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Tommy T. here of in-FUSED...
over the last year or so, i found myself very anti-social, not into the
typical shit that most people in this world like doing...and i don't like
talking with boring lost people anymore..sick of being fucked over, lied to
and dealing with people with no ambition or passion for anything other
than getting married and having kids..that does not intrest all..
theres too much music to create, and too many synths to play on, to
waste so much time on shit that doesn't get you anywhere but lost in
debt and emotionally insane.........right?

so i been staying in my studio and creating the new Diverje and in-FUSED
albums as well as taking care of all DSBP, and CYBERAGE duties that i need to
each week...always fun, and i am thankful to have these projects!

this is keeping me really grounded and happy and focused..
so i decided to start working on in-Fused again this year(2003), and i like
what is going on!! so much fun and another cool outlet for creative expression
for me, not as industrial all the time as Diverje is...but it is very "out
there" and i think original sounding...

 so far...the new album "misplaced" is gonna be ready for a fall
release...september/october, if all goes well, and i can save up my pennies
during that time...and the songs are almost all done..just putting final
touches, mixes, and additional trackings on as we hand on the
Korg, and one on the keyboard here..

the new album will contain 17 new tracks, and 74 minutes of my solo work over
the last couple years..
the album is very diverse and infusing different styles of elektronic music
into what i consider to be a cohesive package, which is unpredictable, and

i break it down like this i guess...

6 tracks which i would consider to be elektro-industrial styled with a bit
less aggressive, than Diverje,yet still distorted vocals, more in the vein of
Leather Strip or something..and one of the songs sounds like "DEVO on crack"
"evacuate","misplaced", "monotony(2003)"," "a place to bleed",
"condescending","as you climb", and a new version of "rebuild" are what i have
planned so far..being that i have about 4 more months till we get this going
for release..i will probably write more i do have some others that
i am not sure if i will use..."omit my chain" has some guitars, which i did,
but i don't want in-Fused to be tainted by the acoustic monsters!! so i am
thinking it over. and i have a few others not sure what to do with them...

3 tracks which fall into the power noise genre...very brutal distorted
rhythms, and aggression, and with some synths too..
"hammered", "punch hole" and "wrapped in plastic" represent this side...

5 tracks which are really original sounding mixes of glitch, breakcore, and
electro music...they have melody, and definately combining some different
forms of electronics here....
instrumentals which i am still naming..but i have...
"mud slipperz", "don't feel", "malfunkt", "cloned","scruffly stuff"
"zonez" and some others ...

i have this one really cool trancey track i did as well..its not so typical i did some weird shit with the beats and the sounds, and make it
very dancey at times,. and then other times its outta first
trancey elektro track.."find-keep"

and then theres a few more on the darker ambient side, more atmospheric
tracks that will be in there for good measure and change of pace...
i love doing all this means more to me than anything else could..i
have been disappointed by the human race and trendy world we live in for many
years now..and i guess it is all culminating to all my projects and i am so
psyched to finish and release this new in-FUSED cd,"misplaced" this fall!!!

thanks for reading my news, and heart.

---TOMMYT---in-FUSED -"misplaced" cd coming this fall on DSBP
"America's most potent hard elektro/harsh industrial label!"

DESCRIPTION - This is the completely solo, personal project of Tommy T. in-FUSED was born in 1997, as a more melodic, new wave, and retro sounding style for Tommy T., to infuse with the new sounds of the raw, and pounding power noise, experimental, and strange ambience of todays music.

RELEASES - in-FUSED-"coding emotion" DSBP #1017 (1998-1999) == included were the minimal sounds, catchy melodies, and a raw, old school feel... the cd-r (only) release in 1998 called "coding emotion" included 20 tracks. ranging from old school wave, and elektro, to harder industrial with noisey sounds, and some dark, weird ambient, semi-glitch, experimental sounds. the album ranged a bit too much for in-FUSED to really gain a strong following, but there has been some very cool response to the stuff, and there will be more updates ,and new songs being added to the site soon, as well as another cd-r only release... or if intrest and songs are stronger than before... we may do a full length release on DSBP in 2003... For now we will try to get in-FUSED heard on a few compilations from DSBP and other labels.

INFLUENCES - everything coool and electronic / noisey... old school elektro, and new wave, all the vital bands, and the new sounds of the ANT-ZEN/HYMEN, and HANDS labels... lots of new and intresting glitch, and dark experimental sounds. the influences are more subliminal in the sound... i just love textures and noises,and beats all strung together in weird ways,and sometimes in conventional ways that do work.

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Coding:Emotion - DSBP1017 - $12   DirectMailorder

  • "Cyber Faction", Biotech02 compilation CD, by SdS Productions
  • "Digitized", DSBP Death/Industro Sampler, DSBP#1006
  • "intro1.1" cassette, DSBP#1007
  • "No Trust" and "Submerge", Elektro Discharge, DSBP#1009
  • "Tension" and "Rebuild", Industro Synthesis, DSBP#1010
  • "Foundations <---> Remnants" cassette w/ diverje, DSBP#1011
  • "Digitized", Cyberpuncture comp, UEF/001
  • "No Trust V2", Futronik Structures comp, DSBP#1012
  • "Penetrate", "As You Climb", Digital:6::Focus:A, DSBP#1014
  • "Coding Emotion", DSBP#1017

in-FUSED is one man - Tommy T. Rapisardi on a full electronic-aggro-melodic-cyber journey. Influenced by 80's wave bands like Kraftwerk, Devo, Depeche Mode, OMD, Ministry and others, in-FUSED mixes a 1980's melodic-wave, catchy style with harsh elektro-angst of 90's cyberage music. Influences of the likes of Leatherstrip, Snog, X-marks, Spahn Ranch, Blind Passengers. In a very unique and versatile style that will surprise many, that a minimal elektro sound can be so intense and aggressive. Tommy T also fronts and does most of the work in diverje a cyber industrial metallic unit. The purpose is to combine electro wave and harsh dark EBM. in-FUSED shows total diversity and the vocals are in the forefront with clear, melodic and some harsh distorto vox, yet all 100% electronic, no guitars, barely minimum samples, purity of the keyboard and the voice, a new cyber-world order is due, and radio just might remember what diversity is... when in-FUSED is played, people will respond!!!

New Release, Full Length CD: "Coding Emotion" DSBP#1017 Available now!! This has been kept under wraps for a while because it is nota mass production. But thanks to a bro named Mikey, we will be able to do these limited edition CD pressings more often. We begin with in-FUSED! This album contains 17 tracks of inFUSED archives, with some older tracks from demo tape, and also a few that have popped up on underground compilations worldwide. There is also be two new songs: Monotony and Encode, that were just done recently. The rest of the tracks will be unfamiliar to most but have been released on tape in the last two years. We are taking orders for it now! The price will be $10 and will include full color CD packaging. This album represents a diverse electronic only based sound. Mixing new wave elektro industrial and noise into a unique catchy and minimal flavored sound. Support the electro underground!

1. monotony  3:22
2. encode  3:55
3. rebuild 98 mix  3:05
4. digitized  3:30
5. tension  3:14
6. cyberfaction 5:00
7. you lose  5:20
8. uncoiled delusion  3:00
9. profit  4:45
10. no trust  4:05
11. whore  4:49
12. think  2:55
13. induce breakdown  2:34
14. obey  2:59
15. will not submit  3:00
16. wander  1:46
17. scraps  1:37


This is the debut 17-track release from this grinding cyber-elektro project from the U.S.A. As I really dug the track "digitized" on the "cyberpuncture" compilation (United Endangered Front) I was looking forward to hearing more in-FUSED. Though it's taken a while for me to be able to get into this. This is because there is something pretty dark and intense about in-FUSED, in the manner of groups such as Leather Strip and early X Marks the Pedwalk, and I just wasn't in the mood for that when I received the CD. However, when I am in the mood, it hits the spot.

in-FUSED's sound is a distinctive mixture of e.b.m. synth bass and drum beats, with drilling futuristic-torture-lab sounds, pianos, thick and fast LFO'ing lower range synths, synth-bellish noises (a Yamaha DX7?), and brooding distorted male vocals. I can also hear Tommy T's past thrash metal influences coming through. Though this is in terms of structure and feel as there are no guitars here! Highlight tracks for me are "monotony", "digitized" with it's brutal driving beats and snarling vocals, "tension" and "cyberfaction" which has become stuck in my head.

"Coding Emotion" is a collection of brooding, intense and dark elektro nightmares - the faint-hearted should beware!

One of the many Tommy T projects that give new meaning to Cyber-Electronix. Self produced, self created, and self mastered by one of the nicest guys in New Mexico. This is one of his first collective CDs under his own label, DSBP. Take EBM laced synth structures and add elusive Claus Larsen-esq vocals with a bit of divergence and you get In-Fused. If youíre into the old analog sound, which Iím actually very fond of, you may like what you hear. Tracks such as "Rebuild", "Uncoiled Delusion", and "Encode" provide nice examples of his direction. One to pick up from DSBP, a must for the early Leśther Strip fan and those who want to taste something different. [McClelland]

©1998 DSBP.