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in-FUSED -"misplaced"  (album lyrics) 2004
all songs written, recorded, and produced by Tommy T. Rapisardi
since I didn't include the lyrics for the album in the album, this is for all
of you who will be buying it and are intrested in the lyrics...
thanks for your intrest and support......

track number / title
evacuate, evacuate, evacuate,evacuate (2X)
from this hell, from this earth
evacuate, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate

evacuate, space, space. space, space...,,,
from this earth, space, we go now..


you do not intrest me, i feel nothing
feeling no pain, we all build walls
i get walked on, day after day
why should i deny and kiss your ass?

pre-chorus - you spill your lifes mess
             you take me down with you
             don't waste my time now
             it gets me nothing back!

chorus -   misplaced- in this world of lies,
           taking my life without remorse
           misplaced- i want to get away, where do i?(2X)
           misplaced, defaced, erased

defy your weakness, staying alone
i walk away, my only choice
walk on the surface, hide underground
dark shades, dark coat, you won't see me....

(pre-chorus and chorus repeat)

walk into their room, i'm surrounded by strangers,
nobody like me, they all stare,
i can feel it, i can feel their lack of passion,
it draws them to me,

here comes the "gang-up", find a weakness and circle in,
devour the odd one....

chorus- what can i do? i like to think
        non-corporate, breaking the code
        observe it all, do not conform
        detour the herd, breaking the code (2X)

follow the textbook, their timetable for you,
then you regret it, you lose control,
i find my balance, hang on everyday, 
so many obstacles, you lay before me,

chorus 2 - what can i do? i'm not like you,
           no comprimise, no trendy lies,
           always aware, never give in,
           i stay away....
           what can i do? i like to think,
           non-corporate, breaking the code
           observe it all, do not conform
           detour the herd, breaking the code

this is the way, the change their thought,
to infiltrate, breaking the code
do not follow, do not conform,
walk your own, break the code...

breaking the code! breaking the code!
breaking the code, they laid out for you..


pushing to the edge, everything is extreme,
you push too far, lose all control,
who do you trust? who is your friend? 
too many people don't really care!

pre-chorus - what, has become? will we go?
             now the sky turns black.....
             our day has come, lose it all,
             can we change that now?

chorus - take me back, where is this?
         you look for a place to bleed...
         lost in the shame, pushing around,
         where is your place to bleed?, place to bleed....

believe in something, inside of you feel,
the pain so deep, tormented to you,
your action speaks loud, you can bring death,
there is no reason, you need to think...

(pre-chorus/ chorus)

not wanting to change, to open your mind up,
theres not much inside, microchip to neuron...

programmed the way they wanted,
you showed no resistance,
to be accepted by them all,
was all you wanted!

now you follow the assembly line,
secured and weak, fools follow the blind,
no ideas for your own?

chorus -its safer not to think, just stay the same,
you're so predictable, the robot world they made....
Monotony, you walk in blindness
Monotony, you all look alike

the need for deviance, to shake ther system down,
non-programmed mutants,
our only hope, of human choice...


todays society is a fucking joke,
these hip-hop fools worshipped everywhere...
degrading women,... the women love it!
putting us all in their division...
thats their double standard..

do the unthinkable, they will accept,
because you are who you are,
basketball hero, rap star,
its all the same you see..

chorus - pull the wool, over their eyes...
         some of us, have eyes of fire!
         we see through, the visage,
    we burn through, the blinded fools!.blinded fools..

you are here to consume, submit, obey!
watch TV and be like them,
wish you were in hollywood,
its all in the trend,
everyone is obsessed with sex,
everyone bending over, animals breeding,
diseased world, die, go away....
diseased world die go away!



i feel floating....away from all of this...
lifting higher, i feel free.......

pulling me closer, but there is no one there....

problems are gone,
money is worthless,
the past burdens behind,
i am weightless, 
my love awaits,
paradise is sky....
i must fly,
goodbye now, 
i must fly......
good bye now.......................

thanks for reading and supporting my music...
Tommy T. (in-FUSED)