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After Biopsy's last disc, "Cervix State Sequencies," they're back once again with an even more powerful disc, "Third Stroke." Biopsy is the side project of Guilherme Pires and Fabricio Viscardi of the electro band Aghast View, but after listening to "Third Stroke" you get the feeling this could be a full-time project. Tight beats, tons of sampled sounds, and heavenly processed vocals shine brightly on every single track. Stand out tracks include the dance-club hit "Body Wire," and the angst ridden track "Why Bother?" A few of the tracks have been re-worked by the bands Idiot Stare and Negative Format, making an already great album even better.
- Gun-Hed, Electro-Industrial-Ebm Magazine, W-W Electrozine Http://

 Powerful-crossover electro,similar to Noise Unit,in the deeply shredded

guitar manipulation,with drastically different vocals which still remain

in the harsh aggro realm.the presence of innovative noise terrorism,fused

with a classic EBM-consciousness and polished production efforts creates a

hard-hitting album from this fine Brazillian band.DEFINATELY RECOMMENDED!!

-Daryl Litts -IN_FACTION MAGAZINE (october 1999)

 More aggressive,more compressed,more technologic.this third BIOPSY album

is a sort of mix between the  2 older ones"nervate" and "cervix state

sequences".The tracks are direct and sounds distorted,the sound blasts out

of your speakers and in some way the music conveys a techno/dance

influence which is very infectious.I can say that there are two ways to

enjoy this CD-dance while you listen to it,or try to discover all the

hidden melodic lines that are under the distorted voice of

Fabricio.Guitars,crazy basslines and loud drones make THIRD STROKE and

electroshock for all fans of the extreme electro dance music.

-Maurizio Pustianaz-CHAIN DLK(october 1999)

The super-charged Brazilian duo Guilherme Pires and Fabricio Viscardi of Aghast View formed Biopsy in 1996 as a side project, but screams of adulation from the American aggro underground quickly made Biopsy their full-time job. Their 1998 release, Cervix State Sequences evolved into a cult phenomenon ­ its brilliant hyperactive beats and nightmarish metal undercurrents taking the electrocore formula to alien heights. Not content to recycle the same approach, this new album incorporates techno and drum n bass influences, especially on the dance floor detonator Body Wire (the disc offers three versions, including a remix by Idiot Stare). I am certain well be hearing this track in clubs for quite some time. But the duo doesnt completely abandon the heavy, machine-gun guitar. While relentless jungle beats propel Peel the Core, rapid-fire riffs explode throughout. Viscardis incomprehensible growls firmly establish the album as industrial, but I am most impressed with the subtle way their drum n bass rhythms mutate and fold into the mix. Ive always thought dark tech-step could be the next evolution of electro-industrial, and it took these geniuses to prove me right. These guys deserve your complete attention.
-David Slatton

Yes again, Biopsy seems to satisfy my taste. This time around, Fabricio Viscardi & Guilherme Pires gives us a even more solid electro/industrial sound focusing more on programming manipulation for the CLUB FLOOR! Using more resonance loops, crushed percussion and bass, razor guitar loops, ear tearing voxx, and more crazy unforgettable structuring manips. Tracks such as “Leech”, “Hypervent”, “Body Wire”, Negative Format’s mix of “disgust” , & “No2 Boost” will pummel your mind and body and soul with no mercy intended! These prove to be healthy for any DJs or rivet-heads diet. Other remix contributions include a electro dance mix of “Body Wire” by Idiot Stare and a solid EBM mix of “Disgust” by Dead Jump. Idiot Stare” This is definitely the strongest releases yet on DSBP. Pretty cool artwork as well! Another must for all rivet-heads and Deejays. (McClelland, deadwyre webzine)

My first ever purchase from DSBP, and the first album by Biopsy I've chanced to hear (previous to this, I'd only heard a few mp3s from CX State Seq). 14 tracks total: 8 new ones, 5 remixes, and 1 track that sounds like it was made of samples from one or more of the other songs. Definitely dance-floor material (or, if you're not into publicly displaying dance-floor ineptitude like myself, it's good for a "sit-in-front-of-the-computer-boogie"). Yes, as someone once mentioned, the vocalist has a tendency to sing like Taz at times, but I think it works fairly well. Many different electronic styles seem to seep through from time to time (I keep thinking I hear an acid-house song buried in one of the trax, but that may just be me), and the percussion would take on an almost ethnic structure at times. At times the music reminded me of groups as different as FLA and New Mind. Overall, I really like it, and it seems to grow on me with each listen. Favorite Track: Body Wire [Note: One track, "Disgust," was previously available on Futronik Structures Vol.2 (a good CD in it's own right, especially for the price), so if you have it, that will give you a partial preview of this album]

This is the second album from the highly amusing Biopsy on TommyT's label DSBP. Third Stroke can be best be described as techno meets sepultura. Imagine a remix war between the early 90's Prodigy and BioHazard and you wouldn't be far off. A bit like Bile, but with far more catchy techno hooks you'd think you were listening to a Dynamica band. Track 2 is brilliant with its ever changing hard driven techno beats and great 80's rave 'whoooo' noise and Track 4 'Body Wire' has a catchy mix of classic female dance samples and rough metal screaming vocals. At face value Third Stroke seems like a simple techno-metal dancefloor smasher, but if you actually listen to it the programing is quite complex and there is far more to it than you first think. With 14 tracks of intense smashing electronic metal this is a must buy for people who like their industrial fast and testosterone filled by a band who knows how to do it.
--DJ Flux

This is the third outing for Brazil's Biopsy, the excellent side-project of the equally excellent Aghast View. Taking the hard electro-industrial foundation that FLA formulated on Caustic Grip, Biopsy build an entirely new and terrifying structure on it.

"Leech" starts off in a very dark, electronic vein, building up a rhythm and eventually introducing sampled metal guitar and some hard, angst-filled vocals. "Hypervent" kicks the danceability factor up some, with a wonderfully hard beat and an almost bondage-like sense of claustrophobia. "Why Bother?" brings the guitar back, while "Body Wire" features a more melodic chorus, thanks to a female vocal sample that gets repeated a number of times. The next few tracks follow in a similar vein, with "Peel the Core" giving Psychopomps a run for their money with its guitar-driven intensity.

The album only starts to lose it a bit with track 11, "No2 Boost," where sonic elements from "Hypervent" are reworked into a trance-techno instrumental that has me reaching for the skip button within the first minute. The band also adds a couple of remixes of their own (of "Leech" and "Body Wire,") that also seem to take a similarly unappetizing approach. Fortunately, they also hooked up with the likes of Deadjump, Idiot Stare and Negative Format for some much more interesting mixes.

So, while some of the remixes near the end leave me a bit fearful of the band's future direction, the rest of Third Stroke is a stunning success. Classic industrial/EBM crossover with a distinctly modern flavor, relentless beats, great programming and vocals with an attitude all add up to a must for any serious electro-head.
--[Daniel Hinds]

The best elektro-industrial music works on the listener like the films "Bladerunner" and "Dark City." It pulls you into an unknown but fascinating world, like a sonic virtual reality. This alternate world is so interesting and lush that you want to dive in and stay a while. The details of this alternate world have to have enough integrity and consistency that you can suspend your disbelief and "live" according the new rules. The band Biopsy is a gorgeous example of the best elektro-industrial music. True to the images its name conjures up, Biopsy cuts like a knife, so you might as well opt for general anesthetic and go along for the ride. From second one, you are sucked into the sonic universe that Biopsy inhabits, and you won't want to leave. The sounds of "nature" in this new world are exotic, vibrating somewhere between harsh and hauntingly beautiful. This world is very mysterious but not quite frightening because the noises are not random but rather operate according to set of unknown laws. Even though the listener doesn't understand these laws at first, there is still a cryptic sense of order. To prepare for this journey, you might want to pop a lozenge (otherwise, after 14 tracks of jaw-dropping surprise and wonder, your mouth will get dried out). What exactly should you expect to discover? Relentless beats that never stop evolving, incredible sounds from machines that this planet has yet to invent, excellent elektro melodies that pull you through the rough industrial soundscapes like a safety rope, and distorted power vocals like cries of lost inhabitants. Are these voices offering guidance or warning? Are they your friends or enemies? That is but one of many mysteries you will encounter in the world of Biopsy. Only one fact is certain: Biopsy are masters of their domain.
--Craig Conley for The Kettle Black

Extortionist electronics, suspended vocals, pure energy is the best way to describe biopsy. Their latest album "Third Stroke" once again takes another small step towards the electronic edge than their original guitar laden sound. Their third album and getting stronger every time, Biopsy would best be described as an electronic version of sepultura [also hailing from brazil], and is the brainchild of Frabricio Viscardi who is also a member of the more popular "Aghast View."

Third stroke is by far the strongest Biopsy album as a whole, never failing on any tracks, but the one that appeals to me beyond any other is "Disgust," which I heard well over a year before this album was released on the a compilation "Futronik Structures volume 2" and was immediately mesmerised. Biopsy continues on with their "full" and "chunky" sound but I found the electronics to have matured further, and doesn't bore easily with a typical 4/4 techno sound that seems to be predominate in much industrial music today.

Biopsy is sure to be a big hit on the dancefloor's around town, and every album has at least a couple of "killers." So if high energy & heavy intelligent music appeals to you, the Biopsy collection is a must!!!

--Jarod, GUP

Biopsy, is Guilherme Pires and Fabricio Viscardi (Of Aghast View). It is intensely heavy EBM with sampled guitars, almost Numb like angry vocals, and a few twists and samples chucked in here and there.

Biopsy definitely should appeal to those who are into the harder side of EBM, or for those who once liked metal, but now realize the folly of their ways. Now Biopsy isn't metal by any means, I just think that there is something to this music that should appeal to ex-metal heads. It's the harsh vocals, mixed with grinding guitars and heavy beats.

Very much like a lot of new CDs lately, there are a pile of remixes at the end of this CD. (It really could be considered a EP with bonus tracks to fill it out).

Negative Format (a band who I come to like more and more every time I hear their album Result of a New Culture, but that's another review) remix Disgust and do a good job of it, toning it down somewhat and adding their IDM/EBM touch.

-Squid (06/03/99)

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Travis Baumann, RMI writer

Biopsy's second offering comes out being one of the best surprises I had

this year so far.  Combining incredibly distorted guitar samples with EBM

rythms in a way similar to Aghast View (the other project of Fabricio

Viscardi), Cervix State Sequences is a strong, varied & well produced CD.    

The aggressives vocals sound a little like Leaether Strip's and the  

programming sounds like Aghast View's with more structure.  However,  

Biopsy is not an Aghast View rip-off : they do have their own particular  

sounds.  I was quite surprised by my appreciation of this album since I do

not usually like the use of guitars in electronic music.  This is

definitly a CD worth checking out if you like EBM/Crossover bands or

aggressive industrial music.

Yan @ Kortex Webzine

(original french version at