place in
the hearts of his loyal and dance-crazy fans. True Imperial Austrian
Industrial, celebrated on smoldering ruins.

After the album "Feuer frei!" has hit like a bomb, the nightmare warriors
promptly come up with a keenly anticipated single release. Katharsis  in
accordance with its title  guarantees cleansing by raucous rage and rhythmic
frenzy. This E.P. contains one new and exclusive studio song plus the track
I Believe In Blood (hitherto only available on the SAW 4 soundtrack) and of
course remixes by famous electro and EBM bands such as XOTOX, NOISUF-X,

NACHTMAHRs Katharsis is hammering post-industrial dancefloor music with the
spirit of revolt! A must-have for fans of tough electronic music.

NECROTEK - "Menschenfeind"        (CD)   (VENDETTA MUSIC)    ($12.00)
Menschenfeind' is Necrotek's first full-length CD. It represents a strong
development in complexity and style from the first demo - blending
old-school industrial elements with cyber-tek electronics to create a dark
and uncompromising industrial sound.

Influenced by artists such as SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, DIVE,
'Menschenfeind' blends old-school Industrial elements with futuristic
cyber-tek electronics to create a powerful and uncompromising Dark
Industrial sound.

'Menschenfeind' is an indictment of the species, a vitriolic invective
against the decline of humanity. With topics ranging from personal to
political, it condemns the failures of mankind and explores the process of
degradation and decline, in both individual life and as a social creature on
the world stage.

TO MEGA THERION -  "the blood rituals"    (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
To Mega Therion is a mixture of Dark Ambient, Power Noize, Power
Electronics, and Electro Experimentation with an occult, post apocalyptic,
dark spiritual theme. 'The Blood Rituals' features 6 original tracks and 6

      To Mega Therion, created by Tyler Vicerine became a force to be
reckoned with in 2007. Incorporating occult themes into industrial music
caught the attention of the masses. Their intense live shows, remix
appearances, radio spots, worldwide club play, interviews, and reviews
caught the attention of fans, booking agencies, and record labels. The remix
of Psycho Killer (inside you mix) on the W.A.S.T.E. album, This Is What We
Seek, not only led to Tyler Viscerines collaboration with Vuxnut as
co-producer of To Mega Therion, but Tyler also evolved into becoming a
fulltime member of W.A.S.T.E. as well. The occult theme and harsh
electronics surrounding To Mega Therion are depicted in their theatrical
stage work and imagery that To Mega Therion has become known for.
All hail the coming age of Black Noise!

Back in STOCK...
NACHTMAHR - "feuer frei!"          (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC)    ($12.00)
SAM - "destruction unit"           (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC)    ($12.00)

THE DIVISION - "mantras"          (CD) (LENS RECORDS)      ($12.00)
Matthew Schultz has unveiled his newest endeavor, The Division. This sound
project is a reconstruction of ancient spells and rituals reinterpreted
aurally by one of the leading dark ambient artists of our time.

With this newest disc - "Mantras" - Matthew Schultz has delved into the
esoteric and ancient fraternal order of The Division. He has reinterpreted
the traditional texts and scores of the order to create a beautifully
dynamic and sometimes disturbing disc that synthesizes world music, dark
ambient and magick or Matgick. Mantras is the first in a trilogy of discs
that express all the aspects of The Division.

Matthew Schultz was the founding member of Lab Report which included
musicians such as Genesis P Orridge, Lydia Lunch and Chris Connelly. He was
the inventor of the acclaimed A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar. He utilized this
instrument not only with Lab Report but also with Pigface and performed on
several of their early releases. In total Schultz has appeared on over 30
CDs with 5 solo productions and 2 feature film soundtracks (Ivan's XTC and
Snuffmovie) for Hollywood director Bernard Rose (Candyman, Paperhouse,
Immortal Beloved). Schultz has covered an extremely wide range of styles
from dark ambient to blues to jazz.
Packaging: CD in matte digipak

The TENTH installment in the world-renowned compilation series,
INTERBREEDING.This edition is dubbed INTERBREEDING X:Kagefighters
(sex, blood & elec tro)(vol. one) and it explores a much darker and more
demented science fiction world of psycho Alien seducing gorgeous human
female captives in our very own cages of death.
Nothing quite like it, my friends.Featured victims in the full-color booklet
layout include some true sex goddesses, professional models who deliver the
goods  Gosh, www.myspace.com/missnamaah, Blackdedee,
www.myspace.com/blackdedee, and Jillian Ann, www.myspace.com/jillianann33Our
new official graphics man for the Interbreeding series, Paul Gerrard of the
www.butterflysoldiers.com takes the Interbreeding concept art to a disturbed
new level  and we love it!The album again summons an international roster of
bands from Russia,Sweden, the UK, Chile, Germany,
USA, Italy, France, and delivers more than  promised with
wall-to-wall club tracks with all the sweat and stomp that our Interbreeding
followers demand.
PROYECTO CRISIS, and UBERBYTE!! 79 minutes of tortured intense electro!

ALIEN VAMPIRES - "fuck off and die"    (CD)   (BLC PROD) ($16.00)
The masters of melding electro, metal and trance in a brilliant hard-electro
cocktail return after their huge successes with MCD "Nuns are Pregnant",
full-length album "EVIL GENERATION", and "NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE" - all
of which have been grabbed up by the rabid fans who demonstrate an almost
cult-like devotion to the iconoclastic ALIEN VAMPIRES. Never shying away
from confrontation, the Italy-UK duo has dished up a new full-length called
"FUCK OFF AND DIE" - so put the kids to bed, at least if you intend to say
the name of the album out loud!  Otherwise, it's nearly 80 minutes of
raging, raving, inescapable audio pleasure as only ALIEN VAMPIRES can
deliver it.  Featuring an intro by legendary electro founders IN SLAUGHTER
NATIVES, a killer remix by NOISUF-X, and a special guest appearance on
vocals by the legendary SUICIDE COMMANDO, this album is a "must have", if
ever there was one.   Expect the album to be sold out - and fast!
www.alienvampires.eu / www.myspace.com/alienvampires666

OBSZON GESCHOPF -"Erection Body Mutilated" (back from the dead) (2CD)
The "madman" of France was formerly a BLC band, releasing "Son of Evil" some
years ago, but then left the label to search for his true hard-electro sound
- and he found it! OBSZON GESCHOPF  has now completely torn the doors off,
pulled out all the stops, and hits you everywhere in this brutal double-disc
extravaganza of pure hardcore electro heaven.  Of all things, OG decides to
make an electronica tribute of sorts to serial killers like John Wayne Gacy,
Albert Fish, Ed Gein ... ah yes, all good friends NOT to have ;-)  But they
can become your buddies for sure if you pick up this amazing double-disc
set.  A bit of background:  OG actually had thrown in the towel because his
new creation got hung up at another label and there was no movement toward
getting it released. In frustration, he declared himself musically DEAD.
But not so! He was properly resurrected by BLC PRODUCTIONS and will soon
show the world how gut-wrenching, often guitar-riddled electro, really
sounds, giving a tip of the hat back to the old masters of coldwave
electronic and formative masters like Throbbing Gristle.  We absolutely
guarantee an orgasm.  Believe us, hundreds of thousands of fans cannot be
wrong.  Perhaps the most magnificent hardcore album of the decade, Disc One
presents all original material, and Disc Two bangs out 15 remix hits from
 A real treasure for the hardcore dark electro fans!

CYGNOSIC -"a deity in pain"     (CD) (BLC PROD)        ($13.00)
Hailing from Old Athens, GREECE, BLC Productions presents a brand-new
project with powerful and intelligent EBM-stylings, harsh vox, and careful,
strategic samplings that are at once both thoughtful and provocative, as
well as driving fans to dance floors in record numbers.   CYGNOSIC is the
brainchild of Georg, an intense solo artist who labored in the dark
laboratories of electronica to become a huge favorite in this particular
region of the world, amassing tens of thousands of plays from fans in the My
Space community and continuing strongly to date.  BLC, ever expanding its
global roster, now proudly presents a debut that is sure to be a show
stealer for fans in Greece and around the world, as well as looking to be
the dark horse of the year for the top EBM album.  Not to be missed!

EMPTY -  "never get to you"      (EP-CD)      (APHOTIC AUDIO) ($9.00)
This 7 track warmup for the new EMPTY album shows more growth into
their melodic, ebm/industrial sound with a catchy new single,
"Never get to you" with dancey club and experimental styled
the EP also features another great track
"forgotten dreams" and a cover of "king of kings" by THE MODELS.
Vocoded melodic vocals and smoothly layered sequences keep the flow
of motion here...

ASSEMBLAGE 23- "early, rare and unreleased: vol 2" (CD)  (23DB)   ($14.00)
n conjunction with Assemblage 23's 2007 US "Meta" Tour, 23db Records
released a limited edition CD collection of its earliest works for fans
entitled "Early, Rare, and Unreleased: 1988-1998". The CD was a huge hit
with fans and sold out quickly (although it can still be purchased digitally
through most providers). We are happy to announce that a second volume of
this collection has just been completed and will hit the shelves February
10th (this is a projected release date and may be subject to change), also
through 23db Records. As with the first volume, the CD contains unreleased
material from Assemblage 23 going back as far as 1988 (including the
hard-to-find cover of Psychedlic Furs' "Love My Way"), all re-recorded using
the original sequences and equipment for maximum fidelity. This release will
also be strictly limited to 1,000 copies,available now @ DSBP!!

The tracklisting is as follows:

01.) Eschatology (1994)
02.) Beneath the Silence (1989)
03.) Graverobber (1992)
04.) Black Day (1988)
05.) Relationshit (1994)
06.) Untitled (1995)
07.) From Darkness Comes Light (1992)
08.) Mary Behind the Counter (1994)
09.) Alone (1992)
10.) Love My Way (1998)
11.) Psychotic (1995)
12.) Pain (1995)

STENDECK - "Sonnambula"         (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($13.00)
Combining epic synth patterns with stunning piano movements and a subtle
dose of distorted rhythmic beats, Sonnambula injects an air of originality
and purpose that will both inspire and move you to elated heights. With one
astounding song composition after the next, Sonnambula conjures up the true
ingredients of intelligent electronica, driven by distortion-tinged beats,
soaring synth-lines, and modern classical elements that spew emotion from
every surface.

This is without a doubt Stendecks finest hour. Prepare to be captivated

SYNAPSCAPE - "Again"      (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
The dynamic duo from bielefeld is back - one and a half years after 'now',
tim kniep and philipp mnch present another full dose of massive electronics
for the mind and body.

tracks like 'who painted my cat black' and 'stuck' keep up synapscape's
aural trademark: heavyweight interlaced polyrhythms, distorted textures and
tim's non-reversible voice - an ecstatic mixture evolved to make you move!
on 'countercroque' or 'requirement', crystal clear technoid detroit synth
lines meet strictly accentuated beats, disturbing samples and captivating
melodies. the more you listen to this album, the more details that will be
visible. proper heavy engine!

the fascinating aspect of this project's work (since the beginning) is their
ability to innovate in a genre in which many participants seem to restrict
themselves - despite the countless amount of technical options. once 'again'
synapscape assert their position as one of the most innovative artists of
industrial music today. ahuenna!

MIKA GOEDRIJK -  "pellicules"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)($14.00)
"to create is divine - to reproduce is human" (man ray)

many listeners will have expectations about this release as mika goedrijk is
well-known as the mastermind of projects such as this morn' omina, project
arctic and pow(d)er pussy.

what you are about to hear illustrates mika's decision to form a 'brand new'
project (which is named perfectly). pellicules (films) highlights previously
unrecognized facets of mika's musical self-conception. this album
accentuates prior subsurface appearances of technoid intelligent dance music
structures, catchy impulsive beats, melodic soundscapes and (unpredictable)
tribal elements. for this project mika goedrijk left out oriental mysticism
for occidental accuracy - the result is conclusive evidence that a pretend
'misfortune' can turn into a valuable work of electronic art.

"a man is the sum of his misfortunes" (william faulkner)
or is he? while musing (somewhere late december 2007) on why a
cinematographer (before the digital age) cuts away parts of his visual
creation and lets the pellicules drop on the floor (never to look at them
again), have them burned or simply let them gather dust in some archive. as
if he is unsatisfied with the result and is technologically unable to
recreate anything on the fabric of the pellicule. i decided to go back to
what i considered to be my pellicules, face them and recreate them as there
was still a spark of life in them upon closer inspection. it was an arduous
task but nevertheless a pleasant one at times.

marcel proust was the main inspiration:
"...for you are not even a person, a clearly defined entity, imperfect but
at least perfectible" (from 'swann in love')... this particular sentence
ignited the spark to (re)create) - other interesting guides in this
endeavour were faulkner, derrida, foucault and man ray. although the above
seem to be irreconcilable at first sight, they are not.

so here you have it, my personal pellicules. discarded as they were seen as
'misfortunes' (or part of them) but now teeming with life - as they were
(re)created beyond any form of recognition.

so yes you are wrong when thinking this is 'old stuff'. it is in fact brand
new. it has no relation to any of the other projects - which is the main
reason why i wanted it to be released under my own name and not a 'project

enjoy to the fullest extent possible. let it wrap around you like a warm
blanket in the midst of winter and play it loud!


KEEF BAKER - "pen fifteen" (DOUBLE CD)(HYMEN) (IMPORT)  ($17.00)
mighty subbass drones, driving, energetic beats, wonderful piano lines,
atmospheric keyboards, doomy guitars, occasional vocal work - pen fifteen is
another journey into keef baker's world, where unequal
musical styles like trip hop, electronica and even metal are used as
baseplates and sometimes merge within a single note - just check out what
starts as a distorted guitar and ends as click'n'cut in 'dead
end'. instead of 'eclecticism' a logical extrapolation of varied influences
is displayed, whether it is post-rock, intelligent dance music, dub... in
the end they become one style that can only be called keef baker. 11 songs
of melodic harshness - loud and powerful even in their quietest moments.
expect your expectations to be confounded!

"this is the voice of light city..." - intended to be listened to without
interference or pauses - a trip into sudorific clublife that keeps you
moving for more than an hour. an astounding mix with well-placed increasing
and decreasing speed, ranging from dubstep to techno to drum and bass to
breakcore and back. this is keef as he sounds while performing live - a
great addition to a phantastic album. and remember: "the state loves you!"

MARCHING DYNAMICS - "the workers party of haiti" (CD) (HYMEN)    ($14.00)
what about darkness..?"

it was worth waiting more than a year for the second aural manifestation of
s.talada's darker self. m.d.'s unique mix of intelligent dance music, dark
experimental sound layers and technoid beat'n'bass patterns enthused a large
audience worldwide on the previous nailsleeper release. now it's the time
for the workers party of haiti to take over...

music as diverse as moody atmospheric dark ambient tunes, slow
hop-beat-driven sub-bass monsters and fast dance tracks built upon hard
hitting breaks. this album displays talada's ability to merge all these
styles into one instead of simply stringing them together. crisp percussion
blasts meet soundtrackish synth lines while aggravating your somatic
responses - distortion from detroit meets with los(t) angeles
industrial gloom - dark complexity amalgamates with rhythmic intensity...

"the workers party of haiti was my own exorcism from the demon that
surrounded me and that was haunting me." (s.talada) - join the exorcism!

EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE - "remix riot"   (CD) (MACHINEKUNT) ($13.00)
The first official Experiment Haywire remix album is now available for
pre-order! Featuring 16 remixes of original Experiment Haywire songs from
the albums World War 23, Cooler Than Genocide, and Annihilation Chic comes a
brand new riot that has managed to slip through the cracks of the elite.
Mastered by Kolja Trelle of Soman, with contributions from LEATHER STRIP,
REVOLUTION STATE,this album boldly defies the myth the there's no room for
punk on the dance floor. Featuring artwork by Nathan
Winter (Industriarts).

XANDRIA - "salome"          (CD)         (ARTOFFACT)        ($12.00)
	A touch of feminine sensuality, a hint of far away strange places
where only wishful dreams will take us, carried on wings of metallic
hardness and at the same time accompanied by that certain darkness - these
images come to mind when listening to the music of Xandria, a band who can
look back on four successful albums.

Following the stir that the band had already created on the underground
scene with several demo songs which had been released on the Internet,
Xandria laid the cornerstone of a long career in 2003 with their debut "Kill
The Sun". The release was greeted by enthusiastic reactions and made
directly for the German Media Control Charts, followed by a tour all over
Germany. When they headed for the album charts one year later on the black
wings of "Ravenheart", carried by Celtic winds, a mythical element had
become an ingredient of their music. They stayed in the charts for a full
two months, making no. 36, and enchanted their growing fan base with the
fantasy clip which accompanied the title track "Ravenheart" and has come to
be considered a classic of the genre. The press were unanimous in their
praise, and tours and festival performances followed. Summer 2004 saw the
band play the main stage of the Summer Breeze festival and the Busan
International Rock Festival in Korea - the biggest in Southeast Asia -,
where they wowed 30,000 people. "Ravenheart" went on to beat the pants off
the debut's success, the band joining the ranks of the luminaries of the

But what exactly is it that makes this band so enormously fascinating? The
musicians blend metal with visionary sonic landscapes into the soundtrack of
another, very different world. Xandria's world allows you to be vulnerable
or strong, show emotions and live all those dreams that reality seems to
sneer on. With the release of their fourth and by far best album Salome -
The Seventh Veil, Xandria secures their position as one of the best
gothic-metal acts in the world. Artoffact Records' release of this classic
gem comes with a bonus remix of the hit single Sisters of the Light from
Jesus On Extasy and is not to be missed!

PLASMODIVM - "Paradise Under Fire" (Digipack CD) (CAUSTIC
The year 2008 marks the debut on Caustic Records of this spanish project who
has been many years working quietly into the darker electro-industrial
field. With this first work titled "Paradise Under Fire", they start a
formula that pursues to actively serve as a bridge between the two main
currents of the Dark EBM, focusing in the nineties one, but without ignoring
sounds and structures more in line with emerging Dark Electro trends. A
sonic virus extremely powerful, deadly and corrosive in whose test tube is
possible to perceive the influence of bands like Suicide Commando,
Sleepwalker, Velvet Acid Christ, E-Craft, Leaether Strip or :Wumpscut: and
that, coupled with his unique vision of making dark electronic,  makes this
Paradise in Flames a shocking experience recommended for the good dark EBM
taster, and reaches heights of superb quality with truly daunting tracks as
"Be unclean - Stay impure", "Rise," "Life As Slave" or the epic last song of
the album "Mi Vida se Apaga parte II," all of them real bombs to the dance
floor. In addition, Plasmodivm explores in cuts like "Fade Away" or "Embrace
my Fear" sounds and atmospheres close to bands like Mortal Constraint or the
first Polygon, with truly remarkable results by the sound designs and use of
samples, element that is handled with great skill throughout the work.

CAUSTIC RECORDS presents "Electronic Manifesto", a double CD compilation
that tries to recover the spirit of the Electro-Industrial revolution forged
at the end of 80s and in the decade of 90s, when the creativity, the
interaction between the artist and the analogical and digital machines of
musical creation, as well as the complexity and the necessary effort for the
production, reached the maximum level. "Electronic Manifesto" borns from the
colaboration between Pedro Peas y Robles (HIV+) and Caustic Records, and it
tries to be an homage to all these pioneers of the sinths and drum-machines,
invoking again the spirit of the electro-industrial music masters for this
project. Electronic music has been losing often his originality, his
creativity and his dark soul; as a reply to the current electro scene,
without capacity to surprise, always striking us with the same rythms,
always the same presets of the same synths and lyrics without substance, we
shout this manifest for being listened.


TANNHAUSER - "A new biostate" (CD)(CAUSTIC RECORDS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
"A new biostate" proposes a step farther in the evolution of the EBM and
Electro with dark aesthetics. Using Techno, Rythm n Noise, Industrial,
Electro-dark and EBM resources and influences, and singing in Spanish,
English and German languages, this duo from Barcelona (Spain) presents us an
impecable work, with an exquisite production and complex and worrying
lyrics. "A new biostate" establishes a point of inflexion in present EBM
history. TANNHAUSER's doors are opened, discover what exists behind them!!!

Tannhauser/Event- Split' (CD) (CAUSTIC RECORDS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
Fith label reference and debut for the two bands that share CD. The selected
songs by Tannhauser stand out by their forceful and mechanical electronic
lines, between the old school EBM and the most rythmic industrial, which
gives certain degree of 'experimentness' in every track. On the other hand,
the Barcelona-based Event gift us with a set of tracks that wisely melt the
energy of drum&bass rythms with EBM strongness, spouring everything with a
range of atmospheric pads that surround in darkness every track. In both
projects outstands the careful usage of film-sampling in the non-vocals
tracks, achieving the creation of simple sound fx and fat atmospheres full
of tension.

HIV+ -  "Overdose Kill me" (CD) (CAUSTIC RECORDS)(IMPORT)   ($14.00)
After four albums very appreciated by the public as well as by the
international dark press-media, and after a lot of collaborations and
remixes (for Hocico, Sonar, Glis or Tamtrum among others) this Spanish
artist who lives in France has created an industrial universe which has its
roots in the more insane part of the human mind. With this new album Pedro
Peas y Robles explores his favorite topics: the madness, the desire, the
contamination, the drugs or the death, collaborating with the Swiss musician
STENDECK and allowing remixes by the great Saverio Evangelista (member of
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO/MSB) as well as by electro dark scene bands like OBSZN
GESCHPF, NV and DATARAPER. This excellent new album enters into complex
universes of SKINNY PUPPY, DOWNLOAD or GRIDLOCK, without forgetting the
rhythm n'noise structures that give his own personality to this artist. The
album contains a video with two songs extracted from the HIV+ live at INFEST

ENCODER - "slivers of time" (CD) (ENCODER MUSIC)         ($12.00)
The 2nd album from ENCODER brings a progression in sound and a new lead
vocalist.Sara Eugene joins DJ Cable and Pat B. to make this a stronger,
and more melodic 3 piece act.The songs are very EBM/trance/synthpop
in style mix, and very catchy and dancey for the clubs.
15 tracks in all featuring Romell Regulacion(Razed in Black),and
Lady Omega(Kalaphas) as guest vocalists, and remixes by Ethereal Sedition,
and Liquid Newt, and an excellent cover of "sweet dreams(are made of this)"
as well!!

The second edition to Tympanik Audios critically acclaimed Emerging
Organisms compilation series celebrating our first year of unique and modern
electronic music CD releases.

Featuring all new and exclusive tracks from artists around the globe
including Access To Arasaka, Totakeke, Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA, Subheim,
Anhedonia, Flint Glass, Aphorism, Hecq, Marching Dynamics, Dryft, Blackfilm,
Tapage, Stendeck, Flaque, Keef Baker, Atmogat, Mnemonic, Edgey, Mlada
Fronta, DJ Hidden, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Architect, Sincere Trade, Rope,
Lights Out Asia, and Ginormous.

26 tracks on 2 CDs. Our best compilation yet. You won't be disappointed.
Available now on a double compact disc collection with stunning artwork by
Kostas K. (Subheim) only from Tympanik Audio.

THE THOUGHT CRIMINALS -"Die young stay pretty"(CD)(WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)
The Thought Criminals was formed in South London, UK in 2004 when
programmer/musician Kirlian Blue and vocalist/frontman Rocky Goode, set out
to form a band that would blend early 80s dark electronic music with the
more modern alternative dance music of today. The duo worked feverishly on
their concept and then enlisted the help of famed dance producer Tony
Messenger and mixer Robb Henry to tie things together. Their debut single
"(Im Gonna be a) Celebrity" was released in the fall of 2006 and provided
the first glimpse of the bands abilities and showcased their potential of
what lied ahead. The follow-up single "My Babys a Suicide Bomber", continued
to build momentum and set the stage for the bands Tongue and Cheek
/Sci-fi/80s stoke Electro Punk themed debut, Die Young: Stay Pretty.
17 tracks in all, and a full CD of this interesting and fun band!

MONSTRUM SEPSIS - "Artifacts"       (CD) (WTII RECORDS)   ($12.00)
Formed and founded by Rob Wentz and Paul Karlik in 1996, the duo have
explored many traditional and non traditional ways of creating music. Their
inspired blend of dynamic intensity is generated by using minimal amounts of
tech hardware and equipment while trying to maintain as large of audio
presence as possible. Their basic inspiration and portrayal is to use aural
soundscapes to intrepret feelings and moods.

Their constant exploration has caused the Monstrum Sepsis sound to
constantly change and mold. Such transitions can be better defined after
hearing their first two releases, Primordial Notions Alpha and Primordial
Notions Beta. Their present day sound is more intense but still maintains
the essence that has made Monstrum Sepsis unique.

 "Artifacts" blends layers of synths over waves of pulsating and pounding
percussion.A few tracks also bring in some informative, politically driven
samples which will keep your attention on that end, while the music itself
takes another part of your mind and body...15 tracks in all, and a fresh

V/A GEARS GONE WILD     (CD) (BIT RIOT)   ($10.00)
Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild is the latest compilation by Sean Payne
and his Chicago based glitch metal outfit Cyanotic. Calling on cohorts in
the resistance and friends from across the underground, this compilation is
loaded with heavy electronic rock, electro dance floor beats, crushing
guitar riffs and hard drum n bass. In total this mix tape contains 20 fierce
new, rare and unreleased tracks from: Cyanotic, 16volt, Acumen Nation, DJ?
Acucrack, Rabbit Junk, Prude, Left Spine Down, MindFluxFuneraL, Mindless
Faith, Drukore,
infocollapse, Breath & Decay, end.user feat. Jared Louche, genCAB,
Element DCLXVI, Born into Oblivion, Torrent Vaccine, Everything Goes Cold,

Listen. And understand. Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild is out there. It
can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or
remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever.

LEFT SPINE DOWN -"fighting for voltage"  (CD) (BIT RIOT) ($13.00)
Fighting For Voltage is an adrenaline packed blend of electronic beats,
gnashing guitars and anthemic vocals. Putting the Cyber back into Cyberpunk,
this album packs a punch from beginning to end. 15 tracks in total, Fighting
For Voltage takes listeners on a carefully crafted journey through a heavy
and experimental landscape that is sure to have you singing along and
pumping your fists.
Well crafted artwork design, and a very Pro sound, especially for a young
band like this...

CYANOTIC - "prehab 25 mg"  (CD-EP) (BIT RIOT)      ($8.00)
Prehab 25mg is the hard hitting precursor to The Medication Generation, a
futuristic audio assault exploring the excess of self-medication and mass
media saturation in present day society. Prehab 25mg features new tracks
from the forthcoming "Med:Gen" album and EP exclusives. This is the
definitive soundtrack to a dystopian world view.
6 new tracks from this heavy favorite!

TORRENT VACCINE -"tentative response"   (CD) (BIT RIOT)   ($13.00)
The debut release, scheduled for summer 2008, is the highly anticipated
album titled "Tentative Response". This album features 14 songs produced by
Brad Vaccine along with loop creator / dominator, Jeff Dodson
(de-fragmentation) and mastered by Steven Seibold (Hate Department, Uniform

Two years of amazing conceptual ideas in the making, this album has taken
many forms, but none as brilliant as right now.

LE DIKTAT - "unabomber"       (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA)   ($14.00)
LE DIKTAT is a bicephalous project held by Thomas P. and Benoit G.
Since 2001, Le DIKTAT's music has been nourishing itself with various
references to be found in the spheres of music, politics as well as urban
visual arts. Deeply influenced by the Industrial, Hip Hop, Ambiant and Noise
scenes, LE DIKTAT follows the footsteps of bands such as Scorn, Dalk, Techno
animal, 2nd Gen, or Consolidated. After a much remarked first apperance on a
Mexican compilation by RAID Music, in 2005 French label KUBERNOISE publishes
LE DIKTAT's first album''2+2=5'', including remixes by Cdrik -Axiome,
Kirdec, etc- and Communication Zro.

This critically acclaimed debut album finds its artistic and political
origin in George Orwell's masterpiece 1984 of which it is, somehow, a kind
of musical variation. In concert, of course, the DIKTAT can express the full
range of its musical possibilities: LE DIKTAT's hypnotising stage
performances are a groovy mix of atmospheric soundscapes and thunderous
rhythms that have led the duo to produce itself on accasion of various
electronic music festivals in France and abroad.

14 tracks including a collaboration with country mates PUNISH YOURSELF, and

ROUGHHAUSEN - "the agony of the beat"(CD)(IMPORT)(TINDERBOX) ($14.00)

STANDEG - "ultrahightechviolet"  (CD) (ARTOFFACT)      ($12.00)
Bjrn and Sven Jnemann, aka Standeg, are no strangers to the
electro-industrial world. Having been involved in early incarnations of
Haujobb, the Jnemanns helped craft early Haujobb hits such as Homes and
Gardens and Eye Over You and participated in the recordings of the classic
albums Homes and Gardens and Freeze Frame Reality. A few years ago, the
ground-breaking label Dependent Records placed Standeg songs on their
influential Septic compilations, creating a buzz around Standeg
unprecidented given the duos small output.

UltraHighTechViolet is one of those releases that come along every few years
to sweep us off our feet. Following in the tradition pioneered by the likes
of Lassigue Bendthaus and X Marks the Pedwalk, and continued by Haujobb,
Forma Tadre, and in more recent years Seabound and Headscan, the music of
Standeg is cerebral, unique, and challenging. Tracks like 25 Hours grab you
right away with pulsating rhythms and catchy synthlines, while the slow
brooding groove of Further Dose is perfect for a lazy afternoon and is as
psychedelic as it is industrial. The album also includes a special exclusive
version of the Haujobb classic Homes & Gardens, a song that Standeg helped
to write.

Unique in their sound but following in the tradition of a long history of
excellent electronic-industrial, Standegs music is a significant and
surprising addition to your collection.

MASSIV IN MENSCH - "meanwhile back in the jungle" (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
After four studio albums, several digital-only singles, and a contribution
to Artoffacts Uturn series, Massiv in Mensch turn up the heat on Meanwhile
Back in the Jungle, their fifth and wildest release to date. Without
question, what we have here is the zaniest, most psychedelic, and hardest to
describe collection of techno-tongue-in-cheekiness that you will ever have
the happy luck to position in your CD playeror slide onto your iPod.
Featuring what is already a worldwide club-hit, the magic collaboration
between Massiv in Mensch and Mind.A.In.Box on Supermassive Gravity,
Meanwhile Back in the Jungle dangles its goods and keeps you lured in.
Massiv in Mensch never take themselves too seriously, and their incredible
sense of humour shows on tracks such as Pink Dream and the absolutely
essential Hou Je Bek Vuile Teef. But followers of Nietzsche might do a
double-take as Massiv in Mensch gets right into the circle of power on
Powerful (though who knows, maybe they mean the dancefloor?!), and
connoisseurs of electronic thrills and spills will bet the farm on Never
Trust The Outline and Ikonoklast! The influence of Scooter, Utah Saints,
KLF, and Beastie Boys is all over this record, as are sounds as diverse as
Apoptygma Berzerk and Ashtrayhead (remember that awesome release?). As
usual, Massiv in Mensch dive headfirst into the cauldron of chaos and never
come up for air!

ALICE IN VIDEOLAND - "she's a machine"  (CD)   (ARTOFFACT)        ($12.00)
One of Swedens absolutely finest bands when it comes to hard electronic pop
are finally back again with the brand new album Shes a Machine. This time
with a harder sound, developed around synthetic and organic instruments,
less guitars, more edge, more beat and better than ever!! Alice In Videoland
once again prove that their unique combination of crossover
punk-rock-electronica, saturated with fine melodic harmonies and pop
choruses stands tall, without any competition. The attitude and bombast in
Torils lead vocals is one of a kind, and this album will surely bring down
the house wherever, whenever played.

The album opens with blasting bass on the title track Shes a Machine, and
Toril lets you know right away what the score is as she chants you wouldnt
want to wait up for her And shes right! The energy is relentless as the
album progresses through instant hits MF, the new single Numb, and the
playful Whos That Boy. Toril gets down and dirty on Weird Desire, and the
album ends with three bonus tracks not available on the digital version:
Open Your Eyes, Numb (Single Edit), and We Are Rebels (Single Edit). Fans of
Alice in Videoland will be rocked hard by the new album and newbies should
be prepared to be knocked over by one of the coolest acts on the scene

BURIKUSU!!! - "2080"           (CD)   (23DB)         ($13.00)
23db Records is proud to announce the release of the debut album by Swedish
duo Burikusu!!! entitled 2080. Burikusu!!! is the brainchild of Claes
Johanson (creator of the critically acclaimed Vember Audio Surge softsynth
and DSP programmer for Ableton Live) and vocalist/lyricist Timothy Nilsson.
Musically, the band is a highly technical mix of stuttering rhythms,
haunting melodies, and severely manipulated vocals, all the while fearlessly
melding elements of IDM, synthpop, hip-hop, experimental, and even straight
up pop. The result is an astonishing melange of futuristic beats and
forward-thinking programming that gracefully leaps over the cutting edge and
bravely forges ahead into previously uncharted terrirtories. Few debuts in
recent memory have displayed such staggering originality and technological
wizardry while maintaining a sense of melody and accessibility, and dare we
say it... fun. Will appeal to fans of: Modeselektor, Prefuse 73, Kid606,
Haujobb, Headscan, Krazy Baldhead, Lassigue Bendthaus/Atom, Beefcake,
Gridlock, and other punishers of CPUs everywhere!

EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE - "annihilation chic"  (CD) (MACHINEKUNT) ($12.00)
Experiment Haywire started in late 2004, destined to explore chaos in a way
that went beyond what had unfortunately become typical. As an avid listener
and DJ of electronic, punk, industrial, and noise music (Deconstructed,
QXT's Diva Weekend, Abstraction, etc.) it was only a matter of time before
Rachel gave birth to her own musical explosion. Experiment Haywire would
express themes of political dissent, female empowerment, war, (internal and
external) torture, insanity, contradictory aesthetics, the devaluing of the
human condition, and a post-apocalyptic future in this game called life.
Released on machineKUNT!

ESA - "the sea and the silence"   (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
Following ESAs debut album Devotion, Discipline, and Desire as well
as this years encompassing 2nd album How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?
on Hive Records, ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) returns with an
enormous new album on Tympanik Audio titled The Sea & The Silence.

11 tracks of pure Industrial adrenaline, marked carefully by strong,
complex atmospheres and dense, apocalyptic beats, The Sea & The Silence
is a monster of an album, proclaiming two powerful elements, as the title
suggests, with no apparent apologies to its potential victims.

With tracks ranging from dancefloor-mopping hard electronics to complex
and modern tribal excursions, The Sea & The Silence takes the ESA sound
even further into intense and engaging terrains.

Asserting heavy walls of bass-driven rhythms, vast levels of
dynamism, commanding vocal stabbings, and intricately woven versatility,
this new collection of impressive rhythmic Industrial promises to be ESAs
finest hour.

BROKEN FABIOLA - "severed"     (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO)     ($12.00)
The new full-length album by Broken Fabiola, titled Severed, marks their
return from hibernation since the release of their double CD collection
in 2005 on Auricle Media.

Written and produced over a period of 3 years between Seattle and
Los Angeles, the projects music became a personal labor of love, and the
heavily favored body of work by its celebrated producer, Karloz.M of the
Electro/Industrial act Manufactura.

With additional production and vocal talents from Sharon Blackstone as
well as additional vocals by Nissa, Broken Fabiola takes the listener into
a delicate world of tense atmospheres filled with dense, emotional
soundscapesstirred generously by a vast assortment of broken beats and
rhythmic pulses.

Drawing from a prolific pool of Dark Ambient, IDM, Tech-Step, and Rhythmic
Noise influences, Broken Fabiolas Severed delves deep into the reaches of
the mind, digging purposely into emotionally charged epics that explore
territories beyond internal struggle and the duality of mankind.

With a monument of prolific soundscapes to reveal, Severed manages to peer
through the mind of its listener, setting aside conventional aural
stimulation, and instead uncovers the darker and more contemplative regions
of this fantastic human organ.

Featuring collaborations from some very special guest artists such as
Shane Talada (Marching Dynamics / The Operative), Daniel
Myer(Architect/Haujobb), Scott Sturgis (Converter) and Dre Robinson
(Databomb / Download),
Severed promises to be an intense and memorable journey indeed.

After three CD releases for COP International and several free album
downloads including last years excellent Diametral, the German trio of
Holger Meuler, Jrgen Warkentin, and Marc Friedrich will release their newest
collection of work simply entitled NO. But simple, this album is not.

With ever-expanding maturity and grace, Zentriert ins Antlitz once again
redefine their signature sound by injecting infectious beatwork into lush
atmospheric soundscapes to create a poignant blend of dark electronica and
industrial-tinged ambient aesthetics. Expect a major leap forward in the ZIA
sound with this highly-engaging new album.

NO, out now on Tympanik Audio, contains the new 12-track album plus
fantastic bonus material that can be de-mutilated or unlocked via download
instructions from the CD. The extra content will feature various media
including many bonus tracks + remixes by several Tympanik Audio artists
including Subheim, Totakeke, Integral, Access To Arasaka, Unterm Rad,
Stendeck, Lucidstatic, Disharmony, Autoclav1.1, and more

27 outstanding tracks, over 150 minutes of music, all on 1 single compact

TAPAGE - "the institute of random events"  (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO)($12.00)
Tapage began as an axe-grinder for a short-lived metal/hip-hop band in
the Netherlands. He soon departed from his roots when introduced to tracker
programming and began developing electronic beats and fusing guitar with
synthetic sounds. It wasnt long before Tapage started formulating his own
style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound

Inspired by IDM and Breakcore legends like Venetian Snares, Gridlock, and
Somatic Responses, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage
continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with
dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually
impossible to ignore.

Now, Tapage joins the ranks of innovative electronic music composers in the
Tympanik Audio artist roster to release his debut full-length CD The
Institute Of Random Events.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous
melodies, The Institute Of Random Events will captivate your awareness and
lure you in for a mysterious and complex aural expedition.

ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION - "post-industrial" (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
With his fifth album entitled "Post Industrial", Vince Pujol/ESR takes us
for a trip through the ruins of this collapsing world. Taking roots in the
pure electro/industrial style, with old school influences apparent through
complex soundscapes, captivating synthlines, powerful percussive sounds and
dark distorted vocals. 14 tracks included here, with a cover of Depeche
Modes classic "everything counts"! and a quality one at that! Over 73
minutes of Album, which is basically a Double album in these days of 35
minute album CD's!!!

Most of the songs express the multiple facets of a failing system as a
desperate warning. The result is a solid production featuring new hits and
great songs such as "Cyberthief","World Domination", "Gone", "Tinnitus"or
"Post Industrial" to name a few. This album definately contains a nice
variety of Club dance tracks!

ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION immediately reminds you of classic recordings
Pujol is also trying to bring in the known Old school sound and with some
fresh ideas.

In summary, This new CD is a strong, cohesive, integrated, the spirit of
true industrial work of European quality. ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION should
please the people who actively listen to industrial and EBM in the 1990's,
because the roots of Post-Industrial grow from there.

BEE HATCH  - "brood"            (CD)    (LENS RECORDS)       ($12.00)
Lens Records is very proud to work with BEE HAT CH again for their second
release of 2008, "Brood." Their self-titled debut, released in April 2008,
was hailed as a "killer" capable of "surpassing all trends and musical
phases" and a "totally wonderful aural experience." BEEHAT CH started work
on Brood just weeks after the release of their debut CD. Not surprisingly,
Brood refines the "fully fledged sonic odyssey" of their debut and presents
11 tracks that see the band continuing to expand, explore and experiment
with their unique fingerprint.

"Brood is like the dust that blows through the evening desert." - David

Brood is packaged in a custom designed matte-white card sleeve format
containing 4 collectible art cards featuring original artwork from Mark
Spybey and Mark Nugent. Audio mastering courtesy of Frankie Pett. This
release will only be available in a limited edition quantity of 1000 copies.

Each CD will contain a different set of 4 artcards. The complete set of 12
artcards - only 150 sets total - is available separately here.

INTERFACE - "destination focus"     (CD-EP)    (NILAIHAH)      ($8.00)
New Yorks Interface combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial,
all with a melodic, emotional edge. And now, Interface is back and stronger
than ever! This 7-track EP focusing around the track Destination features 3
brand new tracks, plus exclusive remixes by State of the Union, Mindless
Faith and Code 64. All tracks are exclusive to this EP so get yours before
the limited pressing is sold out!
Extended EP - 7 songs

GASR -  "reptile"              (CD)      (NILAIHAH)      ($12.00)
GASR are back, with their stunning sophomore release!
Imagine 'Survival of the Fittest' amped up, polished and mixed with heavy
doses of political angst. A polemic with teeth, the album steps away from
the sunny themes found on their debut, opting instead for an even gloomier,
uncomfortably intimate record meant as a provocative, thoughtful and violent
reaction to life in post-9/11 America. Once again, they combine elements of
dark Electro, Industrial, and even hints of harsh EBM without sacrificing
melody. For fans of Skinny Puppy, Flesh Field, Tear Garden, and NIN.

LEGION - "Legion"       (CD) (HYPERVOXX)      ($12.00)
The debut from this Terror EBM/Harsh Industrial band from SPAIN!
They have all the evil electro elements that the scene loves!!
dark, ominous, scaything vocals, harsh, pounding and tormenting
music.There are dnace floor tracks, and then there are just
sick, torturous tracks to listen to as well.
16 tracks / 75 minutes of twisted electro sounds..
this is like a double album in a scene of 35 minute albums...
A really great debut and start for this band!

This new label brings forth a real Strong and Diverse electronic/
industrial/darkwave compilation...with Harsh Industrial dance floor
sounds, Mid-tempo electro pop, and slower, ethereal darkwave sounds
as well.Female Vocals on about half the tracks and a real well
balanced comp with some of todays new and upcoming artists!

heres the tracklisting...
1-Angels On Acid - The Vile (Limbo Remix)
2-Kirlian Camera - Blue Room V.2002 (Live)
3-C/A/T - Shoot To Kill (7.62 Mix by [Syndika:Z3r0])
4-The Ludovico Technique - This Life (2008)
5-Diverje - Stitched (Butterfly Remix by Biodrone)
6-XMH - Rape Your God (Incal mix by Implant)
7-The Oedipus Complex - Circle The Sun
8-JasonAlacrity - Winter Song
9-Life's Decay - Extzen
10-Scarlet Slipping - Machine Is Broken
11-Imprint - Eden
12-Cylab/The Break Up - Dented Halos (Angelic Mix)
13-The Nuns of Telekinesis - Undercurrent
14-Phantoms Of The SS - The Sheltering Sky
15-Attrition - Lullaby
16-The Hiroshima Project - From A Lonely Place

**All Songs Exclusive & Previously Unreleased
Length  -  79.38

CARDOPUSHER - "mutant dubstep vol2"(EP-CD) (SPECTRALIQUID)(IMP)($10.00)
Luis Garban aka Cardopusher has been releasing a serious number of records
these past couple years for labels such as Ad Noiseam, Peace-off,
Intellectual Violence, Mirex, Cock Rock Disco & Wrong Music, Terminal Dusk
and more. Now, Cardopusher returns with a blasting new EP on Spectraliquid
Records, the sequel to "Mutant Dubstep vol.1" by UK's Ebola. What you should
expect from "Mutant Dubstep vol.2" is 3 brand new sonic tracks, evolving
around dubstep, hard electronics and breakcore explosions produced by the
mastermind himself. 100% adrenaline, killer sound production and 2
ultra-heavy remixes by Pacheko and Innasekt, this album is coming out to add
another significant moment to the ever expanding dubstep-influenced
movement. Low bass frequencies give their place to powerful melodic parts,
while at the same moment sinking to sick, rhythmic basslines and solid drum
parts. There definitely isn't so much stuff sounding that good out there so
don't hesitate to get this excellent release. Add a beautiful digipack
packaging designed by wonderful graphic designer Mario Ferer and you've got
the perfect combination at hand. Recommended.

This is the second release out of 3 in total of the "MUTANT DUBSTEP" series.

Back in stock...

The first compilation CD by Spectraliquid is now available!....with tracks
by Mobthrow, Xsoz, Subheim, Fabrics, Psytech etc. and by some really
interesting guests and good friends like Ah Cama-Sotz, Detritus and Flaque
as well, this is a must-have item.... A digipack edition, limited to 500
copies, at a really low price, in the field of dark ambient/hard
technoid/idm/d'n'b and experimental/noise music....


1. Subheim - Howl
2. Fabrics - All Rights Reversed
3. Flaque - Black Shadows In the Fog
4. Psytech - Finding Yeesha (rmx by Subheim)
5. Mobthrow - Deathstep
6. Yttrium - Zeitlicht
7. Desperation & Fugue - Half Of The Truth
8. Detritus - Lead Balloons
9. Throttler & Track Killer - Against The Machines
10. Xsoz - Please Wait
11. Ah Cama-Sotz - Depth Charge

BLACKFILM - "blackfilm"  (CD) (SPECTRALIQUID)(IMP) ($13.00)
Spectraliquid's second release is the very first full-length album of this
incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day electronic
music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely
original.Down-tempo cinematic beats and melodies portrayed in a dark,
atmospheric environment moving from fearsome, lonely frames to chaotic
feelings of urban self-destruction...Blackfilm has created an ideal
soundtrack for film-noir movie scores of the finest quality, delivered in a
unique mixture of ambient, downtempo, orchestral music...
"This stuff simply defines cinematic." - Connexion Bizarre

"Blackfilm is simply a brilliant album for headphone space. I do think that
no collection should be without it." - Triplejaysus

Dark but not pessimistic, music with a story and personality. Filed and
intelligent arranged. Even if you arent so much into experimental music I
can approve this enthralling and beautiful album 100% to you!" - Cuemix

DIVERJE  - "Unleashed"   (CD)    (DSBP)    ($10.00)
 It has been over a year since the hugely successful "STITCHED" album
was released from Diverje and DSBP, so we have decided to finally
release the BEST Remixes we have received over the last 2 years from
some of the great bands of the EBM/INDUSTRIAL/NOISE Underground!!
75+ minutes,and 13 tracks make this a full album experience and not
just another maxi EP of the same songs...
 There are Trancey/club dance remixes of "Unleashed" from Russia's
LOUIS GUIDONE!! THE WEATHERMEN also add a remix of this song in a more
Lounge/rock/electronic twist that really works well!!
 "Stitched" gets some hard EBM/Industrial remix treatment from
throws in some Guitars as well.

 The big HIT off of "Stitched" was "Smell the Blood" and it gets a
melodic ebm touch from OBSCURE DESCENSION,and a collaged Power
noise version from CORELINE!!
"Wrapped Around" is remixed in a hard trance/EBM style from
THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION, and gives this one a new direction!

 We also included some remixes from "The Distortion Chamber" tracks
which were never released but not forgotten!!
KICK ASS Remixes from SYSTEM SYN("enough to destroy"), ENCODER("test
samples"), and THE PAIN MACHINERY(I walk alone") bring new life
to some fan favorites from 2005-2006!!

 Overall its a real club stomper and some real intresting versions
of some of DIVERJE's best songs yet!!
This should keep people tide over till the new DIVERJE CD comes out
in July 2009!!!
We are offering this limited edition (240 copies) to all fans and
supporters for a low price of $10.00!!!

V/A - NEGATIVE IMPACT V0.3       (CD)    (PFF PROD.) ($12.00)
 The 3rd installment of the great electro/industrial/noise
underground compilations by PFF PRODUCTIONS.This one features more
NEW and UNRELEASED tracks and remixes and a strong lineup of
Underground bands mainly from the USA with a few from overseas as
well.Over 80 minutes of Kick ass music!!
heres the tracklist....

Negative Impact V0.3
Playing time 01:19:33
Track listing:
01. Critical System Error - Digital Antichrist 4:34
02. Angels on Acid - The Vile 5:31
03. BIOCARBON13 - Burn Baby Burn 5:04
04. Diverje - Unleashed (Trance Authority Remix Edit) 6:29
05. Sealed in Silence - Brutalesspiel 4:41
06. N.U.T.E. - Red Lights Red Eyes 3:57
07. Fluid - No Inbetween 4:49
08. Concept 7 - States Of Panic 3:49
09. JILT - Embrace 3:30
10. Gods Black Magic - Artificial Indifference 4:58
11. Asmodeus X - The Bright Ones 4:34
12. THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN - Whatever Happened to Carson? 4:29
13. Off World Kick Murder Squad - Machine Infected 3:14
14. Phase Theory - Lost 3:56
15. Alien Implant - Coma 5:33
16. TV - Death Materemix 4:08
17. medic - Megalopolis 5:06
18. Voltage C.O. - Voltage Control 2:48

FICTION 8 - "project phoenix"       (CD)   (ERISIAN)   ($12.00)
Fiction 8 returns with their strongest effort to date. A five-year layoff
shows no sign of rust. All of the ingredients are here: the classic F8 sound
on tracks like "After All", "Sometimes", and "Hegemony", as well as inspired
new directions on tracks like "We Are Machines", "A Face in the Crowd", and
"In  Orbit". There isn't a bad cut on this disc; indeed, most are excellent.
This is definitely Fiction 8 at their level best.
10 tracks,and a great mix of electro/synthpop/industrial/darkwave...

AMBASSADOR 21 - "fuck all systems"  (CD) (VENDETTA) ($12.00)
If you are looking for clean intelligent sound - forget it. It's impossible
to insert this belorussian duo expression into generally accepted stereotype
of exemplary life. This album deserves its name completely, it's saturated
by pure energy from the first till last minute. If you have strong
imagination about what that - AMBASSADOR21, if you know what you are waiting
for - get it. Are they more diverse? Yes. More deep? Yes. More electronic?
Yes. Have they changed? No. They are strong and sexy. Dense and noisy
electro hardcore wall of sound which can be ferocious and merciless. But
their anger always with a smile - from ambivalent ironic lyrics in Russian
and English to forceful pounding industrial kicks, brutal synth layers and
explosive broken beats seasoned by psychopathic glitches. And duel of
earfucking vocals which make their music absolutely unique. That's
AMBASSADOR21 as you have learned to like them - but harder, louder, younger.
Ultra fucking destroy.

ENGELMACHER - "birds of a feather"(CD) (ENGELMACHER/VENDETTA)($12.00)
Behind this German name hides another self-released debut of an US-based
Electro/Industrial act hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. This project
consists mainly of Michael, whos doing almost all production and vocals, and
Natalie, who does some live synth work. Engelmacher describes metaphorically
the term of population control, and this act just could enter a free slot on
the international renowned Interbreeding compilation series (Interbreeding
IX Kuru, just out while Im writing this...) of the BLC Productions label.
Now out with this first CD which presents the musically dimension somewhere
between dancefloor-compatible Electropop tunes up to pounding EBM/Dark
Electro-related tracks. Both opening tracks, Retribution and Circumstance
are harder-edged danceable Dark Electro tunes (NOT Trance-inspired
Hellektro...) with distorted, whispering-like vocals and remind strong on
some works of INFORMTIK or older EVILS TOY  for sure not a bad reference.
Things get a bit smoother with some catchy Future-/Electropop-inspired works
like Bypass, Useless Gestures or Thrust. Also the vocals on this tracks are
rather clear and naturally placed, without the use of uncountable effects.
With Devotion this act proves that they can also deal with some slower and
rather creepy tunes. It has to mention that the programming abilities of
this act and the detailed worked-out synth textures are the winning points
for this production, the arrangements and sounds are well-thought and
installed. Nice artwork too, so this is one of the most promising and still
unsigned newcomer acts around. A strong recommendation to purchase this fine
item, also for some labels a quality tip to give it a try...
Review by: Marc Tater

GEISTKINDER - "sex and violence"  (CD) (CRYOFLESH)    ($10.00)
A very surprising and shocking debut CD deom this band from Florida.
This CD contains 9 Songs and 1 Bonus Track of Dark, Sick, Epic & Brutal
Electro Industrial. Fans of Combi Christ, GGFH and Psychopomps will want to
add this one to their Collection. NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!
will be scared and running for cover soon enough!!
9 tracks including "Halloween"!!

REBCO RECORDS (U.K. IMPORTS) (limited quantities)
NOVUS     -"re-designing the future"   (CD) (REBCO)(IMP) ($13.00)
Novus:UK are a female fronted 3 piece hard electro outfit from the UK. They
have emerged from the Mission Control Studio, with a groundbreaking album,
entitled 'Re-designing The Future' which is a fusion of pumped underground
beats and a cut glass vocal performance. The band consist of the English
rose of UK darkbeat, Sarahjane, ex- Faithful Dawn, who has previously
released two successful albums 'Temperance' (Nightbreed Recordings), and
'You Are Here' (Darkbeat Records). At the controls on programming and
production of Re-Designing the Future CD/LP is the one man industrial noise
terrorist Jonathon Sharp of Bio-Tek, New Mind, and Hexedene infamy. Live
Sarahjane performs with various members of the Justified Agents Of the New
World Disorder (see left).
12 tracks including a PTK Remix!!

FLESH EATING FOUNDATION - "seethe"     (CD) (REBCO)(IMP) ($13.00)
13 tracks on this CD, good variety and hard attitude!

DEVIANT UK  -"barbed wire star"        (CD) (REBCO)(IMP) ($13.00)
SINCE MATERIALISING IN 2004, Deviant UK has established itself as a star of
the European Dark Alternative scene - proudly waving the flag for Britain.
The band unleashed the long-awaited debut album 'Barbed Wire Star' in
September 2006, spawning the anthemic club hits 'Raptured Saints' and
'Access Denied!'. Their unique sound is powerful, distinctive and instantly

This band is defined onstage, consolidating an ever-growing fanbase with
intensive live dates including the renowned Infest [one of the few acts to
be invited to play for a second time], Nocturnal Culture Night, Whitby and
Dark City festivals among others. Their scene credentials received the royal
seal of approval in October 2006 when Deviant UK were handpicked to be
guests of the mighty VNV Nation at their unforgettable Homecoming show in
Dublin. Since then, the band have enjoyed memorable shows with The
Cruxshadows, Diary of Dreams, Rotersand and Seabound among many others. And
this is just the beginning...

GLOBAL CITIZEN - "master stroke"       (CD) (REBCO)(IMP) ($13.00)
old timers, global citizen, have been ruling the electronic block for over a
decade now, with their leader, september, still at the top of his game when
it comes to fronting the assault on your synthetic senses. their dark,
moody, sexy, twisted and some might say, damright perverse music, continues
to impress and attract a loyal fanbase. after having self released their own
music for several years now, the band were finally snatched up by rebco
records back in september 2007. their first album on rebco entitled 'master
stroke', fusing brand new material with some older tracks with a new twist,
is now available!
14 tracks fill this CD up, with real kick ass music!

HYPOSKULL -"industrial owes us money" (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
call me every name in the book. but don't count me into your carefully
selected circle of so called 'fellow brothers and sisters'. subcultural lil'
copies of the regular society which is out there. we die alone. and death is
certain. don't regard my temporary presence to your group as some
declaration. it is just a lucky or unlucky coincidence in space and time. i
do what i am supposed to do? forget it. no one knows, not even myself. if
your life is a movie i am playing a minor yet crucial part in it. passing
into your screen for 23 seconds maximum. leaving nothing more but a short
impression which will live under your skin and eventually will come out
again like that alien in this movie which crawls out of someone's chest. i
am not a messenger. don't expect my view on global warming. don't ask me to
judge. do not expect anything. i pass by in these 23 seconds like some
drive-by shooter. fast. violent. out of the blue. unexpected. my bullets
don't kill though. they mark you. or don't. if they don't, i will be some
footnote you will remember as some weird character of a freakshow. if they
do, i will be influencing your mind forever with fake images of aesthetics,
anti-fashionable audio combinations just made to provoke you. i will make
you doubt about your own self. you will never be the same. you will question
the next fashion someone will try to lay upon you. you will see that your
lil' world is full of posers. fucking posers. artists that live for one
season only. hypes so big they die in the timespan of one of your own
breathings. breath deep and slow. cash is the new god. money piles up so
fast we need wings to stay above it. everybody who makes it wants to double
it. you are only allowed into a group when you show enough of it. or pose
enough that you have enough of it. the new reference. measured in piles.
goods. 'style'. your new religion. 323 questions to ask a hypnoskull, and
here are just 3 of them: "do you have enough to be part of my scene ?" and
yeah, this one also: "what is your value?", and the main one: "how much am i
worth for you?". industrial owes us money. word.

guten abend meine damen und herren, are you ready for hypnoskull? like a
brick thrown into your intestines, p.stevens and collaborators ask for
attention - whether you like it or not. this mash-up of ultra-fast breaks,
straight hard-driving rhythms, oscillating sub-bass, heavy distortion,
explicit lyrics, and sampled media madness perfectly displays hypno's
perception as it is today. all this combined with his characteristic
'e-punk' attitude (clearly demonstrated in the cover of the dead kennedys
classic 'california ber alles') and at the same time he offers a blueprint
of what rhythmic noise can be today (dying circuit assaults v1), this album
makes damn sure patrick and his 21st century rat pack will get the earnings
they deserve - whether money or something different. play loud!!!

MOCTAN - "come closer"     (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)        ($14.00)
with 'come closer' andreas glckner joins the ant-zen racing team for a
second time - perpetuating what began years before and what was perfected
with 'suspect'. still the target moctan has set is visible: creating a
unique synthesis of atmosphere, aggression and rhythm.

after starting with the comparatively silent 'here and now', moctan
increases speed and activates the supercharger on the subsequent tracks -
making you move, just as intended. titles like 'come closer' and 'a new day'
slow down the pace for a well needed pit stop by using dark synths and
ceremonial voices which create a hypnotic trance - only to be followed by
pulsing floor burners like 'long distance runner' and 'deja vu'. after
having endured the abrasive noise attack of 'overkill' the listener will
reach the finish line with the heavily grooved remixes by asche and bipol.

once again, moctan has created a perfect balance between hard technoid dance
tracks with an industrial feel and disturbing soundscapes - all overlaid
with a multitude of unsettling, fierce samples. come closer - join the race!

KLANGSTABIL - "math and emotion"    (CD)(ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
the idea of producing a concept album about chess arose in the summer of
2005 when boris may started cultivating an interest in the game to find a
way to overcome his growing mental laziness. maurizio blanco also liked the
idea of turning chess into a musical concept. chessboards and relevant
literature were aquired so as to get into to the spirit of the game.
originally, the title of this album was planned to be "mindchess". later on,
it was transformed into 'math & emotion' because this title reflects the way
klangstabil learned how to play the game. "the concept 'math & emotion'
became wider and overstepped the limits of a mere game of chess. it was
projected on interhuman behavioral patterns in the everyday game of life."
(boris may)

at the end of 2005, boris may was captivated by the idea to make a cover for
'math & emotion' in the dime novel/ghost story style of the german
"gespenster geschichten" comics. these ghost novels were pulp fiction that
was published in the 1970s and that impressed him deeply in his childhood.
after some research he was able to contact the artist who did the cover
paintings, ugurcan yce (can). boris may: "since he is not only a painter but
also a musician, we got on to the same wavelength very quickly when the
concept of 'math & emotion' was explained. i explained how the chess theme
should run through the whole album." this contradiction is visually realised
by two archetypal spirits emanating from boris may's and maurizio blanco's
bodies to fight the deadly match to the end.

the music on this album seems easily accessible, resuming the path
klangstabil has been on for years. the first impression to the expectant
listener might be undiluted dark electro-based pop, but this isn't an
inaccurate evaluation, as they call it 'klangpop'. massive synth surfaces,
pulsing sequencer patterns and intense vocals intertwined with precise
computerized drum beats add up to memorable tunes. on closer examination
oblique details become visible: elaborated rhythmical work, hidden sound
fragments and the specific tension klangstabil are well-known for - all
aided by significant lyrics in german, english and italian. the more you
engage in 'math & emotion' the more the deepness of this release will
develop - just like the seemingly simple game of chess and the game of life.

HPC - "halfbreed"    (CD)     (HYMEN) (IMPORT)        ($14.00)
at a very young age, the norwegian one man project hpc started creating
electronic music that ranged from danceable electronica and psytrance to
hard-/speed-/breakcore, ambient and noise. after some
experimentation and development he felt the time for a first release was
right and now 'halfbreed' has been realized. in his own words, hpc's aim is
to build an aural exposure of his personal view of life by
creating music beyond predictable schedules and clichs in electronic music.
with this debut he has perfectly accomplished what he had in mind.

hpc presents a fusion of heavy syncopated beats and pulsing low end bass,
balanced by synth textures and soundtrackish samples - inducing atmospheres
that dwell between unbridled ecstasy and subliminal
hypnosis. tracks like 'machine' and 'run' are a fine example of the
terrifying and liberating climax of rhythmic powers crescendo.

feel free to file 'halfbreed' between illbient, dubstep and darkest ambient
that has accumulated hardtech aggressiveness. with this album hpc hit the
target - and this is only the beginning...

ZELLER - "audio vandalism"    (CD)(HYMEN) (IMPORT)     ($14.00)
audio vandalism is the first release by the young artist jb zeller who is
based in southern france. this release includes eleven tracks which were
recorded between 2005 and 2008.

zeller is effected by "all kinds of subversive music" (ranging from
breakcore and industrial music to dubstep) in such a way that he is able to
assimilates these different musical facets into his own style.
needless to say the results are unique and subversive in their own right.

audio vandalism is an aggregation of complex beat layers, deep dark bass,
distorted synth textures, ominous samples and algid ambiences that are
interwoven with atrabilious melody lines. straight forward
electro-industrial meet the complexness of breakbeats merged with whirls of
noise, captured media coverage and a hint of melancholy.

this album can be seen as a missing link between heavy, metric electronica,
straight-line jungle-core and saturnine movie soundtracks. join the audio

ALASKA HIGHWAY - "attitudes of a difficult mind" (CD) (NGP) ($12.00)
This is the debut of this real intresting and diverse electro/synthpop/
industrial wave/ rock mixture of sound.
Originally formed in London in '93, Alaska Highway is the main realization
of moose - adding to his experiments in electronic music with the influences
of the early pioneering artists from the synthetic world.
Everyone who has heard the debut album, 'attitudes of a difficult mind',
agree that Alaska Highway can not be categorized in to any one genre as the
music goes from one extreme to another, finding a balance in between, is
often unsettling, but totally intriguing.

CHRYSALIDE - "Lost In A Lost World" (CD)(AUDIOTRAUMA)(IMP) ($14.00)
After 2 years of hard working, Chrysalide comes back with the lost in a lost
world album. You know the kind of heavy music that scares uptight parents?
Between electro-experimental and cyber-punk, Chrysalide is uncompromising,
unforgiving, emotional, in-your-face, pure fucking Industrial act that has
the same quiet/loud technique as metal masters use.

Thematically anarchistic and decadant, manifesting indignation and raging
against the fucked-up condition of the world in the vein of the best of
punk/digicore with amazing textures and sounds. Muttering, stomping, kicking
a noisy hip-hop beat, Chrysalide music makes the psychodrama hit home.

Each track is already filled up with layers upon layers of audio collage,
abrasive squalls, squawks, and squelches, with less emphasis on the clever
explicit film samples and tortured vocals of the brothers Syco and Arco.
Angry, sad, mad, depressed, or just plain fucked up, this album is a
passionate piece blasting our commercialized human condition that transcends
the pain, turning into pure catharsis. Call it what you will, to us it is a
return to good old dirty noise-driven rock-indus.

TWINKLE -"Processing Industry" (CD)    (AUDIOTRAUMA)    (IMP) ($14.00)
The experience begins as soon as you put on the CD player... You better have
a good stereo system or a decent pair of headphones in order to listen to
their stuff. This is complex, challenging stuff . Something to push your
brain around and probably make you dance. They are here to battle each other
with hard hitting rhythms and beats, everything being ultra distorted. It is
very difficult to escape it. They give us a good dose of sped up, confusing
beats and mystery construction. Over the psychotic, twisted & tribal rythmic
noise are childish melodies that regenerate technologically-advanced worlds
on each track. The result is very body-oriented, in the way the beats and
the rhythms are both very danceable or trance-inductive : a deep connection
to their neo-industrial landscape, and instead of rage feels a blind
devotion to work the decks."
11 tracks includes Remixes by BRILLIANT BEAST, TEN DATA KESHIN, ACRYLIK,

BAXTER LILLY  - "Unsichtbare Flecken" (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA) (IMP) ($14.00)
From the electro scene of brussels "Baxter Lilly" is a detonating trio!
They have met together in a small street of dark and furious electro-indus.

These three protagonists borrowed from the distorded beats their disturbing
ambiance to get us to a dark and synthetic atmosphere.
A noisy trip to an indus fun fair, where the sweatinesses are black and the
clowns hostile.
9 Tracks Including remixes by SONIC AREA, and LEWSOR.

MIND NECROSIS FACTOR - "Morphogenesis"   (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA) (IMP) ($14.00)
Morphogenesis proposes an initiation trip through the cultures and the Ages,
where ancestral voices are confronted with the deafening silence of
modernity. Within this second album, Mind Necrosis Factor mixes acoustic
instruments and shooting rhythms, tribal cries and post-industrial
atmospheres. More than genesis of a new shape, this album relates the
emergence of a mind, from the obscurity of the first moments to pain
cessation. It invites us to look beyond the flesh, to feel the breath of the
hidden self inside us.
11 Tracks to Trip Out with!

TEN DATA KESHIN - "Neo Neon Generation" (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA) (IMP) ($14.00)
3 years after "tex*s instrument", TEN DATA KESHIN comes back with the "neo
neon generation" new album.Inspired by comics, mangas, science fiction,
video games and some chaos riot involved books. He delivers a warm massive
groovy metallic mix between different styles, from melancolic electronica to
industrial hip-hop, break-beat and cyber-punk.

It sounds hybrid, exciting and darkly futuristic, pushing it forward with an
intoxicating rush of synthesizers, electronics, political samples and
layered drum machines.

It blows all stylistic boundaries down. This music never rushes for extreme
violence, just like the way politicians act in order to muzzle citizens.
Let you seduced by a new virus that tastes like a acid candy !!!
15 Tracks Including Remixes by SONIC AREA, ZENTA, SHIZUKA, AMBASSADOR 21.

SONIC AREA - "Explore"  (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA)  (IMP) ($14.00)
3 years after "(insens)", SONIC AREA comes back with "Explore" and takes the
listener on a disturbing and involving exploratory journey to the dark
corners into an epic complex cinematographic phantasmagoria of the human
psyche. A personal organic dusty warm sound remote island universe made of
sampling, cutting, audio manipulation and collages of masterfully chosen and
assembled samples, permeated by haunting noises, minimal melodies and
impacting ethnic percussion. Everything sounds as if it has been compressed,
distorted, dipped in acid and scratched with sandpaper but with particular
attention to all frequencies of the audio spectrum. In this mysterious
whole, between electronica and industrial, things are not quite what they
seem. Lost in details, the listener is not sure anymore of what is actually
really hearing. Therefore its only for the musically mind adventurous
Imagine yourself sleeping in a lost factory built over sacred Indian burial
10 Epic tracks to Explore....

F.Y.D. - "Defied"   (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA)  (IMP) ($14.00)
Hyper-active industrial/hardcore duo F.Y.D. presents their brandnew album
entitled "Defied" - after couple of great shows in UK and France. It's hard,
it's raw, it's real. Everyone must have! (Includes remixes by Hecate and
Ambassador21.+ video clip) Everything on this record comes together to form
what could possibly be the perfect soundtrack to a riot possible... It is
mind-blowing. A massive wall of loud drums, slashing guitar and screams.
Each time you think you have a second to breath they come right back at you
with full force. Be afraid ! The 16 tracks that make up this startling debut
album all twist and turn at unexpected points, before usually evolving into
a maelstrom of pure, unadulurated head-fucking violence.
15 Tracks includes F.Y.D. Remixes of the Bands: INHUMATE,ANORMA, and
Remixes by AMBASADOR 21, HECATE and a Video Clip!

F.Y.D. - "Attrition"   (CD-EP) (AUDIOTRAUMA) (IMP)    ($10.00)
"Attrition" is built as a single track divided in seven parts. Its slow
increasing start has to be bound directly to FYD Defied. The first album
ends with a one minute silence track called Useless, and Dogma announces the
consequences of this regain of conscience. The themes developed in Attrition
are the will to power, death confronting life, dead end society, ironic
selfishness and vulnerability. There is no way back when things have gone
too far. Reason and mind are futile because, due to its frustrations,
mankind is reduced to a furious trapped animal. FYD sounscape is made of
madness, intensity and blind realism. Growing in a world that muzzles man
implies a definite reaction when expression is possible: I will not become
what scare me. I will not allow you to stifle me. I hate you and I will yell
it out until you are deaf. I will wallop your dead body until I faint.
Things will never stop before their own limit: Fuck You, Die. Some scars can
never be healed.

This new compilation album entitled "Noxious Art will never die" is a double
CD assembling 30 tracks, photos and a video. Almost every track is an
exclusive co-production between 2 projects present in one of the 2 editions
of the Noxious Art Festival, organized in France in June 2004 and 2005.

Facing the financial failure of the 2005 edition jeopardizing the organizing
associations, artists mobilized, for they were aware of the intense efforts
required to organize this exceptional - and therefore hazardous - event

The mobilization led to the idea of this compilation. We are proud to
present a rich, varied and high-quality music production gathering about 50
musicians but also to affirm that this festival "will never die" for there
is now a digital medium to embody the Noxious spirit. Added to that there is
every indication that the eagerly awaited 3rd edition we weren't able to
organize this year will take place eventually. The whole amount of the
sale's profits will be used to pay back the debt of the previous Noxious Art
Festivals and of course to finance the next edition.

NOXIOUS ART will never die (CD 1)
1 - FLINT GLASS remix by TWINKLE - dust particles
2 - PUNISH YOURSELF vs LE DIKTAT - satan buddies
3 - MIND NECROSIS FACTOR - song of dunes
4 - CHEERLEADER69 vs SONIC AREA - we'll never die
5 - THAR MAPSAL PROGRAM - sin sacro nu me grotesh
6 - PATCHWORK vs LA HYENE - ondz
7 - ELEKTROPLASMA - analyse
8 - HEGEL - intrusion
9 - SHIZUKA - le cercle
10 - XANTHPHTISIE vs ACRYLIK - b burn b
11 - LARVAE - walked on the sun
12 - KIRDEC - audiotrauma
13 - EX_TENSION - lust
14- ABSENT - post

NOXIOUS ART will never die (CD 2)
1 - KL - already dead
2 - AMBASSADOR21 - smith and wesson (touch gun mix)
3 - DIVE remix by BAHNTIER - power of passion
4 - LEWSOR vs CHRYSALIDE - noxious circus
5 - DEXY CORP - homo syntheticus
6 - TEN DATA KESHIN vs F.Y.D. - mind censor
7 - CDATAKILL remix by KIDS RETURN - falling from the sky
9 - LITH - genic
10 - EBOLA - transmission 0
11 - STROM VARX - hate music love sequencer
12 - RIPIT - kiero puta
13 - HIV+ vs MELEK THA - fear
14 - SYNAPSCAPE - thumbnail service
15 - MUCKRACKERS vs WHITE DOLLS - audio slut konkassor (first flush version)
16 - PANIC DHH - j death

The first album of "Mind Necrosis Factor" features melodic soundscapes
through electronic and industrial ambiences. "Entropy" describes a dark
world where minimalist and depressive voices flutter on distorted rhythms.
The 9 tracks mix crystalline textures and corrosive patterns within
atmospheric themes. Based on additive and repetitive constructions, these
tracks reveal one long and expressive rise, leading to an explosive climax.
9 Tracks fill this CD!

V/A - "365jours de bruits"   (CD) (AUDIOTRAUMA)(IMP) ($14.00)
A great representation of the earlier AUDIOTRAUMA music...
brutal power noise, crazy experimental, dark IDM, and much more
weirdness!!18 tracks in all!

1. Audiotrauma crew 365 jours de bruits (1) 0:23
2. Twinkle -chaosmose 5:10
3. Zenta - evine zor blata 2:36
4. Chrysalide - piece of flesh 4:08
5. Sonic Area - still 3:00
6. F.Y.D. - load the world 3:44
7. Morphyn-  puppy 5:05
8. BrilLiant BeaSt- my brkn rdio 2:27
9. X-Gamer- heroin master 4:29
10. Ten Data Keshin - buy and consume 3:52
11. Thar Mapsal Program - the new entity rechristized 2:47
12. Acrylik - intensit (remix par KL) 6:27
13. Acrylik - pressure's never slowing down 6:09
14. Le Talium - acnv 7:30
15. Echo-6 -  antispectre 3:22
16. Mental Agression - all dead inside 4:48
17. Audiotrauma crew 365 jours de bruits (2) - 2:22
18. Le Talium patchino 5:02

TOTAKEKE- "Forgotten On The Other Side Of The Tracks" (CD)(TYMPANIK)($12.00)
13 new and forgotten Totakeke masterpieces from the At The Train Station On
A Saturday Evening and eLekatota album sessions, seamlessly mixed and
mastered to flow like a new collection of work. Futuristic Industrial
rhythms meets uncompromising complexity with all the innovation and quality
you have come to expect from this master of abrasive and melodic electronic

Side-Line magazine calls Totakeke impressive with the potential to become a
reference in the current Industrial scene and Igloomag says original a
widely varied and ever-changing sonic soundscape of moods, textures, rhythms
and atmospheres.

Includes hard-hitting remixes by Lucidstatic, Pandoras Black Book, and

LUCIDSTATIC - "Gravedigger" (CD)(TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
In stark contrast to the cold Alaskan landscape from which he hails,
LUCIDSTATIC offers his fiery debut album Gravedigger on the prolific U.S.
label Tympanik Audio. A fierce hybrid of Breakcore, Powernoise, and classic
Industrial elements, LUCIDSTATIC is by no means an imitator, but rather an
innovator of the hard electronic sound.

With an impressive dossier of remixing and collaboration credits, including
Unter Null, Otto Von Schirach, Unter Null, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Diverje,
Autoclav1.1, Totakeke, and many others, LUCIDSTATIC lays claim to his
rightful place in the Powernoise ranks among such artists as Pneumatic
Detach, Edgey, and Genetic Selection.

With his official debut CD Gravedigger, LUCIDSTATIC effortlessly fuses
addictive rhythms with razor-sharp beatwork and powerful, abrasive noise
collages to create a sonic hurricane of brutal compositions that will seize
you firmly by the eardrums and leave you gasping for air.

DISPLACER -  "The Witching Hour"  (CD) (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
With three ground-breaking albums in 3 years for the revered French label
M-Tronic , Michael Morton, Toronto-based electronic music composer and
visual artist, has established himself as a driving force in the world of
modern dark electronica.

Performing live with such legendary acts as Xingu Hill, S:cage, Terrorfakt,
Converter, Manufactura, Haujobb, and Legendary Pink Dots, a multitude of
remix credits and compilation appearances, and sharp imaginative digital
artwork under the alias Anti/Matter, Morton has more than earned his place
among the ranks of the greatest electronic musicians of all time.

Now, Michael brings his next masterpiece to Tympanik Audio titled The
Witching Hour in August 2008. Working from old horror movie samples,
crackling analog records, chilling atmospheres, and addictive trip-hop
beats, The Witching Hour introduces a new chapter in the Displacer legacy
with style.

Includes remixes by Lombre, Diff_Cult, Larvae, ESA, and Autoclav1.1.

ENDIF - "Carbon"       (CD)    (TYMPANIK)  ($12.00)
Endif draws upon a broad spectrum of experiences and influences and distills
them into weapons-grade hard-electronic; Original sonic compositions
incorporating a syncrete of techniques with a mind altering rhythmic bent
and a fierce uncompromising aesthetic.

Hard electronic rhythms meant for the dancefloor with enough vigor to
perpetuate inviting headphone accessibility. Endif drives the stake straight
for the heart, ripping and tearing away at conventional dj filler while
effortlessly mopping the dancefloor with dirty, tech-minded beats and a
fierce and uncompromising sub-social complexity.

Brilliantly mixed and mastered by Justin Brink [Pneumatic Detach]
Stunning artwork and design by Kostas K. [Subheim / Spectraliquid]

AUTOCLAV 1.1- "Love No Longer Lives Here"(CD)  (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
Fusing huge orchestral compositions and IDM with flashes of Industrial and
modern Electronica, Autoclav1.1 is quickly gaining a reputation for pulling
on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melodies and real-time
instrumentation frequently torn apart by paranoid beatwork and broken
rhythmical structures.

On Love no Longer Lives Here, his third and latest studio album and first
for rising US label Tympanik Audio, Young changes the goal posts once more
and treads some new waters without forgetting his roots. More emphasis has
been placed on heart rendering piano sections and soul capturing melodies.
The introduction of more organic instruments are thrown into the mix with a
splash of guitars and affectionate nods to other musical genres which add a
new dimension altogether, displaying a maturity and growth that we have come
to expect with each Autoclav1.1 release. The album includes guest
appearances from Jamie of ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) and Dave from
Cradle of Filth, and highlights Autoclav1.1s diversity and willingness to
work within different musical scopes.

Love no Longer Lives Here is a dark and brooding creature, overshadowed by
moments of hope, that studies the modern human condition; a concept album
that exposes the very essence of existence as it is today.

All is black, all is white. There is no grey or in between
Prepare to be initiated

INTEGRAL - "Rise" (CD)  (TYMPANIK)      ($12.00)
With their very personal approach to dark and beautiful IDM compositions,
Integral have created a touching aural narration that reveals new depths
with every listening experience. The talented German duo leads electronic
music into new dimensions, adding not only complexity to their unique sound
but an accessible human element as well that shines vibrantly.

Captivating from beginning to end, Integrals debut album Rise is a timeless
collection of electronic music that is sure to leave you spellbound. Each
track is distinct, yet all together carefully orchestrated as a whole,
inviting the listener to an effervescent cinematic journey of his or her own
mind. Desperate and hopeful, melancholic and heroic, Rise is as nourishing
to your heart as it is to your soul.

Limited to 444 copies and packaged in a beautifully-designed digipak.

TAPAGE -  "The Institute Of Random Events" (CD) (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
Inspired by IDM and Breakcore legends like Venetian Snares, Gridlock, and
Somatic Responses, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage
continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with
dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually
impossible to ignore.

Now, Tapage joins the ranks of innovative electronic music composers in the
Tympanik Audio artist roster to release his debut full-length CD The
Institute Of Random Events.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous
melodies, The Institute Of Random Events will captivate your awareness and
lure you in for a mysterious and complex aural expedition.

COLLIDE - "two headed monster"   (CD)  (NOISE PLUS)  ($12.00)
Collide return once again...luring you into their deep dark smoky den.
As usual, you are never quite sure what to expect from Collide, but you
can be sure it will be good. Recognized as giants in the darkwave/industrial
genre, the fiercely independent Collide continue on their own path to make
music on their own terms.
Two Headed Monster hits with a slam. The alchemical blend that they concoct
feels dark and surreal, sensual and twisted...a pure delight for
the senses. Your body and soul suspended, you are absorbed into their world.
It's not a bad place to be, in fact, you may want to exist there forever.

The release of Two Headed Monster is their fourth full-length release, the
culmination of three years of activity, during which time kaRIN and Statik
took time out to collaborate with Dean Garcia of Curve. Under the name
The Secret Meeting, they released a full-length album called Ultrashiver
which was an  intoxicating ride that took on a life of its own and met with
overwhelming critical success.

With the release of Two Headed Monster, the pair once again have managed to
forge their own path. There's plenty of evidence here that the years of
collaboration and exploration have altered Collide and thrown open their
sound as they continue to evolve. As you'll hear, Two Headed Monster is
anything but insular. Danny Carey of Tool makes a return engagement adding
his thunderous drums to four tracks and Dean Garcia from Curve also lends
his bass to one of the songs. Elsewhere, the members of the Collide live
band (Rogerio Silva, Kai Kurosawa, Scott Landes, and Chaz Pease) contribute
distorted six-string, bass guitar, and more drums.

**Each of the first 5 orders get a FREE SIGNED POSTER from the Band
as well....

URGENCE DISK (Switzerland)
BAK XIII  - "Morituri Te Salutant"  (CD) (URGENCE DISK)(IMP) ($14.00)
The revelation album. The style of BAK XIII is defined. A powerful mix of
80's electro pop, industrial, guitars in some spots,  and some other special
that make BAK XIII something different.This album from 2005 contains some
meaningful, politically/socially aware anthems such as "video star killed
my radio" , "things will never change", "weak" and fun dance tracks "disco
armageddon" and "dance and die"..this band mixes the best of the old with
the new in a really cool way. Try it, love it...

BAK XIII    - "Vae Victis"   (CD)  (URGENCE DISK) (IMP) ($14.00)
Fourth album of BAK XIII, "Vae Victis" is the logical brother of "Morituri
Te Salutant". It contains new songs, including some songs originaly composed
for "Morituri te Salutant" and remixes and collaborations.
This one came out in 2006, and contains the awesome "media control",
"welcome to the void","final solution" and some melodic, slower moments
as well..Remixes of "vskmr"by Drop and Frank Wolf, and "spiegeltanz"
by Ambassador 21! 13 tracks in all...a full scoop of BAK XIII power!

BAK XIII  -  "Ultima Ratio regum"(CD) (URGENCE DISK) (IMP) ($14.00)
DSBP is the only label in North America carrying these titles, so
support us and the band!
Fifth opus of BAK XIII, "Ultima Ratio Regum" is a mirror showing its ugly
reflections to our society. It's a strong weapon of mass party, an artistic
bomb, a sing a long ode to the end of a certain world. Still melodic, strong
and different... this is BAK XIII!

SAM  -"destruction unit"     (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC)     ($12.00)
# Review By VM. on www.side-line.com/
If you overlooked SAMs unstoppable debut in 2006, never fear the
trance-noise engineers are back with this instrumental, non-stop juggernaut.
Rife with sampled airs of righteous crusader mania, Arm of Justice is
certainly one titan that wont be overlooked; it ravenously gnashes its bass
teeth, chewing through typewriter stutters as it rollicks between caustic
crunch and slippery synth lines. Doubling their pace, Burn spews forth a
machine-gun rattle of rhythm that combats sandpaper waves, clinical computer
twitters, and deft movie sample hooks. Additionally, theres World Of Shit,
Endkampf, Ism Inc., Eating Glass all of these shouldnt be discounted as
being in any way inferior. Curtailing this electronic assault, some of SAMs
talented contemporaries present some hard-hitting remixes. Amongst lightning
rave arpeggios, Reapers remix of Training adds fifty tons of emphasis to its
bass thump, while Xotox transform Burn into a galloping monster of strobing
rhythms and insectile computer chatter. From beginning to end, its an album
begging for club play, and one that anyone who is a fan of this style should
have in their collection.

NACHTMAHR  -"feuer frei!"    (CD)  (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
"I only have one interest: i dont care if you live or die: I just wanna see
you dance !"

This is the motto that made Thomas Rainer create his new musical project
NACHTMAHR in 2007. After the Austrian artist has achieved worldwide chart
breaking success with his other projects LAME IMMORTELLE and SIECHTUM in the
past 11 years, he returns to his roots: the boiling dancefloors of
industrial and goth clubs alike

Inspired by numerous years of Djing NACHTMAHR> is the missing link between
merciless and provocative Industrial and the hammering power of Techno. The
first release Kunst ist Krieg (=art is war) and its club hit BoomBoomBoom
instantly conquer the dancefloors and earn the band a slot on the soundtrack
of the American block-buster movie SAW 4

NACHTMAHR is much more than aggressive music for outcasts. Its militant
image and in-your-face lyrics might seem provocative in the first place, but
as you dive deeper into the dark and sinister world of the Austrian project
you discover the approaches towards modern society and its sicknesses. Even
on the dancefloor there is room to think about all our daily nightmares.

With the release of the full-length album Feuer frei! the success of the EP
was exceeded by far: Germanys biggest and most influential dark music
magazine ORKUS quoted: This is the new standard for the electro industrial
genre and the club single Katharsis dominated the clubs for months which
helped the album to stay in the top 10 of the German alternative charts for
more than 6 weeks.

A lot more is planned, as for NACHTMAHR there is only one way: world
domination or demise!

XOTOX - "hyperactive...the best of"  (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
The sound of XOTOX can be described as hard beats with catchy melodies and
merciless noise-attacks. This 'Best of Collection' features all of the
Industrial club stompers, including "Eisenkiller", "Industrial Madness",
"[Xo]toxic" and "Winterblut (feat. X-Fusion)". 17 floor-fillers in all.

MONO AMINE - "industrial thought patterns" (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC)($12.00)
Industrial Thought Patterns' is the first album released by Mono-Amine on
Vendetta Music. You can expect 8 long hypnotizing, distorted, layered and
hard driving tracks with the fresh, original and powerful Mono-Amine
signature sound. Industrial Thought Patterns is an highly energetic edgy
fusion of pure energy, aggression and emotion. The style can be described as
?no nonsense, no compromise? raw power noise with industrial-hardcore, IDM
and Teknoid influences.

Unlike average overproduced fluffy albums, Industrial Thought Patterns will
hit you pure and raw, straight in the face, body and soul. It should be
played at high volume, preferably in a residential area.

BRAIN LEISURE - "methods to madness"  (Double CD) (VENDETTA) ($14.00)
 In 1994, Hard Records released Brain Leisure's critically-acclaimed debut
"Mindfire". Recognized for its intricate, multi-layered programming and
excellent songwriting, the album features the instant club hits "Teknology",
"Million Faces", "Deadful Hate", "Never Trust A Smile" & Beyond the Limits.
Brain Leisure's amazing remixes for Wumpscut have propelled the band to the
forefront of the alternative electronic scene, with legions of rivetheads
anxiously awaiting new material.
      Plagued by personal problems, Dominique was forced to retreat from the
scene only to return stronger than ever! In 2006, Brain Leisure has staged a
remarkable comeback and contributed amazing remixes to Tyske Ludder "Sojus"
and Grandchaos "In Sedens" DCD. The two tracks offer some promising glimpses
of what's yet to come. Electro Aggression Records/Vendetta Music is proud to
announce the release of Brain Leisure's much- anticipated second album,
"Methods to Madness". Gems such as "Defect", "Crawl In Vain", "Resistance",
"Behind the Mask" and "My Punishment" are going to take the electro scene by
storm! The limited edition double CD features updated versions of "Never
Trust A Smile", "Beyond the Limits" and "Deadful Hate" as well as remixes by
top notch electro acts: Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, Dismantled, Tyske
Ludder, Trial, K.I.F.O.T.H, Last Influence of Brain, IC434 and many more.

KIFOTH - "acerbity torrent"  (CD) (VENDETTA MUSIC) ($12.00)
n spring 1993, K-head (composing, programming, sampling and acoustic
performance) joined forces with Mir Colon (lyrics, vocals, sampling and
programming) to form KNEEL IN FRONT OF THE EXECUTIONER. They made their
first live appearance in March 1995, and released their first live-tape
"First Time Public" a few weeks later.

In 1996, KIFOTH released their demo debut "Civilizative Collapse" and it was
shortly followed by their second and last demo album "Ebola"(which was
re-released by Vuz Records in 1994 to mark the band's 10th anniversary
celebration). The overwhelmingly positive reviews have prompted KIFOTH to
start recording their first official album.

"Spectaclebreakers" was released in early 1999 on Slovak label Front Music,
and licensed to Germany's powerhouse electronic indie label Out of Line. A
few months later, KIFOTH toured middle Europe with Hocico and made their
debut appearance at Wave Gothic Treffen. In 2001, the band released their
second album "Fundamentum Divisionis" and toured extensively throughout

In 2002, KIFOTH's career was put on hold due to Mir Colon's tragic car
accident. After an agonizingly long hiatus, the band is set to return with a
vengeance! "Acerbity Torrent" offers over 70 minutes of relentless
electronic assault, perfectly blending the purest elements of old school
EBM, authentic dark elektro and technoid beats. Gems such as "Proper
Behavior", "Candle", and "Tyranny" will stir up the attention of young
electro fans and bring back a flood of memories to anyone who actually lived
through the glory days of old school electro. The album also features an
infectious remix of "Proper Behavior" by the rising neo-old school act,
Severe Illusion.

After a year in the making we are proud to announce that Extreme Women in
the Dark Future has finally broken through the glass ceiling. Featuring
female fronted acts like Regenerator, Neikka RPM, Diffuzion, Compulsory
Skin, and Vicious Alliance along with daring solo acts like Chiasm,
Ju!ie Destroy, Experiment Haywire, Unwoman, and Odio 84 these powerful
artists are  ready to take the industrial scene by storm and prove that
women were meant to be heard!
18 tracks in all! All female vocals, dark, hard, dancey, and powerful!

EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE -"annihilation chic" (CD) (MACHINEKUNT) ($12.00)
Experiment Haywire expresses themes of political dissent, female
empowerment, war, (internal and external) torture, insanity, contradictory
aesthetics, the devaluing of the human condition, and a post-apocalyptic
future in this game called life. While EH was originally an avant-garde
noise project based on desolate field recordings at weird hours of the
morning (banging, stomping, smashing, kicking, screaming, scrap metal,
railroads, broken glass, metal fences, generators, etc.) it soon turned into
a rhythmic industrial invasion that incorporated these elements into the
harsh and abrasive sound of an electronic punk assault.
The new album features 11 tracks which will kick your ass and leave
you wanting more!Remixes from XP8, AMBASSADOR 21, KALTE FARBEN and

AUTODAFEH - "hunt for glory"   (CD)  (SIGSALY TRANSMISSIONS) ($12.00)
AUTODAFEH is from the South of Sweden and makes hard pumping
EBM/Electronic Music with glorious sing-along lyrics.
The Debut is stompy, melodic, and really stands out in this
AUTODAFEH is clearly influenced by bands like Front 242 and
Nitzer Ebb, but their sound is unique and has got a special
twist to it, and that makes AUTODAFEH a very nice contribution to
the world of EBM.
16 tracks in all with remixes by SPARK!, and NTRSN.
Fans of old school and new EBM will enjoy this addictive gemm from
Sigsaly Transmissions.

SANS PALMA   -"glass is a liquid"     (CD) (FORCE9) ($10.00)
Local New Mexico electronic guru Aaron Scott has been twisting
knobs and creating a very groovy form of IDM for 10 years now.
He has some really cool ideas and sounds in this 10 track
electronica journey.Influences from IDM/ Glitch/ electro/
house and Jazz all seem to contribute here, and a seamless
mix from track to track makes this some groovy house party
music, and shows some good form and diversity.

ANT-ZEN/HYMEN (GERMANY) (limited quantities)
VON MAGNET - "ni prdateur ni proie " (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
von magnet dreams of the existence of other possible paths; thin and minute.
those tightrope walking paths almost invisible. bouncing in between two
perils, two poles, above empires, across frames, which can slip through the
breaches of any walls. that is the story of this album. when rage is
accompanied by tears. this album is our reaction facing the brutal reality
of our world today. a world under pressure where all is put into opposition,
where everything would like to divide us and where we are being arbitrarily
dictated the absolute necessity of a choice. but with "ni prdateur ni proie"
(neither predator nor prey) we will not choose our side.
there between partial / impartial, north / south, subjective / objective,
orient / occident, coward / hero, poor / rich, indifferent / partisan ... we
will remain bare handed, like astonished and turbulent children dancing on a
mine field. we will just stare at you, we will fall into rage and boil into
tears. within this emotional turmoil, flore magnet and the turkish actress
esra bezen bilgin replace women where they are never welcome. women of
multiplicity, violence, engagement and resistance. phil von gives way to the
voices of the rom kids of mostar and the jewish and palestinian actors from
amos gitai and hany abu-assad movies.
at their side, def sharpens his analogue bass lines and darkens
atmospherical ambiances which often feel like "war". scattered explosions,
shots, crackles, complaints or laments. only our guest, kurdish sufi
musician mbin dunen softens the crawling tension. his ney bringing our
clamour down to a silent light thread. now von magnet signs a harsh, raw,
urgent and poetical piece, mixed and produced flawlessly by master norscq.
another dary fusion which binds classical music flavours with oriental
rhythms, tribal percussions within neo industrial electronic soundscapes.
here orient is not any more sensual and phantasmagoric, it is rigid and
almost cold. here occident is no more sparkling and victorious, it is sad
and decadent. nevertheless "neither predator nor prey" is the length of rope
which suddenly ties them up, confronting our hearts to dive close to the

100Blumen   - "floral annihilation"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT)($14.00)
although the electronic sound assaults seems like a long way from this
artist's punk rock roots, the inspiration from punk prophets like conflict,
discharge and crass is still of great importance to 100blumen - that is a
citizen of full age, the scrutinization of authorities, politics and
beliefs. but he does not consider his music 'political'; however track
titles and some samples can be used as thought provoking impulses - if the
listener decides to.

musically, 'floral annihilation' is a consolidated package of energetic,
percussive pieces, interlaced with many facets of electronic sounds -
repetitive, impulsive and suggestive. 100blumen focuses on a balance between
hard danceable industrial noise (characterized by the artist's own
description of 'polyrhythmic rock and roll') and lo-fi influenced less
aggressive tunes. all this is combined with a 100blumen / loss collaboration
('pussywillow') and two remixes by p.a.l and heimstatt yipotash. this cd is
a truly fine follow up to 'in floriculture there is no law!'
packaging: cd gatefold sleeve.

The [law-rah] Collective -   "inspiration" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
packaging: cd gatefold sleeve
this time the [law-rah] collective is martijn pieck and bauke van der wal.
bauke is the founder and original member of the collective, hence the first
releases were the result of his twisted mind. during the years of law-rah's
existence, he has collaborated with several people and re-evaluated the
collective nature of the project. this in turn has changed a solo project
with a weird name to a true collective of artists in both the audio and
visual arenas. martijn and bauke have known each other since 1993 and shared
many hours making music together. however, in the mid 90's both martijn and
bauke went in different directions when it came to creating electronic
music. in the autumn of 2007 the time was right and they once again started
making music together. with this release martijn has become a full member of
the collective and ideas for many future projects are already locked into
their collective minds. "it's a new collective now. so a new i ... i (me)
becomes us. after incarnation and isolation, now inspiration." (bauke van
der wal)

musically, 'inspiration' can be clearly identified as a new step in the
[law-rah] collective's exploration of their electronic microcosm. sub-bass
lines and drones interact with beautiful idm'ish melodic lines that are
complimented by pulsing beat sequences - inducing an overall majestic and
sometimes melancholic impression. this music is filled with deep, haunting
and phantasmagorial sounds that are expertly adapted to give one's fancy a
full scope of emotion. more simply put, this is a inspired journey through
two persons' past and present.

"the basics from the [law-rah] collective always was that you create your
own imaginary movie and we'll take care of the soundtrack..." (bauke van der

NEBULO -  "avutma"    (CD)      (HYMEN) (IMPORT)     ($14.00)
avutma is the latest release by nebulo after the album kolia, two remixes
for architect and hecq, and even freely available nebulo ringtones. the
outstanding french artist thomas p. with this cd has created a closed opus
that might be seen as a concept album in which the listener has to decide
what the concept is.

nebulo's subtle approach forms a complex fictitious scenery by using
seemingly minimal resources that are more visible than ever. electronically
treated instruments like organ and piano, combined with synth layers and
modified beats generate tempers that range from surreal to  melancholic or
even nearly frightening. listening to 'avutma' is like walking in  a dimly
lit basement never knowing what's behind the next curve, and who or what is
actually casting these shadows on the walls...

nebulo's trademark, a connection between ambience, idm, clicks'n'cuts and
post-musique-concrte collages is presented here once again. as a reviewer
wrote:  "surreal dreamscapes painted with tears and sometimes even blood" -
avutma might  be the soundtrack of today's grand guignol.

BACK IN STOCK!! (Limited quantities available)
TWINKLE - "le jouet" (CD)    (ANT-ZEN-AUDIOTRAUMA) (IMPORT) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE - "now"     (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)             ($15.00)
TONIKOM - "epoch"      (CD)  (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)              ($15.00)
TZOLK'IN   -"haab"     (CD)  (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)              ($15.00)
KEEF BAKER - "redeye"  (CD)  (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)              ($15.00)
MARCHING DYNAMICS - "nailsleeper"   (CD) (HYMEN)            ($15.00)

ANDERS MANGA - "the X's and the Eyes"       (CD) (VAMPTURE) ($12.00)
Anders Manga has released his 5th studio album today on Vampture Records.
The album titled, Xs & The Eyes was co-produced by Isaac Glendening
(Cesium_137) from Subversive Sound Studio in Philadelphia, PA.

The first single, There Will Be Blood was released late last week to DJs in
Europe and is currently #20 on the DAC singles charts in Germany.

In describing the vibe of the new album, Anders says, The songwriting on XS
& THE EYES was approached in a diverse fashion. Its a blend of 2 of my
previous albums, One Up for the Dying and Blood Lush. Complete with some
heavy synth tracks like Trisect, Stoke the Fire and the title track, while
Fade to Black & The Only are more anthemic electronic rock.

Tour dates will start in Philadelphia when Anders will be play the popular
Draculas Ball August 30th. Other dates include the Masque & Veil Festival in
Springfield, Missouri, Atlanta HorrorFest, and Spellbound in Washington, DC.

PANIC LIFT - "witness to our collapse" (CD) (HIVE RECORDS)     ($12.00)
Absolutely essential, Panic Lifts sophomore effort after the EP Dancing
Through the Ashes is a monumental collection of songs, nearly any of which
could stand on their own as singles. With the concussive force of a runaway
supercollider, Panic Lift exploded onto the industrial music scene in 2006,
and they instantly careened to the forefront of the NYC industrial music
scene. Word of mouth and their live shows across the Northeast and
California saw the debut EP quickly sell out, leaving fans waiting in
anticipation of a full-length album. And now Hive Records is pleased to
release Witness to Our Collapse, a masterpiece of storming beats,
memory-searing hooks and flawless production.

Equally destructive on the dancefloor as it is with more reflective
listening, this album is a testament to the ideology that industrial music
can be both agressive and epic, as well as carefully crafted. The
songwriting transcends the repetitive, predictable cliches of current
cookie-cutter releases in the hard electronic scene and proves that the
future of industrial music is here, and its going to kick you right in the
fucking face.

Pounding, chestplate-stomping beats and pulsing throbs of bass send
convulsions through your body, while the razorwire synth lines and emotive
fragments of piano and guitar pull a wicked smile across your face.
Featuring more than a couple of surprises, this is not an album to be
missed, and will set the bar irretrievably high for other acts in the EBM
and electro-industrial scene!

genCAB -  "II transmuter"       (CD) (HIVE RECORDS)      ($12.00)
Defying and redefining the conventions of electronic music, genCAB presents
his explosive, brilliant debut on Hive Records, II transMuter. Flawlessly
meshing glass-sharp shards of glitchy industrial aggression with delicate
melody and painfully personal vocals, genCAB reconfigures fragments of
trance, EBM, and distorted IDM into a whole new genre.

II transMuter is the new evolution of industrial music, a rewired and
genetically enhanced archetype that gives a nod towards forbears such as
Gridlock, NCC and Haujobb, then fiercely breaks free from all points of
reference, spraying a swarm of chest-kicking rhythm and complex electronics
in all directions. But this album is also a meshwork of emotions and
synthetics, a liquid amalgamation of torn-open human emotion, brutally
honest lyrics, and a shrieking heart at the center of it all. Reconfiguring
the tired mechanics and flawed engineering of modern industrial music, II
transMuter is a new breed of divergent electronic dance music and an
absolutely stunning debut by genCAB.

GANYMEDE  -"operation ganymede"     (CD) (COHAAGEN)          ($12.00)
After four years in the studio tweaking every blip and bleep, Ganymede
returns with its first album of original electropop since 2003's highly
acclaimed "Space and Time." This time, Patrick Runkle and David Friede
invite the listener to join them on "Operation Ganymede," a retro-electro
voyage into deep space and back. The beats are solid, the basslines are
subatomic, and the synth leads are sumptuous as the boys tell the story of a
doomed U.S.-Soviet joint mission to Jupiter. Coming along for the ride is
Bay Area disco legend Paul Parker, whose 1 Billboard dance smashes "Right on
Target" and "One Look Was Enough" are as fresh today as ever. Paul
contributes lead vocals to an instant Ganymede classic, the Italo
disco-flavored "Perfect Target." Other standout tracks on the album include
the pulse-pounding "Deeds Not Words," the epic closing track "The Final
Mission" and the ballad "Love Is Not The End." Don't miss the fantastic
journey, and be sure to pick up your copy today. The first edition of
"Operation Ganymede" comes in a metallic-printed Digipak designed by noted
L.A. artist Jesse Vital.

EBOLA -"mutant dubstep vol.1"(EP-CD) (IMPORT) (SPECTRALIQUID)($10.00)
UK based Ben Hudson aka EBOLA delivers a powerful, complicated yet wisely
minimal and absolutely danceable new CD-EP to be released July 2008 on
Spectraliquid. Known for his unique sound engineering skills and his extreme
live performances alongside the likes of Venetian Snares, The Bug, Scorn and
many more, Ebola is back with another great album. Previously releasing on
labels like Mutant Sniper, Sublight, Noize:tek and Wrong Music his "broken"
musical style is varied, with definite grime, dubstep, gabba and breakcore
influences. Richard Devine had to say about his latest album: Ebola's new
"On a Gastro-Bass Tip" e.p. is a incredibly wicked ride. Intense, broken
dubstep/IDM/Experimental Madness. I have been playing it constantly in my
car now for 2 weeks!!!! The track "Girlfriend Trouble" is going to be a
dance floor hit!"

What you should expect from "Mutant Dubstep vol.1" is two incredible
dubstep-influenced tracks with a strong touch of IDM and their respective
remixes by END.USER and SHITMAT! Heavy basslines, highly energetic tunes,
all gone through an amazing sound production and presented in a beautiful
digipack package, this album will blow up your minds. An absolute dancefloor
killer! Not to be missed.

ROUGHHAUSEN - "the agony of the beat"  (CD) (TINDERBOX)(IMPORT)($13.00)
Roughhausen aka Jeff Stoddard started out playing guitar in local punk rock
bands in British Columbia Canada and then relocated to Vancouver. It was
during that time he met up with and eventually formed a band, with Rhys
Fulber, Chris Peterson and John McRae. That band, Will, released two full
length albums on the U.K. based label Third Mind Records. Both albums were
well received and spawned the minor club hit, "Father Forgive". During this
time he also hooked up with legendary EBM powerhouse Front Line Assembly to
play guitar on their seminal L.P,"Caustic Grip", shredding his way through
the major EBM classic "Provision". He then moved into Skinny Puppy's
Subconscious studios for 2 years, where he Chris and John wrote and recorded
the first Decree record "Wake of Devastation"

Roughhausen is the project from which he explores all the faucets of
electronic music that still excite him; industrial, power noize, EBM, Drum n
Bass, break-core and hard-core techno. Seamlessly wandering between these
palettes looks easy when you hear the results. "Stoddard's material has a
commonality that binds it all together like a tether ; a rope from which he
dangles above the abyss and casts abandon aside to embrace the purity of
unfettered expression".

Roughhausen is an angry social and political commentary, not just another
rivethead no brainer. It is angry and yet passionate and hopeful at the same
time; within its confines Jeff explores the social, religious and economic
forces that shape our world, and he makes pounding, stompy beats that will
shake your ass and vibrate your walls.
The Agony of the BeaT wants to kick your ass and spank your monkey!

DER DRAKOS -"blood to blood"    (CD) (DER DRAKOS)(IMPORT) ($13.00)
After a long anticipated 2 year wait, DerDrakos is back again with Blood To
Blood. Deciding not to hear the samples put up on their official myspace, I
decided to wait for the album to arrive, so not to torment me any more than
I was already; I'm glad I waited - Blood To Blood excells beyond
First the technicals: where their last album, Lust For Chaos was harsh,
choppy and erradic in sound, Blood To Blood is a smoother production, making
a smooth transition track to track. The vocals are stronger and more defined
than their previous release; and you can hear the development and growth of
them mastering their craft. Their visual concepts remain the same with the
amazing and talented Suzi Medusa back at the helm and in charge of the
graphics and design layout.
Musically, Blood To Blood is their best work to date. This father and son
duo are definate masters at what they do, and they do it damn well. There
isn't enough compositions like this out there, with the last in my mind
being Atari Teenage Riot, in the way both bands weave a harsh,
techno/industrial atmosphere with an otherworldly/ravish/underground
atmosphere. Tracks to support this theory are "European Hard Line", "La
Vipera", and "Deep In Violence". This time around, Suzi's vocals provide her
usual husky erotic blend of growling and screaming, but is more defined and
Favorite tracks off this album are "European Hard Line" with the stand out
opening line of "We are Europeans, we don't need to be good. We are devils."
"Welcome To Hell" is amazing as well with an enticing tone of voice in the
opening line.
Score: 10. Written By: Mynx.
www. PhoenixRisingEzine. com - USA

IONIC VISION -"bitter isolation"   (CD)  (DSBP)   ($12.00)
From their early EBM cradle of Rage against the acoustic (ION002-1997) over the extreme raw and brutal NeuMaschinen (ION006-2000), to the high tech bashing Actual (ION009-2005), they now created the perfect blend of all these earlier releases. Bitter Isolation (ION011) touches everything from their root EBM (in songs like Take Cover or Die Macht) to raw and undistinguished EBM (in songs like New Breed or Remembrance) and their high tech standard (tracks like Insects or Visions of Order). All musical aspects of what Ionic Vision stands for, still focused on Electronic Body Music in its deepest essence, can be found on Bitter Isolation.

Bitter Isolation not only reflects Ionic Visions aural past, the title of the album directly faces critics with the bands current status, feeling quite bitter in their isolated environment. As advocates of the EBM genre for years, Ionic Vision is currently the only EBM band that never ceased existing in over 16 years, struggling hard to keep the EBM genre alive ever since. In their continuous battle for recognition, Ionic Vision have always been pushed back by critics.

It is time to accept that EBM is still alive, time to lift Ionic Vision out of their bitter isolation, to acknowledge that Ionic Vision is, together with some of their ancestors, a source of inspiration for many of the current EBM movement and still to come.  It is time to leave these guilty by association tags in the past and move on!

This is the special LIMITED EDITION USA VERSION with 5 Different remixes from the European release... 

JULY 2008
PROSPERO - "Folie a Deux: The Elements and The Madness" (CD)(AOF)($12.00)
"Wade Anderson(aka Propspero) releases his first ARTOFFACT CD album. His
influences are everywhere and the name of the game is variety. I hear the
hammering EBM beat on The World That I See, and I remember Wade on the
dancefloor, at Savage Garden, jumping around to Grendel. I hear his smashing
cover of Malhavocs classic track Discipline complete with vocals by Jennifer
Parkin of Ayria and think could anything possibly be more Toronto? Malhavoc,
Ayria, Prospero makes an ex-pat Torontonian teary eyed!

The album opens with The Elements suite, four tracks of tribal, rhythmic,
experimental music, and that, too, is 100% Wade. Its also 100% great music,
a perfect opening to an album from one of Torontos great musicians.
Following this is The Madness, the second half of the album and a change in
musical direction that shows the dance-floor side of Prospero. Theres the
techno glitch of Techno Zombies and the fire-breathing collaboration with
Battery Cage and Terrorfakt on Let the Planet Burn that will have you
hitting repeat on your iPod. The album closes with another Toronto act: a
collaboration with It-Clings that leaves you raging against political
brutality."-Storming the Base

V/A - KINETIC FESTIVAL VOL.1 (Double CD) (ARTOFFACT)($15.00)(2 copies left!)
Artoffact Records, in collaboration with Storming the Base and Kinetik
Productions present: KINETIK FESTIVAL VOLUME 1, a double-CD compilation
showcasing the artists, producers, and DJs performing at the first Kinetik
Festival in Montreal, Canada on May 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2008.

Complementing the festivals four-Phase concept, the Kinetik Festival
compilation is divided into four sections:

Phase 1 // Electro

Devoted to electro sounds, Phase 1 gives us DJ Minis infectious beats, an
exclusive cut from electro-clasher Ascii.Disko, and the always in-your-face
The Horrorist.

Phase 2 // Industrial-Harsh EBM

The second Phase is devoted to industrial and harsh EBM, including
contributions from well-known artists such as Funker Vogt, Kiew, and Rabia
Sorda as well as exclusive tracks from Headscan, Memmaker, Distorted Memory,
and Cenotype.

Phase 3 // Industrial-Noise-IDM

More experimental and demanding, the third Phase is an expos of avant-garde
and conceptual music, starting from ground-breaking artists such as
Feindflug, This Morn Omina, and Sonar, and including newer artists who are
bending the rules and making waves in the scene. We have contributions from
Terrorfakt, Empusae, Mono No Aware, Tonikom, and more. There are also
exclusive tracks from Xotox, Iszloscope, and Displacer, making this the
perfect collectors item!

Phase 4 // Techno-Hardcore

Rounding out this collection is Phase 4, a nod to the influence of techno
and hardcore on the electronic music world with contributions from Lenny Dee
and Satronica. Both tracks are essential and speak not only to the vision of
the Kinetik Festivals organizers, but to the variety of music available on
this collection.

Artoffact Bonus

Both CDs also feature exclusive bonus tracks from artists on the Artoffact
Records label. You will hear new material from Run Level Zero, Colony 5,
Blank, and Individual Totem, as well as previews of upcoming releases from
Massiv in Mensch (featuring Mind.In.A.Box), ex-Haujobb member Standeg, and
Canadian-American artist Kobold.

The Kinetik festival wants to be a reflection of electronic music and its
evolution during the last 25 years. Artoffact Records gives you a piece of
that magic to take home. Released April 29th, 2008.

AUDIO BUDDHA - "alchemystical" (CD) (AUDIO BUDDHA) ($14.00)
This trio from Santa Fe, New Mexico have a unique and entrancing sound.
7 epic tracks on this CD fill it with a smooth blend of tribal electronica,
electric violin melodies, and gorgeous female vocals with rich texture and
a language of its own.There are tracks for the dance floor, and some for
a more meditative setting...they approach the tracks with careful attention
to detail and structure.
These songs are all very well produced and thick in sound...fans of
DELERIUM, SARAH MCLAUGHLIN will be overwhelmed with joy, as should you!
Each CD is signed by the members and a collectors item to be...

FOUR DIMENSIONAL NIGHTMARE  -"ramblings from a troubled universe" (CD)
This debut album from Tom Nicol is a real different and fresh approach.
A mixture of dark electronics, frenzied programming, guitar sound effects,
and occasional spoken and "out there" vocals...This album carries influences
from old school progressive, rock, and newer electronic music, and
experimentalism.Sometimes it sounds improvised and freeform, and that is
a cool way to go to have fun and let loose.Intresting stuff for an open
15 tracks fill this disc full of unexpected experimental/electronic

LINGOUF - "area keloza"      (CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)      ($14.00)
this normandy project defines its very own universe including distinctive
burton-esque graphic works and audio releases in vinyl and cd format.
provided with the typical romanic humour and french eccentricity, lingouf
alienates those who are into 'exact' terminations and information while
contemporaneously intriguing broad-minded audio and visual art gourmets.

lingouf's first releases on the french ark-aik label might fit in the
hardcore / gabber genre, area keloza can be seen as a manifold mixage
between powerful pulsatile industrial, advanced deep tenebrous electronics
and circus-like melodies with high recognition value. imagine a comparison
with imminent, converter, somatic responses... add a slight intangible
obscurity... then you'll get a picture of what lingouf might be - or of what
he might not.

take a listen, watch lingouf's visuals on his site, submerge into an unknown
perspective of industrial arts - be caught and captivated at the same time
at the area keloza! a true journey of insanity, with a brightly-coloured
grim sense of humor.

MONOKROM-  "one fine day in the pyramid" (CD) (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
"the curse of the mummy began when many terrible events occurred after the
discovery of king tut's tomb. legend has it that anyone who dared to open
the tomb would suffer the wrath of the mummy..."

nobody knew where the rabbits went - one day they disappeared and were never
seen again. only a few documents proved they even existed. years passed.
there were rumours about a federation of ninjas overwhelming an
unpremeditated audience, but before the legend became widespread there were
more ominous tales being told: a congregation of mummies entering stages,
taking no prisoners, making eardrums bleed... all these tall tales mentioned
the same name: monokrom. after a long period of research, ant-zen obtained
an aural and visual manifestation of these bandaged beings, and it is our
duty to publicize it as a demonstration of the roughness and the savageness
of ancient times: one fine day in the pyramid...

this very special artifact, packaged in a plaster bandaged sleeve, it will
riddle scientists, musicologists and listeners for decades: a permanent
breathtaking attack of contorted, cadenced noise, challenging your audio
equipment to the highest peak. walls of grinding uproar, pulsating
frequencies and warped, unknowable voices that add up to a primordial soup
of sheer intensity. beware while listening! beware while watching! do you
believe in the curse of the mummy? we will leave that for you to decide...

warning: this compact disc includes extreme aural frequencies. listen with
extreme caution, at your own risk, and in the safety of your own pyramid

GINORMOUS- "at night, under artificial light" (CD) (IMPORT) (HYMEN)($14.00)
'if i had more time, i would have written a shorter letter.' in the case of
ginormous third album on hymen records, bryan konietzko did take more time
and produced his most direct and potent musical message
to date. 'at night' is even more emotive and personal than ginormous
previous work, all while resisting self-indulgence. these eleven tracks were
objectively beaten and honed until they each became the most
condensed and vivid versions of themselves.

bryan konietzko shines his bright, 'artificial light' on the elements that
hoards of electronic music composers fear the most: melody, song structure
and brevity. the album is an intense and addictive experience, charging
forward with the nervous energy of urban, nighttime cityscapes, speeding
subways and foreboding factories. there is an organic, human element at the
center of this unrelenting journey, in the form of symphonic and acoustic
instruments and warm bass lines, balancing the bold compositions. the album
starts with 'punches to carefully coax,' a proud peacock of a track where
thick, jagged planes of ice collide with razor sharp synth strings. 'melted
circadian' bristles with a chromatically-fractal melody that spins like a
neon helix in vertigo. konietzko parades a passionate assortment of prepared
guitars with a muscular beat in the sweeping 'coiled so tightly.' the title
track confidently trudges like a phalanx of tungsten-clad shadows pursuing a
cloud of glittering insects. 'from deep bore holes' hypnotizes with an
unsettlingly lingual snare drum that tries and fails to speak, possibly
warning of the molten, rubberized synth melody that waits in the depths,
poised to scald. finally, 'awakening the magpie in all of us' sails on a
slow bonham-esque dream-beat while dozens of chimes and metallophones pull
the 43-minute album to its inevitable, timely conclusion.

JEROME CHASSAGNARD - "(f)light"   (CD) (IMPORT) (HYMEN)  ($14.00)
with (f)light jrme chassagnard, a member of the french project ab ovo,
presents his first solo work. he is accompanied by befriended artists like
flaque and guillaume eluerd (nimp). what can we expect
from an artist whose influences and preferences range from electronica and
ambient to pop, ethnic music and drum'n'bass? whose preferred authors are
f.e. de st. exupery, and gide, e.a. poe and ray bradbury? whose favorite
movie directors are stanley kubrick, david lynch and steven spielberg - just
to name a few? what looks like an eclectic puzzle at first glance makes
perfect sense after listening to this
outstanding album...

each track is carried by intense, emotional moods that take the listener
from warm and soothing tranquillity to disturbing and yet unknown places
with proficient subtlety. flowing ambient landscapes
based upon varied rhythms include beautiful, sometimes slightly sad melodies
- only a glimpse of the darkness behind the mirror of technology. all of
this accented with sampled acoustic instruments and
the appropriate use of voices and guitars - this album holds a perfect
balance between beat and drift.

a captivating piece of work - essential listening to all those who wish to
enter an abstract parallel world - yet, not so abstract that they'll get

PERFECTION PLASTIC -"triomphe de la matiere"(CD)(FORCE OF NATURE)($11.00)
Canadian based Tech-noize project with some classic samples in there
on top of distorted sounds, corroded beats and chaotic arrangements..
definately sounds like the new stuff on the dance floors these days and
should appeal to rhythmic noise fans who like samples and a sense of humor.

SYNNACK -    "v2"  (CD)  (FORCE OF NATURE)  ($11.00)
Defying easy categorization, synnack.s v2 is perhaps best described as
"experimental electronic music" and fuses elements of ambient, noise,
industrial, and IDM musical styles. v2 builds on synnack.s prior releases by
leveraging an increasing amount custom software, fi eld sampling techniques
and live electronics to create an epic combination of ambient glitchy
soundscapes and crunchy rhythmic mayhem. A special feature of the v2 release
is that each CD package includes a card containing a unique "regcode" which
can be used to register on synnack.com for access to additional songs
unreleased tracks, videos, discounts on additional merchandise, and more.
General Info: synnack is the creative design of Clint M. Sand (of 0xf8
Studios, and formerly of cut.rate.box and Mono Chrome) & Jeff Ito. Clint is
responsible for arrangement, sound design, mixing, mastering, video,
programming, and instrumentation. Jeff provides additional instrumentation,
sampling and live manipulations.

Concrete Cookie and the Maggot Farmer - "Mondegreen"(CD)(FORCE OF NATURE)
51 minutes of ambient descent into madness from the minds that brought you
Mashup Sound System.This is a must have for any experimental music lover,
as these guys bring you some weird sounds for demented minds!


V1RTUAL D3SCENT - "darkened skies"     (CD)    (DSBP)    ($10.00)
Hailing from deep within the mid west, US, V1rtual D3scent (V1D3) finds its
origins. The band is comprised of Erich Fate and Scott Pilz and for close
to three years these brothers have been honing their craft,
using classically trained hands at the piano, with the analytical
approach of technology to create a hybrid form of electronic music that is
both symphonic and stentorian.

The debut CD is now out on DSBP Records and reads as more of a "full length
CD with a BONUS EP attached".10 original tracks/versions of EBM/ Industrial
with touches of synthpop melodies and memorable choruses.Piano and strings
blend in very well in the mix, and the vocals remind us of ASSEMBLAGE 23,

8 Bonus tracks round out this CD if 78+ minutes with remixes of the

**I found these titles from ANT-ZEN/Hymen that I have a copy or 2 of each...
HECATE VS. LUSTMORD - "law of battle and conquest" (CD-EP) ($11.00)
NYMPHOMATRIARCH - "self titled"                 (CD)       ($13.00)
CYBERNETIC:FUCKHEADZ - "self titled"            (CD)       ($13.00)
ROB(u)RANG & Friends - "self titled"            (CD-EP)    ($11.00)
V/A - DARUMA 10th Anniversary of Ant-Zen compilation (CD)  ($13.00)
V/A - MASONIC Double CD compilation             (DCD)      ($13.00)
BOCHUMWELT -"fashion"                    (3" MCD-EP)        ($9.00)
VROMB - "le tourne-disque"             (3" MCD-EP)          ($9.00)
VROMB - "rayons"                            (CD)            ($13.00)
WELTRAUMORGEL -"self titled"                (CD)            ($13.00)
HECQ -"bad karma"                           (CD)            ($13.00)
WILT - "radio 1940"                (DOUBLE CD)              ($15.00)
SCORN - "greetings from birmingham"        (CD)             ($13.00)
L'OMBRE -"simulations 1.0"                 (CD)             ($13.00)
CELLULOID MATA - "spectrum"              (DOUBLE CD)        ($15.00)
BIPOL     -"ritual"                       (CD)              ($13.00)
P.A.L. -  "release"                       (CD)              ($13.00)
FANNY -   "revelry & decadence"           (CD)              ($13.00)
SICKBOY - "into oblivion"                 (CD)              ($13.00)
ULTRA MILKMAIDS -"pocket station"         (CD)              ($13.00)

JUNE 2008
THE STRAND - "destroyers of that which is destroyed..." (CD) (THE STRAND)
The new album and 3rd overall for this very talented and energetic Arizona
based band.The new album features even more diversity and club dance trax
as well as some rock influenced tracks and more wacked out humorous lyrics!
11 new tracks, and 3 additional remixes included from ALTER DER RUINE,

THE STRAND - "diatom"      (CD)         (THE STRAND)      ($12.00)
This is album #2 for The Strand, featuring some anthems like "you bet right"
and "shut your face" and "onslaught" as well as some slower moments and
sultry female vocals. This album really shows a lot of growth and strong
songwriting including "haunted", "crawling", and 11 tracks in all.

THE STRAND - "the Strand remixes"    (CD)    (THE STRAND)  ($9.00)
The first remix album from THE STRAND including remixes from the
first 2 albums tracks from :IMPERATIVE REACTION, THE ENDPARTY,
THE AZOIC, The Strand "parody- my inspection" and it includes
a complete remix kit of "haunted" for anyone to try to remix!

THE STRAND - "in the trench"   (CD) (THE STRAND) ($12.00)
The stunning debut album from this awesome Industrial band!
Features the huge hits "chicks suck (or guys suck)",
"i hate my fucking job", "shake me" and the melodic
"bookmark on the shelf"...10 tracks in all featuring a
remix by THE AZOIC!

FLINT GLASS - "circumsounds"   (CD) (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($15.00)
Available now from Tympanik Audio and Brume Records is the paramount remix
collection by one of dark electronica's most talented and beloved acts.
Inspired by revered electronic pioneers TangerineDream and Klaus Schulze,
Flint Glass creates brilliant neo-tribal rhythmics and lush occult
soundscapes bound by vast cinematic atmospheres.

After two critically-acclaimed full-length albums for Brume Records and the
abrasive collaboration with Telepherique last year on Montreal's Angle.Rec
label, Flint Glass now offers up his very best remix work for
such acts as Thermidor, Suicide Inside, Empusae, Polygon, Eretsua, Zonk't,
Shizuka, Prospero, Sci Fi Industries, Displacer, HIV+, Disharmony, Tzolk'in,
and OTX; all compiled into one
stunning anthology of music.

Beautifully packaged and designed by visual artist Eye.Lyft, 'Circumsounds'
is not merely a collection of random remixes, but instead manages to flow
like a new body of work, thoroughly demonstrating the extraordinary
composition talents of this prolific and well-respected French artist.

Limited to 777 copies worldwide, this outstanding work is a must have for
collectors and darkelectronic music fans alike.

Back in stock....
NGHTMARE NOISE MACHINE -"the end of everything" (CD) (NNM)  ($10.00)

DSBP Distro
MARGIN OF ERROR -"destroy.create.repeat" (CD) (MARGIN OF ERROR) ($12.00)
Cleveland's aggressive industrial band Margin of Error's first full length
cd pushes the envelope of the independent artist.  Frontman Travis T.
explores the brain of the artist in this twisted journey through soundscapes
of epic proportions.
  "Destroy.Create.Repeat." is Travis' philosophy through the release with
pounding drum beats, sawing guitars and ear ripping vocals that take the
listener through this vicious cycle.

Destroy.Create.Repeat. features 13 tracks and over 60 minutes of unrelenting
noise with highly anticipated visuals inside the insert.  The beauty of this
release is that it is such a well crafted all-around disc.
When you're done listening to the full cd, you can then dive into the
masterpieces displayed in the cd insert itself.  Not many bands put in  the
time to encompass the listener fully with art.  Margin of Error
is setting a new bar, and you don't want to miss it.

Margin of Error's Official Website
Margin of Error's Official Myspace

BLACKFILM - "blackfilm"   (CD)     (SPECTRALIQUID)     ($14.00)
Spectraliquid's second release will be the very first full-length album of
this incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day
electronic music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely
original.Down-tempo cinematic beats and melodies portrayed in a dark,
atmospheric environment moving from fearsome, lonely frames to chaotic
feelings of urban self-destruction...BLACKFILM has created an ideal
soundtrack for film-noir movie scores of the finest quality, delivered in a
unique mixture of ambient, downtempo, orchestral music...

PROYECTO MIRAGE - "turn it on"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
'turn it on' is the conclusion of more then ten years of progression.
lashing high-speed dance floor blasts ('cannibal party'), distorted eighties
nostalgia (6 6 5, 9), straight breakbeat excursions ('welcome to life'),
pounding four-to-the-floor industrial anthems ('salvation', a collaboration
with italian experimental/folk mastermind spiritual front), disturbing
experimental-core ('darker bex') - this album is a perfect amalgamation of
all facets of the electronic assault culture - all of which is welded
together to form a powerful statement that encompasses severity as well as
humorous wickedness - nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

this is what they are, this is where the project is today - take it or leave
always keep in mind: proyecto mirage is not just an illusion but a concrete

EXOCET - "violation"   (CD)   (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
ren klimaczewski a.k.a. klima is well-known for his collaborations with
artists like converter and architect; he also made well-approved remixes
(for displacer, for example) along with supporting young upcoming performers
like demian, rdr a.k.a. raw state and denizchador on his label kellermusik,
which started seven years ago.

by chance, on a trip to new york city in 2007, he became acquainted with
dave kean - an inspirational character and a non-musician with a twisted
mind, who left klima stunned with a multiplicity of ideas and extraordinary
creative urges. kean became the muse for a new-born named exocet and this
album is the first result of this artistic insemination.

violation holds a perfect balance between technoid complexity and industrial
roughness, spliced into a single unit by accomplished usage of
well-structured rhythmic work. fortifying bass pulses and diversified synth
chords are enriched with scattered sounds and voices, generating powerful
undertones of anxiety and threat. turning kean's guidelines into music,
klima developed a one-of-a-kind style of digital sequences and human
sentiment, defining an almost unreal post-industrial atmosphere. exocet is a
crucible of sounds resonating with power and motion, completed with a
pounding, merciless remix by u.s. electro-industrial legend manufactura - a
truly fine conclusion to a landmark in the neutral zone between electronica
and industrial.

HECQ - "night falls"  (CD)    (HYMEN)  (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
those who are familiar with ben lukas boysen's 5 year catalog of work will
notice an important change while listening to this album. his former
creations can be seen as explorations of different sound facets
transforming boysen's feelings into music. it took time for this artist to
subordinate the innumerable technical possibilities to become implements of
his inner self, and he already began to walk this new
path with '0000'. now, boysen qualifies 'night falls' as a turning point in
hecq's personal and musical history, and also as a conclusion of what hecq
stood for until now.

artistic expression of personal experiences are often difficult because
these experiences often block the artist's creativity. in exceptional cases
it is possible to do, one of these cases is 'night falls'. the
predominant mood of the twelve tracks which were recorded as one continuous
opus ranges from teariness and melancholy up to beauty and puissance,
unleashed by discontent, the assurance to need a change, or even a stroke of

never before has hecq's music implied such melodic and compositional
richness. comparing the music on 'night falls' with romantic classical music
seems imaginable; majestic strings interact with electronic
soundscapes to bring sentiments into being. this is a manifestation of a
person who is aware that changes happen, and that changes have to be made.
as boysen says: the sixth hecq album will be much more
different - this fifth one is the first of many new steps to follow

Another fine release for fans of retro/new wave, old school analogue
electronica with hints of noise, and industrial, and contains
tracks that make you dance, sing, and feel like you are in a
cool, dark 80's time warp...fans won't be disapppointed here..

back in stock...(limited supply, act quickly)
SOMATIC RESPONSES - "digital darkness" (CD) (HYMEN) ($14.00)
TZOLK'IN -"haab"               (CD) (HYMEN)      ($14.00)
PUNCH INC - "fight club"      (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)   ($14.00)

MAY 2008
AD VER SARY- "bone music" (CD)  (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
Hailing from the Canadian electronic music underground after a decade of
Techno and Industrial DJ and promotional work, Jairus Khan now presents his
debut album three years in the making. While providing North American tour
support for such acts as Terrorfakt, Antigen Shift, Cyanotic, Adam X,
Iszoloscope and others, his many remixes of such Industrial Noise icons as
Converter and Iszoloscope have enjoyed heavy club and airplay around the
world. Now, Ad.ver.sary is poised to release his debut album 'Bone Music' on
Tympanik Audio in May. Hard industrial rhythms meet enormous organic
soundscapes to create what Re:Gen Magazine calls "...a balance between the
brutal and the beautiful." Featuring remixes by Antigen Shift, Tonikom, and

SYNDIKA ZERO -"the example" (CD) (SYNDIKA ZERO) ($12.00)
syndika:zero] is a hard electro/idm band from Sacramento, California. In the
winter season of 2006, L1f3g1v3r began writing material for [syndika:zero]
in an attempt to meld the genres of hard electro, idm, and industrial.
In March 2008, [syndika:zero] released their debut album, 'The Example', a
culmination of aggressive, yet accessible dancefloor tracks which retain
their intensity while challenging genre boundaries.
[syndika:zero] is steadily proving to be a force with which to be reckoned,
with an ever-evolving mix of aggressive music, poignant lyrics, and an
energetic live show equal parts violence and passion.

V/A - KONKRETE    (CD)        (SPECTRALIQUID) ($13.00)
The first compilation CD by Spectraliquid is now available!....with tracks
by Mobthrow, Xsoz, Subheim, Fabrics, Psytech, Yttrium,
Desperation & Fugue, Throttier & Track Killer,and by some
really  interesting guests and good friends like Ah Cama-Sotz, Detritus and
Flaque as well,  this is a must-have item....

A digipack edition, limited to 500 copies, at a low import price,
in the field of dark ambient/hard technoid/idm/d'n'b and
experimental/noise music....
**I also have these titles, one of each, at a special price, and
each one includes a SMP Poster, sticker, and postcards....

SMP- "crimes of the future"   (CD) ($8.00)
SMP -"the treatment"          (CD) ($8.00)
V/A -"ROTORBITES"             (CD) ($8.00)

STAHLSCHLAG -"acousticophobie"  (CD) (HYPERVOXX) ($12.00)
TOTAL PAIN KOLLAPZ -"hell is not heaven" (CD)(HYPERVOXX)($12.00)
GRADUAL HATE -"aspyxiated world"      (CD) (HYPERVOXX) ($12.00)
RE ADJUST -"statement"           (CD)    (HYPERVOXX)  ($12.00)

XP8- "the art of revenge"  (CD) (SIGSALY TRANSMISSIONS)($13.00)
This is the latest release from the Italian Duo, produced by Krishan
Wesenberg of Rotersand!  This album is currently #1 on the DUC (Dutch
Underground Charts) & in the top 10 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts).A
dancey, melodic, yet aggressive mix of EBM/Industrial/
and technoid sounds and beats keep you dancin!
This seems to be their strongest and most developed work to date!

DISHARMONY -"cloned"    (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO) ($12.00)
the definitive remix collection by one of the most prolific and under-rated
dark electro acts in operation, the talented Slovakian duo dISHARMONY. Fresh
off the heels of their fantastic 3rd album, last year's 'Malignant Shields'
on Aliens Production, dISHARMONY compiles their most beloved remixes for
such artists as Polygon, Flint Glass, Mnemonic, Deadjump, Sara Noxx,
Anhedonia, Stendeck, Fractional, GrandChaos,
Pecadores, Burzum, Empty, Tabor Radosti, + 2 brand new tracks
new, rare, and unreleased, into one fantastic collection of music.
15 beautifully crafted dark electronica tracks driven by sopping-wet beats,
haunting synthlines, chilling samples,
and razor-sharp vocals. Beauty meets complexity in a brilliant marriage of
orchestral dark
electro and savvy electronica. Visit the shop and order your copy today!

APRIL 2008
This two (2) CD compilation has 34 bands & tracks. The compilation is a
project to bring awareness and support to hunger in the world today. All
profit from sales of this compilation will be donated to Action Against
Hunger. All tracks are previously unreleased. Including side projects of
Front 242's Partick Codenys & JL DeMeyer, Nohno (formerly member of Clock
DVA), K-BEREIT (Formerly of Cobalt 60 & Kriegsbereit) and much more!... Disc

01. K-BEREIT - Hu[a}ngry
02. Essence Of Mind - How Does It Feel [Machines Against Hunger Edit]
03. Implant - The Stimulator [People Theatre's Final Call Mix]
04. Container 90 & Strm Cafe - 1/15 MP3
05. Dawn Of Ashes - Nail Driven [Die Sektor RMX]
06. Nohno - Unbalanced
07. The Crystalline Effect - Nothing Warms This Room [Machines Against
Hunger Mix]
08. Threat Level 5 - Tripping
09. Diskonnekted - Broken [Razed in Black Mix] MP3
10. Sunao Inami - Decreases
11. Code Machine - You Say, I Say
12. Interface - Land Of Confusion MP3
13. Destroid - Revolution [Machines Against Hunger Version]
14. Nurzery[Rhymes] - Alpha-Omega [Wynardtage RMX]
15. NTRSN - Innerbleeding v1 MP3
16. Biodrone - Last Waltz

Disc Two

01. Hi-Tek Homeless - Planet Hump
02. The Tenth Stage - Black [Machines Against Hunger Slow Remix]
03. Ionic Vision - This Life MP3
04. Radiotron 36 - Burned Out Cinder
05. Carphax Files - Guns And Violins
06. Empusa [feat. FrightDoll] - Unpreventable MP3
07. The Weathermen - Your Town
08. Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Lethal Defense Systems [DeadJump Remix]
09. DIVE - Behind the Sun [K-Bereit Light Speed Remix]
10. Autoclav1.1 - This Is Untitled [Magrette Mix by Coreline] MP3
11. Parade Ground - Entertain Me
12. Man+Machines - Revolt MP3
13. Psyche - Tears [Original]
14. Eisdrive - Reeperbahn
15. Je$us Loves Amerika - Cifer
16. Chinese Theatre - I'm Leaving You Behind (Help The Poor Version)
17. Modern Cubism - Le Serpent Qui Danse
18. Derma-Tek - Mauled [Tau factor Remix]

BEE HATCH- "bee hatch" (CD)   (LENS RECORDS)  ($12.00)
BEEHATCH is the new project from Phil Western and Mark Spybey, who met in
Vancouver, whilst playing together in Download. Ten years have elapsed since
they last worked together. During that time, Phil has released a number of
solo and collaborative albums and has continued to work as part of both
Download and platEAU (w/ cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy fame). He is also a
producer and DJ. Mark has continued to release albums as Dead Voices on Air,
Reformed Faction (a band formed with fellow Zoviet*France members) and has
collaborated with many musicians, including members of Can and Faust.

BEEHATCH was initiated as the result of a shall we make an album together
chat on the telephone. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and England via
internet file sharing Far from being an impersonal way of making music, this
technique has liberated the approach to the making of this album. Gone are
the days of being locked in an expensive and often creatively dead
studio-space. The musicians were able to make music at leisure, in familiar
environments. Phil and Mark have developed similarities in an approach to
music making but in essence, Phil emerged smiling from the generation
electronic and Mark slowly crept out of the distant days of four tracks and
homemade instruments. Both are seasoned improvisers who started life as
drummers and tend to ignore as many of the so-called rules of music making
as possible.

Nothing is clear. Everything is possible. Accidents are encouraged.

This CD is packaged in a 6-panel digipak with original artwork by Mark
Spybey. Audio mastering courtesy of Frankie Pett.

SUBHEIM  -"approach"    (CD)   (TYMPANIK AUDIO)  ($12.00)
SUBHEIM is the deeply personal project of electronic music composer and
visual artist Kostas K., a downtempo, experimental venture fusing IDM
elements with rich ambiance and female vocals by Katja. Complex and
uncompromising, Subheims debut album on Tympanik Audio is full of intricate
rhythms, deep reverbs, and bitcrushed sounds, combined with pianos, cellos,
and beautiful synthwork. Haunting melodies and distant voices meet complex
beats and luring atmospheres to create a unique blend of dynamics and
emotion. Approach flirts with post-rock and atmospheric downtempo styles,
while still maintaining an original sound that is both captivating and
inspirational. Moved by subjects such as urban isolation and the outburst of
mankind's deepest emotions, Subheim delivers the ideal soundtrack for those
moments of chaos or melancholy reflections. Approach is the
highly-anticipated debut album from this talented Greek artist. Featuring
remixes by Mobthrow (GR) and Flaque (GER).

APRIL 2008
ART OF FACT (Canada)
COLONY 5 -"buried again"  (CD)   (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
While "Knives", the single released by Artoffact in December, clearly showed
a harder and stompier side to a band once hailed as futurepop,
Colony 5 show that they are no one-trick pony. The album is really varied,
highly original, and perfectly memorable. We open with a fast march
on "Ghost" which instantly breaks open into a hard dancebeat and eerie
synthline. The effect is less futurepop and more a unique blend of several
prominent styles which have captured the industrial-goth scenes in the new
millennium. Piano walks in, and we hear a touch of gothic, a bit of Deine
Lakaien and Project Pitchfork. EBM beats pick us up, throw us around, and
remind us that Hocico is here, too, especially on tracks like "Heart Attack"
and "Knives". But tracks like "Absolute Religion" or "Too Young" show the
softer more melodic and emotional side of Colony 5. The variety is

BLANK -"impact zone"   (CD)    (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
The Italian EBM duo Blank is back, and this new stuff is killer. So killer,
in fact, that we are giving away Sick And Dead, one of the many adrenaline
pumping songs you will find on Impact Zone, their second album. This album
is one of those giant shots in the air, and the near four-year wait between
this and their last album has been definitely made worthwhile. The immense
intensity of Impact Zone speaks for itself. Tracks like Persistence with its
crazy synthy hook, Counterfeit with its tight melodies and infectious
rhythm, or Puressence with new and exciting vocal styles  every song is

What has Blank been doing since 2004? Perfecting their craft. For sure. A
few shows were played, sure they remixed Unter Null, DavaNtage, XP8, Neikka
RPM, and others. They appeared on several compilations worldwide and
garnered excellent reviews, a large fan-base, and solid club-play. Mostly,
perfecting their craft. Its not good enough that you bust your body on the
dancefloor or sweat till youve soaked your shirt through. Its just not good
MORE BODY, MORE SWEAT. It is after all the Impact Zone.

MEMMMAKER-"How to Enlist in a Robot Uprising" (CD) (HIVE) ($12.00)
Attention cadets, incoming transmission! Destruction is imminent: Memmaker
are here to destroy all human eardrums and interface with your women,
undermining earth society forever. Comprised of Guillaume Nadon and Yann
Faussurier (of Iszoloscope), Memmaker have forged a rare and explosive
compound of hard-trance, driving electro grooves, and immense industrial
beats against which mankind is utterly defenseless. Limbs will be shattered
and tossed like straw as the full force of their unstoppable sonic barrage
is unleashed upon humanity, animating those torn and smashed extremities in
a violent whirl of fists and bodies as their complete takeover of your
central nervous system compels you to MOVE. Bodies will be tossed on
concussive tremors of bass, and the screams of ecstasy and resignation will
drown in the impossibly infectious rhythms.

The only hope for survival is to assimilate into the robot ranks and take to
the streets. You are all soldiers to the cause now, and the Uprising is in
motion - the insatiable iron lust of your new mechanical rulers will be
satisfied! This robotic takeover is a cooperative venture between Hive
Records Global Noise Corporation and the Embodiment Records Woldwide Control
Apparatus. Released on Hive Records and available January 21st, 2008.

ESA- "how pure would your utopia be?" (CD) (HIVE) ($12.00)
ESA return to Hive with a brand new album of corroded dark textures, mammoth
swarming atmospheres, and industrial beats that collide with all the force
of a falling freight-elevator. Chronicling an alternate history of the Fall
from Eden, How Pure Would your Utopia be? spirals quickly into a dark,
oppressive treatise on the price of sin and the frailty of withering hope.
Through the course of the album, the sonic tension builds like a growing
cloud of ink in water, turbulent groaning waves of noise and rhythm
coalescing into a destructive storm of sound that is merciless both on the
dancefloor and with more attentive listening. The evolution in ESA's sound
from their first album, Devotion, Discipline and Denial, is unmistakable,
taking huge leaps forward in terms of both production and songwriting. A new
milestone for both ESA and Hive, How Pure Would your Utopia be? raises the
bar yet again, displaying with firm resolve that uncompromised intensity and
violent creativity are alive and well in the hard-industrial scene.

This enhanced CD features a video for the track Principals of a Paradisic
Resolve, produced by Alternative Perspective, and was mastered by Brian
Redmond at Fuzzbox. Released on Hive Records and available January 21st,

EMPTY -"aeon xpand"  (CD-EP) (APHOTIC AUDIO) (IMPORT)($10.00)
2008 follows with the release of the second installment from Sydney-
based electronic/industrial artists Empty. "Aeon Xpand" highlights the
brand new track "Castrated" and a collection of remixes originating
from the debut EP "Open Aeon".

While the opening track and a selection of remixes have been produced
for the energy-fueled EBM club scene, this release will also have
listeners immersed in a layered, ambient realm with tracks remixed by
various international experimental artists.
8 Tracks/ 46 Minutes....limited edition...
DSBP is the North American Distributor, so get it now!!

WAVEFALL -"heartstarter"    (CD) (ADVOXYA) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
The 2nd CD from this amazing Russian harsh ebm project!
16 new tracks and this is some ferocious electronic dance music!
The songs are more developed, intricate and hard energy with
influences like COMBICHRIST, TACTICAL SEKT and with a
very hard and addictive sound overall.

DEAD JUMP -"scare mix"   (CD-EP) (ADVOXYA) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
The new DEAD JUMP sound is harder, dancier and faster than ever
before..This new extended EP has 4 brand new tracks showing
growth and diversity and then theres 8 remixes of various
DEAD JUMP as well...this is a great harsh EBM release!

THE PULSAR -"revolution(reloaded)"(CD)(ADVOXYA)(IMPORT)($14.00)
This is the remastered version of the first PULSAR album from 1999.
It has a kick ass Dark electro/industrial sound to it, and
some of the tracks are real dancey as well.. The old school sound
is apparent here and with thick basslines, and dark European vocals
this reminds us of the Celtic Circle Prod. label as well.
10 tracks here including a remix by DENERGIZED!

A really good representation of the ADVOXYA RECORDS label.15 tracks
from the bands on the label with new and exclusive tracks and remixes
This is a great Compilation for discovering some of Europes finest
newer electro/industrial dance acts.

THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT -"hypothermia"(CD) (ADVOXYA)(IMP) ($14.00)
This new 14 track extended EP contains 6 brand new tracks of
smooth electro/industrial with female vocals, and dance floor
music with a seductive edge.Remixes added from BLANK, NEGATIVE FORMAT,

MULPHIA -"bleeding" (CD) (ADVOXYA) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
This band has grown much from their debut album and a hybrid mix
of electro/industrial, darkwave, rock and original mix of the styles.
16 new tracks with dancey tracks and a very cool and refreshing approach.

back in stock.......
SEVERE ILLUSION - "armed evolution" (CD) (ADVOXYA) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
CYCLONE B -"consequence of hidden truth" (CD)(ADVOXYA)(IMPORT)($14.00)

LEVEL 2.0 -"intercept"   (CD)  (NEMESYS MUSIC) ($12.00)
This band has grown from their early stuff and this album
has a great EBM/industrial/synthpop sound to it.
13 tracks for the dance floor, with some melodic
vocals and very catchy songs overall.Fans of Assemblage 23,
Colony 5, Cesium 137 will dig this and the sound is also similar
to the remixers who contribute here :Blank, Negative Format,
and Cryogen Second.A very well produced release,check it out!

German act makes its debut on HYPERVOXX with this 14 track release! A good
blending of electronic and synthpop, with some dancey tracks
that have a harder edge to them...Industrial synthetics
and some introspective work as well...This has a good old school
influence to it as well, and will appeal to synthpop fans!
Includes a remix by AKRON!

FREEZE ETCH -"vessels"   (CD)  (F.O.N.)    ($12.00)
Over four years in the making and clocking in at just over an hour --
Vessels, the first proper full-length Freeze Etch album, is a dynamic
excursion into a world of thick organic rhythms, striking melodic textures,
and surging ambient momentum. By turns sparkling and pristine and by others
ugly and smoldering, Vessels explores the brooding tensions between
dynamically opposed auras, employing textures which are at once terrestrial
and alien, as well as melodic structures which merge skilled composition
with the ambiguous flood of drone. You can check out samples and get more
information at http://www.freezeetch.com

RUN LEVEL ZERO- "arctic noise"   (CD)(ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
Four years after their superb Walk The Psycho[Path] release, Run Level Zero
returns with Arctic Noise, their first release for Artoffact Records, and
the release guaranteed to cement their status as one of Europes best
industrial artists. This CD features hit after hit, introspective and
angst-filled industrial influenced by some of the genres pioneers and
swirled into a gyre that is new and exciting, fun and essential. The album
opens with the raging and Frontline Assembly-esque Black Cinder, a track
sure to convince those who think industrial is dead. Other notables include
Hitting Ground, Incision, and Hey Mister, all of which encapsulate the
essence of classics like Numb or Skinny Puppy, but surely what we have here
goes further and stands on its own.

Since their debut Run Level Zero has been an active band on the electronic
music scene, appearing on a number of compilations and remixing artists such
as Pzychobitch, Punto Omega, Clan of Xymox, and Psyche. The band has toured
Europe twice (supporting VNV Nation in 2001 and Assemblage 23 in 2005) and
recently toured the United States in 2006.

This is one of the best industrial releases to come out in years. It took
Run Level Zero as long to write and record Arctic Noise as it took them to
release their first four CDsand the result is clearly worth the wait. And,
with comparisons to Canadas own trio of industrial pioneers, its kinda cool
to find them on a Canadian label!

MARK NICHOLAS -"perversions"  (CD)  (DIRTY ELECTRONIC) ($10.00)
A great new remix album follow-up to the "duchess 33" CD...heres the lowdown
from Mark Nicholas himself....
"I feel really good about this album. And you may notice that I just
referred to it as an album. Despite this project starting out as a shorter
EP, it's now longer than my last full-length album in both time and track
count, and most of the songs are such different versions from the originals
that, when you listen to this all together, it feels competely new. (Not to
mention "Goodnight My Love" is a totally new song, and "Maniac" and "Green
California" are totally new cover songs.) I'm really very proud of this - I
think it'll particularly hit home with people (particularly old Cosmicity
fans) who were a little put off by the harder edged songs on Duchess 33.
Anyway, I'm really excited for people to hear it."

1. Two Sandwiches (Detroit Mix)
2. The Measure of Pleasure (Sad Bastard Mix)
3. Maniac (yes, that song from Flashdance)
4. I Wish I Wanted You (DJ Ginger Snapp's Mashup)
5. Coming Clean (Club Mix)
6. Backlash (8-Bit Mix)
7. Perverse (Original Demo)
8. Little Goth Girl (Ethereal Mix)
9. Selective Memory Loss (Pure and Simple Mix)
10. Goodnight My Love
11. Perverse (Syrian Remix)
12. Green California
13. Your Beautiful Lie (MN vs Cosmicity)

TOTAKEKE - "elekatota"    (CD)  (TYMPANIK) ($12.00)
The brilliant new album from New York producer, Frank Mokros (Synth-etik /
Hands Productions) featuring 13 stunning tracks of complex rhythmic
Industrial. With previous remix collaborations flanking the likes of
Terrorfakt, Imminent, Radial, and Klangstabil, 2 successful releases for
Frozen Empire Media, and a radiant new track on the recent Tympanik Audio
compilation Emerging Organisms, Totakeke is back with his 2nd full-length
album that proves to be his finest work yet.  From start to finish,
eLekatota manages to effortlessly merge several genres of electronic music
into one seamless body of work, without distorting the mood or veracity of
the album as a whole. Each track feels alive, constantly morphing and
shifting into new directions without the slightest loss of cohesiveness. A
masterful collage of addictive rhythms, richly-layered beats, intriguing
samples, and cavernous atmospherics, that all seem to somehow replenish
themselves with each listen. eLekatota: The Other Side of the Tracks is
timeless opus that is sure to be hailed as one of the finest Industrial
productions in years.

PUNCH INC. -"fight club"  (CD)  (ANT-ZEN)    ($14.00)
the mercilessness of an industrial civilization is punch inc's main
influence, and they always place an emphasis on the rhythmic overkill.
fightclub: a visualization of the fate of most everyday humans: struggle for
assertiveness, combat the inner and outer predator, fight - not for the
chance of winning but for survival. fightclub: machines designed for
personal wars, emitting dense, grinding soundwalls that are wedged into
never ending beat pulses. fightclub: mankind's biggest enemy is shutdown and
here are eleven arms to make you move onward...

if this album doesn't make you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty
then you need to check your pulse!

TZOLK'IN -"haab"     (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($14.00)
the musical project tzolk'in is a collaboration between empusae and flint
glass - artists who are known in the fields of dark ambient, contemporary
ritualistic tribal music and experimental electronica. this project is a
conceptual creation inspired by mayan mythology and the ancient mayan
astrological calendar of the same name. from the beginning their approach to
sound resulted in quite a few novel musical perspectives: the merging of
empusae's distinct dark, oppressive and brooding soundscapes and flint
glass's characteristic rhythmic and ambient compositions (which are
seemingly subject to an almost alien purpose and theme). the final product
is majestic and epic, often martial and bellicose, with a sense of tragedy
that at times is even quite meditative. tzolk'in can easily be viewed as an
exotic soundtrack to the phantoms of a dead civilization or more simply put,
music that is inspired by a doomed mayan divination system.

on their first self-titled release, empusae and flint glass chose eight
periods of the tzolk'in calendar and on haab' they describe eight periods of
the mayan solar year. ceremonious, deep tones merge with the power and
strength of industrial music - kept together by elaborate impulsive ritual
rhythms that enhance the atmosphere of a flourishing culture. an abyssal,
haunting cycle of tribal sound, constructed so that the listener can dive
into a bygone era

SOMATIC RESPONSES - "digital darkness"  (CD) (HYMEN)  ($14.00)
a new sign of life from wales - john and paul healy, well-known as somatic
responses produced a new fulltime masterpiece of electronic sound wizzardry.
almost two years have passed since giauzar and it
seems the brothers used their time not only for the explorations of new
tonal and atonal scapes, they also went for a re-analysis of their roots.the
digital darkness described here is a dry, drawn out universe of
distorted chromatic basses, straightened heavy beats and swirling filter
pulses, establishing ties from the times when the tb-303 took over technoid
music up to the nineties where speed increased and
rhythms became dodgier. stylistic classifications were never somatic
responses' aim, nevertheless, digital darkness might be rated as one of
their most straight-lined works since years - f.e. you never heard s.r.
as speedy as they are on the title track or 'reset the world'. their typical
ingredients like unique strings usage are still present ('stranded'), the
enrichment with some blasts from the past makes digital darkness a mixture
which will kick your eardrums in.

MATINEE CLUB -"the modern LP" (CD) (NINTHWAVE) ($12.00)
From London comes this very quirky, and catchy synthpop trio
with their first album.This 12 song CD contains some
real modern synthpop with rock influence and some great remixes
as well for the dance floors.A cover of David Bowie's
"modern love" is included here for you!

CEOXIME  -"theta"     (CD) (UNCOILED LOOPS) ($10.00)
"Theta"is the final installment of original works of CEOXiME, an 8 year
running project of Tatiana and hEADaCHE. Their works have appeared on over
15 compilations, reviewed in over 20 magazines; and played with such notable
bands such as Pigface, Gravity Kills, gODHEAD and Mindless Faith. So if you
have had your ear to the ground, you would have heard of CEOXiME. Theta was
picked up by one of the longest running industrial labels, Invisible, and
released as MP3. Now you can have this and Vibrant Grey all on 1 CD.Trip
hop, electronica with d'n'b influence and dreamy
female vocals.

back in stock.....
CYLAB  -"satellites"  (CD) (WHISPERCORE)   ($12.00)

ANGELS ON ACID -"eyes behind the curtain"   (CD) (DSBP) ($10.00)
 Angels on Acid was founded by M!K!LL in early 2003 with a heavy
influence in EBM, Industrial, and Psychedelic Trance.The creative
vision was to merge all of the dark, aggressive styles of the last
20 years into a new genre of music that he calls Psybercore.

 In late December of 2007 Angels on Acid became a proud member
of the DSBP Records family and re-released their first full length
album "Eyes Behind The Curtain" on the label.

 The album features 13 tracks full of industrial fire and
individuality with each track having its own sound.For
the Club floors and heavy enough for the metalheads,
and rock scene to enjoy as well.
There is also a new remix included of
"leviathan"(KRI REMIXX) with a real epic dancey
psytrance feel, and a great bonus too!

 A 2-CD digipak compilation of dark electronic music
featuring 29 exclusive, rare, remixed, and unreleased tracks
by some of the world's most prolific electronic artists.

EO 1 contains 14 tracks of dark ambient and technoid industrial
by some of the best in the genre
 including Architect, Eretsua, Flaque, Urusai, Architrav,
Totakeke, S:cage, Talvekoid, Tzolk'in, and newcomers:  Rekt,
Distraub, Freeze Etch, and Unterm Rad, as well as remixes
by Displacer, Dryft, and Dreams are Maps.
EO 2 features 15 additional tracks in the IDM and electronica
genres by Flint Glass, Ab Ovo vs. Flaque,Stendeck, Atomatik13,
Hecq, Ginormous, N0nplus, Phylum Sinter,Justin McGrath, Displacer,
Nebulo,Mnemonic, and Aural.

This is Volume One in the Hidden Forms Compilation Series
featuring 29 new tracks from outstanding
electronic artists from around the world.
Packaged in a beautiful 2-CD digipak that will
stand out in any CD collection.Dark electronic music
that will captivate and inspire.

UNTERM RAD - "the rakes progess"   (CD) (TYMPANIK)   ($14.00)
The debut album featuring 9 original tracks + remixes by Sytrjv,
Atomatik 13, The PQ Sessions, Textbeak, JFrank, Symmetrical Syndrome,
and Dreams Are Maps.Sixteen tracks of schizosonic psychopathy chart
the paths from confusion, shame, and despair, to hope, perseverance,
and hardened resolve. Irresistible glitchy oddness.

INDIVIDUAL TOTEM - "mothfly"    (CD)  (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00) 
From the opening synths and distortions of the opening track, Individual Totems 
new album Mothfly announces itself as crucial, difficult, cerebral, and 
industrial. What do you do with a new single whose dance beat comes in at the 
2-minute mark? If youre a label, you run away. If you really like industrial 
music, on the other hand, you recognize Mothfly for what it is: an industrial 
album which contorts and convinces, pulls you apart but creates an organic 
whole. The synths are simply great, the atmosphere is dark and elusive, the 
band asks more questions than they answer. Mothfly is often downtempo but 
equally it rages. It rages in dark places, alone, with vocals unable to scream, 
though screaming. Its a wonderful statement of psycho-analytic repression. The 
father lost in the son, or murdered, who can tell? From the opening and 
infectious WWW to the interesting and introspective In Memorial, to the Skinny 
Puppy-influenced The Ugly Game, Mothfly is quintessential industrial music.

Comprising two electronic music pioneers, Bernd Madl and Mathias Knopp, 
Individual Totem began making music in the early 90s and released their 
home-made album, Aspects Of Theories And Reality in 1994. Following this, the 
band was signed to Off Beat in Europe and Pendragon in the United States and 
released two now-classic CDs: S.E.T.I. in 1996 and Mind Sculptures Flesh in 
1997. Following a long hiatus and a comeback that never materialized, 
Individual Totem eventually released the WWW EP digitally on Artoffact Records 
in late 2007.

DISMANTLED - "when I'm dead"    (CD)(IMPORT) (DEPENDENT) ($14.00)
In contrast to the usual dark cliches which characterize the lyrics of the 
industrial scene, DISMANTLED'S lyrics take aim at more personal issues and 
scene politics. Zon casts himself as something of an outsider, a detached 
observer of a superficial scene doomed to slow decay. And at the end, death: 
not a dramatic, romantic, epic Goth death, but an unspectacular vanishing 
beneath the shroud, with a band logo hanging from the corpse's toe. Musically 
and thematically, DISMANTLED follow their own path on "When I'm Dead"; and 
slowly but surely, Germany is beginning to follow along. Released on Dependent 
and available November 19th, 2007.

V/A -WEATHERHEAD 3  (Double CD) (HYPERVOXX)   ($13.00) 
Brand new Double CD from the hard working Hypervoxx label!
Dark electro, Harsh Industrial, Terror EBM, Power Noise bands
are included here and totally new and fresh sounds, exclusive
tracks are within...
Also, these are LIMITED EDITION which means once they're gone...
they're REALLY gone!

CYLAB -"disseminate" (CD)  (WHISPERCORE) ($12.00)
Cylab releases their third album  in the form of
remixes entitled "Disseminate". Select songs from
both albums, "Unparallel Universe" and "Satellites"
have beenreworked and  remixed by some of our and
your favorite artists; these talented artists are::
Combichrist, Haujobb, God Module, Imperative Reaction,
Hype,  Displacer, Shok, Skinjob, Drukore and Pacific Mile.
The remix album will also include the winners of the
remix contest, Los Angeles based Embodi and
Interface from New York. As if that wasn't enough,
it also includes the bands cover of "Heart Shaped Box"by Nirvana and a 
reworking of "Motionfix"
by the band themselves.

SMP -"the treatment"     (CD) (MUSIC RATION)   ($12.00)
Jason Bazinet is still right on target and offers 11 new tracks with a 
typically Coldwave-like content. Gritty guitar riffs, mighty drums, some 
Electronica-elements, angry lyrics provided by a mostly energetic vocal 
performance  well, and at times also the jump to test the audience with some 
Industrial-Rap-tunes."Metropolis" is one of these rather Rap-like tunes which 
describes lyrically the crime and drug situations in a ghetto-like city, 
available here besides the original in a remix interpretation by BOUNTE. More 
stuff to entertain some masses with a huge club-compatibility can be named with 
"I Waste You" or "Corporate Freak"
,a track which doesnt act sparse with social criticism. It seems generally that 
several themes out of the American Way of Life get targeted by Jason, 
"Tombstone", already released in advance on the A Murderous Mix
-compilation,  is just another example for this. With the track "Who Is Who" 
Jason also  created a Rockabilly-like cover version which got originally 
composed by  the CA-based Punk-act THE ADOLESCENTS  this one should work 
extremely well  at gigs. Recorded and produced by Wade Alin of CHRIST 
ANALOGUE.The Treatment  is an entertaining album from track 1 to 11. Although 
heavily following all facets of the typically Coldwave-mood created already 
more than 10  years before, diversity is in here and Jason can prove once again 
his talent.(Marc Tater of Chain DLK Zine)

GRADUAL HATE -"asphyxiated world"   (CD)   (HYPERVOXX)  ($12.00)
A new and intresting dark electro project from SPAIN
that makes very clear their intention of being made highlight in the converged 
electronic scene and not with the help of forced "crossovers".
so in fashion lately in the electrodark scene,
if not making use of the sounds of last decade, much more,
dark and so missed .The band has an aesthetic militarist, almost apocalyptic, 
replete of you chewed of gas and underground refuges, where the letters possess 
a strong load politics and social accusation , social manipulation? , 
Injustice? , War? Gradual Hate
13 tracks total,over 50 minutes....

SIRENS LAMENT - "moments in solitude"(CD) (SARASVATI RECORDS)($12.00)
"Sirens Lament arose from the music that apears and follows me at any given 
moment. It is a symphony that haunts me as I lay awake composing. It is the 
lyrics that come in whispers that will now be given life."(Aradia)

Sirens Lament is the solo project of singer/song writer Aradia. At Age 7 she 
began playing classical piano. Her highschool and college years were spent 
singing, playing bass, and keyboards with numerous bands as well as expanding 
her music training by studying the Cello, Jazz and Classical Vocals.
This 10 track album weaves between those styles above and infuses dark 
Electro/Industrial, with club potential as well.
  This year Aradia is also acting in an independent vampire movie called "The 
Ballad of the Valkyre".

100BLUMEN - "in floriculture there is no law!" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
although the project's name was taken from the mao zedong quote, (which sounds 
harmless at first but culminated in terribly oppressed freedom of expression) 
100blumen's musical aim is not necessarily political. in his own words, music 
is an articulation of emotions: "not exactly the adequate means to express 
myself, but so far there is no better one available".

what you are about to hear is a sheer outburst of distorted noise, chopped 
sequences and hard driving beats. an edgy fusion of energy and aggression, 
rooted in the roughness of punk without any stylish teenage riot nostalgia. 
essentially the sound is the power of innocent machines forced to run amok. 
this is the continuation of what started with the no-fi industrial movement way 
back in the eighties. music that keeps you awake. music that forces you to 
think. music to make you move. let a hundred flowers bloom

TWINKLE-  "le jouet"    (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)    ($14.00)
what is twinkle? better ask what are twinkle, because this is a two members 
project: yves cornu & j.-b. leduc from france. so far only one ep has been 
released on the label/collective audiotrauma. after many concert appearances 
which caused reactions that were beyond enthusiasm/ecstasy and two years after 
'processing industry' the time has come for their first full length album.

le jouet's music is a unique blend of hard hitting ultra distorted 
rhythms/beats constructed to stir up your brain and (probably) force you to 
dance. psychotic, twisted & tribal rhythmic noise is overlayed with 
unpretentious melodies and enriched with pushing vocals (complimented by a 
tremendous selection of samples). music that is complex, challenging and body 
oriented all at the same time. twinkle has established a style that is between 
contemporary industrial, experimental soundscapes and intelligent usage of 
metric varieties.

MARCHING DYNAMICS- "nailsleeper"(CD)    (HYMEN) ($14.00)
the path youre about to take was sculpted, paved and designed by s. talada. he 
began his musical experimentations and creations in 1987. talada's musical 
experience is in many styles/forms as he has worn many hats, masks and attires 
(with various bands and music projects) for the last 20 years. he has worked 
with cult groups (such as punk/industrial band stg as a vocalist) and a 
programmer for death rock projects and as a keyboardist for kommunity fk - 
talada was undoubtedly knee deep in it. he has also released several key albums 
(the operative through the crunch pod & sistinas labels) and has shared the 
stage with many performers in industrial and related genres. he also runs and 
operates the los angeles industrial/electronic music label mechanismz. as 
marching dynamics talada steps beyond his unique and varied musical endeavors. 
a new force that will surprise/inspire you and will be heard for years to come.

marching dynamics astounds the listener with its intricate arrangements of 
rhythms and melodic sounds. one is lost and surrounded in the subtleties that 
draw you in without you realizing it. before you know
it youre covered in a most diabolically delicious and infectious groove. the 
narrative nature of marching dynamics is extremely meditative and thus evokes 
emotional response of wanting to dance/move
with a flow that few musical projects can create. influential inputs range from 
noisy, technoid electronic, kicking classic detroit to energetic dubstep/idm 
hybrids. all of which are analyzed, assimilated
and processed into a unique blend of synthesized analeptics for mind and body.

RASPUTEEN - "die segnungen der nenzeit" (CD) (BAZOOKA JOE)($14.00)
What you are about to hear is a mixture of minimal electro pop
and eighties style sequences, with a slight splash of industrial.
Once asked about musical influences Rasputeen mentions projects
like Der Plan, Cabaret Voltaire, Max Goldt, and Palais Schaumburg.
Take this direction, add pumping sex-beats of deutsch-amerikanische
freundschaft and top everything off with a mesmerizing, distinct voice.

HOUSE MADE OF DAWN -"self titled" (CD)  (ARCANE CREATIONS) ($10.00)
This band from Califonia has a hybrid sound of Industrial, rock,
darkwave, and electronics.A real tight and good self-production
with 9 tracks on this debut CD and they
each have a different twist to them, yet staying heavy and for
the dance floor as well.Mixing in some female vocals into the
mix with the male vocals as well.Get hooked in!

CYANOTIC - "transhuman 2.0"  (DCD)   (BITRIOTRECORDS)  ($12.00)
Transhuman 2.0 is the Limited Edition follow up to Cyanotic's sold out 
achievement Transhuman. Co produced by Jason prost of mindFluxFuneral this disc 
features appearances by Front Line Assembly, 16 Volt, Acumen Nation / Dj? 
Acucrack and Rabbit Junk.Top Notch production and hi-energy sounds.
For fans of heavy industrial with guitars and stompy songs to kick your asses!

MINDFLUXFUNERAL - "teatro de revelacion" (CD) (BITRIOTRECORDS) ($12.00)
After nearly 10 years of producing, side projects and collaborations 
mindFluxFuneral is ready to unleash the torture tekk again! "Teatro De 
Revelacion" marks a return to their signature sound and a new future for the 
artistic vision that is mindFluxFuneral.
the latest release from mindFluxFuneral, is a fierce rebirth of mechanized 
sounds and vocals aggravated by vast media, technology and the industrial 
rock/metal movement of the late 80s (Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Ministry) 
mindFluxFuneral have not only reinvented the power chord with this edgy, 
aggressive, electro album, they have also supplied us with our future anthems.

PHENOTRACT -"transient messages" (CD-R)  (SOUVENIR RECORDS) ($10.00)
The second official full length album
from the New York City based electronic act Phenotract. Expanding on the
groundwork of the previous album, "Within A Second", the harder tech sound
that dominated that album is taken in a different direction. Still
atmospheric and driving, and at the same time pensive and introspective,
"Transient Messages" cascades and swirls with soundtrack- type melodies,
groove- laden basslines, and both male and female vocals; all of which give
the music a comtemporary electronica "neo- pop" sound. With the addition of
a female vocalist, Niabi Caldwell, (who sings on about half of the songs
with Eric Shans) Phenotract has now fully illuminated the musical path that
was only hinted at before. Running across the contrasts of lights and darks,
tracks such as "A Million Colors" and "Dissolved In Tides" launch themselves
into the heavens, whereas songs like "Heightened" and "In Another Life"
(produced by Isaac Glendening of Cesium 137) take things more into the
subterranean world that has historically characterized Phenotract's sound.
Thematically, a lot of the album deals with communication and how often we
find a common thread that exists in the world amongst us : that it lacks
within ourselves and towards each other. Danceable, energetic music with
lots of atmosphere and mood.

MINDLESS FAITH -"medication for the misinformed" (CD)(ALTERCULTURE)($12.00)
In the shadows of Washington DC and its criminal regime, Mindless
Faith returns with "Medication for the Misinformed" - a lethal dose of
dark electronics and industrial anthems, laced with heavy beats and
charged vocals. After years of war and campaigns of misinformation,
it is still politics as usual in the "land of the free". The media is
still for sale and the citizen-consumers are still prey to the
trappings of pop culture...an opiate of the masses who don't even
realize they're addicts. But the images on the screen are only a
placebo, if not a poison.

Against this mindless status quo, "Medication for the Misinformed" is
a musical shot in the arm and a socially-provocative slap in the face.
The sound is "all power, fury, and drive," (Shadowland) even when
elements of world music, ambient, and trance are fused into the
industrial-strength mix of noise, distorted synths, and abrasive
guitars. To the extent that such diversity crossed into schizophrenia
on previous releases, Mindless Faith have worked these different
elements into a cohesive framework and trademark sound on "Medication
for the Misinformed". Reviews are starting to come in, especially in
the German magazines where "Medication for the Misinformed" has been
called "a varied and thrilling piece of work which you should listen
through from beginning to end" (Zillo) and "a perfect mix of power and
atmospheric tightness and the most impressive Electro-Industrial
import in years. (Negatief)

GRAINS OF SOUND -"rays of life vol1:down" (CD)(ALTER CULTURE)($10.00)
This is the side project of the MINDLESS FAITH brothers...
A more chill electronica, ambient, tribal groove sound, with
a little bit of female vocals, bust mostly instrumental electronica
lounge music.Very rich in texture and some of the stuff has a psytrance
feel without the beats getting all fast and furious...

GRAINS OF SOUND -"rays of life vol2:under"(CD)(ALTER CULTURE) ($10.00)
Part 2 of the "rays of life" series with a more ambient landscape for this
one.11 tracks fill this disc with some traditional electronic ambience
and a little bit of female vocals, and very spatial, and chill tones..

SYNAPSCAPE- "now"     (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
with their sixth full length album synapscape (t.kniep and p.mnch) continue and 
evolve what they started twelve years ago: powerful and versatile explorations 
in sound, rhythm and ambience.

this release is unmistakably synapscape - distorted polyrhythmic beats meet 
atonal synth tones, kniep's strange lyrics (coupled with his haunting alienated 
voice that is offset with various effects), and constant rhythmic changes 
(while the metric speed is kept). however, there is a readiness for experiments 
- thus they avoid turning a trademark into a corset.

synapscape's open mindedness to the electronic art combined with their ability 
to integrate characteristics of breakbeat, electronica and experimental music 
results (as usual) in a fascinating, unique sonic exploration. the 
possibilities are infinite as their producing was, is, and will be.
this is where they are now - another landmark in contemporary industrial music.

VROMB- "sous hypnose"    (CD) (ANT-ZEN (IMPORT)($14.00)
the music starts with straight forward (but calm) rhythmic patterns - patterns 
that are in place to reach a state of trance. the music changes the same way as 
the subject's perception does: rhythm is replaced with surreal ambient 
soundscapes, incomprehensible voices start to talk and then a constant but 
always changing flow takes over - a strange and unfamiliar experience is the 
result - due to the subject's inexperience. but the experience is never 
threatening as the final process of awakening is performed very carefully. 
either way, the subject will immediately realize the session is over.

it matters not if you take the invitation to use 'sous hypnose' as an occasion 
to start a fascinating experiment, or if you just want to enjoy the new work of 
vromb; this album is a highly recommended document of today's serious 
electronic music (as all of this great canadian artist's releases are).

TONIKOM- "epoch"   (CD) (HYMEN)   (IMPORT)  ($14.00)
tonikom is worlds, atmospheres, a narrative. a project born out of curiousity, 
creativity and a need for expressing a sound that wasnt heard, tonikom 
continues to defy genres and explore various styles of electronic music. 
countless influences, both sonic and visual, help tonikom perpetuate its 
evolution. idm, industrial, techno, drum n bass, electro, trance, power 
electronix, ambient and tribal all combine to weave tonikom's sound." (official 

tonikom started as tonik in 2002, releasing several now-deleted cd-rs and 
changed the name to tonikom in 2006, documented in the album title 'tonikom 
killed tonik'. after two self-released albums, 'epoch' sees
the light of day on hymen records - some kind of a logical conclusion; besides 
the aphex twin, meat beat manifesto, underworld, the orb and leftfield she also 
names hymen records' artist beefcake as one of her
influences.'epoch' is an enthralling mixture: the melodic richness of idm meet 
straight d'n'b/breakbeat rhythms, electronic and acoustic instrumentation is 
enriched with well-placed sampling, sequenced patterns keep embedded ambient 
soundscapes together, supplemented by power and intensity known from other 
electronic sub-genres. a diversified, innovating, truly epoch-making release.

"this is electronic music that refuses to live on one planet, that flows like 
its namesake into the soul and distracts from reality." (tonikom)

SUICIDE INSIDE -"learn to swallow" (CD) (PFLICHTKAUF)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
coming out after Suicide Insides debut album"theory of the arising
of desire"...the new one is aperfect continuation of its mental
aestheticand again this is unusual and aggressive mix of pounding
rhythmic noise, broken beats and painful dark melodics.this time
they bring more ambient synths, explosive rhythms and sharp
vocals than ever before.faster, new sensations, massive fat beats,
powerful basslines and psychedelic melodic structures.

EVA /3- "the great divide" (CD) (FICH-ART) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
fich-art presents its first pressed CD."the great divide"
is the first Cd of Eva/3.Paul Lavigne created these works from
2002-2006.he was supported by riotmiloo from the punk band
"venom seeds" doing vocals on 2 tracks.various other guests
and remixes are included on this 13 track disc.
the music is a cold, shar mixture of ambient textures an d distorted
rhythms.from experimental(the black lodge), to minimal electronics
(sweet abuse), from ambient to rythmical
distorted music"the great divide" offers a vast range of styles
with a unique personality.

NIGHTMARE NOISE MACHINE -"the end of everything" (CD) (NNM/DSBP)($10.00)
This is the best release yet from New Mexico's Industrial veteran N.N.M.
Harsh electro, with pummeling rhythms, kick ass arrangements and "angry as
hell" vocals!He adds some noise/ambient influence on a few tracks, and
guitars are sparce but effective.The mix and production sound sharp and
contagious aggression within.Some of the best new electro assaults
of 2007! 13 new tracks to work you out for an hour!

ACUMEN NATION -"psycho rapist"   (CD) (CRACKNATION) ($12.00)
Hot on the heels of the aggro-metal assault of "Anticore"
comes a brand new descent into madness.This new album features
more electronics,more brutality, and more resemblance to the
coldwave sound they helped pioneer.Embracing the "I" word
again?No Haters! Get Psycho!..On tour all through OCTOBER.
11 tracks/66 minutes.

DJ?ACUCRACK -"humanoids from the deep" (CD)(CRACKNATION)($12.00) 
Paying homage to the classic horror vibe, the new Crack slab is
dark and spooky, maintaining a crushing drum'n'bass vibe while
summoning dirty spirits of distortion, noise and the killa freeze.
Tune up your subs for this one,.. they're coming for you Barbara!
11 tracks/ 61 minutes.

MANKIND IS OBSOLETE -"trapped inside" (CD) (MKIO)   ($12.00)
This ambitious band from Los Angeles are back with their 2nd full
length CD! They take their style of Industrial Rock/metal/dark
electronica to another level and show more progression on all
fronts.The songs are heavier and instantly get your attention.
Natasha's amazing voice intertwines between clean, melodic
singing to  harsh screams and everything in  between.They are
one of the best LIVE Bands on the underground circuit right now
and are touring the USA all through December.11 tracks rock you!

SNOG - "the last days of Rome"    (EP,CD)   (PSY-HARMONICS) ($10.00)
Just when you thought contemporary music had nothing new and exciting to offer 
here come SNOG to save the day!!!
'The Last Days of Rome' is the new SNOG single (and the first single from the 
forthcoming album of the same name). Is it Leonard Cohen (with its perversely 
apocalyptic lyric and delivery) or is it Public Enemy (with its slinkey hip-hop 
beat and grinding guitar motif)?
Well, what it really is, is something completely new! Sliding between genres 
like they slip between hot-tubs. 'The Last Days of Rome' is dark, powerful and 
totally catchy, a sleek meaningful beast. Produced by The Calculators (The 
Faint, Adalita and many others) and featuring the sweet voice of Mr. Royce 
Doherty, the collapse of civilization has never been this groovey before!
Adding to the celebratory atmosphere is an extrordinary downtempo remix by UK 
Electro legend Sir Real and three brand new tracks which will not appear on the 
forthcoming album.
'The Sickness' is a collaboration with Berlin ambient beatmeister Hecq, 'The 
Prisoner' a collaboration with deviant dubstepper The Nam Shub of Enki and the 
authentic bluegrass number(!) The Day the Towers Fell was written for Grand Ol 
Opry star Porter Wagoner.
Closing out the single is a most surprising acoustic version of The Last Days 
of Rome.
Party like it's 699A.D!!!

SEVERE ILLUSION -"armed evolution"   (EP,CD) (ADVOXYA) ($10.00)
The new EP from SEVERE ILLUSION is fully packed with 13 tracks,
including 7 new titles and remixes by CAUSTIC, THE PAIN MACHINERY,
strong and dark S.I. style kicking ass with lots of dead stuff included.This is 
an awesome EP with over 60 minutes of music...

VERTIGO VENUS -"run for your lives" (CD) (DSBP)   ($10.00)
New Mexico's Vertigo Venus return to the Underground scene
with their follow up to "Sing Pretty" with the
CD "Run for your Lives!"

12 brand new tracks which are all very catchy and individual in
their own right.A band that excels in the "LIVE Bar/Club"arena
brings their energized, fun, rocking style to the DSBP label.
Put "the B-52's, The Misfits,M.S.I. and Slayer" in a blender, add a
little bit more humour, electronics and modernize and you have VERTIGO VENUS!

The album has a ecleptic mix of New Wave, Synth, Goth, Industrial,
Punk, and Death metal.Crazy eh? but they pull it off without
sounding forced or contrived.
There is a good flow here and the lyrics contain a very
sarcastic, yet realistic look at todays society as well.

VEIN CAGE -"killing days, the lost years" (CD)(RADIO VALKYRIE)($12.00)
The long awaited release from this industrial, metal, old school band.
There are new remixes, and kick ass instrumental versions as well.
They have a throbbing low end,haunting synths, and punchy vocals.
15 tracks from this hard hitting band compiled from 1993-1994, 2007.
A powerful album that hits like a sledgehammer.Produced and released
by Mark Alan Miller(Out Out) and Radio Valkyrie Records.

(Imports)back in stock...
V/ A -HYPERREALITY Comp. (metal box lmtd) (CD)(IMPORT)(ALIENS)($15.00)
DISHARMONY -" malignant shields"   (CD) (IMPORT)(ALIENS)  ($15.00)
DISHARMONY -"frames"               (CD) (IMPORT) (ALIENS) ($15.00)

DIVERJE -"stitched"  (CD)  (DSBP)   ($12.00)
Hard Electro/Harsh Industrial styles with powerful vocals. 15 tracks fill this 
disc to the brim with the CLUB STOMPING EBM hits "smell the blood", 
"stitched","evil one", "unleashed" and "run like hell" and then progesses into 
the riveting COLDWAVE tracks "tear it down" and the J.Geils Band track "come 
back" done in a more modern, harder, Industrial way. Emileigh of CHIASM lends 
her vocals on the dancey "help me", and some TRANCE flavors mix with EBM on 
"wrapped around" and "ho for sho".A totally cohesive and intresting album all 
the way. The remixes of "stitched" and "smell the blood" from DEAD JUMP, ALIEN 
PRODUKT, PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, and NOISE PROCESS give the listeners an extra 
dosage of CLUB DRIVEN EBM and more QUALITY music for your dollar as 
well.Support the DSBP!


HexRx - "X"            (CD)       (NEGATIVE GAIN)   ($12.00)
From Long Beach, California, HEX RX is a project featuring Roger Jarvis of 
Kevorkian Death Cycle and Taury Goforth of KiLL SWiTCH. The new album ''X'' is 
hard music for the dance floor, mixing EBM, glitch, and noise in a maelstrom of 
sound. With their club hits, Dominate, and My Eyes Are Red, X is the must buy 
Terror EBM album of 2007! The project is underway, and a release is due out in 
late April, 2007 under Negative Gain Productions

C/A/T -"point of know return"   (CD)  (CRUNCHPOD)  ($12.00)
C/A/T's Point of No Return bridges the prolific project's last 2 offerings-- 
The Rogue Pair and ATF-- and promptly burns that bridge to absolute hell. 
Inspired by dozens of high-energy U.S. shows in the last two years with top 
name acts, C/A/T's distinctive hard, addictive basslines and clever sampling 
remain, but PONR now adds vocals and additional stomp appeal to club-ready 
tracks, throwing out all the preconceived notions of what the project was but 
simultaneously adding to its best elements in the process. Get ready for what 
will inevitably considered a major step forward in the evolution of C/A/T. The 
prisoner has escaped, so be ready for the onslaught, as there's no going back 

CERVELLO ELETTRONICO  -negate the instigator"(CD)(CRUNCHPOD)($12.00) 
Taken from the Italian phrase for computer that literally translates to 
electronic brain, Cervello Elettronico is the electronic musical act founded by 
David Christian [aka Snarf]. Influenced by 80s Industrial and 90s Electronica, 
the project's inception in 2001 contributed to a new underground scene growing 
in the New York City area. Several demos and self released EPs were sold and 
openly distributed throughout the internet before the the act landed it's first 
live show supporting Manufactura and Terrorfakt in the spring of 2004 at NYC's 
legendary Albion night. Since then Cervello Elettronico has performed more than 
50 live performances all over the world including The Avalon in Los Angeles, 
Slimelight in London, Montreal, Mexico City, and at the Moritzbastei in 
Leipzig, Germany for Planet Myer Day V. Negate The Instigator is the long 
awaited debut album by Cervello Elettronico which will see its release in early 
2007 on Crunch Pod. Its sound can best be described as a mix of Power Noise, 
EBM, and Techno. From start to finish, different layers of sound are tied 
together by heavy bass, driving rhythms, abrasive percussions, and meticulously 
placed samples. This inaugural release helps define the shape of things to come 
for this act and the genre.

This is a real intresting and solid compilation featuring
many of todays upcoming and diverse electro/industrial,
noise, and industrial rock bands mainly from the USA.
This compilation is filled to the brim...78 minutes of
new and unreleased tracks from...
and OMNOS...18 tracks in all.This does kick ass!!!

BIPOL -"ritual"    (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
ritual is the result of two years of hard work, a mixage of electronic 
tribal/triphop beats, combined with dark psychotic soundscapes, drony bass 
lines and odd voice samples. bipol's music could be seen as the continuation of 
industrial music before power noise took over; that is, pounding beat boxes, 
irritating electro acoustic sounds and disturbing implementation of effects. 
the mood is quite the same on this release - brinkert's technical skills and 
ritual's production prove that this cd is a topical one. moctan's remix of 
invocation demonstrates that bipol's basics work perfectly in hard 
four-to-the-floor context. now, if only these two artists would combine their 
abilities... but that's another story.

bipol's aim is to create a menacing sentiment of insecurity that is a result of 
medial influences in our industrial civilisation. a kaleidoscope of hope, 
aspiration and fear, turned into sound. from the beginning you will be trapped 
in a cage of sheer intensity, unable to escape and unwilling to stop listening. 
this is the soundtrack of life's dark corners. enjoy...

GJOLL -"not to lead nor to follow" (CD) (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00) 
on their second release, jhann eirksson and sigurur hararson follow the 
ideological path that they began with 'way through zero'. instead of one 
conceptual work divided in parts, gjll presents six tracks. the lyrics printed 
in the cd booklet show this project's empathy for the individual who is able to 
detach from political, religious or social necessities. even without listening 
to gjll's music you can already feel the anger, the challenges of society's 
excrescences, and the frustration about the way things are (and about the way 
things should be).

as on the previous album, gjll transcribe their musical statements into a 
process in which the listener is forced to open up. pulsing drones, mighty 
synth layers, heavy sequencer patterns and disembowelling sub-basses combine 
with hararson's ear-piercing vocals and the result is an unforgettable 
listening experience. this project's music is hard to compare, but both 
musicians are able to merge the intensity of grindcore or doom metal with 
industrial's sonic variety.

LUSINE ICL - "language barrier"  (CD) (HYMEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
language barrier is jeff mcilwain's first album for hymen records since his 
iron city full length, released in 2002. (not including the 3" cd contribution 
for the travel sickness box set or the condensed singles
here, mcilwain explores his ambient side to a fuller extent than in any of his 
previous releases. beautiful chord structures melt with excerpts from his huge 
archive of field recordings. characteristic layers and
treatments are mostly kept together by a metric structure accented with subtle 
rhythms. 'jetstream', for example, gets this structure from a 
sample-and-hold-like-treatment - restrained, but still very sonically

language barrier is ambient electronic music at it's best, providing a relaxed, 
entrancing sentiment - music to be listened to, carefully and often.

MORDACIOUS - "torture tactics"   (CD) (TELEGRAMMETRY) ($12.00)
The 2nd CD release from this hard working Califonian.Strong EBM/
DARK INDUSTRIAL sounds here with a solid 16 tracks/63 minutes
to enjoy.The production is very clear and powerful, and the
vocals have that tortured distorted sound with some cool melody
as well.A definate must have for those who dig the harsh EBM sound.

STENDECK - "faces"     (CD) (GESKA)   ($13.00)
This album is delicious blend of upbeat & downtempo electronica that relies 
heavily on distorted and dirty beats, luminous soundscapes and basslines. 
Stendecks new project is to provide the soundtrack to one of our greatest 
fears: losing our identity. Discover 17 new songs that are so deep and highly 
emotional.This album should appeal to HYMEN/AD NOISEAM fans as well.Take this 
journey and get lost in the rich textures...

INERTIA -"inertia"      (CD) (CRYONICA)(IMPORT)($14.00)
Back from their latest USA tour the new INERTIA is released.This album
has some of their strongest material to date with a harder edged sound
and guitars on nearly every track.They still maintain their great electronic 
based sound and range further than ever before.
The dual vocal attack of Reza and Alexys continues in classic form here
and some infectious tracks are the result.

MULPHIA  -"dark sides"   (CD) (ADVOXYA RECORDS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
This Czech project has a cool flavour to it as he mixes up darkwave, and
electronic, and some atmospheric sounds as well as the epic instrumental
title track which is a trip.Eerie melodies and dark tracks fill this 15 track 
disc with some fresh, new and intresting material.

NOTHING NADA -"nicht nichego" (CD)(ADVOXYA RECORDS)(IMPORT)($14.00)
Female fronted EBM with some catchy tracks for the dance floor and a mix of 
synthpop, and trance influences as well.The 11 tracks are all strong and will 
appeal to fans of the DIVA X NACHINA compilations as well.
Includes a video clip of the single "red armageddon".Great sounding band!

SCRAPE-"cruelest intentions"  (CD)   (DARK REALITY) ($12.00)
Dark, raw and pounding electro industrial from Canada.
8 brand new tracks which range from harder and fast to slower and
eerie.Power noise/ambient influences are apparent as well as old school 
electro.3 Bonus remixes of "no dawn" from STRANGE AS ANGELS,

ANGELS ON ACID -"eyes behind the curtain"(CD-R) (ANGELSONACID)($10.00)
A very impressive debut CD from one of the finest new bands in the USA.
They combine variations of electro/industrial music with dance floor tracks as 
well as stompier coldwave induced tracks for flavor as well.
The vocals also have some originality as they switch back and forth from
harsh to melodic and have a sound of their own.13 tracks power this disc!
The packaging is as close to a real CD as you can get but it is the high 
quality CD-R pressing here.

THE GARLAND CULT-"protect yourself from hollywood" (2CD) (NINTHWAVE)($12.00)
The new electro dance project from EMPIRE STATE HUMAN members.This album has a 
lot of catchiness to it and a new wave meets modern synthpop sound.
Mixing in female vocals with the predominant male vocal you know from E.S.H.and 
the music is as dancey as it gets!
This is a special 2 CD set. You get the full album plus a Cd with 6 remixes 
from Qubiq of The Garland Cult songs, including songs like "Self Control" and 
"All good Things." These remixes are not on any of the online stores by btw.

SPACE MARCH -"without this you can never change" (CD)(NINTHWAVE) ($12.00)
This is the 2nd album from  this synthpop band which mixes in an alternative 
rock blend in the songwriting to this album but with
infections melodies and sounds of synthpop bands.11 introspective
and diverse tracks with a original twist.

A very cool and classic Synthpop tribute to one of the best new wave electronic 
The hits and the more obscure are represented here by..GANYMEDE,

ALAN REPLICA- "simulacra"     (CD) (NINTHWAVE)  ($12.00)
The new Alan Replica has a good variety of synthpop electronics.
14 tracks here with some slower melancholy as well as dancey
fun tracks that show his signature sound.Showing lots of emotion
and synthpop in a modern setting with personal songs to relate with.

ALAN REPLICA -"clockworks, juliet" (CD) (NINTHWAVE) ($10.00)
This is the debut from A.R. which has a originality to it, and a
great blend of dark, and upbeat synthpop tracks reaching into the
future and what lies beyond this world.

HEAVEN 17 -"I'm gonna make you fall in love with me" (CD single)
The new single from their comeback album "before after"..This remix
single has 10 remixes of the title and "hands up to heaven"for the clubs and 
dubs as well.Features QUBIQ, DONQUIBE, T-TOTAL, ELECTROLUVS, and more.

SONIC HUB featuring MARTIN FRY(ABC)-"new man"the remixes(CD-single)($5.00)
The new project featuring ABC's vocalist Martin Fry with a cool new single
and remixes for the clubs and some dub, tribal from Qubiq as well.
6 remixes in all and a new chapter for one of New Waves finest vocalists.

OHN -"in the end, all things begin" (CD) (ILL DOUGH) ($12.00)
This is the 2nd release from this Austin based project.Mixing in a more
accessible sound with the vocals on this one.The project combines
electronica, jazz, freeform and trip hop into a cool mixture and
dancey as well as catchy at times.

OHN -"lets get it..."   (CD)      (ILL DOUGH)     ($12.00)
This is Bildeaux's debut album and really shows his influences well into a mix 
of his own.The 15 tracks here are instrumental and lots of talent and
fine groovy music here that can appeal to anyone really.

CAUSTIC -"booze up and riot" (CD) (CRUNCHPOD) ($12.00)
In just their few short years of existence, (Combichrist) Caustic has become 
one of the most iconic ironic bands in the electronic music genre. After 
finishing up their playing one show and getting kicked off tour in support of 
KMFDM in the fall of 2006, (Combichrist) Caustic earned even more notoriety 
among fans of industrial rock who had previously never heard of them. With an 
never growing army of fans, (Combichrist) Caustic is poised to release What The 
Fuck Is Wrong With You People? Booze Up And Riot, their newest album in 2007. 
Featuring last year's break out single, ''Get Your Body Beat The Hustle (which 
technically isn't even on the main disc- it's on the ''Binge Drinking'' special 
edition.),'' the album is an explosive barrage of corrosive beats, leering 
vocals, and acidic melodies. WTFIWWYP? BUAR is a high energy, adrenaline 
charged piece of sonic battery. If you don't find yourself sweaty, naked, out 
of breath, and bleeding by the time the album is finished, you weren't 
listening to the new Combichrist! (However, the new Caustic will only leave you 
drunk and/or pregnant.)

Back in stock.....
C/A/T -"the rogue pair"   (CD)   (CRUNCHPOD)    ($12.00)

OHN -"revolutionary revolution"   (CD) (ILL DOUGH) ($12.00)
The third and most catchy album from this electronic band from Texas.
A hybrid mix of electronica, soulful female vocals, breakbeat, glitch,
jazzy lounge sounds, and very memorable songs with nice arrangements
and will appeal to Bjork, Emilie Simon,Freezepop and the like..

DSBP RECORDS celebrates their 10th anniversary with a brand
new compilation FULL of the BEST NEW and UNRELEASED DSBP music!
The bands are all from the DSBP family and the tracks are aimed
for the CLUBS, Internet Radio and stomping parties alike!
The first 50 buyers of this compilation will also receive an
additional DSBP compilation of thier choice!! so get in touch now!!
You will hear some of the best, diverse and intresting electro/industrial
music out today.These bands ALL have a sound of their own, and will keep
the clubs rocking!

REIN[FORCED] (TERRORFAKT Rein[terpretation])"


THIS MORN OMINA-"the hegira trilogy" (3CD box set) (ANT-ZEN)($40.00)
the hegira trilogy (1997-2001)

interest in this trilogy has not declined even though the last musical note of 
the hegira trilogy was made almost 6+ years ago and the tracks from this period 
have not been played live in a very long time. perhaps it is because all three 
releases were extremely limited or perhaps it is because people want to know 
the origins of this morn' omina. for whatever reason, listeners now have a 
chance to get acquainted with the musical history of this morn' omina.

it all started after a turbulent and extremely hot summer night (no sleep for 
days because of the heat) in 1996. this morn' omina was born the next day - the 
project title referred to that specific moment in time ("the morning of 
omens/portents"). the search for a new 'language' began shortly afterward - a 
language that consisted of nothing more than an md-player (used as a sampler!), 
tape deck, bass guitar and effect pedals, lowgrade drumpads (noisy!), a gm 
module and a 4-track cassette recorder). 1996 saw the production of three tape 
recordings which attracted the attention of magthea (hybryds) and this resulted 
in a compilation appearance (daft records). the first cd was released on old 
europa cafe in 1997 (nezeru enti sebauem neterxertet)
  here with you will find the entire hegira trilogy, presented in a beautiful 
boxset. when the original albums were initially released,
they only caught  the attention from a few insiders; now you have the 
opportunity to listen  to all three already deleted single albums at once, 
showing the concept of  the trilogy which took years to create, but also the 
progression of the  outstanding belgian project. a proof that all musical 
characters of t.m.o.  were already present right from the beginning: 
ritualistic ambience,  tribal beats and catching samples - a powerful symbiosis 
of dark electro structures and sacred-ritual trance atmospheres.

so enjoy the upgraded version of this morn' ominas early years!

GENETIC SELECTION -"world of tomorrow"  (CD)(ANT-ZEN)($14.00)
on this album, g.s. combines heavy rhythms with his interpretation of various 
styles. hypnotic synth lines converge with pounding four to the floor 
sequences, symphonic choirs ('epic dreams'), disturbing shattered voice samples 
('a man and his droid'), and electronic ambience ('whispers in the dark'). all 
of this (and more) is welded together with straight but well elaborated 
drumwork (and breakbeats). in short, a varied sound journey can be found within 
a "world of tomorrow". for instance, in 'brotherhood of steel', g.s. presents a 
dance track with vocals that could turn a discotheque into a starlight casino.

another great album by a real starship trooper who is back to squash some more 

SUBSTANTZ-T  -"beyond e"       (CD) (HYMEN) ($14.00) (IMPORT)
there is one trend in substanz-t's musical development and that is its 
uniqueness. that is, substanz-t does not have just one sound. the chilling 
ambience of tripped experiences was followed by the hip-hop
influenced electric opium; the moods may change but the vibe never will. four 
years have passed, and that vibe is still within "beyond e".substanz-t has 
traded electric opium's roughness for hypnotic, almost
melancholic sentiments. this album is a perfect merger of downtempo beats, 
post-psychedelic electronica, driving electric bass pulses and soulful vocals. 
synth lines, sequences and striking effects are kept
together by varied rhythms - which expertly balance acoustic and electronic 
instrumentation. all the while, a manipulated, manipulating voice calls you...

listening to substanz-t's music is like being sucked into a black hole - you 
never know what is waiting beyond... new colour. new dimension. new value

HECQ -"0000"     (2CD) (HYMEN)    ($14.00)    (IMPORT)
hecq can be seen as a phenomenon: an artist who consistently shows his amazing 
skills in creating new sound, a producer that works with musical technology and 
presents remixes that spotlight unseen facets in
the work of other musicians. boysen is more than an expert knob twidler; the 
listener can easily hear that there is a sensitive human being operating the 
controls. on 0000, atmospheric soundscapes meet
sharp cadences and abrupt breaks which leads the enthralled listener into 
hecq's world - an audiobook without a narrator.

cd2 is a collection of hecq remixes and collaborations by nine different 
artists (some of them yet unknown - rekt, sytrjv, phylum sinter...) and others 
that are familiar (mad ep, snog, nebulo, newt, ginormous...). sounds range from 
syncopated electronic surveys and threatening soundtrack ambience to a chilling 
sound carpet that is accompanied by a voice that every hymen records' listener 
should know...

This is a real fine power noise, hard industrial compilation with some
great new upcoming artists and some that we already know of...
The bands included are...
Kalishnikov, Necrotek, Ilion Conflict, Lockbox, ZinForge, Viral Lode, Stratum 
Automata, Embodi, Slayv Axis, Hazing Ritual, HIV+, Melek-Tha, [SM], C/A/T, 
Weltkrieg, The Operative, T-Faktor (Terrorfakt), Exodrum, IntSec, W.A.S.T.E. & 
Dj Redskeye!!

SLAYV AXIS -"suicide faktory"  (CD)  (S.M.K.)    ($10.00)
The new release is really showing a tight collection of work,
Crunchy rhythms, dark industrial, sinister samples, and
intense power noise music with some twists and turns.Distorted
killer sounds for the dance floor.17 tracks in all, packaged
in a slimline DVD case.

Derrick  Stembridge brings forth a sound that incorporates
groove rhythms, instrumental riffs and concrete sounds inventing
an ambient sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow.
The tracks all have a dreamy texture to them, and keep your ears
intrested with melody and layerings.Drev offers some guest vocals on
the "unknowndivide" offering an electro dance piece with vocoded
voices in harmony."chameleon" also carries this kinda sound with
vocoding and dancey sounds from this new emerging talent.

SCHYZZO.COM -"interfears network"  (CD) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)(IMP)
The Schyzzo.com electro-noise-ebm band formed in 2004 march with Karls,
Victors and Brazils co-operation. However the band members made music
since 2002, the idea of doing it together appeared only two years later.
   It is a diverse and intresting band with a sound of their own
and they are a band mixing together the main traits of electro, noise
and ebm, definitely  club music, say intense and powerful, surprisingly melodic 
at the same time.10 tracks and a very refreshing ride all the way!

IMPACT PULSE -"(pulse)ing module" (CD)(ADVOXYA)($14.00) (IMP)
A great EBM/Industrial dance project from this Hungarian duo.
A very addictive and powerful sound reminiscent of FRONT LINE
ASSEMBLY, or HAUJOBB at their best.A real good vocal style and the band
seems to have their own sound and blend of electro flavors.Geared for
the clubs there is some sampled instrumental stuff, as well as a strong female 
vocal collaboration from Linda Daemon.
This one took us by surprise on how great it really is!!

WAVEFALL-"huge frustration"(CD) (ADVOXYA)($14.00) (IMP)
Russia's hardest hitting EBM/dark industrial act! This band mixes
a brutal ebm sound with industrial tendencies and harsh scaything
vocals.The sound is catchy and fits in well with the harsh electro
sound everyone is digging these days, but these guys have their own
twist and turns on it and add some real intresting elements to it all.

back in stock from.. ADVOXYA RECORDS
CYCLONE B -"consequences of hidden truth" (CD)(ADVOXYA)($14.00)(IMP)

Z PROCHECK - "intravenous"  (CD) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)(IMP)
Z PROCHECK - "viewers"      (CD) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)(IMP)
THE-PULSAR -"awakening"     (CD) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)(IMP)

IDIOT STARE -"welcome to babylon" (CD) (IDIOT STARE) ($12.00)
This Califonian powehouse coldwave/industrial band is back!
The new album finally released on a "real CD" and it totally
rocks out!10 great tracks with the signature cyberpunk sound
Idiot Stare is known for since the early 90's...some catchy,
hard, dancey and aggressive music here.Something to Rock to!

DJ HIDDEN -"the later after"   (CD) (AD NOISEAM) ($14.00)
25 releases on vinyl over the course of seven years (not counting the ones of 
his Outside Agency and Semiomime monikers), for such labels as Ruff Teck, 
Outbreak, Killing Sheep or Sub/Version, here comes finally the first full 
length album by DJ Hidden. "The Later After" presents a hour long of new 
material ranging from the hardest and most twisted drum'n'bass to more 
downtempo, atmospheric tracks. At the same time a long due crowning for this 
musician and a perfect introduction for people who have been missing out, "The 
Later After" is the most accomplished and unequaled achievement by this 
impudently skillful producer.

ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION-"a passage in time" (CD-R)(DSBP/ESR)($10.00)
BLANK -"artificial breathing" (CD) (ART OF FACT)  ($12.00)
ALICE IN VIDEOLAND -"outrageous"  (CD) (STORMING) ($12.00)

SLAVE UNIT -"the battle for last place" (CD) (SLAVE UNIT) ($12.00)
SLAVE UNIT had some great tracks on COP INT'L during the late 90's and
have always had an original touch to their poweful sound.This is a return
for this hard hitting band with 10 great new tracks mixing in the style of
coldwave, electro, rock and a touch of hip hop influence as well.They 
definately kick some ass on this new album and take the band a step further.

TAU FACTOR -"prototype"  (CD) (ADSR)    ($12.00)
This one is in by demand from the fans just discovering TAU FACTOR
from the new DSBP release.This is the debut album and 5 years old.
You will find dancey,futuristic electro/industrial with deep vocals,
and some harder edged stuff as well..He walks the line between
dancey EBM and old school hard industrial.A wicked cool debut!
Limited copies available..so order now!

ReAdjust - "statement"      (CD) (HYPERVOXX)   ($12.00)
Brand new dark electro from GERMANY with futurepop moments
and some female vocals as well as the predominant male
singer(dark electro stuff).Great for the clubs as well and this
has some good variety and production for a first release.

STAHLSCHLAG -"acousticophobie"  (CD) (HYPERVOXX) ($12.00)
Another new GERMAN signing for HYPERVOXX.This duo gives us
dancey rhythmical Noise with cool samples and a definate
gear towards the dance floor, with influences from SYNAPSCAPE,
HYPNOSKULL, CAUSTIC, and the ANT-ZEN sound they will get noticed
in this scene quick.Lets the power noise crush you!

This international dark/electro/experimental compilation
from the Aliens Productions label covers a lot of territory
and exclusive sounds to reveal. Packaged in a round metal box with tracklisting 
and band info.
16 tracks in all and new sounds from...OTX meets Kenji Siratori,

DISHARMONY -"malignant shields"(CD) (ALIENS) (IMPORT)($15.00)
the dark electro, and mysterious alien ambience of
this project is  unparalled in the genre.With this new 13 track disc the band 
delves further  into their trademark sound.They mix the best
elements of GRIDLOCK/DRYFT,  and classic SKINNY PUPPY into a
mesmerizing head trip.. amazing moments indeed on this album and arrangements 
that keep things real intresting.

NOISE PROCESS -"ground zer0"   (CD)  (DSBP) ($12.00)
This is the long anticipated follow-up to the much acclaimed
debut "Neural Code" LP. Featuring 13 tracks/78min of an intense
electro/industrial onslaught. The extreme aggression of the album
is apparent from the very start.
The crushing rhythms and infectious melodies will leave your mind
reeling and your body MOVING! They know how to change things up within
the album to keep the listener aware and guessing...

This album has a good amount of CLUB ready harsh EBM as well as more
darker and introspective electro songs and a very cool epic
instrumental piece to end the album.These guys know their stuff,
and they are among the best of todays industrial sound.

CYANIDE REGIME -"visions of order" (CD) (GORESTORE) ($10.00)
Cyanide Regime is the joint effort of Colombian Fernando S. and Americans 
Natalie G. and Christine S. out of Miami, Florida. Their objective is the 
creation of dance-oriented tracks on the vein of the new Dark Electro 
Industrial. Their music, lyrics and concept depict the members interest with 
geopolitics, religion, and current events even though their thematic does not 
limit to those issues.This first CD release contains 12 blistering industrial 
tracks with a darkened edge. Their stage persona
is filled with brutal energy and in-your-face attitude. Join the regime.

INSTANS -common ground"   (CD) (IMPORT) (ADVOXYA) ($14.00)
The more EBM side of the SEVERE ILLUSION boys.Their project here is more dancey 
and lots of nice analog and tweaky synth sounds, memorable
tracks that will remind you at times of S.I., and a bit more refined.
The vocals are a bit more clear on this release, yet they have the signature 
sound S.I. is known for.
13 solid tracks here fill this CD with some great mix of old school electro, 
and dance floor EBM.

TAU FACTOR -"second stage ignition"   (CD)  (DSBP) ($12.00)
TAU FACTOR is the one-man hard Electro-EBM project from the mind of Seattle, WA 
musician Carsten P. Pulling influence from the dark electro greats of the early 
90s, but with his own unique, modern twist. Tau Factor's sound has progressed 
over a well-received release of "Prototype" on ADSR Musicwerks to the new, just 
completed full-length known as Second Stage Ignition, featuring 11 new tracks 
and a cover of Mentallo & The Fixer's "Inhumanities," blessed by Gary Dassing 
himself. Additionally, a powerful remix from Greek EBM band PreEmptive Strike 
0.1 is included, and a music video for the song Motionless, produced by 
Resonance Digital Arts in Seattle.

Tau Factor's sound ranges from heavy and explosively danceable, to atmospheric 
and cosmic, but at all times bringing together emotional depth with digital 
hardness to create something both dark and intense, yet human and relatable.

AB OVO -"mouvements"    (CD)    (ANT-ZEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
the project's trademark of dark soundscapes and well-placed rhythms (mixed with 
a soundtrack type feel) can also be found within this new work. what might be a 
bit surprising though is the emphasis on rhythm; the opener 'hmisphre' f.e. 
contains a straight, almost trip-hop oriented beat that demands the listener's 
attention. the haunting, hypnotizing mood is still there but now it is tied to 
a metric like structure that wasn't obvious in ab ovo's previous releases. 
sometimes, these beats are actually just bits - as in 'inlandsis', where a 
short drum & bass interference emerges for just a few seconds. well placed 
samples, as in 'diaclase', enrich ab ovo's sound perfectly while not 
overwhelming the electronic sequences. voices - as a sample in 'you are very 
far now' or as real vocals on 'in some ways' are also more apparent than on ab 
ovo's earlier works. especially judith juillerat's guest appearance which 
pushes ab ovo toward a direction they are unknown for - a beautiful song which 
could also attract 4ad addicts. the co-written track, 'the long tomorrow', ends 
the album with a breeze of sadness and melancholy - the perfect ending for a 
truly astounding album by this excellent project.

ARCHITECT - "lower lip interface"  (CD)(HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
  an orgy of synth-wizardry, complex rhythms and
manipulated vocals. forcing beats meet distorted sequences, overlayed
with a stunning usage of effects, interrupting breaks and acoustic 
instrumentation. economically used sampling and distraction add up the
tracks, a style architect is known for since the beginning. this is 
state-of-the-art electronic sound inseminated with sweat, sex and aspiration, 
showing myer's ability to push a few knobs and get a highly
concentrated extract of sweat, pain and lust.

this album proves daniel myer as a sixty-minute man who knows how to use all of 
his' tools. enjoy these ten climaxes plus the three phantastic remixes by 
torrent vacine, nebulo and synnack - beware of the lower lip interface!

KEEF BAKER -"red eye"    (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
in his' own words, the 'keef baker' project started as a cross between 
gridlock, somatic responses, venetian snares and tri repetae period autechre. 
'i have expanded (these influences) to include
a lot more including dub, jazz, bits of metal, funk, post-rock, straight drum & 
bass, indie-rock and the like. not in an attempt to break new ground but in an 
attempt to write the kind of music i'd like to listen to. if new ground ends up 
being broken on the way then all the better. redeye has took nearly 2 1/2 years 
to write, the earliest track on it dates back to around june/july '04 and the 
latest to around nov '06. redeye refers to two things, one being an old 
fashioned term for whiskey and the other referring to the feeling of tiredness 
that i've had for quite some time.'

the uniqueness of keef's musical talent can be described in mixing the above 
mentioned influences without breaks within one single track. melodic idm, drum 
& bass patterns, breakcore effect usage and sampling
weirdness endorse each other, the changing of rhythms totally make sense, the 
different moods keep the listener in a permanent state of positive tension. a 
perfect symbiosis of electronic and acoustic
instruments ('tombola thrill killer' with its embedded electric bass might be 
an example). the quality of the production is just stunning: clear, powerful 
and transparent. this is one of these albums you will
listen to dozens of times and you always find some new details - the time it 
took to finish 'redeye' is obvious on every note.

TERMINAL 11 -"fractured sunshine" (CD) (HYMEN)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
terminal11's music was described as: "it's like hearing a drum machine for the 
very first time." this description does seem like the perfect definition of 
mike castaneda's sound - especially after listening to his compilation 
appearances and the brilliant 'illegal nervous habits' cd. the term 'beats' is 
re-defined by the sound maniac from arizona. a whirl of samples, time lapse 
meters and black hole like compression of track structures - "terminal 11s 
sounds roams in an accelerated twilight zone where music turns into data and 
data turns into music" (jason forrest).

on 'fractured sunshine' all this madness is present, but castaneda has 
straightened out everything a tiny bit. 'counter clockwise chant pattern' f.e. 
has a song like structure - including a 'bridge' and some
sort of 'chorus'. however, terminal11 has re-built the patterns of today's 
popular music into something new. this is far beyond 'academic electronic 
music' where only sound itself counts; you can always hear
the human being behind the knobs that are being pushed. this music arrogates 
intransigently - it has to be listened to. sure this is not 'easy listening' 
based on today's standards, but it is indeed soul music - have a try, you won't 
regret it!

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN -"the toy factory"(CD)(BAZOOKA JOE) (IMPORT)($13.00)
it has been two years since rorschach gardens last album, 'our japanese
friends', but the world is still enjoying their mixture of danceable beats, 
charmful melodies and unique vocals. the music hits the listener right in the 
centre of their heart. it also seems that the italian division of ford thought 
the same thing - an excerpt from 'robot song' was chosen as a soundtrack for a 
ford fiesta tv ad. now here is trg's long-awaited follow-up: the cd presents 
fourteen new tracks (except the entirely re-recorded'society'). 'life is a 
combat' starts up with a bang: darrin huss (psyche) is the vocalist and 
interprets philipp mnch's lyrics
brilliantly. on 'l'homme deconnect', french independent legend charles de
goal is the guest vocalist (he also wrote the lyrics). btw this is a nice
example of what myspace is good for - the contact between charles and trg
was initiated by a friend add! with 'the toy factory' trg delivers a
contemporary masterpiece of electro-pop without any 'revival' clichs. some
of the tracks have already garnered cheerful comments when they were played 
live and the album will definitely elate the rorschach-fanbase.
welcome to the toy factory!

SYRIAN - "Alien Nation"  (CD)   (A.D.D.) ($14.00)
Syrian presents the next chapter in their onslaught of ultra-danceable,
irresistably edgy, futuristic themed albums! "Alien Nation" is purhaps
the band's most diverse effort so far, blending in some crunchy guitar sounds 
and throbbing industrial beats along with their
established trance-influenced club sounds and synthpop melodies. The songs 
explore visions of the future, both hopeful and fearful. The album includes a 
unforgettable club anthem featuring a duet with
Alphaville's dynamic vocalist, Marian Gold.  Listen to the radio mix of the 
song "Supernova" featuring Marian Gold on www.myspace.com/adifferentdrum

BACK IN STOCK!! (high demand imports)
DISHARMONY -"Frames" (CD)  (ALIENS PROD)(IMPORT)  ($15.00)
SAMHAIN -violent identity" (CD) (ALIENS PROD)(IMPORT)($15.00)
GAPING CHASM -"fragments of war" (CD) (ALIENS PROD)(IMPORT) ($15.00)

ANDERS MANGA -"blood lush"    (CD)   (VAMPTURE)  ($12.00)
Anders Manga returns with his 4th studio album and what a hard
working man he is.This is another triumph as he rocks out with some
great dancey Electro tracks, signature darkwave/ebm hybrid tracks,
and his thick deep vocal and catchy choruses keep you wanting more.
This 10 track disc also includes a cover version of an old WASP song done 
darkwave style, as well as some fun/sampled instrumental
tracks.Each album gets better and more memorable from this amazing artist!

MARK NICHOLAS - "duchess 33"    (CD) (DIRTY ELECTRONIC) ($12.00)
Mark Nicholas, aka Cosmicity, has finally released his awaited new album
bearing his own name as the title.This is a slight break away from
pure synthpop as he explores a harder edge of electronic sounds and 
incorporates more industrial/ebm friendly songs that will appeal to a new 
audience.Some tracks have a dark humor that is much needed in the scene and 
still maintains his signature sound of Cosmicity as well.
This is definately catchy as ever but it is "dirty electronic"!!


These are limited supply IMPORTS I recently acquired in a trade...
theres 1-3 copies of each...so you need to order them ASAP
MASTERMIND - "Power"   (CD) (MONOPOL RECORDS) ($14.00)
SLEEPWALK - "no compromise"  (CD) (SCANNER)  ($12.00)
DOLLS OF PAIN -"decadance"  (CD)  (URGENCE DISK) ($14.00)
BAK XIII -"morituri te salutant"(CD) (URGENCE DISK) ($14.00)
PSYCHICOLD -"inner chaos"     (CD)   (NARKUS PROD.) ($14.00)
SKOYZ - "hologram"     (CD)      (CORTEX RECORDS)  ($14.00)
WIRED BRAIN -"(re)wired"    (CD) (CORTEX RECORDS)($14.00)

The amazing INTERBREEDING Series from BLC PRODUCTIONS continues here!
2 CD's and 37 tracks fill this massiv production with a full
16 page full color booklet with the wicked artwork of DEADDREAMER...
featuring these bands...Kubix, Nolongerhuman, Viscera Drip, Boundless, 
Gydja,Xentrifuge, Derma-Tek,Wertstahl,Stereomotion,Prototype,Dvation,
Deadjump, Worms of the Earth,Statik Sky, Alien Produkt,Function13,
Zauber, The Panic Lift, Stark, Homicide Division, Armed for War,
Stigmata, Frightdoll, Cyanide Regime, Brainclaw, Run Level Zero.
XP8 ,Suicide Solution feat. Lujhboia,Asseptic Room (Suicide Solution 
Remix),Engelmacher, Slayv Axis,Fix8:Sed8...this is a must for all
harsh EBM/industrial fans!! limited quantities get it now!!

V/A - A MURDEROUS MIX - (CD)      (MUSIC RATION) ($12.00)
Our 2nd release is a blend of aggressive industrial-rock, cutting-edge rap, and 
pulsing electronic coldwave.
New and exclusive tracks from...SMP, Ascetic, The Loyal Opposition,
Marginal Prophets, Lucid Dementia, Penal Colony Featuring SMP, Fatal Wisdom, 
Slave Unit, 64K, The Loyal Opposition,Lucid Dementia,
Labwrk, The Punk Group, SMP, Dimension Zero, Tankt...ecleptic and rocking!

Independent Releases
FIX8:SED8 - "humanophobia"   (CD) (IMPORT) (FIX8:SED8) ($14.00)
Influenced by bands such as Skinny Puppy and Velvet Acid Christ, the Fix8:Sed8 
sound is characterized by distinctive vocals and the excessive use of all kind 
of samples (clearly a result of Sanes preferences for Ogres and Ericksons 
work)."Humanophobia" is his first CD where he has chosen to integrate more 
immediate clubsounds and dance-elements into
his music.
In January 2005 Sane met sound-wizard Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Destroid), whose 
talents were enlisted to produce the tracks that would come to constitute 
"Humanophobia". The result is a record with an amazing degree of diversity on 
all levels, yet which still maintains the intriguing sonic elements that 
characteristic the fix8-sound, especially after the support of Husseyin Koroglu 
(Phunkmob) and Steve Dragon (In Strict Confidence) at the final stage of 

DIGITAL GEIST - "the zero engine"  (CD)  (DIGITAL GEIST) ($12.00)
This is the debut full-length CD of  Alex K and Newt, who are hiding behind 
this moniker and they offer as an interesting mixture of modern Techno/Trance 
combined with some IDM/Electronica influences, Futurepop and a slight excursion 
into Electro-Clash music. So youll get a fine and detailed arranged album which 
will easily push your body to the dancefloors. With the track "Someone Like Me" 
they also have a piece on board which features real male vocals (though  well 
manipulated with some vocoder effects...) and a real compositional  background. 
Several spoken word inputs done by Krista Dragomer can be  heard on 4 different 
tracks. This release also attracts attention because  it has several 
collaborations and remix works available. With FRONT 242 working on "Someone 
Like Me"they could indeed win one of the biggest players internationally,
Danish act NEOTEK has a good name in the Electro/EBM/Industrial scene. But it 
should be mentioned that both their remix works dont push the sound of DIGITAL 
GEIST any nearer to EBM or Electro/Industrial music  they swim with the stream. 
Favorites next to Someone Like Me can be named with Earworm (No Light Guides 
Us) (what a fine synth layer work!) and the dry Techno-styled Keep The Faith 
(featuring Christian K. of DHARMA LAB). Theres a lot of talent and real effort 
behind this album and if you dig some of the above mentioned styles, you would 
be surprised by the diversity this release has to offer
(Marc from CHain DLK)

SD6 -" between noise and transmission" (CD) (23DB)  ($12.00)
Rising from the ashes of the Portland, Oregon electronic act, Omnibox, SD6 was 
officially born in 2002.The project of OMNIBOx's Brandon Jerwa (also known for 
his comic book writing), now includes 3 live members, Nicole,Jessica and 
With everything in place, Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 was recruited for his 
well-known production polish to bring out the best in the music created by the 
band. The result is the bands debut, Between Noise and Transmission, a unique 
blend of emotionally intense lyrics, ear-catching melodies, and relentless 
dance beats with a fluid electronic backdrop. Indeed, the album is a still-life 
portrait of a band constantly in motion, but unwilling to be pushed in one 
defined direction. The band continues to play regular shows, supporting such 
acts as Covenant, Melotron, Cesium 137 and Icon of Coil. Full-scale tour plans 
are currently being mapped out for 2007, following the release of the new 

TOTAL PAIN KOLLAPZ - "hell is not heaven"(CD)(HYPERVOXX)  ($12.00)
A New signing from SWEDEN. 13 TRACKS OF TERROR-EBM.This has some
dark and eerie soundscapes as well as harsh industrial and
music for horror movie freaks for sure! A good band to fit
in the current times of harsh EBM ruling the underground!!

AKRON -"origins of the 7 deadly sins" (CD) (HYPERVOXX) ($12.00)
The music is instrumental and with some really intricate arrangement.
This is definately accessible for the dance floors as well as
headphone listening..A very unique and intriguing sound.

DRUMCORPS - "grist"       (CD)  (AD NOISEAM/COCK ROCK DISCO) ($13.00)
Grist", the debut full-length by Drumcorps features 11 tracks of amen blast 
beats, guitar-wash-screams, and plenty of musical tension. Quick and decisive, 
"Grist" is quite possibly the definitive breakcore/grindcore hybrid album of 
its kind. Far from just a typical grindcore mash-up mix, producer Aaron Spectre 
plays many of the riffs and tweaks the source material to near impossible 
levels, all making a passionate emotional attack on the listener. The intensity 
of his live shows has made him increasingly in demand, destroying parties from 
Tokyo to London. He's at the top of his game, and "Grist" proves it.

MOTHBOY -"deviance"     (CD)   (AD NOISEAM) ($13.00)
Mothboy's second full length album, Deviance is a very mature work in which his 
very bass heavy beat get adjusted to a new, faster tempo, and conjugated with 
more diversity and voices than ever. A very varied, personal and massive work, 
adding a solid stone to the Mothboy discography.

back in stock...

CODE 64 -"departure"   (2X CD)  (A.D.D.)  ($12.00)
SILICA GEL - "genesis"  (2X CD) (A.D.D.)  ($12.00)

DERMA-TEK - T-SHIRT - (black with white logo)XL, or L..... $15.00 
ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION -"a passage in time V1" (CD-R) (DSBP) ($10.00) 
This release is a stricly limited release for the fans and all those who want 
to dig ESR unreleased archives. From the beginning, ESR has been a productive 
group, int the past we created a lot of differents versions, "self remixes" and 
mixes and many other material. For some reasons, we haven't been able to 
release those versions before. That's something we have always wanted to  do 
according to your feedback, we do believe the demand is here.

"A Passage in Time" is a kind of trip through ESR atmospheres over the years 
(from 1999 to 2006). More over, this collection of unreleased versions and 
songs appears to be a kind of "Best of" collection from ESR so you'll get most 
of your favourite ESR songs here.
Because it is strictly limited release, it will only be available here and at 
the DSBP (for the american market).

SAEMSKIN  -"a simile for murder"    (CD)    (SAEMSKIN) ($10.00)
The Debut Solo effort from Josh Conley.7 tracks with some longer
epic tracks at the end of the album.This is a cool mix of electronic,
tribalesque noise, dark ambient, and industrial sounds.Somtimes more
laid back but with an eerie atmosphere and non-typical sounds.
Fans of Ant-Zen/Hymen bands will likely dig this sound too..

back in stock....

AUTOCLAV 1.1 - "visitor attractions"   (CD) (CRUNCHPOD) ($12.00)
Visitor Attractions is the follow up to the 2005 critically praised debut album 
You are my all and More.
In this his second full length outing, Tony Young reflects on everything he 
sees around him day by day. From the realisation of the speed in which life 
passes you by to the types of people you encounter on your journey, to absolute 
revulsion at the way mankind treats its non human companions on this earth, 
Young has sought to tell a story through a backdrop of heart rendering string 
sections, piano and broken beats.

Visitor Attractions is a rollercoaster ride of styles fighting for supremacy 
from emotional IDM, to breakcore to subtle electronica, ambient with flashes of 
industrial, displaying an all out maturity and growth from this artist aiming 
right for the heart.

The album is complemented with stunning remixes from Unter Null, Stendeck, 
Detritus and Displacer, and features a collaboration with spoken word artist 
It-Clings and Pneumatic Detach.

MANUFACTURA - "we're set silently on fire"  (CD)(CRUNCHPOD)($12.00)
We're set silently on fire" is the title of the 4th and new album by the now 
infamous, influential and unpredictable project known as Manufactura. With the 
success of his prior trilogy styled albums, Manufactura's Karloz .M paved a way 
in blending sounds, and genres not often heard in what is known today as 
industrial music. To this day many DJ's, clubs and fans have trouble 
classifying or labeling Manufactura to any one category.
Nevertheless Manufactura has conquered many dance floors and fans through out 
the world. With the new album, "We're set silently on fire" he gives us even 
more new sounds of heavy, hard and emotional work to devour. The Album Features 
14 tracks of hatred, violence, loss, betrayal, melancholy and pure 
unadulterated madness. Including a rendition of a song made famous by Bjork. 
Forget what you've heard before and be prepared to be set on fire.

ANDERS MANGA - "welcome to the horrorshow"  (CD) (VAMPTURE) ($11.00)
A quick follow-up to "left of an all time low" and this album delivers!
More very catchy and moody EBM/ darkwave with more of a dance flavor on this 
one, yet still has the slower, dark moments..
Features a cover of "the mercy seat" and 9 other new tracks.solid and memorable 
vocals and songwriting here..

COLONY 5 -"refixed"      (CD) (PROTOTYP)    ($13.00)
This is an intresting remix album...every song is remixed in the same order as 
its on the original album.The remixes are dancey and sometimes more laid back 
as well...All of the remixes are done by AMPLIFIER.
An intresting way to do it, and its nice to hear the songs with new
sounds, flavour and directions...a must have for fans of the band.

PROMETHEUS BURNING - "beyond repair"   (CD) (HIVE) ($12.00)
Beyond Repair is the sound of skyscrapers imploding - acres of wreckage 
careening, colliding, and smashing to dust, condensed into one immensely 
satisfying mindfuck. 11 tracks of propulsive noise, hard-as-iron beats, and 
deceptively infectious dancefloor barrages. Prometheus Burning bring the 
satisfying destructiveness back to industrial music - this is no distorted pop, 
no trance music about war. This is big fat noisey sledgehammer beats, razorwire 
vocals, and constantly morphing tortured electronics.

Having recently appeared alongside Xanopticon, Dev/Null, and Duran Duran Duran 
on the Jagoff Uprising double-12" from Thaco Records, Prometheus Burning is 
ready to see wide release and send a few kids home crying from the clubs with 
bones pounded into gelatin. Beyond Repair features the intensely irresistable 
dancefloor landmines "Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken" and "Significantly 

ESA - "devotion, discipline and denial"    (CD) (HIVE)   ($12.00)
An awesome release from the noize, experimental, industrial genre mix...
expect hard, evolving rhythms that will strain your speakers as well as your 
ear drums. Dark, brooding, and gritty as hell. ESA's massive, corrosive beats 
form the thorny spine on which agitated, sinister atmospheres hang - there is 
more songwriting to the compositions, more evolution and intent to the songs 
than the mindless, meandering beats that have come to define powernoise. This 
is the next generation of aggression in electronics, and we are very pleased to 
bring these punishing beats to your hungry ears.

ESA are poised to become the standard by which all distorted beat artists are 
measured. Mastered by Josh Collela, and featuring an absolutely spine-grinding 
remix by Scrap.edx.

EDGEY vs. DEPTH ERROR "the abuse technique"  (CD)    (HIVE) ($12.00)
   Two immense names in the hard electronics scene bare their teeth and enter a 
cold concrete cell armed with sledgehammers and fists wrapped in barbed wire. 
This CD records the brutality as beats as hard as a brick to the teeth claw for 
dominance over 14 tracks of destroyed rhythms, rumbling sub bass undercurrents, 
and split-knuckle hammering breaks.

One of the most prolific producers in the hard electronix scene, Edgey needs no 
introduction. His releases on Hands Productions, Black Monolith, DHR, and 
Reduced Phat showcase an impressive talent for smashing bits of industrial, 
breakcore, darkstep, ambient, and powernoise into a sound wholly his own. Depth 
Error is none other than Matt Green, UK's hardcore legend. The Depth Error 
project shows Matt expanding his palette to include breaks and impossibly dense 
sound structures coupled with deep bass swells and frenetic BPM changes. 
Massive and tirelessly frantic, this CD is an amazing addition to the Hive 
discography, and we are very pleased to bring it to the public.

V/A -BROKEN NIGHTLIGHTS Comp.   (CD)     (SUSPICIOUS)     ($12.00)
   The first compilation for Suspicious Records, Broken Nightlights is a 
cinematic journey across anonymous alleyways, silent bedrooms, and blurred 
cityscapes that hum with all the electricity, hope, and absence of the human 
heart. The songs collected on this CD represent the the very best artists 
making melancholic electronic bliss today, from the understated majesty of Arc 
Lab to the blue smoke and cool pre-dawn solace of Leaf to the sadness of Clover 
and the aching pure honesty of Sunday Munich. This album is necessary listening 
for fans of trip hop, glass-fragile downtempo electronica, and moody 
instrumental hip hop.
Features artists...Atonalis, Beauty's Confusion, Detritus, Clover, Opgave Arc 
Lab, Cinephile, Lacunae, Leaf, Sunday Munich, Ognihs, Atomica, DJ Inzi Moshe, 
Saltillo and Antenne...highly recommended for chill electronica.

Back in STOCK...

MONSTRUM SEPSIS -"movement"  (CD)(WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)
STATE OF THE UNION -"inpendum" (CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($12.00) 
STATE OF THE UNION -"black city lights" (CD)(WTII RECORDS)($12.00)
PTI   -"exhaust"   (CD)  (WTII RECORDS)     ($12.00)
PTI   -"blackout"  (CD)  (WTII RECORDS)     ($12.00)
STROMKERN -"flicker like a candle" (CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)
STROMKERN -"armageddon"            (CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)

ANGELSPIT -"krankhaus"   (CD) (ANGELSPIT) (IMPORT) ($14.00)

DAVANTAGE -"spit and shatter(CD)/conference (EP)" (DCD) (X-CEM MUSIC)
WYNARDTAGE   -"waste of time"   (CD)  (X-CEM MUSIC) ($13.00)
ACYLUM -"your pain"         (CD) (X-CEM MUSIC)    ($13.00)
FUTURE TRAIL -"big sky horizon"   (CD) (FIREZONE)  ($13.00)

TEMPLAR - "witch hunt" (EP)    (BLACK POPE MUSIC)  ($10.00)
Paradoxx side project "TEMPLAR". It comes as a limited CD release,
which includes a 12 page full colour booklet including a bonus track, "Witch 
Hunt (black plague mix) that has already had great responses from radio and 
Goth /industrial clubs alike .
This introduction to the "TEMPLAR project is a good addition for any Paradoxx 
fan , that showcases darkwave guitardriven tracks,Industrial,
that sometimes came thru on some Paradoxx nu-electro songs. Guest appearances 
on the CD are made by Ez Gomr (Jet Circus), Torbjrn Weinesj (Veni Domine) and 
Jani  Stefanovic (DivineFire).
The packaging will be sure to get your attention with its comic/hammer horror 
vibe, so grab a copy now!

WEAVE -"cell 29A" Soundtrack to Elsinore"   (CD)(NOIZFABRIK)  ($12.00)
This Canadian act has been hard at work with this dark concetual CD, and 
comic..The full package contains the comic and CD in jewel case as well.
A horror epic with a cool dark story inside the asylum, and WEAVE provide the 
fitting soundtrack with dark ambience, noisier brittle sounds,
electronic with older industrial influences...scattered vocals and samples 
throughout.A very intriguing concept and package overall.

also available
WEAVE -"fraktal"     (EP/CD-R) (NOIZFABRIK)     ($8.00)

RE/MOVE - "uppercut"    (CD) (DECADANCE)(IMPORT)($14.00)
Uppercut" is Re/Move's first strike to the world of "alternative electronic 
music" - modern and powerful synths, hard and ever-changing beats, plus the 
strength of electric guitars form the unique music of this Spanish band: it's 
the next step in EBM! Melodic and harsh; hard and complex.Their debut album 
reflects their already proven experience onstage and it's a declaration of 
their intentions: Remove any idea you had about EBM, this is the Future!

back in stock...
AUDIOPLUG - "x-posed"  (CD) (DECADANCE)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
PULCHER FEMINA -"shadows of the lovers" (CD) (DECADANCE)(IMPORT) ($14.00)

DISHARMONY -"xframes"  (CD) (ALIENS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
More dark electro with amazing interludes, and ambience...atmospheric dark 
electro at its finest with new tracks and remixes by GAPING CHASM,
ANHEDONIA,BLONDIE, FLINT GLASS and much more..12 tracks in all..essential.

SAMHAIN -"violent identity"  (CD) (ALIENS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
A side project of KIFOTH, and LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN...focusing on a more
neural electronic ambience, with dark industrial and samples included..it has a 
sound similar to old SKINNY PUPPY and modern DISHARMONY, GAPING CHASM...A very 
nice surprise and intriguing 12 song debut CD!

GAPING CHASM -"fragments of war" (CD) (ALIENS) (IMPORT) ($14.00)

KOBOLD -"a taste of copper"  (CD) (ARTOFFACT)   ($12.00)
Intensity. Emotional twisting and political deceit. Relationships bubbling, 
churning, wanting...and the nation state teetering. The art of Kobold speaks so 
strongly on its own, it is truly difficult to describe. The music is downright 
dark; the content is haunting, spine-tingling, exactly what industrial music 
and gothic culture purport themselves to be. Kobold's vision is balanced by a 
sense of seriousness--and a sense of ironic immediacy--which is overpowering. A 
wise artist once proclaimed "no name, no slogan" meaning (I think) that summary 
and flag-waving might be related to skipping the whole knowledge thing. But I 
digress: musically, Kobold is a modern and controlled glitch mixed with 
old-school industrial vocals and samples. The Taste Of Copper is a truly 
wonderful work of modern art.

back in stock...
COLONY 5 -"fixed" (CD)  (STORMING)    ($12.00)
RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY - "ram"       (CD-R)  (DBP)  ($8.00)

HYPNOSKULL -"panik mekanik"     (CD)   (IMPORT) ($14.00)
'panik mekanik' perfectly displays that there are no reservations whatsoever in 
p.stevens' work. on this album you will find a large variety of styles, ranging 
from heavy breakbeats and drum'n'bass to dark hop and even ambient and 
soundtrackish tunes. but in each and every note you recognize that it's the 
unmistakable hypnoskull. fast break-attacks like 'the self detonation device' 
and 'in thee air' - that's patrick as you might know him from his' 
high-energetic live performances. 'mekanodruggembryo' or 'basement alpha 
mission triggerz' show the dark, moody hypno-side - and these tracks only show 
a few facets...

ULTRA MILKMAIDS -"pocket station"  (CD)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
what we have here is a truly fine mixture of post eighties experimental rock 
(in all its varieties) - augmented with the sound ingredients the milkies are 
well-known for. 'less drem' with it's long sallow synth line followed by 
psychedelic backwards-guitars and irritating clicks is a perfect example of 
u.m.'s ability to mold 'unreasonable' styles into one. there is always a 
surprising continuation within their songs - 'my star' could be a velvet 
underground cover (with the residents' vocalist as a guest), but in the end the 
synth takes over - and believe me, this is not a hawkwind tune...

GENEVIEVE PASQUIER - "virgin pulses"  (CD) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
the style ranges from distorted noise-influenced industrial ('don't think i 
am...') to dark electro beats ('pulse'); also included is her take on a pop 
tune ('today the disco'). this retrospective shows genevive's artistic variety 
right from the beginning. the mastery of many electronic sound facets, combined 
with her exceptional voice - claiming, alluring, repelling, suspicious - was 
and will be g.p.'s trademark. all of this is perfectly displayed on this truly 
fine release.

M2(SQUAREMETER) -"nyx"      (CD) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
following the fantasy influenced 'war of sound', the exotic 'aswad' and the 
haunting 'frozen spark', mathis mootz produced his latest concept work, 'nyx' 
(night). 'nyx' is not only the album title but it's also the ancestral name of 
the eight greek goddesses and gods that are the inspiration for the track 
titles. mootz says that this work "is the most satisfying squaremeter release 
since i started the project"...often, releases of this genre have a cold icy 
mood but the spirit of 'nyx' is red-hot - even when the deathless long pauses 
occur within the tracks. except for 'nemesis' no rhythmic structures will be 
found here as an anchor. time itself seems to be invalidated, experiencing this 
album will be as if you slipped into a black hole for an eternity. this is like 
watching waves crash against rocks in slow motion: there's a sense of movement 
and development, but it's almost as if that development is taking place on a 
grander time scale than what we are able to grasp. truly epic and massive: 
enveloping and cleansing, the sound of tectonic plates colliding.
adjust the headphones - references are legion.

S:CAGE -"madness turns to glass"   (CD)(IMPORT)  ($14.00)
what's astounding in s:cage's work is the ability of mixing various moods 
through the assemblage of sounds. there is beauty and aggression at the same 
time but there is no disruption; which is perfectly exemplified by the13+ 
minute track, 'madness'. a kaleidoscope of melodic keyboard lines, enriched 
with disturbing samples and sudden broken beats - it could be the symphony of 
an awakening megalopolis; a million individuals living their daily lives at the 
same time. rhythm is ever present in s:cage's compositions, but rhythm is not 
just a carrier of a 'beat' - in 'collapsing breath', the structures change 
constantly, keeping the mind and ear busy. the manipulated voices seto 
collected are never overbearing, they are a part of the instrumentation. as 
seen by cordell klier appearance as a guest musician and vocalist in 
'sprawling, endless cities'. in s:cages sound space nothing is as it seems - 
take 'vapour', a dreamy soundscape where voices from the real world and fast 
rhythmic textures interfere and affect the dream.

NEBULO -"kolia"     (CD) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
'kolia' shows thomas's skills in the creation of moods - electronica as a 
skeletal structure, enriched with a large variety of rhythmic patterns; from 
slow downtempo beats to fast breaks. chords and harmonies make sure that the 
tunes are recognizable and unique. finally, the economical usage of samples in 
the musique concrete tradition complete nebulo's concept perfectly. this might 
be europe's response to well acknowledged acts like LUSINE ICL or the late 
GRIDLOCK. especially if their sound was melted with the deep red flavour of an 
old bordeaux wine and the playfulness of french tin toys.

KATTOO -"hang on to a dream"     (CD) (IMPORT)   ($14.00)
16 tracks of melancholia, intensity and beauty - a kaleidoscope of acoustic and 
electronic instruments, sample treatments, syncopated drum and percussion 
beats. all woven into one continuous work of art (without disturbing 
intermissions in-between).

on this cd, volker departs from his world-music influences and replaces the 
babylonian disarray with a return to his roots - both as a musician and as an 
individual. if we keep the imaginary soundtrack as an example then 'megrim' 
might have been a concept work for mel gibson. 'hang on to a dream', especially 
tracks like 'you don't know me', would have attracted rainer werner 
fassbinder's attention for sure.

electronic chamber music for the eclectic listener

DERMA-TEK -"corpus technological"   (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
DSBP brings you another fresh Debut release from a mighty power of dark/ harsh 
electro with intricate structures and frenzied synth programming for the Clubs 
to be ignited with! after several self releases,remixes for bands like 
Regenerator and GASR, and various compilation appearances,DERMA-TEK is set to 
explode onto the scene with debut full length cd "CORPUS TECHNOLOGICAL". Dark 
Industrial Body Music with classical and melodic influences, yet geared for the 
dance floor at all times... Hellektro fans will be delighted to hear this one, 
and it still maintains an identity and sound of their own.

SEVERE ILLUSION -"shortcut to civilization" (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
A year and a half after the highly acclaimed album "Accomplishments of Leopold 
II",the Swedish electro duo Severe Illusion unleash their third hard electronic 
assault "Shortcut To Civilization". The new album perfectly blends the purest 
elements of old school EBM, dark elektro, noise and flirts with clubby electro 
basslines.There's some great stuff for all DJ's in this package. 15 varied 
tracks which scope the landscape of S.I.'s influences, and their own original 
blending of these styles and sounds. Fans of harsh industrial, hard punching 
electro & intricate beats will be addicted to the 65-minute relentless electro 

CDATAKILL - "valentine"       (CD) (AD NOISEAM) (IMPORT) ($13.00) 
Cdatakill's talent blossoms fully with Valentine,
an album of deep beauty. Here's what happens (for the best) when one of the 
most renowned name of breakcore trades the fast beat for a dub-heavy trip-hop, 
while still integrating challenging sounds and ideas. A very mature, 
interesting and beautiful album full of surprises and intensity.

ENDUSER - "Pushing Back"     (CD)  (AD NOISEAM) (IMPORT) ($13.00)
Enduser's new album takes you for a ride somewhere between
fury and harmony: "Pushing Back" is a perfect balance
between Lynn Standafer's hard drum'n'bass and an intense, careful work with 
melodies and vocals. Featuring Nongenetic (of Shadow Huntaz), Kazumi, and none 
other than Jared Louche of Chemlab, and remixes by DJ Hidden and Bong-Ra, 
"Pushing Back" is a new album Enduser can be very proud of.

MONOPOL RECORDS (CZECH REPUBLIC) --------------------------------------------
The 2nd release of this talented dark electro act..they put their own twist on 
things and sound way matured on this album with a very slick dark 
electro/industrial sound with some old school atmospheric sounds as well as 
Club minded ebm with their own variety of sounds and instrumental tracks and 
sample manipulation...It sometimes reminds of Skinny Puppy early days with 
stronger production and definately has a mind of its own.

back in stock..
DISHARMONY - "collapse"  (CD) (MONOPOL REC)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
NO NAME DESIRE -"wastelands"(CD)   (MONOPOL REC)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)

back in stock...
ANGEL THEORY -"re-possession"   (CD) (GUP) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
STARK - "brave new desire"     (CD) (GUP)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
RESURRECTION EVE -"ascention"  (CD) (GUP)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)

PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 -"lethal defence systems" (CD) (INFACTED) 
The debut from the most powerful electro/industrial band in GREECE!
This band has some militant themes and drum patterns in their songs, and 
intricate and catchy synthlines, and brutal, terror EBM vox.
12 kick ass tracks with some of the hardest, and most intelligent
harsh EBM on the scene today.

Brand new compilation from Backscatter/Dungeon Recordings with many
of their bands and some DSBP bands appear as well..
All tracks are exclusive and some of these bands are now defunct, leaving us 
their last haunting tracks...This fits the theme for the dark holiday as 
well...tracks from ASSEPTIC ROOM(Suicide Solution mix),LEXINCRYPT(2),
LITTLE SAP DUNGEON,DIVERJE(The Pain Machinery remix), PCP, 23 EXTACY(2),
ROSES & EXILE(2),SYMBIONT, BOUNDLESS(2),and intro's and outro's as well..
15 tracks in all, perfect electronic darkness for Halloween!

CORELINE -'please keep moving forward" (CD)  (INFEKTED SOUND) ($13.00)
The second release for infeKted sound, Coreline, assaults the ears blending a 
flurry of IDM sensibilities, industrial and noise infuences
combined with anthemic style hooks certainly one for the dancefloor
with some great tracks.This is a memorable release and really has involved 
programming, not the minimal style at all.
A very intriging mix of ...IDM, Breakbeat, powernoise,
rhythmic noise, industrial...

The infeKted sound compilation combines 15 UK and French artists to provide a 
variety of hard, broken, distorted and spastic beats, intense chaotic rhythm 
coupled with haunting ambience, and harsh intense vocals, a must for any 
dancefloor. All tracks are exclusive to this compilation and cannot be found 
anywhere else!
Featured Artists:
Autoclav1.1 | Dyspraxia | FYD | Ebola | ESA | Eva|3 | Flint Glass | Iszoloscope 
| Lith | Rudra Vena + industriepalast | Shizuka | Sonic Area | TriaX | Twinkle 
| Queynte |

LOST SIGNAL -"eviscerate"     (CD)  (23db)  ($12.00)
After 5 years, the followup to "catharsis" CD is here.11 new tracks
with dance floor minded EBM with memorable melodic hooks, lush synths,
and deeply introspective lyrics.Elements of IDM in the rhythms and
a nice variety of faster club tracks and slower, dark electro as well. The 
vocals really stand out and sound like no one else in the scene.

NERVE.FILTER - "linear"    (CD)  (23db) ($12.00)
The instrumental side project of Tom Shear/ASSEMBLAGE 23!
A highly eclectic album of different electronic styles...
here..Shifting tempos,disembodied samples, heavily abused synths, lush 
atmospherics,and complex edits combine for an unpredictable album.

BEAMSHIP -"bigbrother" (CD) (BEAMSHIP)  (IMPORT) ($14.00)
A great new Import in from this CZECH REPUBLIC band.They are very
politically aware and sing it dark and electronically.This band mixes in a
futuristic EBM sound with dark electro from the days passed,vocoders and deep 
vocal sounds really cool lyrics and non-typical synthetics and arrangements.A 
definate hot newcomer and band to check out for any ebm fan who is aware of the 
evils of this world and Big Brother IS watching you!!

DELICATE NOISE - diversion"   (CD) (LENS RECORDS)   ($12.00)
Diversion is the debut release from Chicago's own Delicate Noise. Layered, 
plodding backbeats and textured synth washes and a human voice all blend 
together to create a diverse form of electronica. Mark's musical influences are 
evident as well - Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Air and Recoil - all mesh to 
form an interesting blend of electronic music that is engaging, lyrical and 
atmospheric. With tracks featured on both CMJ's NMM and Magnet Magazine's 
promotional CD's, Delicate Noise is sure to catch the ears of many fans across 
the country.

HEAVEN 17 - "before after"    (CD)  (NINTHWAVE RECORDS) ($11.00)
The classic new wave funky band has returned with a brand new album!
9 new tracks in Heaven 17 style with a newer slicker sound and still has the 
great male/female vocals with funk and new wave combined into a really
cool sound and happy return to one of the best new wave bands of the 80's.

ELECTROLUVS -"bubblewrapped"  (CD)  (NINTHWAVE RECORDS)  ($11.00)
Electroluvs are a boy/girl, electronic/electric duo from Scotland who love 
analogue noise and soaring melodies. Their second album, Bubble Wrapped, is out 
now!Their own album is a great set of sexy electro. Killer tunes and snappy 
production skills throughout.Recommended for all synthpop fans!

THE PEOPLES -"the peoples"   (CD)  (NINTHWAVE RECORDS)  ($11.00)
This is an impressive synthpop debut from The Peoples. John Gonatos has crafted 
some fine electronic pop songs, with interesting lyrics and melodies that stick 
in your head. Most of the songs, like the terrific "The Strange, Crippled and 
Poor" and "You Won't Take the Fall" are mid-tempo; the album does not really 
have slow ballads or all-out dance tracks. The sounds on this album remind me 
of the non-instrumental songs by I Satellite and the lo-fi synthpop of Vitesse.

ASTROMILL -"astromill"     (CD) (NINTHWAVE RECORDS) ($11.00)
A very cool retro, electronic release with a sound that combines the
old school and new sounds of futurepop, and adds in some nice personality and 
tongue in cheek lyrics along with dancier space pop..a solid release which will 
be perfect for newer synthpop fans and 80's new wave fans alike.

A special priced synthpop sampler from the NINTHWAVE RECORDS label.
Features new and remixed tracks from ALAN REPLICA, MACONDO, SPRAY,
and XERO-G...for the clubs and dance floors worldwide!

V/A- WXJL -"the best of future wave radio"V.3 (CD) (NINTHWAVE) ($10.00)
New and exclusive, remixes and tracks from ROYAL VISIONAIRES, SYNTHETIK FM
PIATTI...strong compilation for all new wave/synthpop fans!!

The 5th C.I. album is released and sounding better than ever!!
Produced by Oliver Taranczweski of Evils Toy and Mastered by Guido Fricke of La 
Floa Maldita. More Hard Beats, thick synths and synthesized vocals in the 
elektro/industrial vein. Includes two mixes from the out of print Biomechanical 
Disintegration, and a remix from Yavin4.
A must have for all underground industrial fans and clubs alike!

ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION(E.S.R.)-"wounds and scars" (CD)(DSBP($12.00) 
E.S.R. is back with a 3rd release (on DSBP) full of energy and darkness!
If needed, Vince Pujol proves once again how to blend expansive melodics with 
distorted electronic body music bringing us a "beatifully" arranged album 
incluing impressive synthetic textures, powerful rhythms, and harsh emotional 
vocals.Each album has been a progression and this is no exception...

MORDACIOUS -"this emptiness" (CD)   (HYPERVOXX)  ($10.00)
This is the first label release for this hard working Califonian artist.
His best work to date production wise and a aggressive, dancey mix of EBM, and 
dark industrial music.Vocals mix the harsh and melodic distorted styles as 
well.Kinda seems like a mesh of new and old school electro combined. 14 tracks 
for an hour of music and soundign really addictive after a  couple listens will 
leave you wanting more.

SONAR - "alien overdrive"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
"alien overdrive" displays sonar's professional skill in diversifying a 
well-known style of industrial music, making it fresh and exiting. the 
straightness of the tracks works perfectly as a catalyst that makes you move 
your body. then again, this music's specific feature is displayed subliminally, 
f.e. unusual syncopations ('vanished'), accentuations on the off-beat ('bad 
man') or a constant state of the rhythmic flux without an actual beat ('transfo 
funk'). the more often you will listen to it, the more you will discover.

the three remixes at the end of this album make a fine addition; ranging from 
morgenstern's mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and pounding dance beats 
to german industrial legend marita schreck's 16th-note tekknoise and 
belarussian ambassador 21 who offers this release's fastest track - a powerful 
orgy of rhythmic assaults.

SILK SAW  -"8 reports"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
once again the two belgians easily create an aural sphere in which the usual 
musical laws don't seem to exist, or don't seem to be useful. the same can be 
said about time itself - a track's duration has no meaning to the listener - 
time is suspended. some tracks seem to be geometric but try listening to these 
backwards. the instruments, f.e. synthesizers, 6-string bass guitar and drum 
computer, are treated in the unusual silk saw way. none the less, you might 
notice that straight forward rhythms are on the album - 'conductor' or 
'faggoted' are good examples. the quiet, dark 'sleep will come' sounds as the 
title implies, and 'faceless' is something special: broken and un-metric beats. 
this track is their most recent composition and maybe one of their best tracks 
- so say the artists.
a moody, mesmerizing release, another planet in silk saw's universe.

MAD EP -"not afraid of spiders"  (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
matthew's musical training can be recognised during every note played on 'not 
afraid of spiders'. the variety of styles - from hip hop, to a treated flamenco 
guitar on the four-to-the-floorburner 'velvet pudding mold', to jazzy moods 
(indeed 'nicoffeine' seems like miles davis' agharta-period transformed into 
2006 breakbeat madness - and '60202 strut' represents the we-want-miles period) 
- never sounds eclectic; it's the result of a logical process being a creative 
artist, and that's what mad ep really is.

as on his previous album 'eating movies', there are many guest appearances: mc 
equivalant, charles peirce (end), flutist/saxophonist scott lamberty (giving a 
brilliant hubert-laws-feel on 'stealing your last breath), mochipet, chaonaut, 
marlowe, the manhattan gimp project, bryce beverlin II, and david young. on 
this cd, all these different influences and artists became a unit - a 
conclusion of mad eps composition skills. we are proud to present matthew's 
first full-length, hymen records' release - a fresh, unique, contemporary work 
of art. highly recommended.

back in stock...

SYNAPSCAPE -"act!"   (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)  (IMPORT) ($15.00)
MOCTAN-"suspect" (CD)        (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($15.00)

DEAD JUMP -"immortal"    (CD)  (R.B.M.)  ($13.00)
This Brazillian solo project returns with his best effort yet on Resistance 
Beat Music.14 tracks in all representing a harsh EBM, dark industrial sound 
with club ready music as well as darker, and slower
electro with creative arrangements and sounds as well.Includes some
and DRUMMEL.Solid sounding Harsh EBM from South America!

ENDIF -"meta"    (CD) (CRUNCHPOD)    ($12.00)
IDM/noise/electro mix of sounds from Jason Hollis.
This 13 track debut shows much style and a great mix
of these styles with mostly tweaked out instrumental sounds
for the dance floor as well.Vocals in a few tracks as well, and they
are a darker more whispered type fitting in with the music and making it more 
of a dark industrial sound.Fans of HYMEN artists take note!

also...back in stock from CRUNCHPOD
C/A/T -"the Rogue Pair"   (CD)     (CRUNCHPOD)   ($12.00)
MANUFACTURA -"presence into the here and the now" (CD) (CRUNCHPOD) ($12.00)

V/A -BURIED IN TIME   (CD)     (BURIED IN TIME)  ($8.00)
A cool new IDM, glitch, electro compilation with all instrumental tracks and 
some hit new talent in the scene..includes 2 tracks each from...

WTII RECORDS (back in stock....)
STROMKERN -"light it up"    (CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)
STATE OF THE UNION - "black city lights"  (CD) (WTII REC) ($12.00)
STATE OF THE UNION -" inpendum"    (CD)    (WTII RECORDS) ($12.00)

DAVANTAGE -"spit and shatter" (DCD w/ "conference EP incl) ($15.00)
The return of Davantage on the new X-CEM MUSIC label.They have a great sounding 
production here with EBM club stompers, deep, clear and  dark vocals, and some 
slower electro and trancey influences too.This is their most polished and 
catchiest work to date.Don't miss this club smasher!

ACYLUM -"your pain"  (CD)   (X-CEM) (IMPORT)  (13.00)
The 14 track debut from this harsh electro industrial project from GERMANY.The 
sound is more of the dark, sublime,
and slower side and not always built for the club setting.
There are some club hits and remixes from WYNARDTAGE,CHROME DIVISION  and LA 
MAGRA.Fans of cold, dark old school harsh electro will love this and SUCIDE 
COMMANDO,KLINIK and YELWORC fans will certainly enjoy!

WYNARDTAGE -"waste of time"   (CD)  (X-CEM)  (IMPORT) ($13.00)
Dark, harsh, and cold electro sounds of the Underground in GERMANY!
12 tracks, includes remixes of the club hit"waste of time" by
MAY-FLY, NOSTROM, ENCEPHALIN, and ACYLUM.Fans of the terror-ebm in Europe will 
enjoy this sound and may find some real gemms among the debut CD of this dark 
electro act!

FUTURE TRAIL -"big sky horizon" (CD)(FIRE-ZONE RECORDS)(IMP)($13.00)
The debut from this new side project of DAVANTAGE with the incredible
female vocals of Melanie Guntzschel.The 12 song album presents some
awesome EBM with catchy angelic voice, and a couple of more slower electro 
tracks too.This is a band on the rise and some of the strongest mix of EBM and 
female vocals around.Check it out if you like IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, MASSIV IN 

AUTO-AUTO - "sounds of a new generator" (CD) (DSBP1077)  ($12.00)
The debut from this Swedish synthpop/industrial Duo is now released on DSBP, 18 
tracks/73 minutes...the DSBP version includes 4 BRAND NEW tracks showing these 
boys in top form with CLUBBY synth tracks as well as thought provoking lyrics 
and melodic vocals...
+ 2 more bonus remixes of the hit singles "DOG" and "BACKSTABBER".
sounds available at...http://www.myspace.com/autoautose
Sometimes spacey and strange and very addictive, with a dark humor and
very intriguing blend of styles and sounds.
The lyrics and musicianship of this band make them comparable to early BLIND 

MASSIV IN MENSCH -"clubber lang"  (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)
15 club ready and melodic EBM tunes.,..This great German act
keeps the mayhem and unpredictable going as well..a nice cover version of
U2's "sunday bloody sunday", new female vocalist is incredible!
This is perfect for clubs and the dark raves most definately:-)
Each one of M.I.M.'s release get better and better..this is no exception!

GAPING CHASM -"fragments of war"  (CD) (ALIENS) ($12.00)
Ergo has been in the Slovakian/Czech underground electro/industrial scene for 
sometime with this dark electro project.This project combines some of the 
classic  elements of dark ebm ala Skinny Puppy, with a new modern and twisted 
approach, with some fine atmospheric instrumentals and
killer dark vocals...11 tracks ready to fuck your mind..

ANHEDONIA -"destructive forces"  (CD)   (ALIENS) ($12.00)
Soundtracks of dark ambience,industrial bandages and supernatural atmospheres 
with hybrid rhythm structures and lush electronics..
This project is echo of sound of bands like GRIDLOCK,FLINT GLASS,
POLYGON,and so forth.Instrumentals which contain emotion, and beauty.

The great internet radio show Ultra Dark Radio brings us the best in new and 
German/European dark electro/ebm, and industrial...features new and
sometimes exclusive tracks from...NORDSCHLACHT, SUPERIKONE, ARCTICA BREATH 
lots of new talent to be discovered from GERMANY!

CAUSTIC -"unicorns,kittens and shit"  (CRUNCHPOD) (CD)($12.00)
Caustic, the main musical output of Madison, WI promoter/DJ Matt Fanale (aka DJ 
Eurotic) has erupted and spewed out a vomitous act of noise... Matt Fanale 
started this project in 2002 to make music that he enjoyed
hearing...stompy, loud, and full of samples. With this creative outlet, he 
attempts to combine the raw ferocity of Wax Trax-era industrial with modern, 
rhythmic powernoise, and the results have worked. Simply put, it's aggressive 
music that will keep you moving on the dancefloor. Matt has already shared the 
stage with such noted acts as Terrorfakt, Manufactura, and Hecate, and will be 
playing live on both coasts this summer, being invited to the first Los Angeles 
Industrial Festival as well as the fourth annual Providence Noise Festival in 
Rhode Island.

C/A/T -"atf"       (CRUNCHPOD)  (EP-CD) ($8.00)
A 6 track remix EP with some new tracks and the lovely titty
song "enhancer"!with remixes by CAUSTIC, TERRORFAKT,and some hidden
tracks as well..this pure madness! harsh stomping noise power with some of the 
funniest samples included!

Electro, glitch, technoid industrial, dark dance music...
001: NEBULA-H FEAT PANGEA - andalusion +
002: JERICO ONE & AWAX - dcoy *
003: BIODRONE- c02 *
004: INTERCITY3 - windows [ club mix ] *
005: AWAX - statica [remix] *
006: ALIEN SIX - c sqared [edit] *
007: JERICO ONE> flashing light *
008: GLENN LOVE & T.H.INDUSTRY- iceland
009: KINHO- terminal *
010: ALIEN SIX & JERICO ONE>- stratastate
011: BIONIK PHUNK- supersonic +
012: INTERCITY3 city at night *
013: SEROTONIN- funkwall *
014: DEATHSTAR- mybodydrifting *
015: AWAX- lines *
016: JERICO ONE>- extol *


001: AWAX- ion protocol *
002: DJ****- breakthrough *
003: ANTICRACY- uso derog [edit] *
004: SUDDEN INFANT- angelic agony
005: SOMATIC RESPONSES - omnivox [edit] *
006: SKORBUT- InZenith
007: DJ****- abberration *
008: JERICO ONE>- ulackra *
009: ANTISTASIS- TraumZeit
010: BIODRONE- pusher *
011: JERICO ONE>- bodyshock *
012: DJ****-metrophage plan B *
013: KYOSUKE TOKANAGA- extreamviolation
014: AWAX- know enmies *
015: BIODRONE- distrangled *
016: UNIFORM- day 6 in the season of mistakes *
017: BLACKPEPPER-thOughts

P.A.L. -"modus"  (ANT-ZEN)(IMP)  (CD) ($13.00)
12 new tracks bringing back the long awaited sound of P.A.L.!
Its been 6 years since his last release and this one covers more
ground than ever!"we'd like to play somethin' for ya"
"i hate this place. this zoo, this prison.... i must get out of here..."
changes in my persona life occurred: quit a job that was assaulting my nerves 
for almost two decades. found a new, much much better job. if you have a 
problem - then the company has a problem. 'agentenfister' - a relic of past 
rhythmic industrial rage. the sampled copy machine serves as a reminder.
'overlap' - a dedication to a fantastic musical project. the electric piano and 
acoustic bass might imply a style that you don't like, but maybe you have never 
heard the good stuff. pauses are as just as important as the music. keep it 
slow. keep it dark. keep it up.

"come writers and critics who prophesise with your pens...."
'jobs' - a bass line made out of a single note. a driving four-to-the-floor 
beat. slight distortion. random synth blasts. there have been those who have 
said that 'one of the progenitors of modern industrial and rhythmic noise' has 
lost it completely'. blow me.

'dl7vdx v2.0' - first version was made for a compilation (not yet released). an 
ambient piece. let yourself go. the title is the e-mail-identity of the person 
who made the samples accessible. thanks.
and much more....

MOCTAN - "suspect"  (ANT-ZEN) (IMP) (CD) ($13.00)
'suspect' is indeed what moctan intended - strong technoid rhythmic industrial 
with carefully placed samples, mildly distorted beats and sick synth lines - 
which force the listener to groove. don't be irritated by the loopish 'just a 
trip' - the rhythmic outbursts start with 'good fellas'. except for the 3/4 
metres of 'ill' this cd is a merciless four on the floor beat attack. the last 
beast 'no use' slows it down a bit; so that means you should start it over 

once more this album proves that bielefeld is a creative centre of contemporary 
industrial sound. projects like asche set the pace, and if you like the 
'distorted dj' andreas schramm then you will just love andreas glockner

ENDUSER -"form without function"  (HYMEN) (IMP) (CD) ($13.00)
'form without function' follows what began with 'comparing paths': a movement 
from the raw sampling and breakbeat madness of his earlier works to the 21st 
century version of drum and bass - drum and bass with more breaks, ragga vocals 
and tight fitting sample work. the most basic foundation of the tracks on this 
album are a continuation of the sound created by artists like panacea in the 
90s - straight-forward d'n'b with mighty, pounding basslines. this foundation 
is combined with the styles mentioned above - which is more than a 'mixture' - 
it's a style on it's own - 100% enduser.

the rough moods conveyed by many breakcore acts cannot be found here - 'form 
without function' is a straight and tight release that does not cause eardrums 
to shatter. the speed is turned down in 'keep telling' which gives the listener 
time to relax but 'the choke' will get you moving again. the slightly 
melancholic 'by a thread' with it's bright piano is the perfect conclusion to 
the album. a truly fine example of a work of art by one of the innovators of 
the break based sound.

Back in STOCK
THIS MORN OMINA -"le serpent blanc/le serpent rouge"(DCD) (ANT-ZEN)

SALTILLO -"ganglion"  (CD)    (SUSPICIOUS REC) ($12.00)
Saltillo is the new project of Menton J. Matthews, also of the 
critically-acclaimed band Sunday Munich. With Saltillo, Matthews delves deep 
into the disused corridors of our hidden hiding places, distilling the 
painfully honest solitude, longings, disappointments and aching needs at the 
heart of our secret selves into the pure sound of emotional honesty. This is 
the sound of our shared disillusionment and hope.
A classically trained musician, Matthews is an impressive 
multi-instrumentalist, playing cello, viola, violin, guitar, drums, piano, and 
bass, as well as a slew of electronics. He has spent the last few years 
refining his song-writing abilities by scoring film soundtracks and doing 
production work at the mixing desk.
"Ganglion" is the debut CD from this amazing project, and quite possibly the 
finest release we have ever heard. We are immensely proud to be bringing this 
melancholy masterpiece..(Suspicious Records)

PHOTOPHOB -"still warm"   (CD) (HIVE RECORDS) ($12.00)
Herwig Holzman is the man behind Photophob, a genius electronic composer from 
Austria who's ability to knead waveforms into spastic IDM-noiseglitch is 
equally quite intimidating and stunning.

Photophob's debut is a mechanical ode to synthsized love.
Refreshingly original, this album is set to steer the whole hard electronic 
genre towards new, uncharted horizons.


CODE 64 -"departure" LTD EDITION (2CD) (A.D.D.) ($14.00)
Departure" is the exciting 2nd album by the high-energy synthpop / futurepop 
band Code 64. Soaring, dramatic vocals top off the thunderous electronic music, 
creating one club anthem after another. Many listeners will discover that Code 
64's energy, sound, and alien lyrical themes pick up right where Apoptygma 
Berzerk left off with their popular "Welcome to Earth" album. It's the perfect 
mix of futurepop, industrial dance music, and melodic synthpop.
The limited edition of
"Departure" includes the tracks from the "Sea of Stars" single, with great
mixes and exclusive tracks. There are only 500 copies of the limited USA

TEMPLE OF TEARS -"shattered"   (MONOCHROME) (CD)(IMP)($15.00)
Brand new debut CD from this very talented EBM band from AUSTRALIA.
Awesome dancey club style EBM with clear and melodic vocals with 
power..features 12 distinct tracks and includes a remix by A23!
This band has some definate talent and nice productions skills,
and reminds us of bands such as ASSEMBLAGE 23, STATE OF THE UNION,

LITTLE SAP DUNGEON -"empty rooms breathe heavily"(BACKSCATTER)(CD)
New, in cooperation between Backscatter & Dungeon Recordings is the new [and 
final?] Little Sap Dungeon CD titled Empty Rooms Breathe Heavily The L.S.D. 
disc contains brand new songs from the band as well as new mixes of some of 
L.S.D.'s best work, from Mick Harris [Scorn & Lull], Boundless, Ultraviolence, 
Twilight Transmissions, Circuit Surgeon and the band itself.Dark, loud, and 
tripped out sounds which permeate the mind and soul.

PCP -"cross-cutting in cold frames" (BACKSCATTER) (CD) ($10.00)
Out on the same day [June 1st, 2006] is the new full-length release from 
Perception Cleanse Perception titled "Cross-Cutting In Cold Frames." the solo 
project of L.S.D. front man K.J. Cazier. There are several special guest 
appearances on this disc along with a Dead Kennedys cover, both with stunning 
artwork and well worth your time and money! -
sick ass electro industrial!

ASSEPTIC ROOM -"morbid visions"  (DSBP) (CD) ($12.00)
A new dark electro/harsh industrial project from former DIOXYDE member 
Carlos.From SPAIN, from Hell, this new project arises from the ashes to 
terrorize more fans of the dark industrial persuasion... 14 tracks/75 minutes 
of harsh,contorting industrial music with solid distorted beats, dark, thick 
atmospheres, and penetrating synth sounds which will tweak out your brain and 
body...Vocals are in English and also Spanish, with a few female vocal samples 
spashed in as well. Fans of SUICIDE COMMANDO,
HOCICO,WUMPSCUT, and DIOXYDE will be right at home here!

ANGELSPIT -"krankhaus"(CD) (CRASH FREQUENCY)(AU.IMP)($13.00)
Angelspit's new album 'KRANKHAUS' is now available at DSBP.cx!
14 tracks of blisteringly fat synths, with angry distorted beats and
scathing vocals, which outline themes of horror, medical experimentation and 
the beautifully grotesque. Krankhaus comes with a sixteen page colour booklet 
featuring luscious photography and detailed artwork. The music and imagery of 
Krankhaus is complex,rich and disturbing.
Mixed male and female vocals make this an awesome and unpredictable listen.They 
cross boundaries and styles and you can really hear this band
has a crazy and original sound.Metalheads, Punks,Industrial, EBM people unite!
hear the samples at

VERTIGO VENUS -"sing pretty"    (CD)  (VERTIGO VENUS)($7.00)
The debut album from this Albuquerque duo.The have a great sense of humor and 
great talent as well and this makes for a real good debut.Mixing electronic 
music, punk, metal and other fun stuff into their own
style.wicked synthlines, and grindling guitars and a nice mix of
range in vocals from these brothers.
11 tracks including the hit "punk rock cheerleaders".
Look for album #2 coming soon here..

KEEF BAKER -"pure language"  (MCD) (AD NOISEAM)  (IMP) ($9,00)
Following two CDs on n5md, UK's multitalented Keef Baker offers on Ad Noiseam a 
solid 6-track MCD in which his music takes a resolute accoustic and organic 
turn. Warm voices flow through "Pure Language" on top of a very distinctive 
bass and a new found drum'n'bass twist. Keef Baker enriches this vocabulary 
with a playful use of tempo changes and contained noise, writing down a music 
both human and massive, full of emotion and yet assertive. "Pure Language" is 
neither a whisper nor a shout, but a thoughtful and laid statement, to be 
listen to with care and enjoyed with ears wide opened.

LARVAE -"dead weight"   (CD)   (AD NOISEAM) (IMP)($13.00) 
With their second album, Larvae strip their music out of the genres they had 
been associated with, and focus on a sincere reflection on their musical roots, 
their position as a band, and their place in the musical landscape. Integrating 
guitars on most tracks and vocals (by Jessica Bailiff, Shadowhuntaz, Hope For 
Agoldensummer and Scalper), Larvae give here birth to a very soulful and 
wonderfully produced album which can not be overlooked, a work of great 
substance and talent.

STERIL -"realism"     (ARTOFFACT)  (CD)         ($12.00) 
After just releasing an excellent best of album on Artoffact, Steril returns 
this May with their first all-new studio album in a few years and their fifth 
ever! What to expect? Huge production, raging vocals, driving basslines, 
snarling guitars...only the best EBM band showing the world who's who. The new 
album will be available with two extra tracks not previously announced: the new 
track "Beyond the Unknown" and a remix of "Statik" have been added to the 
tracklist. Constantly a band that reinvents itself, Steril has produced an 
uncompromising album, true to its origins and honed perfectly to deliver 
electronic enjoyment in the highest degree.

GODKOMPLEX -"audial apostasy"   (ARTOFICIAL NOISE) (CD) ($12.00)
The 2nd release from this hard industrial act from Califonia.12 tracks 
presented here are all very distinct and have their own identity and
the production is top notch as is the content.Theres harder edged industrial 
sounds, coldwave with guitars, trancey electro with lots of great samples, and 
some drum-n-bass splashed in..
some really cool instrumental stuff and some harsh fiery vocals as well..
A very nice step from this band forming their own identity in this scene.

EMPTY -"open aeon"    (APHOTIC AUDIO) (EP-CD) ($8.00)
The debut release from this diverse new Dark-Electro act from Sydney, Australia 
has progressed to the point of completion over the past three years and 
showcases a strong mix of lavishly textured and multi-layered electronic 
soundscapes with industrial beats and EBM undertones. Featuring guest remixers 
ANGELTHEORY andiammynewt.
Fans of electronic-industrial artists such as Front Line Assembly and 
Dismantled will be right at home, while followers of more experimental EBM and 
industrial acts will find themselves immersed in an all new melodic and 
atmospheric environment.

SKOYZ -"hologram"  (CORTEX-RECORDS)  (CD) (IMPORT)($13.00)
An excellent new debut from this hot new band.They mix dark electro
with trance elements, and various textures and effects on the cool vocals.
This will appeal to the clubs as well as people who like a more IDM/industrial 
approach.Features 15 tracks! with bonus remixes by..

back in stock.This dark electro act has similarities to SKINNY PUPPY,
HAUJOBB, and with a hard attitude and style of their own.

THE GOD PROJECT -"absence" (THE GOD PROJECT) (EP-CD) ($7.00)
This is the bands debut release and it shows a great mixture of rock,
industrial, darkwave, and metal stylings, and with more of a "live presence" 
you can tell this band has done lots of shows and have a
tight set.
The Absence EP was recorded to capture the bands sound during that phase, a 
somewhat warmer, progressive take on a variety of track that began as cold 
electronic pieces. The EP will eventually give way to a full length due out 
this year. Until then, the best place to catch the new tracks is on tour.

THIS MORN'OMINA-  "les passages jumeaux: 25~33"(ANT-ZEN)(2CD) ($17.00)
It took this morn' omina three years to reach the next part of the 'nyan' 
trilogy, and it was worth the wait. lots of change and experiences happened 
during this period - the most important change might be that of sal-ocin, the 
new band member, his skills as a percussionist have been added to mika's 
ultra-precise machinery usage - on stage and in the studio.
once again, there was to much music for just one cd; 'les passages jumeaux' is 
presented as a 2-cd-set:
25 (cd1): you will be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of the first 
two tracks but then you will be lead into a state of hypnosis, trance and 
ecstasy - and before you know it you will get trapped in the tribal beats and 
moody sequencer lines. lines that lead to the world tree and 33.

33 (cd2): your senses will be overwhelmed by thronging rhythmic variations, 
atmospheric synth lines and voice samples. after the final track you have are 
two options: lower the temperature to 25 degrees and start over - or get up and 
enjoy the [ccf]-versions of five 'les passage jumeaux' tracks on the additional 
cd-ep 'au del de tous les degrs' (beyond all degrees...

AMBASSADOR21 -"Weight Of Death" (INV033)  (CD)    ($12.00)
Brandnew AMBASSADOR21 "Weight Of Death" forces your ears to bleed, but keeps 
your brains alive. With this intensive sounding album AMBASSADOR21 blows up 
your sound system totally - there is no time for a funeral arrangement. 
Musically based on massive industrial sound with obvious punk influences, 
"Weight Of Death" brings more heavy breaks, flailing noisy straight beats, 
ferocious screams of Natasha in russian and english language and smashed shop 
windows into AMBASSADOR21' essence. When you rape us we will seek vengeance.

GENEVIVE PASQUIER-"soap bubble factory"  (ANT-ZEN) (CD) ($12.00)
being a member of the legendary, now defunct german industrial project 
thorofon, genevive pasquier released her first work as a solo artist in 2003. 
her first record, 'virgin thoughts' caused enthusiastic reactions by both 
listeners and reviewers. the result was mix of electronic/post-industrial music 
and 80s-minimal-electro with a frigid but soulful voice. these even tempered 
tracks attracted a german and international fan base. 'soap bubble factory' is 
genevive's first album on cd - her previous efforts were vinyl only.
all 12 cd tracks have never been released and they explore dark, electronic 
soundscapes ('elements', 'mind-whore'), sensuous industrial tunes ('remember', 
'tu es le star') and driving retro-electro-songs ('existance', soap bubble 
factory'). the vocals are perfectly balanced between being sung and spoken (in 
english and french) - and there's even enough space left for a little poem!

FORCED - "I can't be responsible for remixes" (CD-R) ($7.00)
15 tracks concluding the chapter of FORCED, and now they are known as
REIN-FORCED.This rare and handnumbered remix/rare tracks CD contains
and TERROR FIRMA SKY,previously unreleased tracks and also
FORCED remixes of THE STRAND! only 10 of these remain....

Bunker Soldier is an unsigned artist who has been releasing material on his own 
label, Neo Cultural Front Records, since 1996. His trademark synthesizer sound 
is tied to his 80's roots in synthpop. This CD brings in a fresh, new approach 
with live drums and guitars on most tracks.
There is still the electronic backbone in every song and the studio grand piano 
was used to warm the edges of the melodies. You can even hear some U2 style 
guitar mixed in.

Tim Tyran is the man behind Bunker Soldier. In order to achieve his musical 
vision in the studio and on stage, he brings in several players and friends. 
There are 5 different vocalists on the CD, each bringing their unique style and 
sound. He has never hesitated in combining genres, either.
There may be 5 different genres. Synthpop, powerpop, pianopop, industrial, and 
trance are represented on "The Debris Field. It is best described as 

SEVERE ILLUSION -"panopticon"   (PLUTONIUM DISTRO) (EP) ($8.00)
Finally available. The five track EP showcasing all new material from the 
masters of distorted distortion, trashy oldschool and pure electronic 
mayhem.They somehow manage to capture the best of old and new into a
pretty fine and original sounding work.

An amazing new compilation with some of Europe's finest new and upcoming 
EBM/industrial/synthpop/noise stars!! really awesome selection here!
Features all new and unreleased tracks fromgreat artists like...

VANVARD-"liv i vardens slutskede"  (DEATHPROPAGANDA) (CD) ($10.00)
The more noisey, experimental and strange side project of Severe Illusion.
This album has a sound that many that enjoy Ant-Zen/Hymen material will
enjoy and with Swedish texts as well.Take a dangerous and noisy ride!

TAXIM -"ecclesiophobia"   (TELEGRAMMETRY)(CD) $10.00) 
Dark and technical electro/industrial with mostly instrumental songs which are 
both dancey as hell, and eerie darkness..11 tracks with all German text(except 
one song),and harsh screamy vocals when they do come in..
This project will appeal to  fans of NOITEKK/BLACK RAIN bands, and definately a 
must have for the club DJ's and fans of dark electronic music.

V/A -WEATHERHEAD 1 Compilation  (TELEGRAMMETRY) (CD) ($10.00)
The first of a new series of electro/industrial/darkwave/EBM
compilations put out by TELEGRAMMETRY.Some very good new upcomers and a nice 
mix of styles here....featuring..DEEP RED (US/FL) SUBURBAN PROTOTYPE 
FLAWED (US/CA),TAXIM (Germany)...Excellent source for hot new bands!

V/A -WEATHERHEAD 2 Compilation (TELEGRAMMETRY) (CD) ($10.00)
This is the follow up compilation and showing even more new talent from
all over the world! electro/industrial, dance music, and dark electronics
as well..featuring great new bands/tracks from...TRAKKTOR,NEUROVERSE,
SERAPH 49...check out some quality new electronic bands.

CYLAB- "satellites"  (WHISPERCORE)  (CD) ($12.00)
After over a year and a half in the making, the second release of CYLAB
"Satellites" is out. The album consists of 11 tracks, capturing different 
emotons, state of mind and a few collaborations with guest musicians. "
Beautifal,sultry female vocals of Severina(ex-Fockewolf/Diva Destruction) which 
rival the best in the scene.
A very well produced and club friendly dark mixture of
electronic/industrial/trip hop which should gain many new fans for them.Touring 
now, so check em out if they hit your city!

SLAYV AXIS -"remixez"  (SLAYV AXIS) (CD-R) ($6.00)
The power noise/dark industrial music of SLAYV AXIS gets mutated and remixed by 

back in stock....

DUBOK- "shiver" (MIZUKIS BOX) (CD)   ($12.00)

HEADSCAN -"pattern recognition"  (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
STERIL -"400 years of electronic music" (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
MASSIV IN MENSCH -"die rein"   (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
MASSIV IN MENSCH -"menschdefekt"   (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
INTERLACE -"imago"      (ARTOFFACT)    (CD)      ($12.00)
URCEUS EXIT -"contra"   (ARTOFFACT)    (CD)    ($12.00)

ANGEL THEORY -"re-possession"     (G.U.P.) (CD)  (IMP.) ($13.00) 
When sonics meet up with emotion you get an amalgam of the best that modern 
music has to offer. Let Angel Theory take you into the dark places of your soul 
with his 2nd album, a genuine electronic progression from the much admired 
'Fatal Condition' debut and diverse EPs 'Transmission' and 'Black + Blue' 
(original version on Re-possession).
With Angel Theory you can cross the many boarders of emotions, from club to 
self reflection.
Re-possessing the world within an album.

RESURRECTION EVE -"ascension"   (G.U.P.)  (CD) (IMP.) ($13.00)
How do you follow up to a masterpiece like 'Rapture' ? Resurrection Eve managed 
to make it sound very easy with Ascension. Continuing with many concepts from 
'Rapture', 'Ascension' is in fact the sister-album written with simular themes 
in mind. Darkly elegant, soulful - Ascension aspires for a higher place of 
existence and really takes you on a spiritual and personal journey.
The production of Resurrection Eve's unique dark-electronics has been 
heightened on 'Ascension' as Jordan Robbins (vocals) and Mark Railton (music) 
both moved to rural Melbourne areas and recorded in more lush, natural 
environments, which certainly translates in the warm production of the album.
Prepare to be pleasantly surprised and pleased when you experience Resurrection 
Eve's third album 'Ascension'.

TRISTRAUM -"gray"    (SECTION 44) (CD)    ($12.00)
Full-length debut from Tristraum. Ten tracks ranging in style and tempo. Lush 
synthpop with fiery female vocals. Includes the singles 'Shiver" and "First 
Embrace". Gray features two covers. "Chase The Fire" from The Fixx (from The 
Fixx: An Electronic Tribute) and "Walking With Shadows" by Gary Numan.This 
album really stands out with the vocals being top of the line, and some 
beautifal changes and diversity in the music.

PROVISION -"the consequence"     (SECTION 44) (CD)   ($12.00)
With the release of their eagerly anticipated third album, Provision returns 
with their signature hybrid of classic progressive, industrial dance & 
synthpop. Pushing the boundaries even further with aggressive songs of lust, 
loss, karma, and regret; Provision hereby solidifies their own unique style. 
This release presents a new mix of sounds and structures that comprise 
Provision?s darkest most emotional effort to date, in what can only be called 
"The Consequence".12 new tracks to sing along with!

TYCHO BRAHE -"atlantic"    (COHAAGEN) (CD) ($12.00)
The new album "Atlantic" is the band's first release on Cohaagen, and is the 
follow up to their critically lauded debut album "Cassiopeia" (2000) and the 
remix album "Tasty" (2001), and captures the band's gamut of styles, from 
uptempo classic synthpop, to moody atmospherics, to grinding synth rock.

"Atlantic" contains eleven new superbly produced recordings including a cover 
version of the Human League's classic "Marianne", and also includes as a bonus 
a club remix of the song "Avarice", previously available only as a limited 
edition Australian single.


REIN-FORCED -"futile longings of a condescending man" (DSBP)(CD)($12.00)
The band formerly known as FORCED are back, loud and REIN=FORCED!
After three years they are proud to present the new album, Futile Longings of a 
Condescending Man.  Featuring pummeling old school electro industrial beats, 
mixed with new school terror EBM and a pinch of drum n bass,
the album follows a man dealing with issues of escapism, suicide, betrayal and 
trust.  Much more introspective than the previous record, Rein[Forced] bring 
new life to a stagnating electro scene with a much needed sense of originality. 
The record  features the mastering talents of Mika Goedrijk (This Morn Omina/ 
Nebula H/Powder Pussy) and guest vocals by CoryMcRae and Dagny Neel. Includes 
the club hits "Waster," "Hiatus," and "Cyn-dicated."

THE WEATHERMEN -"embedded with..."   (FIREZONE)(CD)  ($12.00)
The latest effort by the post-legendary never-imitated, never self-limiting The 
Weathermen, called "Embedded With The Weathermen" is, again, a shock.
This time, it's an album full of subliminal messages couched in a not-so-easy 
listening format, designed "to relax while answering essential 
meta-physiological un-asked questions", according to one of the group's 
spokespersons. Waves of electro sounds and infected lyrics warrant the listener 
to a unique aural experience.

Themes of the songs include driving under the influence of a Global 
Positionning System (also known as GPS), the future of flirtation via implanted 
microchips (yuck!), larynx-dectomy (yuck!), spy techniques using doubles and 
various non assertive make believes, exoneration of violence due to stress and 
the urging of the will-to-do to kill each other can hardly be called 'easy 
listening', but The Weathermen have once again pulled a seductive neglige  of 
negligence over a thinly disguised un-embedded un-dead Golem.
Once again, ten songs guaranteed to further confuse a public hungry for 
high-contented content.

also available here...
THE WEATHERMEN -"deeper"    (FIREZONE) (CD)  ($12.00)
THE-PULSAR -"awakening"   (ADVOXYA) (CD) ($12.00)
A fine new release from Hungary's Advoxya label.
Dark dancey EBM with elements of ambient,techno and
industrial.The vocals are more of a clean and melodic sound.
This is a band to watch!

(back in stock)
IMMUNOLOGY-"newgate"   (ADVOXYA) (CD) ($12.00)
CYCLONE B -"consequence of hidden truth" (CD)($12.00)

ENCODER -"supernatural"     (DSBP)     (CD)    ($12.00)
The first new release of 2006 is from Cleveland, Ohio's ENCODER! This fab duo 
consists of DJ Cable and Bruno(formerly of UV) and they create a very 
intriguing and potent mix of Dance floor EBM,industrial, and rhythmic noise 
influences as well. The tracks are all geared towards the dance floor with 
memorable lyrics/vocals that vary as well in style. RAZED IN BLACK guests on 
the album for lead vocals on the future hit "November"(2 mixes), there are 8 
titles on this CD and Remixes supplied by INTERFACE, DECODED FEEDBACK, 
on assault of 75 + minutes with lots more to come from these boys!

ANTIGEN SHIFT -"the way of the north"   (ADNOISEAM) (CD) ($12.00)
Canada's hottest industrial sensation is back to the cold. Four years after 
having dropped a bomb in the form of his Implicit Structures debut, Antigen 
Shift comes back with a second full length, The Way of the North, filling up 
the expectations raised by his 2002 collaborations with label-mate Detritus and 
long-time collaborator Iszoloscope.The Way of the North is the most harmonious 
Antigen Shift releases so far, rich in refined arrangements, massive bass and 
an syncopated percussions. While the dancefloor might still shake, The Way of 
the North is a irresistible album, and heads will soon start nodding to the 
deep pulsating drums of such tracks as Verglas or L'horizon.

HARDWIRE -"the industrial hardcore tech  "(HARDWIRE)(CD)($10.00)
The debut CD from this ferocious band from Arizona.15 tracks of industrial 
metal, which cross the line of dance floor and mosh pit antics.
Some of the vocals are hardcore influenced and some are more robotic and 
industrialized.This trio really kicks you in the ass and rips at your throat 
with this solid and essential industrial metal release.

This is a new and hard working Magazine for the dark electronic/gothic 
/ethereal underground which presents a magazine and CD compilation here for the 
low price of $7.00.Featuring new and unreleased tracks from...
VOICELESS,WRITTEN IN ASHES...the zine covers stories/interviews from all bands 
on the comp., reviews and much more stuff...

SYNAPSCAPE & ASCHE -"scenes from a galton's walk"(ANT-ZEN) (CD)($12.00)
seven tracks by synapscape and six tracks from asche - this could have been 2 
new cd-eps. well, here you get 1 new full-time cd instead! the act! was just 
finished, but synapscape still had more. seven new tracks where t.kniep and 
philipp mnch keep the beat straight, the vocals distorted, and the pace fast; 
however, they let the dancers catch their breath with 'karambolage' and 
'situation eight'. so what are you doing with whitenoise, baby? go enjoy it! 
after three years, several compilation appearances and re-releases of older 
material on cd-r there is a new sign of life from asche. more distortion, more 
beats, more disturbing voices and vocals - and more names: this morn' omina 
collaborated with andreas schramm on 'petunia', which was re-edited by moctan 
on 'falling to the ground'. rhythmic rage meets droning darkness - asche, make 
my day!

GINORMOUS -"the endless procession" (HYMEN) (CD) ($12.00)
for his second album on hymen, the endless procession, ginormous bryan 
konietzko digs deep into a passion for stringed instruments. 'i took electric 
guitar lessons for years, learning pink floyd solos and jane's addiction and 
stuff, notes bryan, whose creative endeavors extend beyond music to being 
co-creator of the animated tv series avatar: the last airbender. that said, the 
endless procession is hardly a rock album; it is epic music for the dynamism of 
a darker, more sinister world. like gridlock, lusine icl and hecq, ginormous 
commingles razor-like industrial noise with atmospheric sounds, conjuring a 
macabre, 3-dimensional soundscape that unfolds as each moment passes. a 
mechanical haunting presence starts the album off on 'begin with the end in 
mind,' meandering through raucous noise breaks and a hitchcockian piano theme 
on 'byproducts of stress and boredom,' moments of ambient bliss on 'noctilucent 
and ominous strumming hallucinations on 'gleaming rows.'.

GJOLL -"way through zero"   (HYMEN)  (CD) ($12.00)
within the first minute you will be haunted by the story's musical 
visualization. each of the five parts stands for itself, showing the evolution 
of the man's mental state: from depressed to aggressive and then finally 
released. various astounding sounds are found within its isolated shell - 
pulsing sub-basses, synth layers over a driving rhythmic sequence, noise 
drones, ambience with high frequency sonic attacks and silent melodic phrases. 
if we should dare a comparison then the scandinavian dark industrial sound 
isn't that far from the 'way through zero'.

....back in stock.....(limited quantities...get them quick)
ARCHITECT -"the analysis of noise trading" (HYMEN) (CD) ($13.00)
THIS MORN OMINA -"the drake equation" (ANT-ZEN) (CD)($13.00)
THIS MORN OMINA -"7 years of famine"  (ANT-ZEN) (CD) ($13.00)
THIS MORN OMINA -"le serpent blanc..." (ANT-ZEN) (DCD) ($15.00)
SYNAPSCAPE -"act!"       (ANT-ZEN)   (CD)       ($13.00)

ANDERS MANGA - "left of an all time low"   (VAMPTURE) ($10.00)
Left on an All-Time Low" builds upon Anders Manga's eminently danceable style 
with tracks like "Character in Charm, "Bad Girls Go to Hell," and the new wavey 
"Empire on the Sun," while moodier tracks like the watery "Bloodletting on the 
Kiss" and wistful "Surrender" keep your ears from tuning out an otherwise 
undying devotion to the beat. Such variety makes this disc listenable as an 
album rather than just a collection of gothtronica dance 
hits.Industrial/gothic/electronica combine !!

OUT OUT -"visual sound images"   (RADIO VALKYRIE)(CD)($10.00)
The new OUT OUT takes some chances and a change in sound from the previous
albums..The more you listen to it, the more addicted you will become.
Mark Alan Miller is back and better than ever with some really clubby,
intricate and fun tracks that should get him lots of new fans!
  This is a broadening of sound, an incorporating of several styles he's not 
done before. Biting samples, highly detailed beats, spot on programming and yet 
there still remains much aggression in the music. It's not upfront anymore, 
however. It smolders in the background, cleverly concealed beneath layer upon 
layer of sound.

PNEUMATIC DETACH -"re-vis-cer-a"  (HIVE) (CD) ($10.00)
Awesome new workings/remixes of the "vis cer a" cd from a diverse bunch of 
artists...includes remixes from VERS, GRENADIER, MANUFACTURA, EXCLIPSECT,
harsh electronics, glitchey insanity and dancey fucking sickness!!

MASH UP SOUNDSYSTEM -"a great escape from lunacy" (HIVE) (CD) ($10.00)
A collective of politically seditious techno clowns based in Los Angeles, MASH 
UP SOUNDSYSTEM are everything from 'hardcore idm' to 'ambient gabber', and all 
other oxymoronic commodities in-between. They run MASH UP RECORDS while making 
electronic music that goes across the board, like the KLNG KLNG ' parties we 
throw, where we refuse to stick to just one 'style' of music. Whatever the 
breaks and beats, it's all techno! prepare to be surprised and expect the 

ANATHEMA DEVICE -"the severing of tithes" (ANATHEMA DEVICE) (CD) ($10.00)
This solo project of Kerry Smith definately incorporates some diversity and 
mixing elements of rock/industrial/electronica into a very memorable and harder 
edged album with good harmonious vocals, catchy choruses, and
rocking music which bears simlarities to NIN, MINISTRY, ORGY,and a bit of 
classic rock style in there as well.This 12 track album has its own
flavour, and sounds really good as well.Originality is good!

INDEX AI  -"world blade center"  (AURALSIX) (CD) ($10.00)
INDEX returns with a new self released album and adding the "AI" onto the 
name.This is Eric Chamberlains 5th full length release, and it reminds us
of the "black twilight" and "fait in motion" albums quite a bit with
some really amazing instrumental pieces such as "ultra hard shadow" style 
brought.A very well done and original sounding electro/industrial/ambient
styled album which should please old INDEX fans and new alike!


ANDROID LUST -"devour, rise and take flight"  (PROJEKT)(CD)($12.00)
  Borrowing elements from diverse musical styles, Android Lust presents a blend 
of electronic rock that is provocative, engaging, and fiercely emotional. 
Devour, Rise, and Take Flight is an unforgiving electronic rock assault carried 
across twelve powerful tracks.  Shikhee's commanding voice takes center stage, 
set against her most challenging, yet accessible songwriting to date. And in 
true Android Lust fashion, she saves her best hooks for her most vicious 
sentiments, all while taking modern electronic music even further to the 
edge.Always evolving and making her sound better each time...this album is a 
must have for all electronic/industrial fans.


DUBOK -"shiver"     (MIZUKIS BOX) (CD)       ($11.00)
Shiver, the long awaited follow up to 2002's Technicolor, brings Dubok back to 
light after 3 years of uncertainty. Technicolor proved that Dubok not only had 
the ability to step outside the often suffocating boundaries of electronic 
music, but that they had also developed their own signature sound. Shiver takes 
that sound even further, refining Technicolor's concepts into a focused and 
mature offering of electronic music.

HEADSCAN -"pattern recognition"   (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
URCEUS EXIT -"contra"       (ARTOFFACT) (CD) ($12.00)
INTERLACE -"imago"      (ARTOFFACT)  (CD)  ($12.00)
COLONY 5 -"fixed"    (STORMING)    (CD)    ($12.00)

Independent releases

RICHTER -"cost of living"   (RICHTER) (CD) ($10.00)
A nice surprising debut with a mix of synthpop, EBM, darker sounds
and nice melody in the male and female vocals.This duo brings
forth a fresh sound with good range and dance floor tracks as
well as some slower introspective tracks as well.Definately
one to watch as they seem to be able to keep it intresting.

V/A NEGATIVE IMPACT v0.1(PFF PROD./Third Wave Collective) (CD) ($10.00)
This new Third Wave Collective compilation features new and unreleased
tracks from these rising electro/industrial/darkwave bands....
THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN...with 2 tracks from each band.

Synthpop bands covering bands from the Hard Rock/Metal hey day of the 
80s, and classic rock as well..some real intresting covers from :
Entropy 64,The Thought Criminals, Pop Star Who Kills,Empire State Human,
Wave In Head, Simulator, Dominoeffect, Stykfaktor, A Modern Effigy,
Brand New Idol, Color Theory, Giallo,Tesseract7, Nurvis, Provision,
Synthetik FM w/ Fr/action, Scar Chemik....get ready to rock!!

TONE DEAF    (re-stock)
CESIUM_137 -"advanced/decay"   (TONE DEAF) (CD) ($10.00)
CESIUM_137 -"regrets"  (TONE DEAF) (MCD)  ($7.00)

COLLIDE -"like the hunted"  (NOISE PLUS) (DVD) ($15.00)
The visual and the live show all in one! A killer performance
from COLLIDE at the El Rey in Califonia.This DVD is really stacked with videos, 
great photos, stills, interviews, and the Live show of course.
A totally intimate and intense look at one of todays best bands in the 
industrial rock scene.


artificial music machine is proud to present our most unusual and experimental 
release to date, featuring the talents of the most well-known artist working in 
the field of noise. Japan's legendary Merzbow continues to add to his vast and 
impressive catalog of recorded sound, this time in collaboration with Tamarin. 
This full-length CD contains three tracks created by Merzbow using sounds from 
Tamarin's album The Nationalist (released on Frozen Empire Media) and three 
tracks created by Tamarin using sounds from Merzbow's album Ikebukuro Dada 
(released on Circumvent).
Get ready for the unexpected and some nice collaborative efforts.

Independent release

CYSTO -"built for you"   (CYSTO) (CD-R) ($7.00)
A new talent from Canada comes forth here with some nice middle paced
EBM/industrial with some melodic and harder sounds/style as well.
12 tracks fill this high quality CD-R release with good diversity and
club tracks that should get this new name known in no time.


BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION -"exoskeleton" (DSBP#1072)  $10.00
Another great project from Vince Pujol(E.S.R., DIVERJE)...he creates a very 
sci-fi-atmospheric and sonically diverse disc here with a very futuristic sound 
and approach overall.50% of the
tracks contain vocals from VINCE and TOMMY T.
and the other 50% are all instrumental with sci-fi samples in the mix,
and both Vince and Tommy work the keyboards.Well thought out, and nicely 
crafted tracks which will catch you in to want to hear them over and over.
Dark electronics and flowing melodies converge with tribal-esque rhythms and 
thick synth-basslines.

Music for the dance floors and late night headphones as well.This will work 
well with the
trends even though its a bit more trippy and original.
The disc contains 14 tracks and includes a bunch of collaborations with
TOMMY T.(DIVERJE,in-FUSED) who serves as the 2nd member to help create
new lyrics/ideas, vocoder and synth sounds and textures as well.

DIVERJE - "the distortion chamber T-shirt"   $15.00 ppd
Proud to announce the new DIVERJE T-shirts are in and
available Now!
all sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL...

the new "distortion chamber T-shirts"(double sided design)
are here and available through DSBP,gemm.com, and paypal as well.

check out the new T-shirt design at...

$15.00 PPD and a really great looking shirt!!
great for the holidays, so get yours now:-)


TAMTRUM -"some atomik songz 2005" (CD) (DSBP#1073)($10.00)
DSBP has released the North American version of TAMTRUM
-"some atomik songz 2005" which differs a bit from the original release.
12 Tracks / 63 minutes of France's Harshest EBM act.
A new remix of "Le Son De La Pluie" by GRENDEL and a video of "my vile venom" 
included as additions to the album as well as brand new Mastering and a 
different art  layout.
This twisted duo combine for some of the fastest, harshest, and crazy
ebm/industrial you will hear in the scene!
Enter the dark, distorted and deranged sound of the HELLEKTRO underground that 
you have been waiting for.


13 new tracks from this hot EBM duo!New tracks with more
dancefloor dominance, and a beautifal mix of male and female vocals.
The synth patterns/sounds and rhythms are fresh, new and intresting.
This has got to be their best work yet, and all EBM and dark electronic fans 
should enjoy this new album.It also includes a bonus video track
and guaranteed to get the clubs rocking!


AZ-ROTATOR -"science of chance"   (CD) (ADNOISEAM) (IMPORT) ($11.00)
The debut album by Spanish sensation AZ-Rotator is a detailed-to-the-bone 
combination of fractal beats, beautiful harmonies and abrupt breaks. Constantly 
on the move, these tracks are the result of a careful digital trickery, pushing 
the envelope of what can be re-invented with complex electronic music, and how 
tasty it can be. Science of chance is an album of uncommon beauty, paired with 
a masterful sense for electronic composition.

DETRITUS -"origin"    (CD) (ADNOISEAM) (IMPORT) ($11.00)
Detritus second album, Origin, takes this acts combination of clean and 
powerful drum-n-bass, deep strings and emotion-ridden melodies to a whole new 
level. Brilliantly produced, this album is a perfect combination of beauty and 
musical talent, of human feeling and driven beats. One doesnt get very often an 
album which is satisfying both for the head, at home, and the feet, on the 
dancefloor; Detritus and Ad Noiseam are proud to present the perfect example of 

LAPSED -"lapsed"    (CD)   (ADNOISEAM) (IMPORT)   ($11.00)
A year and a half after the release of Twilight, Lapsed presents a second album 
combining his glitch and cuts approach with a strong trip-hop feel. All along 
eleven tracks (enriched by a remix by Aaron Spectre / Air Inspector), he 
succeeds at deconstructing funky, syncopated rhythms to build his own 
micro-cuts and tunes. A ferociously catchy album under a cold, hygienic 
framework: glitch has seldom sounded so human.


SPHERE LAZZA - "ultimate abyss"   (CD) (ACIDVICTIM) ($8.00)
The return of Sphere Lazza presented by AcidVictim records on a high
quality CD-R packaging, with 7 tracks total!Includes 3 versions of
the title track and some real cool previously unreleased tracks from
this very original sounding electro/industrial/melodic EBM band.

Back in stock....
CONVERTER -"expansion pack 2.0"   (DCD) (ANT-ZEN) ($16.00)
ARCHITECT -"the analysis of noise trading" (CD) (HYMEN) ($12.00)
THIS MORN OMINA -"7 years of famine" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
MORGENSTERN -"two different faces"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)


CABARET -"homophobia"      (CD)     (ARTOFFACT)  ($12.00)
Those who love artsy pop music with beautiful hooks, interesting synth 
arrangements, and haunting lyrics will instantly be addicted to the sounds of 
Cabaret. Drawing on influences such as Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, and 
Leonard Cohen, Cabaret simply makes beautiful music.11 tracks which definately 
show this band is original and masterful!

back in stock...
COLONY 5 -"fixed"     (CD)  (STORMING)  ($12.00)

TANNHAUSER -"a new bio-state"   (CD)   (CAUSTIC) ($12.00)
The new Tannhauser is in and a really varied and intresting work it is..
14 tracks including 4 club remixes.This band explores territories of EBM, 
industrial, techno, rhythmic noise and a mixture of male vocals and female 
vocals on some tracks, in native language Spanish.Sexy sounds and dance floor 
music with some experimental ideas in there too.


PAIL -"towards nowhere"    (CD)   (NGP)   ($10.00)
This excellent Spanish EBM project strikes again with his
best effort to date.Licensed to NGP from CAUSTIC REC. and this
album gives you a compelling mixture of EBM, dark electro,
hard industrial, instrumental and Spanish lyrics on a few as well.
12 new tracks that will keep the dance floors alight!

COLLAPSE INTO REASON  -"electromantic" (CD) (CN2R) ($10.00)
11 track debut from this American project which showcases some
fine vocal delivery on some EBM, dark synthpop sounds, with
intresting musical arrangements and non-typical sound.
This stuff can be really catchy and dancey as well as melodic and
introspective.A strong release with great production.


V/A -Interbreeding VII: The Flesh Harvest / Natural Enemies (DCD)
(BLC PROD.)($14.00) 
BLC PRODUCTIONS, www.blcmusic.com, announces the release of its seventh 
installment in the acclaimed Interbreeding compilation series -- INTERBREEDING 
VII: The  Flesh Harvest
/ Natural Enemies (DCD)(Nola Edition) -- a double-disc extravaganza of 
wall-to-wall exclusives and unreleased tracks from the hottest and hardest in 
elektro, one floorkiller after another in over 2.5 hours of mayhem, 
soundscapes, ambience and everything in between that may be needed to fill your 
electronica  fantasies. Featuring the likes of Das Ich, Implant, Dunkelwerk, 
Syrian, Diverje,  Severe Illusion, Neikka RPM, XP8 and many more alongside the 
creme de la creme of the  underground with bands like Xentrifuge and Process of 
Elimination, Morticians, The Pain Machinery,
Alien Produkt, Supreme Court and vicious vocal work from Chilean hard elektro 
band Vigilante.  Contributing labels include Alfa Matrix, Metropolis, Black 
Rain, Advoxya Records, Plutonium Distro, Infacted Recordings, DSBP.  The 
power-packed  set also includes a 12-page booklet with hardcore full-color 
sci-fi layout of aliens and their
lascivious prey, together with artist showcases presented in English and German 
text.Fight or Die: Interbreeding VII has launched!


ACUMEN NATION -"what the f**k"  (CD) (WTII RECORDS)  ($12.00)
What The F**k is a 10-year remix retrospective, containing 14 
never-before-heard versions of tracks from their catalog plus 2 new 
tracks. With hard hitting tracks like Bleed for You, DJentrify plus the 
mega clubhit Gun Lover, What the F**k is a solid release from start to 
finish. What the F**K contains guest vocal appearances from Lucia 
Cifarelli (KMFDM) and Eric Powell (16 Volt).


TANKT -"club life"      (CD)     (STATIC SKY)   ($12.00)
This is the 4th studio release from this solid and original sounding
Australian duo.
The album features a blend of dance tracks, atmospheric instrumentals, and 
emotional ballads, and it achieves the rare feat of being a creative and unique 
EBM album. In their lyrical delivery, TANKT offers scathing socio-political 
commentary which will remind fans of that other Australian group, SNOG.

IKON -"destroying the world to save it"   (CD) (STATIC SKY)  ($12.00)
their first full-length release in four years, showcases 13 diverse, melodic, 
and intensely well-crafted songs. This is easily the band's best produced work 
to date, and longtime fans (as well as newcomers to the Ikon sound) will 
certainly not be disappointed. Darkwave/gothic and electronic fans will enjoy 
these catchy new songs.


PNEUMATIC DETACH -vis cer a  (CD)     (HIVE RECORDS)  ($10.00)
   Brand new full length album by this underground phenomenon. A fuller, faster, 
more forceful PD sound, viscera is essential listening. Pneumatic Detach pound 
raw beat and ominous alien atmospheres into hungry audio aggression and 
paranoia. This is an album that evolves over time, intricate and surprising, 
and one that will stay in your CD player a long, long time.

LEAF - "made into itself"    (CD)    (SUSPICIOUS RECORDS) ($10.00)
   The first release for Hive sublabel Suspicious Records, Made Into Itself is 
smoke and poetry spun into crystalline threads of sound. Instrumental Hip Hop 
and heart-heavy tripnotica for a new listener - no bullshit cliches or worn out 
formulas guiding this release. Sticky beats, live violins, abused samplers, and 
silk-dripping voices have conspired to bring the sound of nighttime air and 
city solitude to life.
Leaf finds new veins coursing with beats and samples as obscure and disjointed 
as chinese mandolin and 70's irish folk and ties them together into a 
breathing, vibrant, gritty epic. Highly recommended listening for driving, 
fucking, or taking to a cold street at dawn.


Great new compliation from new label Glitch Mode Recordings featuring some of 
North America's hottest new electro/industrial/coldwave/IDM acts
Many NEW and EXCLUSIVE tracks and Bands featured are..
HATE STATEMENT, and VTG.Some really good new acts contained here.

(back in stock)

CYANOTIC -"transhuman"   (CD)   (GLITCH MODE REC) ($10.00)


A BLUE OCEAN DREAM - "on the road to wisdom" (CD) (A.D.D.) ($12.00)
  Blue Ocean Dream is new one-man-act that builds on the foundation of 
electronic pop pioneers, Kraftwerk, while adding a modern touch and thoughtful 
lyricism. Analog synthesizer sounds soar, and catchy electronic hooks pull you 
in as you experience the music of this synthpop act from Sweden. Synthpop and 
electro are tied nicely together with "On the Road to Wisdom", and the album 
will be remembered for years to come.


NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT-"oscillations"  (CD)  (IMPORT)(CORTEX) ($12.00) 
11 tracks from this great new French act!They combine the best of dark electro 
with cool movie samples, and some EBM, and harder Industrial sounds as 
well.Sometimes a very neurotic and experimental sound
meshing with danceable EBM music.
This band will appeal to fans of Skinny Puppy, FLA, and
the dark French Electro scene.


AB OVO -"empreintes"  (CD)   (IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
one year after 'le temps suspendu...' jrme chassagnard and rgis baillet present 
their second ant-zen release. at first glance the cd's artwork seems pretty 
bright and calm, but if you take a close look there are irritating abstract 
details - and the same could be said for the music. empreintes' melodic, subtle 
soundscapes also imply a 'bright' mood - but soon rhythmic pulses take over and 
one will realise that the first impression is deceiving. as malicious as 
quicksand, the ten tracks will imprint your thoughts, your dreams, your senses.
there isn't a need for anything other than synth lines and metres - which 
create a new imaginary soundtrack.

GENETIC SELECTION -"darwin's voyage"   (CD)(IMPORT) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
in the year 2504 d.c. a non-human lifeform was found on a colonized planet and 
was attacking the colonists. this creature was nearly indestructible and the 
colonists sent an s.o.s. to earth...
the entire story in german can be read on the new genetic selection release's 
cover. the creature itself, beautifully painted by michael hutter, is part of 
this release's artwork and the music is an aural description of the story's 
this concept album shows genetic selection's musical improvement one year after 
'orbital ground attack'. distorted four-to-the-floor tracks are decisive, dark 
ambient soundscapes and more complex structures have been added to the 
industrial basics, making this cd a closed, unique step in genetic selection's 


ARCHITECT -"the analysis of noise trading" (CD) (IMPORT) (HYMEN)($12.00)
'analysis' combines the roughness of 'galactic supermarket' and 'i went out 
shopping... - the result is a balance between breaks, sound-bits and ambience. 
however, this combination may be more subtle than first realized - for example, 
track 2 starts very calm (although you can already hear distorted bass) but it 
is the one which sets 'the analysis's direction: a straight but syncopated 
attack which includes breaks, clicks, vocals and - noise!
vocals and vocal samples have become more important for architect. for this 
release, vocals are embedded and are reminiscent of d.myers pre-architectural 
work in the more 'popular' area. a nice side effect is that it is an exciting 
alternative to the mostly instrumental idm scene. check out 'if jim would jam 
with richie' and you will be convinced!

HECQ  -"bad karma"     (CD)   (IMPORT)  (HYMEN) ($12.00)
'bad karma' is the most unique hecq release to date; a masterpiece of 
electronica which stands for itself. the melodic lines of the first two 
releases, which were reminiscent of artists like beefcake and lusine icl, are 
now mostly replaced by changing rhythmic textures, clicks and surprising sound 
manipulations. the precise filter effects on 'scumdrum's acoustic percussion 
samples are a good example of hecq's production skills. one could draw a 
comparison to uwe schmidt's ealier works as lassigue bendthaus and atom heart.


STARK - "brave new desire"    (CD)   (GUP)  (Import)  ($12.00)
STARK"s 2nd full length album is released! A very original sounding
disc mxing hard industrial/power noise/ebm, and a nice array of
unique sounding tracks.13 new assaults on your body and mind.
Watch your back and your nightmares because Stark is just around the corner 
threatening a torrid of harsh industrial sounds, imagery and soundscapes in the 
style of Wumpscut, Suicide Commando and Hocico!!!
Brave New Desire is packaged in a sexy deluxe digipack including a bonus 
mini-poster. Artwork gratiously provided by Cancerbox who has also done great 
art for Wumpscut, Stromkern, Flesh Field, Implant, KieW, Mono Chrome + many 

ANGEL THEORY -"black and blue" (EP)    (GUP)(Import)  ($9.00)
As with the 'Transmission' EP Angel Theory gets to rub shoulders with the 
genres masters, Mr. Daniel Myer [Haujobb, Architect, Clear Vision] has 
presented a very eiry mix, while Lights of Euphoria brings in the beats and 
technoid squeekings as Terrorfakt put the distortion dial to '11'. Netherlands 
new act Black Selket brings us their solid EBM style to the foray while New 
Zealands The Mercy Cage cranks up 'Ease The Pain' [original from the 'Fatal 
Condition' album] - Tankt spookifies a new album track with its roots in 
minimal electro/IDM while finally Angel Theory creates a less known cover from 
Simple Minds of 'Theme From Great Cities'. Who could want more ?


ANDROID LUST -"dragonfly"  (single/EP)    (Projekt)  ($7.00)
Dragonfly", the new single from the forthcoming Android Lust album (title TBA - 
coming in January '06) released October 18th on Projekt Records! The single 
features a remix by I, Parasite, and an exclusive b-side!An excellent and 
complex electro sound with tinges of power noise
and a nice progression once again for A.L...4 tracks in all.


THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN -"you knew it all along" (FACILITY) ($10.00)
22 tracks fill up this debut from a very orginal sounding band that mixes 
electro,industrial,punk, hip-hop,noise, satire and they have a very
strong live presence as well with many shows, and a diverse fan base.
Check these guys out if you like SMP, DEVO,Ministry, Consolidated,
GodFlesh, Michael Patton..call it edgey industrial punk, if you will.
Includes covers of Devo, Spice Girls, and remixes by Hypoid, Headache,
Flood Damage,Gothsicles, Heretics in the lab,and more..

back in stock....
DISHARMONY -"collapse"  (CD) (MONOPOL RECORDS) ($12.00)
NO NAME DESIRE -"wastelands" (CD) (MONOPOL RECORDS) ($12.00)

back in stock....
CYCLONE B -"consequence of hidden truth"  (CD) (ADVOXYA) ($10.00)
IMMUNOLOGY -"newgate"       (CD)     (ADVOXYA)        ($10.00)


SYNAPSCAPE -"act!"      (CD) (ANT-ZEN)       ($12.00)
t.kniep and p.mnch have finally finished their first full length album since 
2001 and compared to other ant-zen releases this is not simply an 'act' - it is 
an act! on this cd, synapscape's astonishing rhythm skills are perfectly 
displayed. keeping the beat straight but always changing the patterns 
throughout a track. when a track starts you might think you know how it will 
proceed, but while listening you will end up being surprised. there is a 
permanent change - without any real interference. the album could also be 
described as an 'attack on expectations' - sequencers and electronic percussion 
replace the expected bass drum; in a heavily distorted 4/4 track a techno-like 
5th-chord is embedded; crystal clear drum strokes replace distorted beats; - 
those 'attacks' are the sparks of the burning flow. the variety of sound is 
evident in the ambient tracks like 'kollberg' and 'sellout', the hard 
4/4-beat-ers like 'the hoe' and 'katunga' (which lean heavily toward the 
distorted dance floor) and the live-killer-tracks ('wings' and 'alice') which 
may be well-known to synapscape addicts.

iszoloscope. "the audient void". (cd) (ant-zen)   ($12.00
yann faussurier's work can be defined as a combination of dark fearful ambient 
soundscapes and heavy rhythmic beat assaults. some of iszoloscope's releases, 
f.e. 'aquifre' and 'les gorges des limbes', are located in the 'ambient' 
sector, while albums like 'coagulating wreckage' and 'au seuil du nant' also 
target the rhythmic region. on 'the audient void', yann takes the 'au seuil du 
nant's concept one step further. there was once a more strict separation of 
ambient spheres and hard beats but now there are eight tracks which have to be 
heard as a whole unit. the straight rhythms and mighty pulsing basses are fully 
embedded inside the soundtrackish tunes and haunting voice samples - sounds 
emerge, pump, disappear and re-appear - all of which raises the speed from 
track to track into a raging climax that finally discards. an ultimate 
listening experience for industrial enthusiasts - highly recommended

KATTOO - "megrim"       (CD)     (HYMEN)      ($12.00)
although 20 tracks are displayed on your cd player, 'megrim' should be enjoyed 
as one long 'track' consisting of 20 'parts' - without any pauses in between; a 
self-contained work of art.
once again, volker kahl's preference for classical music, well-placed samples, 
field recordings, clutching melody lines, varying rhythmic textures, drama and 
melancholy melt into a uniqueness that at times seems almost impossible.
on 'megrim', stylistic eclecticism is less ostensible. the integration of 
different cultures (for example: using aramaic and japanese voices) best 
describe the path katto is currently taking. but maybe this is just a theory - 
the artist volker kahl does not share much information, kattoo's music shall be 
the message.

  (CD)  ($12.00)
Their 2nd release unleashes more minimal electro/80's influenced, hard 
electroclash tunes! 16 tracks picking up where their 1st album left off..
Catchy fun tunes sung on both German and English.This one is more addictive 
after a few listens than the debut...we are "anti-entertainment!"


STROMKERN -"light it up"   (CD) (WTII RECORDS)  ($10.00)
The new chapter in STROMKERNS sound gives us a heavier edge with some guitars 
into the mix, and everything is balanced really well.The EBM/industrial and 
trip hop flavour of STROMKERN remains, and is even more thickly layered and an 
awesome production.10 brand new tracks and a couple of guest vocalists on a 
couple tracks as well.Catch them on tour now!

PTI -"exhaust"   (CD)   (WTII RECORDS)  ($10.00)
A 15 track remix companion to the "Blackout" cd.This has some new stuff and 
some of the best remixers,names in the EBM scene aboard for the 
remixes...includes  remixes from MINDFLUXFUNERAL, ASSEMBLAGE 23, Z PROCHEK, 


RAINDANCER -"audio"    (CD)     (A.D.D.)  $10.00)
Really good melodic, and flowing synthpop/EBM style with a
original sound to it overall.One of the best newcomers of the synthpop scene in 
a couple years with a really dancey and catchy sound.
10 tracks and a great debut release!

back in stock....
IRIS -"reconnect"    (CD)   (A.D.D.) ($10.00)

  LEXINCRYPT -"this descent"    (CD)   (DSBP#1067)   ($10.00)
Lexincrypt is back with his sophomore release entitled "This Descent". Taking 
everything up a level, "This Descent" elicits the same past elements of "My 
Sepulture" that were so easy to simultaneously love and love to hate, along 
with a scaled up production and overall sound that is sure to not go unnoticed. 
There is no compromise or submission; this album was written straight from the 
soul in an unfiltered effort to sustain the balance of aggression and 
depression that makes Lexincrypt what it is:
agonized, infuriated, deeply saddened, bitter, unstable, and

Get ready for faster beats, and more Club accessibility on this release
along with the dark, and creepy atmospheres as well.
Includes a collaborative track with Scott Sturgis(CONVERTER/PAIN STATION)
This album will please HARSH EBM fans of bands like GRENDEL, SUICIDE COMMANDO, 


Y-LUK-O -"elektrizitatswerk" (CD) (LUKOTYK REC.) ($10.00)
The 3rd full length album from this very cool and original sounding band.
They mix up dark electro/industrial with EBM and rock influences as well at 
times. The songs range in tempo and mood, and have some catchy tracks as well 
as some German vocals.A great find for something different and intresting.

back in stock...
INTERLACE -"imago"   (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($10.00)


DISHARMONY -"collapse"   (CD) (IMPORT) (MONOPOL REC.)  ($10.00)
Third album of Slovak dark, electro formation, that opens next stage in their 
imaginary efforts. New album of this Bratislava's duo is again flooded with 
mixture of cold surfaces, hybrid rhythms, movie moods and lived vocals. 
Atmospheric, industrial elements are strong part of this walk through non 
terrestrial parts. Beside 14 songs cd contains remix by the german modern 
electro project Polygon.


CYCLONE B -"consequence of hidden truth"  (CD) (IMPORT) ($10.00)
This 11 track debut CD from ESTONIAN band CYCLONE B shows alot of maturity and 
originality for a first release.An intriguing mix of industrial, EBM,
dark electro, and instrumental tracks which have nice complex layerings.
Mixture of vocal styles and sounds for the dance floor as well as the mind.This 
is a very nice newcomer to discover for all!

IMMUNOLOGY  -"new gate"   (CD)   (IMPORT) ($10.00)
This is the 2nd album of this CZECH REPUBLIC act.Mixing in hard aggression and 
coldwave/metal styles with lots of great programming, dark electro, and 
industrial dance stuff...dark lyrics and reminds me of an earlier day
of TERMINAL CHOICE..really hard and mean sounding cd here...beware!


MORTICIANS- Mutilation Recreation (DCD)  (PLUTONIUM-DISTRO) ($14.00)
A re-release of the original demotape from 1993, hard, yet catchy and melodic 
industrial / EBM with dark melodies and atmospheres.
These tracks can be very addictive and some harsh vocals mix in well with the 
dancier sequences. This 2CD  album also features all new tracks and a full 
length cd with remixes and  covers from acts such as Project-X, Sophie 
Rimheden, Severe Illusion and  The Pain Machinery. Limited to 500 copies 

DOOMSDAY VIRUS -"catastrophic error" (CD)  (DOOMSDAY VIRUS)($10.00)
This independent band hail from Buffalo, N.Y. and they really have a
good original sound going as well.Mixtures of industrial, electro, darkwave, 
and rock combine here to form quite a stimulating sound.
12 tracks,dark and haunting as well as hard and dancey...enjoy!

19 tracks from the New Mexico underground!Diverse bands doing some Hardcore, 
Metal, Rock,,Electro, IDM, EBM, and dark experimental too..
featuring 19 bands....oneDOWN, RAINE VIVIAN, THE SEX BOYS,MULTIPASS,


ANDRACULOID -"imbalance" (CD) (DSBP/OPTIKON)  ($12.00)
The long awaited 2nd disc from Andraculoid is in!!complete industrial
madness, harsh electronic mayhem!15 tracks over 60 minutes worth of brand new 
Andraculoid with guest appearances from Skeletal Meltdown, Rein-Forced,and 
Kara-tek!This album also introduces the collaborative force of Kaiju, and Mika 
of This Morn'Omina / Nebula-H to the band!A strong and driving force melting 
down all its path, this album is a must have!!
A very well produced effort and stunning mixture of electro-industrial and
power noise sounds combining to create an unstoppable force!

SELF RELEASED (on real CD's, not CD-R)

AUTOVON -"conform"     (CD)     (AUTOVON)  ($10.00)
12 tracks total on this debut cd from this new American band.
Electro-Industrial music with complexity, melody and experimentation..
Theres some club stuff here as well as slower and more introspective 
sounds.This is a really good and original disc, and features 4 remixes of the 
club track "fix you", remixed by GENCAB, PANZER DIVISION, TERRORFAKT,
and SCRAPE DX.Check this out and support a hard working independent act.
More music and samples at http://www.autovon.org

N.U.T.E. -"cyborg resistance"   (CD) (N.U.T.E.) (IMPORT)($10.00)
The debut long player from this New Zealand band.A very hard, and polished mix 
of industrial,coldwave, and electro music.11 tracks fill the debut cd and it 
has some real tasty and original sounding tracks.This should appeal to fans of 
Check out their music at http://www.cyborgresistance.com


NO NAME DESIRE- "wastelands"   (CD)  (IMPORT) (MONOPOL) ($12.00)
New music from Czech Republic, dark and harsh electro-industrial, with
similarities to HOCICO, SUICIDE COMMANDO, and GRENDEL...Lyrics are clearly 
derived from the cyberpunk literature heritage that has by now become diffused 
in commercial movies and post-cyberpunk literature
but in the works of EBM bands it survived in its true form, describing the dark 
vision of a technocratic society governed by multinational corporations and 
agonized by never-ending internal conflicts. Radiation polluted deserts, 
cracked walls, desintegrating iron beams as well as shoreless wastelands of the 
human soul.

MASTERMIND -"power"   (CD)   (IMPORT) (MONOPOL) ($12.00)
A mix of future electro-dark industrial, and some very original and intresting 
sounds overall...the vocals change a bit and make this band a pretty diverse 
formation with club floor appeal.Check this band out for something different 
but similar as well..check out info at..

  DIVERJE -"the distortion chamber vol.1"  (DSBP#1071) (CD)($10.00)
  DIVERJE comes back with their 6th album on DSBP!Always evolving and keeping
things diverse,updated,aggressive, melodic and intresting...
  This album mixes a variety of EBM/harsh industrial sounds and coldwave
rockers with very catchy anthemic vocals and distorted screams.Potent synth
programming with over 25 synthesizers used.... from brothers in E.S.R,IMPLANT,
TOMMY T. on vocals, and synths as well.15 brand new tracks which will
keep your feet moving, head bobbing, and mouths screaming!

THIS MORN'OMINA -"le serpent blanc"   (DCD) (ANT-ZEN)  ($16.00)
THIS MORN'OMINA -"the drake equation"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)
THIS MORN'OMINA -"7 years of famine"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)

STATE OF THE UNION -"black city lights" (CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($10.00)
STATE OF THE UNION -"inpendum"    (CD)   (WTII RECORDS)  ($10.00)


CONVERTER -"expansion 2.0"      (DCD)    (ANT-ZEN) ($15.00)
scott sturgis' musical variety is amazing, ranging from heavily distorted 
industrial beat attacks to dark ambient soundscapes. 'expansion 2.0' tracks 
range from the 'shock front' to 'exit ritual' period - which perfectly 
documents sturgis' improvement. instead of repeating a successful concept over 
and over again, scott experimented with new influences and various styles. he 
even has enough balls to communicate with satan herself - as it is documented 
this is a highly recommended addition to your converter collection. and if 
you're a dj then vsatisfy the party people - play 'monster death'!

BLACK LUNG -"the coming dark age" (CD)  (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
'the coming dark age' features a electrotechno and sociopolitical theme through 
avant-garde instrumental work, possessed by wildly experimental elements which 
is often juxtaposed by variations of deep electro, techno, crunchy breaks, neo 
space rock and startling abrupt rhythmic changes through to 
this album can be seen as a conceptual / musical continuation and expansion to 
the 'karmageddon' 12" which was released on ant-zen earlier this 
year.packaging: 4-page digipak cd packaging + 12p booklet

SQUAREMETER  -"the frozen spark" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
you never heard squaremeter this dark" 'the frozen spark' will be a surprise to 
those who thought squaremeter's musical direction would be calculable. mathis 
mootz's new masterpiece tears you down - deep down. once there were nearly 
danceable rhythms, eastern influences, and brightness - now there is a 
maelstrom of reverberation, tormented voices, ultra-slow beats and haunting 
sound manipulation - sheer darkness.

DEAD HOLLYWOOD STARS - "smoke & mirrors" (CD-EP) (HYMEN) ($7.00)
more song based and acoustic than before, delicately crafted, and yet 
disturbing, smoke and mirrors opens a new door to the odd universe of dead 
hollywood stars. a place where dusty slide guitars meet mysterious trumpets, 
60's exotica infects old-school electronic pulses, and where the shadows of 
badalamenti and morricone are always near. a clash of spectral jazz, ambient 
americana, spooky boogie and psychotronic pop...


BLOODWIRE -"transformation"  (CD)   (BLOODWIRE) ($10.00)
This is the debut of a new male/female duo in the vain of HUNGRY LUCY, and 
COLLIDE...Consisting of Shawn Brice(BATTERY) and newcomer I-Li....
Their songs are deeply personal and yet accessible, ranging from dreamy to 
raucous - sometimes in the same song! They are equally comfortable creating 
epic grooves or  succinct pop songs, always with an emotional core. The 
amalgamation of I-Li's rich  and sultry voice with Shawn's technical acumen 
creates a musical experience that is heart-pounding and electric, indeed where 
heart and circuit are intertwined.


This debut mixes new and old in the school of electro-industrial.
13 tracks of dark creeping electro, middle to faster paced EBM,
and different distortions, vocoding action on the vocals as well.
The tracks differ from each other well, and instrumentals too.
This band from Slovakia is really one of the better new imports of late,
a must for fans of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, NUMB, and SKINNY PUPPY. 


OXYD -"deep core"  (CD) (POLYMORPH)  ($12.00)
minimal electro, ambient, and soundscape trippiness.
sometimes blending in a tribal flavor, this one has 
alien tendencies, and strange relaxed frequencies.


TERMINAL STATE -"unline codes" (CD) (BROKEN SEAL) ($12.00)
some may have missed this awesome Slovakian EBM-coldwave-industrial project
the first time around...so we have secured a few more copies for the die hard
electro-industrial fans who like it hard and loud and sometimes with guitars.
this band reminds us of bands like NUMB, FLA, PAIL, and AGHAST VIEW!get it
soon....they will all be sold out soon...and out of print.


CYANOTIC -"transhuman"   -(CD) (GLITCH MODE REC.) ($10.00)
After nearly two years of non-stop recording, mixing, remixing, tweaking and
re-tweaking  Transuman, the debut full length from Cyanotic is finally
available.12 tracks of harsh electronic / industrial aggression, for the dance
floor and for the coldwave rivetheads alike.featuring the
production talents of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Iammynewt.


MONSTRUM SEPSIS -"movement"  -(CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($10.00)
Movement is the full length follow up to 2002's Deep Sea Creatures. An upbeat
and melodic release with Monstrum Sepsis signature blend of noise and
electronic manipulations, with just the right amount of dance appeal and
dark atmospheric industrial sounds combine. 11 hot new tracks!

back in stock...

STROMKERN-"flicker like a candle" -(CD) (WTII RECORDS) ($10.00)


STROMKERN -"dammerung im traum" -(CD)  (WTII RECORDS) ($10.00)

BOUNDLESS/ LITTLE SAP DUNGEON -"geist" -(CD) (Limited edition metal case)
(back in stock!)

HUNGRY LUCY -"apparitions"  (CD) (HUNGRY LUCY) ($10.00)
HUNGRY LUCY -"to kill a king"-(CD) (HUNGRY LUCY) ($10.00)


THE MERCY CAGE -"scree:transmissions" -(CD) (DSBP) ($10.00)
23 tracks fill this conceptual disc dealing with the problems of our
society due to the overuse of technological advances and the crippling of 
the human mind and culture because of.This is the first North American CD
release for this diversified Coldwave/EBM/industrial/darkwave project...
Dance floor stompers,clearly vocalized industrial anthems slashing through
,darkwave female vocals add to the infusion, and some excellent politically
and socially aware lyrics that really show The Mercy Cage to be a force to
be reckoned with.In an age of clones, The Mercy Cage bring originality.


COLONY 5 -"fixed"  -(CD) (STORMING RECORDS)    ($12.00)
The brand new eagerly expected third regular album from synth / electro-pop
super-stars Colony 5! Including several of their soon-to-be dancefloor hits,
''Fixed'' delivers the solid C5 infectious sound of uptempo dancefloor beats,
ultra-melodic catchy refrains and warm synth lines. Augmented by a polished
and even more professional sound ''Fixed'' is sure to deliver one of the
synthpop highlights of 2005 - includes the hit single ''Plastic World''! 
Excellent lyrics that cannot be missed, this is a really good one.

REGENERATOR -"regenerated X"  (CD) (ARCHETYPE MULTIMEDIA) ($12.00)
The dancey new remix album from Regenerator is back in stock...
featuring killer remixes from....RAZED IN BLACK, ASSEMBLAGE 23,


A very good tribute to one of the unsung heroes of the New Wave 80s'.
Nice versions and mostly modern/wave and synthpop takes on the best FIXX
tracks.. artists include....EMPIRE STATE HUMAN, GLOW, TRISTRAUM, KISS THE
and THE ECHOING GREEN..the best FIXX tracks are on here,sometimes X2

Another fine tribute to the great DEAD OR ALIVE!another one featuring 
16 tracks this time with really good covers of DEAD OR ALIVE by the following
modern wave/synthpop artists...ASTROMILL,ANDROMEDA RISING,AUDIODOLL,

TRISTRAUM -"shiver" (EP) (IMPORT) (INTRAPOP)   ($8.00)
This 12 trap EP is a long playing single with 2 new bonus tracks as well.
Nice female vocals which sound original...EBM/synthpop remixes which will work
well on the dance floor.Remixes from -ASSEMBLAGE 23, ECHO IMAGE, INFAM,
DALE...12 remixes/tracks in all..fans of A.D.D. artists will enjoy this!

XP8 -"forgiven"   (CD) (STATIC SKY) ($10.00)
This is the newly mastered version of this European release, now on Static Sky
Records here in North America.Great mix of EBM, industrial, darkwave, and 
great for the dance floor as well.A very original voice, and really hi-quality 
sound overall.15 tracks, including bonus remixes from ASSEMBLAGE 23, and
IMPERATIVE REACTION.A must have for all EBM fans needing something new!

SIVA SIX -"rise new flesh"    (CD) (DECADANCE)(IMPORT) ($14.00)
The debut from this band originally called "Wintermute",and with members from
ROTTING CHRIST, and SEPTIC FLESH (keyboardist -Noid).They produce a
floor shaking mix of Industrial/EBM, and power electro where they draw
futuristic and claustrophobic soundscapes, and cool arrangements and sound
choices..this 10 track debut is one of the brighter newcomers of 2005!

PULCHER FEMINA -"shadows of the lovers" (CD) (DECADANCE) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
Great dancey EBM, futurepop, and electro-industrial mix with clean and 
original vocals.We sold out of it a couple years back, and its back in stock.


V/A -SIGNS Sampler - (CD)    (ALIENS PROD.)   ($12.00)
This underground Slovakian label has some really great talent just waiting to
be heard and discovered more...Dark electro-industrial, glitch soundscapes,
and IDM sounds with ambient soundscapes... This label compilation is packaged
nice, and has all-new tracks from ANIMA MUNDI, SAMHAIN, FLINT GLASS,
DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, TENSION, and POLYGON...Great new comp./don't miss it!

END -"the sick generation"   (CD)  (HYMEN)    ($12.00)
a marvellous aural rollercoaster ride of breakcore,scratches,
surf sound,soul horn blasts, twanging guitars, orchestral strings,
nods to progressive rock,Bonham like drums,mad ep, hecq,the trashmen,
ambient synth strikes, donna summer, reggae beats, duran duran duran,
shredded vocals, wah-wah trumpets,drop the lime, swans,the real one and only
foetus himself and a knife for mrs. miller...all this in 60 minutes..

MONOKROM -"tales of rabbits and hares"   (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
a powerful merciless crescendo of distorted rhythms, noisy loops,
and unleashed fury.This album related to all you need to know on how to make
your rabbit the best rabbit it can be, and your friend, not enemy...enjoy!

SNOG -"real estate man plus"  (EP)  (HYMEN)   ($9.00)
11 totally different remixes of the title song and the video included as
well..The remixes are done by intresting and weird artists like...UBIN,
SI REAL's UGLY, 8-bit apocalypse, VOLUM, HECQ, SOL_DAT,and more...

SILK SAW -"empty rooms"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN)     ($12.00)
this is the soundtrack from the French play "les chambres d'oedipe"and
the duo of Silk Saw.The traditional sound is here for these guys but with some
more straightforward beats at times, and manioulated embedded voices appear as
well as very strong sub-basses, and unusual distorted noises which transform
the frightening and sometimes aggressive atmospheres into a climax.

SICKBOY -"into oblivion"   (CD)  (MIREX)   ($12.00)
Lumbering macabre bass lines,frenetic beat slicing,breakcore to industrial
d'n'b,complex,intricate, and insanely sick!flashes of strange ambient,
cyberpunk, and pummeling metallic beats that will send you into madness..

(Import) ($12.00) 
8 new and remixed tracks for a companion disc to the "walk the psycho(path)"
masterpiece released in 2004!4 new and unreleased tracks with a hot new
sound to them...and remixes from X-FUSION, ROTERSAND, INTERLACE, and
former member F.SOLENBERG!This is a sure club pleaser,and ass kicker!!

FILAMENT 38 - "unstable"   (CD)    (NEGATIVE GAIN PROD.) ($12.00)
The 2nd album released from this solo act from Ohio.13 new tracks with more of
an EBM laced sound this time, and some very catchy and addictive tracks on
here with solid programming and originally styled vocals that have a harshness
and a melodic feel to them as well.Dark Electro-industrial meshing with a more
dancey influence laced in.This one should not be missed, really killer sounds.

APPOGEE -"unconscious ruckus" (CD) (KANPAI RECORDS) ($12.00)
This band from Ca. have a modern and intresting mix of sound with
drum-n-bass,electronica, and some acoustic guitar sounds, and
spoken,whispered vocals..Trippy songs that have alot of subliminal
style to them.cool for fans of Bjork,NIN,Woven,etc..limited supply.

back in stock NOW !
COLLAPSE -"humans"  (CD)(IMPORT) (COLLAPSE) ($14.00)
DROOM -"128 days"  (CD) (A.D.D.)    ($12.00)
DE/VISION -"devolution" (CD) (A.D.D.) ($12.00)
DE/VISION -"zehn"     (CD)   (A.D.D.) ($12.00)
DE/VISION -"6 feet underground" (CD) (A.D.D.) ($`12.00)

AESTHETIC PERFECTION -"close to human"  (CD) (BRACTUNE) ($12.00)
The debut CD from Califonian natives A.P. is a sure standout release in
2005 so far.Mixing in harsh vocals that can actually be heard, with excellent
synth-programming and blistering rhythms, each of the 11 tracks shine here.
Some of the more memorable and catchy harsh electro-industrial music, with
killer sounds and powerful production.They also mix in a very cool IDM/Haujobb
influence on a few tracks, especially near the end, to give this cd another
dimension that many harsh electro bands don't, yet..Great debut for Bractune Records!

OUT OUT -"1989-1999:Hasten the burning...with the breath of fools" (DCD)
The long overdue 2-CD anthology covering the first decade of Industrial cult
legend OUT OUT.Great mix of electro-industrial, coldwave, and experimental
sounds as well.Disc One:alternate and new mixes and edits.Disc Two:
unissued remixes and b-sides.All tracks are previously unreleased versions.
The video's for "antidote serum" and "finched" are included as bonus CD-Rom
material.This is one of the first Metropolis bands vital in the early 90's.

SEVERE ILLUSION -"accomplishments of Leopold II" (CD) (DSBP)($10.00)
The long awaited 2nd full length from this great harsh industrial duo from
SWEDEN.17 Tracks fill this disc with high velocity industrial hardness, and
mid-tempo stomping electronic noise!Tracks here for the clubs and also for the
dark industrial noise heads as well..A sick combination to savor.
This 75 minute assault will leave you worn out and hungry for more.

The debut CD from Israels first EBM act! This album contains alot of variety
and originality as well...Dancey EBM, Melodic synthpop, darkwave,
and technoid Industrial anthems as well.14 tracks and over 70 minutes
of intresting music to discover.Check out this hot new act!

HEADSCAN -"dead silver sky" (EP)   (ARTOFFACT) ($8.00)
7 track new EP from the awesome HEADSCAN!Trance and industrial meet for some
really high energy and memorable EBM.Remixes of the title track from Component
and Headscan, and new remixes of "sentinel" as well.very catchy, dancey stuff!

INTERLACE- "imago"   (CD)   (ARTOFFACT) ($10.00)
back in stock! this awesome cd has to be heard and discovered by you!

YAVIN 4- "otherworld technologies"(CD) (NEGATIVE GAIN PROD.)($10.00)
The debut of this side project from Oliver T. from EVILS TOY.
More reminiscent of the (pre-synthpop) EVILS TOY style, add in some
HAUJOBB influence with a good mix of d'n'b grooves, industrial
noises,vocoders,and dance floor alien electronics! 15 tracks fill
this great new disc with remixes from PZYCHOBITCH, DJ RAM,
and CRUCIFORM INJECTION.This is a must have!

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY -"random access memory" (CD-R)(DARK BEAT PROD.)($7.00)
Hailing from Albuquerque, N.M.This is a solo project of Dj Kentifyr, with 
Puck, in on the "live" assault. 10 tracks with some catchy EBM, synthpop,
industrial-wave and electro combining for a cool and original sound.
Nicely packaged in a red casing, and slick sounding production.

ENDUSER -"run war"  (CD) (AD NOISEAM)    ($10.00)
ENDUSER's first CD release on AD NOISEAM presents a selection of 17
previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2000-2004.reworkings,
and remastered to meet todays standards.Ranging from melodic tones to the
hardest rhythms, and Ragga anthems meet soft female vocals in contrast and
unity...A very diverse and wide range of progressive material..check it out!

SOMATIC RESPONSES - "pounded mass" (CD) (HYMEN)  ($10.00)
The Healy brothers return with their hardest Noise assault in years! This new
album sounds way more distorted, and a mixed bag of breakcore, power noise,
hardcore, turntablism, and pure ambient soundscapes.Thick, and
harsh rhythmic tracks, exploding all over your speakers...

MORGENSTERN -"two different faces"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($10.00)
Merging beat oriented noise, and dark atmospheric soundscapes into a melange
of intresting pieces.Eardrilling sub-basses mix with dark/eerie voices
and ritualistic arrangements.10 new tracks and a remix by SONAR...

TELEROTOR -"mobilitat"  (CD)   (ANT-ZEN)  ($10.00)
Recorded live at Roger Rotors studio in Switzerland.Speed as a factor of
mobility is transferred into a constant flow of rhythmic patterns personate
the basis for ambient soundscapes and field recordings as Telerotor's
theory implies:mobility allows both Telepherique and Roger Rotor to
collaborate and merge both solo projects into one with Telerotor.

TELEPHERIQUE -"nerv.sys" (DCD)  (DUEBEL) ($13.00)
A concept based on the vegetative nervous system controlling the human body's
organic functions such as breathing or the heartbeat...these functions cannot
be controlled by mans will.CD1 symbolizes both parameters of the vegetative
nerve system:parasympaticus with harmonic soundscapes, and sympaticus
with cacophonic and disturbing sound structures..CD2 Telepherique examines
the different influences on the nervous system-illustrated by different
musical moods.each track creates a different experience, positive or negative,
so,.... please listen at your own risk!

SZKIEVE -"ekranoplanes" (3" cd digipack)  (ANT-ZEN) ($7.00)
Complex and expansive compositions combined with chords, string melodies
and high pitched synthetic tones.Scientific and modern sounds which transform
moods into music and the result is nice and unusual for this genre.
Fans of glitch sounds and IDM will appreciate this one.

BRIAN EVENSON with XINGU HILL & TAMARIN -"altmann's tongue" (CD)
 (ANT-ZEN) ($10.00)
This album features the work of Brian Evenson reading selections from several
of his books through a sonic fabric created by Xingu Hill, and Tamarin-proved
to be similarly cataclysmic, although of a markedly different scale.
Not much like this in the scene these days...excellent readings with
some eerie and strange musical backdrop which really mixes together nice...

The official Festival compilation..."2 nights of Breakcore in Berlin"
Feb.4-5th 2005...Featuring some of the most fresh and insane breakcore in the

BOX) (CD) ($10.00) (BACKSCATTER)
A brutal new collaborative split CD from the SLC, UT. industrial crew!
BOUNDLESS start it out with 9 new tracks/remixes, all previously unreleased!
Killer sounding stuff with the aggression and melody of SYMBIONT/BOUNDLESS.
and C2...7 tracks follow from LITTLE SAP DUNGEON!all new, all harsh and
pounding stuff including some revised remixes and a BOUNDLESS mix as well.
17 tracks for a great price, and the metal box keeps the cd bolted in for you.
Only 100 of these pressed, so you should act quickly on it!

PAIL -"towards nowhere"  (CD) ($10.00) (IMPORT) (CAUSTIC RECORDS)
The brand new, 2nd full length from SPAINs finest electro-industrial master
PAIL! This new digipack release includes 12 mindblowing tracks, and such a
good progression for this band.The sound is hard, energetic, and club friendly
to the max.This should put PAIL in there with the "heavy hitters" in the 
worldwide EBM scene.A good diverse album as well with some darker instrumental 
tracks, and some songs are done in Spanish as well.A couple of more melodic
slower tracks amongst the dance floor frenzy of aggression!

NARSILION -"neroeleth"  (CD) ($10.00) (IMPORT) (CAUSTIC RECORDS)
This is an ethereal/operatic electronic release.Enchanting female vocals
laced with some deep male vocals and many harmonies within.
A very laid back, yet dark,and emotionally driven sound.Very much like the
bands from 4AD or PROJEKT RECORDS in the USA.Violins, flutes, and classical
guitar mix in with tribal drum beats and a dark, and ritualistic atmosphere
surrounding.11 intresting tracks here to hear something cool & different.

SERGEANT SAWTOOTH -"mescaline" (CD)  ($10.00)(NEGATIVE 3)
This is the brand new solo release of Rob Robinson from KEVORKIAN DEATH CYCLE.
The music is more in the IDM, experimental,Electronica, and ambient styles.
A very original and nice diverse mixture of textures and sounds, great beats,
and works great for dance floors and a lounge setting.Trippy styles for sure.
12 tracks and digipack packaging, includes remixes from PROPHEI, and CYRUS

B!MACHINE -"the evening bell"(LIMITED EDITION 4 DISC SET)(4CD)($17.00)(A.D.D.)
14 brand new tracks from the synthpop wizard B!MACHINE! This album is a bit
more melancholic, and still has some great club tracks, and this set also
includes 2 bonus mini-cd singles and a bonus megamix cd from a DIFFERENT DRUM.
We have the limited edition set here, and only a couple in stock...only
$17...the price of a single import cd at most distributors...so check this out
and enjoy the wonderful synthpop sounds of B!Machine....

BATTERY CAGE -"product"  (CD) ($12.00) (SOLIDGREY STUDIO)
This is the re-mastered, and updated version of BATTERY CAGE's first album.
The band is now pretty well known for their METROPOLIS RECORDS release of
"world wide wasteland", and going on tour this summer...
This CD was never released before, other than on cd-r, and this new version
blows that away.Hi-energy electro-industrial with some harsh vocals, and
frenzied synthetics! Track for the dance floor as well as some dark electro
tracks a bit slower in tempo.13 tracks and over an hour of kick ass music!

CURTIS CHIP -"eating paste"  (CD) ($12.00) (IMPORT) (AD NOISEAM)
Originally released as a 12" on ZOD Records, this is the 6 tracks from the
vinyl and then some bonus mixes and 7 remixes by some of the best underground
EIGHT FROZEN MODULES, and BinRay....Complex rhythms,cathcy 8 bit melodies,
mashed structures seduced and impressed.This is ear bending stuff, indeed.

V/A -REVELATION  (CD)    ($14.00)  (B.C.P.)
A first compilation of sounds from this newly formed Canadian power noise,
experimental electronic label.The compilation features many newcomers and
blooming noise achemists such as:PROSPERO, DEAD MANS'S HILL, CASUAL
Prepare to be assaulted by a good variety of power noise/experimental
artists.Solid and convincing new compilation from this new label.

Back in stock....(small quantities, buy now!)
V/A -SATURATION BOMBING 2 (CD) ($14.00) (T.I.K.)
TARMVRED -"viva6581"   (EP)       ($8.00)     (AD NOISEAM)
PTI -"blackout"  (CD) ($12.00)   (WTII RECORDS)

This is an intresting collaboration of remixes all done by "hEADaCHE"
from the band CEOXIME...His remixes incorporate fluent drum-n-bass patterns,
and groovy synth lines and EBM dance music.The bands remixed on this 15 track
version of a RADIOHEAD track.Lots of previously unreleased mixes here.

EMERGENCE -"eschaton"   (CD) ($12.00)  (NEGATIVE GAIN PROD.)
The second full length offering from this intresting and original
project.11 brand new tracks with a balanced mixture of  electro-industrial,
coldwave,EBM and darkwave as well...Great for dance floors and some slower
personal tracks as well.Distinct vocals and powerful, catchy tracks here.

back in stock...
SEVERE ILLUSION - "discover without reflection"  (EP) ($7.00)(MEDIA CONSPIR.)

E.S.R. -"persistence"      (CD)   ($12.00)   (DSBP)
Electro Synthetic Rebellion is back with his 3rd cd release, and 2nd on DSBP!
The new stuff is faster, harder, and more technically constructed, with an
excellent sound and variety of synthetics and vocal treatments.
Mixing the classic electro-industrial sound and a more modern, dancey and
aggressive EBM into an outstanding release.13 tracks fill this 74 minute disc
with a killer cover version of "mindphaser" by FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY
included..bonus remixes by AUSPEX, and label mates LEXINCRYPT and DIVERJE
round out this essential electro-industrial release for the end of 2004.

LIQUEFACTION -"emerge"    (CD)   ($12.00)  (DSBP)
This is the 2nd album from electronic solo artist Kindel..
She incorporates some very intresting and original stylings in this
sophomore effort.A more melodic and catchy release overall, and some dance
floor sounds as well.Keeping a diverse texture, samples flowing throughout
keeping the theme,vocals and music intertwined.Melodic female vocals with
plenty of emotion and a handful of excellent instrumental tracks as well.
Electro-ethereal-synthpop-ebm-rock....thats a good way to describe it..
14 tracks in all including a remix by E.S.R., TECNOMAN, and a surprising
cover version of BLUE OYSTER CULT's classic "don't fear the reaper".

FEKTION FEKLER -"into the sun"    (CD) ($12.00)
Fektion Fekler returns!!Its nice to have these guys back in the scene and
the new 14 track disc is a real intresting release to check out.
The Bustamente brothers mix lots of style into their overall sound and are
very diverse overall with a dark electro, synthpop, acoustic rock sound
combined to keep things unpredictable.Some very intense and personal tracks
here and the sound should appeal to many electronic music fans.

FAKE -"los angeles synthetic"   (CD) ($12.00)
This is the new side project of Clint Carney from SYSTEM SYN..
Hard, aggressive, and anthemic electro-industrial with a darker and heavier
sound that his main project.This album is really energetic and has
some strong words on politics, and the society we live in today.
11 tracks on this debut disc, and 45 minutes of music overall...
Really impressive debut from this project, and good for clubs too!

29 DIED -"sworn"   (CD) ($12.00)    (PROSPECT)
We now have many copies of this classic 1995 electro-industrial
release from this very original sounding band.A band that has crafted
the art of electronic music mixed with acoustic instruments into a
melange of great catchy songs, powerful percussions, and intriguing
and passionate lead vocals.great for dance floors now, 9 years later.
This cd includes the classic cover version of "tainted love" and 12 other
hard driving, danceable, and addictive tracks incl. a BIGOD 20 remix!!

PTI  -"blackout"    (CD) ($12.00)    (WTII RECORDS)
The full length debut from this outstanding new American act.
Electro-industrial music with aggression, melody and diversity.
A complete album with different moods and sounds, and a cohesive
sound from top to bottom.12 tracks overall, with some potential
club hits included, and real intense vocals as well.This is definately
a band to check out as they seem to have their own sound identity.

INTERLACE -"imago"   (CD)   ($12.00)    (ARTOFFACT)
INTERLACE returns with their strongest effort yet, as these guys
keep getting better each time.This is some of the more original,
and diverse electro-industrial music out now...mixing in some
dark electro, classic, noise/ambient, rock, and EBM dance floor
tracks with an aggressive vocalist who can change things up too..14
new tracks and a really awesome album overall that needs to be heard in full.

CDATAKILL -"the cursed species"  (CD) ($12.00)   (AD NOISEAM)
Zak Roberts returns with a more hard hitting, and danceable
approach on his signature broken beat, d'n'b sound.10 tracks/52 mins.
Complexity and epic tracks reside on this disc with amazing new arrangements,
and deeper overall sound.A daring soundtrack to a video game this would make.
Very fresh and well thought out sounds here and a must hear for you!

MOTHBOY -"the fears"      (CD)   ($12.00)   (AD NOISEAM)
London based Simon Smerdon aka Mothboy releases a fine cd here
melding "dark hop", deep bass grooves, experimental sounds and jazz
stylings as well.Featuring guests Mick Harris/SCORN, LARVAE, HORCHATA
and MC Akira The Don on a few tracks makes this all the more rich in texture
and diversity and is a lot more than a collection of sparse tracks, but a work
of homogeneity and sheer energy!Fans of those bands mentioned, will enjoy this!

HYPNOSKULL - "dark skies over planet e." (CD) ($14.00) (ANT-ZEN)
16 groundbreaking new tracks and an additional bonus 6-tracker called
"urban territory intruders"featuring collaborations with DEFRAGMENTATION,
and ACTDRAMATIK.This album is the pearl on more than a decade of HYPNOSKULL
activities.Bringing on an ecleptic mix of power noise, industrial, and
electronica.Sharp edges,lyrics and brutal beats will rip into you.

HECATE -"seven veils of silence"  (CD)   ($14.00) (HYMEN)
An intensely dark and intresting conceptual album focusing on
Salome, and hecate's seven veils of silence...Rachael Kozak
has put together another twisted, dark release of
metallic percussives, frantic breakbeats, seething ambience, and
moody electronic/noise music throughout...evil stuff here..
13 tracks in all, and amazing photography/artwar from S.Alt.

KATTOO -"places" (CD) ($14.00) (HYMEN)
KATTOO is Volker Kahl of BEEFCAKE on a solo journey of dark techno/d'n'b,
string sounds,tribal/ambient,trip-hop influences creep in as well.
A varied sound, that fits together very nicely and shows a new personality
to the Hymen roster with plenty of potential to do many great things. The
photography is most amazing as well, and is worth the price of the cd alone.

L'OMBRE -"simulations 2.0" (CD) ($12.00) (HYMEN)
Stephen Sawyer returns with the follow up to "simulations 1.0"..
Dark ambience, groovy electronics ,paralyzing sub basses, and
cold rhythms fill your mind and body.This album seems to flow
well with slower dark hop beats, and smooth synth soundscapes
covering good ground in the 14 tracks..including remixes from
S:CAGE, ENDUSER, HECQ, AB OVO, DISPLACER,Hecqs echo implant, and
MIMETIC! both "simulations" albums shine on the dark lounge scene.

HECQ -"scatterheart"  (CD) ($14.00)  (HYMEN)
Complex, intense breaks and melodic themse intermingle with ambient space
and emotional droning.This is Hecq's 2nd album release with Hymen/kaleidoskop,
and he really finds a signature sound on this one.Mixing in elements of
ambient,post-glitch,atmospheric,industrial/noise,downtempo,and broken hip-hop
beats sometimes reminding us of GRIDLOCK, FUNKSTORUNG,and BEEFCAKE...

THE RORSCHACH GARDEN - "the rorschach garden"  (CD) ($13.00)(KALEIDOSKOP)

INERTIA- "black ice impact"  (CD) ($12.00) (CRYONICA)
Inertia return with their finest and most catchy release to date!
13 new tracks geared towards the club dance floors, and a fine mix of
male/female lead and backround vocals make this a diverse and
intresting EBM release all around.Includes some fun cover versions too.

DIE WARZAU - "convenience" (CD) ($12.00) (PULSEBACK)

COLLAPSE - "humans"    (CD)   ($12.00)   (COLLAPSE)
BLANK -"artificial breathing" (CD) ($12.00)  (ARTOFFACT)

ASMODEUS X - "morningstar"  (CD) ($12.00)   (LATEX RECORDS)
A very good debut mixing in darkwave/EBM/synthpop and industrial
flavors into a tasty CD! 11 tracks in all including a remix of the title
track, and a enhanced video.Solid outing and some very catchy tracks here
as well as different vocal approaches from song to song...

EISBRECHER -"eisbrecher"      (CD)    ($12.00)   (DANCING FERRET)
NEUROTIC FISH -"bomb"       (EP)      ($7.00)   (DANCING FERRET)
the brand new single "bomb" is featured here in 4 different versions/remixes.
A very catchy and dancey Electro track, that is further explored with the
mixes.3 b-sides and unreleased mixes fill the final slots of the EP.As usual
Neurotic Fish you can expect nice vocal melodies, and phat, and dancey

INFRASTRUCTURE -"salt the earth"   (CD)    ($12.00)   (F.I.T.H.)
A new record label and debut release from Stacia Tucker(Boston,Ma.).
This solo project combines originality in sound design and vocal style as
well.Alluring female vocals with intresting lyrics and rhythmical singing, to
mix with the lively drum programming, and frenzied synth patterns...
This is as strong of a debut release as we have gotten this year.
12 catchy and dancey tracks here which will bring you in after a listen and
make you want more! features remixes from CUT.RATE.BOX, and A.E.C.!

ANDROID LUST -"stripped & stitched"  (CD) ($10.00) (PROJEKT)
The new collection of remixes and alt. and acoustic versions of existing and
new Android Lust tracks is in! 11 tracks in all including some new stuff, and
remixes by I, PARASITE, ENTROPY, Occultechnologies, MONSTRUM SEPSIS, and
more mixes...Definately need to have this if you own any Android Lust music..
also available here....."the dividing","evolution"....at DSBP!

Y-LUK-O -"kerion celsi"        (CD)    ($12.00)  (LUKOTYK)
This American/German group mixes up the sound from both countries/cultures and
creates a dark-elektro-industrial hybrid for soundtracks of the apocalypse...
15 tracks included on this digipack release from new label out of Chicago
called LUKOTYK RECORDS.Includes remixes by KIRLIAN CAMERA, FRONT 242,
IN THE NURSERY and more...A good dark original sound here..

CTRLer - "international hitech noize" (CD) ($13.00) (ERROR DELUXE)
A very modern and intrestingly diverse album.14 intense and catchy tracks with
a mixture of drum-n-bass rhythms, distorted loops, very melodic, and
aggressive vocals,industrial, and sonic experimentation combine here.
The album is divided into 2 parts..the first one is more direct, fast, and
dance oriented, and the 2nd is more experimental and clanky noisey.Recommended!

BLACK LUNG -"the grand chessboard" (CD)  ($13.00)  (ANT-ZEN)
This is a conceptual instrumental release from the prolific David Thrussell.
10 great new tracks and an hour of music from the amazing Black Lung.
The music is less distorted and much more electronica oriented/infused...
A multilayered masterpiece with a huge variety of rhythmic structures,
subliminal dance tunes and precisely set samples...

GENETIC SELECTION -"orbital groud attack" (CD) ($13.00) (ANT-ZEN)
This debut release from German power noise artist Robert A. Heinlein.
The album is made of 10 merciless, powerful four-to-the-floor tracks with
dominating rhythms , melodic synth layerings and economically placed
samples-nothing more, nothing less.The album does a good job of mouting
tension within a track and utlilizing different rhythmical variations.

DE/VISION -"6 feet underground" (CD) ($12.00)  (A.D.D.)
V/A -SYNTHPOP CLUB ANTHEMS 3   (CD)   ($12.00)   (A.D.D.)
NEUROACTIVE -"transients" (CD) ($12.00) (A.D.D.)

INDUSTRIAL NATION MAGAZINE (new issue #20!!)  ($4.00) (magazine)
this is the brand new August issue, with lots of great Industrial info and
reviews... includes in depth interviews with LA FLOA MALDITA, CHEMLAB,
LARVAE, ANDRACULOID... over 100 reviews from new cd's in the scene, and Scene
Spot:in LA, and RUSSIA!Help keep this great zine and scene alive!

FR/ACTION - "last man standing"  (CD) ($12.00) (COHAAGEN)
The second full length from this solo project of David Freide
(Ganymede)..Electro/synthpop stylings with futuristic themes, and
a melodic vocoded voice...EBM club stuff with a sound of its own,
blending electro-synthpop-techno in a very cool way.
10 brand new tracks and 2 video's included on this digipack release.

TYPE001 -"multi-track alignment" (CD)  ($12.00) (DSBP)
The debut from TYPE001 is in...Unlike anything else out right now, this
album mixes different electronic/industrial moods and textures.Female vocals
appear on a few songs to add some beauty to the machine.Matt Ossen's music and
vocals are very smooth, and cohesive, pointing at the human race and
the problems in this world.Slight distortions, and great melodies and samples
mix in the overall groove here providing some well needed fresh music in the

LITTLE SAP DUNGEON -"silent entities" (CD) ($12.00) (BACKSCATTER/DUNGEON)
Harsh and noisey electro industrial music storms in from Utah!9 tracks /62
minutes of dark atmospheres, distorted drum beats, and harsh vocals ripping
through your speakers.Extreme and intense samples, and tracks pushing things
to the limit.This is their first official release and a original one at that.

SMP - "crimes of the future"  (CD) ($12.00)   (MUSIC RATION ENT.)
SMP returns with their 5th full length album.This one is a solid offering with
more diversity than ever! Mixing electro/cyber/punk/hip-hop flavors into a
very cohesive cd, full of flavor and SMP kicking ass again!sounds very live
and very passionate all the way! 14 all new original tracks!!

PORTLAND -"my daily routine" (CD) ($12.00)  (COMPONENT)
IDM/Broken beats, and smooth, dark electronic atmospheres mix with
DRYFT and SOMATIC RESPONSES remix/collaborations, and a deep and
intriguing sound capture the listener into another world...
More intelligent electronics from the Component family...

the PARALLEL PROJECT -"fusion"  (CD) ($12.00) (SECTOR 9 STUDIOS)
The debut of this intense new project from Alex Matheu of NEGATIVE FORMAT
The music is all done by Alex on this album and has alot of NEGATIVE FORMAT
characteristics, but with some down tempo sounds and trip-hop influence as
well.Mostly EBM for the dance floor, this album contains guest vocalists from
and SEIZE...14 tracks in all and covering a nice range with male/female vox.

PARADOXX - "atomika"        (CD) ($12.00)  (COLD FUSION)
Here is the American debut from this Australian synthpop band.
This isn't a typical synthpop band though.A diverse outing with
strong female vocals and some male vocal parts too.Slick, cosmic
FX on alot of the vocals and some very catchy/dancey tracks.Theres also
a harder edge and some rocking tracks too(a couple have some guitars).10
tracks in all, incl. a MIMETIC remix and a bonus video to check out as well.

PINE TREE STATE MIND CONTROL -"vast right-wing conspiracy" (CD) ($12.00)
The first release for PTSMC on VOIDSTAR is a tripped out experiment in sonic
corrosion.Mixing in an organic power noise approach with dark ambience, and
sampled chaos, swirling, and digging deep inside the depths of your mind to
penetrate your thoughts and give you a clear new vision on society.
Minimal electronics, and lots of intresting sounds and noises converge.

ANY QUESTIONS? - "death"(special edition) (CD) ($12.00) (FLOATING FISH)
This is the remastered version of the 1996 classic of "death".Remastered by
Brad Vance(Skinny Puppy, Download, Hilt), and features bonus tracks, ltd
edition digipack artwork and artwork by Eyes Of Chaos creator, Mike Bohatch.
12 tracks in all of good old school electro-industrial music with an edge.

STOCHASTIC THEORY -"soliloquy" (CD) ($12.00)   (SONIC MAINLINE)
Debut cd from this electropop band from WI...with a powerful mix of
intimate electronic tunes with alot of melody.club ready as well as some
harder more organic tracks.10 original tracks with remixes from NULL DEVICE,
BLIND FAITH AND ENVY, EPSILON MINUS, and ECHO VIRUS, with a cover version of
Concrete Blonde's classic track "dance along the edge"...very nice debut!

IGNATIUS -"baggage handler"  -(CD) ($12.00)  (OUT)
10 long tracks here ranging from spastic IDM schizoid beats wrapped in freaky
tones to soothing ambient synth friendliness to make you smile.Soundtrackish
and very schizophrenic as well.Dark, and original in composition and sound.

ANT-ZEN  (Germany)
S:CAGE - "remote"    (CD)   ($12.00) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)
The debut cd from s:cage can be described as a perfect mixture of well
programmed rhythmic textures,majestic icy keyboard lines and soundscapes
that are taken right out of factories.An equilibrium has been achieved
between threatening, sometimes aggressive, and mild, soothing atmospheres.

KLANGSTABIL - "taking nothing seriously"  (CD) ($12.00) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT)
Once again, you can hear KLANGSTABIL's uniqueness on this long awaited
release.The musical spectre is wide and open here with some tracks displaying
a more synthpop-industrial friendly approach with vocals on the harder side,
and distorted electro-beats to soundtrackish infernos.Theres some instrumental
ambience, and a grindcore track, as well as most of the tracks do have lyrics,
and they are carried out in a very original form, and overall a fresh breath
of air on this very personal, and intense new release.

V/A -CARBON  Compilation  - (CD)  ($12.00) (MIREX) (IMPORT)
This is an awesome look at the hardcore-drill-n-bass and diverse
noise/experimental scene these days.A fine assemblage of previously unreleased
and some of the most explosive tracks from the scene in awhile....
20 tracks fill this cd with complete electronic/noise chaos!!

SUBSKAN - "repaired"    (CD)  ($12.00)  (MIREX) (IMPORT)
This cd can be seen as the transformation of a "regular work day" into music.
Starting with the drony,abstract soundscapes, followed by the addition of
embedded beats, reaching the climax with drum-n-bass/breakcore beats,
faded and lovely string synths and voices, and then ending with a mellow tune-
closing time.The album has some nice subtle variety and works a constant flow.

C2 -"cubed"   (CD)    ($12.00)   (FORCE OF NATURE)
fuzzy distortions, penetrating beats, obscure samplings, and a crunchy
sounding debut release from Jason Taylors C2 project! 11 tracks with some
older C2 stuff previously released on demo's and some great new sounds which
have a nice mix of dark experimental/ power noise/ electronica, and glitch.

FREEZEPOP -"fancy ultra-fresh" - (CD) ($12.00)  (ARCHENEMY)
A brand new enhanced cd featuring 12 new tracks, and some videos too.
Great mixture of synthpop, electro-clash, and new wave with male and female
vocals in harmony together! Fun stuff, and very dancey as well, as this should
be a big club hit album for the hi energy it creates.Solid new outing !

MASSIV IN MENSCH -""menschdefekt" (CD) (ARTOFFACT) ($12.00)

DIVERJE vs. SOUL CIRCUIT - "stronger"  (CD) (DSBP)  ($8.00)
This collaboration was formed in 2003 with the track "stronger"
on Diverje's -"amphibian"dcd..We held the remixes for this track
and releasing them on this specially priced remix disc with 8
different versions of  "stronger" by these great artists...GOD PROJECT, ENDIF,
MASOSCHIZM. Theres also 7 more tracks from Diverje and Soul Circuit, including
a new collaborative track, and some great unreleased remixes from both
artists...15 tracks 71 + minutes.limited to 100 copies...they will go quick!

PHENOTRACT -"within a second" (CD) (TINMAN) ($12.00)
A very complex and intresting debut album from New Jersey's Eric Shans.
Combining electro, trance, techno, synthpop, and EBM music into a
very original hybrid with tracks for the dance floors, as well as slower
darker sounds for listening.Spatial vocals in the realm of Haujobb at times..
This is one of the brightest newcomers of 2004!

MOCHIPET -"uzumaki"   (CD) (COMPONENT)  ($12.00)
This album is one of those real original, and daring IDM records.
Each of the 9 tracks are a bit different with many stylistic elements
from different genres cohesively combined even with the schizophrenia
sometimes caused.Organic elements add another layer of variety into
the mix, and make this a very advanced listen.A few remixes thrown in
of CODEC, XYN, and a "polka electronic death country" track remixed.
Fans of d'n'b, IDM,electro, and power noise experimental music will be very
pleased with this one!

SYSTEM SYN -"premeditated" (CD) (SECTOR 9 STUDIOS) ($12.00)
The debut full length from this Califonian project mixing up
electro-industrial, darkwave, EBM, synthpop into a very catchy and
melodic album overall.Strong tracks here and clean and layered vocals
show this first official release as a very mature one. 11 tracks/ 60 minutes
of fresh and exciting new electro music with a "live tour" going on now
throughout the USA!

DElecTROnIcT -"Detroit electronica coalition v.03" (CD) (D.E.C.) ($10.00)
18 tracks from many Detroit bands with alot of potential and diversity to make
it into the worldwide scene.Alot of these bands get their first exposure in
here..featuring electro-industrial, trance, experimental, noise, and
THE MORNING STAR, and 4 tracks from VERZERREN.18 tracks overall.good stuff!

REAL LIFE -"imperfection"  (DCD) (A.D.D.) ($12.00)
Thats right, REAL LIFE! "send me an angel" was their big hit in the 80's New
Wave movement, and they are back in the 21st century with a great new synthpop
sound! very dancey and great lyrics, along with the passionate vocals as well.
A sound that is very at home with A Different Drum for sure...
The bonus disc includes 11 remixes from TYCHO BRAHE, VOICE INDUSTRIE,
22 tracks in all for only $12.00!! all synthpop fans will be :-) to get it.

SEVERE ILLUSION -"Discipline Is Reward Enough" (CD) (PAF RECORDS) ($12.00)
We have more copies in of this great debut cd from SWEDENS harsh-industrial
duo.This album has some classic sounding hard sounds from the electronic
underground.Dark and dissonant synthetics, nicely positioned distortion.
10 killer tracks here to kick your ass into gear!

ANGEL THEORY -"transmission" (maxi-EP) (G.U.P.) ($10.00)
The debut EP from this new electro-industrial act from AU. on the
G.U.P. label.This is a danceable EBM track with a very catchy chorus, and
cool driving sound overall.this features 3 b-side tracks and remixes of the
title track by COVENANT, STARK, and LEMONSOUL.8 tracks overall..great start!

SQUAREMETER (m2) - "aswad"    (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)
ARCHITECT -"I went out shopping to get some noise" (CD) (HYMEN) ($13.00)
POW(D)ER PUSSY -"six ways from sunday" (CD) (PFLICHTKAUF) ($13.00)
AB OVO -"le temps suspendu"/"rebuilt" (DCD) (ANT-ZEN) ($16.00)
FREQUENCY CONSTRUCT -"deviant behaviour" (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
Another solid debut from an American electro-industrial project on DSBP!
This album contains 11 tracks and 2 additional remixes by E.S.R., and
LEXINCRYPT.Dark and melodic electro-industrial music with a balanced mix of
Old and New sounds and influences.Each track stands on its own with perfectly
placed melodies, synthetic elements and memorable choruses.The vocals are
very clean and have a spatial quality to them as opposed to aggressive.
60 minutes of solid, catchy. and classic electro-industrial music!

BRAINCLAW -"insekt/angel" (CD) (BRAINCLAW) ($12.00)

CROC SHOP  -"S.E.A." (Best of...)(DCD) (DAMN!) ($14.00)

KUBIX - "construct"   (CD) (STATUE REC) ($10.00)
This new electro-industrial act gives us a hard and jagged sound that is
sometimes missing in the scene of late.Old school electro-industrial with
scaything vocals, and ferocious beats, and different sounding synth attacks.
11 tracks kick this band into your face and hopefully they will attract more.

CENSOR -"empire holds down"  (CD) (HIVE)  ($12.00)
Hailng from NYC, this debut album creates intricate pathways between
industrial, drum-n-bass, power noise, and hardcore with sonar pings and
records the findings in audio format.Cross genre pollination driven by pure
organic emotion.This album will present to you some of the hardest
drill-n-bass moments,and then go into a beautifally trippy orchestral melody.
balancing the styles, and rhythms keep this cd as an intresting listen all the
way through! 14 tracks in all including remixes from DISPLACER, DJ HIDDEN,
NEEDLE SHARING, and LARVAE.One of the most intresting newcomers of 2004!

This is the 4th release from this loyal electro-industrial band that always
gives us some diversity and dance floor remixes as well as dark electro for
the mind and soul.15 tracks fill up this new release to the brim, beyond 78
minutes!! 10 tracks are all new originals with alot of depth, and some
diversity as well as really catchy, ear catching industrial music, that has
alot of emotional power and great programming all the way.5 remixes fill out
the end of this disc with such electro-masters - HAUJOBB, PZYCHOBITCH, E-CRAFT,
NEUROACTIVE, and FILAMENT 38! A great album for all electro-industrialists!

HORCHATA -"basidia"  (CD)  (AD NOISEAM)  ($12.00) (IMPORT)
This is the 2nd release from Michael Palace aka HORCHATA!Partly working with
sound sampled from his field trips to the Amazon forest, HORCHATA's music
ranges from the most organic atmopsheric music of the deepest basslines
and most touching melodies.11 tracks which all vary nicely, will torture
the subwoofers,and will amaze you with structure, atmosphere, beats, and tones
are carefully arranged into a mesmerizing experience.

RUN LEVEL ZERO -"walk the psycho(path)" (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
This is one of the "must have " releases of the spring! RLZ returns with a
solo effort this time, and 12 great new tracks!Ranging from hard
electro-industrial dance floor style, to slower, and dark electronics,
intense and mind numbing lyrics/vocals.This one is completely electronic,
and still serves up a harder and aggressive sound, with well placed audio
samples, and strange and intresting synth sounds and arrangements.over 60
minutes of brand new RUN LEVEL ZERO, addictive industrial anthems! SOLID!

TERMINAL BLISS -"the art of seduction" (CD) (CLOUD) ($10.00)
The 3rd self-released album from this diverse American group.
11 new tracks which blur the line of synthpop,electronic and rock music.
Vocals which have a Depeche Mode influence, but are original, and
with some diverse music to mix with.Recorded and Produced at Chicago
Rec. Company, this has a good sound.Mixing elements of trip hop,synthpop,
techno, electronica, and rock.A good hybrid, with some catchy tracks.

STARK - "the surgical suite" (CD) (G.U.P.) (IMPORT) ($14.00)

MOON ROCK -"charming gravity" (CD) (LUNAR ENTERTAINMENT) ($12.00)
This very heartfelt and emotional new album from MOON ROCK shows alot of
maturity and really good songwriting.10 new tracks with a balanced mixture of
the angelic female vocals of Jemma, and the smooth deep and melodic vocals of
Jack.Dan M. on the machines and making some great textures and mixtures of
techno and synthpop and electronic music.catchy new tracks for the dance floor
and late night headphone rides...they do create a atmosphere of being on the

ANDRACULOID -"imbalance" (CD)   (DSBP/OPTIKON) ($12.00)
The long awaited 2nd disc from Andraculoid is in!!complete industrial
madness, harsh electronic mayhem!15 tracks over 60 minutes worth of brand new
Andraculoid with guest appearances from Skeletal Meltdown, Rein-Forced, and
Kara-tek!This album also introduces the collaborative force of Kaiju, and
Mika of This Morn'Omina / Nebula-H for most of the tracks!
A very well produced  effort and stunning mixture of electro-industrial and
power noise sounds combining to create an unstoppable force!

in-FUSED -"misplaced"     (CD)    (DSBP) ($12.00)
The debut from TOMMY T.'s solo project! Different from DIVERJE, this
album explores the more experimental, power noise side of music, with
electro-industrial songs and vocals mixed in on half the tracks as
well.Cold electro, and hard industrial tracks mixed with hard driven
rhythms, diverse structures, freeform synth arrangements,and static sounds.
18 trax/76 minutes..eye catching artwork from S.Alt/ Ant-Zen.

P.A.L. -"retro"  (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)
Most of these tracks were created from 1993-1997.Rhythmic noise-industrial
and dark ritualistic soundscapes.Heavier tracks fill the first half of the
disc, and then the darker slower side takes over...lots of rare and cassette
only work compiled here, and the album includes a remix of "gelobnis",
and a cover of Throbbing Gristle's "discipline"..essential listening!

ULTRA MILKMAIDS -"pop pressing" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)
Showcasing some "back to the roots" style.the Milkies at their best,
with atmospheric soundscapes, and pure electronica tracks and then
guitar effects come in which bring some new acoustic influences to the
forefront.Postrock basics and electronica add ons make this a
good ole psychedelic experimental experience.14 tracks and a video incl.

ENDUSER -"from zero" (CD) (MIREX)    ($13.00)
As if hurled from the flame-licked mouth of an infernal diety, ENDUSER
comes at your ears with ferocity unmatched in the breakcore world."from
zero", a collection of 18 tracks ranging from various vinyl-only releases to
smoking unreleased cuts, barrels at you with pure amen madness, smoldering
emotional depth rarely found in break-centric music today.diversity and
a complete presentation of modern d'n'b, experimental,jungle,ragga,
and occasional tweaky/funky vocals as well..modern stuff for the new age!

INDIVIDUAL -"180 bullets per man" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($13.00)
The solo effort of Medea of SILK SAW.An abstract battlefield combining
subbasses  & furious rhythms, low wavelengths & sharp metals, dry kicks &
pricks.Declined in multiple layers of sonic masses from the slowest organic
mood to the fastest, grinding, resonant terrorbeats in a 10 song assault!

ORPHX -"circuitbreaking" (CD) (HYMEN) ($13.00)
The prolific ORPHX return with "circuitbreaking"..Inspired by the ways people
communicate with each other and with the world around them.Lots of samples
from protests speeches, and films touch on this theme, and cold, dark
experimentalism, with glitching beats, and static electricity.
down tempo electro, stark ambience and techno sounds mix with the minimal
rhythmic noise Orphx is known for.

AD NOISEAM (imports)
LAPSED -"twilight"  (CD) (AD NOISEAM) ($13.00)
Brand new debut from J.M. Stevens from Utah.A nice minimalist
electro sound with glitch, noise and experimental sounds..60 + mins..
a melodic ambience mixes in the sound and a cohesive album all the way.

MOON ROCK -"everyday superstar" (MCD) (LUNAR ENTERTAINMENT) ($7.00)
A brand new single to get psyched for the new MOON ROCK album!
This synthpop/dance floor track "everyday superstar" is catchy and
3 remixes of that track are included here, featuring a remix by GLIS
that will hit the clubs for sure.B side track features the sultry female
vocals of Jemma.A very good sound on this one, and ready for you!

SEVERE ILLUSION -"discover without reflection" (MCD) (IMPORT) ($8.00)
The first mcd release from this rising Swedish industrial band!This one is
self-released and includes 4 non album tracks in all their hard, and
aggressive raw industrial form...theres a limited amount of these, act quickly!

EMULSION -"death of the author ep" (MCD) (EMULSION) ($7.00)
New and experimental debut from N.Koch.This release features 5 tracks
displaying experimental noise, dark ambient poetry, intresting sound design
and each track has its own mood and style for sure.Dark and penetrating.

INDUSTRIAL NATION ZINE #19  ($5.00) (100 pages w/ full color areas)
The brand new IN is now here for January! A very diverse and awesome lineup of
interviews and more "sonic reviews"than ever before!
columns, and electronic scenes and music covered than anywhere else!

the 4th edition of the popular electro-industrial underground compilations is
in!featuring 16 bands/tracks of totally high quality, kick ass
electro-industrial music, with some EBM, and harsh tracks as well..
all new and unreleased tracks, and remixes from......E.S.R., ODIO VITA, UV,
RUN LEVEL ZERO, CROC SHOP, SYSTEM SYN (Imperative Reaction remix),
76 + minutes of all new and most essential electro-industrial tracks!
excellent and futuristic music and artwork for the supreme beings...

CYANOTIC-"mututal bonding through violation"(CD) (THIRDWAVE COLLECTIVE)($10.00)

SOMATIC RESPONSES -"adverts" (DCD)  (COMPONENT) ($15.00)
the Healy brothers emerge once again with plenty of tasty electronic bleeps,
noises, and penetrating rhythms, and original arrangements with their
characteristic sound. 2 cd's worth of all new material, and both cd's are
filled to the brim as well.21 tracks overall, and extreme aural stimulation!

INJURY -"scars from the past" (CD) (BLC PROD.) ($12.00)
This debut cd from CROATIA's INJURY is a intresting one for sure.Dark
and spatial electro-industrial with some ambience and experimental sounds
thrown in for a original twist.6 new and original versions/tracks. and then
9 remixes of his earlier work from some of the electro-industrial scenes best
purveyors!club remixes from FUNKER VOGT,DECODED FEEDBACK, FLESH FIELD,
a TRYLOK vs. INJURY collaboration.eye catching artwork, and lyrics included.

>From Chi-town and the midwest USA comes a new collective of up and coming
electro-industrial artists.mostly unsigned bands with a very intresting sound,
and we were impressed by the talent here..includes new and debut tracks from..

new 3 song ep from PCP returns with a harsh electro-industrial sound with
plenty of crazy samples, and a good diverse mix on track 3, for good measure.

CONVERTER -"exit ritual" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)

XANOPTICON -"liminal space" (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
battle music for the nano-samurai! thats XANOPTICON!the debut on
Hymen for this new project centers around nanometer-sized sound snippets
placed one-by-one in perfect order, creating a mesmerizing fight scene between
clangs and clacks,snaps and pops,noise and thunder.like microscopic swords
locking in a martial ballet of darkstep rhythms,"liminal space"unleashes a
chaotic sound similar to...VENETIAN SNARES, BEEFCAKE, and PANACEA...crazystuff!

L'OMBRE -"simulations 1.0" (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
the 2nd release from Stephen Sawyer aka L'ombre.a mixture of electronic and
acoustic sources that lead into melodic, floating soundscapes, but with a bit
more of rhythmic injection on more songs this time around.pulsating patterns/
slight breakbeats intensify the soundscapes and melodies.10 new tracks!

FANNY -"revelry and decadence as right of slaves"(CD)(MIREX C2)(IMPORT)($14.00)
Fanny's 2nd cd is possibly even more schizophrenic than the first! 20 new
tracks!another attack of ultra-fast breakbeat clashes that are mixed with odd
samples and grinding bass power.come to expect the unexpected! wicked music!

ROGER ROTOR -"malleus maleficarum" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) (IMPORT) ($14.00)
the debut of Roger Rotor brings us rhythmic textures that seem to have their
roots in the early tech movement,and adding in some power noise distortions,
and synth fills, some repetition, with effectiveness.hypnotic, hard and
danceable sounds simliar to PAN SONIC,AUTECHRE,HECQ, and LFO.

SYMBIONT -"broken silence" (CD) (DSBP/BACKSCATTER) ($12.00)
the brand new 15 track cd from SYMBIONT is unleashed on HALLOWEEN!!
5 all new tracks included, with a special vocal appearance by Ted of
IMPERATIVE REACTION! 10 remixes of the highest quality and diverse degree
TEARANINE! this is a perfect follow-up and introduction for those who missed
the arrival of SYMBIONT last year! a scary cd indeed, happy halloween!

NOXIOUS EMOTION- "senses" (CD) (ADSR)  ($12.00)

the brand new compilation from Ninthwave is their finest to date!
featuring a nice and diverse array of synthpop, new wave, and electro-clash
their most catchy dance tracks on this compilation.bonuses included!

SPRAY -"i am gothic remix project" (MCD) (NINTHWAVE) ($8.00)
a very cool 15 track 70 minute mcd! this is an EP of 5 new tracks,
and then a "i am gothic" remix ep as well with 10 remixes of this club hit!

EMPIRE STATE HUMAN -"liquid blue" (MCD) (NINTHWAVE) ($8.00)
8 new and remixed tracks in all on this highly danceable synthpop,
electro ep!new tracks and remixes from TYCHO BRAHE, SYNTHETIK FM,
ONE LAZY EAR, COUNT TO INFINITY, and NO COMMENT! original sounding stuff.

UKUPHAMBANA -"brennschluss" (EP) (VOIDSTAR)  ($7.00)
a remix single from this very experimental, and unique sounding project.
this one sounds like 13 different tracks, but it is 13 remixes of the title
mixing power noise, glitch, ambient, experimental, and dark electronic together.

CHRIST ANALOGUE -"everyday is distortion" (CD) (FLAGRANT) ($12.00)
the long awaited 3rd album is in! this is the most polished, and diverse work
to date..originality is the key for sure...coldwave, industrial, electro,
rock,drum--n-bass, and experimental music all play a role in a intertwining
and unique fashion! definately a fresh release in this day and age!!

NEUTRAL -"caller i.d."   (CD) (HYMEN/MAD MONKEY) (IMPORT) ($12.00)
 the 2nd album is even more freeform styled than the debut...a mix of new
tracks, answering machine stuff,and remixes by XINGU HILL, TELEPHERIQUE,
CHANGO FEO, GRIDLOCK, P.A.L.,..15 tracks in all.

LUSINE ICL. -"condensed" (CD) (HYMEN) (IMPORT) ($12.00)
a collaboration of the last 4 years of work from Jeff Mcilwain.rare and
unreleased tracks with styles ranging from experimental ambience,glitch
dubs, and danceable rhythmic explorations.

HECQ -"a dried youth" (CD) (MINUSWELT) (IMPORT) ($10.00)
cold functional electronic elements combined with organic, natural ones,
and hybrid of sounds and ambient soundscape music for the open minded..

CELL AUTO MATA -"the devil is in the detail" (CD) (ANT-ZEN) ($12.00)
industrial, noise, and technoid structures blend together with sparse vocals
included, and a very rich and diversely textured sound overall.intresting
stuff for a full cd, and a original sounding debut.

VOICE INDUSTRIE - "power"  (CD) (A.D.D.)  (12.00)
a fine mix of trance, electro, synthpop sounds..original, and
smooth mixes of this mix.this new full length is very potent.

IRIS -"reconnect" (CD) (A.D.D.) ($12.00)
12 tracks remixed from some of the best electronic dance floor, and synthpop
programmers...hits from the "disconnect" cd and deleted singles...
AD NOISEAM (German imports)
LARVAE -"fashion victim" (CD) (AD NOISEAM) (IMPORT) ($11.00)
this full length follows up the "monster music" ep released a few months ago
from AD NOISEAM.This album presents a firm mix of down tempo electronics,
bass-dubby sounds, with plenty of d'n'b sections,distortions,daring
arrangements,and some very nice synthetics and floating ambience throughout.
fans of GRIDLOCK, DETRITUS, and DRYFT will be majorly excited with this
one.10 tracks, 45 minutes..in a standard digipack.

UV- "refractions:remixes in a different light" (CD) (VIOLET03) ($10.00)
This independent act from Ohio,USA.This is their first official release and a
17 track 80 minute festival of dark electro-industrial music, infused with
some great remixers, and diverse styles injected into the harsh industrial
sounds...3 original versions of the remixed tracks here, and then some very
BLACK, who also mastered the disc.one of the top newcomers this year for sure!

VAMPIRE NATION -"dead city diary"  (CD) (HEXAGON) ($10.00)
another conceptual, and original sounding journey through the mind of
Fredrik Von Hamilton, and his diverse project V.N.16 tracks on this album
ranging from down tempo electro, drum-n-bass, to dark ambient, tribal sounds,
spoken word, with some acoustic guitars used in a more ambient way..
a "world music" sound, and alot of freeform versatility here.

FREEZEPOP -"hi-five my remix" (CD) (ARCHENEMY) ($10.00)
brand new fun stuff from FREEZEPOP! this band manages to mix a synthpop,
new wave sound with splashings of electro-clash, and tongue in cheek lyrics
abound."super sprode" is a new track for the fans, remixed a few times, and
some other new titles and remixes in here for a 12 song maxi EP!

BATTERY CAGE -"ecstasy" (CD-R EP) (BATTERY CAGE) ($5.00)
BATTERY CAGE give us a preview for their new album with a great new cd single
here...featuring 4 remixes of "ecstasy" and one remix of "mirror image enemy".

S.E.M;I -"among the ruins"   (CD) (BLC PROD.) ($12.00)
this is the 2nd album from this very intresting electro-trance,
instrumental project.11 diverse tracks, clocking in at 73 minutes.
dark dance music for the more industrial inclined people.also features
"earth rotation" extended mix, and 2 tracks from side project -
SEIZMIK S.D.S...an original signature sound going here.

TESTUBE -"corporation"  (CD) (DSBP) ($12.00)
the 3rd album from TESTUBE is finally in! this is a new chapter in the
TESTUBE story, with a revamped sound and a very cool mix of styles and
a very strong concept that most of us can relate to.the evils and
cliches we are all faced by living in corporate America.
73 minutes of new TESTUBE here, and one remix by IN VIRUS TANDEM...
thought provoking music, lyrics, and a most intriguing mix of
elektro-industrial,instrumental glitch,non typical sounds, and samples.
this is a perfect mix of IDM and elektro for fans of intresting music!

DIVERJE -"amphibian"  (DCD) (DSBP) ($15.00)
This very original new catalog of work from Diverje has been a long time
coming! 28 total tracks,this is all new music! 2 1/2 hours of DIVERJE!
hard-electro-industrial annihilation! with lots of melody and catchiness, yet
with a power and aggression usually only found in the hardest of bands.
 disc one focuses on the new and original versions of these aquatic
elektro-industrial anthems! featuring collaborations with fellow deviators
- E.S.R., MOON ROCK, LIAR'S ROSEBUSH,AUSPEX and solo Tommy T. works as well..
This concept album explains alot about whats wrong in this bad world, and
where the Amphibians lie in all of the chaos...what we can learn from these
intresting critters.. some of the best color pics you will
ever see of many different breeds of froggies as well..all included inside..
 Disc 2 is all dance floor, aggressive EBM remixes from the likes of..
SHOP! "the album is triple the amount of music most albums you will find at
the same price...Diverje aLways looks out for our brothers, and supporters"

I, PARASITE -"on this cold floor"  (CD) (DARK VISION MEDIA) ($12.00)
I, PARASITE are back with the 3rd album! this solo venture is the most
original and solid work for Christopher Jon yet!the style is diverse as
can be..acoustic sounds, and guitar mixed in with the elektro,industrial,
and dark ambient sounds...clean and tortured vocals...as this album is
the journey of this mans soul.15 tracks which defy traditional boundaries
and place I, Parasite in the next level of original electronic music makers.

QUENCH -"punctuated"  (CD) (n5md)  ($12.00)
the Funcken brothers bring us their debut of very groove laden
IDM, with d'n'b, glitch,jazzstep and dark ambient influences.. a very
nice flow, and down tempo album with non-typical sounds.11 tracks.

SIDE-LINE   NO.#44      ($5.00)