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Matt Jones

1. First off, I'd like to know what your thoughts are concerning the 2004 
presidential election. Was George W. Bush's victory an embarrassment for anyone 
who once proudly called themselves American, or was it a triumph in a world 
filled with the threat of terror?

TOMMYT: I think its an embarassment for us all in America, because Bush is
obviously an idiot, and has made a lot of wrong decisions and bad choices for
this country, and for the world. It also shows us all how
divided we really are as people and how theres an extreme right wing, and left
wing in this country and they want different things from their govt. and
president.The Christian right wing people have been getting their way and
feeding us their bullshit for at least 4 years now, and we are gonna have to
deal with them all for another 4 years.
Telling us how to live our lives, what should be censored and what should not.
what is "moral" and what is not, and spreading hypocrisy to all intrested in
joining their "way"....its quite sickening...and some of us just have to
ignore it all and just go about our lives indepedently.

The war in IRAQ is a failure and unjust war, and its too bad that these "so
called Christians" think is o.k to kill thousands of innocent Iraqis for no
real reason, because "god wants it that way", but its a real bad thing for 2
people of the same sex to have a relationship....thats "bad sin" in their
eyes...I don't think that is right personally...
I thought their commandments said  "thou shalt not kill"....not "thou shalt
not marry someone of the same sex"....once again...they are hypocrites..
Religion and politics are very much alike and play to each other very much
these days.
I been around these kind of people and they have absolutely no clue...


2. DSBP has always been an EBM/harsh industrial label, except for your very 
first release by the death metal band Detestation.  What can you tell us about 

TOMMYT: DETESTATION was my first Death Metal project and was a very popular
underground band for the death scene in the years 1995-1996....we played lots
of local shows and opened for some of the best in the biz, including CANNIBAL
CORPSE... we also had lotsa fans all over the world,. and it was my first
work with "mail order" and we did pretty damn good for a first time release.
We did inject a little bit of Industrial venom into the death metal
mix, but it was mostly a very "death/core" album....we still have some of
those we pressed 2,000 copies.

I became more into the electronic scene and music once this band broke
up...cause like breaking up with a girlfriend, you say you will
"never do that again, and learn from my mistakes" and I will never be in
another death metal band again...too many people to count on and if one isn't
into it...the whole project is void.

I want to pay tribute to our guitarist of DETESTATION, Dave "from
the Grave" Maldonado...he recently died in a tragic car accident....we will
miss him very much, he was a great "metal man!"and a good friend.
 R.I.P. Dave M......

3. Looking back at that time in DSBP's existence and comparing it to what 
you've been doing now, what brought on the drastic change of styles so early in 
the game?  Will DSBP ever release anything that isn't electronic-based ever 

TOMMYT: I think we will be staying with the styles we are into and what we
have been successful the answer is more metal or stuff like
that...DSBP is and will always be a Hard elektro/harsh industrial record 
label.We do believe in diversity though, and have some bands like PENAL
COLONY, and DIVERJE that do mix in guitars and rock/metal styles, but keeping
it mainly electronically oriented and diverse.

4. The DSBP Web site has a "Copy Kills Music" picture on the front news page. 
 Which do you consider a larger threat to the underground: the spread of MP3 
downloading, or CD copying?  

TOMMYT:  I think they are both a big threat to cd sales, and they have given
the music consumers and cheap bastards a way to "not have to buy music and get
all they can"...which is definately affecting those who are heavily involved
in our record label and distribution networks...we shouldn't be getting
screwed over like this by our own fans, especially when labels like DSBP offer
a lot better price and better service than most of the rest out there...we
don't feel like we deserve to be "duped" and "illegally spread around" by
anyone...cause we are honest and hardworking for the scene here....we will
always give good deals to those intrested...we don't think we should be "free
to everyone" though, cause it totally devalues our artists and label work, and
the cash we put up to press, manufacture, and release these discs.

To anyone who does the "illegal copying of cd's and mp3's" I just want to
remind you that without the record labels and great bands in this scene, the
music scene is dead.....we need the good independent record labels,
distributors and bands to stay around to help make this scene grow and
flourish as it should be doing at this point in time...
Lets not hold these bands and labels down by illegally swapping their
music..its sure death to the future of music if this continues...
to all future musicians this should be a scary issue too...wake up!!!

5. Have you cut back the number of promos sent out to combat this trend?  
What do you see as a solution to the problem?

TOMMYT: WE are cutting down on servicing promo's a bit..cause these days
everyone thinks they are a DJ and they should get free cd's...we only service
those who have steady shows and make an effort to print a playlist each week,
and get themselves online with the shows as well...the more people a DJ can
attract, the better their chances of service from DSBP.

My own radio/internet show "the CYBERAGE RADIO" attracts thousands a week to
listen...and they do, and they e-mail me about stuff too....
those are the kind of shows we are looking for...more of them...this music
would be way more successful worldwide...

I don't see a solution to the problem really...other than people realizing the
damage that they are doing by not buying the cd's and stop pirating and
getting them all for free...we need to be paid for our products just like any
other business does.
6. What is it exactly that made you want to start your own record label and 
release albums, both your own and by other bands?  Did you ever try to send out 
Diverje material to other labels?  

TOMMYT: I have sent out Diverje to other labels to check out and have ended
up on some great compilations because of, and some great comments on the music
too..I like being on my own label though with Diverje..makes things easier..

I wanted to release albums by the bands I like the most and deserve to have
releases out and they are all great guys too...I started putting money aside
to do this, instead of blowing it at bars, or on drugs or women....
Its hard to maintain and to sacrifice the "regular life" sometimes and
have to be more reserved and stay home more than not, but my goal was always
to do this, and release my own cd's too...not to be a social butterfly
who is a fixture at the bars, and clubs, spending all my cash on that crap...

This is also to have full control over my own releases and market and promote
them the way I is a hard road at times...but I have no regrets in
doing it this way...
it is alot of fun and I like having control over my music and life...


7. What can your distribution catalog offer to people that no other 
distribution outlet or record store out there can?

TOMMYT: We offer the best prices per cd here...$9-10 are the prices we have on
most of our 600 + titles here....
We also carry the best underground electro-industrial anywhere..the lesser
known bands and bands who deserve to be heard and supported that don't get a
chance anywhere else...its fun helping people who are appreciative too!

We also offer 24/7 customer service...we are always here to answer questions
and orders...I have the computer on all the time here, and working around the 
office and studio and what not, I am usually getting "incoming mails" as
quickly as they come in.
we value our supportbase and customers very much! we are here for


8. Do you think it's a conflict of interest to run a record label, retail 
outlet and a radio show at a public university?

TOMMYT: No, I don't....I think its called "being heavily involved" and making
use of all the resources I can to "make this happen" for our bands and our have to keep your feet wet in as much of the scene as you can if
you want to be successful.This is how I have gotten to where I am at, by doing
all these different jobs.

The Radio show features all kinds of bands from the scene and I do not
favor anyone cause "I work with them"...although I am not into helping
bands/artists who badmouth me or don't appreciate the show...we don't help the
big stars or the rich to get richer...its just common sense I guess.

9. What's been going on with some of your older artists?  There hasn't been a 
new release from Biopsy in a while.  Are they still together, or has Aghast 
View been the main priority for DSBP?
TOMMYT: BIOPSY is not "alive" of the members was not into
making the music anymore...and now that just leaves Fabricio Viscardi...and he
is very busy with his business/work in Brazil and its hard for him to get
music done on his own for this it is a "dead project" 
We really put alot of our efforts into this band and have helped make them
very known in this country, but the last 4 years they have not released
anything, and people are disappointed with that, as are we..:-(

AGHAST VIEW should be working on some new stuff at some point....they are just
going through alot of shit with work schedules, and money being tight as
well...They are one of the most known bands that have been doing this kind of
"electro-industrial" all through the 90's and in the 21st century as well.
so we hope to have them back with a release at some point this next year...but
no definate plans are in for that...stay tuned, and buy all their older
releases here before they are gone...same with BIOPSY.:-)

It is sad to see these bands being quiet so long, and it hurts us here.
This is also due to the lack of cd sales, once the "mp3 generation"took
control over the music scene...alot of bands have been "calling it quits" or
just putting stuff on hold...because the cd sales are not there, and they need
to work some kind of job to the bands are feeling the effects of
what is happening in the music scene today.This sucks to see happen to our

10. How would one go about appearing on a DSBP compilation?  Do you 
faithfully listen to every demo sent to you, or do you wait until a band has already 
substantiated themselves in the scene?  How far do you go to try and help out 
unsigned bands?
TOMMYT: We are not planning anymore compilations for now, unless they are all
DSBP bands because we feel we have supported the "newbies" and lesser known
underground bands for many years now, and now we are more into supporting the
bands we are working with full time...since we have 20 of them to work with
here...Compilations are always a "bust" as far as sales as well... 

 Theres plenty of compilations out now supporting alot of these newbies and
alot of the new bands sound really contrived, unexciting and just repeating
what has been done by better artists...Todays compilations have not really
excited me much over the last couple years, in all honesty...
I do listen to every "demo" I get in here, as painful as that may be at
times...I discover a good artist one out of every 20 or so cd's.I still enjoy
listening and do not want to condemn people from sending me stuff, but,
please, send me stuff that is GOOD!

 Theres lots of newbies with their "stolen software" thinking they are the 
"next big thing" but in reality they have nothing to offer, and since their
generation is the one who wants MP3's and not really caring about buying cd's
as much, I wonder why they are so worried about being signed??
why do they think they deserve to sell cd's when they deny others who are
better and more experienced than them with some following already? yes, I have
questions for these people...

It is hard for a new band to get a following with the way they have destroyed
the music scene of the underground with mp3' and burned cd overload...
they are training the next generation to not buy cd's at all!!that sucks for
what comes around goes around I guess...

11. Independent record labels can be fairly hard to run.  Do you run DSBP by 
yourself, or do you have employees?

TOMMYT: I run most of the "sales/shipping operations" myself...But I do have
help, and they are vital to the DSBP being alive...The websites and the
CYberage, and lots of other duites are handled by the "more silent" 2/3 of the
DSBP staff... Thanks to my good brothers Mikey and Cyb0Burnt for keeping the
label running with me.Its been the 3 of us since the beginning.

12. How about a day job?  Do you have to work somewhere else in order to keep 
DSBP going?

TOMMYT: I do work day and night jobs as well as running DSBP...I have a few
"part time" jobs that I do that are not fun jobs, but make me enough cash to
keep things going along with our sales income going back into the label
always.Thats what we all have to do it one is just sitting back and
"cashing in" on sales in this scene...maybe Metropolis, but they work hard for
it all for sure, and have a huge operation to run.

 I find it hard to keep things going smoothly when the music scene is
as crowded and fucked up as it is due to the mp3 craze, and people burning
cd's for their friends...every sale lost does hurt us...and the bands.

13. What gives DSBP the most exposure?  Do the clubs play your releases at 
all?  And what about zines, both online and print?  How often do you see DSBP 
reviews out there?
TOMMYT: I don't know which outlet gives us the most exposure...but I
do know that COLLEGE/PUBLIC RADIO seems to love our sounds and we get tons of
spins on those stations...They help alot!
A decent # of clubs do play our bands...but most club playlists are very
stuck in the pop minded music, or hits of the we don't get as much
exposure as we should at this point in time there...we will keep trying
though, and keeping the faith in that changing.

The print zines cover us pretty good, for the few that are
left that do cover this kind of music.We have some support there, but who
knows who really reads all these online zines, as theres so many of them.
I personally like "online zines" better as they are free! but I am not sure
how much they help in exposure...
Its hard to tell but I will say RADIO gives us the most support.

14. DSBP used to stand for "Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions."  For those who 
have visited the Web site and seen the constantly changing meanings, what 
would you tell them DSBP means? 
TOMMYT: We have many meanings as you can tell from the rotating "main page"
..some of them are really cool, some are silly and some are from the fans...we
want to keep everyone who is into our label and bands involved to make their
own meanings up....We don't take it all as seriously as some of these labels
with their silly "one name" least we can change ours back and forth to
fit the fans the way they want...and we are not stuck with one name...except
DSBP...which is cool in itself, without any meaning.
SKUNK BUD PROD." originally in 1997, and it just went from we let
it flow.

15. What does the future hold for DSBP and your artists?  Have you ever 
thought about what you would do if you were suddenly unable to keep the label 
going, or if one of your artists signed to Sony?  
TOMMYT: I think about what "could happen" all the time...but it doesn't mean 
I will ever give up or stop running the label, or sell it to a major..
I will work whatever jobs I have to in addition to running the label to keep
it all going here, thats the bottom line.

I do this cause I love the music, and love creating, writing, recording and
releasing music from all these awesome artists! we would love to be making
alot more money, but we will keep going on no matter what, cause this is our
culture and the only way we want to be.

I think once people get back into "whats real and true" they will see us as a
standout label in the underground who has never sold out our ideals or goals 
just to be part of the trend or to "fit in"...we have conducted our business
here in a professional, yet very friendly manner at all times, and I have
personally made so many good friends through doing all this...and thats what
life should be about...not about the $$$...
thanks to all who do support the DSBP! 
"electronic peace and industrial love to you all..."

16. For a closing statement, what do you want to say to the 
industrial/electronic scene?  Is there anything you would like to finally get off your chest?

TOMMYT: I think we covered it here bro...I am happy with the interview and
thanks to all who support the DSBP, Cyberage, Diverje, in-FUSED and all we do
here...We are very appreciative and humbled by your incredible support through
the years.
Stick with this music, and the DSBP and we will keep you informed
and supplied with the best prices and enthusiastic customer service and extras
in your orders all the time...thanks for the interview, Matt!

best wishes,

~~~Thanks a lot for the interview, man.  Take care~~~

Tommy T of in-FUSED interviewed by Steve of CHAIN DLK zine

1)How's it going man? First of all, I'm honored to have the opportunity to
interview the man I believe to be arguably the hardest working guy in the
American industrial scene. You do an amazing amount of work promoting the
bands here in the States. I'm sure many others would join me in saying a
huge 'Thanks bro'!

thank you for the very kind words, and its my pleasure to help out the great
electronic bands for sure! Its intresting to hear about "being the hardest
working guy in the scene" when I feel like this is just the way life is for
me, and I accept it, and enjoy it...this is not a bad job to have, and it does
take alot of consistency and hours, but its all worth it.Its great to be
thought of as a hard worker too.I love this music and will always give my all
for the label and the radio show and the bands I enjoy.

2) With so much going on with the Cyberage Radio Show (now in its eighth year
without missing a single show), DSBP and Diverje, how the hell do you find
time to work on a solo project?

It wasn't easy, and still never is..."time is my enemy" it seems..
I do like to work on music as often as possible, and I usually do when not
working, or listening to alot of electronic is something I been
working on for awhile, and it has gone through a few style changes, and thats
why I decided to just make this a very diverse album with a larger scope of my
music intrests than ever before.

3)'Misplaced' although not the first release for in-Fused is the first for
quite some time after 1996's Coding Emotion release. Is there a reason you
waited so long to get the new release out?

Well I wasn't really sure if I was gonna be able to continue doing any
in-FUSED stuff, and it totally took a backseat to the other projects and the
label.But when I started working on my keyboards again, I really started to
click with it, and started writing a couple songs a week, and then revising
them, and getting the mixes just right..So this album definately did "just
happen" without a real plan to do anything seriously...I am happy to have a
"freeform electronic" project like this.

4) After listening to the album, it becomes quite apparent that your
influences are wide ranging. Can you elaborate on which bands have
influenced you the most and why?

I do listen to SO MUCH music from being a radio/internet DJ for 9 years...I
have always been a FAN of music first, and then a musician.I love lots of
bands doing the electronic music, and I am not really a fan of anything
cheezy, pop, rap, or boring alt.rock stuff..I do like the classic bands like
Pink Floyd, and the Doors...but I don't dwell in the past.I rarely listen to
old stuff these days.Mainly, my influences are in early new wave,
bands like Devo, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, Gary Numan, Ministry....and then
stuff like Leather Strip, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and 242....and
over the last 5 years I have really been into d'n'b and power noise stuff on
the Ant-Zen/Hymen,Component, Ad Noiseam and Hands labels mainly...I really
HYPNOSKULL,and lots more...theres so much good music coming out.

5) The album is a bold attempt at combining several styles of electronic
music, which works really well. How important is diversity in an album to

I think diversity is pretty important overall.Not that every album needs to be
like in-FUSED, no, thats a bit too diverse for most.I like when I buy an album
though and the band tries several styles, or mixes it up a bit to keep things
intresting.A body of work should have some twists and turns and not be an
album of 10 songs that sound like 1 song over and over...I notice alot of
purist bands do that.They don't intrest me as much usually.
I did the in-FUSED like this cause I felt it needed to be that way, and when
looking back now, I can't find many other releases that do mix electro,
industrial, d'n'b, power noise, glitch, ambient, and 21st century new wave 
on one disc.

6) Your latest Diverje release came with an accompanying remix disk, which
incidentally was an amazing double cd set. Is there a 'Misplaced remix
album' on the horizon for you possibly? If so, who can we expect to see on
the remix album?

 I doubt it.Not a full cd of remixes anyway...maybe a couple remixes here and
there.I love remixes, and its fun to do them fo others as well.
Diverje is more of the band to do remixes of and EBM styled dance
floor stuff, as well as more experimental is already doing
alot of I may get some remixes here and there if anyone wants to
do one, and then put a few on the next full length from in-FUSED...that may be
cool.I haven't asked for any yet, but if anyone is intrested?

7) Some of the lyrics on 'Misplaced' are pretty hardcore most noteably on
'Blinded Fools'. Your take on the mainstream is definitely  a negative
one. How do you think the mainstream would be if it consisted of mostly
industrial-esque bands, instead of rap or pop? Would the sheeple still be
sheeple or do the lyrics of industrial music help to legitimize a mass
marketing strategy? 

 The mainstream will never be full of industrial or electronic bands...and I
don't care...the music and lyrics are too real and too "anti govt.,trend,
establishment, and conformity" to ever win over a mainstream audience which
consists mostly of these people.I think this music serves a great purpose
though for the people like myself who are aware and don't listen to all that
propaganda bullshit and trendy boring mainstream people.

 It doesn't mean that the fools that buy all that shitty rap and
pop shouldn't be more aware of the greedy/corporate schmucks they are
supporting.I just do not care for all that teen idol crap either..its all
stupid and it seems like it gets more popular each month.The TV just preaches 
vanity and conformity, and of course everything is about money!!

 Thats why I hate the mainstream and everything it stands for.
Plasticity glorified, which gives people a very skewed vision on how "life
is supposed to be for us all, we should all be the same"...
and the music that sells the most is not even close to
being the BEST music.The media in this country is really bad and I just like 
to speak my mind loud and actually have a real passionate message against them
in my songs...freedom of speech is a nice thing, and even if no one is
listening its time for some truths to be told.

At least its better than writing these fake little love songs that have been
done over and over...most of the stuff I write about I don't see others
tackling.I like to take on real subjects and controversial ones also.
 I know many people who just submit to the corporate trends and media for one
reason or another, and then they try to start shit with guys like me cause we
are hardcore against it all, and we speak loud with a big stick to back it up.
I am not afraid to go toe to toe with any fool.Alot of people will try to
argue, but its funny how that works out.

8) Do you see in-Fused ever doing some live shows in the future?

I don't think so.My schedule and time is very important to me right now, and
the label and life take first priority to "extra things" like playing live.
I also do not like doing solo shows, as I feel it doesn't offer much to watch
for an audience even if I do jump around like a "cyber-electro-crackhead"!
I am trying to promote and sell a bunch of bands here and I need that time
each day and night to focus on them all, and myself included but for me to be
doing more live stuff or even tours would really be neglecting to the label
and other bands.Theres only so much time in the day and night, and I know I
use it all each day for the music and business end of things.Instead, I 
promote and do alot of communicating on the internet each day with lots of
different cool people, dj's, and musicians mostly.Its still really fun...I
love the studio, and recording the intense, and serene yet chaotic,
with no one to ruin my high:-)

9) How do you see the scene here in the states these days? Have things
changed much since you got involved back in the nineties?

Yes, things have changed alot for sure...they always do.
Theres alot more bands, alot more labels, and not too many more fans
overall..alot of new fans but it seems that alot of the old fans got burnt on
certain types of electronic music, or just got married w/kids and didn't
really stay involved in the music scene and the new stuff coming out.
Theres also alot of good new stuff I will say, and its constantly coming out,
and hard to keep up with.This music remains strong to those who care enough
about it!

 Alot of the bands and record labels that I grew up on are either gone or not
doing much good stuff anymore.So it is all about the NEW, but also hard to
weed through so much mediocre stuff with the overpopulation of bands as well.

 There also wasn't so much copying and file sharing back then in the mid 90's has definately changed things up, and made it alot harder for
bands and labels to break even or receive profits from releases.

10) Do you see things getting better or worse in the future? Is there anything
the fans could do to help keep the scene viable?

I don't know what will happen....sales seem to be dropping for most of the
independent labels and bands I know, and without any sales or a devoted
audience, its hard to keep the stuff going like we do.We will always try
to find a way to survive... 
I hope things get better and sales and intrest in this music picks up.
Just to have a few thousand die hard fans for this music would be great!
If the fans keep buying the good music, supporting the bands, labels, shows,
and the overall style of music it will keep growing.File sharing and downloads
are not the way to replace a cd collection.

11) Since you are always plugging other bands on the Cyberage, is there
anything you'd like to plug before we go?

I am not really too angry of a person!:-) just kidding...
The Cyberage radio plays a new show each week...5 hours of all new and hot
music with requests, and definately a wacky bunch of characters to keep the
fun and rants going...
going for 9 years strong!

and the DSBP website carries all of our links and bands info's..

I plug all those bands on the enjoy!
thanks man!

12) Anything else you'd like to add?

I been talking for too long now....thanks for the support and good luck with
the zine, you guys do it right!

all the best.

Tommy, you are quite the busy man!  You run the DSBP label, host a weekly
radio program, and have two musical projects, Diverje and in-FUSED.  How
do you keep all the responsibility separate, without having it all collide
into one big mess?  Do you sometimes feel spread too thin?

Tommy T: hi! thanks for the interview.I like having all these different
projects because they all fill certain roles in my life that keeps things
intresting.Sometimes its messy, and I am a bit overworked, but when I put it
all into perspective I gotta smile and enjoy it.This is what I always wanted
to do anyways.
  I definately feel the stress and being spread to thin alot of
times, but in those cases its best to just keep a level head, and get done
what you can and don't apply any extra pressure on yourself.I like having the
freedom of finishing projects when I WANT, not having someone to answer to is
really nice.I don't take that for granted either.

Hellwire is an online charting/rating system for industrial bands.  There
are quite a few DSBP bands on the charts, including both Diverje and
in-FUSED, who have maintained a stronghold on the number one and two spots
for a few months.  Which band do you personally vote for on a daily
basis?  Which band do you "root" for, or is it a more "As long as it is in
the family" attitude?

Tommy T:"all in the family" for sure! I like seeing my bands in the top 10.
 Hellwire is a pretty cool site, and does have alot of good tracks up
there.We have alot of supporters here, and I have let them know about our
bands being on hellwire, and another way for them to sample our sound, and see
what others think and say about the projects as well.Its quite an intresting
place and some of the "reviewers" on there are alot of laughs! 
I personally vote for all the DSBP bands and bands that I enjoy whenever I
can.Sure why not?

in-FUSED is your solo project.  Is in-FUSED your true release from other
stress in your life?  Do you feel you are able to musically express
yourself more freely, considering Diverje is a musical collaboration?

Tommy T: Actually I can do whatever I want in both projects...I do in-FUSED
stuff as a "solo only" musical outlet, and I like to mix up the styles, cause
its a challenge and helps me grow as a musician.I love electro-industrial
music most for sure.I also do enjoy power noise, some trance(small doses), and 
glitch, and other strange electronic sounds.I am obsessed with synthesizers!
Lotsa fun for sure!
Diverje is more of a collaborative project only cause I want it that way, and
that is a challenge in other ways.I also do some solo work for Diverje albums,
usually 2-3 tracks per album are solo.I musically express myself fully in
both projects.

Let's imagine for a minute that one day Tommy T is wondering around his
house, feeding the reptilian crew, and a cool bassline appears in his
head.  How do you decide what becomes Diverje and what becomes in-FUSED?

Tommy T: I usually don't know at first.Then once the song takes shape, and I
see which musical direction it is going in, and where there will be vocals if
any, then its all clearer.Some of the songs blur the lines between the bands I
am in, but I think that is also good to connect them a little bit so your
artistic sound can be recognized.Diverje will always be the HARDER and more
AGGRESSIVE side, and not limited to "electronic only" as we bring in guitars
every now and then...(not much over the last 4 years though;-)
 in-FUSED will have some of those emotions, and then more diverse range,and
some of the dark,cold, instrumental machinery sounds as well.I will keep
in-FUSED as a "electronic only solo project" no guitars in this one.

in-FUSED is currently a one man show.  Would you ever seek outside
creative help on the project?  What do you feel other artists could bring
to the in-FUSED table?

Tommy T: I am not really intrested in working with anyone else for in-FUSED.
I would seek other artists to work with for Diverje, and thats it.
in-FUSED will always be my solo project.I do welcome any remixers to
remix my stuff though for possible album inclusions, and comp. appearances.

What elements did you pull from for inspiration in creating the new
in-FUSED album, Misplaced?  Did you have an overall driving theme or point
to get across when creating Misplaced?

Tommy T: I am inspired by alot of the new music I receive and listen to, and
hear all these new possiblities and alot of new and upcoming talent, as well
as the good ole classics that influenced me from the past. I like to
experiment alot when writing music, and not stick to a certain formula, and I
don't try to think of it as..."will all the people like this"...I write for
myself,and hope others will enjoy it, or connect to it on some level...and
maybe like it enough to really support it and spread the word of the bands.

"Misplaced" has alot of lyrical content about stuff that has happened to me
personally, and what I have seen others that I am close with go through.

I am annoyed with alot of people and their dishonesty and selfish attitudes,
and people who have no regard for others and like to cheat and steal from
everyone.There is no reason for all the evil there is in this world.
People need to chill the fuck out!

I am sick of mainstream rap music, and the "pop culture" that is so
overdone with it.I want to bring change, and want to stay aware and spread my
feelings and opinions to others, regardless of how the opposition feels.I
think they are pulling the wool over everyones eyes, and society needs to wake
the hell up and burn through the lies and disguise.

Misplaced was created over a three year time span.  What was the reason,
if any, for the elapsed time?  Do you feel your original vision or drive
for the album changed between the original inception and the final

Tommy T: I was not sure I was gonna keep doing the in-FUSED stuff, as time was
not on my side over the last 3 years....but then sometime in 2002 I really
started getting back into it, and wrote a bunch more tunes, and same in
2003.I really started getting time in and working on solo stuff and enjoying
it.I had like 50 tunes to chose from, and just went through it all, and
did some stuff over, some new recordings for older sequences, and added
some parts to music, and did some new vocals.So it started taking shape more
last year.I found some time this winter to go through it and did some mixing
and remixing on them, and was finally happy with the sound overall.Putting it
all in order and ready for a final release was a bit tough.

You personally describe Misplaced as being a "daring mix of sounds and
styles, and should get some interesting feedback from the purists of each
genre."  For example, on the track "Find to Keep," you explain that it has
a much more techno/trance influence to it. Do you welcome criticism of
your work, constructive or not?  Do you attempt to fill the qualities of a
certain genre when using it to create a song?

Tommy T: I do welcome constructive criticism for sure.I wasn't trying to fill
any standard qualities of any genre I was doing, it was just my representation
of the music I was feeling.Its been intresting so far with feedback.Alot of
people enjoy different tracks more on the album, so it seems there is
something for everyone, and for some its all good, and a bit of a change from
typical albums with all one style.EBM and synthpop albums can be real stale
sometimes with the lack of range and sound, its all too predictable.I will
never do a full album like that, even in Diverje we keep it nice and diverse
and with range in style.I wish more listeners would be into bands like this.

Misplaced is a conglomerate of many different industrial musical styles,
ranging from old school electro to trance to noise.  Although varied, the
album is well synthesized.  Do you have a tendency to prefer one style to
another?  Do you feel this unorganized mash of styles gives Misplaced, and
in-FUSED in general, their own unique sound?  

Tommy T:I feel it is actually kinda organized in a way.I do think it will give
in-FUSED more of a diverse audience and known for "doing it all", and thats
kinda cool.Why stick to one safe style when you can do more and grow?
Personally,I do prefer electro-industrial music with good hard and distorted
vocals the most.:-)

The track "Blinded Fools" was written about a topic that appears to be an
increasingly loud anthem for our "scene."  Do you feel it is a widespread
ideal to have in-FUSED and other "freeform musicians" pushed into
mainstream America or is this simply the antithesis to underground music?

Tommy T:
Well, I am a bit unclear on your interpretation of it, but this is intresting.
I don't crave the mainstream popularity, but I do despise that these people
are making 10's of millions for really bad crappy music, and they are not
helping the "less fortunate" and just flaunting their fame and money in all of
our faces! maybe I crave a more "even distributed society" at this point in
time more than anything.I would like to have that equal oppurtunuity of
exposure to the masses with my music and other bands music, cause I think the
masses are being deprived of alot of music because their lives exist in the
realm of the
mainstream and "pop culture".Many do not think "outside the box" I guess, and
just take what they are spoonfed musically and lifestyle wise.The ads we see
and the music we hear outside of this music scene is just total brainwash
conformity, and I like to write about it, and take shots at those lamers who
are the posers of this generation.Why people don't group rap music with shit
like Britney spears is beyond me, I wonder why? its all the same...
manufactured poop for the masses based on sex drive and trendiness and false
sense of whats "coool and not cool"...the music and lyrics in all of that
stuff is the same, predictable, and boring, appealing to dumb people for sure.

spread the wealth to the good musicians and spread good sounds to the
oblivious masses!

collapse the mainstream!!

Do you play your own work on Cyberage as a personal self-indulgence?  Do
you ever feel like "the man" when someone, outside of friends and
acquaintances, requests in-FUSED, or any other DSBP band, on Cyberage?  

Tommy T: I usually only play my own bands when theres a new release out, like
I do for ANY other GOOD bands, or when I get a request, which seems to be
often.People like our stuff, I play it for them.DSBP has alot of great music
out, and I play it like I do the Metropolis stuff...I don't think one label
should "only" be represented on a show, like some djs do in the
clubs.I definately like to mix it all up and give alot of bands from the
underground spins as well as any of the more known labels from the
underground.Balance is the key with the radio shows.

For Misplaced, you had S. Alt do the artwork for the album cover.  What
made you decide to have him contribute to the packaging of in-FUSED?

Tommy T:Stefan and I have been friends and business associates for about 7
years now, and he had asked me if I wanted some art for any of my projects,
and I replied "HELL YEAH!!!" I told him about the album and the sounds, and
some concepts, and he sent me the album artwork as is on the official
release.It totally fit the mood, and feel for this album, and I was amazed by
his photos.I love the way it turned out, and thank him for an awesome job!

Thank you so much Tommy for taking the time to answer my questions.  Do
you have any parting gifts for our readers?  

Tommy T: I would have some gifts for you, but I can't smoke them in e-mail...
Thanks alot for the support, and intrest in my solo work.
I hope that some of you all will check out my stuff as well, some samples on
the DSBP website...

for more info, reviews, mp3's, and silly pics...

take care!

Interview with Tommy T of in-FUSED

by Marcelo, in Brazil

1.Where did you decide set up a band?
The band is located in New Mexico USA. I do most of the music in my own house through my equipment and for in-FUSED I don't need the help of others.

2.Why "Infused"? What does it mean?
in-FUSED is the name because first of all I liked the way it sounded and I needed something that would fit the pure electro essence of my music. The meaning is pretty much to inspire or inject ideas that are new and creative into the music.

3.What's your influence?
There have been many influences from the new wave era of the 80's like Garyu Neuman, Kraftwerk, Devo, and Ultravox, as well as many others. Most of the newer stuff is where it really comes close to me. Leaether strip has been a huge influence because his music really showed me how to sequence correctly. Also bands like Evils Toy, Digital Factor, Aghast View, Biopsy, X Marks the Pedwalk, and Blind Passengers are big influences as well.

4.What's the musical instrument, do you utilize?
I do all of my music on keyboards, no computers or guitars. My instrument is an Ensoniq TS-10 and an Ensoniq ESP sampler. For vocals I use many different processors from foot pedal distortions to Qudraverb and now Alesis preamp guitar tubes.

5.Where and how do you compose the music's letter?
I compose all the music in my studio here at DSBP in my house. Mainly I write my music after midnight cause that's when I can really gather my thoughts and inspirations from the day of life. I like to write a mixture of the more real and negative aspects of life, and more inspiring songs of doing something better for yourself instead of rotting away and doing nothing.

6.What do you want to say in your music, exactly?
I like to write about things that are happening aroudn me or to me in my personal life, and in the overall world and USA specifically. I feel the government must be exposed for the corporate slavery and high taxation of people and teh fucked up legal system as well. I also like to write about the problems of life and how they might be made better or solved by people uniting more. I also like to write about relationships, mainly bad, with women because I feel it brings lots of emtion and intensity to the music and I think it's something anyone can relate to.

7.Do you think about a new works, projects, something like this?
I am always producing new works and new songs for diverje, in-FUSED, and my side project Provizion with Danos of UEF label. I am always collaborating with other bands on remixes as well such as Biopsy, Razed in Black, Danos, and Clone DT for the upcoming diverje album. IT is very important to be openminded in the electronix industrial world. Lots of good music nobody hears unless we kick their ass with it.

8.Do you have contact with another bands, what's?
Oh yes we have contacts with thousands of bands, mainly through my position of being a dj at KUNM radio in Albuquerque. I DJ the cyberage show and between that and the DSBP label we have worked with many bands and intend on helping all the good bands we hear, which are very much and too numerous to mention.

9.What's the politic position of the band?
As said earlier, we do not like the government, and do not agree with most of the laws in this country, but we realize that we have it better in America than most other countries around us. So all we can hope is that the balance between the rich and the poor levels off more and hopefully there won't be any world wars within our lifetime. But I also do realize if our government and police were more strict, we would be more fucked up, cause the assholes keep doing their shit.

10. I listened "Biotech 02 Compilation" I liked very much? Speak about the CD.
Yes that was a very good compilation and the first that in-FUSED ever appeared on. Thomas of SDS Productions did a great job. My favorites are Ficiton 8, Noxious Emotion, Fektion Fekler, and Stromkern. It is a great compilation.

11. How is the life out of the band?
Life is ok, and all we can do is keep working for what we love to do which is music and hope that more people get into this style overall and start buying the CDs. Life would be very good then.

12.What's lump sum of shows and money?
There haven't been many shows because most clubs out here just do the same old trendy music. I've done a few and the overall response and money was decent, but not good.

13.How are the introductions at live? The public like you?
Yes the public likes me, I think, but not enough yet, I need to be exposed to everyone. When I Do I think people will understand the points I have.

14.What do you think about electro scene in your country?
There is lots of great bands and people are starting to like it more, but it is very slow breaking into the mainstream and with sales. The main music over here is rap, country, and alterna-cheese. But eventually with enough public radio and people realizing this music is above all, we will become way more popular.

15.Have you another profession? What?
Yes I own the DSBP label, and distribute many other labels and independent releases of the industrial elektro and cyber realm. We also have some metal by the way. Then I have a slave job that pays me shit but I work to make more money.

16.What's the brazilians bands, do you know?
Brazilian scene seems to be very good and great bands as well. They have been in contact very much with us at DSBP, I must say I love most of the bands I hear. Highlights for me are Biopsy, Aghast View, Clone DT, Morgue, Front Runner, Dead Jump, and X On Mind. On our next CD "Digital 5 Focus A" and Futronik Structures vol2 many of those bands will appear for the first time in the USA. So we are very supportive of your Brazilian scene and hope to help it grow along with the USA.

17.What's the plan about the band to the future?
The plan is to keep growing and progressing and learning more about music as I write and record. I plan on putting out many albums for both in-FUSED and diverje and any other projects along the way. So please look out for us and spread the word of DSBP and all its bands.

18.Please, give us a heartfelt message?
I appreciate the interview very much as it is my first for in-FUSED. It's really cool coming from Brazil because the support from the bands out there has been excellent as well, I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out and do a lot of jammig together. But through the power of music we can spread the word together and be on CDs together. I wish all the best for you and everyone in Brazil, and I hope to hear from more of your people for DSBP support because we need it! Good luck with the zine, Regards!