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Digital:6::Focus:A - $12

Brazil / New Mexico Cyber Compilation
Front Runner


Clone DT

[inquest proxy]

Dead Jump


6 EP's on one CD!!
    Front Runner
  • Darkness Trip (visceral mix)
  • Freedom (burial strategy mix)
  • BTYS v1.0
  • Put The Flesh In (biopsy rotor overdrive mix)
  • Tragic Lost
  • To Hell (razed in black tthrush mix)
    Clone DT
  • Qwerty
  • Store & Forward
  • AAL
    [inquest proxy]
  • Threat
  • Talons World
  • Condemned Nation
    Dead Jump
  • Faces (original mix)
  • Infected (death rate mix)
  • Penetrate
  • As You Climb


The latest compilation from DSBP brings the best in elektro industrial from the lands of Brazil and New Mexico! From hard aggro to trippy percussives to synthy cyber, 6 EPs in one CD! Front Runner gives 3 tracks of EBM dance reminiscent of 242 and FLA, diverje brings forth the intro to the new sound with awesome dancefloor remixes from Biopsy + Razed in Black and new original stuff as well taking a more elektro sound. Clone DT shows much more development in a brilliantly sequenced collage that actually becomes catchy and cohesive. 3 songs not to be missed. Inquest Proxy changes the pace of the album with a different style hybrid of what we have heard. Elektro wave / new age rock combined in these three completely different tracks from each other, a versatile musician. Dead Jump from Brazil is up next with some hard aggro crossover reminiscient of labelmates Biopsy but with melodic vocals. Two very catchy dancefloor tracks from this man, and finally in-FUSED wraps it up with a complete crashing of 80s and 90s new wave sounds. A more refined sound and staying in its own category. Together these 6 EPs combine for a full 73 minute album that is diverse enough to please any elektro industrial crossover cyber fan! Support the new revolution!


Digital:6::Focus:A, features 16 energetic tracks from three bands from Brazil: 
Front Runner, Clone DT, and Dead Jump and three bands from New Mexico: diverje, 
[inquest proxy], and in-FUSED. Front Runner is an excellent choice to open the 
compilation with as it has a new sound but often reverts to an old popular sound 
like Front 242. Front Runner is followed by diverje, which is Tommy T (DSBP 
label owner). Two of diverje's three tracks get a reworking, firstly by Biopsy 
("Put the Flesh In") and then by Razed in Black ("To Hell"), which is the better 
one of the two. Next up is Clone DT. To tell you the truth, the three tracks 
created by Paulo are pretty indescribable because of their highly experimental 
nature. All three tracks are weird, anyway, but highly interesting, as they are 
inconsisent thus unpredictable. Martial, the man behind [inquest proxy], gives 
us three tracks that vary considerably, from a more mainstream vaguely 
punk-industrial track by the name of "Threat"; to "Talon's World",a relaxing 
lullaby (much needed after Clone DT's effort!) backed with the sound of wind; 
followed by "Condemned Nation", an uplifting harmonious electro track with a 
political message. Dead Jump take over at this point, and Alexandre is just as 
good. His tracks are "Faces", synth with heavy (but not loud) guitars and 
"Infected", again with lots of guitar, energy and distorted vocals. The final 
band, in-Fused, is another side-project for Tommy T. "Penetrate", basically 
about sex, has some thick and thin synth meshing together (or "infused"); and 
and it similar to the following eighties-inspired track "As you climb". This CD 
is bound to have something on it for every industrial fan.

Reviewer: Leah


review by Ben Didier

	It's CD compilations like this that justify putting up with DSBP
label owner Tommy T. Rapisardi's foul-mouthed antics. If it were up to him,
hard electro beats and industrial grooves would be blaring on every street
corner in America, drowning out all the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys of
the world. Not to mention his commencement of public lynchings of each and
every NIN/Manson fan to ever walk the earth. "Digital:6::Focus:A" is as
good a start at this as one could hope for.
	All six bands are solo projects, and they each contribute a couple
of tracks a piece to this disk. Three of them are from New Mexico, the
other three from Brazil; two of which from none other than Tommy T.
himself. Heavily distorted vocals, infectious beats, and thickly layered
synth work characterize most of these tracks, which to no surprise are best
described as dark industrial / hard electro.
	Whether you like Tommy T. or not is inconsequential; at some point
you'll have to come to terms with the fact that he's releasing some
increasingly worthwhile music down there at the bottom of the continent.
He's one to make his presence in the scene known, and you'll undoubtedly be
hearing more from DSBP in the months and years to come. --Ben Didier


New mexico's DSBP label,which brought us the outstanding domestic debut
from Brazil's BIOPSY returns with a great compilation similar to OFF BEATS
O-FILES series..DIGITAL;6-FOCUS:A collects six bands (three from both
brazil and New Mexico) which all offer their own brand of electronic
mayhem resulting in one of the most diverse sounding compilations to be
released in quite some time.The cd kicks off with three tracks from
brazils FRONTRUNNER.They give us a harsh electro-industrial sound
and heavily distorted vocals comparable to Caustic grip era -front Line
 Assembly.Fellow Brazilian DEAD JUMP offer a sound that mixes elements of
EBM with the right amount of guitars creating a sound that is somewhat
similar to NUMB yet original in vocal delivery.Industrial-dance tracks
from CLONE DT(brazil) and  both offer a quirky electro
style quite difficult to pigeonhole;while in-FUSED showcases their hybrid
of synth-pop and new wave with slightly distorted vocals and a post
industrial sound.The most impressive of the contributions on DIGITAL:6
,however are from New Mexico's diVERJE,who gets an elektro reworking from
RAZED IN BLACK on the infectious "To Hell",aand an equally outstanding
remixing job from BIOPSY on the pounding "put the flesh in". In the end
DIGITAL:6-FOCUS:A is an EXCELLENT collection of underground electronic
music which is difficult to ignore.If DSBP keeps putting out GREAT
releases such as this,they will surely become one of the main sources of

Another comp from DSBP, this one featuring Central and South American artists. The lineup consists of Front Runner, Diverje, Clone DT, [inquest proxy], Dead Jump, and In-Fused. Each act contributes 2 or 3 tracks, thus giving us a good idea of their sound. Most of the tracks from these bands show good experimentation. Most are rather minimal as well. In a time when industrial music is at a low point, DSBP deserves recognition for trying to give these bands the exposure they deserve. [Ross]

Outburn #7, by Octavia
After the highly successful release of Biopsy's killer Cervix State Sequences, DSBP is back with two new compilations. Futronik Structures 2 features 18 cyber elektro tracks. The second DSBP compilation, Digital:6::Focus:A, features 16 energetic tracks from 3 bands from Brazil: Front Runner, Clone DT, and Dead Jump and 3 bands from New Mexico: diverje, Inquest Proxy, and in-FUSED. Being constantly inundated with American and European releases, it's refreshing for me to hear what people are doing in other countries. I thought Clone DT was pretty interesting with a very eclectic approach to electro, and I especially enjoyed the two songs by Dead Jump who had more of an aggressive crossover sound and will have a full length out soon on DSBP. With these two compilations as well as their extensive catlog, DSBP proves it is in the forefront of supporting the underground electro movement.

In article rec.music.industrial you wrote:
: MT (NOSPAMmihir@jps.net) wrote:
: : Hi,
: : 
: : 	I just finished up a review for Grinding into Emptiness (An industrial
: : e-zine, address is in .sig) recently, and I thought I would post it
: : here. 
: : 	First, I purchased this CD, and while I normally do not review CDs I
: : pay for I felt the bands on the compilation deserved some recognition.
: : I've kept quiet about Tommy T lately and simply watched him - speaking
: : as an observer this time, I can safely say this situation is going the
: : way of Paul Abramson at VR. It may be insulting to compare Tommy T to
: : someone who's even more reviled on RMI, but this man is now really
: : pissing people off. 
: : 	Tommy, if you're reading this, treat it like a warning, not an insult.
: : You are really close to igniting torrents of flame wars all over again,
: : and it could bite you in the butt if you're not careful. 
: : : 	So, in order to focus on the more positive aspect of this situation
: : (The bands are really great, believe me), I'm posting this review. I
: : hope it moves some people to buy what I (As someone who is tired of
: : electro) feel is a great release. 
: : 
: : Various Artists 
: : Digital:6::Focus:A 
: : DSBP
: : DSBP#1014 
: : 
: : 	After the massive flame wars with Tommy T on RMI, I am probably the
: : last person you would expect to see objectively reviewing a release from
: : his label. Well, I ordered Digital:6::Focus:A anyway, reasoning that I
: : needed to give underground electro a chance instead of writing it off
: : the entire scene after hearing only the more prominent bands. Within a
: : matter of days - thanks to speedy processing and delivery - I was
: : treated to the sounds of six DSBP bands pouring out of my speakers. Half
: : of the lineup on the compilation hails from Brazil, and the other three
: : are New Mexico natives. The geographic origins alone give this
: : compilation a unique identity, as opposed to the largely overdone
: : American and European scenes. When you factor in Tommy T's motto,
: : "Diversity in electronics," the album seems to visibly radiate with
: : promise. It departs from the typical industrial compilation without
: : alienating old fans - in fact, the variety should serve to attract old,
: : jaded fans back to the scene! 
: : 
: : 	First up at bat is Julio Saraiva from Brazil, under the stage name
: : Front Runner. He opens his track list with "Darkness Trip (Visceral
: : Mix)," a mesh of brooding synth lines with the classic EBM that made
: : Front 242 so famous. Yet that turns around 180 degrees in "Freedom
: : (Burial Strategy Mix)." Saraiva completely discards the classic EBM
: : style, choosing instead to create along the aggressive lines of Front
: : Line Assembly: Caustic Grip. Apparently comfortable with that style, he
: : refines it in "BTYS v1.0," reverting to a bit of Front 242 influences to
: : make the mix easier to swallow. While Saraiva's unpredictability makes
: : it hard to identify him, his characteristic vocals are an easy mark. He
: : distorts them heavily, transforming them into another layer of sound
: : rather than going for any degree of lyrical comprehension (Not that that
: : is bad - the music/vocal interaction is fascinating to hear). True to
: : his name, Front Runner sets the mood for the rest of D6FA. 
: : 
: : 	Next up is Diverje, Tommy T's own project. Only one out of the three
: : tracks in his name is purely his, though. Biopsy reworks one of Tommy
: : T's originals into the ominously percussive, groove-heavy "Put the Flesh
: : In (Biopsy Rotor Overdrive Mix)." This Brazilian terrorist duo, as they
: : have come to be affectionately called, are an Aghast View side project
: : with a great new direction that perfectly complements Diverje's own
: : work. On the other hand, Romell Regulacion's contribution leans toward
: : his unique Razed in Black sound. His trademark
: : driving-but-not-overpowering guitars accompany the evil throb of "To
: : Hell (Razed in Black/Ttrush Mix)" and keep the song in his own
: : territory. Lastly, Tommy T provides his exclusive, unaltered "Tragic
: : Lost." The one track is a solid testimony to his undeniable talent in
: : sound manipulation - the dark-ambient-electro combination results in a
: : highly evocative piece that puts the two excellent remixes to shame. 
: : 	
: : 	The third creator on the lineup is Clone DT. Paulo De Tarso has come
: : from the remains of the Brazilian label Cri Du Chat, bringing his
: : deranged mix of electronic fury with him. His spontaneous sound evokes
: : the image of Skinny Puppy, particularly on the Too Dark Park-style
: : "Store & Forward." Likewise, Aphex Twin comes to mind during the course
: : of the unpredictable "Qwerty" and "AAL." This music is simply impossible
: : to describe, as it never stays in one place for too long (Yet still
: : manages to sound catchy). Clone DT simply takes electro and warps it
: : repeatedly, creating harsh collages of enjoyable sound. 
: : 
: : 	[Inquest Proxy] again changes D6FA's direction, as Martial's
: : new-age-electro hybrid directly opposes the harshness of Clone DT.
: : Nowhere is that more evident than in "Talons World," an ethereal mix of
: : ambience with a piano lightly backing it up. For a relatively minimal
: : track, it reaches epic proportions and outshines perhaps all the others
: : in terms of emotional intensity. Yet none of Martial's other tracks
: : continue in the same vein; "Threat" is an up-tempo, heavily-layered
: : piece of electro madness a la Skinny Puppy, while "Condemned Nation"
: : mixes a bit of Western-style drumming and cynical vocals into an
: : otherwise ambient melody. [Inquest Proxy] covers a massive range of
: : sound in only three tracks - three tracks that attest to the untapped
: : potential of this one-man show. 
: : 
: : 	Dead Jump, the third Brazilian band on the lineup and fifth overall,
: : begins to bring the album to a close. Not that the tracks themselves
: : make that obvious. "Faces (Original Mix)" develops the sonic assault
: : with its dark, slightly-gothic keyboard lines and palpitating beats. If
: : anything, Alexander Ramos' second track is stronger and more energetic
: : than the first; the supplementing guitars in "Infected (Death Rate Mix)"
: : combine with chaotic synth lines and bring the excitement level to a
: : peak, instead of decreasing it gradually. No, the tracks themselves
: : don't allude to the compilation's inevitable end. Instead, the number of
: : tracks (There are only two, whereas the previous groups all contribute
: : three) does. Even as Dead Jump brings the energy level to a fever pitch,
: : he sets the stage for the closing of the album. 
: : 
: : 	Finally, In-FUSED (Tommy T again) completes the lineup. He manages to
: : make the seemingly unworkable new-wave-electro combination sound
: : incredible, and it is on this high note that D6FA ends. "Penetrate"
: : harkens back to the last decade of new-wave accomplishments,
: : amalgamating them with the keyboard influences of electro. The break at
: : the end of the song is highly noticeable, and intentionally so; there is
: : an air of closing and finality about the brooding, moody "As You Climb"
: : that is almost palpable. It takes simply two songs to gradually lower
: : the tension in the air after Dead Jump's contributions; it is no small
: : feat, and it is a task Tommy does well. As In-FUSED eases into silence,
: : D6FA ends. 
: : 
: : 	Digital:6::Focus:A, in a nutshell, surprised me. The six bands on the
: : compilation have broken away from the stagnation of American and
: : European electro by carving their own niches. Yet the release flows as
: : if only one artist contributed to it - the songs melt into one another
: : and proceed in a logical order that matches the nature of a
: : nicely-arranged album. Simply put, a lot of time and effort went into
: : the compilation to get it just right, a bonus that we can only wish for
: : concerning most other comps on the market. Another deviation from the
: : norm is the quality of the release; all of the bands are great! Since
: : they are all underground talents, this compilation has an extra air of
: : suspense about it. These factors pay off to make D6FA one of the best
: : electro comps out there. And the price is fantastic - it only costs $12
: : and shipping to have this in your hands in a week or two. I highly
: : recommend you order this from http://dsbp.home.ml.org. It is a blessing
: : for any fan of electro, and even other industrial listeners will find
: : something to enjoy. 
: : 
: : Rating - A- 
: : 
: : 
: : 	Comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Please critique
: : my writing! It's the only way I'll improve. 
: : 
: : 	Please visit GiE below and check out the other reviews we have up. 
: : 
: : 	Thanks for reading!
: : 
: : -- 
: : Grinding into Emptiness, industrial e-zine: http://www.emptiness.net.
: : 
: : "I am a pretty hate machine... I am a pretty hate machine..." Trent
: : Reznor, Celebrity Deathmatch
: : 
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Review, DLK - Hell Key zine:

This is a new compilation from DSBP. al good one concerning the industrial electronic Brasilian, New Mexican area. The CD starts with three tracks of Front Runner, a oneman band (as the others to be honest) coming from Brazil. Julio plays distorted electronic industrial music very rhythmic and with good impact. Next there is Diverje, I've talked about them into the review of their CD but the new tracks are even better and powerful. I think they are finding the right mixture between personality and sounds (instead the CD tracks were a little ingenuous). Next, is another band coming from Brasil, Clone DT. Paulo with his three tracks creates a curious mixture with samples (coming also from brasilian pop songs), analogic sounds and treated guitars with noises. The result is curious and intriguing both. [inquest proxy] is the most ebm-oriented band of the compilation (they reminded me a rough version of :wumpscut). Dead Jump is another Brasilian guy that wants to kick ass, with his two tracks of distorted electro synthetic pureness (do you have in mind the Biopsy?). Really Good! The last two tracks come fromthe other project of Tommy: in-FUSED. As for Diverje, I have to tell that Tommy is getting better. Penetrate and As You Climb are paranoid electro tracks that close this good compilation of new bands. If I were you I would contact Tommy since the tenth row....!

Review 8/20/98, Jarod Smullen:

This album was kindly sent to me from Tommy T of 2 bands featured on this compilation, Diverje and In-Fused. Not being so much a compilation as a collection of ep<92>s with six bands: Front Runner, Diverje, Clone DT, [inquest proxy], Dead Jump and in-Fused, in that order. A listener is welcomed by an acutely sequenced track with overly distorted growlesque vocals, and more samples than you can count. Listening to Front Runner at loud volumes made me scared, very scared, and after a while this grew on me, Front Runner gets my thumbs up, 1 down, 6 to go.

Diverje follows FR with <91>Put The Flesh In,<92> being a biopsy remix. Trust me, its some good involved industrial happening here, but my fear was, is this track just a damn good remix or did the talent truly originate from Tommy T? Well, <91>Tragic Lost<92> the following track was un-remixed and showed me that either Tommy T could vary his industrial undertones well and hence showed good signs all over of need to listen to music. <91>To Hell<92> justifies that Diverje is one to keep a special eye on over the next time of their music, being a Razed in Black remix it was just good!

Clone DT shows an interesting talent of making one track seem several songs with the amount each one changes throughout, some of which reminds me of Haujobb (in a good way... of course). Following is [inquest proxy] which quickly shows a hard edged sequencing industrial track (<91>Threat<92>) followed by a more harmonious <91>Talons World<92> and ending with Condemned Nation<92> which is somewhat in between the previous two. Dead Jump shows his talent in the Electronic/Industrial movement with enough distorted crossed beats. Ending the compilation is in-Fused with slower electronic beats than Diverje but with the distinct vocals of Tommy T unfortunately doesn<92>t sound like a completely seperate project.

I feel that the main strength of this album does lead from the first two bands Front Runner and Diverje. A worthy album to grab a hold of showing what the bands from the Brazil/New Mexico area of America has to show.

7.5 out of 10, REVIEWED BY: Jarod Smullen

Review 5/5/98, Digital Intersect zine:

Digital:6::Focus:A serves as a good introduction to DSBP's emerging line up of impressive new electro industrial acts. With sixteen tracks clocking in at seventy-two minutes total, you get six promising new bands, three from Brazil and three Americans. Brazil's Front Runner opens this compilation smapler with their brand of harsh industrial. Front Runner's sound consists of very roughly distorted vocals, samples, and fast paced digitalized drum-beats. Diverje, the work of label founder Tommy T Rapisardi, contributes three tracks. Among them are remixes by Biopsy and Razed in Black. Diverje produces keyboard-oriented dance-industrial with distant vocals that seem to be in the background rather than the main focus of the music. Clone DT was their own interesting and unique style of music. The three tracks included here have no real constant structure to them, instead they are collages of sound, mainly samples. By manipulating and distorting various sounds and samples Clone DT weld their own form of music. The fourth band, Inquest Proxy ranges from intense cyber-punk to soothing, melodic electronic harmony. Dead Jump is another in the fine line of aggressive EBM coming out of Brazil, comparable to Aghast View. Digital:6::Focus:A ends with two tracks from in-FUSED, a side-project of diverje's Tommy T Rapisardi. in-FUSED is heavily influenced by early electronica and new wave, which is reflected in the two tracks here. I especially like Diverje, Clone DT, and in-FUSED. Mr. Rapisaardi's two projects have a bright future, and I really liked Clone DT's unique approach to creating music. Front Runner didn't particularly suit me well, though some who like harsh, aggressive Brazilian industrial may enjoy them more than I did. This label sampler should appeal to you if you have any interest in aggressive electronic dance music. DSBP is emerging as one of the hottest new labels in the EBM scene. Digital:6::Focus:A should give you an idea of things yet to come.

Review 4/3/98:

"Digital:6::Focus:A" - DSBP Compilation

DSBP, short for whatever you would like it to be, is a label on the rise (check out this month's label profile). Late last year they released the new full length by Brazillian terrorists Biopsy, Cervix State Sequences; and the new compilation, entitled Digital:6::Focus:A, showcases the other talent on the label, proving that DSBP has more than one interesting band. Each band on the compilation, which is made up of three New Mexican bands and three Brazilian bands, contributes two to three tracks; much like an O-Files type thing, except covering more ground.

First up is Front Runner, a Brazilian man, whose three tracks mix classic EBM (ala Front 242), a little bit of Dassing brothers, and a fair amount of aggressive electro along the lines of Caustic Grip FLA. Great aggro-industrial.

Next up is DSBP resident psycho Tommy T. Raspiardi, this time in the form of diverje. His unique aggressive-electro style sound has been greatly refined since the release of his CD debut, Electrodiums/The Passage. On this compilation, we see a new track and two remixes, one by Biopsy (a great stomper) and another by Razed in Black (which takes song with RiB sounds in it, and makes it more RiB-ish; really cool). If this is any indication of the upcoming remix album, Existence/Program, the electro community is in for a suprise!!

Following diverje is Clone DT, a Brazilian picked up from the ashes of Cri Du Chat. While definitely original, Clone DT's schitzophrenic mix of quirky beats and sequences is hard for me to enjoy; it leaves me feeling slightly disjointed. This style of electronic music is really not my cup of tea.

[inquest proxy], the second New Mexican project on this compilation, creates quite a different style of electro than diverje. [inquest proxy] mixes odd sound effects with punk-style vocals and (non-overpowering) embedded punk guitars on "Threat"; composes an instrumental, Mentallo-esque piece for "Talon's World"; and creates a retro-electro piece with a political statement on "Condemned Nation". Stylistically different on every piece, but an interesting listen throughout.

The third Brazilian band, Dead Jump, shares the most in common with Biopsy. Dead Jump delivers a wonderful collage of spastic beats and odd keyboard lines, with less guitars and vocal distortion than their fellow countrymen. Both tracks are very good. Look out for the upcoming full length on DSBP later this year.

The final band is in-FUSED, Tommy T's bastard new-wave/industrial project. On this project, Tommy revives the eighties' new-wave style from an interesting electro view point. People familiar with his compilation tracks (on both of the excellent underground DSBP compilations) should have a fair idea of what to find on these two tracks.

DSBP is getting a lot of (well deserved) attention for the recent Biopsy release, and great compilations such as this one. I strongly urge anyone interested in what is going on in Brazil or New Mexico, anyone who wants a taste of upcoming releases on DSBP, or anyone interested in something different than a regurgitation of another electro band, to pick this Digital:6 up! Eveyone is bound to find something interesting on this compilation.

Jonathan Schenke - jschenke@hotmail.com 4.1.98
from Grinding Into Emptiness e-zine

Review 4/6/98:

This brand new release from DSBP brings together 6 artists, 6 EPs, for the price of one CD. In usual DSBP style there contains plenty of diversity, but for this comp we focused on the underground sounds of Brazil and New Mexico just because that's how it wound up being, and we liked it, so we went with it. We strongly urge everyone to get ahold of this album to hear some awesome new talent developing from the underground that will be here for many years to come, paving the way for new industrial revolution in the 21st century!

Front Runner - Brazilian band starting out the CD with 3 tracks of all EBM dancefloor friendly tracks. "Darkness Trip" is just that, a dark moody harsh and seductive piece. "Freedom" has some very nice percussion work, and groovy samples, that brings the first taste of the upcoming new sound. "BTYS" is an older favorite of Front Runner cult following. A very Front242-ish EBM track.

Diverje - Tommy T's latest mutation, this is a very improved electro sound and incorporates great mixes from two of our favorite industrial artists today, Biopsy and Razed in Black. With a new album due in June, this shall be the introduction for a new powerful electro hybrid crossover clean sound from diverje. "Put The Flesh In" is the Biopsy remix, and will surprise most as it mixes raw drum n bass flavored percussion with aggressive synthwork and catchy anthemic vocals. "Tragic Lost" is some hard aggressive pure electro with many layers and aeartfelt realistic lyrics. "To Hell" is a dancefloor crossover remix from Cleopatra's Razed in Black, added to a double remix from Tommy T with some sexual female voice from Tavia. This song will be a club smash for years to come! 8-)

Clone DT - Also from Brazil, gives us some of the most tripped out mesmerizing collaged sampled madness. All 3 tracks are very unique and interesting in delivery, and after many listens you too will be singing along to all the fun Portuguese samples as well as groovin to the beat. "Qwerty" is a 7 minute masterpiece of audio warfare. Totally mind twisting, melodic, strange, and thrashing in parts, yet always balanced. "Store & Forward" is a little easier to follow, and adds elements of old school music in its samples. It's a very anthemic styled song. "AAL" is a heavier faster piece and uses zany and chaotic samples, truly a unique set from Clone DT.

[inquest proxy] - From New Mexico, Martial brings forth his own style of electro crossover with quite a range in diversity. "Threat" is a energetic crossover industro track with good use of the guitar and samples to not dominate the mix. Reminiscient of Skold on this one. "Talons World", a melodic soundtrack ambient piece, with melodramatic changes, the only instrumental piece on the album. A nice change in the middle of the CD. "Condemned Nation" is electro rock dance with a more positive message, not your typical dark industrial, with more on the uplifting side.

Dead Jump - Another Brazil project, two tracks of aggro elektro with touches of crossover from this new and upcoming artist with a full length due in 98 on DSBP. Mixing strong percussive rhythms, hard yet clear vocals, songs from the dancefloor as well as pits. "Faces" has very flowing programming, with catchy lyrics and occasional guitar and voice samples subtly enhancing the mix. "Infected" is a stomping hard crossover track, very much like Biopsy, which is great in our minds, yet the balance of electronics and harder vocals with the aggressive is done real well.

in-FUSED - Two tracks of pure electro wave from Tommy T. This project is based more on melody and influences of 80s wave / goth with some of the harder artists of the 90s doing electro. "Penetrate" combines deep thick bass drums with fast throbbing synthlines and catchy vocals about one of our favorite subjects, sex! "As You Climb" is a mixture of melodic elektro goth with aggro industro dance spliced between. The combination takes a few listens to really understand, but is definitely original sounding, and that is the goal of in-FUSED!


(c)1998 DSBP#1014.