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in-FUSED -"misplaced"

The first official solo album of TOMMY T.(DIVERJE).Very ecleptic and daring mix of sounds and styles, and should get some intresting feedback from the purists of each genre, and maybe attract the more diversified electronic music lovers as well.ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL, POWER NOISE, IDM, GLITCH, DRUM-N-BASS, TRANCE, and more....

"This album contains a wide variety of the electronic-industrial-experimental sounds i am intrested in.I hope that this music can connect with others, and the tracks can be enjoyed on many different levels. To give you a preview of the music on this album, i figured i would break it down by track, and my own "description" of each." ---TOMMY T.

We are also HONORED to present to you the great ARTWAR of S.Alt of ANT-ZEN/hymen RECORDS!!

in-FUSED -"misplaced" (DSBP1061) (release date:february 21st 2013)

1) ENTER NOW - this one is very influenced by the movie "logans run" as you will hear, and the tribal industrial sounds make this a different sounding piece for me also.More of an album intro of course to whats about to come..

2) EVACUATE - a track that has been getting alot of good response due to the charts, and some spins on Cyberage.A hard aggressive, and robotic EBM number with hardtrance, industrial, and noise clashing together as one.

3) MISPLACED - an old school electro-industrial track with alot of "feeling" involved in the vocals, and a non-traditional track with piano and other acoustic elements on the keyboards blending in with a dark electro sound reminiscent of older LEATHER STRIP, and a nice resolve and outro.

4) HAMMERED - brutal power noise track meant to pulverize! alot of fun it was making this pounder with just the right amount of distortion on the bass drums, and it changes up a bit, as well as some tweaky synth sounds.

5) BEARDIES -i wrote this groovy little broken beat/IDM track for my bearded dragons who are always fun to watch when they chase crickets or each other around the tank and theres this prehistoric sound to it as well. It has some really chirpy synth sounds on this one.

6) BREAKING THE CODE - this one also has some very powerful lyrics and a cyborg vocal sound.breaking this code that society has laid out for us for many generations of senseless, regular, standards,trying to make us all alike. heavy on the hi-hat, 4/4 dance beat for the club floors.weird sounds and not typical for an EBM track either...the sounds are more soundscaped and wacked out!I think this one and "misplaced" and "evacuate"are the catchiest vocal tracks.

7) A PLACE TO BLEED -another old schoolish electro-industrial track, with some weird changes, breaks, and some synthetic horns, and a flute even make an appearance on this hard electro track with experimental visions... the chorus is definately memorable.

8) PUNCH HOLE - power noise with lots of high tweaking synth arpeggios, and noisy was inspired by stuff like FEINDFLUG and TERRORFAKT. this one also has a nice breakdown part, and just pulverizes you for a good 4 minutes.

9) FIND TO KEEP -heres another surprise!! cause it is definately alot more trance/techno than ANYTHING i have ever done before...but, it was alot of fun to create, and it also sounds damn tight, hard, and more experimental, and more sounds/synth voices used than most trance tracks i have is still a hard and aggressive track when it comes down to it.

10) MONOTONY - this is the only "older track", pre-21st century on the disc. i always liked this one though.It was on "coding emotion", and now it sounds alot better, re-recorded.hard electro sounds with that robotic, and strange experimental tendency that surrounds this unusual disc.This is also a catchy and rebellious vocal track with some old school sequencing.

11) BLINDED FOOLS -funky and tweaked out IDM electronics, definately a different twist on in-FUSED and really keeping things unpredictable. this track has a obtuse sound and really shows my "live touch".Some harsh words on the current hip-hop/rap trend that has completely engulfed this country, and has made it so much harder for any of the electronic bands to be heard and supported by anyone other than our little scene. I Do feel that alot of them are getting away with alot of bad shit, and music, as are alot of the rich and corporate bastards now...the rappers, and their scene sickens me. some of us will speak out and not be scared or conformed on this subject.I also do go off on Hollywood and their plasticity as well.

12) MUD SLIPPERZ -this one is written with the image of tapdancing in a muddy marsh or pond.dancing with the froggies can be alot of fun. instrumental track with alot of glitchey, noise influence with some intresting bass and synth sounds dancing along the mud.

13) ZONEX -bassy fun d'n'b track, with some dance power!basic stuff but it came out so well, and i often would hear this bassline in my head when i go out driving, and realized this song needed to be included as another piece of this frantic and misplaced puzzle of unpredictablity.some nice synth textures that add to the soundscape here, keeping it stoned.

14) WRAPPED IN PLASTIQUE - some very deadly plastic power noise sounds here. i tried to keep this basic and crunchy with some really fun bassy rebirth sounds as well which give it that plastique touch. this is for the hollywood stars and the sheepy "superstar worship"fans who need to be done.

15) EVACUATE (DIVERJE remix) -only 1 remix on this in-FUSED cd! thats pretty cool in itself...DIVERJE wanted to have fun with this track, and add some weird sounds and textures and the mix is pretty similar to the original, but beefier and more like DIVERJE! hard dance floor electro-industrial!

16) WEIGHTLESS - slower and more introspective piece here.clean and sombre vocals about the end of it all.To not have anymore worries, cares, or people to answer to is a beat and more weird sounds grace this mellow track.just want to fly away....

17) MALFUNKT -static sounding power noise with some fun knob twisting and keeping it LIVE and unpredictable.start, stop, start, stop again...static...

18) BENEATH - this one was recorded underwater with the whales and other oceanlife that lies beneath us.I figured this one to be a good ending track, cause of the soundscape and atmosphere, and it is written as an outro to this journey, as we take a deep sea dive till next time..

in-FUSED -"misplaced" available at on February 28th.

from.. ---TOMMYT--in-FUSED

TITLE: "misplaced"
RE-RELEASE DATE: 2/21/13 (available for order now!)