Third Stroke
Cervix State Sequences


Cervix State Sequences

Cervix State Sequences - DSBP#1013 - $12
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The USA debut of the intense Brazil duo, side project of the highly acclaimed Aghast View. The complete industrial/cyber album. From hard edge crossover cyber of "Indifference", "Hypoxia", and "Shade of Sickness", to electro dance floor riveting pulse on "Cervix", "CX State", and "Aesthetic Crime", electronic complexity to entrancing percussive instrumentals "Alter Idem", and "Lumen Obscura" with female vox sampled. Each song has its own identity and will have you singing and dancing to these anthems fo the future! This is a very well balanced mix of electronics organics and crossover elements, a truly exciting band that will please just about anyone who likes quality music. Includes 3 remixes. This is truly powerful music with a meaning and purpose, not to be put in any specific category, you must hear for yourself, guaranteed orgasmic enjoyment!!