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the following t-shirts and accessories are now available through DSBP

ANDRACULOID -'observations in human error' double sided print /black t-shirt $13.00

REIN-[FORCED] (the new project from members of "Forced") double sided print black t-shirt $13.00

Diverje Merchandise

Liquefaction Merchandise

Used/Sale CDs:

please look through this list and our DSBP CATALOG at 
to find all the killer new music we are releasing and distributing here!
thanks alot,please be in touch!

:       CD's FOR SALE!!!! all $5.00 each,first class shipping is included!
: --------------------------------------------------------------------
: - all cd's are in good to excellent condition!!
: priced to sell..if you wanna haggle..then e-mail me.thanks alot!
: *money orders/checks/well hidden cash accepted*
   -CYBERAGE RADIO (industrial music of NOW!)
.   -DSBP label and mailorder (supplying you with the best!)
(all prices include shipping!)

: electronic-industrial-d'nb -misc.
: -------------------------------
: Aria - a tess records anthology
  Atari Teenage Riot - 60 second wipe out
  Alexi -the mystery
: Bent - the killing verdict
  Jeff Black -birmingham road
  Blackhouse -stairway to the gospel word($6.00-IMPORT)
  Blackhouse -shades of black  ($6.00)
: Bloody minded - trophy
  Call Me Daddy - kiss the freak
: Candiru - unloved tweaked out
  Canister - blame
  CFP -progress
  Christian Death -tales of innocence,a continued anthology ($6.00 ))
: Church of rust - s/t
  Colossal Spin- v2.1.7.
  Cyclefly - supergod ep ($4.00- 5 song ep)
: David E Williams- a house for the dead and a porch for the dying
  Daligaggers- just adnauseam
  Deliriants -the deliriants
  Diatribe -Diatribe 
  Die Krupps -Odyseey of the mind ($4.00 -full cd in promo cardboard
: Die Symphony -foundations of malice
  diverje - electrodiums/the passage
  D.J Morning - hi
  Drown - product of a two faced world
: Dynamic masters - russian roulette
: Dystopia 1 - the buscemi tapes
  Ennui - ritual & dogma
: Epidemic cause - far east
  Falling You -mercy
  Feeder - polythene
  Filter - short bus
  Fingerpaint - Primary colors:blue
  Final Cut -atonement v2.0
: Fragmented -knowledge of war
: Fragmented -the structure of clear wine
: God - the anatomy of addiction
  Godless promise mechanism - toxic shock
  Gomez -bring it on
  Grassy Knoll - the grassy knoll
: Habitants - habitants
: Hanuman care kit - revisited
  Hillbilly Hellcats -our brand
  Lida Husik -dissolve ep ($4.00)
  Icecake -...an ambient experience
  If,Bwana -33birdswent
  Insects - return to the foreign legion
  Jami Szmadzinski - the angels of atman
  John Adorney -beckoning 
  Jocelyn Montgomery with david Lynch -lux vivens
  Andrew Kennedy -distant landscapes
: Kmfdm - kmfdm
  Kmfdm -Brute (special edition maxi ep)
  Krankheit Der Jugend -gift-sucht
: Krankheit Der Jugend - schnitt stellen
  Lackadaisy  -still
: Landfill - extinction is mondatory
: Laughing us - 362436 with a 10 foot stick
  Liquid Sex Decay - self titled
: Lumin - datura
  Madfly -white hot in the black
  Mediaeval Baebes -salva nos 
  Michaele Michaels- hon ($4.00 -5 track ep)
  Midnight Oil -redneck wonderland
  Ministry -selections from Dark Side of the Spoon($3.00- 3 track ep)
  Moonchild -third ($4.00 full import cd in promo cardboard sleeve)
  New Mind- forge
  Nihil - drown 
  Gary Numan -exile  ($4.00 new in wrap,in carboard sleeve)
: Opera multi steel - histories de france
  Pagan Saints - flesh and bone
: Patternclear - beat supremacy
  Peter Kater - birds of prey
  Pigface - below the belt
  Pharoah of Mars - self titled
  the Phoids - self titled
  Plaid -peel session 
  the Politics - songs about money,sex,and death
  the Prayer Cycle - self titled (Jonathan Elias)
  Project Pollen - self titled
  Prong - face value ep (4 remixes unreleased on album) ($3.00)
  redheadedstepchild -self titled
  Red Snapper - making bones
  Rebro - noone gets out of this trip alive
  Senser -stacked
  Splashdown -stars and garters
  Sepultura - roots (the cover is a little worn and torn,not too bad)
: Signs of chaos - frankenscience
: Simbolo - music from the masses
  Skrew - shadow of doubt
  16 Volt - super cool nothing
: Tchkung  -post world handbook
  Tinfed - hypersonic
  Tin Star - college ep ($3.00 ep cardboard sleeve)
: Triana - color of sound
  Umbra et Imago - machina mundi ($6.00 imported cd,new)
  Unit 187  - loaded
  Unkle -psycience fiction (4.00 lp in cardboard promo sleeve)
  Urchin - urchin 
: Vaughn -identity crisis
  Venus Fly Trap -dark amour
: Warheads - Warheads
  Winds Died Down- self titled
: Where echoes end - no vestige of beginning

: -------------------
: v/a - cyberpuncture
  v/a - Africa North (world beat stuff,compilation)
  v/a - conversions (a k+d selection)
  v/a - discordia records-"taste this 2"
: v/a - dimensions in ambience 2
: v/a - journey into ambient groove 4
  v/a - judgement night sountrack
: v/a - industro-synthesis
: v/a - lost in space soundtrack
: v/a - mortal kombat soundtrack
: v/a - nuschool flava 
: v/a - raincreature
  v/a - slip this on and rock hard (slip disc sampler)
: v/a - songs fromthe wasteland - a tribute to the mission 
  v/a - music for art galleries: Verbal Equinox book ll
  Cold Still earth
: Eclipse - outer limits compilation
  Traces of death IV
: Welcome to Meteor city
: Dragon Attack ( a tribute to queen)
: please inquire with any info you need on the bands and cd's listed here.we
: want to hook up music lovers with the cd's they need!!
: we'll go lower in some cases as well,if you are buying a  few cd's.so feel
: free to ask.......thanks!!
: the DSBP!!!

	 hardcore/Death/ Metal CDs / Cassettes   For Sale
               all cd's in great condition,like new,special prices
            apply to some for promo sleeves,etc. updated 6-11-99
                all CDs $5!!! (unless noted other)
SHIPPING- 1 cd -$1 first class
         2-4 cd's $3.20 priority
         4-7 cd's $5.00 priority
   Adjusting Distorted Individuals - Train of Thought  NJ hardcore
   with death/metal/pschydelic twists. Unique band with some catchy,
   moshing, moving songs.

   the Aluminum Group - Plano
   Biohazard- mata leao  -their 96 release,way more aggressive!

   Bolt Upright -e.p. ($4 -ep) new band with a mix of
    turntables,scratching,and rock and funk,metal joined.

   Both Worlds - Memory Rendered Visible 

   Candy Snatchers - self titled 
      hardcore punk,traditional and insane!!

   Cannibal Corpse - gallery of suicide -the latest!! of course,its

   Captor - drowned -($4 promosleeve,but its a full 12 song album,new!) 
    thrashcore-metal with deeper vocals on the german
    Die hard label! kick ass band that should be big!! this album rocks!

   George Clinton and the P-funk all stars - dope dogs 

   Concentrated Evil - Concentrated Evil 

   Covenant - Highland
     this is thrash from La. not the band onthe nuclear blast label.

   Crushed - crushed    new hardcore band on the 911 label.kick ass.
   Crucifer -separation

   A Day for Honey - Day for Honey 
   Daligaggers -just adnauseam (new band! of Gidget gein of Marilyn
   manson..its that kind of style as well.) (all copies signed by band!)

   Darklands - a memory of you ($3 ep-import) doom gothic from sweden.

   Dementor - kill the thought on christ 
     new import from Slovakia,this band rips the fucking shit
     up,aggressive and sick as can be......on IMMORTAL SOULS REC.   

   Deteriorate -the senctuous entrance  -($4 carboard sleeve,full album)

   Detestation - Massacre of Hate  (DSBP#1001) 17 songs / 60
   minutes of unique death - grind core and Industro - Hardcore madness.
   Our biggest seller so far!

   diverje - Electrodiums / The Passage  (DSBP#1004) 18 songs, over
   60 minutes of electro industrial cyber metal. Electronics/guitars
   combine for a unique trip. Some songs are very hard edged, some blend
   Drogheda - self titled - their wild rags debut,intense grinding from
    this intense live and sick band out of ohio!

   Drudgery - Strength Beyond the Pain  -colorado death-thrash!

   Dying Breed- Dying breed- ($4 -3 trax cd)- great band from Ca.
   killing mix of death and thrash elements,sepultura fans of old,take

   Dysphoria - Hope Without Reason

   Epidemic Cause - Far East  3 tracks from this Japanese
   industrial-metal unit. Very cultural, yet heavy grinding as dwell, an
   import so buy it here now!sickness like you havent heard.

   Eternal Suffering - Remain Forever in Misery 

   Flambookey -flambookey  - cool new hardcore and rock style with a dash
    of funk,a healthy dose!

   Gomez -get myself arrested ($3 -ep in carboard casing) new

   Gooseflesh -welcome to sufferage ($4-promo sleeve,Spain import)

   Gorguts - obscura    -their latest brutal offering...splendid!
   Headlock - it found me - hardcore on pavement label,out of print now!

   Humble Gods - no heroes -slamming music ,punks galore!
   Hypocrisy -pleasure of molestation ($4 - promo cardboard sleeve)

   Immortal Dominion - birth - underground colorado death!

   Immolation  -here in after   - the most recent from one of the most
       destructive bands on earth!sheer intensity!

   Incantation -the forsaken mourning of angelic anguish($4 promo sleeve
     full cd ) on repulse rec...fucking killer sickness!

   Incantation -onward to golgotha 
        their most brutal release..dark,grinding hatred!

   Intestine Baalism - anatomy of the beast ($4 promo sleeve import!) 
      new band from Japan.doing old school death-grind,similar to early
       Cannibal corpse

   Judecca - Scenes of an Obscure Death 
     brutal death rom this florida band,gory,sick and moshing....yes!

   Kid Rock -devil without a cause - joins rap and metal with an equal
     emphasis on both...cool shit

   Kilgore - Search for Reason  
   Konkhra -live eraser 1996 ($4 full live cd in carboard sleeve,import)
    top notch live album from this butal death band!    

   Korn - follow the leader 
   Landfill - Extinction is Mandatory  10 songs of unique
   industrial-death, each song being its own flavor, even an electro
   song. This is a band on therise in the crossover underground.

   Last Supper - Second Serving : Look Who's Invited

   Len - you can't stop the bumrush

   Melancholy Pessimism -recompense to saints 
    very gutteral and diverse,grind-death-core band from Czech republic
    on METAL AGE prod..slovakia...this is a find! 

   Midnight Oil - redneck wonderland

   Mindset - Mindset (FAD Records)  Great cross of hardcore metal,
   death, all into a uniquely tightly packed groove. 

   Molested -storm void (import ep-$5.00)
     5 intense tracks on the REPULSE label...death-grind

   Monster Voodoo Machine - direct reaction now 
   Nefarious - Global Warning- new death from canada!

   N.i.l.8- ...doug  -trialer park stop ngo dynomite!!now this is rockin'   

   Nuctemeron - A Time the World Forgot- underground from AZ...mixing
   death and doom and thrash riffs in a cool way!

   Oppressor - european oppression live as blood flows

   Oppressor - Agony  

   Orange 9mm- primer ($3 ep) -one new track and 2 live tracks

   OS101 - United Brotherhood of Scenesters
   Porn Flakes -The Number Of the Beef  -some fun,fuckoff, hardcore stuff!

   Portable  -self/titled - new hard alternative on tvt.

   Powerface - 4 on the floor ($4 promo sleeve,ep)

   Primigenium - .......as eternal as the night....($4 promo sleeve
   import) dark metal for sure.

   the Pushstars - after the party
   Puya - Live from Puerto rico! ($4 -4 song live ep) 

   Raw Power - reptile house - the new one fromthis long going

   Reincarnation - seed of hate  (import ep-$5.00)
     more brutal death-grind from the Repulse label...this is vomitous!

   Reveille  -laced

   Ritual - The Summoning
          intense mix of blac metal and eath.great band from CA ! onthe

   Sacrifice Isaac - migraine ($4) new hardcore/rock band
   16 volt - supercool nothing ($4 promo-cardboard- picture sleeve)

   Sarcophagus - Deadnoise - some of the most brutal black metal ever!

   Sarcophagus - for we who are comsumed by the darkness.....($4   
     full cd-  promo-carboard sleeve
   Sarepta - Sunk
      very influenced by sepultura style..from germany,.

   Satanic Industries ltd -  s/t - ex-guitarist of FIGHT kix major ass
    here! sepultura -ish!

   Scattered Remnants - inherent perversion ($4 ep)
   bashing sick stuff,intense screams and growls,underground
   death-grindcore at its best!they are now defunct,get this while you

   Sexmob -din of inequity

   Shudder to Think -"first love,last rights" motion picture soundtrack

   Sickness - Ornaments of Mutilation  Total sick, perverted,
   brutal death-core. Straight to the point, makes you want to kill. A
   band on the rise!

   Sinister -diabolical summoning
     the debut masterpiece fromthis great death metal band!!

   Six-By Seven - the things we make  -new on interscope,hard hitting and

   Skinlab -disembody;the new flesh (promo sleeve full cd -$4.00)

   Snakefarm - songs from my funeral (new and unique hardcore-alternative
   Slayer -Divine intervention

   Slayer - Undisputed Attitude

   Society's burden - self titled ($3 promosleeve) core-metal

   Solitude Aeturnus- adagio ($3 promo cardboard sleeve,new album)

   Spackle - the luv album    

   Transilvia -slugchuckles insanely  - some weird-core!

   Travail - Translation ($4) Cool thrash/core with death laced in as
   well. Determined band doing it their way! 9 tracks to mosh to!

   Tripping Daisy - Jesus Hits like the Atomic Bomb

   Uncreation- self titled ep (import $5.00)
   Uncreation -death to humanity ($4.00 EP)
      its one of those really small Mcd5's wild rags put out!

   Unnatural - Throne of Anguish- sick ass spanish death metal!!inhuman
    vox ,music to crush you!

   Vader  -sothis
    great extended ep on Repulse records..completely intense!

   Victory Style III - the third compilation featuring all the bands onthe
   victory hardcore label.the best,meanest,brutal hardcore is on this

   Vindiction - Hang you Out to Die  -underground colorado sickness!!

   Wellwater Conspiracy - oprational directives ( new strange post punk)

   Wickerman - Wickerman 

   COMPILATIONS    ( $6 each cd,plus shipping)

   V/A - Cold Still Earth-Frozen dawn records compilation,sick ass
   underground death from....Shredded Corpse,Regurgitation,Inhuman,
   Skinless,Deaden,and Umbilical Strangulation..this is underground!

   V/A _ Orchestrated Chaos _ fromthe soulside label,kick ass and diverse
   death/grind and black  metal underground...
  Immortal Destruction,Malicious Intent,Exhumed,dismembered Fetus, 
  Inthroned,Manias,Unearth,fatality and many more..intense grinding!  

   V/A - Outer Limits  Featuring thrash metal and hardcore bands
   Dying Breed, Disarray, Habeus Corpus, Deus X Machina, many more!

   V/A -Spectrum ALe - ($4 promo cd sleeve cased,)
     loads of relapse bands!!

   V/A - The Storm has Begun -($4 promo sleeve)full compilation of killer
    metal and death bands from  MALTA...Beheaded,Masada,Orbus

   V/A - Welcome to Meteor City   - rock and hard rock ,psychedlice bands
  like...Demoncleaner,Lowrider,celestial season, Natas,Goatsnake,rotors to
  rust, the atmic Bitch wax,,and more cool underground rockers!